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"One of the better games among the PSP's currently small library of games."


Spider-Man 2 for the PSP greatly differs from any other version of the game. Unlike the console versions, it lacks the free roaming and features linear gameplay. The graphics, the level setup, and a lot of other aspects of the game are lifted directly from the first movie based console game, but with a new story to reflect the second film.

Don't let this scare you off, this one amazing portable. Unlike the DS version, with it's terrible N64 quality graphics and gimmicky gameplay (not knocking the DS, just that game) the PSP version of Spider-Man 2 is comparable to something you'd see on a console.


Pretty fun, you're given a fairly easy set of controls (kick, punch, jump, webs, plus L and R for swing-related moves.) and using the thumb stick gives you the same amount of control you'd have with the analog stick on your console controller. There are response issues, which can be frustrating when in a tough boss battle.

The level scenarios are pretty fun, so even when we get a familiar scenario (Spidey game staples like chasing a villain in the air or stopping a bank heist) there are new challenges added so it doesn't feel like "been there, done that".


The voice cast is great, the once awkward sounding Tobey Maguire is pulling off those classic Spider-Man one-liners with ease. This game also features the first appearance of JK Simmons voicing his onscreen persona, offering up many memorable moments as J Jonah Jameson. Kirsten Dunst offers the weakest performance, but she only has a few lines in the last few levels, so things work out best that way.

I was a little off put about how disconnected the story seems to be, the transition from the Mysterio levels into the bank heist are weak and sometimes plot elements from the film are mentioned without ay elaboration for those who may not have seen the film (like when Spidey tells MJ "you should marry John", referring to the movie character John Jameson, who's never mentioned in any prior scene in the game.)


As mentioned, the graphics here are pulled from the “Spider-Man: The Movie” console game, but with a few tweaks and improvements. The unmasked Spidey in one of the levels has a far better look than any of the "skins" from the aforementioned console game.

The soundtrack will sound very familiar as it's borrowed from both of the movie based console games. As for the in-game sounds, you get a lot of control over BGM, Voice and SFX sound levels, but the loud noise made every time you select a menu option never changes. This can be annoying when playing with headphones, as you'll lower the volume for the menu, but then have to turn it back up when in-game.

Replay Value

The game's length us it's greatest weakness, as the 19 levels fly by very quickly. The Secret Store system works fairly well in wanting to replay for more points, but the new moves you buy with them make the levels a lot easier, defeating the point of creating replay value.

Rent or By

It's a definite rent at the moment, considering the PSP's current library, but the lack of replay value is something you may want to consider before buying. The game would probably be ideal as a buy for younger gamers, or the hardcore super-hero fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/22/05

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