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    Translation Guide (JP) by corbie33

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          / /    / /   | |   / __ \   | | | |    ____| |_   / /   | |   / /
         | |    / /   / /   / /  \ \  / / | |   |  __   _| | |    | |  / /
         | |___/ /   / /   / /    \ \/ /  | |   | |__| |    \ \___| | / /
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                             HOT SHOTS GOLF: OPEN TEE PSP
                               Faq by: Corbie Dillard 
    (((Version 1.2))) Added more menu translations as well as the Quit/Save option.
    (((Version 1.3))) Added instructions to unlock characters and new golf courses.
    (((Version 2.0))) Added hole-by-hole strategy for the first course South Alps.
                                  MENU TRANSLATIONS:
       |            MAIN MENU             |
       |   Blue   |  Single Player Golf   |                 
       |   Red    |  Multi-Player Golf    |
       |  Yellow  |  Golf Shop            |
       |   Green  |  Game Data            |
       |   Pink   |  Game Options         |
       |  Purple  |  Save/Load            |
       |     SINGLE PLAYER GOLF MENU      |
       |   Blue   |  Stroke Play          |
       |  Orange  |  Golf Challenges      |
       |   Green  |  Training             |
       |  Yellow  |  Putt Golf            |
       |         GAME DATA MENU           |
       |  Purple  |  Status               |
       |  Orange  |  History              |
       |   Blue   |  VTR                  |
    Once you have selected a challenge or golf course to play you will be taken to
    one last menu before beginning the game you've chosen. There are basically four
    menu options listed below.
    |                              OPTIONS MENU                                   |
    | Orange | Allows you to change the character you are playing with.           |
    |  Green | Allows you to change voice commentators that speak during play.    |
    |  Blue  | Allows you to change to the "Everybody's Golf Club" for beginners. |
    | Yellow | Starts the chosen game or challenge.                               |
    *The "Everybody's Golf Club" allows you to select the distance and location
    you wish to hit the ball to, and then allow the computer to make the sweet spot
    hit. You basically move the pointer to the place on the golf course you want
    to hit the ball to, then press the "O" button to start the bar on the hit meter
    moving. Then when it reaches the desired hitting strength you press the "O"
    button again to set the hit strength and then let the computer do the rest for
    you. This club is good for beginners, but more advanced players will want to
    do the sweet spot hit themselves. 
    **The rest of the menus, including the Golf Shop Menu, are very easy to
    navigate because they have pictures in them. You can choose your character's
    clothing and golfing accessories in the shop.
    ***While you are in the character selection menu you can press the "square"
    button to make the selected golfer left-handed.
    ****If you want to quit and save the current game or challenge you are playing
    you can press the "START" button while in the scoring screen between holes.
    You can then select to either SAVE & QUIT or QUIT WITHOUT SAVING.
    Blue - Stoke Play - Allows you to play any open Golf Course (there are 6
    unlockable golf courses in the game) and keeps track of all of your records
    for each golf course. It's also a good way to practice up on a particular
    course before playing the challenges.
    Orange - Golf Challenges - Allows you to take on unique golfing challenges
    that open up new golfing items and hidden characters. You start by playing
    for a golf star. When you have enough gold stars you will be able to move
    up a level that opens up new challenges for you to compete in. Once you've
    acquired the star for a challenge you can go back and play it again for new
    items. You will see a percentage in the top right corner of the screen that
    shows you what percentage of that particular challenge level you have reached.
    The goal is to get 100% at which time the percentage will turn into a gold
    bar. The higher the level of the challenge (ranging 1-10) the more difficult
    the greens in the courses as well as the challengers you will play.
    Green - Training - Here you can go to get training. You can practice your
    different shots, as well as practice putting (which you will want to do if
    you expect any type of success on the later level challenges.) Here you can
    try the same shots over and over again until you get the feel for how the game
    plays and how the physics of this game (which are really very accurate) effect
    your ball.
    Yellow - Putt Golf - Allows you to play the putting for points challenge. In
    this game you are given 3 putts of varying length per hole. You recieve
    different amounts of points depending on which putt you choose and whether or
    not you make the putt. The yellow putt is the shortest and if made will net you
    10 points. The red putt is a little longer and will net you 20 points if you
    make it. Finally you have the blue putt which is the longest putt, but the
    game rewards you with 30 points if you can make this one. You can score up to
    270 points with the 9 putts and the more points you score the better the items
    you can win.
    Golf Challenges is where you will unlock new golfing items, new characters, and
    new golf courses. As you play a particular challenge level you will notice that
    your "STAR BAR" will begin to fill up with stars you earn by winning the golf
    challenges. As you fill your star bar up, you will be allowed to move up to
    the next challenge level. There are 10 challenge levels in the game. Remember
    that just because you've filled your star bar on a certain challenge level
    doesn't mean you've completed it. You will see a "percentage" in the top right
    corner on the challenge selection screen that tells you what percentage of that
    challenge level you have completed. Your goal is to complete it 100%. When you
    do this you will see the percentage change into a gold box, signifying that
    you have essentially "perfected" this challenge level. 
    As you play against a single opponent in some challenges you will have the
    opportunity to unlock that character on the character selection menu if you
    can defeat them in that particular challenge. This is how you can unlock all
    of the hidden characters in the game.
    As with the characters, you can also earn new golf courses. You begin the game
    with the first golf course, South Alps. As you fill up star bars and advance
    up the challenge levels you will unlock new golf courses. You won't necessarily
    get a new course with each new challenge level as there are only 6 courses and
    10 challenge levels. Sometimes you must advance two challenge levels before a
    new golf course will open. 
                            HOT SHOTS GOLF (GOLF COURSES)
    1. SOUTH ALPS C.C.
    The South Alps Country Club is a pretty straight-forward golf course. It's the
    easiest course of the six and has wide fairways and fairly flat putting greens.
    This beautiful golf course lies beneath huge snow-capped mountains with pine
    trees throughout. There are sand traps and water hazards but they are not
    nearly as prevelant as they become in later golf courses. This is the perfect
    course for you to get a feel for how the game plays.
    HOLE 1: (Par 4 - 366yds) - At about 220 yds this hole doglegs back to the left
    pretty sharply which means you need to get a good drive off the tee if you want
    a clear shot at the flagstick on your second shot. There are two sand bunkers
    you'll have to navigate but it's best to just aim your drive over to the right
    of the two bunkers. You'll find that the natural slope of the fairway will
    automatically bring your ball back to the left where you'll need to be to take
    aim at the flagstick. The green has a slight slope from left to right so be
    sure you aim a little to the left of the flagstick on your approach shot. Sand
    bunkers on both sides need to be taken into account but even if you land in
    them it's a short pitch onto the green.
    HOLE 2: (Par 3 - 148 yds) - The only problem you'll find here is the water
    hazard you have to drive over to get to the putting green. Don't worry about
    the sand bunkers, pay more attention to getting over the water...better long
    than coming up short. The green slightly slopes from left to right so you
    should aim just a tad left of the stick and you'll be close. As with hole #1
    if you should find yourself in the bunkers, don't worry it's a short pitch
    onto the putting green.
    HOLE 3: (Par 4 - 380 yds) - Here's where it starts to get a little tricky. Not
    only do you have to deal with sand and water hazards, but you'll be dealing
    with them in the same hole on this one. The hole doglegs back to the right at
    about 240 yds and you have water on the left, and sand on the right to deal
    with on your first shot. Best to aim right between the two and maybe take a
    little off your drive to take the water out of the picture. Unless you just hit
    a perfect drive you're gonna have to approach over a peice of the mountain but
    this won't be a problem if you're careful. If you end up too far left on your
    first shot and have to go directly over the mountain, it's best to lay up
    a little further down the fairway to have a better shot at the green. The green
    slopes slightly from left to right but the flagstick is located near the back
    of the green along with two menacing sand bunkers. Better to be a little short
    than long here.
    HOLE 4: (Par 4 - 362 yds) - You'll find on this hole that there is a rather
    large mountain right smack in the middle of this hole. You're best bet here is
    to try to drive past the first sand bunker and let your ball carry as far as it
    will in order to get a shot over the lower portion of the mountain. If you're
    not able to drive far enough you're gonna have to lay up either to the right
    or left fairway. Either side will work. Assuming you're drive carried past
    the first sand bunker you can aim for the flagstick as you'll have enough
    loft on your ball to clear the mountain and land on the putting green. The
    green slopes from right to left at a little more angle than you've seen up
    until now so be sure to aim to the right of the flag. Since this is a large
    green, putting here shouldn't be much of a problem if you can get reasonably
    close on your approach.
    HOLE 5: (Par 5 - 559 yds) - Yet another dogleg left, this will be your first
    distance test. Unless you've advanced your character's levels way up, you're
    gonna need three shots to get on the green with this hole. Not much to worry
    about with your first shot. You may want to use some backspin in order to keep
    the slope of the fairway from carrying your ball either into the rough or into
    the sand bunker. It's gonna take you three shots anyway so you might as well be
    careful. For your second shot, the only problem you'll have to deal with is the
    narrowing fairway. Try to get at least remotely close to the end of the fairway
    so you'll have a clear shot at the green. On your approach shot you really need
    to try to hit at or slightly beyond the flagstick as if you come up short
    you're going to have to putt downhill and this won't be pretty. There is a
    slight left to right slope but if you get to the flag or beyond it shouldn't be
    much of a problem.
    HOLE 6: (Par 4 - 352 yds) - The fairways begin to get a bit more slopy on this
    hole so be careful. You'll notice two sand bunkers on the left of the fairway
    on your first shot but you should be able to carry these, even on your early
    levels. Aim for the middle of the fairway and fire away. For your second shot
    you will have to deal with a large water hazard on the left of the green. If
    you were able to hit a decent drive this shouldn't be much of a problem unless
    there's a lot of wind. If you don't feel like being aggressive and going for
    flagstick you can always play it safe and aim more to the right to take the
    water out of the picture. Since the green slopes from right to left, going a
    little right won't make too much difference as your ball will break to the
    left anyway. Not too much of a slope so putting isn't much of a problem.
    HOLE 7: (Par 4 - 333 yds) - Once again there is a sand bunker smack in the
    middle of the fairway but you can carry it with ease. Just aim towards the
    middle of the fairway and rip it. You're ball should carry downhill a bit
    which will help shorten the approach shot. The green slopes from left to right
    and there are sand bunkers at the back and right of the putting surface to deal
    with. Best to come up short and putt towards the back of the green than try
    to get creative and go long into the sand, especially since the green slopes
    towards the back and a long shot will easily carry your ball off the green.
    HOLE 8: (Par 3 - 146 yds) - A fairly simple par 3, your only problems lie in
    the pine trees right in the middle of the fairway and the sand bunker just to
    the right of them. Most of the putting green slopes from left to right so the
    trees and sand shouldn't even be a factor in your shot unless there is just a
    tremendous amount of wind. Aim a little left of the flagstick and swing away.
    The green does slope from front to back so better to come up a little long
    than short. Plus this is a fairly large green so not much worry of your ball
    going off the back of the green.
    HOLE 9: (Par 5 - 492 yds) - This is where the course gets tricky. On this hole
    you have the choice of driving straight down the fairway, or off to the island
    on the left. By going to the left you have a better shot of hitting over the
    mountains and getting on the green in two shots, but you'll have to deal with
    four sand bunkers and a pine tree. Truth be told, it's not much better straight
    down the fairway as there are sand bunkers there, but you should be able to
    take a little off the drive and not reach them. If you somehow land your drive
    on the left island, then your approach shot should be just over the mountains.
    If you chickened out and drove on the fairway, then you have a lay up coming.
    Just get some distance on your shot and you should have a short third shot
    to get on the putting surface. There is a fairly sharp slope on the front
    portion of the green so try to at least land your approach shot beyond it.
    After that putting is pretty easy as the green doesn't have much slope to it.
    HOLE 10: (Par 4 - 369 yds) - This one's a fairly short par 4, but you have
    to start off by driving over a mountain. You're main concern should be the
    sand bunkers on the other side of the mountain. Just aim right between the
    two bunkers and let it fly. Depending on where you land your drive, you now
    have three things to deal with. A small sand bunker on the left, a pine tree
    right in the middle, and a huge sand bunker on the right. Since the green
    doesn't slope much it's really best to aim for the flagstick. Even if you
    come up short and land in the sand bunker, it's stil a very short pitch onto
    the green. Just stay away from the tree. If you get behind it you're in trouble.
    HOLE 11: (Par 4 - 360 yds) - Another short Par 4 that will throw quite a few
    hazards your way. When you hit your drive you need to take the three sand
    bunkers into account. The fairways begin to get a little narrower here, just
    don't drive so far that you go in the sand bunker in the middle of the fairway.
    You'll notice that the fairway near the left sand bunker is very slopy and
    it's really easy for your drive to trickle into this bunker if you don't land
    the drive right on top of this slope. If you don't get your drive far anough
    down the fairway you're gonna have to drive over the pine trees. If you can get
    a clear shot of the putting green it's really best to lay up near the end of
    the fairway rather than risk getting stuck in the trees or even worse, behind
    the mountain. The green has a slight right to left slope but it's pretty
    consistent throughout the green so you should be able to land your approach
    just about anywhere on this green, but keep in mind the green slopes from back
    to front so best to land the approach in front of the flagstick.
    HOLE 12: (Par 3 - 101 yds) - A simple par 3 with sand bunkers on both the right
    and the left of the putting green. The green slopes from right to left on the
    front part of the green and then toward the back of the green begins to slope
    from left to right. Try to land your approach shot at the pin or just beyond
    it. The putting surface is a lot more level near the pin. If you manage to
    find yourself in the sand bunkers, be prepared. These bunkers are the deepest
    bunkers so far and it's very easy to catch the lip of the bunker and have
    your ball trickle right back down in the sand after your shot. Put a little
    more power on shots out of these bunkers.
    HOLE 13: (Par 5 - 529 yds) - A short par 5. Your first shot is going to be a 
    little challenging. Not only do you have three small sand bunkers to deal with,
    but you also have the fairway cutting back sharply to the left leaving you
    a nice patch of rough if you try to drive over the sand bunkers. If you
    can't drive over the bunkers completely, then it's best to aim just above the
    middle sand bunker and let your ball carry to the left with the slope of the
    fairway. The further to the left you can get off the drive the better as your
    second shot is gonna be over the lower portion of a mountain. Although there
    are two sand bunkers near the putting green, your main concern should be the
    rather large water hazard on the left side of the green. Hitting for the
    flagstick here is not advised, as it's really better to hit over to the right
    of the stick in order to give yourself at least a little room for error. This
    is also a very tricky green that slopes from back to front and also a bit
    from left to right so once your on the green, be VERY careful with your putts.
    HOLE 14: (Par 4 - 390 yds) - This par 4 not only cuts back to the right near
    the center of the fairway, but also spirals at the end. Your best bet for your
    first shot is to split the two sand bunkers on the second patch of fairway.
    Only problem is that you have two pine trees right smack in the middle of these
    two bunkers. Your best bet is to aim just between these trees and the right
    sand bunker and try to squeeze it in between them. For your second shot you're
    gonna have to hit upward as the putting green is elevated above the fairway
    making it a bit harder to get onto. Always add a little power to your shot to
    make up for the difference in elevation. The slope of the green is from left
    to right but it's not a sharp slope and shouldn't be a problem putting on no
    matter where you land your approach shot.
    HOLE 15: (Par 4 - 378 yds) - Here is where you need to be very careful. Anytime
    you're having to drive over this large a water hazard you have to be sure you
    put enough on the drive to clear it. Better long and in the rough than short
    and in the water, which will cost you a one stroke penalty. Try to aim between
    the first sand bunker and the first set of pine trees. This should give you
    a long enough drive to easily get on the green in two, but also leave you
    enough room for error as to take the water out of the equation. Just make sure
    you don't get stuck behind the trees or you're gonna have to lay up. The green
    slope is from right to left but once again, not a high degree of slope so
    putting isn't going to be much of a problem.
    HOLE 16: (Par 3 - 145 yds) - You get to start by driving over a huge valley
    that if you land in, you'll be out of bounds and lose a stroke. This shouldn't
    be much of a problem. There is also a patch of rock just short of the green
    that might come into play if you come up short on your drive. The putting green
    is fairly flat with very little slope, so you can pretty much land your shot
    anywhere on the green and be in pretty good shape. This is one of the easiest
    holes on the course so it's a good place to pick up an easy birdie.
    HOLE 17: (Par 4 - 411 yds) - Here you have a choice. Drive to the right side
    of the fairway, or the left. The left side has a penninsula of fairway you
    can land on but you run the risk of running too far and going into the water.
    If you go to the right you have pine trees to deal with as well as sand and
    the ever-present water hazard. I personally recommend going for the penninsula
    and making sure you put some backspin on the ball in order to keep it from
    rolling off into the water. This area will give you the best chance at a good
    approach. On your approach shot you have sand on the right and at the back of
    the green. You also have a pine tree that will be right in the path of your
    approach to the pin. Best to aim to the left and let the ball carry a little
    toward the pin. With the left to right slope, it makes getting close to the pin
    a lot easier with the tree in the way.
    HOLE 18: (Par 5 - 478 yds) - Once again the fairway is split right in the
    middle by a large mountain. If you go to the right side, you'll have a slightly
    easier approach shot but you'll also have to deal with several tricky sand
    bunkers. I recommend going to the right side because although the fairway is
    a bit narrower, there is really only one bunker to contend with and it's easy
    to stop your ball short of it and still have a good look at the pin. BE VERY
    CAREFUL HERE: Although the green is fairly flat, the fairway leading up to it
    has a definitive downward slope and if you land short of the green on this
    downslope, you can bet your ball is gonna pick up speed and roll right off the
    back of the green into the water. It's almost guarunteed. Unless you're feeling
    a little adventerous, my advice is to try to land your ball just SHORT of this
    downslope and let it trickle down the slope rather than fly down it. This will
    at least leave you near the middle of the green and a decent attempt at an
    eagle putt. The green has a slight slope from left to right so be careful
    when putting with the slope...remember, there's a lot of water around.
    2. Momijizaka G.C.
    This beautiful Japanese-themed golf course is littered with colorful red and
    yellow-leaved trees along with some Japanese architecture throughout the golf
    course. Momijizaka is where the fairways and greens begin to slope a little.
    You'll also notice a nice little stream that runs throughout most of the golf
    course, and it can cause a lot of grief if you get too aggressive with this
    course. Trees also begin to make appearances on the fairways, although not
    in nearly the huge numbers they do in later courses. The hazards in this
    course shouldn't be too much of a problem as the fairways are still pretty
    wide and wasy to navigate.
    3. Olive Coast C.C.
    Located directly on the coast of Holland, this course will begin to test
    your driving accuracy and approach shots as you will run the risk of losing
    many a ball into the ocean if you're not careful. You'll see windmills and
    beautiful white buildings at various points around this course, although most
    are not directly in the field of play unless you put yourself in a bad place
    off in the rough and have to hit over or around them. The ocean is your main
    enemy in this course and really makes getting on a couple of the putting
    greens a challenge. Sand traps also become very prevalent around the course
    making this a difficult course to be aggressive on. Does have some fairly
    short par 4 holes, but most are out of reach until you level your character's
    hitting power up quite a bit.
    4. Golden Desert G.C.
    Here you have the token "desert" themed golf course complete with some nice
    pyramids and pillars thrown around the course to cause you problems. And
    believe me they WILL cause you some problems. You'll also have to deal with a
    lot of plam trees and sand bunkers. They're everywhere! Oddly enough, even
    though this is a desert course, you will also run into the occasional water
    hazard, although not nearly as much as in Olive Coast...thankfully. Once again
    the greens get more and more sloped making approach shots and putting a
    challenge to say the least. You will also run into more "Out of Bounds" shots
    in this area as there are some deep chasms strown around...as if it wasn't
    getting difficult enough already. Your best bet is to make good use of the
    backspin in order to keep your ball in play on the fairway.
    5. Royal Links C.C.
    This course is also nestled next to the ocean and leaves VERY little room
    for error. It also introduces you to the sand pit. Not only do you have to
    deal with the sand, you will also find yourself in a hole in which you must
    turn sideways to hit out of. You want to avoid these at all costs, even if it
    means losing some distance on your shots. Many approach shots to the greens
    require you to use some serious backspin or play it safe and come up short.
    Better to be short than go off the back of some of these putting greens or
    into the ocean. Water is everywhere, and is even more of an obstacle than it
    was in Olive Coast. The key to playing this course is the old "less is more"
    approach. If you get aggressive with this course you will quickly find yourself
    on the plus side of the stroke count.
    6. Dyna Park G.C.
    You'd think that a course that has huge statues of dinosaurs all over it would
    be a lot of fun. Well this course will give you all you can handle. It has
    very small patches of fairway, lots of rough, lots of trees to get in your way,
    hazards all over the place, giant chasms for your ball to hopelessly fall
    into, very sloping greens, and some hurricane force winds for good measure.
    Okay maybe I'm exagerating a bit, but this is one tough golf course. There's
    not really an easy hole on this entire course, so making birdies is gonna be
    tough. Try to use your driver that allows you the most control and the largest
    sweet spot. Distance isn't what gets it done on this course, it's the placement
    of your shots that counts. Driving off the tee seems to be the toughest part
    of this course as approaching the greens isn't nearly as difficult as in the
    Royal Links Course. Be aggressive when you have clear fairway to play with,
    otherwise play it safe and lay up if necessary. Par can win this course so
    don't be overly aggressive and you won't make silly mistakes. If you fall
    behind on this golf course, you will not have much chance of making it up.
    Special thanks to "JustChillin" for all the help in translating the menus in
    the game. I know you're eyesight may never be the same but your help was
    much appreciated. Also thanks to all the great people on the Gamefaqs boards,
    you know who you are. This faq isn't much but hopefully it will help those with
    the game until I can finish up the hole-by-hole strategies.....
    This FAQ is copyrighted (C) 2005 Corbie33. You may use this faq any way you
    wish, I only ask that you not change it in any way. You may place links to this
    faq and even download it and use it for your personal use or on your web site.
    **HOT SHOTS GOLF and all mentions of it in this faq are registered trademarks
    of Clap Hanz and Sony SCEI.

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