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    Original Soundtrack FAQ by Iluna

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/01/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Created By: Luna~Holybell~Enzoera (Iluna) 
    GameFAQs member user: Xenoserphia
    Date Created: 6/10/2005 
    Ver: 1.1
    Contact : NO e-mails will be given, However you can page 
              Xenoserphia at GameFAQs message board. Details will
              be given below.
    For : Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children,
          Final Fantasy VII : Reunion Tracks, 
          Final Fantasy : The Black Mages, 
          Final Fantasy VII : Piano Collection, Rikki : Pure Heart.
    From Xenoserphia : 
    This FAQ will be currently created only for GameFAQs. You CANNOT 
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    can rip off this whole FAQ and make it as your own. No taking this 
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    to contact me via the message boards, permission will be given if 
    you asked nicely. What I'm asking of you is to PLEASE ASK BEFORE 
    If you did something negative to my FAQ, I hope you burn in hell.
    Or else, Feel free to read my FAQ. And it's alright to save this
    FAQ and take it as your future reference, but THIS IS NOT FOR 
    Written at 16th of September, 2005
    1.0 - Creation version
    1.1 - A lot of typos and mistakes fixed, coding fixed; Lyrics
          changed for One Winged Angel for a better translation,
          Added a few more reviews, added The Promised Land lyrics,
          Pure Heart lyrics, added time length for each songs, and 
          added a section for this FAQ - Voice Actors and Credits.
          Which I'll tackle this during the next update
    I. Introduction
    II. Biodata of the Soundtrack
    III. OST List
    - Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children
    IV. OST List : Spin Offs and Remixes (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
    V. Lyrics (INCOMPLETE)
    VI. Written Thoughts (INCOMPLETE)
    VII. Voice Actor and Credits (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
    IX. Credits
    X. The End
    ~ The beginning : Before "FAQs" ~
    9 years ago, Nobuo Uematsu composed his 22nd work for Square, 
    "Final Fantasy VII OST" was produced, and ended with an extreme
    success. It was sold worldwide, and though dated already, 
    listening to all of them brings back wonderful memories, whether
    it was at work, at home, surfing, shopping (if you listen to 
    your mp3 player during shopping of course), anywhere it works,
    because it's 2005 already, I'm starting to regard them as 
    classic now.
    Looking back at his works, and compare to what we heard now, he
    does indeed improved. From synthesized songs to rock & 
    orchestration. Putting this in a general term, this is what we
    called by "Evolution" in music. Truely, Nobuo did it.
    Execellent job as always, Nobuo Uematsu.
    I spent my high school days grewing up with Nobuo songs, I 
    think,he is currently one of my favourite composers, ranked 
    in 3rd, after Yanni and Yasunori Mitsuda. But even putting them 
    in position, nothing can replace each other, I loved them all,
    equally. Nobuo does indeed have a special place inside my heart,
    whenever I'm sad, I'll tune in to Aerith's theme because it 
    reminds me so much about Aerith's dead scene. Whenever I'm 
    happy, I'll tune into Rufus Welcoming Ceremony in piano, because 
    it's a happy piece of music!
    I remembered when I was 17, when my friend and I each bought one
    Altec Lansing speakers, to test the sound quality we would use
    "Opening ~ The Mako Bombing Mission", the second track of Final 
    Fantasy VII OST as an experiment, because this song, for us,
    one of the easiest song to differenciate the quality of the 
    speakers we purchased. If the song doesn't sounded like what we
    wanted, we would tune the equalizer while we kept the song 
    looping so that we could get the quality of the sound we 
    wanted. Thinking back about it, it was a very fun experience.
    Final Fantasy VII songs spawned a lot of popular pieces for 
    gamers : First we have Aerith's theme, a very soft, sad yet
    melanchonic character anthem, and One Winged Angel; By far
    the most famous FF final battle songs ever. There was a lot
    of remixes for this song, both official and unofficial. While 
    People couldn't get enough of the original OWA, and then came 
    the OWA Orchestrated version from Reunion Tracks, which it became 
    a popular craze for FF music lovers for years, not long ago,
    there was another remix for the OWA, and it's used in Kingdom
    Hearts, but not as successful as the Reunion Tracks version, 
    maybe because it sounded almost the same to each other, and that,
    it was cut short. I remember, One Winged Angel was the ever first
    battle song in Final Fantasy to go vocal, it has lyrics, and 
    it's in Latin instead of English, making it extra meaningful
    (Opinion differs for individual)  
    But nonethess, now when Final Fantasy vII : Advent Children 
    was released, the whole craze started to blazed up again. To 
    cut it short, the whole nostalgic wraps through my soul, like a
    drug, like a blessed spell from an angel. To put it in a non
    exaggerated way, The whole OST rocks. 
    That's why I'm writting this FAQ. 
    Written at 17th of September, 2005
    Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children Original Soundtrack
    ファイナルファンタジーVII アドベントチルドレン オリジナルサウンドトラック
    Game Company : Square-Enix (スクウェア。エニックス)
    Released by : Sony Music Shop
    Distributed by : Sony Music
    Code: SQEX 10051.2 
    How many CD(s) : 2 CD's in 12 CM CD format (CCCD)
    Price : 3,000 Yen
    Total Track : 26 Tracks (Disc 1 - 14 tracks, Disc 2 - 12 tracks)
    Year Release : September 28th, 2005
    Composer : Nobuo Uematsu 植松伸夫
    Music & Arrange by : Kenichiro Fukui 福井健一郎
                         Tsuyoshi Seikito 関戸 剛
                         Keiji Kawamori 河盛 慶次
    Website : http://www.square-enix.co.jp/music/sem/page/ff7ac/
    The list contains both Japanese and the English track list for
    the movie. To view it, make sure your Windows supports Japanese
    encoding, while opening it, don't panic if the Japanese track 
    list is in symbols during the FAQ readthrough, go to View --> 
    Encoding ---> Shift-JIS  (Japanese), switch it from there.
    There you go. This section, as usual, will be divided into 
    three sections : Japanese track list, English translated track 
    list, and romanji track list.
    : DISC 1 :
    01. Opening                           1:31
    02. 約束の地〜The Promised Land〜      2:52
    03. Beyond The Wasteland              4:14
    04. Sign                              1:49
    05. ティファのテーマ(Piano Version)        4:23
    06. For the Reunion                   2:32
    07. 闘う者達(Piano Version)            4:00
    08. Water                             2:21
    09. Materia                           0:53
    10. Black Water                       2:40
    11. エアリスのテーマ(Piano Version)        4:07
    12. Battle in the Forgotten City      3:25
    13. Violator                          2:35
    14. 北の大空洞(FFVII AC Version)       1:51
    : DISC 2 :
    01. 天来〜Divinity I〜                 2:54
    02. 闘う者達 (FFVII AC Version)         2:00
    03. 更に闘う者達 (FFVII AC Version)      4:24
    04. 天来〜Divinity II〜                3:35
    05. Encounter                          0:53
    06. The Chase of Highway               4:34
    07. Savior                             2:16
    08. J-E-N-O-V-A (FFVII AC version)     2:46
    09. 再臨:片翼の天使                     6:07
       〜Advent: One-Winged Angel〜 
    10. Cloud Smiles                       3:29
    11. End Credits                        5:36
    12. CALLING                            5:03
    : DISC 1 :
    01. Opening                              1:31
    02. The Promised Land                    2:52
    03. Beyond The Wasteland                 4:14
    04. Sign                                 1:49
    05. Tifa's Theme [Piano Version]         4:23
    06. For the Reunion                      2:32
    07. Fighting [Piano Version]             4:00
    08. Water                                2:21
    09. Materia                              0:53
    10. Black Water                          2:40
    11. Aerith's Theme [Piano Version]       4:07
    12. Battle in the Forgotten City         3:25
    13. Violator                             2:35
    14. The Great Northen Cave [AC Version]  1:51
    : DISC 2 : 
    01. Divinity I                           2:54
    02. Fighting [AC Version]                2:00
    03. Still More Fighting [AC Version]     4:24
    04. Divinity II                          3:35
    05. Encounter                            0:53
    06. The Chase of Highway                 4:34
    07. Savior                               2:16
    08. J-E-N-O-V-A [AC Version]             2:46
    09. Advent: One Winged Angel             6:07
    10. Cloud Smiles                         3:29
    11. End Credits                          5:36
    12. Calling                              5:03
    : DISC 1 :
    01. Opening                              1:31
    02. The Promised Land                    2:52
    03. Beyond The Wasteland                 4:14
    04. Sign                                 1:49
    05. Teefa no Teema [Piano Version]       4:23
    06. For the Reunion                      2:32
    07. Tatakau Monotachi [Piano Version]    4:00
    08. Water                                2:21
    09. Materia                              0:53
    10. Black Water                          2:40
    11. Earisu no Teema [Piano Version]      4:07
    12. Battle in the Forgotten City         3:25
    13. Violator                             2:35
    14. Kita no Daikudo [AC Version]         1:51
    : DISC 2 : 
    01. Tenrai I ~Divinity I~                     2:54
    02. Tatakau Monotachi  [AC Version]           2:00
    03. Sara ni Tatakau Monotachi [AC Version]    4:24
    04. Tenrai II ~Divinity II~                   3:35
    05. Encounter                                 0:53
    06. The Chase of Highway                      4:34
    07. Savior                                    2:16
    08. J-E-N-O-V-A [AC Version]                  2:46
    09. Sairin : Hentsubasa no Tenshi             6:07
        ~Advent: One Winged Angel~
    10. Cloud Smiles                              3:29
    11. End Credits                               5:36
    12. Calling                                   5:03
    Should there be any mistakes, don't be hesistate to ring me 
    about it. I'll tell you how to contact me later.
    (UNDER CONSTRUCTION : Not supposed to be completed for it's
    first version, since it's not the main priority of this FAQ...)
    ~Our voice goes one with the flow of the Lifestream~
    This time there are 2 songs that actually has lyrics, surprisingly
    One Winged Angel in Advent Children changed it's lyrics. I 
    supposed the song now name is named Advent : One Winged Angel instead 
    of your normal, well known "One Winged Angel" without the extra 
    word on it. Fitting though.
    There ARE supposed to be 4 songs with lyrics, I only found 2 
    lyrics. The Promised Land is also a song with lyrics, but I supposed 
    it's still missing unless some kind people post up the lyrics for me.
    Well, let's go with 2 songs first. Of course, Songs that are 
    related to FFVII in general will also be taken into account. Advent 
    Children is a sequel to Final Fantasy VII, anyhow.
    Lyricist : Tetsuya Nomura
    Latin Translator : Taro Yamashita
    Composer : Nobuo Uematsu
    Arranger and Conductor : Kenichiro Fukui
    Cur in gremio haeremus?
    Cur poenam cordi parvo damus?
    Stella nobis non concessit non concessit
    Stella nobis non concessit non concessit
    (Stella nobis non concessit non concessit)
    Venarum pulsus in terram fluens
    (In terram fluens)
    Parvum pulsus cormor temducens
    Vita mollis in stellam redeunt
    Animam sacrifare necessere est?
    Cur in gremio haeremus?
    Cur veniam petimus? In terra fatali? 
    Why are we so weak-minded, on this Earth?
    Why do we struggle our heart apart, on this Earth?
    The Star does not indulge on us, does not forgive.
    The Star does not indulge on us, does not forgive.
    What’s the strength of the empires of these lands for?
    Beloved, silvery consort of Eve, do you?
    The Gods of Love used to dwell in the Star.
    Must we sacrifice our very soul?
    Why do we wander the land, on this Earth?
    Why do we float suspended in indeterminateness, on this Earth, Gods?
    Very big thanks to SHMYazoo for this.
    Next song, Advent : One Winged Angel
    - = - = - = - = - = - = -
    Lyricist : Tetsuya Nomura
    Latin Translator : Taro Yamashita
    Composed by : Nobuo Uematsu
    Orchestrator : Shirou Hamaguchi
    Band Arranger : Kenichi Fukui
    Conductor : Koji Hajima
    - = - = - = - = - = - = -
    ~ Latin ~
    Noli manere, manare in memoria (x2)
    Sephiroth, Sephiroth
    Saevam iram, iram et dolorem (x2)
    Sephiroth, Sephiroth
    Ferum terribile, ferum fatum
    Noli manare, manere in memoria (x2)
    Sephiroth, Sephiroth
    Veni, mi fili. Veni, mi fili
    Hic veni, da mihi mortem iterum
    Veni, mi fili. Veni, mi fili
    Hic veni, da mihi...
    Noli manere in memoria
    Saevam iram et dolorem
    Ferum terribile fatum
    Ille iterum veniet
    Mi fili, veni, veni, veni, mi fili (x4)
    Mi fili, veni, veni, veni, mi fili
    (Qui mortem invitavis)
    Mi fili, veni, veni, veni, mi fili
    (Poena funesta natus)
    Mi fili, veni, veni, veni, mi fili
    (Noli nomen vocare)
    Mi fili, veni, veni, veni, mi fili
    (Ille iterum veniet)
    Sephiroth, Sephiroth
    ~ English translated ~
    Do not stay behind, stay behind in (my) memory.
    Do not stay behind, stay behind in (my) memory.
    Sephiroth, Sephiroth
    (Towards) Raging anger, anger and pain.
    (Towards) Raging anger, anger and pain.
    Sephiroth, Sephiroth
    Horrible wild (thing), wild fate.
    Horrible wild (thing), wild fate.
    Do not stay behind, stay behind in (my) memory.
    Do not stay behind, stay behind in (my) memory.
    Sephiroth, Sephiroth
    Come, my son. Come, my son.
    Come here, give (to) me death again
    Come, my son. Come, my son
    Come here, give me...
    Do not stay behind, stay behind in (my) memory.
    (Towards) Raging anger, anger and pain.
    Horrible wild (thing), wild fate.
    That (one) again will come.
    My son, come, come, come, my son (x4)
    My son, come, come, come, my son
    (He who has entertained death.)
    My son, come, come, come, my son
    (Punishment polluted by death having sprung forth.)
    My son, come, come, come, my son
    (Do not call (my) name.)
    My son, come, come, come, my son
    That (one) again will come
    Sephiroth, Sephiroth
    Lyrics fixed, thanks to ghoulhunter for this.
    And thanks to NuntiusLuminis for providing a better translation
    And another song, which playes during the movie's ending, CALLING.
    - = - = -
    Written by : Kyosuke Himuro
                 Goro Matsui
    Composed by : Kyosuke Himuro
    Performed by : Kyosuke Himuro
    - = - = -
    Japanese Romanization
    Nemurenu yoru wo ikutsu kazuetara ore-tachi tadoritsuku darou
    Dore dake no inochi nakushita toki arasoi wa owaru no darou
    Rekishi no ue wo korogaru dake no sukuenai doukeshi-tachi
    Itsuka dareka ga itte ta you ni
    Kotae wa kaze no naka
    Somuketa kao wo ikutsu utaretara kizukanu furi yameru no ka
    Dore hodo no kurushimi ni taetara egao wa jiyuu ni naru no ka
    Sabita kusari ni tsungareta mama mata shippo wo maku no nara
    Itsuka dareka ga itte ta you ni
    Kotae wa kaze no naka
    Furishiboru koe to nigirishimeru sono te de
    Unmei wa kitto kawaru toki wo matte iru
    Chippoke-na ai no sasayaka-na chikara de
    Kanashimi wa itsumo dakareru no wo matte iru
    Uso no pazuru wo narabekaeteru aware-na petenshi-tachi
    Fukiyousa wo kiyou ni furumau oroka-na romanchisuto-tachi
    Rekishi ga nanimo kataranaku naru sonna hi ga kuru yokan ni
    Itsuka dareka ga itte ta you in
    Kotae wa kaze no naka
    Furishiboru koe to nigirishimeru sono te de
    Unmei wa kitto kawaru toki wo matte iru
    Chippoke-na ai no sasayaka-na chikara de
    Kanashimi wa itsumo dakareru no wo matte iru
    English Translation
    I wonder how many sleepless nights you have to count, 
    before you find your way
    After how many lives are lost, will the strife end?
    Clowns that cannot be saved, just tumbling atop of history,
    Like someone said one day before,
    The answer is in the wind.
    How many times does your face have to be hit as you turned it 
    before you stop pretending you don't notice?
    How much pain must you endure, before you smile freely?
    If you're going to accept defeat again, still bound by rusted 
    Like someone said one day before,
    The answer is in the wind.
    With your voice strained and your hands gripping tightly,
    Waiting for the time when your destiny is sure to change,
    With the faint power of a tiny love,
    Always waiting for your sadness to be embraced.
    Pitiful frauds working their puzzles of lies,
    Foolish romanticists who gracefully entertain with clumsiness,
    And the premonition of the coming of the day when history will 
    tell you nothing,
    Like someone said one day before,
    The answer is in the wind.
    With your voice strained and your hands gripping tightly,
    Waiting for the time when your destiny is sure to change,
    With the faint power of a tiny love,
    Always waiting for your sadness to be embraced.
    (If whoever can post up a Japanese words for the lyrics CALLING, 
    I'll be extremely grateful for it.)
    For side lyrics, here goes with Pure Heart, for whoever didn't
    know what Pure Heart is, it's a vocal version of Aerith's theme,
    sung by Rikki during the release of Suteki Da Ne single, back 
    during 2001. Suteki Da Ne is the main vocal theme of Final 
    Fantasy X. But I suppose mor or less this song is pretty much
    less known, but it's good to actually post it. Since Pure
    Heart is in a sense, a song of FFVII (Aerith's Theme).
    Lyrics by : Nobuo Uematsu
    Composed by : Emiko Shiratori
    Arranged by : Jim Ediger
    Performed by : Rikki
    nagaku tsuzuku kono michi no mukou ni
    shinjirareru mono ga kitto aru
    kaze no naka no tabibito no you ni
    kita no sora wo mezashite ikeba
    kiekaketa atsui omoi
    mou ichido mune no naka de
    kagayaki yureru
    namida nante koboshitakunai no
    yowai jibun ni makenai tame ni
    kazaranai kokoro dake ga
    motteiru me ni wa mienai
    ooki na tsubasa
    te wo hiroge utainagara
    yuukyuu no toki ni dakare
    inochi wo tsunagu
    nagaku tsuzuku kono michi no mukou ni
    shinjirareru mono ga kitto aru
    English Translation
    Straight on this long, continuing road
    there is surely something to believe in
    like a traveler in the midst of the wind
    I have my eyes on the northern sky
    the passionate feelings that were beginning to vanish
    once again sway in radiance in my chest
    I don't want the tears to spill
    as so not to lose to my weaker self
    in eyes holding only an unadorned spirit
    there are great, unseen wings
    I open my arms while singing
    to embrace the perpetuity of time
    to be tied to life
    Straight on this long, continuing road
    there is surely something to believe in
    And of course, I'm missing Divinity lyrics. So whoever has it, 
    feel free to post it, and credits will be given.
    ~ It won't be just a memory ~
    Yes, It won't be just a memory, it will stuck into my head, forever.
    Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children have 26 tracks of songs used
    in the movie, 26? I consider it A LOT. Most movie soundtracks have
    only like, what? 14 tracks or maybe more or less, and it won't go
    over 20. Wait, someone tell me how many tracks does Titanic have, 
    I remember 15 but hmm...
    Anyhow, Nobuo Uematsu has giving songs a life to the movie, that why
    the movie rocks, it blends in the movie so well, so perfectly 
    matched, I cried. Serious, I really did. See : Water
    Most of the songs Nobuo composed are all remixes from the original,
    some remixes from the remixes (remix + remix = more remix), and some
    of them are entirely original. And no doubt for such an awesome game
    to have awesome movie as a sequel, music plays a large part into it,
    and it turned out to be what I wanted. Songs that are not just a 
    song, but a life, injected into a movie to turn from fantasy into 
    a lively memory that will never vanish till the end of time.
    The thoughts are written especially for our beloved Nobuo Uematsu.
    (Psst, if you send this to Nobuo, and if he reads this and posts in
    GameFAQs, I'll really kiss whoever posted this FAQ to Nobuo-sama.
    Of course, only the real Nobuo counts.)
    This written article below are all written based on opinions, you
    are not obligated to agree, but if you do I thank you for your
    Or else if you think you can write better than I do, feel free to
    send me a note (I'll tell you how later)
    DISC I
    Track 01 : Opening
    Recompose? : Yes, Original from Final Fantasy VII OST Disc 1 Track
                 2 - "Opening ~Bombing Mission~"
    Method : Orchestration
    Only the half of it. This song is played during the very beginning
    of the movie, 500 years after the first game, where Red XIII and
    his descendants run through the plains, climbed up to Midgar, and
    howl to the dead Midgar. Perfectly fitting, especially the part
    where Nanaki (RedXIII) roars then it came with the main part of
    the song. Too bad, it won't go with the Bombing mission song, but
    of course this is not Final Fantasy VII, and certainly this is
    not the part where you will see Red XIII go beat up some soilders
    and gain some potions from them. What's he gonna do? ram into 
    some rocks?
    Anyhow this song is in orchestra. I loved the starting, where it
    goes soft, then loud when the main part kicks in. Compare to the
    original, I wouldn't say this new version sounds better, but 
    definitely a great improvement from the original. This song is
    composed solely to suit the movie scene, while the original 
    version is more fitting to "stage" theme.
    Track 02 : The Promised Land
               約束の地〜The Promised Land〜
    Recompose? : No, Original.
    Method : Choir
    I love this track a lot. It sounds like a buddhist chanting at 
    the very beginning of the track, then it slowly blends into more 
    "christian prayer" type of choir. Too bad it's too short, I 
    preferred it to loop once. The feeling for this song is almost 
    definite. Imagine yourself in a cathedral and you hear this kind 
    of tune. Sounds very holy, isn't it?
    This song is played twice in the movie, the first time it played 
    is when Marlene is naratting about something, from Lifestream, to 
    Geostigma. And then it plays again where Kadaj dissapears, and the
    Holy Rain cures off the victims who are affected by the Geostigma.
    I prefer the first time played feeling. It sound really dramatic
    when I first watched the movie. As it really makes you feel 
    something. To me it feels like everything which happend 2 years
    ago was a definite tragic. and the narattion makes you felt 
    something from there.
    I need the lyrics for this, I need to chant along with them!
    Track 03 : Beyond the Wasteland
    Recompose? : Yes, a little from Sephiroth's theme, Disc 3 Track
                 05 from the Final Fantasy VII OST : Those Choosen
                 By The Planet
    Method : Rock + Orchestration
    This song borrows a little bit of Nobuo's old song from the 
    original FFVII OST. A little, while the rest is original. This
    is a song where you need to watch the movie to get the definite
    feel of it. 
    It starts out with a very silent, heavy "dum" beat on the 
    background, but it will slowly play out a quite familar theme,
    which I don't need to explain the obvious. This part was played
    when Cloud prepares to take off from a wasteland, but suddenly
    groan in pain due to his Geostigma affection. It was an 
    absolutely wonderful startup for the title introduction itself
    (Yes, this song is played during the title introduction), then
    comes with Kadaj's gang, kicking away the buster sword. Having
    a little of chit-chatting, then soon realized Cloud is heading
    This song has 2 parts. First the silent part, then it suddenly
    it kicks into an upbeat, battle theme, started by a play of a 
    guitar. Now the upbeat part was well done. I heard violins 
    playing the main tune, while the electric guitar supports the 
    main tune. And the sound of christmas bells (The exact term 
    escapes from my mind...) plays at the background. I'm guessing
    4 layers were used for this song but there might be more. The
    song plays out well, and it really suitable as a movie battle 
    theme. Too bad, this part doesn't last long...But for a 4 min
    song, I consider it a wonderful song.
    Track 04 : Sign
    Recompose? : Yes, a little from Sephiroth's theme, Disc 3 Track
                 05 from the Final Fantasy VII OST : Those Choosen
                 By The Planet
    Method : Piano, a little bit of altered choir
    This song is almost purely piano. And again, this song is 
    borrowed. I didn't noticed it at first but the starting of the 
    song really reminds me of Sephiroth's theme...but still, like 
    track 03, this song only borrows a little from it and it goes 
    on with a totally different feel of a song, I found this song 
    to be quite short, but in my opinion, nothing worth listening 
    to it again and again, but in the movie, it fits. This song is 
    played when Cloud meets Rufus, and they were having a little 
    of nice chit-chatting.
    This song actually plays the feel of mysterious, since Rufus is
    in his white cape, doesn't show his face until later, and is
    also infected with the Geostigma virus. I guess Tetsuya did a
    great job of actually leaving us hanging why Rufus is actually
    alive at the first place...
    Rufus "On that day I..."
    Cloud "What do you want"
    Rufus "I..."
    Cloud "If nothing I go home"
    Rufus "Say something..."
    Cloud "Bye!"
    Me "*......*"
    Of course, this song is used solely for the Cloud meets Rufus
    scenario only since it's used  for "Who/What/Where/When/Why/How" 
    scenario (I was reminded of X-Files, okay, think of it as it's
    like the main theme of X-Files.) And as I said earlier, this
    song gives out a feeling of mysterious, Tetsuya did a "great"
    job leaving me wonder why the hell Rufus survive...and I can
    keep reapeating this again and again...
    With that said, I think it serves the purpose well as a movie 
    Track 05 : Tifa's Theme (Piano Version)
               ティファのテーマ(Piano Version) 	
    Recompose? : No, it's actually taken straight from Final Fantasy 
                 VII Piano Collections, Track 01
    Method : Piano
    I love this song, a lot. Better than the original. This song
    is played straight the same as the original itself, but I keep
    on replaying this song again and again when I was working, it's
    soothing, relaxing, and at the same time, emotional. What's new
    for this song is the added chorus, Which is the best part of 
    the song for me. It adds a little bit of breezy and comfortable
    feel, and at it's end of the chorus, it's slows down and actually
    ends well.
    I prefer the song to be moderate slow. like 3/4 or something.
    4/4 would be a little bit fast but I don't really care, this song 
    is great in it's slow pace. I would practice this song for life,
    but of course, I need to find the music sheet for this.
    This song is played when Marlene and Tifa having a short 
    conversation in the church slums in Midgar
    Great job for rearranging this piece. Loved this.
    Track 06 : For the Reunion
    Recompose? : No
    Method : Piano + Composition (Synthesizing)
    Woo woo, Kadaj meets the president, oh noes~
    But actually this song is pretty well done. I love the background
    sound (bass part), and the piano plays during the very start of
    the song but the synthesize part kicks in later, and the piano
    only plays a short tune and it keeps looping until the end of the
    song. If I didn't know any better, it's the bass part (especially 
    when the electronic guitar plays in) plays the main tune, the 
    piano only served as another layer of the background support.
    This song is played shortly after Tifa and Marlene's conversation
    gets cut off with a Kadaj defeating Reno and Rude in Healin. Kadaj
    doesn't like lies, Rufus makes up excuses, and Kadaj tells Rufus
    that he is not stupid, yadda yadda yadda. It fits well. Especially
    when Kadaj kneels in front of Rufus and shows his "Sephiroth/Jenova"
    influence. and then the electronic guitar part kicks in. You can
    feel something from there.
    Again, this is a song where I can say you need to watch the movie
    to get the feel of it.
    Track 07 : Fighting [Piano Version]
               闘う者達(Piano Version)
    Recompose? : No, it's actually taken straight from Final Fantasy 
                 VII Piano Collections, Track 05
    Method : Piano
    This song rocks. I can't believe this can be used in a FIGHTING
    This song plays when Tifa is having a fight with Loz, one of 
    Kadaj's gang. Punch fights of course, since both of them are close 
    ranged fighters. What I love this more than that is the victory 
    theme follow up after Tifa beats Loz to the ground. Hillarious I 
    say. Since battle theme + victory theme is in one set, I wouldn't 
    be surprised if this "set" is used. (Victory theme is actually a 
    ringtone of Loz's handphone, but what the hell? Spirits don't
    use phones! I thought they can commnunicate through mind or 
    This song is awesome. I fell in love with it after my first listen,
    the rearrangement is wonderful. and the whole thing reeks of
    awesomeness. I sort of having this impression that they actually
    used two pianos for this song. But I sort of doubting this 
    is true, so I need confirmations about this. IF it's true, then
    it's one hell of a song, because I never expect such a song can
    be so in-depth that, you need 2 pianos to play the full tune of
    it. This song also added 2 new part in it.
    I loved the pace, it's really starts out fast, then slows down a 
    little, then fast, then when it steps into the chorus, it became
    soft and slow, then soon after the whole chorus ends, it keeps on
    going faster and back to it's pace until the end, it suddenly gets 
    even faster than normal than ends with a good bang. This song is 
    especially louder compared to the most of the piano songs played 
    in FFVII Piano Collections, so you don't need to tune your volume 
    much. And thanks to Advent Children, I enjoy the fight because of 
    this song, and I love the song even more now. Tifa indeed rocks, 
    guess what? She throws Loz into a temporally knock out status right 
    at the start of the song chorus...
    For an exact 4 minute song...this is great.
    Oh and I realized, You only need ONE piano to play this song, 
    that's great, I gotta worship the song even more now.
    Track 08 : Water
    Recompose? : No
    Method : Synthesize + Instrument
    This is probably my most favourite song ever for this OST. I 
    actually shed tear or two for this song (I did, seriously). 
    This song works like a magic, even without the movie, it works 
    by killing your stress. It actually absorbs you. You can actually 
    feel that you're in a deep blue sea, falling into the deepest pit. 
    I know, I felt that. Perhaps it may not work for you, I actually 
    play this song when I feel stressed. And guess what? All stress 
    gone after listening to it for a few more times.
    This song gives a Carribean feel during the start of the song. 
    This song is played in 3 parts, it's pretty much self explainatory. 
    But the feeling is priceless. I especially love the guitars playing
    in the background. And this song suits perfectly for it's name, 
    Water. And this song certainly reminds me of a song from Final 
    Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack, named "Breeze". 
    This song is played in two scenes. First when Cloud founds out that
    Tifa got hurt from the fight with Loz, and the song plays when the
    water drips after Cloud faints from the Geostigma sudden attack.
    Romantic, since it's a fanservice for Cloud x Tifa fans (they slept
    on a flower bed, together, how sweet.)
    And this song also plays when Cloud's phone dropped into the deepest
    pit of the lake of Forbidden City, Ajito, because of the fight
    between Cloud and Kadaj. There is a lot of talking coming from the
    phone itself, including Reeve, Yuufie, Tifa, and Barret. And lastly
    Aerith's voice comes after them, which was my personal, most 
    favourite quote ever for a movie.
    "悪く思うたこと 一度もないよ。 来たくれたでしょ? それだけでじゅうぶん"
    "I have never thought badly about you before, You came for me right? 
    That reason alone is more than enough."
    I might get the quote wrong. But I actually cried...
    Best song ever.
    Track 09 : Materia
    Recompose? : No
    Method : Synthesize + Rock
    This song is short for only 53 secs, and nothing except a repetition
    of some background sounds playing behind the scene again and again.
    Hard to describe how the song goes like. But this song is played
    when Kadaj found a whole chunks of Materia taken from the Church,
    and Kadaj inserted the materia into his hand. Nothing too special
    about the song, though
    Track 10 : Black Water
    Recompose? : No
    Method : Electtric Rock + Synthesize
    I somehow dislike this song. Maybe it's really "annoying" to my
    ears, but somehow after a few listenings here and there, I actually
    got to pretty much get used into it, but still, I don't really
    like this song because it doesn't stuck me in. Maybe it's just me...
    This song is pretty much rock to the core. Though for music lovers
    will know what exactly the genre of this song is placed at. The 
    focus for the song is pretty much obvious. This song is played
    when Kadaj is giving his speech (I guess so?) to the children in
    the Forgetten City, "Ajito". Managed to gathered trust from those
    innocent children, Kadaj proceeds to expand his influence by
    polluting the water into black. And spreads the Jenova's
    influence to the children who proceeds to do what Kadaj did, by
    drinking the black water. Fitting too, considered that drinking
    polluted water is quite a disturbing scenary for me...Whichever
    it is, it's quite a fitting song to a potrayed scene.
    This song isn't long, for only 2 minutes plus in length.
    Track 11 : Aerith's Theme (Piano Version)
               エアリスのテーマ (Piano Version) 
    Recompose? : No, Taken straight from FFVII Piano Collections,
                 Track 11.
    Method : Piano
    First, I have always referred to our beloved lady as Aerith, not
    Aeris, and second, Aerith is confirmed, to be the official name 
    by Square-Enix. If you insist of going with Aeris, go ahead. But 
    don't bug me to change it, because I won't.
    I have always wondered why this suits Aerith's dead scene better,
    but not the very original version itself...
    Ever since Aerith's dead, this song particularly stuck into my
    head, and when I listened to it, I always thought of her death.
    So this song means quite a lot for me.
    This song plays out exactly how the orchstra version goes in the
    Reunion Tracks. Same pace, same melody. Except that it's fully in
    piano. But this song plays out even better than what I've expected.
    The melody is beautiful, soft, smooth flowing. The pace is really
    smooth and it can make you spaced out. 
    This song is played during the scene where Cloud is on his way
    to Ajito, Forgotten City. It was a very beautiful night, and Cloud
    got absored into a certain, unknown place with lots of flowers,
    and Aerith stand behind Cloud, asking Cloud the reason he came 
    here. Cloud asked for forgivance, but Aerith teased him back.
    Another scene where this song was played, was during the end after
    Yazoo and Loz both kamikaze'd (which was how I wanted to interpret
    it as) over Cloud's final charge after he got shot. Cloud was 
    supposed to die (or rather, he is falling from top, this scene 
    is familar if you played during the beginning of FFVII, where 
    Cloud falls down from top after fighting Air Buster...), the 
    screen goes white, Aerith touched Cloud's forehead, Cloud calls 
    her mother, but Aerith outright rejected his call, saying that 
    she doesn't need such a big boy as her son. Then Zack tells Cloud 
    that this place is not where he is supposed to be.
    This song plays only quite a while in both scenes, and I called it
    a pity, because I hope this song plays longer in the movie.
    Either way, this song, although old, and many versions of the song
    has been done. It's still a wonderful, emotional song, forever.
    Track 12 : Battle in the Forgetten City
    Recompose? : No
    Method : Synthesized + Violin
    This song plays during the whole Forgotten City battle scene. 
    I personally liked the battle, and this theme goes very well 
    with this. Cloud fights both Yazoo and Loz first, but Cloud doesn't
    handle them too well until he decided to charge over Kadaj
    instead, but due to his sickness, Kadaj actually managed to almost
    got Cloud, but saved by Vincent Valentine at the end of the battle.
    This song has 2 levels. I like how the violins were used for this. 
    And the pace, it's not too fast, and it's rhythmic. And the chorus 
    perfectly brings out the tension of the battle. But sadly, I 
    personally thought that this song will be much more enjoyable in 
    the movie itself. When you listen to it without the sound effects 
    it does give a rather incomplete feeling. Maybe it's because there 
    is quite a lenghty of looping during the beginning of the tune. 
    This song follows the scene as well, the beginning part is used
    for dialogue between Cloud and Kadaj, and the second level is
    played when they start fighting.
    And I actually hope this song is longer, I thought it was a lengthy
    fighting scene, but after the song, I asked myself... "This battle
    only lasted long for 2 minutes plus? WTF?"
    Track 13 : Violator 
    Recompose? : Yes, a remixed, rock version of "Shinra Cooperation", 
                 from Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack, Disc 1 
                 Track 09
    Method : Rock + Synthesize
    The beginning part of this tune is awfully recognizable. Unless you
    don't recognize how Shinra's theme sounds like anymore...
    For a 2 minutes a 35 seconds in length song, I would say it's a
    well done piece as well. This song is supposed to bring out a chaotic
    feel. But like "Battle in the Forgotten City", if you listen it 
    in the soundtrack form, it will lose it's essence. So I rather 
    listen to it when watching the movie, so that it will actually 
    bring out the whole feeling better. That's why I usually skip it
    after 2 - 3 times of listening. 
    This song is played during the whole city, Edge is in chaos. Thanks
    to Yazoo and Loz, they got the brainwashed children surrounding
    the Shinra Memorial Statue, and people were complaining about them.
    Yazoo got annoyed and summon a whole bunch of monsters getting a
    whole people who gathered around panicked. Monsters attacking 
    citizen and the whole people are running away with it. Tifa found
    Denzel standing there, but then Denzel is brainwashed (not to 
    mention his eyes were scary) so Tifa can't really woke him up.
    Reno and Rude's appearance in this scene is what makes this song 
    worth listening, as well. But I personally don't think it is. Ah 
    This song is rock heavy. The bass is particulary heavy, and 
    impactful, and also quite disturbing. So unless your house is a
    secluded area. I suggest not to play this out loud when it's 
    Track 14 : The Great Northen Cave (AC Version) 
               北の大空洞(FFVII AC Version)
    Recompose? : Yes, a remixed version of "The Great Northen Cave"
                 from Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack, Disc 3
                 Track 21
    Method : Synthesized
    This song freaking rocks. You don't need to rewatch the scene to 
    feel it. Too bad, too freaking bad, it's too short. I cry...
    I hope this song is longer, I like the distrubing effects on the
    background, and it comes with a bell like sound during the beginning
    of this theme. This song plays almost like the original theme itself,
    except that it's refined, and sounded kickass than the original, but
    too bad it's only 1 minute and 51 secs. And to add what's so good
    about this, it is actually rhythmic during the second part of this
    song. Loved it very much.
    This song is played when Kadaj is having short, taunting conversation
    with Rufus, about Sephiroth, Jenova, and Lifestream. The beginning of
    this song plays out very well as it starts playing during the infamous 
    Sephiroth walking around the flames that burn down Nibelheim scene.
    Which was awesome, and perfectly fitting. Surprisingly matching as
    well. Since the disturbing effects is strangely erotic, that's for
    me anyway...
    If Nobuo recompose this song and make it the full version for the FFVII 
    remake (which I'm neutral for this idea), I will worship Nobuo even more
    for this.
    ~The staff that puts the effort into this movie~
    ~Question and Answers~
    Temporally this section is supposed to blank since I'll be waiting for 
    questions to come, but let's make it some of the questions answered 
    before the same questions will be asked again.
    Q. What is this FAQ for?
    A. Simple. Original Soundtrack FAQ for Final Fantasy music lovers, as 
    well as for people who have troubles finding a song list for FF players
    who wants the translation for lyrics, song list, yadda. As well as 
    some written thoughts and such. There will be a section where I open
    for some feedbacks for people who wants to put in their thoughts for the
    original soundtrack, but for now, there will be no such plan until people 
    actually takes part in it.
    Q. How can I contact you?
    A. Make an account in the GameFAQs message board, read the rules before
    posting though (The TOS), and then go to this board.
    It's my board (not really), but I'll open for people who have questions
    and doubts about my FAQ and would like to address it to me. Beware, the
    message board have rules, if you don't know what the rules are, here
    is the link for you
    Be sure to read through it before posting. 
    Q. Why not e-mails? Why not IMs?
    A. The reason why no e-mails and IMs are posted in public is because, 
    firstly I don't actively check e-mails, it's hard to reach me because I 
    don't usually go to my mailbox and check mails. Second, thanks to my
    status as a moderator for GameFAQs, I bet those people who hate me will
    surely find a way to harass me, or want me dead (some people are just
    that free). That's why I delinked every single of my contact info, and
    besides, I'll be changing my AIM account soon, might be using a new e-mail
    and of course everything will go private, the only way you can reach me
    now would be posting a topic at that board, since I check there quite
    often, you can easily reach me there. Since there are rules, I don't need
    to be fear of harassments since I can just take action on that anyway.
    What I'm asking of you is, though you don't like my FAQ and feel like 
    voicing it out, be civil, be polite. Address it nicely and I might change
    it, for all for you.
    Q. How can I buy this CD? My CD shop doesn't have this for sale!
    A. Don't buy bootlegs (Support Square-Enix please). But if you can buy 
    online, go www.cdjapan.co.jp. It's currently on sale. Or else, you would
    have to find a way to get to Japan...
    But if you downloaded it? Cool. But it's best to give Nobuo some support,
    now only if my salary comes out today, I would have bought the CD already.
    Damn my boss...
    Q. Cloud x Tifa? or Cloud x Aerith?
    A. Cloud x Tifa and Aerith for the WIN! Get both of them, why choose?
    Q. Who composed the music for this movie?
    A. Nobuo Uematsu, Music & Arrange by : Kenichiro Fukui, Tsuyoshi Seikito
    and Keiji Kawamori
    Q. Who is Nobuo Uematsu?
    A. The composer for the Final Fantasy series, he is popular, I mean, 
    very popular among the Square-Enix fans. If you're reading this not 
    knowing who is the composer for this movie or the composer in general...
    You should be given a slap on the face.
    Q. What is the price for the CD?
    A. 3,000 yen
    Q. When was it released?
    A. One day before my birthday. September 28.
    Q. Who was the one singing "CALLING?"
    A. "Written and performed by Kyosuke Himuro. Calling originally appeared 
    on Himuro's 1989 album Neo Fascio and was chosen by Tetsuya Nomura as the 
    vocal song for the movie as he felt it was fitting with the world view in 
    the film"
    ~ Advent Children.net
    Q. Why do you like to make your FAQ incomplete?
    A. Because I don't want it to end, I want to enjoy the update moments.
    But then, it will be completed anyway.
    Q. What are some returning songs for this movie?
    A. Quite a lot to list on. Some tracks like Sephiroth's theme, One Winged
    Angel, and Jenova are obvious, Battle theme also makes the comeback but
    most of them are being recomposed/rearranged. Making it even unique than
    before, but it's good because I certainly want something new from the 
    movie rather than using the old themes again. I wouldn't mind rearranges
    but some selected songs would be enough.
    Q. There is a limited edition for the OST!?
    A. Yes, but the diffence isn't that big, aside from containing a different 
    cover than the normal version and silver slip case.
    Q. How do I beat this...
    That would be all for now, if anything worth adding it here, I'll do so.
    But make sure all the questions are worth asking.
    ~Who to thank?~
    A lot, without them, this FAQ will not be here today. 
    - Because of writing this FAQ (ahem...)
    - For creating www.gamefaqs.com, this FAQ will not be here without his site
    It's been 10 years already, yet GameFAQs still remain alive and strong.
    Let's give him a salute.
    ~Advent Children.net~
    - For the lyrics "Calling"
    - For the song list in Romanji translations.
    - For Kyosuke Himuro's short explaination. 
    Without those three, this FAQ will be missing a lot of good stuffs. Thanks
    to them.
    ~Nobuo Uematsu, Shirou Hamaguchi, Kenichiro Fukui, Tsuyoshi Sekito, and
    Keiji Kawamori~
    For composing such wonderful songs for Advent Children and it makes AC a 
    wonderful movie! Without them, I don't know how the movie would turn out
    ~Tetsuya Nomura~
    For making Advent Children, you must be sleepless for the whole damn 3 
    years now.
    I wouldn't mind you delaying Kingdom Hearts II again, you need a lot of 
    rest really...
    ~ghoulhunter, NuntiusLuminis~
    NuntiusLuminis for providing a better translation for Advent : One Winged 
    Angel, and ghoulhunter for notifying me.
    Okay, he is actually kind enough to post me the lyrics for The Promised Land,
    Wonderful! Thanks to him
    For notifying me some mistakes that I left out. It's checked and fixed now 
    ~And the rest of the Square-Enix crew who are involved in Advent Children
    ~and you~
    X. THE END
    Here it ends for this FAQ, I would like to thank all of you again who read 
    this FAQ, If you feel like making this a complete FAQ, it's more than welcome.
    Contributing is fun.
    I hope you enjoyed this FAQ, and I'm sure it helps you a lot in something...  
    Until then, bye.
    Date completed : 10/11/2005

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