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Burnout is here on the PSP... But wait, isn't this the same Burnout game that made me wanna sell my Nintendo DS? Well, not really. The PSP version of this game really pushes the PSP to it's limits, with beautiful graphics, a lot of variety, and insane multiplayer madness. This is the PSP game that makes you proud to own a PSP... Take it from a guy who isn't even a fan of the racing genre of video games......

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics are great. There is so much variety in everything from the actual tracks to the cars themselves. However, one must wonder why this game let's you fly off the road if the off-track graphics are so awful. Also, some of the explosions seem rather weak, most likely to deal with the PSP's capabilities, but it's not enough to overshadow the great car details. There's so many cars to begin with and many of them have 3 different paint jobs to choose from. It's pretty impressive, just one notch short of perfection.

Sound: 8/10
Well, for a car based game I guess you can't complain. There's no voice overs or anything, but there are plenty of sound effects. Horns, sirens, engines, tires squealing, it's all there. As far as the BGM it's all real music. An example of one of the BGM songs: Yellow card's “Lights and Sounds”. All in all it's good, but could use some more variety.

Controls: 10/10
The controls in this game are very simple, easy to remember and editable. There's nothing more you can ask for from any game. X drives, Square breaks, L is rear view mirror, R is turbo, Triangle is camera view switch and Circle honks the horn... Or if you're lucky enough to be riding in a pimped out police car Circle turns your sirens on. You can use both the D-Pad and the control stick for steering, which comes in handy for separating big turns and small movements. So simple, yet so well crafted.

Story: X/10
Aw come on now, what kind of story could you possibly expect from a game like this? Ok, maybe some other games of the same genre had stories and it would've been nice if this game had a story too. An example” You're drag racing on busy highways and stuff, why don't they include cops trying to hunt you down as a story? Or since it seems like a rough n' tough underground racing scene, why does it just say “You unlocked a new class!” when you get a new class of cars when you could perhaps get an interesting cut scene of the leader of the underground scene giving you permission to use the fancier cars now? Well either way, Burnout decided not to include any trace of a story in their game and that means the story is basically unratable. It gets an X, instead of a real score.

Gameplay: 10/10
The gameplay is great and best of all, unlike most other car games, it's more than just simple racing. The wide variety of game modes in this include racing, last place eliminated racing, pursuit, crash, head 2 head, and more. The gameplay feels so smooth and solid it doesn't give off that “glued together” impression that so many games like this tend to display. You'll most likely find that the gameplay is promising and rewarding and never a dull moment, especially when you know head on traffic awaits you at any time resulting in a sweet cut away crash video. There's no room for complaints in any of the game modes.

Replay Value: 10/10
This game is the whole package baby. Bored and all alone? Pull out this game and test your skills against the computer in a race or one of the many other options. Try seeing how much havoc you can wreak in “Crash” mode. Bored and with a bud? Bust out this game and see who has the better tricked out car. See who can crash more. See who's got the guts to bust the other in a cops n' robbers scenario. But wait, what if you're friend don't have Burnout Legends? That's cool too because this game has Game Sharing! Just 1 disk and 2 PSP's can lead to a fun, non-stop action 2 player duel. Though the Game Sharing is limited and serves as more of a demo disk than really playing 2 player with just 1 disk, it's still fun if you're waiting for another game to come in the mail or something. But hey, with all the cars, paint jobs, courses, events and crashes you have to play for, the chances of you getting bored with this game anytime soon are slim to none.

Load Times: 8/10
Now, I know load times isn't usually something that gets it's own review section, but after playing the many slow PSP games out there, maybe it's about time we do consider it in the review. The load times in this game are great, but watch out when you try that game sharing mode... It could be up to about 7 minutes before you get playing off of just one disk.

Overall: 9/10
This game is great, and most of all this game is solid. The PSP, in it's early years, severely lacks a lot of good solid games that don't make you want to sell them in a day or two, so a strong game like this should be well appreciated by anyone... Fans of cars and racing... Or not; This game is a must own!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/03/06

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