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"A very impressive remake."


Sir Daniel Fortesque died during the first wave of arrows at the Battle of Gallowmere against the evil sorcerer Zarok.

Basically Sir Dan is not a hero he is a coward. He is resurrected 100 years later as Zorak has returned. As Sir Dan you must stop Zorak's plans and gain respect so that you may join the rest of Gallowmere's heroes.

The games dialog is very humorous. There are many cut scenes throughout the levels that progress the story.

New to this remake is a genie, Al-Zalam, that has found a resting place in your skull. Al-Zalam makes many funny comments as you make your way into new areas of the game.



Most of the stages are very straight forward. It is not really hard to get stuck or lost. The stages are an ok length, not too long and not too short. There are a few really short stages though.

Basically, the stages will have you running around until you get to the end. You collect Rune stones that open gates and let you progress further in the stage.

There is a big variety of enemies and bosses. Each boss has a certain flair that makes them stand out from all the others. They each have a different weakness that you will need to discover.

I had no problems adjusting to the controls and the camera only caused problems maybe once or twice. You will not see issues with the camera that were present in Death Jr. that's for sure.



These are probably the best graphics I've seen for a hand held action/adventure title. Not that there is much to compare it to on the PSP.

This game feels like your are playing a game based on a Tim Burton film. A lot of the stages have a dark and Gothic setting.

The cut scenes are really impressive. I noticed sometimes the cut scenes would appear kind of grainy or blocky. This seemed to occur when there was any fast movements or lots of action during the cut scene. (or maybe it was just my eyes or my copy of the game) :)



One of my favorite things about MediEvil is the voice acting. The voice acting is terrific. The voice acting of all the heroes in the Hall of Heroes is just incredible and the addition of Al-Zalam and his funny comments throughout the game are also a welcome addition.

The sound effects are just right and the music throughout the stages are put together nicely. The music is very fitting for the stages and it definitely sets a good ambiance.


Replay Value

The story isn't that long and with less than 20 stages, this can be a short lived experience. Mostly for gamers that just want to pick it up and beat it with no intention of every playing it again. Or for those gamers that buy so many games that by the time you are finished with it you have some new games to move onto.

I personally have played through the game twice so far and I'm planning on starting a new file once I finish Burnout Legends.

There is a stage in the game that is filled with mini games that you can complete. For each series of mini games you complete you earn a token. Once you have earned 8 tokens you may redeem them at the shop gargoyle to receive a new weapon not included in the original version of the game.

I enjoy all of the mini games. They aren't too hard that you are pulling your hair out just to try and earn this special weapon.

Also throughout the stages there is a hidden Chalice. When you play through a stage the souls from the dead go into your Chalice. Once you find the Chalice hidden throughout the level and complete the level with 100% in your Chalice you will be rewarded with a new item/weapon from one of the heroes of Gallowmere to aid you on your quest.

I didn't find it difficult to locate the Chalice in any of games stages but it does add to the replay value in case you may have missed it or if you are anal about getting 100%.



This is a very enjoyable game. The music is wonderful, the atmosphere is great, the story is good and the characters are all very funny. With the mini games and the Chalices to find it certainly adds to the replay value.

I would certainly recommend to any action/adventure fan that they should buy this title. If you aren't a fan of this genre you may want to rent this one first.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/23/05

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