Review by blueninja4444

Reviewed: 04/30/06

Sell This Game Before It Infects You With It's Terrible Quality!

So Infected was the game with all the hype? But what is it? It’s a game where you go around killing lots of zombies and at the same time you must stop a deadly infection from spreading further than it already has. So basically this PSP newbie attempts to cross the lines that only games like Resident Evil and Half-Life have successfully managed to cross. That’s quite a combo this game has to live up to, but does it? Well.......

Graphics: 5/10
The graphics in this game don’t compare to any Resident Evil or any game like that. In fact, it seems less like a Playstation 1 or PS2 game, and more like a really advanced Sega Genesis game. The first thing you notice when you play this game is that your character runs around with both arms stuck out pointing his gun(s) forward at all time. That alone is very annoying, and could’ve been fixed. Other than that, some bad camera angles plague the game and slow you down in your attempt to escape enemy fire. The side-stepping mode tends to worsen the camera angle, making you wish you ran in a complete circle to shoot the enemy instead of sidestepping to begin with. On the bright side the environments look okay, and there’s a lot of variety for creating your own custom officer Stevens.

Sound: 8/10
Well the sound is probably the strong point of this game. The soundtrack has real artists singing real songs (Slipknot to name one artist). The voice acting is also good, and the sound effects are flawless and on cue. The chainsaw sounds realistic, as does the pointless vomit attacks of the enemy. This deserves a good score, but a lack of variety and voices stop it from being perfected.

Controls: 6/10
Controls? The controls in this game are X, X,X, X, Square. Remember that pattern and you’re a pro at this game. Ok seriously, you can’t be too hard on this game’s controls... It’s one of the only PSP games that doesn’t use the L button as a shift. Kudos to Infected for that.

Story: 5/10
Well, it’s not quite Resident Evil and it’s not quite Half Life. It’s a nice warm story about how Christmas gets ruined because people turn into zombies and kill people. You are recruited to take out these zombies apparently because you’re the only guy capable of running around with both of your arms straight out because you have to use 2 guns at any given time. Alright no kidding: This story is boring. The trust is you were recruited because you can’t be infected with the zombie virus, but you’ll most likely skip this story anyway. Maybe this story is attempting to be humorous with it’s silly zombie-Santa antics but it just fails to entertain. Are you going to care why your Officer Stevens isn’t effected by the zombie virus? Probably not.

Gameplay: 4/10
Ahh sure, graphics and music can be great sometimes but let’s face it... That stuff’s only the salt on the meat. The gameplay now that’s the meat. Unfortunately for this game it’s all skin and bones. The gameplay is not fun, not fun at all. Running around with the X, X, Square combination while zombies continually puke on you loses it’s appeal in about 5 minutes. There are no other modes besides the basic single player and multiplayer modes. No training, no variety, and what’s worse is that those game modes simply aren’t fun. Sure, some missions offer you a different task, but it’s no reconciliation.

Replay Value: 6/10
"Spread your own custom made virus!" That’s that this game advertises. If you got a Wi-Fi hotspot you can play online attack a fellow Officer Stevens and give him your avatar. This sounds like a good idea but the truth is it’s not too much fun at all. The multiplayer aspect just doesn’t seem like it was made for multiplayer. It’s more like they tried piecing various single player elements into the multiplayer feature and in effect have given us a very plain multiplayer mode with a glued together kind of feel. But if the sub-par story and mediocre gameplay don’t stop you from enjoying the single player mode you’ll probably like the single-player aspect and play through it a couple times. The downside? Single player mode is short and not very varied.

Overall: 5/10
When people consistently rate a game’s sound and controls above it’s gameplay and replayability, something is seriously wrong. This game does not come across as fun, and it shouldn’t even come off as worth playing. If it looks interesting and you want to play then rent first! It’s highly unlikely you’ll find this game worth more than an hour worth of your time or a dollar worth of your wallet. To sum it up in 2 words: Terribly disappointing.......

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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