Review by TacoTheThird

Reviewed: 03/28/05

It's addictive, loud and shiny! What more do you need in a video game?


I have to admit, at first I was a DS fanboy. And then... Lumines. Ah... this is a unique game. This is a simple puzzle game with a twist. This is the coolest of the launch titles out so far. It combines a kickin' soundtrack, addictive gameplay and some fast gameplay, all of which are things I like. This game is so cool you will see groups of blocks fall when you close your eyes. Kind of like if you play too much DDR.

*GRAPHICS* - 9/10

The games graphics siut it very well. Mainly because this game is not very graphic intensive... but there are a number of "Skins" Which are like stages. These all have different music, different block styles, sounds... It's all as if It's a different game altogether. At one point, it's a swirling background, with techno music, the next, you're dueling a samurai complete with authentic japanese music and effects. You also have a small avatar who sits in the bottom left and dances or cries depending on how well you do. This ALONE kept me entertained for a good half an hour, watching a well animated cat shake his head to the rythem.

*SOUND* 10/10

Music - Alright. This is the best soundtrack I've heard in a game. Alien Hominid comes second. It has EVERYTHING you want in it. Dramatic music, Techno, High energy, Rap (kinda), and even weird music that kind of makes fun of you as you play. The music will even get louder and become faster as you link combos! Keep this up for a while, and you will feel good about yourself. It's hard to explain. It's a very surreal experience.

Effects - Depending on the skin you are playing on, everything makes a different noise. Making a match, rotating the blocks, everything makes a different sound. It even blends in with the music! If you have a good sense of rythem it can help you play, as you will play with the music to form a pattern. Very cool.


The game play is fairly simple, yet innovative. You have a grid of squares and blocks in sets of four will fall down. Like in tetris. But, they always come in a 2X2 square. There are two colours (Depending on the skin)and your goal is to match four of the same colours... Like, you want four orange squares in a 2X2 square. This is the match. The blocks become Luminized. You can keep building on it for combos. If you get a high combo your avatar starts pulsating and dancing and the music picks up, and It's a really feel good experience. The game becomes challenging quickly. Easy to do, difficult to master. Kind of like making your bed while buttering a piece of toast. ... With techno music. Or something. I lost where I was going with this.

*REPLAY* 8/10

Well, It's a puzzle game. it has to be addictive! Anyway, there are a ton of things to unlock. You get a new skin for beating almost any level, and there a ton of avatars, ranging from a fish, to a scorpion, to stickmen guys, to a cat, to a pile of CDs! All of which are cool. You may get bored after playing it for TOO long, but then you'll wait for a while. Maybe a couple of days. And you'll play until your ears hurt and you are deprived of activity with friends to the point where you end up trying to play multiplayer with a broom, who you named Capt. Mintyfresh. (May not actually happen)


+Good feel to it
+Sweet soundtrack
+Plays fast


- May actually be a little too simple for some
- Needs a couple more multiplayer modes

Buy or rent: Good luck renting a PSP game. I'd just buy it anyway. It's worth it. ... If you like puzzles, anyhow. Not for all.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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