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"A decent port of a decent game"

I played Medievil on the Playstation 1 and while I love these types of games, I really hated Medievil; it had felt broken to me. I grabbed the PSP version because it was $10 and I was in the mood for a platformer. It all started out fine but this game is a fine example of why you need to finish a game before reviewing it...

Sir Daniel Fortesque has been dead for a while. A so called hero but what's the truth behind his tale? Simple really, he got shot in the eye by an arrow before the battle even began. And so begins our tale but there is much more to it. The evil guy from that time is back and bringing the dead back to life. Sir Daniel has been awakened and must now stop him. The problem is, he is no hero.... The plot is simple in it's telling but it's the adventure itself that is interesting. The quirky characters really add to the overall fee of the story. Sadly, the story doesn't really go anywhere and quirky characters alone aren't enough to make a game interesting.

Graphic wise this game is solid. Not sure if it looks the same as the PS1 title but it looks good. Enemies are nicely detailed, if not a bit bland after seeing them over and over since the variety is lacking. I would seriously get exciting when a new area would come into play just so I could kill something new. The levels are huge and loading isn't a problem, thank god. The levels themselves almost feel like a maze at times and can be overly complex for no reason. The CGI scenes look very nice and I'm pretty sure they are new to the PSP version but I could be wrong.

Sound wise the game is enjoyable. Sound effects aren't the best ever but they do work. The music is very fitting to the levels and theme of the game. My favorite part though is the voice acting. It's very British in terms of the accent and the humor of the game. Not really for everyone but I liked it.

For some reason I remember having trouble with the controls in the original game. Not sure what those problems were but this time around I found them to work well enough. It's easy to block, jump, attack, and all of that stuff. Switching weapons is done via menus which slows the action down but it isn't noticeable until the second half of the game when you need weapons that attack the ground because of odd hit detection on tiny enemies. The camera never really seemed to give me a problem and I do remember it being easy to move around when I needed to do so.

I must admit before diving into the game play portion of this review that I have been a smidge dishonest about this title. I've been calling it a platformer and it really isn't. This is because it feels like a platformer but is actually an action title with a light hint of platformer but there is no actual jumping sections. That being said the game itself plays well. There is an over world map and as you advance in the game you open the next area. It's pretty simple and only gets slightly confusing when the paths start to branch but all places will need to be visited.

The actual game play is very hack and slash. The only problem with that is the fact that it's very easy to get hit and harder to block an attack. This won't be noticeable until around the time the wolf enemies appear. They caused me much grief during my adventure. Most of the enemies aren't the smartest thing but the bosses are capable of providing a challenge, if you don't know their moves but I found their moves easy to figure out.

I do remember a complaint I had with the original game and that was the fact that it was so hard to actually see how much life you have. This game has some serious issues with odd amounts of damage being dealt by certain things. Thankfully the life bar is on the side and it's easy to see if you have backup life and all of that. As you advance in the game you can find some empty health vials and these sit beside your actual life bar and any extra life you may pick up will go into these. Think of them as Sub-Tanks for those that have played the Mega Man games.

The game does have problems in the game play section but they don't kick in until the second half of the game. The problem is that the first half is straight up action and just getting to the end of the level. By the mid-point you end up going on fetch quests. I have no problem with a fetch quest but these are all fit into one level and if you have to go back to revisit a level, say try for the 100% goal, then you have to redo the entire task. This makes the game tedious but another problem is the fact that these quests suck. By the time you finally reach the forest you're just sick of having so much blocked off just because you haven't found all 4 of these item, or you haven't found the mold, gold, blacksmith and then turning it all into a crucifix and using that to unlock something that gives you a key to unlock a safe that has an item that you won't need until a little later in the game.

Another problem I had with the game is the weapons themselves. It's cool that you get such a variety but if a thief demon takes one you can lose it and then you'll need to buy it again. This wouldn't be a problem but I found money to be hard to come by and I found that I was buying health more than anything else. This caused me problems later on when I needed arrows and what not so I could do long distance attacks on guys who blow fire when you get close.

The game is fairly long, about 7 hours or so for 100%. Maybe it's just me but I found it much easier this time around to find the Chalice and get 100% in each level. You must collect every soul in a level, meaning kill everything and then find the chalice. Doing so will take you to the Hall of Heroes and you'll get a new weapon or an upgrade. Besides that the game also offers about 9 mini games. You must play them in the actual game to unlock them on the main menu. But the idea of them being in the main game is that you get tokens and you trade in these tokens for a secret weapon. The mini games are also available to be played in multiplayer. The game uses game sharing so only you will need the UMD. I can't access this feature and I'm not sure if the game has actual online play for these but that seems unlikely. The game also seems to have a demo of Wipeout Pure. I own it so I didn't bother with the demo but I'm just going by the manual and the demo also allows UMD sharing.

Medievil is a decent enough action adventure title for the PSP, which is lacking in the area. It has its problems but it's a fun little title that I will admit had me addicted to it for the day it took me to beat it. Not saying the game is short but sometimes my work days are dull. If you're looking for an action adventure title then go out and buy this if its $20 or less. It would also make a fine rental but if your friends have a PSP then it might be worth buying for the mini games alone, which weren't half bad really.

Story - 7/10
Graphics - 8/10
Sound - 7/10
Control - 8/10
Game Play - 7/10
Replay value - 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/10/06

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