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"A good port for a good game."

One of the more original games out there, Tales of Eternia serves as one of the better ports out there.

This game originally came out on the PSX, and it was a great game to play as it was a break from those usual RPGs in story and gameplay. Overall, it served as a new adventure for hardcore RPG players to endure. As soon as I heard that this wasn't coming to the states sooner than I thought, I became sullen. But I saw an import at my local game store, bought it, and played one of the best games on PSP now.

Graphics: 8

I can't really say that a hand-drawn game looks bad without insulting the artist, not to say that they are bad. the characters in this game are drawn, as are the backgrounds, a few effects here and there, the baddies, and a few cutscenes with the characters. The reason this game gets an eight is because the world map is clear and easy to load, although it is virtually huge. It's all 3-D (except for characters of course) and it renders perfectly. Rivers run though the valleys like water, not drawn shades of waves; the camera swings around without lagging; and did I mention that it doesn't take too long to load up?

Music: 9

The music of this game really sets the mood for the cutscene your watching or the battle being fought, or even the town your in. HOWEVER, the music will get repetitive, since there is only about two tracks for scenes dealing with tension. Really doesn't matter though, as the music isn't the biggest part of the game. It's the...

Gameplay: 10

There are so many things to do in this game that it will take you at least an extra 20-30 hours to fully complete side-quests. They range from running from big balls (get those thoughts out your head!!!) to dancing in the spotlight. And that is just the mini-games. I didn't speak about the actual gameplay yet.

Battling is very different if you haven't already played Tales' games. You can use the up and down buttons to direct your attacks in those directions. You can also combine them to make useful combos for maybe getting an annoying bird down to your level. Also, if you want to be a spellcaster, you have to enter in a combination of buttons on the D-pad to make your attack stronger. Not to mention that weapons also take their toll in battles. Spears and such give your character a boost in the thrust department, swords give boost in both the thrust and slash departments, and the axes give boosts in only slash. You can even switch weapons during battles. The gameplay is definitely the strongest point going for this game.

Voice acting: 7

I really had no feelings on the voice acting, but I really thought that a certain person's voice was so annoying after a while. You may not get the same feeling,l but whatever. The voice acting of the game sounded as if you were being read a story or something...

Replayability: 9

When you beat the game, you get to play a New Game+, which allows you to access new stuff that you couldn't when you play the first time, including a new dungeon.

If you really liked the PSX game, I guess you should get this if you got rid of your old game. If you still have it, keep it. The only difference I saw was a little message put in the PSP game that tells you the title of the game, as if you needed to know. If you want to try out this game, rent before you buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/13/06

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