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"With great portables, come good games...."

Are you ready to start swinging? Are you ready to climb up buildings and swing at a helicopter in an attempt to take it down? This. is. SPIDEEEEEEEER! (Man 2) The visuals are great, and I can say they meet the PSP's standards, perhaps a bit better. The FMV sequences are pretty cool, and the audio fits in pretty well. They even managed to get voice actors from the movie, so you'll be pretty familiar with the voices. A little thing to note: Peter looks weird in FMVs. Gameplay is by no means bad, you'll swing through 15+ levels, putting both your brain and your reflexes to the test.

Your head glows during spidey sense. My head's glowing at how they managed to pull off the FMV's. The environments aren't as monotonous as you'd expect either: apart from the occasional "swing across the building" levels, you'll be entering warehouses, movie studios (guess who the boss is :) ) and banks galore. When you start up your PSP, you'll see the logo come up, followed by some disclaimer stuff. Then, you'll get a first glance at the graphics. And what a first glance it is. The little teaser will show you footage of Spidey, Doc Ock, and a split second of MJ in their FMV forms. Be astounded, or not if you're a critic, and then let the loading screen do it's thing. Meanwhile, the developers show you a pic of Spidey from the movie, so, yeah.... The graphics, all in all, are great for a portable, and we know the PSP's specialty is graphics. Combined with all that, it's no surprise that this game's graphics might remind me of earlier console times, but not THAT early. You know, round the end of the PS1.

The first had a better storyline. This time it's just a mad scientist gone madder. Technically, it was the same in part one, but two wasn't as impressive. The game will be following that. Luckily, I gave it ONE extra point for originality. Instead of blindly following the movie for every level the developers added in more villains, and I'm not in a spoiler mood right now, although I'll hint at one: *Cough*Movie fish bowl*Cough*. Ahem, anyways, the story's got potential, I'll give it that: so, it's a seven.

The controls themselves are pretty simple. You get to purchase a comparatively short arsenal of moves from the Secrets Shop. You can just add around three or four new attacks I believe, and the rest are just upgrades for jumps, strength, etc. and movie galleries and artwork and all that. The game reminds me A LOT of the PS1's "Shocker's Revenge", although I'm not sure why. But I can tell you I enjoyed the aforementioned title well, and the same goes for this one. Some levels, you just have to pass through, while in others you'll be swinging for a long time, and I can tell you one particular green-coloured buzzard can be pretty annoying. Personally, I enjoyed the fact that this game did not get repetetive. First you're rescuing people, next you're taking the attackers down in the warehouse, and next thing you know, you're taken through yet another impressive FMV, then thrown into a little lab where the sun always shines. Negatively. A strange thing is how you can score a large number of points for overhead.... slapping. An. Enemy. Yes, slapping will earn more points than a punch combo. That's, ahem, cool, yeah....

A little down on the PSP's part here. For one thing it's not very hearable even on full volume, so I'd recommend headphones. Moreover, the musical scores are just.... your average action-music-score-thing. The sound effects are fair enough, if not, pretty cool. I mean, you can hear the CRASHs and BOOMs all right, but they're not.... believable, and that's just the sad fact.

Playtime/ Replayability
Err... how should I say this, exactly? After you get all the extras and have beaten the game, all you can do is, well, play it again on a harder difficulty and "challenge yourself". What bugs me is, you unlock "Level Warp" after beating the game to replace "Resume game". What I did was play the first boss again for kicks, and then turn it off. Apparently, Level Warp isn't permanent. Turning off your PSP right after Level Warping and before opening up the final stage.... not a good thing. So, now I'm supposed to be playing through the game again, but I've got other games to work on. And I don't feel like playing it again, yet I claim to have enjoyed it. Weird, yes, but this is a more rent-ish game.

Should I Buy It?
This is a tough question. I mean, the game is enjoyable, but after you've gotten everything, which won't take long, there's nothing really left to do. It's quite fun the first time through: the controls, and all that, all planned out well. It lacks the action you would expect though, especially as it's a superhero game. >_> But in any case, it's nonetheless fun, but renting would be a better choice.

Final Rankings/ Summary

Graphics: 8/10
Story: 7/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Audio: 6/10
Playtime/ Replayability: 6/10
Should I Buy It?: Depends...
Final Score: 7/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/25/07

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