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Reviewed: 12/19/05

A fun, generally light-hearted and funny adventure game with a big world and many memorable characters. A must for adventure game fans.

The perfectly named MediEvil: Resurrection is the first game in the MediEvil series in six years, the last of which being MediEvil for the Playstation console. MediEvil isn't actually a new game in the series, rather than a port of the first MediEvil for the Playstation. The good thing is that there is a bunch of extras added; such as mini-games, however certain levels from the original have been removed.

One hundred years ago, Sir Daniel Fortesque lead an army of brave warriors to defeat the evil sorcerer Zarok, who wanted to bestow evil upon the land. Fortunately the brave knight Sir Daniel defeated Zarok in battle, however he was slain towards the end. Daniel would forever be remembered as the hero who saved the land of Gallowmere. Now, in the present Zarok has reappeared, with full intent of conquering the land that he sought to conquer long ago. Fortunately for the towns folk Sir Daniel Fortesque has been brought back from the grave as a bony warrior to defeat Zarok once and for all. Well, that is what people believe happened… what really happened was that Daniel didn’t even do anything in the war against Zarok one hundred years ago. Daniel was actually one of the first to fall from the first wave of arrows. Struck in the eye by an arrow Daniel met his untimely doom and died a coward. Being the coward that he is, Daniel is not up to the task of saving Gallowmere from Zarok. But once he learns that everyone thinks he is a hero, Daniel decides to set off on a journey with a mysterious genie named Al-Zalam who has been entrapped in Daniel’s skull by Zarok’s evil sorcery. It just so happens that fate has given Daniel a second chance to prove his worth and be able to live up to his own legend, and so our adventure begins.

Because MediEvil is an adventure game at heart it consists of wandering around levels finding items required to beat the level. It just so happens that every level is infested with some sort of enemy creature, be it zombies or crazy pumpkins that want Daniel dead. With wooden sword is hand Daniel sets out to conquer his adversaries. Thankfully Daniel will receive many new weapons throughout his adventure by means of the Hall of Heroes. The way in which you receive new weapons is to find the chalice hidden within each level. You must also fill the chalice to 100% by defeating enemies on the level. Once you have 100% in the chalice you will be transported to the Hall of Heroes after completion of the level. This is the place where you will meet a large majority of MediEvil’s Bizarre cast of characters, the heroes of the past, and they also happen to be courteous enough to give you one of their weapons.

Daniel’s arsenal of weapons consists primarily of melee weapons, some ranged weapons and a few weapons that can be used either way. Melee weapons such as swords and clubs have two attacks, a weak attack and a strong attack, which can be linked together to make multiple combos. Ranged weapons, being long bows and crossbows have single shot and multiple shot functionalities. Then there are the weapons that have one ranged attack and one melee attack, the perfect example being the axe. The axe has a swing attack and a throw attack, which has a boomerang effect.

The puzzles in MediEvil are fairly simple at heart but are fun to do. For example one level named “Scurvy Dock” has you running around looking for parts of a pirates costume so you can get a boat from the boat salesman. Unfortunately for Daniel he does not believe that you are a pirate, so you must prove him wrong. Sir Daniel looks quite humours once you retrieve the complete pirate costume set, but unfortunately you can only wear this costume by playing that particular level and collecting the pieces all over again.

It is true that MediEvil does suffer from certain combat issues, mainly being the camera. The camera is not entirely unwieldy, but it can be a little wonky in certain areas. This can be simply fixed by press the R button, which swings the camera around to behind Daniel’s back. The main problem with the camera is the ranged weapons targeting system. When you are running around a green dot floats in front of you which is essentially your “aimer” that you would find in any first person shooter. It glows red when you are looking at an enemy but locking onto enemies gives you very poor manoeuvrability of your character.

Perhaps the best part of MediEvil is the boss encounters. You will fight many humorous and bizarre boss creatures, which provide a unique challenge since they usually have a trick you must figure out in order to defeat them.

MediEvil has possibly the best graphics for any game on the PSP game system. The characters are well animated and have a very Tim Burton appearance to them. There is a large amount of different level textures and varied level design. The only setbacks to the graphics is that in the first level which is a training level the frame rate is a little lower than you would like it to be, but it is nothing over the top. Also when playing certain mini-games that involve fighting a lot of enemies at once the frame rate drops a little. There is also a little bit of clipping with a few objects but other than that the graphics; most significantly the character and level design are just simply amazing. The load times are also very minimal, you play in huge levels with very brief load times in-between, which are perhaps the best load times I have seen yet on this system.

This is also the first game I have seen on the PSP that has FMV’s in-between each level, and these FMV’s look amazing.

Wonderful voice acting, a great soundtrack and lots of humour, you couldn’t ask for more from an adventure game. MediEvil has it all. Each wacky character you encounter is further enhanced by their strange voice, and there is a lot of dialog between the characters. Daniel even has his own voice, but good luck trying to understand what he is saying. Think “Kenny” from South Park, since Daniel has no lower jaw he speech consists of excessive mumbling. Although with subtitles you can understand what Daniel is talking about. The best portion of the sound comes from the fact that the developers put a lot of humorous dialog between the characters, and a lot of 1 liner that make you giggle just a little bit. Even the character “Death” (Grim Reaper) is a funny character. Perhaps one part with Death that I liked the most is that when you get a game over he says, “Dan, Dan, Dan… you know the procedure…” Since Daniel has died before…

MediEvil is exactly was I was looking for in a PSP game: a wonderful funny adventure game, with tons of loony characters, a good plot and a long adventure. Think of games like Jak and Daxter or Donkey Kong 64, except on your PSP and on the go. The main adventure of the game is approximately 12-16 hours long, with a lot of mini-games you can play to extend the fun which feel a lot like the mini-games from Donkey Kong 64. One mini-game has you running around as Daniel with a giant mallet trying to squish all the rats before the time limit runs out. Another has you running around in a game called “Whack a Zarok” where you try to hit the Zarok heads that pop up back into the holes. There are also prizes to be won which makes the mini-games all the more compelling to go through.

Gameplay: 7
Graphics: 9
Sound: 10
Value: 8
Tilt: 9

Overall: 8.3
If you are looking for a fun, generally light-hearted and funny adventure game with a big world and many memorable characters than MediEvil: Resurrection is the perfect game for you. Just know that there are a few minor camera problems and the combat is not as fleshed out as you would like it to be. But MediEvil: Resurrection is certainly a prime example of a game that has a few weakness’ that are completely out-weighed by the games strengths.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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