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"Originality at it's finest...Not"

Man this series of games are just BAD aren't they? I mean, you'd think that Namco would get it right eventually but nope. They just seem to make prettier graphics each time. Apparently they think that the same formula for each game will be sufficient to keep gamers interested. Why can't developers come up with any original ideas these days? Harvest Moon, THAT was an original game, and it was successful because of it. But this...Well, I'll get to the story in a minute.

Graphics - 10/10

No complaints here. Very pretty graphics that do a very good job. Battles are very pretty as are dungeons and forests. I like waterfall effects, very nice indeed.

Sound and Music - 7/10

The music is nice and so is the voice acting. Very good indeed. The only thing that lets this part down is that in battles the main characters always make a noise when attacking that makes him sound like a tennis player. TO! TO! This noise gets very annoying. Fortunately you can turn battle voices off.

Story - 5/10

The story actually reminded me of Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. But instead of a moon crashing and destroying the world it's something else. Anyway, as I was saying above there seems to be little originality in this game. But I won't hold that against it. Very few games lately have originality in them. The story is really only here as a background thing and the only reason you go on with the story is so you can see more pretty graphics. Oh, and to find out who the mysterious girl is. There's also some subtle humour thrown in which is a nice touch.

Game-play - 6/10

It might have been just me but I could never get used to the battle system. It just seemed awkward. What I found was that if I put the battle system on semi-auto mode then my character attacked and then ran away before I could utilise a combo system going. On Auto he got repeatedly hit and made stupid mistakes making this mode the worst one to choose and on Manual it was too hard to reach the enemy to make a proper attack.

Also some of the maps were a bit awkward to navigate around but overall it's alright. The maps and dungeons are long without going overboard which was a VERY nice thing. Also you can 'Camp' for complete refill of health which is...well...stupid. I don't see the point of it. It makes the game incredibly easy if you can stay outside on a world map and train for hours at a time while in no danger of ever dying. Very silly indeed. Not once in this game was I EVER in danger of pushing up daises. Extremely easy indeed. Except the mini-games. The mini-games are impossible. Well...not impossible but really hard.

Play Time - 7/10

Meh. It takes a fair amount of time to completely finish this game. So this is okay I suppose.

Re-playability - 4/10

Unless you want to go through an extra dungeon there's really no point in playing this game again. You might come back to it after a long time though just for the sake of memories.

Buy or Rent: Buy

I know I laid a bit into this game but overall it's a pretty good RPG. I just wish that developers could come up with something original for a change. Oh well.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/10/06

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