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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by NessEggman

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    ~           pac-man            ~
    ~      faq/strategy guide      ~
    ~copywright marcus hanshew 2006~
    version 1.0
    last update: 19 July, 2006
    Welcome, everyone, to my guide for the arcade game Pac-Man. Pac-Man is probably
    the most important arcade game ever. Well, to me at least. At one time, every
    gamer's goal was to be a Pac-Man champion. For those of us still chasing that
    dream, or for those of us who are just now starting to dream, this guide will
    help you learn everything you need to know about Pac-Man.
    So, with that out of the way, let's get to the table of contents!
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    I. Rules of Pac-Man
         A. How to Play
         B. Rules
         C. Power Pellets
         D. Fruit
         E. Warp Tunnels
    II. Scoring
    III. Strategy Guide
         A. Basic Strategy
         B. Ghost Movement Patterns
              1. Ghost personalities
              2. One-way zones
              3. Scatter and attack
              4. Cruise Elroy
              5. Using movement patterns advantageously
              6. Blinking patterns
         C. Pac-Man's Movement Patterns
         D. Fruit Appearance
         E. Round Information Chart
         F. Strategy Notes
    IV. Extras
         A. Cinemas
         B. Original Japanese Names
         C. The Ghostless Spot
         D. Round 256
    V. Dip Switch Settings
    VI. FAQ
    VII. High Scores
    VIII. Legal Disclaimer, etc.
    *** I. Rules of Pac-Man ***
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    << A. How to Play >>
       The purpose of the game is to eat all the Pac-Dots from each maze while
       avoiding the attacks of four ghosts. When all the Pac-Dots are eaten up,
       Pac-Man can proceed to the next round.
       Simply push the joystick in the direction you want Pac-Man to move. If you
       hold the joystick in a direction that is blocked by a wall, Pac-Man will
       continue to move in the direction he is going until he reaches an opening
       where he can turn that direction. Use this to turn corners as soon as you
       reach them.
     <  (< . .  >
    << B. Rules >>
     * If you touch a ghost, Pac-Man will lose one life.
       You will not lose a life if you are powered up by a Power Pellet, in which
       you will eat the ghost instead.
     * The game is over when all lives are lost.
     * An extra life is awarded at 10,000 points (You can change this value with
       the dip switches).
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    << C. Power Pellets >>
       Chomp down on a Power Pellet and Pac-Man will have the power to eat ghosts.
       When a Power Pellet is eaten, the ghosts change to a dark blue color for a
       short time. The ghosts start flashing before they turn back to their normal
       color, so watch out! After a ghost has been eaten, its eyes return to the
       Ghost Home, then the ghost is regenerated. The more ghosts Pac-Man eats in
       succession, the more points they are worth.
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    << D. Fruit >>
       Fruit appears twice in each maze. Munch these for bonus points. The more
       mazes you complete, the more the fruit is worth.
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    << E. Warp Tunnels >>
       Go through these tunnels and Pac-Man will appear out on the other side of
       the maze. Use them to slow down a ghost that's hot on your tail.
    *** II. Scoring ***
    Here are the point values for the various things you can eat in the game:
    Pac-Dot .................. 10
    Power Pellet ............. 50
    * If you manage to eat more than one ghost in one Power Pellet, you will get
    more score for each consecutive ghost. Here are the values for the ghost chain:
    1st Ghost ................ 200
    2nd Ghost ................ 400
    3rd Ghost ................ 800
    4th Ghost ................1600
    * Fruits continue to change and increase in value as you advance in rounds.
    Here are the values for the fruits (the number before each fruit is the round
    in which in begins appearing):
    01/Cherry ................ 100
    02/Strawberry ............ 300
    03/Orange ................ 500
    05/Apple ................. 700
    07/Melon .................1000
    09/Boss Galaxian .........2000
    11/Bell ..................3000
    13/Key ...................5000
    *** III. Strategy Guide ***
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    << A. Basic Strategy >>
    Remember that your goal in Pac-Man is not to advance through the stages as
    quickly as possible, but to get a high score. So your primary goal to complete
    a stage is, yes, to eat all the dots, but the primary goal to getting a high
    score is not. You'll want to stay on each maze and get as many points as you
    can before eating the last dot. Now, this doesn't mean that just sitting around
    gets you points, but being hasty can cost you points by missing out on fruit
    and ghost bonuses.
    Each maze has two fruit and four power pellets. Your goal is to eat both fruits
    and all four ghosts with each power pellet. That's 16 ghosts in all, leaving
    your ghost bonus at 12,000 points. With eating all the dots and fruits, the
    minimum max score on a maze is 14,800 points. After the first round, the fruits
    will be worth even more, and you can get even higher scores on each level.
    Getting the fruit is not too difficult. Sometimes the ghosts will keep driving
    you away from it, so it's helpful to understand when and how the fruit appears.
    See the fruit section later in this strategy guide for more information.
    To get all four ghosts with one power pellet, you can't just run after then
    after eating a power pellet. You'll need to lure them to the power pellet and
    then eat it. Beginning players will just sit by a power pellet until the ghosts
    wander to it, then try to eat them. The problem with this idea is that not all
    of the ghosts may wander to that side of the maze, and you may get stuck with
    the power pellet and only one or two ghosts near you because you were forced to
    eat it to escape. Spend your time eating dots while the ghosts wander. Use the
    warp tunnels to your advantage, and try to get the ghosts to chase you. When
    all the ghosts are around one area of the maze, go to the nearest power pellet.
    If all the ghosts follow, get ready to eat. If only a couple follow, you may
    want to escape and try again later.
    Now that you understand the score, let's look more closely at the maze. Divide
    the maze in your head into four equal sections. Each of these quadrants has a
    power pellet. There is the ghost home in the center, and Pac-Man's starting
    position just below that. The eastiest places to get trapped are the corners
    and along the bottom strips (because you are without a place to turn for that
    long). Luckily, there are power pellets in each of these areas (though not in
    the center's bottom.) It helps to make sure all four ghosts are in one quadrant
    before eating a power pellet. You need to remember that they'll start to run
    away once you eat it, so one that is near but close to the ghost home could
    easily escape.
    Also, try not to eat ghosts if it looks like a ghost can run to the ghost home.
    The eyes will float there and regenerate, and the new ghost will block you
    from eating the ghost you want to eat. If you have enough time, grab the ghosts
    that could run to the ghost home first, then the other ghosts. It is also
    helpful to eat the power pellet while a ghost is entering the warp tunnel, but
    not once it is more than halfway through.
    Clearing dots will get you to the next stage. Once you've eaten all the power
    pellets and fruits, you'll want to advance to the next stage so you can score
    points. This means you'll want the remaining dots to be easy to eat. Don't
    leave dots scattered everywhere. Try to clear each quadrant of all dots before
    eating the power pellet from another quadrant. Once you eat a power pellet and
    all the ghosts, go "clean up" the quadrant the power pellet was from and make
    sure there are no leftover dots. Then you may eat dots while staying far away
    from ghosts until they are bunched up and you want to lure them again.
    Don't make risks for the earlier fruits. Once you get to bells and keys,
    though, you'll want to try your best to eat them. Never go after a fruit if it
    is a sure death. Saving a life is a chance to get 2 fruits in the next maze.
    If you are sure you will lose your life on a particular maze and won't be able
    to continue because it is your final life, try to eat a power pellet just
    before each fruit appears so you can nab them; fruits are your biggest point-
    makers, especially on levels when eating all the ghosts is nearly impossible.
    For more information on when fruit appears, see the fruit section of this
    strategy guide.
    This is your basic strategy for each maze; however, it is not enough to get the
    top scores. You'll need to learn and understand the movement of Pac-Man and
    the ghosts, the appearance of fruit, and all the game mechanisms if you want to
    master Pac-Man.
     <     (< . . . . . . . .     >
    << B. Ghost Movement Patterns >>
    There are four ghosts in Pac-Man. Here are their "personalities:"
     * BLINKY *
    Color    :Red
    Movement :Fast, chasing
              Blinky is the fastest of all the ghosts. In the beginning, he is the
              same speed as the other ghosts. Later, he becomes as fast as Pac-Man.
              Wanders aimlessly until Pac-Man is close, then goes in for the kill.
              Blinky also is the hardest ghost to escape from, not only because he
              is fast, but because he will constantly fight instead of shying away.
              At the beginning of the round, Blinky heads for the top-right corner
              of the maze.
     * PINKY *
    Color    :Pink
    Movement :Normal, intercepting.
              Pinky moves at a steady pace, wandering until Pac-Man is close. She
              will not give direct chase; however, she will try to cut Pac-Man off
              by catching up to him at a later intersection. When other ghosts are
              chasing Pac-Man, this means Pinky can easily trap you. At the start
              of each round, Pinky will head for the top-left corner.
     * INKY *
    Color    :Cyan
    Movement :Normal, chasing, fleeing.
              Inky is the smartest of the ghosts and seems to be able to find
              Pac-Man the easiest. He can sense Pac-Man's "scent" from further than
              the others. However, making many sharp turns near him can make him
              stop chasing. When each round begins, Inky will head to the bottom-
              right corner of the maze.
     * CLYDE *
    Color    :Orange
    Movement :Normal, random.
              Technically, Clyde's movement isn't random. The way he will move is
              based on Pac-Man's position in the maze, but he has no desire to
              chase Pac-Man. If you study Clyde enough, you will notice that he
              will move the same way when certain positions are set up. At the
              beginning of each stage, Clyde will attempt to go to the bottom-left
              corner of the maze, but this could be thrown off by Pac-Man's
              position when the "randomizer" kicks in.
    Right above the ghost home, there are two pathways leading upward to the rest
    of the maze. The ghosts cannot travel upward through these holes; they can
    only exit the area around the ghost home from the sides or bottom. They can,
    however, enter the area around the ghost home from here. Keep this in mind
    when you are trying to avoid ghosts.
    The ghosts in Pac-Man will wander if Pac-Man is far, but there are certain
    points in each round in which the ghosts will retreat. The creator of Pac-Man
    designed the game this way because being under constant attack is not only too
    stressful, but also unnatural.
    So, the ghosts in Pac-Man operate on two modes: Scatter and Attack. In Scatter
    mode, the ghosts will hide from Pac-Man, perhaps to catch their breath or to
    think up a new plan. In Attack mode, the ghosts will hunt down Pac-Man if they
    can find him.
    Each ghost has a respective corner in which they will move to during Scatter
    mode. When the maze starts, the ghosts will move to that corner. This also 
    shows that ghosts begin the stage in Scatter mode.
    Each round, the player is given four Scatter mode breaks. The first one begins
    at the beginning of the round. After each Scatter mode, there is a 20-second
    Attack mode for the ghosts. The first two Scatter modes are seven seconds long,
    and the second two Scatter modes are five seconds long. After the last Scatter
    mode, the ghosts will constantly attack until Pac-Man advances to the next
    round or loses a life to a ghost.
    When Pac-Man loses a life to a ghost, he is re-placed in the center of the
    maze to try again. When this happens, the ghosts are also re-placed in the
    Ghost Home, and you are given another four Scatter modes, starting right away
    with the first at another seven seconds of Scatter.
    Sometimes, Blinky will continue to pursue Pac-Man even while Scatter mode is
    active. This is linked to Cruise Elroy: the shift in Blinky's speed, which
    brings us to the next section:
    No one seems to know where the term "Cruise Elroy" originated, but it is the
    common term used to refer to Blinky's change in speed. Once a certain number
    of dots are remaining in the maze to be eaten by Pac-Man, Blinky's speed will
    increase to a step higher than it was at the beginning of the maze. This is
    called Cruise Elroy. For information on how many dots will be left when Blinky
    goes Cruise Elroy, check the round information chart a little later in this
    Knowing these movement patterns, you can not only escape from the ghosts more
    effeciently, but also you can help them chase you to a power pellet. A good
    idea is to get Inky on your tail, since he can chase you from the farthest
    away, then go to where Clyde is but pass next to Blinky and Pinky on your way.
    While this is a good idea, the chances of you getting the ghosts in a good
    position for this and also escaping them all long enough is slim. Just make
    sure that you know the patterns, and if they ever are set up with Inky chasing
    you to where you could pass through Blinky and Pinky to Clyde near a power
    pellet, go for it!
    Most of the time, you won't be able to get the ghosts to chase you to where
    you want, and in later rounds, you're not going to be trying to eat them
    anyway. This is when you need to be able to fake the ghosts out. It takes a lot
    of playing to get the hang of it, but Pinky and Inky won't always move directly
    to where Pac-Man is, but try to get to him later. Making a quick turn into an
    area to turn around a small portion of maze and head back the way you came can
    send Pinky and Blinky chasing in the wrong direction.
    Memroize the patterns of the ghosts' movement and make sure you can escape.
    Also, if two ghosts are trapping you in a corner, try to stay alive as long as
    possible. There is always a chance that one ghost will turn away (especially
    Inky) or the game may glitch and you could pass right through the ghosts!
    When you start the maze, remember that you have seven seconds before the ghosts
    will actively pursue you. Make sure that you make good gobbling in this time,
    and make sure when Attack mode begins, you are not right next to a group of
    One last note, even though it is pretty obvious: Ghosts will slow down very
    drastically in the warp tunnels. Use them to escape ghosts and to catch blue
    ghosts when you eat a power pellet.
    Note that there is more to the ghost patterns than just their movement. The
    amount of time they stay blue and how many times they flash before stopping
    being blue after you eat a power pellet varies by stage. Check the maze info
    in the round information section to see the specifics on this.
     <    (< . . . . . . . . . . .    >  
    << C. Pac-Man's Movement Patterns >>
    There are a few notes about Pac-Man's movement that you should know before you
    try to get the best scores. It's not as complex as the ghost movements, mostly
    because there is only one Pac-Man. So keep these things in mind as you play:
     * Each dot you eat makes you stop for just a very short time. This makes Pac-
       Man move approx 18-20 per cent slower while he is eating dots.
     * When you eat a power pellet, Pac-Man's speed is increased about 15 per cent
       or so until the ghosts stop flashing. The ghosts also slow down.
     * Pac-Man can turn corners faster than the ghosts can, so turning many corners
       can help you escape ghosts (Also, it can scare Inky and cause the other
       ghosts to "lose your scent.")
    Keep these movements in mind as you play. Use them to your advantage.
     <   (< . . . . . . .  >
    << D. Fruit Appearance >>
    There isn't much to this short section, but the fruits do not appear at random.
    They appear after a certain number of dots have been eaten. The first is around
    68 dots (I don't know the exact number) but it is when around 1/3 of the dots
    have been eaten. The second fruit appears when around 1/3 or 1/4 of the dots
    are left on the stage. Using this knowledge to your advantage, plan to be
    around the starting position (where the fruits appear) without any ghosts in
    the way when the fruit appears so you can munch it easily.
     <    (< . . . . . . . . .    >
    << E. Round Information Chart >>
    The following information is basically reference for advanced players. Each
    round differs a little in the speed of ghosts and Pac-Man, and things like
    that. For appearance of fruit, check the SCORING part of the RULES section.
    The headings mean:
    ROUND    : The round number.
    PAC-SPEED: Speed of Pac-Man. Ranked 1 to 4; 1 is slowest.
    B-SPEED  : Speed of Blinky. Ranked 1 to 4; 1 is slowest.
    G-SPEED  : Speed of Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. Ranked 1 to 3; 1 is slowest.
    POWER    : Time (in seconds) that ghosts stay blue before flashing.
    FLASH    : Number of times the ghosts flash before returning to normal.
    ELROY    : Number of dots left in maze when Cruise Elroy occurs.
    /                PAC-MAN ROUND INFORMATION CHART                \
    |   1   |     2     |    1    |    1    |   4   |   5   |   20  |
    |   2   |     2     |    1    |    1    |   3   |   5   |   30  |
    |   3   |     2     |    2    |    2    |   2   |   5   |   40  |
    |   4   |     3     |    2    |    2    |   1   |   5   |   40  |
    |   5   |     4     |    4    |    3    |   0   |   5   |   40  |
    |   6   |     4     |    4    |    3    |   3   |   5   |   50  |
    |   7   |     4     |    4    |    3    |   0   |   5   |   50  |
    |   8   |     4     |    4    |    3    |   0   |   5   |   50  |
    |   9   |     4     |    4    |    3    |   0   |   3   |   60  |
    |   10  |     4     |    4    |    3    |   3   |   5   |   60  |
    |   11  |     4     |    4    |    3    |   0   |   5   |   60  |
    |   12  |     4     |    4    |    3    |   0   |   3   |   60  |
    |   13  |     4     |    4    |    3    |   0   |   3   |   60  |
    |   14  |     4     |    4    |    3    |   1   |   3   |   60  |
    |   15  |     4     |    4    |    3    |   0   |   5   |   60  |
    |   16  |     4     |    4    |    3    |   0   |   3   |   60  |
    |   17  |     4     |    4    |    3    |   0   |   0   |   60  |
    |   18  |     4     |    4    |    3    |   0   |   3   |   60  |
    |  19+  |     4     |    4    |    3    |   0   |   0   |   60  |
    So what can we learn from this chart? Well, notice that round 6 is actually
    easier than round 5 because the ghosts stay blue for an extended 3 seconds.
    After round 6, however, they return back to 0 seconds. Round 10 is also like
    this. This means that round 6 and 10 are short breaks that you can use to munch
    on extra ghosts to boost your score. After that, though, you don't get much of
    a break. Round 17 will show you the most difficult setting, and then you get
    round 18 as a very small break (watching ghosts flash three times isn't that
    much of a break, but it's a LOT easier than getting NOTHING for eating the
    power pellet.) After round 18, you're going to have to rely on dodging and
    eating fruits to gain points. Just try to clear the stages as quickly as you
    can while eating at least one fruit per stage, both if you can make it. Good
    luck with your Pac-Man efforts!
     <  (< . . . . . .   >
    << F. Strategy Notes >>
    Here are some quick strategy notes. Try to keep all of these things in mind
    while playing a game of Pac-Man:
     * Go for score, not for rounds comlpeted.
     * Always know where all four ghosts are. Try to watch the ghosts more than
     * Know if the ghosts will stay blue before flashing. Know how many flashes
       they will flash and count each time they flash, making sure you know exactly
       when they'll turn back. Even if you don't need to count, just keep doing it
       so that you get in the habit of counting every time.
     * Learn how fast Pac-Man moves so you can feel if you'll have enough time to
       make it to a power pellet, a blue ghost, or if you should just turn away or
       duck into a warp tunnel.
     * Abuse the warp tunnels. A lot of players will ignore them unless they need
       to escape. Even if you're not in danger, you can still use it to get to the
       other side. It also helps get the ghosts near or away from you. Use them a
       lot, not just for escaping. Don't run in if a ghost is waiting on the other
       end, of course!
     * Know your fruits. Earlier fruits aren't worth the effort if you'll put your
       Pac-Man in danger.
     * Find a good starting route. Make a way that you know you can clear a bunch
       of dots without getting hit, and be in safety. Good starting routes also
       include picking up a fruit. There have been routes developed that can get
       you through the whole maze without getting hit, but they don't always
       include eating all four ghosts, and they are difficult to memorize, and also
       ruin the excitement of the game.
     * Know your ghosts. Read the guide to the ghosts' movements and learn how to
       dodge them. Beginners make a lot of errors because they'll turn away from
       ghosts that are most likely not chasing them or not going to chase them.
       This wastes time and makes Pac-Man run around, not clearing the desired
     * Try to clear each quadrant fully, and then move on to the next. Don't eat
       your second power pellet before all the dots in the quadrant of the first
       have been eaten (or unless you are forced).
     * Try to be near the fruits when they appear, especially in a way that no
       ghosts will be after the fruit, too!
     * After round 10, focus more on survival than trying to eat a lot of ghosts.
       You'll be getting good fruit by now, so try to eat all the fruits and stay
     * Don't panic. Ghosts can suddenly run away, so try to stay alive even when
       you're trapped. Every last moment is worth it. Don't ever give up and run
       into a ghost when you get trapped. Wiggling the joystick/controls could
       cause Inky to turn away, and Clyde might randomly run away. Sometimes the
       game glitches and you even move right through the ghosts! This tends to
       happen the most in the areas that start with no dots, especially where the
       fruit is. But don't rely on the game to glitch; it never happens when you
       actually want it to.
    *** IV. Extras ***
     <  (< . . .  >
    << A. Cinemas >>
    There are three cinemas that occur during a game of Pac-Man. These are also
    called "intermissions."
    The first cinema occurs after round 2. In this cinema, Blinkey chases Pac-Man
    off the side of the screen. Then we see Blinkey in his vulnerable, blue state
    as he runs back onto the screen. Chasing behind him is a giant Pac-Man!
    The second cinema occurs after round 5. Blinkey is again chasing Pac-Man, but
    this time he rips his red sheet on a nail that is on the ground, and we can
    see his skin-colored body under the sheet!
    The final cinema occurs after round 9. Blinkey is chasing Pac-Man yet another
    time. This time he has patched up his red sheet. After chasing Pac-Man off the
    screen, Blinkey returns, but now he is naked and dragging his entire sheet
    behind him.
    The third cinema plays again after round 13 and round 17.
     <   (< . . . . . . . . . .   >
    << B. Original Japanese Names >>
    While not vital to playing Pac-Man, it may be interesting to know that Pac-Man
    and his friends had different names when the game was first released. Here is
    the list of character names and nicknames, and what the original Japanese names
    Pac-Man : Puck-Man
    Blinky  : Akabei
    Pinky   : Pinky
    Inky    : Aosuke
    Clyde   : Guzuta
    Shadow  : Oikake
    Speedy  : Machibuse
    Bashful : Kimagure
    Pokey   : Otoboke
    The nicknames of the ghosts are all puns on the Japanese words for the colors
    of the ghosts. Since the Japanese use a loan word for the word 'pink' from
    English, this name stayed the same. The "character" names roughly describe the
    way the ghosts move in the maze. After the American release of the game, and
    in all Pac-Man sequals, the Japanese names were never used again, and the
    English names were adopted.
     <  (< . . . . . . . .   >
    << C. The Ghostless Spot >>
    Right above Pac-Man's starting position, there is a small wall, and you can
    move to the right or left of this wall. While Pac-Man starts facing to the
    left, at the beginning of a round, turn to the right and head up. Instead of
    turning again to the right or turning back down, just let Pac-Man run into the
    wall above him. Resting in this spot, the ghosts will not hurt Pac-Man for the
    next 18 minutes of gameplay. You can use this technique to take a break when
    you are playing for a very long time. Expert players use this to get a drink
    or go to the bathroom in very long gameplay sessions without losing all their
    lives in the game.
     <  (< . . . .  >
    << D. Round 256 >>
    At the start of round 256, the right half of the game screen becomes a jumbled
    mass of characters, and the game is no longer playable. This is a result of
    a bug in the subroutine that shows fruit according to the round number. The
    way the data is stored causes round 256 to tries to display 256 fruits at the
    bottom of the screen, obviously messing the game up.
    *** V. Dip Switch Settings ***
    If you happen to own a Pac-Man arcade machine, you may want to adjust the
    settings in your game. Here are the dip switch settings:
    S#1   S#2   Game price settings
    Off   On    1 coin, 1 play
    On    Off   1 Coin, 2 play
    Off   Off   2 coin, 1 play
    On    On    Free play
    S#3   S#4   Beginning lives
    On    On    1 life
    Off   On    2 lives
    On    Off   3 lives
    Off   Off   5 lives
    S#5   S#6   Points needed for bonus life
    On    On    10,000 points for bonus life
    Off   On    15,000 points for bonus life
    On    Off   20,000 points for bonus life
    Off   Off   No bonus life
    S#7   S#8   Display/game modes
    Off   Off   Regular gameplay
    On    Off   Rack test
    Off   On    Freeze Picture
    *** VI. FAQ ***
    This section will be updating as I recieve questions on Pac-Man. Note that I
    am not the master of Pac-Man, but just a fan who likes to research about the
    game. While I can play a decent game of Pac-Man, I can't work Pac-miracles. I
    will still do my best to answer all Pac-questions you may have, so please send
    any my way! Contact information is at the bottom of this document (< . . .
    *** VII. High Scores ***
    If you would like to submit a high score of your own, please send it to my
    email. I will try to update the high scores every time I make an update to
    the guide. I will later include me and my friends' high scores. All scores
    are welcome; don't be ashamed of scores you think are too low. It only means
    you are on the road to Pac-Man mastery!
    Because the game ends at round 256, the maximum score in Pac-Man is 3,333,360
    points. This has been achieved by the Pac-Man "world champion" Billy Mitchell,
    who made the score without losing a life. In order to do so, he ate every
    ghost and every fruit along the way to round 256. It was achieved in 1999 on
    July 3.
    *** VIII. Legal Disclaimer, etc. ***
     /              \ 
     \              /
    These characters, titles, etc. are not mine, obviously, as I never claimed they
    were. This guide, however, is mine and cannot be used without my permission,
    punishable by law. Any unauthorized copy or distribution of this document is
    So in other words, you can have a personal copy, but it cannot be used for ANY
    other reason except for personal use. If you would like to distibute, post, or
    do ANYTHING else publicly with this document, you MUST HAVE my permission.
    Currently, the only permission to use this guide is given to gamefaqs.com and
    ign.com (gamespot is also part of gamefaqs as far as permission).
     /                 \
     \                 /
    You can contact me through my email at nesseggman@yahoo.com. Please put
    SOMETHING in the subject. Something with no subject, I will probably skip over
    and it may take me a while to get around to reading it. Don't worry, I won't
    delete your emails just because it doesn't have some exact title that I want it
    to have.
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    <><>SPECIAL THANKS!<><>
        <> <> <-> <> <>
    Thanks for reading! I'd also like to thank my friends for playing games with,
    and my father for his insane Pac-Man abilities and knowledge of "thunder bird"
    (lol). Also, thanks to Namco for all their wonderful arcade games, especially
    Pac-Man. Also, thank you so much to whoever it was who made the "PREPARE TO
    QUALIFY" voice sample for Pole Position, because I love it. Thanks to all my
    readers who give me great feedback, positive and negative, especially on my
    Puyo guide, which has inspired me to continue writing.

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