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"A true medievil Demake"

Medievil was actually my first game on the psx. I played the demo that came with the playstation and fell in love with the bone-man.

Those days, the graphics sucked, but they gave medievil what no other game has ever had.


Don't get me wrong, the graphics are pretty darn good for the psp. They're better than the psx version :-D It could be that you find them not that good, but that's Medievil's style, the game is supposed to look like that.


Many years ago, the evil sorcerer Zarok raised an army of undead zombies to attack the land of Gallowmere.In the fight against that army, Sir Daniel Fortesque was the first to die.

100 years later, the sorcerer returns and raises the dead once more. By doing so he also raises Fortesque back from the death. He has been given a second chance to go out and defeat the evil sorcerer once and for all


Nothing special, moving around, slashing with X, jumping with O, nothing that should be too hard.


Now there's something that could have a little better, but if you like medievil, it shouldn't.
Fortesque runs around at a very high speed. It's pretty hard to aim even though the enemies move around really slowly. This makes the platforming really hard, but there's not a lot of that in the game, so that's not so bad.

If you get used to the running speed, it's acceptable, but could have been better.


People, like me, who loved Medievil, could and should be disapointed. As you should already know, the game is a remake of the psx version. Some levels were cut, some were added, the others were made longer. You should stull be able to link the levels to the levels of the first Medievil.

The hall of heroes, the mystic Walhalla, where you got all your funky weapons in exchange for the chalices from every level, has been changed into a mount olympus in disney style.

The levels and enemies are also more cartoonlike. It could be that they were meant to be like that on the psx, but due to the poor graphics those days...

I don't feel the special feeling I had while playing medievil 1.


It's a good game, it's not bad, it's not super, just plain good...

It's not that long, but it's not like you can finish it under 2 hours.
I would say buy for a low price, the game is not that expensive...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/21/06

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