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    Goku by GogetaKilla

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 02/14/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    trademark and copyright owners. 
    Dragonball Z - .:Shin Budokai:.
    Guide By - "GogetaKilla" [adamoh501@hotmail.com]
    .:Version - 0.1:.
    Please, do NOT put this guide on your website without my permission. Only game
    faqs is allowed to use this guide. Do not copy from this guide either. I WILL
    find you. >:)
    Table of Contents
    1. Everything starts with something [000.000]
    2. Version History [000.001]
    3. Goku? Why? [000.002]
    4. Basic Controls [000.003]
    5. Advanced Controls [000.004]
    6. Regular Attacks [000.005]
    7. Special Moves [000.006]
    8. Transformations [000.007]
    9. Strategy [000.008]
    10. Conclusion and Credits [000.009]
    1. Introduction == [000.000]
    Hello everyone. I recently purchased this game, and I think it's awesome. Now,
    I already mastered Z, so you don't have to worry about noobish moves and stuff
    like that, but this IS my first guide. ^^;;
    2. Version History == [000.001]
    January 9, 2007 - Version 0.1
    -Well, it 20 minutes it will be January 10, so be quiet.-
    February 14, 2007 - Version 0.2
    -Fixed some spelling errors-
    3. Goku? Why? [000.002]
    Why NOT. There is only two character FAQS in the section so I'll take advantage
    of it by doing Goku. Besides, he's my best character.
    4. Basic Controls == [000.003]
    Directional Buttons = Up, Down, Left, and Right. These move your character in
    the direction you choose.
    Analog Stick = Basically the same as the directional buttons.
    Start = Pause your game, and it opens up and option menu during fights. It
    also confims and option.
    Select = Refills energy to max. in practice mode.
    Triangle = Heavy attack.
    Square = Light attack.
    Circle = Energy blast/ Cancel.
    X button = Guard/ Confirm.
    L Trigger = Charge up ki.
    R Trigger = The character's aura glows and you can dash at high speeds.
    5. Advanced Controls = [000.004]
    Dash towards or away from your opponet == Push the left or right button twice.
    Fly == While dashing, hold up to go in the air and down to go down.
    Special Move == Simaltanoiusly push the Circle button and one of the
    directional buttons to perform the characters special move.
    Ultimate move == Simaltaniously push circle and up.
    Grab = Simaltaniously push the Square and X button.
    Chraged heavy attack = Hold triangle. Use the directional buttons to make
    Charged Special and Ultimate = Hold circle as you push both buttons. NOTE:
    Super Heavy attack = While holding R, go up to your opponent and press
    triangle. You can charge it up too. I enjoy doing it to the opponents back
    because it just plain rocks.
    Transformation = Circle + Down. Transform into the characters acended form.
    In goku's case, Kaioken - SS3.
    Teleport dodge = Push the directional button towards your opponent and hit X.
    Sometimes you have just keep pushing them to get it at the right moments.
    Teleport Knock Back = Push R as your opponent flies through the air. This is
    very useful when trying to tick off your opponent and mess him up.
    6. Regular Attacks == [000.005]
    [NOTE: The Damages aren't exact, due to the increase in energy or
    transformation. I used normal Goku.]
    Goku's light punch [Square] = 35 DMG.
    Goku's light punch x2 = 73 DMG.
    Goku's light punch x3 = 135 DMG.
    Goku's light punch x4 = 208 DMG.
    Goku's light punch x5 = 272 DMG.
    Goku's light punch x6 = 379 DMG.
    [Goku's light punch + Left directional Button]
    GLP + LDB = 55 DMG.
    GLP + LDB x2 = 108 DMG.
    GLP + LDB x3 = 150 DMG.
    GLP + LDB x4 = 229 DMG.
    [Goku's light punch + Right directional Button]
    GLP + RDB = 40 DMG.
    GLP + RDB x2 = 78 DMG.
    GLP + RDB x3 = 125 DMG.
    GLP + RDB x4 = 225 DMG.
    Goku's Heavy Punch = 80 DMG.
    Goku's Heavy Punch x2 = 128 DMG.
    Goku's Heavy Punch x3 = 203 DMG.
    Goku's Heavy Punch x4 = 321 DMG.
    Goku's Heavy Punch + Right = 180 DMG.
    [Goku's Heavy Punch + Left]
    GHP + LDB = 80 DMG.
    GHP + LDB x2 = 133 DMG.
    GHP + LDB x3 = 236 DMG.
    Goku's Heavy Punch + Up = 165 DMG.
    Charged = 247 DMG.
    Goku's Heavy Punch + Down = 165 DMG.
    Charged = 247 DMG.
    Goku's Super Heavy Finsh = 160 DMG.
    Charged = 240 DMG.
    Goku's Energy Blast = 50 DMG.
    Goku's Energy Blast x2 = 98 DMG.
    Goku's Energy Blast x3 = 145 DMG.
    Goku's Energy Blast x4 = 190 DMG. 
    7. Special Moves == [000.006]
    List of Attacks:
    Kamehameha == Goku's Signature Move
    Rating == 5/5
    The almighty Kamehameha never missed a DBZ game. This is the coolest move in
    DBZ history! It's charging factor raises it's power significantly.
    Spirit Shot == Goku's Push-Back Move
    Rating == 3/5
    Techniquely, everyone can do this. I guess it's pretty cool for this game,
    since Goku is the only one who uses it. It's not really all that it is.
    Super Dragon Fist == Goku's "Now I'm Mad" Move
    Rating == 4/5
    This move is really cool. It is really just a huge combo chain. It's useful
    when trying to bombard your opponent with an attack. Plus, it has a nice
    finish at the end to blow them back. Very Nice.
    Spirit Bomb == Goku's Ultimate Move
    Rating == 4/5
    This is defiantely a move that will tick off your opponents extremely. It's
    a very powerful move, but it's not Goku's best move. Crazy, isn't it?
    Super Spirit Bomb == Goku's Super Ultimate
    Rating == 5/5
    Now this is a move to remeber. Normally, Goku can only become a Super Sayian
    to pull of this move. But apperantly, Shin Budokai lets you go up to SS3!
    How much devestation would that cause Majin Buu if he was SS3 when he did it?
    Man! 5/5!
    Warp Kamehameha == Goku's Tele-Kill Move
    Rating == 4/5
    It only lives up to it's name if done right. Otherwise you just get a simple
    Super Kamehameha. To be honest, I haven't really gotten the chance yet to
    get the real move. It teleports Goku behind your opponent, and blasts it in
    there face. It is useful though, a good damage eater. But not as powerful as
    the Super Spirit Bomb.
    [Normal Goku]
    Kamehameha = 5 Hits - 400 DMG.
    Charged = 8 Hits - 560 DMG.
    Spirit Shot = 1 Hit - 430 DMG.
    Charged = 1 Hit - 600 DMG.
    Spirit Bomb = 10 Hits - 800 DMG.
    Charged = 10 Hits - 1500 DMG.
    Kamehameha = 5 Hits - 420 DMG.
    Charged = 8 Hits - 584 DMG.
    Super Dragon Fist = 6 Hits - 462 DMG.
    Charged = 6 Hits - 462 DMG.
    Spirit Bomb = 10 Hits - 840 DMG.
    Charged = 10 Hits - 1570 DMG.
    [SS1 Goku]
    Kamehameha = 5 Hits - 440 DMG.
    Charged = 8 Hits - 616 DMG.
    Super Dragon Fist = 6 Hits - 484 DMG.
    Charged = 6 Hits - 484 DMG.
    Warp Kamehameha = 10 Hits - 1100 DMG.
    Charged = 10 Hits - 1100 DMG.
    [SS2 Goku]
    Kamehameha = 5 Hits - 480 DMG.
    Charged = 8 Hits - 672 DMG.
    Super Dragon Fist = 6 Hits - 528 DMG.
    Charged = 6 Hits - 528 DMG.
    Warp Kamehameha = 10 Hits - 1200 DMG.
    Charged = 10 Hits - 1200 DMG.
    [SS3 Goku]
    Kamehameha = 5 Hits - 500 DMG.
    Charged = 8 Hits - 696 DMG.
    Super Dragon Fist = 6 Hits - 550 DMG.
    Charged = 6 Hits - 550 DMG.
    Warp Kamehameha = 10 Hits - 1250 DMG.
    Charged = 10 Hits - 1250 DMG.
    8. Transformations == [000.007]
    [Normal] Goku
    This is just Goku. He's there. Yes. He's wonderful.
    [Kaioken] Goku
    I like this one. It gives Goku an 5% power boost, and the red just makes him
    look awesome. He also has a way stronger Spirit bomb.
    [SS1] Goku
    I find it weird that I don't call him SSJ1. Yes. He is the one who completely
    devestated Frieza on Namek, slapping him around and stuff. He was really angry
    when he turned into this one. Gave him a 10% power boost.
    [SS2] Goku
    Well, he pretty much looks like the first one, but there are some notable
    apperances. He has electrictiy sparks around him, and there is more hair.
    He gets a nice 20% power boost.
    [SS3] Goku
    Ah, finally. A game that actually makes him look better! I love this form. It
    Gives him a 25% power boost, and whooped Majin Buu in this form. Too bad SS4
    didn't make it into the game. *Tear falls*
    9. Strategy == [000.008]
    Ah, yes. Now comes the hard part. But, since Goku is my best character, it
    won't kill you. Here are some strategies that can knock your opponent out
    with ease.
    Strategy #1 == Heavy special
    Difficulty == 3/5
    Well, this move can be difficult and can't. It depends on what skill level you
    are playing at. So here it is, first, make sure you have a lot of energy. (Be
    MAX. just to be safe.) Do the super heavy finish. If you do it to the back,
    the next part is easier. While they are staggering from pain, do the Spirit
    Bomb/ Warp Kamehameha. It'll easily knock some health out, but you won't have
    time to charge. If you do it to the front, it'll be easier for them to block
    before you land it.
    Strategy #2 == Super Charged Speed Attack
    Difficulty == 4/5
    Once again, difficulty depends on the level of skill. Anyway, this is a nice
    health eating combo. It requires a lot of patience, it is kind of hard to
    master on Z. First, charge up your super heavy move, and let your opponent
    feel your wrath. While they are staggering, Charge up the heavy attack by
    holding the triangle button, getting some damage in. Don't stop there, finish
    the combo string and when the opponent flies in the air, press the R button
    quickly to add in 3 bonus hits.
    Strategy #3 == Fake Out Shot
    Difficulty == 2/5
    This is a nice little trick I've come up with. Very handy in tight spots. Once
    your opponent is off guard, do  Right + Square then Triangle twice, holding
    the triangle on the second time. Before you let go, push R to cancel the
    attack and quickly respond by doing a Spirit Shot or Dragon Fist. Don't do any
    other move, because you won't have time.
    Strategy #4 == The Ultimate Guard Crasher
    Difficulty == 1/5
    This one is really simple. Get close to your opponent, and transform. Once you
    go Super Sayian or any other transformation, your opponent will loose his
    guard. Right there, as he/she staggers, unleash your ultimate move! You don't
    have time to charge.
    Strategy #5 == No Time for Rest
    Diffculty == 5/5
    It gets a 5/5 because you have to make your opponent run out of energy! Well,
    make your opponent hit the ground when his Ki level is 0. DON'T ATTACK HIM
    AFTER THAT. He/She will be out of breath, trying to regain some Ki. With this
    spare time, charge up your Ultimate Move, and unleash the rage!
    10. Conclusion and Credits [000.009]
    Well, it's been a while. Credits go out to Gamefaqs, for insipring me to make
    a guide. Credit also goes out to the makers of Dragonball Z and PSP. Those
    guys know how to make a game! Well, it's been a nice walkthrough. I hope you
    can finally beat Janemba with style! Until next time, folks!
    [Anything I missed? Want to add another strategy? Email me at

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