Review by kevdude16

Reviewed: 02/21/06

After years of no recognition for the PSX...the PSP might just do it.

This game may as well be one the the greatest games ever made. It has all the makes of a rpg game that puts you in total control in terms of fighting. Tons of side quests, many laughs, and an unforgettable story that gives you goosebumps. Prepare yourself, for one of the greatest stories out there.

Graphics: 9
Now this may be the one weak spot of the game. Though it is not bad, the time when your on the world map, the entire landscape just looks dull and dark. But within cities, towns, and dungeons, it is simply a masterpiece. Filed with life and color and all the works of a beautiful scenery. 2D within towns and dungeons. 3D when on world map.

Story: 10
WOW. Simply put it is awesome and thats an understatement. Yes it is about saving the world and it has been done (many times) but the side stories and the main plots set this game apart. Reid, Farah are average people living in a quiet far away town called Rasheans. Nothing exciting ever happens in this town. Until one day, a space pod lands in their town. the meet a person named Meredy who speaks a different language. They set out on a journey to see what where she is from and why she is here. Thats when the real story starts to unfold. The story keeps you on the edge of your seat, trying to solve the twists that pop up in the duration of the game. To add to this great story, there a voice scenes, where you hear parts of the story from your characters mouth. This helps the character building greatly. It gives you a sense what each character is like.

Sound: 10
Brilliant. The sound adds to the story immensely. The music fits perfectly with every town and every scene. Intense and slow music for sad or devastating scenes. Happy and joyful music when in towns. The music helps this game be what it is. It captures you and has you humming the tunes all day. Some scenes have their own special music which gives you a sense what the city/town/dungeon is going to be like.

Characters: 10
There are several characters in this game each that is playable. (One that leaves your team after a while). Each character has their own skill set and weapons. the voice acting further develops the characters personalities so you can know what each character is like. Personally after playing Tales of Destiny, I was hooked on those characters. I was disappointed that they were not the main characters is this game but boy did they leave my head soon. The characters in this game a far more interesting and fun to play with. (I still question their clothing :D)

Battle: 10
Probably the greatest battle system for an RPG. This 'linear battle system' isn't turn based. It is live action, where you can control your own and some of your party members. You must pull off combos, and special skills. As you use each skill, you gain experience and learn more quicker and powerful skills. Unlike turn based games, where you receive damage if you cant win within 1 round, you control your character so you don't have to get hit in several battles, if you are good. There are several characters each with their own skills and weapons. Wield swords, axes, spears, maces, rods, staff, guns, and much more.
Use your physical sword strength, magic from your spell casters, or blow your enemy away with the powerful guns available to a certain character. Also, you have the opportunity to switch and select which character you want to be further extending the fun. Excellent.

Replay: 9
I am on my 5th run on this game playing it well over 50 hours each time. And thats without doing every side quest. This game gives you tons of side quests, tons of choice between weapons. Many skills and spells you teach your characters. And the chance you be different characters and play with their skill set and trying to achieve each characters 'Sacred Skills'.

Overall: 10
Great game. Worth buying. Bad thing is, it is very rare and expensive now-a-days so good luck finding it under $50.00 even if it is USED. Hours of fun guaranteed.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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