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"Tales on the go is where its at..."

When you look at the Tales franchise its easy to get confused. Tales of Eternia was released for the Playstation as "Tales of Destiny 2". The problem is there is that Tales of Eternia is not the sequel to Tales of Destiny and there is a sequel aptly named Tales of Destiny 2 out in Japan. Yeah, it's almost as bad as Final Fantasy.

Gameplay: 22/25

The Tales franchise is known for fast paced real time battles and Tales of Eternia follows suit perfectly. You fight battles like a fighting game where you start on the left and the baddies start on the right and you duke it out.

You play as Reid Hershel, the typical swordsman/"I'm gonna save the world!" type etc. etc. You other party members are Farah, a martial arts chick with a spunky attitude, and Meredy the resident alien of the crew who speaks in weird tongues and ultimately brings disaster to Reid and Farah. You know where the story goes from here.

Graphics: 8/10

Although the game is in 2D it is done very well and doesn't hurt the game at all. The fun is in the gameplay and 2D fighting won't bring you down.

Sound: 10/10

The voice acting in this game is VERY well done. You actually feel the emotion in the words they are saying. The battle music is done very well and the in game battle cries are done well.

Replay: 5/5

There are a tons of extras in this game that will keep you coming back for a long time, just like any Tales game.


Gameplay: 22/25
- Fun, fast pace battles like all Tales games.
Graphics: 8/10 - 2D but great none-the-less.
Sound: 10/10 - Great voice acting and good music.
Replay: 5/5 - Like all Tales games, you'll be here a while.

Overall: 45/50 = 90% = A

Bottom Line:
Personally, it's the only game I own for PSP and it is a great choice for any RPG fans. You're going to have to buy it from the internet though, this is not sold in normal stores.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/16/06

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