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    Trunks by Nick_Kazama

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    Dragonball Z Shin Budokai
    Future Trunks FAQ and guide
    Contents – 
    I) Legal stuff
    II) Introduction
    III) Contact details
    IV) Trunks’ profile
    V) Trunks’ moveset
    VI) Cancel combos
    VII) Trunks’ special moves
    VIII) Trunks’ pros and cons
    IX) Frequently asked questions
    X) Special thanks
    I) Legal stuff 
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. 
    Copyright: 2007 Nick Kazama.
    II) Introduction
    Hiya, what’s up? If you’ve read my previous guides then you’ll see 
    that I’m most comfortable writing them for Budokai Tenkaichi 2 
    characters. I really wanted to try a guide for an actual fighting 
    game and not a Dragonball Z simulator this time. What better way for 
    a huge DBZ fanatic such as myself, than one of the Budokai games? 
    I’ve used Trunks the most in Shin Budokai, I loved him in the 
    previous Budokai games and I still love him now. He has several fast 
    attacks, he uses a sword to great effect, he has two Ultimate moves 
    that both look the business and he has access to at least one Super 
    Saiyan form in Shin Budokai – great for breaking an over guarding 
    opponent’s constant blocking. 
    Future Trunks has always been a favorite character of mine, I still 
    remember seeing him in action for the first time in DBZ. Seeing 
    Frieza cut up into tiny pieces and then blasted into oblivion was 
    shocking and completely unexpected, but at the same time, exciting. 
    Since his first appearance, he was an instant favorite of mine.
    III) Contact details
    If you have any questions about this FAQ, or Future Trunks then 
    e-mail moi! My e-mail address is – 
    Please remember to read the guide thoroughly before asking me 
    anything though. Chances are you’ll find your answer! 
    IV) Trunks’ profile
    Future Trunks comes from (where else?) the future. 20 years into the 
    future to be exact. However, unlike the current DBZ timeline, his 
    world has been ravaged by two murderous androids – 17 and 18. Trunks 
    was trained by his world’s Gohan, a much more darker and serious 
    Gohan than the one we’re all used to. Although Trunks tried and tried 
    and tried, he could not gain the powerful Super Saiyan status that 
    Gohan, his father and Goku had all achieved. 
    It was only after seeing his mentor and best friend Gohan slain at 
    the hands of the androids, that his power raged and he finally had 
    obtained the transformation. After one more failed attempt at ending 
    the android’s reign of destruction, Trunks travelled back into the 
    past with the aid of a time machine constructed by his mother Bulma, 
    in order to warn the past Goku and his friends of the horrors that 
    would await them.
    After arriving in the past, Trunks quickly disposed of Frieza and his 
    father King Cold and warned Goku of what would happen in three years 
    time. Trunks stated that he would return to help out – if he survived 
    that long. Trunks’ experience in the past certainly helped turn him 
    into the man he is today. He experienced harsh training in the Room 
    of Spirit and Time, he saw what his father Vegeta was like, he met 
    his baby self and also sadly received death at the hands of Cell.
    He was revived however and thanks to his training in the past with 
    his father, Trunks returned to his own ravished timeline and utterly 
    annihilated 17 and 18 and later on, his timeline’s Cell. 
    V) Trunks’ moveset
    Okay then, now we’re gonna take a look at Trunks’ move list. We will 
    get onto the special attacks in the next section of the guide. 
    Firstly, lemme list the controls for you, so you don’t get confused 
    if you’re very new to Shin Budokai:
    Square – Rush Attack (light attack)
    Triangle – Slam Attack (heavy attack)
    L button – Power-up Ki energy
    R button – Aura Burst
    Square (during Aura Burst) – Crash Attack
    Triangle (during Aura Burst) – Guard Break Attack
    Square + X – Throw
    Got these memorised? Okay great, now we’ll go through his different 
    combo’s. What will follow are the button inputs, a description of 
    what Trunks will do and the damage. Keep in mind that all moves were 
    done against Super Vegetto with the latter being at maximum Ki. 
    Trunks was also at maximum Ki whilst utilising the attacks. You can 
    also charge some of the combos – simply hold down the S button 
    wherever you see it. One more thing to note is that all attacks were 
    done with Trunks standing on the ground and not up in the air:
    R R R R R
    Trunks does three slow kicks followed by 3 very fast kicks, ending 
    with him using a small backward summersault to knock the opponent 
    Hits - 7
    Damage caused – 457
    R R R R S S S
    Trunks does 5 kicks, ending with him performing 3 long slashes with 
    his sword. 
    Hits – 9
    Damage caused - 544
    R R R S
    Trunks does a 5 hit combo, with all the hits being kicks. Trunks 
    spins whilst doing the last two kicks.
    Hits – 5
    Damage – 344 
    R R S
    Trunks kicks twice and knocks his opponent away with a double fist 
    Hits – 3
    Damage – 229
    R S
    Trunks does one kick and then another. This second kick results in 
    him raising his leg up high (think of someone doing the splits) and 
    then bringing his leg down on the opponent. 
    Hits – 3
    Damage - 200
    >R R R R
    Trunks does an overhead punch, two normal punches and then a double 
    fist pound, knocking the opponent into the air.
    Hits – 4
    Damage – 258
    >R R R S S
    Trunks does an overhead punch, two normal punches, a knee and a kick 
    knocking his opponent upwards slightly and then a final heavy kick, 
    knocking them away. 
    Hits – 6
    Damage – 368
    >R R S S S
    Trunks does two punches, an uppercut, a sword slash and then a series 
    of fast slashes. To finish, he sheathes his sword in a very cool way!
    Hits – 9
    Damage - 472 
    >R S R
    Trunks does a punch, a kick and then another kick, knocking his 
    opponent into the air.
    Hits – 3 (although the last hit won’t count as part of the combo)
    Damage – 263
    >R S S
    Trunks does a punch, a kick and a sword slash, knocking his opponent 
    Hits – 3
    Damage – 275
    <R R R R
    Trunks does a punch, 2 kicks and a downward slash with his sword.
    Hits – 4
    Damage - 292 
    <R R R S
    Trunks does a punch, 2 kicks and a palm strike.
    Hits – 4
    Damage – 302
    <R R S
    Trunks does a punch, a spinning kick and a knee to a kick knocking 
    his opponent into the air.
    Hits – 4
    Damage – 251
    <R >R R
    Trunks throws 3 punches at his opponent. 
    Hits – 3
    Damage – 157
    <R >R S
    Trunks throws 2 punches at his opponent and then a palm strike.
    Hits – 3
    Damage – 198
    <R <R R
    Trunks throws 2 punches and then delivers an uppercut.
    Hits – 3 
    Damage – 194
    <R <R S
    Trunks delivers 2 punches and then delivers a very Shoryuken looking 
    uppercut, knocking his opponent away. 
    Hits – 3 
    Damage – 225
    <R S
    Trunks punches and then delivers his knee to kick knockback hit.
    Hits – 3
    Damage – 187
    Trunks dashes toward his opponent and hits them with a drop kick.
    Hits – 1
    Damage – 88
    S R R R
    Trunks delivers a very quick sword slash and then 3 punches, knocking 
    the opponent into the air briefly.
    Hits – 4
    Damage – 281
    S S S R
    Trunks, using his sword, performs 3 slashes and then a downwards 
    Hits – 4
    Damage – 342
    S S S S
    Trunks performs 4 slashes with his sword. 
    Hits – 4
    Damage – 342
    >S S S
    Trunks Slashes twice and then does a powerful downwards slash. This 
    combo is the last 3 S button presses of combo 2. 
    Hits – 3
    Damage – 336
    <S R
    Trunks does a clockwise kick and a small uppercut.
    Hits – 2
    Damage – 124
    <S >R
    Trunks does a clockwise kick and another kick, sending his opponent 
    into the air.
    Hits – 2
    Damage – 177
    <S <R
    Trunks does a clockwise kick and then a spinning kick.
    Hits – 2
    Damage – 209 
    <S S
    Trunks does a clockwise kick and then a splits kick.
    Hits – 3
    Damage – 217
    <S >S
    Trunks does a clockwise kick and then delivers an elbow to the 
    Hits – 2
    Damage – 177
    <S <S
    Trunks does a clockwise kick and then a downwards elbow.
    Hits – 2
    Damage – 177
    Trunks uses his sword to deliver a powerful upwards slash, knocking 
    his opponent into the air.
    Hits – 1
    Damage – 159
    Trunks performs a very painful looking downwards stab with his sword.
    Hits – 1
    Damage – 187
    Trunks delivers a spinning back fist attack.
    Hits - 1
    Damage – 170
    E E E E 
    Trunks shoots 4 ki blasts at his opponent. These can also be charged. 
    Hits – 4
    Damage – 199
    Trunks dashes forward and shoots a ki blast at his opponent. This can 
    also be charged.
    Hits – 1
    Damage – 53
    This is Trunks’ throw. You must be close to the opponent to use it. 
    Trunks does one slash with his sword and then another one whilst 
    performing a backwards flip. 
    Hits – 2
    Damage - 220
    That does it for the combos!
    VI) Cancel combos
    Charged attacks can be cancelled you know. If you don’t get what I 
    mean, press and hold down the Triangle button. Now while Trunks is 
    charging his attack, press the X button. See that? He stopped his 
    attack! These cancels can come in very handy for the opponents that 
    block and block and block. In a way, you can take your enemy by 
    surprise. You can also cancel a charged up ki blast, Trunks will not 
    launch the blast, but he will still lose the energy required for 
    using the ki blast, so think twice before using it. 
    VII) Trunks’ special moves
    Now we’ll move onto the special moves, the moves that require 1 bar 
    of your Ki or more to utilise. The thing about these attacks is that 
    you cannot use them whenever you feel like it, you must have the 
    required amount of ki gauges filled. 
    Teleport Counter
    You will recognise this move if you have played Budokai 3. As soon as 
    your opponent’s attack is about to hit you, quickly press > and the X 
    button’s simultaneously and you will appear behind him/her. If you 
    just tap the 2 buttons together then Trunks will kick the opponent 
    away after teleporting, however, if you keep the buttons held after 
    pressing them, then you will just appear behind the opponent. This 
    leaves them open for more damage. However, if they have 3 bars of Ki 
    then they might Teleport Counter you as you attack them from behind. 
    Remember that 3 bars of ki are required for you to do a Teleport 
    Counter. Oh and remember to watch your timing whilst attempting one 
    of these! 
    Tornado Counter
    Here is another move you will remember if you’ve played Budokai 3. A 
    Tornado Counter lets you do a series of stylish teleports hits after 
    knocking your opponent away from you. To do a Tornado Counter, knock 
    you opponent into the air (just use Trunks’ ^S move). Okay, when your 
    opponent is flying away from you, press the R button a few times. 
    Notice how Trunks teleports behind his enemy and continues to hit 
    him. Cool huh? You can pinball them in the air a total of 3 times. 
    There is however a price to this. For each Tornado Counter hit you 
    perform, you will effectively lose 1 bar of Ki, while your opponent 
    gains 1 bar. 
    When fighting the harder opponent, be sure not to use the full 3 
    pinball hits, your opponent will no doubt have gained the Ki he needs 
    to teleport behind you and knock you away. Also, try to make sure 
    that you don’t use the full set of Tornado Counter hits unless it 
    will defeat the opponent on the higher difficulties. If you see that 
    your enemy is about to gain 3 Ki bars whilst doing the pinballing, 
    then stop. You might be countered with a teleport.
    Oh yeah, you can also pinball the opponent up or down. Simply hold 
    down the Up or Down buttons whilst pinballing them and then you will 
    knock them in that direction. You can also alternate between 
    Yet another move that you’ll recognise if you’ve played Budokai 3, 
    the dodging! Dodging enables you to (what else?) dodge your 
    opponent’s attacks. Only the physical hits though. Tap the X button a 
    few times when your opponent is doing a combo on you and Trunks 
    should dodge the hits. Also, remember that you lose a little bit of 
    Ki for each successful dodge.
    Guard Break Attack and Crash Attack
    Press the R button and you’ll see Trunks blazing in ki. If you press 
    the Triangle button while he is doing this, then Trunks will launch a 
    particularly powerful kick into the opponents gut. This will stun 
    them for quite some time, leaving them open for you to do a combo, or 
    a special attack. If you are at full ki whilst doing this stun, then 
    you will be able to hit the enemy with an Ultimate Attack while they 
    are hunched over. 
    If you press the Square button whilst pressing the R button, then 
    Trunks will do a flying kick. This will also stun the opponent, but 
    not for as long as the previous stun attack did. You should still be 
    able to get a combo off on your enemy. 
    If you press the Circle button 4 times whilst Trunks is in Aura Burst 
    mode then he will shoot 4 charged up ki blasts, without you even 
    having to charge them up. 
    Remember the combo cancelling? Well, you can also cancel an Aura 
    Burst mode too. Simply press the X button whilst Trunks is flaring 
    with Ki.
    Buster Cannon
    This is one of Trunks’ Death Moves. He circles his arms around and 
    pushes a blue energy ball at his opponent. This is chargeable. 
    Damage – 424(un-charged) 593(charged)
    Ki gauges required - 1
    Shining Slash
    Trunks does a more powerful than usual slash that knocks the opponent 
    away from him. It is also able to be charged. This attack has great 
    Damage – 424 (un-charged) 530 (charged)
    Ki gauges required - 1
    Burning Slash
    This is one of Trunks’ Ultimate Moves. He rushes into the opponent 
    and performs a series of 11 lethal slashes. To top it all off, he 
    blasts them away. One bad thing about this is the recovery time – 
    Trunks needs to sheathe his sword afterwards and takes longer than 
    usual to do it. 
    Hits – 12
    Damage – 1300
    Ki gauges required - 5
    Super Saiyan
    Here is Trunks’ other form, the Super Saiyan form. After 
    transforming, Trunks gains a fourth baseline Ki bar which can come in 
    very handy and he also gets an 8% increase in attack power. His moves 
    will now do more damage. His Buster Cannon and Ultimate Blast will 
    also change into different more damaging moves.
    Finish Buster
    Okay, take a look at the in game move list. Notice how Finish Buster 
    is misspelled as “Finish Bustert”? Anyways, Trunks raises his hands 
    above his head and forms a yellow ball of energy. He then uses both 
    hands to hurl it at his opponent. This move is also chargeable.
    Damage – 456 (un-charged) 638 (charged)
    Ki gauges required - 1
    Heat Dome Attack
    This is one of Trunks’ best looking moves. Remember the move that he 
    used to kill his timeline’s Cell with? Well, this is it! Trunks 
    launches a fist into the opponent’s gut and then does his Shoryuken 
    looking uppercut to knock them up into the air. He then raises his 
    hands high above his head and sends a gigantic heat dome at the 
    enemy. While this Ultimate Move does more damage than the Burning 
    Slash, it is slightly harder to do to the opponent. You must make 
    sure that Trunks’ fist connects to them. If they block the move, then 
    you’ll lose the 5 Ki gauges, do no damage and leave yourself wide 
    open for an attack afterwards. I recommend that you use a Guard Crash 
    before attempting this Ultimate Attack. Make sure that you have 7 Ki 
    gauges before hand though, just to be safe.
    Hits – 12
    Damage - 1430 
    VIII) Trunks’ pros and cons
    Pros –
    * He’s fast
    * Has 2 different Ultimate moves
    * His sword gives him that little extra reach, allowing for more 
    combo opportunities
    * His base form Ultimate makes him jump over to his opponent, so  you 
    may just avoid a hit from the enemy
    Cons – 
    * You have to be in range for his 2nd Ultimate to hit the opponent 
    and if it’s blocked anyways then you could face getting quite damaged
    * After his 2nd Ultimate move has damaged the opponent, it takes a 
    little while, but not too long a while, for you to be able to move 
    * His base form’s Ultimate move requires him to sheathe his sword, 
    thing is it takes much longer than if he were sheathing it from a 
    regular combo
    IX) Frequently asked questions
    Q) Does Trunks have any other forms in this game?
    A) Nope, only Super Saiyan.
    Q) Can Trunks go Super Saiyan 2? He had it in Budokai 2 and 3.
    A) Trunks having SSJ2 in Budokai 2 and 3... just think of it as a 
    nice little what if transformation for Trunks. Future Trunks only 
    obtained these forms;
    Super Saiyan
    Ultra Super Saiyan / Super Saiyan second grade / Super Trunks
    Ultra Super Saiyan 2 / Super Saiyan third grade / Super Trunks 2
    While Trunks got more and more out of the first Super Saiyan stage, 
    he never actually went Super Saiyan 2. Budokai 1 was accurate with 
    his transformations, as he did not have SSJ2, but he did have his 
    Super Trunks forms. While we never see him go SSJ2, it’s probable 
    that he would have gained the form sooner or later. Unlike present 
    Trunks, Future Trunks is definitely no slacker.
    Q) Are there 2 versions of Future Trunks in this game? 
    A) No, not in this game. ‘Shin Budokai 2 : Another Road’ however has 
    2 Future Trunks’ as playable characters. One of them is the one in 
    this game and the other one is a fighting Trunks, meaning he does not 
    use a sword and he is wearing Saiyan armor. Also, you might want to 
    check out the Budokai Tenkaichi series as they have 2 Future Trunks’ 
    as playable characters. One that uses a sword and another that 
    doesn’t. The Tenkaichi series also has all of Trunks’ forms in it 
    except USSJ1.
    Q) How do I unlock Trunks’ Super Saiyan form in this game?
    A) To unlock this form for Trunks, you need to go into the story mode 
    (Dragon Road) and beat Gotenks In Chapter 4. It is the second fight 
    in this chapter. You will be playing as Super Saiyan Trunks and your  
    opponent will be Gotenks in his Super Saiyan 3 form. Oh and try to 
    get a Z ranking too!
    X) Special thanks
    - Akira Toriyama for creating DBZ obviously. 
    - Toei for animating DBZ and adding all the wonderful filler.
    - Future Trunks for being such a great character and for being the 
    inspiration for this guide.
    - You for reading this guide. Unless of course you’re someone I hate.
    - Me for writing this guide.
    Looks like you’re done now. Go outside and play.

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