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"It's cool, but could be alot better..."

Well, what can I say? This was my first game for the PSP, and I've never played the "free-roam" console version before. The computer version, yes, but that was number one. On to the review...


The graphics were really good in this game, from the bright sunshine-filled outside levels to the dark and mysterious hallways of the inside ones. Spidey was well drawn and animated, but the other people such as hostages didn't even have moving faces. But what do you expect? They're not gonna waist time on them, they're gonna concentrate on Spidey and other important characters and details.

Another thing is the explosions. They're's alot of explosions throughout the game, and it was detailed really good and didn't slow down the game one bit. The webs were nice and realistic. So for this game, the graphics were probably one of the best parts. 9/10


The sounds for Spider-man 2 are nicely done, crisp, and very realistic. The explosions are real good, making a nice big "boom!" every time you throw an oil can at the wall. The speech is voiced by the original actors from the movie, which makes it nice hereing the real people and not some phony "almost sound-alike" person. Tobey Maguire voices Spider-man/Peter Parker, and Alferid Molina does Doc Ock/Dr. Otto Octavius. The guns, weapons and the annoying shouts of the thugs are also done well (the thugs throw themselves off buldings trying to catch you, but that's getting off the subject). It's fun listening to Spidey's "Hoo!" and "Ha!"s when beating up thugs and jumping around the city.

The background music is okay, it really helps getting your adrenaline rushing trying to yank thugs' guns away and smashing Doc Ock's tentacles to stop is rampage. Fairly good sound, 7/10


This is where the game suffers the most. The levels are fun, but mainly it's just the same beat-'em-up and chase-the-villian style levels from the previous game(s). There's the occasional level where you have to navigate a maze or solve a puzzle, but they never tell you how to beat the levels. They give vague hints at the loading screen, but sometimes that's just not enough. I mean, it's fun to try to figure it out for a few minutes, but after a few hours, it really starts to get on your nerves. I beat the game in a few days, but would have done it earlier if I hadn't put it down because of the puzzles.A good aspect though is that all the bosses are different, and even a double-battle between Rhino and Shocker. And the only aerial fight in the game is Vulture, and the second part of that takes place on the construction site! I bet alot of people are complaining about that, because what's Spider-man without aerial fights?! Nothing much.

The control of the game is pretty good, although people who have a PlayStation 1 or 2 don't seem to think that (I don't have one). It takes a bit of getting used to, especially for a person who usually plays with an anolog stick sticking two centimeters into the air. The combo's are very hard to get used to, especially with the limited amount of buttons on the PSP. The max amount of buttons used to execute a combo is 4, which isn't bad if they are all the same button pressed four times.

This part isn't the best, it get's a 6/10


Spider-man 2 doesn't have much replayability at all, unless you want to beat it at Regular and Hard settings. I like playing the training levels, but after a certain amount of time it gets old. Real old. Maybe going back to find the hidden spider icons would be fun, and unlocking all the moves and storyboards, etc.. So, replayability gets only a 3/10

.::Overal::. (score not an average)

Overall, this game is pretty good. The graphics combined with the sound and gameplay make it pretty good, but I wouldn't reccomend it as a first buy or even a buy. Rent it from Blockbuster or just don't play it. It's not that good, but if you're really bored, it'll be a good rent. I'd like to see another Spidey game by Activision for Spider-man 3, but they should definintley improve it more. Overall: 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/24/05

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