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"Not a fan of the series but enjoyed the tale..."

Tales of Eternia is part of a Namco's well known RPG series known as the "Tales" games which is finally released for the PSP. Tales of Eternia was also a port of the American released known as Tales of Destiny II. Despite the released, the game was only released in Japan and Europe. But fear not, the PSP is region free so why not spend a few more dollars to import the European version since it is in English.

The story takes place in Eternia, where two worlds coexist with one another, Inferia and Celestia. Now, the world is facing great danger and it is up to Reid and his friends to save the two worlds. Who is this girl and what is happening to their world?The plot of the story is your basic theme of "hero must save the world". While there is nothing original about the story, it is not badly presented in the game. The characters are very generic at times even to a point where they are considered to be cliche. The pacing of the story drags on but the way the game is lay out, there isn't much you can do about it. However, there are moments in the stories where it felt like it was worth it.

Looking from a technical standpoint, this is probably one of the best PSP PRG that has been released. The graphics are fantastic and detail. The worlds and the towns are massive with lots of areas to explore. The battles itself are very fast paced and very fluid. The best part about this game was the fact that there were no loading times in this game. There is voice acting in this game but it is something that is not worth praising. The music is wonderfully done but however it's not something you would considered as being memorable.

The character designs itself is rather generic and bland. If you're familiar with Japanese style of drawing, it's something that you shouldn't be too surprised about. Despite the fact that the designs are bland, it is not badly done especially the emotions on the characters face. However, this cliche style does work with the mood of the story.

The Tales series is known for it's 2D side scrolling action gameplay. While controlling the main character, you must provide specific commands to your other three characters in order to help you in battle. You are able to defend, attack, or perform special skills. Each characters is able to equip different weapons and equipment and while you are leveling up, you are able to learn different skills. Because the way the controls are set up, you are able to combine different skills and attacks in order to create combos when fighting your characters. Also, you are able to place your characters in certain positions depending on your situation.

Magic is introduce through a Craymel Artes system. You are able to capture these creatures known as "Craymels" in order to perform magic. The Craymels themselves are able to earn experience points and gain levels. You also able to give to items in order to help them. There is a command within the Craymel Artes known as "Fringe". When there are two different Craymel in two separate Craymel Cage, you can fringe the two cages and create more and different skills. Depending the type of Craymel, the levels, and the reaction, it determines what kinds of skills are create.

The game is finally given a second chance on the PSP so it can't hurt but to play the game especially for people who missed it on the first time. It might not be ground breaking but it does provides a solid gameplay. Importing the game might be expensive but it is something you won't regret.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/08/06

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