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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Robobvious

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/10/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -The Legend of Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch-
    -By Robert "Robobvious" Hodgson Jr (Robobvious2@yahoo.com)-
    -Version 2.0-
    <Table of Contents>
    01. Notes to the Reader
    02. Version History
    03. Walkthrough
    03.1 Prologue - Pilgrims
    03.2 Chapter 1 - The Gems of Tegura
    03.3 Chapter 2 - Battle of Bolt
    03.4 Chapter 3 - Shadow
    03.5 Chapter 4 - The Forest
    03.6 Chapter 5 - A Lake Divided
    03.7 Chapter 6 - The Prophecy
    03.8 Chapter 7 - Journey's
    03.9 Epilogue - Gueld
    04. Level Guide
    05. FAQ
    06. In-Game History
    07. Legal Stuff
    <01. Notes to the reader>
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is based on the American version of The
    Legend of Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch.  The game
    was released in America on June 20, 2006.
    This game was published by Bandai and is made by Falcom.
    This is the first guide I have ever written for a video game but I
    worked very hard on it so it should be very helpful. If you have
    any boss strategies, suggestions for changes, or questions that
    aren't answered in the FAQ you can contact me at my E-mail
    address which is written in the title. Also, whenever I enter a new
    area I try to tell you if there are any enemies in the area that you
    havn't faced before, if you find an instance in which I did not do
    this please notify me, Although if the monster only appears in a
    boss fight and does not naturally appear in the area then I don't
    list it for that area. My In-Game History is 97% complete, I am missing 
    three facts, if you know what these facts are and what you have to do
    to unlock it in the History please tell me. Also thank you for
    choosing to use my guide and I hope it helps you.
    -Sincerely, Robert Hodgson Jr.
    <02. Version History>
    \November 20, 2006/
    -Version 1.0 Submitted complete Walkthrough and Notes to the
    Reader to Gamefaqs.Com, the majority of the In-Game History,
    FAQ, and Level Guide were submitted as well.-
    \November 20, 2006/
    -Version 1.1 submitted due to separation problems in v1.0.-
    \November 21, 2006/
    -Version 1.2 submitted due to same seperation problem.-
    \December 04, 2006/
    -Version 1.3 submitted, updated sites that have permission to use this
    \December 04, 2006/
    -Version 1.4 submitted with another update to sites allowed to use the
    \January 05, 2007/
    -Version 1.5 submitted with another update to sites allowed to use the
    \January 15, 2007/
    -Version 1.6 submitted with an update, apparently it IS possible to be
    the 10,000th person to cross the Three City Bridge.-
    \March 12, 2007/
    -Version 1.7 submitted with the note added about the line break 
    \April 30, 2007/
    -Version 1.8 submitted with the line break note removed because the 
    problem was fixed.-
    \March 05, 2009/
    -Version 1.9 submitted with an update to the In-Game History.-
    \July 10, 2009/
    -Version 2.0 submitted with another update to sites allowed to use the
    <03. Walkthrough>
    <03.1 Prologue - Pilgrims>
    -Ragpick Village-
    The game opens with Christina (a.k.a. Chris) talking with her
    parents, then shifts to Jurio talking with his (His dad is kind of
    mean). After the scene ends you have control of Jurio and your
    father has given you the task of collecting Giant Boar meat.  So
    head out of your house, go right and go up the sets of stairs you
    see leading up that small hill to Chris's house. Her father will have
    a little image above his head that looks like a notepad, talk to him
    to add information to your History which is a log in the menu
    screen that keeps track of things you discover in the game.
    Sometimes you will read books to add to it, sometimes you will
    talk to people to add to it, and other times things will be added to it
    automatically as you progress through the game. Now, go to the
    North of Jurios house.
    -Ragpick Village, Village Outskirts-
    You will find Grandpa Lap in his hut, talk to him to add more to
    your History, now you should have 4% of it Completed.  Go south
    to Ragpick Village.
    -Ragpick Village-
    Walk through the village and talk to the people if you want, once
    your done go west of the village.
    -Ragpick Village, West Fields-
    Now you can enter your first battle, there is a boar walking around
    near you, touch him to initiate a battle. Familiarize yourself with
    the battle system in a few more fights, if you need to heal there is a
    Cure in your inventory, also I suggest you save your game. When
    your ready to move on with the game move to the northwest
    corner of the screen. You should see Chris, move closer to start a
    cutscene, when it ends you will begin fighting a Giant Boar.
    Miniboss: Giant Boar
    By the start of this battle your Power Meter should be full, this is
    the meter that allows you to perform Finishing Moves, it fills up
    with each attack. So if it's not full, attack the Giant Boar a few 
    until it is. Then use the only Finishing Move you have, Sword
    Fang. It should kill him in one hit. Assuming you fought two or
    three regular boars before you started this battle, you should level
    Following the battle another cutscene will begin in which Chris
    offers to help you carry the boar, after it ends go East back into
    the village, if you get into a fight on the way you will realize Chris
    can now help you fight enemies.
    -Ragpick Village-
    Another scene starts, Jurios father compliments him on getting
    such a great boar, then insults him by saying how he thought
    Jurio would give up, (I was right he IS mean), once your done
    talking to them you will automatically walk to the mayors house.
    He will ask you if you know what you will have to do, say No and
    he'll explain what you do on a pilgrimage. After the scene ends go
    back to your house. This will start another scene in which a
    sendoff ceremony will be held, (Listen to the bards words, they
    all have to do with your journey in this game) before they can
    award the Silver Dagger to your party, a woman disguised as a
    bard and her accomplice will steal it. But no worries Grandpa Lap
    will have a run in with them and get it back for you, accidently it
    would seem. Then the ceremony proceeds, Jurio and Chris say
    goodbye to their families and the cutscene ends. Talk to the
    villagers if you want, then go North.
    -Ragpick Village, Village Outskirts-
    Go into Grandpa Laps house, this will initiate a scene, he will give
    Chris his old staff, and offer Jurio a pet, he has 3 you can choose
    from, a cat, a dog, and a rabbit. If he offers you one you don't
    want say No and he'll offer you a different one. Having a pet is a
    good thing, they can find items for you on the ground, and do
    things for you in battle, such as heal your party or increase your
    party's defense in battle. I personally chose the rabbit since I think
    it looks the best. Once the cutscene is over, equip Chris with
    Grandpa Laps staff and continue by going North of the house and
    then East past a blue haired person named Kilee.
    -Green Fields-
    There's only one place to go through here so follow the path East
    and then South to initialize a cutscene in which you find out
    Grandpa Lap was once a great magician and he saved a family
    from a pack of Wolves. You should now have 6% of your History
    complete. Go East after the cutscene ends.
    -Steppingstone Pass-
    You will encounter new enemies in this area, they are snails and
    don't seem to be any tougher than Boars so don't worry too much
    abouth them.  Try to get Chris to level 2 in this area assuming she
    isn't already at level 2, if you need cure potions use Jurios Skill,
    Steal. Also Chris can use a spell called Cure which has the same
    effect as cure potions. Head North to the next area.
    -Steppingstone Pass, Crossroads-
    Go East down that slope to your right because the Rope Bridge is
    broken. Fight a few monsters if you want then continue farther
    -Crystal Lake-
    Follow the Northern part of the screen East to a cave. Head inside.
    -Gaza Caverns-
    You will encounter new monsters in this area called Wood Crabs
    but they are nothing you can't handle. Follow the path through
    here, it's very straightforward until you come to a set of stairs,
    take them up.  In this area you will encounter another new enemy
    called Poopils. Only slightly worse than boars in my opinion, and
    yet still very easy to defeat.  Anyways the path from here on is
    still very straightforward, follow it to find the exit out of the cave.
    -Crystal Lake, Rope Bridge-
    Now that you have exited that cave head East from here to find
    the Deane shrine.
    -Deane Shrine-
    Go East until you find a bridge then go North of the bridge into
    the Shrine. Go into the room on your right side as you enter the
    shrine and read the second bookshelf on the right to add to your
    History making it 8% completed.  Now go into the top right room
    and talk to Bashika to take a rest and fill up your HP and MP.
    Once you've dont that go to the top left room and a scene will
    begin. The Sage from Deane will explain many years ago the
    remaining witches built the five shrines in Tirasweel, Witches
    could use spells just by concentrating without memorizing spells
    like the normal people need to do. Then he takes you into the
    room of the Magic Mirror. When Chris and Jurio look into it they
    see beautiful scenery but then, ominous dark clouds appear and a
    void appears before the magic mirrors image ends. Once it ends
    you will recieve a message that says Jurio can now use the water
    spell Neraidea. After that Chris acts strangely for a moment and
    your characters go to talk to the Sage. He disregards it as your fear
    of what lies ahead on the Pilgrimage. The scene ends and if you
    check your History you should have 9% complete. Now go see
    the merchant in the bottom left room to buy cures, mind potions,
    and stimulants if you need them, then proceed to leave the shrine
    cross the bridge and exit to the west.
    -Crystal Lake, Rope Bridge-
    Go West across the rope bridge and then continue West.
    -Steppingstone Pass, Crossroads-
    Go West until you can't anymore then follow the path heading
    North fighting any boars you see on the way.
    -Crystal Lake Path-
    Follow the path straight North fight any Boars you see on the way.
    -Wavy Beach-
    Go West through here fight a Poopil or some Wood Crabs if you
    want then head West into a seperate part of the Beach. Now go
    West and then North.
    Head into the building to the North and go down the hallway to
    initiate a scene with a girl named Cheryl. Afterwards go into the
    building to the West of the one your in now if you want to buy
    petfood for your pet, I recommend you do. Then head West a
    screen then go into the Weapon and Armor shop. Buy an Insight
    Dagger and a Lucky Vest for Jurio and get another Lucky Vest for
    Chris, then equip these things on your characters and sell the
    dagger, wooden staff, clothing, and cotton robes to the shop owner. 
    Now go East a screen and then North a screen to the docks.
    -Raguna Docks-
    A scene will start and when it ends Chris is gone. Go South a
    screen back to Raguna.
    Talk to the woman in the bar with a ! over her head. Then talk to
    the old man in the building to the West of this one, he also has a !
    over his head. Now go West a screen and talk to Cheryl in the
    SouthWest building, now that you've talked to everyone else with
    a ! the Weapon and Armor shop owner has had a ! appear over his
    head. Talk to him and then go to the closed door in the other room
    of his building.  A scene starts and you find out Chris was helping
    two deserters of the Army, they were escaping when one of them
    got sick, now Jurio has to get medicine for the sick person. So leave
    the store, go East a screen, and enter the store just North of you.
    Talk to the ! girl from across the table (you have to be on the other
    side of the table when you talk to her) and then go give the
    medicine to the two Deserters and exit the shop once the scene
    ends. As you leave the shop another scene starts where Chris
    suggests you visit her uncle named Huck, he is in the building
    just across the road from the Weapon and Armor shop so head
    over there. A scene starts where you talk with Huck until a boy
    named Goch comes looking for money. Huck distracts him while
    he makes a getaway to avoid paying up. After that Chris says you
    must hurry because the ship is leaving. So Save your game then
    head to the Docks.
    -Raguna Docks-
    Head North onto the boat.
    -Hawk Talon-
    A scene starts where you meet one of the shiphands, and he takes
    you to meet the Captain of the ship, his name is Jilba. He says
    you've brought good luck to the ship since you have the Silver
    Dagger, He says you will have to work if you want to eat, (Stupid
    Captain). You are shown to your room, where Chris messes with
    Jurio a little. As the scene is about to end it shows some people
    boarding the boat among them are Shirla and Goose, the thieves
    who tried to steal the Silver Dagger. Not only that, (pause for
    dramatic effect) but they have the room right next to yours! They
    look in the room after you leave to see if you left it there but they
    couldn't find it so they return to their room to figure out how to
    get it from you. Then the scene ends and you are controlling
    Jurio and must clean all the cabins. Go around the ship cleaning all
    the rooms. when you've finished talk to the shiphand Bosray who
    is at the bow of the ship (bow means front). Then go down the
    nearby stairs and talk to Chris who is in the break area. A scene
    will begin where nothing of great importance happens, then when
    it ends head down to your room. Chris will catch Jurio examining
    some "interesting" reading material to say the least (I guess this is
    where that mild suggestive themes rating comes into play). Thus
    day 1 on the Hawk Talon ends. Jurio and Chris have an arguement
    in the morning in which Chris is acting very motherly, afterwards
    Jurio goes to clean the deck, doing a little skating as he does so.
    Then Bulto tells him about Galga a sea monster bigger than a
    whale. Anyways once all the scenes end go to captain Jilbas
    quarters, he isn't there, so go down to the floor that you room is on
    and go towards the bow and talk to Bosray, he says you just
    missed him so now go to the deck of the ship and you will find him
    at the bow. He will let you watch out for other ships, as you do so,
    several scenes will occur. First Chris will come to get the laundry,
    then the couple who came on the boat will come ask you to take
    them to Captain Jilba, when you do the couple tell the captain that
    they think a thief is on board, for their coat and pocketwatch have
    dissapeared. Once the scene ends talk to the captain once more
    since he has a !, then go into the Galley (that means Kitchen) to
    start a scene, Chris and Jurio will change their clothes then go to
    the thieves door which has a ! over it, after that go to Mr. Hestons
    room, Mr. Heston is the rich man who offered Jurio his Gold
    Brooch as a tip. (The way he acts makes me think he might be
    one of the thieves too, guess we'll just have to wait and see.) Now
    go into your cabin to start a scene, Chris asked Jurio if they should
    leave the Silver Dagger there but Jurio decides to keep it with him
    (No one gives him enough credit). Now go past the thieves cabin
    and the empty one to the ships storage area and talk to Bosray
    who has a ! there. This starts a scene in which you'll find your
    Uncle Huck on board! Bosray will come up the stairs saying he
    found the fish with large bite marks on it. The Captain says he
    won't charge Huck for stowing away as long as they don't have
    any other problems with him while on board. After the scene go
    to the bookshelf The couple in the Roudo wanted notice must be
    Goose and Shirla and I believe the other thief may in fact be Mr.
    Heston. Now you, the Captain, and a sailor go to the thieves room
    to confront them, go to the Captains Quarters (room) and check the
    ! to see there are no more Motion Sickness Pills, then go back to
    the captain and tell him, he'll tell you to get some from the ships
    hold. So talk to Bosray to make him move out of the way then go
    down the stairs. You'll face a new enemy down here it is called a
    Giant Rat although I think it looks like a beaver wearing a tree
    branch like a coat, there are a total of three. So once you've found
    the motion sickness pills go upstairs. When you come upstairs you
    will find Bosray unconcious, come to think of it, the whole crew is
    asleep! Go to the Bow of the ship and talk to Garton who has a !
    over his head. This will start a scene in which you must choose
    different responses the first is "Stealing belongings" the second
    answer is "A coat and a watch" the third is "Drugged the tea" and
    the fourth answer is "Wealthy Mr. Heston". Now go down below
    deck and ran past the break area to the hallway that goes into Mr.
    Hestons room. You will spot him but then he will run off, so go up
    the other stairs to the deck and hed to the stern (the back of the 
    boat). Just as Heston is about to make his escape Goose lassoes the bag
    he has and roped in the stuff he stole! Heston jumps overboard to
    swim to a boat he has waiting somewhere nearby while Goose and
    Shirla try to make off with the goods. Jurio chases Shirla then Chris
    gets in front of her and she becomes trapped, but the she throws
    the bag over Chris's head to Goose. The chase continues for a while
    until everyone remembers no one is steering the ship. So they go to
    get Uncle Huck who tells them what to do. Finally after a long night
    they see the coastline of Menarth. When Jurio and Chris awaken
    from their exhaustion induced sleep, they are congratulated by
    Captain Jilba and given 200 Piers as thanks.
    Move into the building and go to the woman at the table, this will
    start a short scene where she will ask if you have anything to
    declare (I think she means make some kind of an anouncement),
    and she will realize you are pilgrims and therefore probably don't
    have anything to declare, and then she will mention that there is a
    famine. Anyways, after that go south to the Weapon and Armor
    shop thats next to the bridge that crosses the river. Buy a Wooden
    Sheild for Jurio and a Ruby staff for Chris. After that go south and
    buy some jerky then cross the bridge, a green haired boy name
    Kai will run into you thus knocking the Silver Dagger into the
    river. He will offer to help but Chris, being so kind says that he
    can run along. You spend a moment looking at the river then you
    must go east, and then south inbetween two houses to examine
    the river further down, move up next to it to have Jurio say
    something then go back to the bridge. A scene will start in which
    one of you mentions "trouble" and suddenly tons of people come
    running! Jurio says he is sure he dropped the dagger into the river
    and everyone splits up to find it, one man named Jean even
    jumps in! (I hope he can swim.) Kai finds it very close to the
    bridge, and then when everyone is gathered on the bridge again
    he says to stop by his house. Spend a night at the Inn if you want
    which is the house just north of the towns exit. After that go south
    to Kai's house to get a white stone from him, equip it to your
    characters along with the equipment you bought from the weapon
    and armor shop if you didn't equip it already. Once that's done
    exit the town to the east.
    -Tide Path-
    Follow the path South and then Eastward into the next area of Tide
    Path, and fight a few monsters along the way but if your level 4 by
    now I would say thats unnecessary. In the next area follow the
    path North to Arude.
    Once here go North to the Arude Weapon and Armor shop to
    buy a Short Sword for Jurio and Silk Robes for both of them, after
    you equip these sell Jurios Insight Dagger and the two Lucky
    Vests before you exchange any Gores you have for Piers. Go to the
    house North of the Weapon and Armor shop, there talk to the !
    person. He will say the Ice Drifts that came early and the Seals on
    the docks are stopping him from taking his boat out. There's nothing
    else to do here so head south.
    -Tide Path-
    Go South all the way then go East a screen.
    -Pine Fields-
    Follow the path here to find an old man with a !, talk to him to learn
    he sprained his ankle. So he asks you to fetch his son Tobai from 
    Arude. Say "yes" and head back along the path.
    -Tide Path-
    You know which way to go from here.
    Go behind the Weapon and Armor shop to find Tobai's house. Talk
    to him to start a scene in which the three of you hurry back to the
    landslide site. 
    -Pine Fields-
    The scene continues with Tobai telling his father that he shouldn't
    have gone to the rockslide, and the oldman (Grandpa Miguel) says
    he doesn't want to be preached to by a coward who won't fish just
    because there are Seals. After that you wind up back at Arude.
    Grandpa Miguel says that he told his son to get you to Negar Island
    at all costs, he should be waiting at the dock for you.
    -Arude Docks-
    Go to the end of the dock. Tobai will yell to you to come over to the
    boat without waking up the Seals, but the fool yells so loud they
    wake up. So head back to town.
    Go to the inn and talk to the guy with the ! over his head. He will
    give you Seals Food, and then you can buy items from him. Buy
    Sapphie Vol. 1 if you want. Then go to the docks.
    -Arude Docks-
    Move right and Jurio will throw the Seals food and you'll "run" to
    the boat.
    -Taratta Deck-
    After the scene go below deck on the nearmost stairs for a bite to
    -Taratta Interior-
    Go into the rooms to the left and read the book at the bookcase.
    By the way your History should have 16% completion now. Now
    talk to Tobai and then go up to the deck.
    -Taratta Deck-
     Go to the bow of the boat to have Jurio say it's his favorite part of
    the boat, then go to the mast to have Chris say it's her favorite part
    of the boat. Then walk along the starboard side of the boat. Chris
    and Jurio will see something and Tobai will come up to see what
    all the commotions about. It appears its the sea monster Galga. A
    cutscene starts which signifies the end of the Prologue - Pilgrims.
    <03.2 Chapter 1 - The Gems of Tegura>
    -Taratta Deck-
    Everyone is on deck watching the huge monster Galga (Doesn't it
    seem weird that Captain Jilba needs a whole crew to run his ship
    and Tobai runs an equally large ship by himself?). Tobai says
    maybe Negar Island was attacked by Galga. Jurio spots someone
    running a small boat off the Port side but he sails away. So then
    the boat arrives on Negar Island.
    -Tegura Docks-
    Tobai asks how you'll get home, since Galga attacked he doesn't
    think you will be able to get a bot back, since you'll only take a day
    or two to go to the shrine and come back he says he'll wait for you.
    By the way you should have 18% completion on your History now.
    -Negar Island-
    Head right to start a scene after which go East.
    Go into the nearby building to buy Sapphie Vol. 2 from the woman
    on the left if you want it also buy any healing items you want or
    pet food if your running out. Then go East to where a man is
    standing in what was once a house, now its just three walls, go
    North from there to find two old people in their house. Talk to the
    old man with the notepad over his head to make your History have
    20% completion. Now exit Tegura to the North.
    -Negar Island-
    You'll encounter new monsters in this area, stone apes and scout
    birds. Follow the path until it splits into two, then head East
    fighting the monsters along the way.
    -Tegura Shrine-
    Go into the shrine itself and enter the Southwestern most room and
    read from the ! bookshelf. After you finish reading the old man will
    ask if you'd seen the magic mirror, when you say no he will
    ask you to tell them what you saw once your done. Now go North
    a screen to find the Sage from Tegura, he will give you a short
    history lesson about the magic mirrors saying about 20 years ago
    the general public began visiting them, and until then only villagers
    on pilgrimage or witches on pilgrimage visited the shrines. A
    cutscene will begin where Seagulls are flying over, well, the Sea of
    course. So then Galga appears and makes huge waves crash onto
    the shore. Then a strange red light appears on the screen and then
    it ends. Talk to the Sage then go south. You will automatically talk
    to the old man, once your done head West.
    -Negar Island-
    Follow the path West then South to Tegura.
    Go to the Southeastern most building and talk to the ! old man. He
    says his grandson Lodi must have left alone to find Galga, he was
    the man Jurio spotted in the small one man boat. He was going to
    get revenge on Galga, because his father and him went fishing
    with Lodi once, and Galga attacked them and killed Lodi's father.
    Grandpa Kebin explains that Galga is normally a peaceful creature
    but occasionally becomes violent as if possessed. The devastation
    of Tegura was caused by another of Galgas violent episodes.
    Miraculously Lodi survived the attack that took his fathers life and
    he washed up on shore three days later. Ever since he's wanted
    revenge on Galga. As soon as he was able to use swords Lodi left
    his grandfather Kebin. Once the conversation switches away from
     Lodi, Kebin asks you to go to the peat swamp and bring back the
    jewels for him. He is a maker and salesman of Jewelry.Say "Yes" to
    help him and then he'll say the peat swamp is in the bottom of the
    mines, he says not to touch any overly large jewels though because
    they could explode. Go North now.
    -Negar Island-
    Go North, following the left side of the road will take you right to
    the mine entrance.
    -Tegura Mines Level 1-
    Follow the path that goes off to the right past a wheelbarrow and
    some sacks until it splits off into two paths, one going up and one
    going right. If you go right you will reach a dead end, going up it
    will initiate a scene where Chris says it's dark and she asks Jurio if
    he's scared, he says he isn't but Chris thinks he's lying. Now the
    path that was leading up splits into two more paths follow the left
    one and when this path splits again take the path that splits off to
    the North. Continue along here past some more wheelbarrows into
    a larger area, just walk to the East along the Northern wall and you
    will come to some stairs, once you find them descend them.
    -Tegura Mines Level 2-
    Go West from the stairs and follow the path, it's straightforward so
    there's no way for you to get lost. Once you've gone far enough a
    scene will begin where Jurio points out the swamp, there are three
    Crimson Fire jewels you need to find in the Peat swamp and they
    are all marked with a red !, if you find a grey ! its one of the
    exploding ones that have grown too big, but don't worry they won't
    explode if you find them, Jurio and Chris will realize it's too big and
    they'llleave it alone. So once you've found all three of the Crimson
    Fires you can start to leave. But *gasp*! An Earthquake hits, (you 
    didn't really think it would be that easy did you?) the Earthquake 
    causes a cave in, thus blocking the exit. Go to the land thats sticks 
    up out in the center of the Peat Swamp to start a scene, once it ends 
    go back and examine the spot thats blocking the exit now to start
    another scene. At the end of the scene go get that large Crimson
    Fire in the peat swamp, now it has a red !. Once the scene ends and
    you can finally leave head along the path and, oh no! Yep, it's
    another landslide, better go tell the miners. Near the end of the
    scene they say that if that landslide was caused by the explosion
    there might be openings that were made by it. So once the scene
    ends go south to the edge of the Peat Swamp then West to where
    theres another path to the left of the one that leads to the blocked
    off exit. Jurio will notice sand dropping in from the ceiling, Jurio
    thinks it's interesting but Chris gets worried it means the ceiling
    could collapse again! Better go tell the nearby miner.
    -Tegura Mines Level 1-
    Once the scene ends head East, then South, then West to find the
    -Negar Island-
    Phew, nice to finally be out of there. From here head South all the
    way back to Tegura.
    Now that your back in town go to the Southeast corner and talk to
    Grandpa Kebin who once again has a !. As thanks for retrieving the
    three gems for him he gives you 100 Piers and a Crimson Fire. Now
    you may finally head back to Tegura Docks, so exit the town through
    the West exit.
    -Negar Island-
    Head West and fight any monsters you spot on the path on your
    -Tegura Docks-
    Talk to the brown haired ! girl in the storage warehouse to start a
    scene. Emena and Inta will board the boat with Jurio and Chris
    after Inta says goodbye to his friend Rimu.
    -Taratta Deck-
    The scene continues and Tobai suggests you go inside due to cold
    Sea Breezes. But Chris and Jurio keep talking out on deck well
    Emena and Inta proceed inside. Jurio asks Chris if she had any
    idea what the Moonlight Witch was like, some people blame her
    for bad happenings while others praise her for their good crops.
    Chris says she tends to associate witches with mean old women, but
    she thinks the Moonlight Witch had a good heart. Anyway then the
    scene ends so I suggest you save your game and then head below
    -Taratta Interior-
    Go into the room where everyone is gathered to find out that Inta
    is seasick luckily you still have the motion sickness pills that 
    Captain Jilba gave you. Once he's had one Inta will be up and around in 
    no time. You can head up onto the deck now.
    -Taratta Deck-
    Talk to Inta who has a ! over his head, to learn that he's playing
    Captain Thomas. Anyways then check the spot where a new ! has
    appeared to start a scene.
    -Wedge Peninsula-
    Once the scene ends go West.
    -Pine Fields-
    Go West to the road then go South a screen. Follow the path on this
    screen South and then East to start a scene. Once it's over go North
    to Tituta.
    Go to the Weapon and Armor shop and buy a Flame Dagger for
    Jurio and sell his Short Sword. Then go East all the way so your
    walking along the edge of the seaside cliff, from here walk North
    and talk to that man from the scene you saw outside of Tituta (his
    name's Alf) who has a ! over his head. Once the scene has finished
    you should exit the town.
    -Pine Fields-
    Go South and talk to the two ! guards. Try to walk inbetween them,
    they will stop you and say you should go back to Tituta so you
    might as well, head North.
    Go back to where Alf is standing and talk to him, because once
    again he has a !, this will start a scene. (Man, Chris is rude).
    -Pine Fields-
    Once the scene ends go East a screen.
    -Jewel Road-
    You'll face a new enemy in this area called a Biter Wolf. If Jurio
    and Chris aren't level 6 yet fight the monsters in this area until
    they are then continue East a screen. Read the sign here to initiate
    a short scene, afterwards have three fights in this area then head
    South all the way and then go East un til you can't anymore, then
    follow the path North. When you see an old man talk to him to
    initiate a scene, once it's over continue along the path and enter 
    The building to the South of the road is sort of segmented into to
    parts, enter the right part and talk to the old lady to add to your
    history, Now you should have 25% completion. Now the building to the
    right of this one is also segmented enter the right part, thats the
    Weapon and Armor shop, this is going to be expensive so you might
    need to fight some more battles but buy 1 Iron Sword, 2 Moonlight
    Robes, and a Steel Spear. Equip the Iron Sword and one of the
    Moonlight Robes on Jurio, then put the other Moonlight Robe on
    Chris, and of course equip the Steel Spear on Alf. Then sell all your
    old equipment to the Arms dealer. Now go East a screen and enter the
    house with all the Soldiers in it to start a scene. After that go west 
    screen and go into the Goods Store and talk to the soldier standing in
    front of the desk. After the scene buy Sapphie Vol. 3 from the store 
    owner. Now go East a screen again and go as far East through here as 
    can to trigger a scene in which, you will see Lodi but he takes off in 
    his boat again. So keep going East to see an old man with a ! talk to
    him. After your finished try to exit the town through the South exit
    but a ! soldier is in the way, talk to him to be able to pass him.
    -Jade Road-
    In this area you will face new monsters called Poison Squirrels, so
    level Chris in this area so she learns cure poison because the poison
    squirrels are of course, poisonous. Now take the path on the right
    thats leading South. Eventually you will wind up on another screen,
    follow the path, fighting a few monsters along the way and eventually
    you will see a man walking along the path talk to him to find out he's
    a trader so if you need anything you can buy it from him. Continue on
    and read the sign, Congratulations your halfway there! Continue along
    the path to the next area.
    -Topaz Beach-
    Continue West through here to initiate a scene in which you will 
    meet Lodi, in fact he'll join your party. Now head South a screen into
    another section of Topaz Beach. In this area you will meet new
    enemies, Horned Squirrels, and Land Penguins (Penguins are so
    cool!). Head South, fight a few monsters and go South a screen.
    -Lapis Road-
    Go South until you see a sign, if you read it you will find out that
    Tyuyell is just South of you (This calls for a parade! But I don't
    eithier of us have that kind of money so instead go buy a party hat).
    Once the scene ends go to the Weapon and Armor shop just South
    of you. Buy 1 Iron Sword, 1 Silver Staff, 2 Small Shields, and 2
    Moonlight Robes. Then equip the Small Shield on Jurio, the Silver
    Staff on Chris, a Moonlight Robe on Alf, the Iron Sword the Small
    Shield and the Moonlight Robes on Lodi. Go West to the Southwestern
    most building and talk to the ! old manand then save. Go to the
    building in the Northeastern most part of town and go inside, you
    will find a hallway in the building that leads North a screen.
    -Tyuyell Shelter-
    Go right all the way past the woman at the desk and talk to the
    man with the notepad over his head and then go back to the girl at
    the desk and go North a screen.
    -Tyuyell Docks-
    Go North past the goods stacked in crates and barrels and talk to
    the man with the !. Then Go South a screen.
    -Tyuyell Shelter-
    From here go South another screen.
    Go to the house of that old man you talked to before, talk to the ! old
    woman. Then try to enter the house thats just North of you to start a
    scene. Then leave through the towns West Exit.
    -Twin Dragon Valley-
    Go West and then North a screen. Follow this path North and then
    West a screen. Once the scene ends continue along the path to start
    another scene after which Chapter 1 - The Gems of Tegura ends.
    <03.3 Chapter 2 - Battle of Bolt >
    -Tolz Road-
    In this area you will face new enemies including Rock Apes and
    Needle Dresses. Fight the enemies you see along the path as you
    go South a screen. Follow the path South, then East, then South
    again.Anyways just keep following the path it's all straightforward,
    eventually a scene will start.
    After the scene go behind the building to the North of you and talk
    to the brown haired boy to recieve a free copy of Sapphie Vol. 4.
    Go to the building South of you and talk to the man that lives there
    he will ask you what game he should play at the casino, tell him
    he shouldn't play at all. Go East along the path, when you see a
    blue haired boy talk to him to start a short scene. After that go to
    the Weapon and Armor shop which is further East from here, and
    then buy two Hemp Capes. one for Jurio and one for Lodi, don't
    forget to equip them. Then, from the Weapon and Armor shop go
    to the building North of you, talk to the old lady and rest at the inn.
    Then go North to the casino. Go upstairs and talk to Roule who is
    playing roulette and has a !. Afterwards leave the casino and follow
    the path East and then follow it North a screen. Go around to the
    back of the house to find two kids and start a scene. Go follow
    them to start another scene in which the kids say they snuck
    around back to see the big house, and that one of the soldiers out
    front gave them a dirty look as if they were thieves. So Chris yells
    at the guard who then starts crying (hehe, what a wimp of a soldier).
    Now go to the second floor of the casino and talk to the blue haired
    man at the head of the roulette table who has a !. Whether you
    pick red or black it doesn't matter, same goes for the second time
    you have to choose. A horrific scene of deplorable gambling
    ensues thats so horrific and deplorable I won't go into the details
    sufice to say the guy cheats and you lose all your money and the
    Silver Dagger. The scene continues for awhile then when it ends
    your at that inn I told you to rest at earlier. Go talk to the brown
    haired guy. After the scene find the stairs and go left to take another
    set of stairs to the third floor. Move over to the white haired dude
    at the table. Grab a bag of lentil seeds from any of the boxes and
    go South back to the town itself. Now go to where the Weapon
    and Armor shop is. Now head west, inbetween the building to
     the left of the Weapon and Armor shop and the building to the
    left of that, is a path leading South out of town, take it.
    -Poison Swamp Area-
    In this area you will face new enemies including Blue Horn Frogs,
    Power Moles and Crusher Beetles. Go South through here to see a
    monster go over to it to start a fight. Once thats over a scene starts,
    once it's over continue going South until you see a river to your
    left, go over to the wooden board that looks like it used to be part
    of a bridge. Walk over the board and you will be able to get into
    the river and avoid any more battles on your way. The river is
    very straight forward just continue along it until you reach Dartu.
    Continue following the river, until you see a little wooden dock,
    you can walk onto it to get out of the river. From the dock go
    directly North to the building with the old man wearing the red hat
    to start a scene. Afterwards go East a screen and enter the first
    building you see to the South. Talk to the white haired old
    blacksmith and buy two steel swords and equip them on Jurio and
    Lodi, then sell their old swords. Now go West a screen and then
    North a screen.
    -Poison Swamp Area-
    A scene starts once your here when it ends poke around the water
    to find and check the ! to find the Kitara.
    After the ominous and depressing scene talk to Torova and then
    talk to the Mayor to find out Grandma Crowa lives upstream, off to
    the right at the point where two rivers merge. So leave Dartu to the
    -Poison Swamp Area-
    Go over the bridge and then go East a screen. Follow the path over
    another bridge, then go right and go over yet another bridge. Go
    North from this bridge to come to the last bridge which leads to her
    house. Talk to the green haired ! boy who is fishing. Then go inside
    and talk to ! Grandma Crowa, twice. Then go outside and talk to the
    boy again to start a scene that will take you back to Dartu.
    You should turn up the volume on you PSP if it's not at maximum
    because the Kitara can be hard to hear, but it does sound pretty
    energetic and fun. So now you can leave the village through the
    North exit.
    -Poison Swamp Area-
    Go back to Grandma Crowa's house again and talk to her to add to
    your history. Check your History to see that you have 32% complete.
    Now walk back to Dice through the Swamp.
    A scene will start in which the silver haired man calls Roule Ramone
    and Roule calls him Thomas, remember the book you read onboard
    the Taratta called Captain Thomas? Haha, thats kind of a cool twist,
    anyway go to the inn and rest, then buy any items you need and
    exit Dice to the West
    -Road of Dreams-
    Go South a screen. In this area you will fight new monsters including
    Flaming Sybils, and Lancerta Dragons. Continue going South to
    start a scene. Anyways after the scene go South again until the path
    starts to turn East, then just keep following it that way.
    -Three City Bridge-
    *NOTE: I've been informed (by Chi21) that if you hurry on the bridge 
    you can be the 10,000th person to cross and win a small prize*
    Follow the path to the entrance to the Three City Bridge, thus
    starting a scene. Talk to the guard and say your going to Ambisch.
    Just follow the bridge it is very straightforward. Eventually a scene
    will start, when its finished continue on your way. Eventually
    another scene will start congratulations you are the 10,001st person
    to cross the bridge, for doing so you get, absolutely nothing! The
    guy who was ahead of you got a prize. Anyways go East a screen.
    -Dotta Fortress-
    Go talk to the blondish haired woman to buy Sapphie Vol. 5 from
    her. Then try to go east but the ! gaurd won't let you through, make
    sure you talk to him twice then start to walk North to start a scene
    (dirty Jurio lol). Afterwards go to the Southeast corner of the 
    and talk to Passin the guy who got the 10,000th person prize. He
    says the guard at the East gate is short tempered and if you make
    him angry enough to chase you you could lead him away from the
    door. So go over to the guard and talk to him then run around the
    guard tower that Chris had climbed up before, and get to the
    unguarded gate.
    -Elza Beach-
    You will encounter a new enemy in this area called a Beach Kargess.
    Try to level to 14 here. Once you've done that head East a screen.
    Follow the path to start a scene.
    After the scene go East a screen and go into the soldiers mess hall to
    talk to the ! green haired kand master Magisa. Then go talk to King
    Alfred in his tent. When you leave the tent a short scene occurs,
    afterwards go all the way North to the beach and then go East a
    screen. Continue going East past the guard on the outpost, then
    Southeast to talk to the ! guard. Then go back to town and walk up
    to Alf to start a scene. Afterwards heal your characters, refill their
    magic, and save your game. Then head Southeast to where Alf is to
    start a scene during which, I realized Chris is insane. Anyways after
    all the scenes have ended go to your menu, save and then you can
    start the battle!
    Boss: Bazera and 2x Bazeminions
    Bazera has around 1500-2000 HP while the Bazeminions have
    roughly 300 HP each. Use everyones finishing moves on Bazera
    first. Then while your waiting for your power gauges to fill up,
    attack the Bazeminions. Have Chris be your primary healer with
    her spells.
    Once you've defeated Bazera, Chapter 2 - Battle of Bolt will end.
    Congratulations you've taken another step closer to beating the
    <03.4 Chapter 3 - Shadow>
    After the scene equip the Magic Ring +2 on Jurio so his spells will be
    stronger. Then you should buy anything you need around town,
    cure potions, mind potions, and petfood if you need any of it. Then
    leave the town through the South exit.
    -Serpent's Backbone-
    Here you will face a new enemy called the Fanged Wolf. Fight all
    the enemies you see on your way South, or at least fight enough to
    reach level 15. Anyways just keep following the path and eventually
    you shall reach Igunis Shrine.
    -Igunis Shrine-
    Follow the path to the building itself. Go into the room on the left
    and examine the ! notepad bookshelf. Read the other ones two for
    interesting occurences. Also the blond haired girl has Sapphie Vol. 6
    buy a copy. Then go to the shrine itself to watch the scene in the
    magic mirror. You'll see beautiful stars but then you see a shadow
    (of a man?). Anyways once all the scenes are done go talk to everyone
    then check your history to see you have 37% completion. Exit the
    area through the Southwest exit.
    -Serpent's Backbone-
    Head South go West a screen.
    -Serpent Fields-
    Follow the path, fighting until you reach level 16, then go West a
    screen. Continue West another screen.
    -Amdera Castle Town-
    Go West to the Weapon and Armor shop and buy a Master's Knife
    for Jurio and a Staff of Light for Chris. Equip them on your characters
    and then sell Jurios Steel Sword and Chris's Silver Staff. Now go to
    the building South of the Weapon shop and talk to the white haired
    old man inside. Then go around past the tool shop and talk to the
    brown haired man at the corner of the building to start another
    comedic scene. Then go North of the Weapon and Armor shop and
    enter the building to the left of the chapel dogfood store and talk to
    the girl inside. Once that short scene ends talk to the blue haired 
    in front of the building. Then go find the bar and talk to the !
    bartender then talk to the old man at the table (poor comedically
    senile old man). Go to the river just South of the tool shop and talk
    to the green haired boy, it's Rio (weird kid). Now follow the path
    West to see Rio outside of his grandmothers house talk to him for a
    laugh or two and then go North to talk to the two guards who are
    guarding the North exit. Then head North a screen.
    -Castle Amdera 1st Floor-
    Go North the guards will give you directions as you pass them and
    a scene will start.
    -Castle Amdera 2nd Floor-
    Once the scene ends look around if you want and enter the audience
    room. Another scene will start (I won't spoil it for you) once it has
    ended go down to the first floor.
    -Castle Amdera 1st Floor-
    Visit Lodi. Now talk to the ! guard in the room North of Lodi's.
    Now go upstairs again.
    -Castle Amdera 2nd Floor-
    Go to your room and talk to the ! maid. Then go West onto the
    balcony and talk to ! Queen Jorina. Then follow the balcony as far
    South as it will go then go East into the castles library. Read all the
    books and talk to the ! old man. Now go down a floor (again).
    -Castle Amdera 1st Floor-
    Go into the kitchen and talk to the ! chef. Now go upstairs again.
    -Castle Amdera 2nd Floor-
    Go into your room to take a rest. Once the scene ends go downstairs.
    -Castle Amdera 1st Floor-
    Exit the castle and go to the town.
    -Amdera Castle Town-
    Go to the bar and talk to the bartender Domingo. Then go to the
    beds to rest (finally). A scene will start with the shy guard and maid,
    (as soon as it started I realized what was about to happen). After the
    scene talk to the old man. As you leave the bar the Castle chef will
    show up and a scene will start.
    -Castle Amdera 1st Floor-
    Talk to Lodi and then after the other scenes are done go to the
    second floor.
    -Castle Amdera 2nd Floor-
    Talk to the librarian to get a cookbook, the ingredients listed to
    make tomato stew are Tomato puree, onions, carrots, celery,
    potatoes, red sauce, garlic, olive oil, spices, and rock salt. Then 
    to the queen who is still on the balcony, go into the room across the
    hall from the throne room and talk to the maid to get the curry spice.
    Talk to Magisa in the room across from the balcony. Now go down
    a floor.
    -Castle Amdera 1st Floor-
    Go talk to Chris to find out that you have Olive Oil, Rock Salt,
    Cabbages, and Curry Spice. So go South to town.
    -Amdera Castle Town-
    Talk to the girl in the house to the East of you. Then talk to the blue
    haired boy in the house East of that one. Now follow the path South
    past the Weapon and Armor shop and talk to the brown haired girl
    and then talk to the blue haired boy in the building South of you,
    then talk to the brown haired man in fron of this building. The
    enter the building with the brown and white haired men inside, talk
    to both of them. Then talk to the blond girl in the building West of
    this one to get several items. Now enter the building West of you to
    get Sour Cream. Go into the house West of that and then the building
    North of that one. Then talk to Domingo the bar owner. Then go
    into the Northwestern most house and talk to the blue haired boy
    inside. Go North to the castle.
    -Castle Amdera 1st Floor-
    Give everything to Chris. The ingredients you should have now are
    tomato puree, onions, carrots, celery, potatoes, red sauce, garlic,
    olive oil, spices, rock salt, beef, fish and shellfish, cabbages,
    demiglace, beets, sour cream, saffron, curry spice, coconut milk, and
    yogurt. She will ask you what you think she should cook, pick one
    at random. After the scene talk to Alf then go into the room where
    the stairs to the second floor are and look under the table.
    Afterwards go into the kitchen and talk to Alf. Then go talk to Lodi.
    Then examine the bottom left bed. This will start a very long series
    of scenes. Afterwards exit the castle to the South.
    -Amdera Castle Town-
    Go to the Weapon and Armor shop and buy the Staff of Light for
    Morrison and sell any of the extra items you have leftover from old
    characters but keep your accessories. Equip the Thomas' Medal and
    Magic Ring+2 on Jurio, a Hemp Cape and the Power Ring +1 on
    Chris, and the Veteran's Cape and a Hemp Cape on Morrison along
    with the Staff of Light you just bought. Go buy some petfood if you
    need it, along with some curing items, then go sleep for free at the
    inn. Then exit town through the West exit.
    -Amdera Road-
    Follow the path West and then North a screen. Continue to follow it
    North to trigger a short scene and then follow it West a screen.
    -Dotta Fortress-
    Enter the fortress itself to trigger a short scene with that guard you
    got past earlier. Then enter the little building to see Shinon, the
    woman you met who was entering Ragpick village to see Lap when
    you left. Head West onto the bridge.
    -Three City Bridge-
    Just walk along the bridge eventually a scene will occur. Afterwards
    continue on. Ignore the dissapearing man and continue on to the
    guard for another scene (Hmm, thats most likely not good).
    Anyways continue to the next area.
    -Road of Dreams-
    Follow this path until you reach a sign, go West from here.
    -Wind Valley Checkpoint-
    Congratulations! To enter Oldos you get to... fill out paperwork!
    Nah just kidding, show the only free worker your Silver Dagger.
    Then go wait in the waiting room its the Southwest room of the
    building. After the scene go West.
    <03.5 Chapter 4 - The Forest>
    -Forest of Tranquility-
    In this area you will face new enemies including Helper Bee's and
    Commando Bird's. After the scene equip any accessories you might
    have onto Goose, I gave him a Hemp Cape and a White Stone. As
    long as your here you might as well level up so fight any monsters
    you see. Head West a screen once you've beaten all the monsters
    here. Kill all the monsters in this area and then follow the path West
    and then North a screen, ignore the path that splits off West. Just
    follow the path North through here.
    Go into the Weapon and Armor shop here to buy 3 Fleeting Robes,
    Morrison already has some so equip them on Jurio, Chris, and
    Goose. If you don't have enough money try unequipping your
    characters current armor and see if you will have enough once you
    sell it. If you still don't have enough re-equip their armor and go
    fight some more monsters. Then go to the Northwest building in
    town and talk to the blue haired man. Then talk to the Mayor. Now
    go just North of the Northwestern most building to see someone
    looking at the view from up on the lookout. Go talk to him, it's Joy
    from Raguna. He says Pad is on the lookout on the opposite side of
    town. If you have any characters that aren't level 18 yet you can use
    the inn here for free then go fight monsters to level. Also I noticed
    this while I was looking around in town, if you open your map in
    town the only thing it will show is Tonerico and the Forest of
    Deception North of it. Also, if you open it outside of town the town
    will no longer be on the map, nor will the Forest of Deception.
    Anyways it does not seem there is anything else to do here now so
    leave through the South exit.
    -Forest of Tranquility-
    Follow the path South through here. Follow this path South until it
    branches off West. Continue West into Shifool.
    Go into the nearby tool shop and buy Sapphie Vol. 7 if you don't
    have it already. Go into the tavern and talk to the bartender and the
    old man. Go into the house West of the bar and talk to the brown
    haired girl and the blue haired boy, rest here. Now go to the West
    exit of town and talk to ! Pebra, the man who is blocking the exit.
    Now go through the North exit.
    -Castle Shifool-
    Talk to the two ! guards and head North into the castle itself. Go
    West at this intersection of hallways ang go into the far room to talk
    to the queen, then talk to the chef in the near room to learn the
    Sages taste in food has changed recently. Hmm, sounds to me like
    somethings fishy here, and I don't mean the Sages dinner. Now go
    North from the intersection of hallways and talk to the ! king. Now
    save your game and heal then go outside of the castle and go to the
    West corner of the castle to see the sage. Talk to him to start a 
    Go West through here sticking to the path so you don't get lost.
    Eventually it will split into two, one going North one going East,
    take the one going East. Continue to follow the path and you will
    reach the Sage. A scene will start and his true identity will be
    revealed, it's the man who dissapeared on the three city bridge!
    Wizard Kajim!
    Miniboss:  2x Gilbazera's
    The Gilbazera's have around 300 Hp each so don't waste a Finishing
    Move on them, just use regular attacks and they will be dead in 3-4
    You will have to fight Kajim next but it doesn't matter what you do
    you will lose no matter what so don't waste your finishing moves.
    After the fight a scene starts, once it ends go North to the castle.
    -Castle Shifool-
    Go to the intersection of hallways and go East into the empty room
    there. to start yet another scene.
    Boss: Wizard Kajim and 2x Gilbazera's
    Wizard Kajim has roughly 800-900 Hp and the Gilbazera's have
    about 300 Hp each. Use regular attacks on the Gilbazera's until they
    are dead. Then use everyone's finishing moves on Kajim, you may
    need to use Chris's La Cure spell once or twice in the battle.
    A scene starts where they look in the magic mirror and see a
    beautiful scene with trees by a lake and some kind of glowing
    butterfly dissapearing and reapearing as it flew over the lake, then
    an animal appeared like a buffalo or a buck and the moonlight
    witch appeared beside it and then they both dissapeared.
    After the scene, rest at that womans house in town. Save your
    game, stock up on items, and exit town to the South.
    -Grace Mountains-
    In this area you will face new enemies called Red Fin Frog's,
    Compee's, and Mirage Karimeg's. Head South fighting all the
    monsters you see along the way. Eventually a short scene will start
    where Jurio notices Chris is pale, continue on fighting all the
    monsters you see as you continue South a screen. From here take
    the path South and then East a screen, you can avoid the battles in
    this area.
    -Angora Road-
    In this area you will face new enemies including Poisoned Rats and
    Killer Bears. Fight battles here until all of your characters are at 
    least level 20. Then go East a screen.
    -Sacred Gate-
    Here buy two Broad Swords from the trader, equip them on Jurio
    and Goose. Don't forget to sell their old swords. Then go talk to the
    guard at the gate.
    -Oldos Town Area-
    Exit the building go South and then go West a screen. Go South
    over a bridge then head East around the houses to the windmills,
    the doctor is there. After the scene go back to the screen you found
    the doctor on. Once again, go West a screen from the building Chris
    and Goose are in. The person your looking for is in the Northwestern
    most part of this screen. Talk to the woman in her house and then
    go give the book to the doctor. Afterwards talk to the man at the
    desk downstairs to rest, then exit town to the West.
    -Sacred Gate-
    Exit to the West.
    -Angora Road-
    Go South from here into Torif.
    -Torif Checkpoint-
    Go through here, talk to the ! guard and continue on.
    -North Heats Road-
    In this area you will encounter new enemies such as Blue Mantis's
    and Copper Crabs. Start walking South you will start a scene in
    which Jurio spots Shirla, during the scene she joins you to help
    Goose. Equip Flleting Robes on her. Now go South a screen. From
    here go South and when you see the sign go West a screen. Now
    follow the path through here to reach Haizen.
    -Haizen, Castle Town-
    Your just passing through here on you way to Riz's. Use the South
    -North Heats Road-
    Just follow the path South through this area.
    -Riz's House-
    Go inside and examine her pet bear named bang bang, and then talk
    to Riz. There was a small joke in this scene, in the first Legend of
    Heroes game A Tear of Vermillion, a girl dropped her stuffed
    animal, which was a bear named bang bang, into a river and Avin
    and Mile (the Heroes from the first game) had to go find it. Anyways
    after the scene equip Chris's Staff of Light on Filly then use the
    Northern exit.
    -North Heats Road-
    Fight three battles in this area as you head North.
    -Haizen, Castle Town-
    Go into the Northeastern most building in town and talk to the ! old
    woman inside. As you leave the house a scene will start. Afterwards
    exit to the East.
    -North Heats Road-
    Head East a screen. Now start to go East to commence a scene.
    Afterwards go East and then head North.
    -Torif Checkpoint-
    Go straight North through here.
    -Angora Road-
    Head North to start a scene. Afterwards head North until the path
    splits, go West.
    -Grace Mountain-
    Go West and then North a screen. Head North straight through this
    Now exit town to the East.
    -Forest of Tranquility-
    Go East until the path splits, then head North. Follow the path
    North through here.
    Aha! Now we return to Tonerico and the Forest of Deception. Go to
    the lookout in the Northeastern corner of town to start a scene with
    Pad. Then go talk to the mayor.
    -Forest of Deception-
    Follow the path until it splits then go East, then when it comes to a
    large open area go North. In this area follow the path when it splits
    go West. Go DIRECTLY North after you go West, I mean it right
    after you go West there is a very small path going North that you
    will miss if you keep going. Then as you follow this path it will make
    a n shape, as you head South on the Eastern side of the n, you will
    reach a part of the path that has a Y shape with you being on the
    left fork of the y, when you get here go up the right fork of the Y.
    You will see the butterfly at a monument. Examine the ! monument.
    Now go back to the first area of the forest and Head West a screen
    from here but be aware that near the exit is another monument do
    not examine it or you will have to start over. Now look around in
    this area to see the butterfly once again. Follow it to find the 
    After the scene go East a screen. Now exit the forest to the South.
    Talk to the mayor to start another scene.
    -Oldos Town Area-
    In it Jurio and friends return to the inn. Where Filly mixes the potion
    and Shirla and Jurio gives the potion to their friends. After Shirla
    and Goose leave, reunited with eachother, Morrison says that now
    Jurio and Chris must visit the Grand Cathedral to see the final
    Magic Mirror. Talk to the priest at the bridge, he will ask you 5
    questions the answers are Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, and No. Now
    continue past the Priest, across the bridge, to the Religous District.
    -Religous District-
    Follow the path through this area, through a few houses, past a
    windmill, over a bridge, and North a screen to the Grand Cathedral.
    -Grand Cathedral-
    Go directly North to the very large room of the cathedral, after the
    scene talk to the ! Head Oracle at the back of the room. Afterwards
    go upstairs. From here go up more stairs to start a scene where an
    organist plays the "Hymn of Calling" to celebrate your arrival. Then
    go up[stairs again to the roof. Where the Great Oracle Denken is
    waiting for you. He explains that lately the Magic Mirror has been
    showing him ominous signs and that it showed him that two people
    would come who could help. When Jurio and Chris look to the
    Magic Mirror they see Ominous dark clouds over the land, and
    many soldiers that gathered in Castle Roudo in Pholthia. A sorcerer
    rose a glowing ball to the ceiling, and Chris and Jurio hear "Raual".
    When they talk to the Great Oracle again he says that Raual is the
    end of the world. After the scene is done you may leave the Grand
    -Religous District-
    Just head right through here.
    -Oldos Town Area-
    A scene begins as you enter this area, afterwards Chapter 4 ends.
    <03.6 Chapter 5 - A Lake Divided>
    -Sacred Gate-
    Exit to the West.
    -Angora Road-
    In this area you will face new enemies called Healer Hermits. Head
    South a screen.
    -Torif Checkpoint-
    Head South into the building and talk to the guard who is on the
    Eastern side and then head South.
    -South Heats Road-
    In this area you will encounter Rapoopils and Wild Boars. Just
    continue South until you reach the Luiz Checkpoint, fighting any
    monsters you see on your way.
    -Luiz Checkpoint-
    Go past the guard, talk to the ! old man to show him your Silver
    Dagger, then exit to the West past another guard.
    -South Heats Road-
    In this area you will encounter Shocker Sybils. Head North a screen
    from here. Now head North until the path turns, when it does, 
    follow it West to Horuku.
    Welcome to Horuku. As long as we're here lets take a look at our
    equipment. Jurio has a Sundering Sword, Fleeting Robes, a Large
    Shield, and for accessories he has a Thomas' Medal and a Magic
    Ring +2. Chris and Filly both have a Staff of Light, and Fleeting
    Robes. Chris has a Hemp Cape and a Power Ring +1. Filly has a
    Hemp Cape and a Veteran's Cape. Try to keep them close to this
    equipment setup. Now go to the tool shop which is the building
    just South of you. Buy cure, recure, mind, and remind potions so
    your maxed out on all. Then buy Sapphie Vol. 8 and then sell your
    extra weapons and armor but keep your extra accessories. Then go
    into the other section of this building and talk to the Arms Dealer
    from across the table. Buy a Sundering Sword and a Large Shield
    and equip them both on Jurio before you sell his Broadsword and
    Small Shield. Now go talk to the ! Guard at the West exit of town.
    Now go into the building North of the shops and talk to the blue
    haired boy at the desk to get some rest. Now enter the building
    North of that one to talk to an old man with a notepad over his head.
    Now you have done everything that you have to but if you want to
    you can talk to the townspeople to learn more about whats going
    on. When your done head North a screen.
    -Horuku, Calak Mansion-
    Talk to the guard that is closest to you, and then go talk to the two
    door guards. This will start a scene in which you show one of the
    door guards Alf's ring and then they take you inside for questioning.
    After the questioning he'll take you to see King Calak. The King
    says that a traveler namede Belart told Calak that his brother, the
    King of Haizen was preparing for war. So Calak began to build a
    fortress. Eventually he halted construction but Belart took control
    by taking the queen prisoner to the fortress to make sure
    construction continued. So now Jurio and friends need to go to
    Haizen to confirm that the King is not planning on attacking
    Horuku. So Calak gives you a letter to present to his brother in
    Haizen and makes arrangements for you to travel there. So now
    you can exit the castle, don't forget to talk to that guard I had you
    talkto when you first entered this area. Then you can take the South
    Well there doesn't seem to be anything that you have to do here so
    if you need it get some rest at the inn, buy some petfood, and head
    -Hedz Road-
    In this area you will face new enemies such as Karimegs and
    Vadartha Dragons. Head West and a scene will start and Filly will
    mention the rough path that leads to her house, you can use it to
    get to Haizen. So when the path turns go North.
    -Wild Path-
    Just head straight North through here there are no enemies
    -Riz's House-
    Go inside her house and talk to Bang Bang and Riz and then go
    -North Heats Road-
    In this area you will encounter Copper Crabs. If not all your
    characters are level 23 yet fight monsters in this area. When your
    done head North a screen to Haizen.
    -Haizen, Castle Town-
    There's nothing you have to do here so go North.
    -Castle Haizen, 1st Floor-
    Go into the Castle and keep heading forward until you reach the stairs,
    take them up.
    -Castle Haizen, 2nd Floor-
    The room to the right of the stairs is the throne room, go in there to
    see the king. Once the scene is over go to the first floor.
    -Castle Haizen, 1st Floor-
    Go back to the town.
    -Haizen, Castle Town-
    Exit town to the South.
    -North Heats Road-
    Head South through this area.
    -Riz's House-
    Save your game and head East.
    -North Heats Road-
    Head East until you can go South, then continue South until you
    see two ! guards. Talk to them both, then try to go right by them,
    then talk them both again. This will start a scene in which you will
    get by the guards.
    -North-South Road-
    In this area you will encounter Wildfire Wolfs. Continue going
    South until you reach Horuku Fortress.
    -Horuku Fortress-
    Talk to each of the ! guards and then try to enter the Fortress, talk
    to them again to start a scene. Once inside go to the Southwest
    building which is the armory. Once thats done go to the North exit
    and try to go outside to start another scene. After the scene go into
    the Southeast building and examine the locked door to initiate yet
    another scene. Afterwards go into the building north of the Armor
    and examine the ! cabinet to find the key. Take the key to the locked
    door to find the Queen, as your leaving Belart catches you and throws
    you all in the room with the Queen. Goose, Shirla, and the bandits
    that attacked you earlier, show up to steal the day! Err, I mean save
    it. When you regain control examine the door. Then go check the
    North exit, the South exit, the armory, and Belarts room. Once you've
    done that go ontop of the lookout, that will start yet another scene.
    -Horuku, Calak Mansion-
    Once the scene ends you can go back to town.
    Buy petfood and any healing items you need before exiting town to
    the West.
    -Hedz Road-
    Head West in this area until a scene starts and you part ways with
    Filly. Afterwards head South to start another scene with Ryunel,
    the guard from the checkpoint in Oldos. He says the source of
    Pholthias troubles are coming from Castle Roudo. Lodi's swordmaster,
    Master Durzel is being incarcerated in Dorufes but apparently he
    has made contact with the Moonlight Witch. Continue South a
    screen. Follow the path here South until it turns West, follow it a
    screen over.
    -Desert Checkpoint-
    Talk to the Immigration Officer to show him your Silver Dagger.
    Contine on to show it to another Immigration Officer who says
    there are rumors that King Rudolf of Pholthia is trying to force
    Tirasweel to join with him. Anyways exit to the West to end
    Chapter 5.
    <03.7 Chapter 6 - The Prophecy>
    -Desert of Thirst-
    In this area you will encounter Shell Squirass and Jabawoo's. This
    area is a great place to level up. So try to reach level 25 before
    leaving the area.  Once you reach level 25 you can head North a
    screen. Walk along this screen until you see the North exit, when
    you can see it fight nearby monsters until you reach level 27. Once
    your done you can head North a screen.
    As you enter town a man will run from the nearby building out of
    town, then the building will explode! Jurio and Chris wake up in
    cells. Some guards come in and take Chris. Anyways once the leangthy
    scene is done talk to Naje and exit her house. Go into the building
    just East of her house and talk to the ! girl. Now go to Kandata's
    house which is just East of the building your in now. Talk to the
    blue haired boy and examine the note on the wall inside (I have my
    own supicions of who the Desert Panther is but we'll see if I'm right
    later). Now go to the house North of this one to talk to the ! old man
    inside. Go into the Weapon and Armor store West of this house to
    exchange any Gores you have for Piers. Equip a Hemp Cape and a
    Power Ring +1 on Badatt. Now head North a screen. Talk to the !
    guard at the North exit then try to use the exit. Now go to the East
    side of the colliseum and talk to the ! green haired boy there. Now
    talk to the guard guarding the exit you used to escape the colliseum
    for a laugh and then exit to the South. Go to Naje's house and talk
    to ! her inside.
    -Desert of Thirst-
    Thanks to Naje you've now gotten out of town. I had you do all
    that leveling before so you wouldn't have to do it now. So head
    West and then North to start a scene. Afterwards continue North.
    Walk along the ruins until you come to a staircase, descend it.
    -Ruins, Level 1-
    Take the left hallway North. Examine the mosaic on the wall. It
    depicts to serpents, one light, one dark, representing Bardus and
    Octum, good and evil entwined in a neverending battle. Now there
    are two more hallways take the one leading East first to start a scene
    once it ends go back and take the other hallway. Once you've
    entered the large chamber take the East path from here to examine
    a treasure chest, open it to find an ancient sword. As long as your
    finding ancient swords here's a history lesson on the game. Kabessa
    was a sword from The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion,
    supposedly Bardus (the good god) split his body into five pieces
    that when combined made Kabessa. Now from the chest head
    South. Open another chest in the corner, it contains Mirage Armor,
    equip it on Badatt. From the chest go west to a raised platform and
    then go South. Examine the corpse and the chest and head East.
    When you come to the dragon statue go North and examine the
    chest for a Spider Knife. Now go West and follow the path back
    around to the dragon statue and take the path South. Examine the
    skeletons and go North to find the exit stairs, ascend them.
    Follow the path out of here.
    -Desert of Thirst-
    In this area you will face enemies such as Salamanders and Goat
    Compees. Avoid fights in this area. Head North until a scene starts.
    Then continue North a screen.
    For a laugh once you've entered the town go West all the way to
    the West wall and talk to the trader at the stall there. Then go find
    the tool shop and buy Sapphie Vol. 9 and any curative items you
    need. Now go to the Northeast corner of town and talk to the ! guard.
    Then talk to the ! old man at the desk in the inn (in the inn, lol).
    After the scene go to the stand nearest the entrance to the town and
    talk to the ! trader. Then heading West, talk to all the merchants
    along the way. After the scene go past the guard that stopped you
    -Ghidonel, Woolght's Mansion-
    Go talk to the girl in the Northeast room. Then go to the throne
    room in which Woolghit is residing. After the scene talk to Badatt,
    check the door, talk to Badatt again, and examine the right window.
    during the scene my prior assumptions of the Desert Panther are
    confirmed to reveal that she is Naje. The scene continues until a
    battle is started, but you don't actually fight they fight on screen.
    During the scene they mention Revas, an astrologer in Pholthia. So
    once the scene is done, equip a Magic Ring +2 on Stella and leave
    the mansion.
    (Does Jurio's hair look longer? I couldn't help but notice that on the
    cover his hair is silver as well, perhaps something amazing will
    happen... or not, we'll just have to wait and see). Save your game
    go to the Weapon and Armor shop, I am going to tell you to buy a
    lot of stuff but it will cost a ton of money so in order to afford it
    unequip Jurios sword and shield, Chris's staff, Badatt's knuckles,
    and Stella's staff. Then sell all weapons, armors, shields, and
    marbles you have in your inventory to the shop owner (when I say
    ALL I mean all the ones that your characters do not have equipped,
    however don't sell any accessories you have). Buy 2 Sorcerer Staves,
    Victor's Fist, and a Robust Shield. If you didn't have enough money
    load your game to get back all the stuff you sold and then go fight
    monsters until you have enough money. Equip the Robust Shield on
    Jurio, equip the Sorcerer Staves on Chris and Stella, and equip the
    Victor's Fist on Badatt. Now I realize that now Jurio does not have a
    sword don't worry you'll get one on Guil Road. Man, that took
    awhile you'll have to fight a lot of monsters on the way to Dorufes
    to gain back all those piers you spent. So rest at the inn and then
    take the Northwest exit.
    -Guil Road-
    To get that sword I was talking about go directly North from where
    you entered this area to see a desert merchant, talk to him to give
    him all 9 versions of Swordswoman Sapphie, then he will ask you
    who you like in the story more Brad or Sapphie, if you say Sapphie
    he will give you her sword, Silfing which will add 100 to your base
    attack and 20 to your base speed, If you choose Brad he will give
    you his sword, the King's Cutlass it will add 100 to Jurio's base
    attack power and 10 to his base magic attack. Personally I think
    Silfing is a better choice. After that continue along the road keeping
    in mind that by the time your at Dorufes I expect you to be at level
    30 with Jurio and Chris. So fight to level 29 in this area, heal your
    characters and save your game before you continue to the next area.
    Follow the path here to start a scene and a battle.
    Miniboss: Belart, 2X Salamanders, and 2X Goat Compee's.
    Well to handle Belarts minions cast Jurio's Water Spirit and Stella's
    Freeze Lance. Use everyone's Finishing Move on him. Use Chris's
    La Recure whenever your characters need healing.
    -Guil Road-
    Equip the Guard Ring +3 that Belart dropped on Jurio in place of
    his Guard Ring +1. Save your game and continue North.
    -Dilt Checkpoint-
    Go North into the office. After the scene go East and talk to the two
    ! imprisoned men. Then go into the Southeastern room with the !
    guard standing inside. Now go into the room next to it and talk to
    the guard in there. Once you have done that head head to the West
    side of this building. When you regain control read all of Huck's
    Notes before you head North a screen. Here go talk to the soldier at
    the desk inside. Then begin to leave. Examine the windows facing
    the soldiers inside. Then leave to the North. This will end Chapter 6.
    <03.8 Chapter 7 - Journey's>
    -Witch's Coast-
    In this area you will face Shoddy Squids, Pick Penguins, and Poison
    Beetle's. Now you must go North to Aroza.
    Go into the building Northwest of you and talk to the girl. Then go
    into the house North of hers. Now go to the inn which is in the
    Southeast corner of the village. Talk to the ! girl and choose "Rest.".
    -Ragpick Village-
    The village appears to be completely empty. Go inside each of the
    houses and then go East of Jurio's house to find ! Rog. Examine him
    to wake up.
    Once Jurio awakens from his horrible incident of terror go to Joanna's
    house in the Northwest area of town. Talk to ! Joanna. Now equip
    the Mirage Armor on her along with a White Stone and a Speed
    Ring +2. Now exit to the South.
    -Witch's Coast-
    Remember to reach level 30 before you reach Dorufes, at level 30
    Jurio will learn a new Finishing Move called Brave Rush, and at
    level 30 Chris will learn the spell Full Cure and the Finishing Move
    Sacred Fall. So now you can just follow the path straight through
    here. In this area level Chris and Jurio to 30 before heading South to
    Head South into the Weapon and Armor/Tool Shop. Stock up on
    healing items. The Arm's Dealer doesn't have anything worth
    buying though so leave the shop and go into the Southeastern most
    building. Talk to the ! couple. Then go to the center of town and
    talk to the ! little girl. Then go South.
    -Dorufes Tower-
    In this area you will face Wind Mantis's. Follow the West coast
    South. Now go East to find a doorway into the tower. Ascend the
    nearby staircase. Now go East and descend a different staircase.
    Head South, West, and North. Use the wooden door and talk to the
    soldier inside the room. I assume he's talking about Huck and
    Badatt. Now return to the staircase and ascend it. From the staircase
    go South all the way and then West until you see another wooden
    door. After the scene go North and climb another set of stairs. From
    here go South and East until you see two staircases. Go up the left
    staircase. Go North into another room with a wooden door to find
    Huck and Badatt. Now go back down the stairs and take the East
    stairs up. Go North and take another staircase up. Talk to Badatt
    and then ! Huck. Now go into the room to start a scene with Durzel.
    Go through the secret passage and down the stairs, all of them.
    Then go into the water and out the passage it's exiting through.
    Follow the waterways until you reach the end. Step off of the end
    and exit to the North.
    Go to the Arms Dealer and buy a Robust Shield for Durzel, Equip
    the Robust Shield, Mirage Armor, Hemp Cape, and a Speed Ring +2
    on Durzel, and then sell his Large Shield and Chain Mails. Now exit
    town to the North.
    -Witch's Coast-
    Now I realize there were a lot of enemies in the Tower and you
    probably got into a few fights so If your at Level 32 or above, avoid
    any more fights for now, if your not at level 32 yet fight a few
    enemies. Anyways continue through this area to the next screen.
    Continue through here to the three way intersection and go North to
    Talk to everyone in town, rest at the inn, and head North.
    -Winter Solstice Path-
    Head North and then West a screen. Follow the path here West,
    North, West, and then North again to the next screen.
    -Road of Remembrance-
    In this area you will encounter Krakens and Minervas. Go North to
    start a scene.
    -Hill of Gueld-
    Go East to the grave. Talk to Huck, Badatt, Joanna, and then
    Durzel. Then examine the ! sword to start a scene in which Chapter
    7 ends.
    <03.9 Epilogue - Gueld>
    -Hill of Gueld-
    Equip the Esperancer on Jurio and Gueld's Staff on Chris. Now
    leave the Hill of Gueld.
    -Road of Remembrance-
    Well now you know the end is drawing near so fight any monsters
    you see between here and Castle Roudo, maybe you can reach level
    40 before the final boss battle of the game. You probably shouldn't
    reach level 50 though because then it would be too easy. So reach
    level 35 in this area and then head North. You can head straight
    through this area to Castle Roudo.
    -Roudo, Castle Town-
    Here go to the Weapon and Armor Shop and buy a Meteor Spear, a
    Heavenly Rod, and 2 Master's Shields. Equip the Master's Shields
    on Jurio and Durzel, the Meteor Spear on Durzel, and the Heavenly
    Rod on Stella. Go to the inn, and talk to the owner, after the scene
    go down and talk to him again to get some rest. Go North a screen
    and stock up on cures, minds, and elixirs at the tool shop. Now go
    into the building East of the tool sho and go upstairs. Go into the
    Southeast room. After the scene save your game and go to the castle.
    Talk to the ! guard.
    -Castle Roudo, Courtyard-
    Head North past all the guards into Castle Roudo itself.
    -Castle Roudo, Audience Room-
    Go North and take the East staircase up a floor.
    -Castle Roudo, Second Floor-
    Go North and talk to the grey haired man now you can go downstairs.
    -Castle Roudo, Audience Room-
    Go North to start a scene. Now take the right archway North.
    -Castle Roudo, Inner Chambers-
    In this area you will encounter Clay Golems. Go take the staircase
    upstairs. Now go North.
    -Castle Roudo, Courtyard-
    Go down the stairs and go North. Continue going North and
    examine the door at the end. Good thing Goose and Shirla showed
    up (I was wondering when we'd run into them again). Now go South
    back to the Inner Chambers.
    -Castle Roudo, Inner Chambers-
    Go back through this area.
    -Castle Roudo, Audience Room-
    Now go West to use the other archway exiting from this area.
    -Castle Roudo, Inner Chambers-
    Take the left hallway North then take the third hallway down
    North and descend the staircase there.
    -Castle Roudo, Dungeons-
    Go South and then East to three doorways the two on the outside
    edge have bars on them but the middle one does not go through it
    and open the left chest inside to find a Frost Spear, the right chest 
    empty. Now go West past the wooden door and the archway, then
    go North through two archways to find a room of chests. Open the !
    one and the one to the right of it to get an Iron Key and a Shield of
    Law. Now go use the wooden door I had you pass just a moment
    ago. You can open it now with the Iron Key. So go up there and
    open the ! chest and the one to the right of it for a Steel Key and a
    Judgement Spear. Now go East past the three archways and go
    North up the hallway to find a wooden door you can open with the
    Steel Key. Go North, then East past the archway up into the room
    with the treasure chest containing Shielding Robes. Now go through
    the archway open the chest there and go downstairs. Now from
    here go North to find a wooden door with a copper lock so now you
    can use that copper key you found. Now go North through the
    -Castle Roudo, Underground Passage-
    In this area you will face new enemies such as Avatars and
    Hazaman. Head North to start a scene in which Kajim and Lodi
    appear! Lodi says he decided against taking his revenge on Galga
    but that doesn't mean he will ever forgive Kajim. Head North and
    turn East, take the stairs and follow the path around and through a
    door. Talk to the Soldier and go through the other doorway. Now
    walk past the staircase and turn East at the intersection. Follow the
    path South until the path splits off into a room with a staircase
    leading down in it. Go into that room and take the hallway in the
    room that is leading South to another staircase. Descend it and head
    West to be ambushed by monsters, but saved by Alf! Continue
    following this path until there are three other paths you can choose
    from, take the Eastern most one North to see Goose, Shirla, and
    those bandits. Now continue North to find a room with two staircases
    in it. Take the West one up. Now head West from this staircase
    until you can go South down a hallway to a staircase. Ascend it and
    head South all the way down the hallway. Turn West, pass the
    staircase and turn North, keep going North until you can't anymore,
    ascend the staicase there. Now go South to start a scene in which
    Mr. Morrison appears to help you. Now keep following the path
    until you go through an archway. In this area follow the path around
    the corner and go North past the staircase, around two more corners,
    until you see two staircases. (Man this place is huge) Go down the 
    one and head South all the way to ascend another staircase. From
    here go use the only other staircase available to you. Now follow
    this path around to reach the entrance to the Tower of Isabelle. So
    go through the door save your game, and ascend the East staircase.
    -Isabelle's Tower-
    Now from here go directly South to examine the wall down there
    and find a latch you can't see, Jurio will raise the latch on a door 
    that's hidden by the wall. If you want you can then use the door you 
    will find yourself in the courtyard again. Anyways go descend the
    -Castle Roudo, Underground Passage-
    Ascend the West staircase now.
    -Isabelle's Tower-
    Go around the corner to the staircase leading to the next floor. Now
    follow the hallway around to a room with many wooden doors
    leading to other rooms, most of which are empty. But walk West
    through the room to see a door with candleholders to the left and
    right of it, enter this room and walk to the end to find a chest
    containing a Resist Ring +3. Now go back out to the main room and
    take the wooden door leading South from here. Follow this hallway
    around to another room with a wooden door connecting it with a
    library. Check the Southeastern most bookcase to find a book about
    summoning the Wave of Raual. No head North through two
    wooden doors and ascend the staircase. In this room go use the
    other staircase leading up. Do the same on this floor. Go through a
    wooden door, here then out of that room through a different
    wooden door and go up the stairs. Go North from this staircase to
    another one leading to the next floor. From the staircase go directly
    South out onto the roof (you might not realize the door is there but
    it is, if you look at the south wall it should have a section of wall
    that's farther away from the rest of the walls).
    -Isabelle's Tower, Roof-
    Go West, up the small staircase to the next level and then South.
    -Isabelle's Tower-
    Go directly South through here to start a scene in which the Wildcat
    Bandits, Filly, and Riz show up. When you regain control of your
    characters go South. Talk to Riz to buy curing items, stock up on
    everything, then talk to Filly to be healed completely. Now I
    suggest you save your game, but in a different slot than the one
    you saved in at the base of the tower, that way if your not strong
    enough to win the final boss battle you don't wind up stuck here
    with no way to level up or anything. Now climb the staircase and
    head North.
    -Isabelle's Tower, Observatory-
    Approach the altar where Revas and the Globe are to learn why he
    did this, and when seeing this, it makes it seem as if he is not
    entirely evil, so much as he is desperate to save his own world. It's
    called self preservation and it is part of the human condition. Now
    let the battle commence!
    Boss: Revas and 4X Vandons
    I fought this battle with all my characters at around level 38 and
    this battle was still tough, so what your going to want to remember
    is if anyone dies use an Elixir on them, and don't be afraid to use
    full cures. When you use Jurio's Finishing Moves use Brave Rush,
    and use Chris's Light Cactus. If there are Vandons still alive after
    the first turn but you used all of your Finishing Moves, the remaining
    ones should each die after one normal attack, however they can use
    La Cure so it might take longer if they healed. Once all the Vandon's
    are dead you can focus on Revas, he should only take a few more
    regular hits before dying.
    When the battle is won Revas turns to stone and then crumbles into
    little pieces as he dies. Stella uses her bombs in an attempt to
    remove the stuff surrounding the globe but to no avail. Then Lodi,
    Alf, and Mr. Morrison appear. Mr. Morrison says they need
    something that does psychic damage as well as physical, like
    Crimson Fires. Luckily, Jurio still has his. They say it's not big
    enough but they can make it grow with the magical assistance of
    Mr. Morrison, Stella, and of course, Chris. So they make it grow and
    Goose throws it at the globe, thus destroying the thin film covering
    the outside of it. Then Jurio throws the Silver Dagger at the globe
    thus, destroying it and releasing the souls of the soldiers and the
    Will of Despair. Talk to everyone then go South a screen.
    -Isabelle Tower-
    talk to Shirla. As your doing that a cave in will occur and you will
    be seperated from everyone else. Shirla will get the bandits to start
    clearing out the rocks while you go and look for Queen Isabelle. Go
    get healed by Filly and buy some healing items from Riz. Now
    save your game and go North two screens to the roof.
    -Isabelle Tower, Roof-
    After the scene go forward. To learn that supposedly this world had
    a sin that warranted the destruction of it in place of the other world.
    Then the battle begins.
    Boss: Queen Isabelle and 4X Deathbits.
    The Deathbits can do some serious damage so taking them out is
    not going to be easy. Have Chris cast La Recure every turn until
    they're dead. You might have to use your Finishing Moves in order
    to kill them they're pretty tough but once they're dead you can focus
    on the queen more. If any of your characters become confused use
    a Fururu Potion. Jurio's Brave Rush is a real need to get rid of the
    Deathbits. Also use Stella's Time Stop, then use her Attack Up spell
    on Jurio and Durzel to use in conjunction with their Finishing
    Moves. Once all the Deathbits are dead you can begin to fight
    Queen Isabelle some physical attacks will not hurt her or will do
    very little damage. Even some Finishing Moves don't work, but
    you can use Brave Rush, and Comet Thrust. But just so you know
    Isabelle has a very strong move called Conjure that can wipe out
    your entire party in two hits. (This move actually made me have to
    start the fight all over when she was almost dead.) Well, eventually
    you should defeat her and shafts of light will break out from her body.
    -The End-
    Well Congratulations! You have succesfully completed "The Legend
    of Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch", I suggest you go
    back to the beginning and listen to what Shirla sings about when
    she's disguised as a bard, it's all about your journey and Gueld.
    Enjoy the ending movie, I won't spoil it for you. Well, I hope you
    found my FAQ/Walkthrough helpful and if you want you can help
    me too, I'm missing a few facts from the History. Anyways I guess
    they never explained why Jurio's hair was silver on the cover huh?
    Oh well, I hope you enjoyed the game and my guide, I enjoyed
    writing it for you. Well this is the end of the Walkthrough, refer to
    the Table of Contents at the beginning of the FAQ/Walkthrough to
    see what else is in here for your use. Well, I hope this was all very
    helpful if you want to ask me anything my E-mail address is at the
    top of the guide near the title.
    <04. Level Guide>
    Level 1
    HP:47     MP:33
    ATT:31    DEF:18
    MAT:10    MDE:13
    HIT:75    AVO:15
    Level 2
    HP:50     MP:34
    ATT:32    DEF:19
    MAT:11    MDE:14
    HIT:75    AVO:15
    Level 3
    HP:54     MP:36
    ATT:33    DEF:20
    MAT:11    MDE:15
    HIT:76    AVO:15
    Level 4
    HP:58     MP:37
    ATT:35    DEF:21
    MAT:12    MDE:16
    HIT:76    AVO:15
    Level 5
    HP:63     MP:39
    ATT:36    DEF:22
    MAT:13    MDE:17
    HIT:77    AVO:15
    Level 6
    HP:67     MP:40
    ATT:38    DEF:23
    MAT:15    MDE:19
    HIT:78    AVO:16
    Level 7
    HP:72     MP:42
    ATT:40    DEF:25
    MAT:16    MDE:21
    HIT:79    AVO:16
    Level 8
    HP:77     MP:44
    ATT:43    DEF:26
    MAT:17    MDE:22
    HIT:80    AVO:16
    Level 9
    HP:83     MP:46
    ATT:45    DEF:28
    MAT:19    MDE:24
    HIT:81    AVO:16
    Level 10
    HP:88     MP:48
    ATT:48    DEF:30
    MAT:21    MDE:27
    HIT:82    AVO:16
    Level 11
    HP:94     MP:50
    ATT:51    DEF:32
    MAT:22    MDE:29
    HIT:83    AVO:17
    Level 12
    HP:100    MP:53
    ATT:54    DEF:34
    MAT:24    MDE:31
    HIT:84    AVO:17
    Level 13
    HP:107    MP:55
    ATT:57    DEF:37
    MAT:26    MDE:34
    HIT:85    AVO:17
    Level 14
    HP:113    MP:58
    ATT:60    DEF:39
    MAT:29    MDE:37
    HIT:87    AVO:17
    Level 15
    HP:120    MP:60
    ATT:64    DEF:42
    MAT:31    MDE:40
    HIT:88    AVO:18
    Level 16
    HP:128    MP:63
    ATT:68    DEF:45
    MAT:33    MDE:43
    HIT:90    AVO:18
    Level 17
    HP:135    MP:66
    ATT:72    DEF:48
    MAT:36    MDE:46
    HIT:91    AVO:18
    Level 18
    HP:143    MP:68
    ATT:76    DEF:51
    MAT:39    MDE:50
    HIT:93    AVO:19
    Level 19
    HP:151    MP:71
    ATT:81    DEF:54
    MAT:42    MDE:54
    HIT:95    AVO:19
    Level 20
    HP:159    MP:75
    ATT:86    DEF:57
    MAT:45    MDE:57
    HIT:96    AVO:19
    Level 21
    HP:168    MP:78
    ATT:91    DEF:61
    MAT:48    MDE:61
    HIT:98    AVO:20
    Level 22
    HP:177    MP:81
    ATT:96    DEF:64
    MAT:51    MDE:65
    HIT:100   AVO:20
    Level 23
    HP:186    MP:84
    ATT:101   DEF:68
    MAT:54    MDE:70
    HIT:102   AVO:20
    Level 24
    HP:196    MP:88
    ATT:106   DEF:72
    MAT:58    MDE:74
    HIT:105   AVO:21
    Level 25
    HP:205    MP:91
    ATT:112   DEF:76
    MAT:71    MDE:79
    HIT:107   AVO:21
    Level 26
    HP:215    MP:95
    ATT:118   DEF:80
    MAT:75    MDE:64
    HIT:109   AVO:22
    Level 27
    HP:225    MP:99
    ATT:124   DEF:85
    MAT:69    MDE:89
    HIT:112   AVO:22
    Level 28
    HP:236    MP:103
    ATT:130   DEF:89
    MAT:73    MDE:94
    HIT:114   AVO:23
    Level 29
    HP:247    MP:107
    ATT:137   DEF:94
    MAT:77    MDE:99
    HIT:117   AVO:23
    Level 30
    HP:258    MP:111
    ATT:144   DEF:99
    MAT:81    MDE:104
    HIT:119   AVO:24
    Level 31
    HP:269    MP:115
    ATT:151   DEF:104
    MAT:86    MDE:110
    HIT:122   AVO:24
    Level 32
    HP:281    MP:119
    ATT:158   DEF:109
    MAT:90    MDE:116
    HIT:125   AVO:25
    Level 33
    HP:293    MP:124
    ATT:165   DEF:114
    MAT:95    MDE:122
    HIT:128   AVO:26
    Level 34
    HP:305    MP:128
    ATT:173   DEF:120
    MAT:100   MDE:128
    HIT:131   AVO:26
    Level 35
    HP:317    MP:133
    ATT:180   DEF:125
    MAT:105   MDE:134
    HIT:134   AVO:27
    Level 36
    HP:330    MP:137
    ATT:188   DEF:131
    MAT:110   MDE:141
    HIT:137   AVO:27
    Level 37
    HP:343    MP:142
    ATT:196   DEF:137
    MAT:115   MDE:147
    HIT:140   AVO:28
    Level 38
    HP:356    MP:147
    ATT:205   DEF:143
    MAT:120   MDE:154
    HIT:143   AVO:29
    Level 39
    HP:369    MP:152
    ATT:213   DEF:149
    MAT:125   MDE:161
    HIT:147   AVO:29
    Level 1
    HP:39     MP:42
    ATT:22    DEF:16
    MAT:18    MDE:17
    HIT:50    AVO:10
    Level 2
    HP:42     MP:43
    ATT:23    DEF:17
    MAT:19    MDE:18
    HIT:50    AVO:10
    Level 3 
    HP:45     MP:45
    ATT:24    DEF:18
    MAT:20    MDE:19
    HIT:51    AVO:10
    Level 4
    HP:49     MP:47
    ATT:25    DEF:18
    MAT:21    MDE:21
    HIT:51    AVO:10
    Level 5
    HP:52     MP:48
    ATT:26    DEF:20
    MAT:22    MDE:22
    HIT:51    AVO:10
    Level 6
    HP:56     MP:50
    ATT:27    DEF:21
    MAT:24    MDE:24
    HIT:51    AVO:10
    Level 7
    HP:60     MP:52
    ATT:29    DEF:22
    MAT:26    MDE:26
    HIT:51    AVO:10
    Level 8
    HP:65     MP:54
    ATT:30    DEF:24
    MAT:27    MDE:28
    HIT:52    AVO:11
    Level 9
    HP:69     MP:57
    ATT:32    DEF:25
    MAT:29    MDE:31
    HIT:53    AVO:11
    Level 10
    HP:74     MP:59
    ATT:34    DEF:27
    MAT:32    MDE:33
    HIT:54    AVO:11
    Level 11
    HP:79     MP:61
    ATT:36    DEF:29
    MAT:34    MDE:36
    HIT:55    AVO:11
    Level 12
    HP:85     MP:64
    ATT:38    DEF:31
    MAT:36    MDE:39
    HIT:56    AVO:11
    Level 13
    HP:90     MP:67
    ATT:41    DEF:33
    MAT:39    MDE:42
    HIT:57    AVO:11
    Level 14
    HP:96     MP:69
    ATT:43    DEF:35
    MAT:42    MDE:46
    HIT:58    AVO:12
    Level 15
    HP:102    MP:72
    ATT:46    DEF:38
    MAT:45    MDE:49
    HIT:59    AVO:12
    Level 16
    HP:108    MP:75
    ATT:49    DEF:40
    MAT:48    MDE:53
    HIT:60    AVO:12
    Level 17
    HP:115    MP:79
    ATT:52    DEF:43
    MAT:51    MDE:57
    HIT:61    AVO:12
    Level 18
    HP:121    MP:82
    ATT:55    DEF:46
    MAT:55    MDE:61
    HIT:62    AVO:12
    Level 19
    HP:128    MP:85
    ATT:58    DEF:49
    MAT:59    MDE:66
    HIT:63    AVO:13
    Level 20
    HP:135    MP:89
    ATT:61    DEF:52
    MAT:62    MDE:70
    HIT:64    AVO:13
    Level 21
    HP:143    MP:92
    ATT:65    DEF:55
    MAT:66    MDE:75
    HIT:66    AVO:13
    Level 22
    HP:150    MP:96
    ATT:68    DEF:59
    MAT:70    MDE:80
    HIT:67    AVO:13
    Level 23
    HP:158    MP:100
    ATT:72    DEF:62
    MAT:75    MDE:85
    HIT:68    AVO:14
    Level 24
    HP:166    MP:103
    ATT:76    DEF:66
    MAT:79    MDE:91
    HIT:70    AVO:14
    Level 25
    HP:175    MP:107
    ATT:80    DEF:70
    MAT:84    MDE:96
    HIT:71    AVO:14
    Level 26
    HP:183    MP:112
    ATT:84    DEF:73
    MAT:89    MDE:102
    HIT:73    AVO:15
    Level 27
    HP:192    MP:116
    ATT:89    DEF:77
    MAT:94    MDE:108
    HIT:74    AVO:15
    Level 28
    HP:201    MP:120
    ATT:93    DEF:82
    MAT:99    MDE:114
    HIT:76    AVO:15
    Level 29
    HP:210    MP:111
    ATT:98    DEF:86
    MAT:104   MDE:121
    HIT:78    AVO:16
    Level 30
    HP:220    MP:129
    ATT:103   DEF:90
    MAT:109   MDE:120
    HIT:80    AVO:16
    Level 31
    HP:229    MP:134
    ATT:108   DEF:95
    MAT:115   MDE:134
    HIT:81    AVO:16
    Level 32
    HP:239    MP:139
    ATT:113   DEF:100
    MAT:121   MDE:141
    HIT:83    AVO:17
    Level 33
    HP:249    MP:144
    ATT:118   DEF:104
    MAT:127   MDE:148
    HIT:85    AVO:17
    Level 34
    HP:260    MP:149
    ATT:124   DEF:109
    MAT:133   MDE:156
    HIT:87    AVO:17
    Level 35
    HP:270    MP:154
    ATT:129   DEF:115
    MAT:139   MDE:163
    HIT:89    AVO:18
    Level 36
    HP:281    MP:159
    ATT:135   DEF:120
    MAT:146   MDE:171
    HIT:91    AVO:18
    Level 37
    HP:292    MP:164
    ATT:141   DEF:125
    MAT:152   MDE:179
    HIT:93    AVO:19
    Level 38
    HP:304    MP:170
    ATT:147   DEF:131
    MAT:159   MDE:187
    HIT:95    AVO:19
    Level 39
    HP:315    MP:175
    ATT:153   DEF:136
    MAT:166   MDE:195
    HIT:98    AVO:20
    Level 6
    HP:64     MP:25
    ATT:35    DEF:27
    MAT:14    MDE:24
    HIT:78    AVO:10
    Level 7
    HP:69     MP:26
    ATT:36    DEF:28
    MAT:16    MDE:24
    HIT:79    AVO:10
    Level 8
    HP:74     MP:28
    ATT:38    DEF:30
    MAT:17    MDE:28
    HIT:80    AVO:11
    Level 9
    HP:79     MP:29
    ATT:41    DEF:32
    MAT:19    MDE:31
    HIT:81    AVO:11
    Level 8
    HP:78     MP:30
    ATT:41    DEF:27
    MAT:12    MDE:23
    HIT:106   AVO:16
    Level 9
    HP:84     MP:31
    ATT:43    DEF:28
    MAT:13    MDE:25
    HIT:107   AVO:16
    Level 10
    HP:90     MP:33
    ATT:46    DEF:30
    MAT:14    MDE:27
    HIT:109   AVO:16
    Level 11
    HP:95     MP:35
    ATT:49    DEF:33
    MAT:15    MDE:29
    HIT:110   AVO:17
    Level 12
    HP:102    MP:37
    ATT:52    DEF:35
    MAT:17    MDE:32
    HIT:112   AVO:17
    Level 13
    HP:108    MP:39
    ATT:55    DEF:37
    MAT:19    MDE:34
    HIT:114   AVO:17
    Level 14
    HP:115    MP:41
    ATT:58    DEF:40
    MAT:20    MDE:37
    HIT:115   AVO:17
    Level 10
    HP:69     MP:65
    ATT:65    DEF:26
    MAT:32    MDE:41
    HIT:40    AVO:11
    Level 11
    HP:74     MP:68
    ATT:67    DEF:27
    MAT:34    MDE:44
    HIT:41    AVO:11
    Level 12
    HP:79     MP:71
    ATT:70    DEF:29
    MAT:37    MDE:48
    HIT:42    AVO:11
    Level 18
    HP:118    MP:81
    ATT:55    DEF:43
    MAT:69    MDE:64
    HIT:62    AVO:19
    Level 19
    HP:125    MP:84
    ATT:59    DEF:46
    MAT:74    MDE:68
    HIT:63    AVO:19
    Level 20
    HP:132    MP:88
    ATT:62    DEF:48
    MAT:78    MDE:73
    HIT:64    AVO:19
    Level 19
    HP:130    MP:50
    ATT:57    DEF:56
    MAT:41    MDE:54
    HIT:63    AVO:19
    Level 20
    HP:137    MP:53
    ATT:61    DEF:60
    MAT:44    MDE:58
    HIT:64    AVO:19
    Level 22
    HP:152    MP:57
    ATT:71    DEF:58
    MAT:48    MDE:71
    HIT:50    AVO:27
    Level 21
    HP:140    MP:92
    ATT:68    DEF:51
    MAT:60    MDE:92
    HIT:66    AVO:20
    Level 22
    HP:147    MP:96
    ATT:72    DEF:55
    MAT:64    MDE:98
    HIT:70    AVO:20
    Level 23
    HP:155    MP:100
    ATT:76    DEF:58
    MAT:68    MDE:104
    HIT:71    AVO:20
    Level 32
    HP:298    MP:93
    ATT:151   DEF:116
    MAT:71    MDE:107
    HIT:125   AVO:42
    Level 34
    HP:245    MP:141
    ATT:132   DEF:111
    MAT:146   MDE:153
    HIT:87    AVO:26
    Level 35
    HP:255    MP:146
    ATT:138   DEF:116
    MAT:153   MDE:160
    HIT:89    AVO:27
    Level 36
    HP:266    MP:151
    ATT:144   DEF:121
    MAT:160   MDE:168
    HIT:91    AVO:27
    Level 37
    HP:276    MP:156
    ATT:150   DEF:127
    MAT:167   MDE:175
    HIT:93    AVO:28
    Level 38
    HP:287    MP:161
    ATT:157   DEF:132
    MAT:175   MDE:183
    HIT:95    AVO:29
    Level 39
    HP:298    MP:167
    ATT:163   DEF:138
    MAT:182   MDE:192
    HIT:98    AVO:29
    Level 34
    HP:255    MP:101
    ATT:156   DEF:129
    MAT:95    MDE:135
    HIT:131   AVO:26
    Level 36
    HP:327    MP:110
    ATT:196   DEF:150
    MAT:107   MDE:143
    HIT:182   AVO:18
    Level 37
    HP:340    MP:114
    ATT:204   DEF:157
    MAT:112   MDE:150
    HIT:187   AVO:19
    Level 38
    HP:353    MP:118
    ATT:213   DEF:164
    MAT:117   MDE:157
    HIT:191   AVO:19
    Level 39
    HP:366    MP:123
    ATT:222   DEF:171
    MAT:123   MDE:164
    HIT:195   AVO:20
    Level 40
    HP:380    MP:127
    ATT:231   DEF:178
    MAT:128   MDE:171
    HIT:200   AVO:20
    <05. Frequently Asked Questions>
    How do I equip items on my characters besides Jurio?
    Use the L and R buttons to switch between your characters on the
    Equipment screen.
    How do I save?
    Open your menu and then select data, to open another menu that
    gives you the options of saving, loading, or deleting a Legend of
    Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch file.
    How do I interact with my pet?
    Press O to open a menu that will let you feed, praise, scold, or
    observe your pet.
    How do I make my pet happy?
    Observing it can give you an idea of what it wants and when it
    finds something for you try praising it or feeding it.
    How do I get items from my pet when he finds them?
    Just move over to your pet and press X when yellow symbols
    appear above his head to indicate its found something.
    Why can't I buy anything even though I have plenty of gores?
    You need to choose Exchange to transfer your gore for pier which is
    the only currency accepted at shops.
    What does B.G. mean in the History?
    B.G. means Before Gagharv. (Thanks to Adrian Garcia for 
    correcting me!)
    Why isn't my History as full as yours even though I did everything
    your guide said?
    I loaded a "Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion" save file from
    the system menu. To do this you need to have a save file from "A
    Tear of Vermillion". Load your "Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch"
    game file, open the menu, select System, then select Load Vol. 1
    Data, then choose a "A Tear of Vermillion" save file from your
    memory stick to load.
    <06. In-Game History>
    Genesis	Much of the land is said to have been formed in an epic
    	battle between a giant and a monstrous snake.
    Pre-BG  Bardus and Octum have a battle, resulting in Octum
            being locked up in the Sealed Land.
    Pre-BG  After Bardus and Octum fall into sleep, the "Blue Tribe"
            develops their own magic civilization and conquers the
    YR 149  Visits by beings arriving through the Rift become  
    	  commonplace. The Shrines are built, and the Witches  
            begin their pilgrimage.
    YR 200  Around this time, Tempest the Warlock plots to fuel
            unrest within the Red Tribe.
            War Rages throughout El Phildin.
    YR 251  Tempest is defeated by the combined efforts of Miligan
            and the giant dragon Albrecht.
    YR 258  The warrior Miligan unites the Red Tribe as a kingdom,
            supported by the Church, and is crowned king.
            He later comes to be known as the "Flame King".
    YR 417  The Durga Temple is discovered in northern Boreas,
            encased in ice.
    YR 502  The Grand Cathedral in Valkd is completed, becoming
            the headquarters of the Church of Bardus.
            The Cathedral is used as holy grounds for training priests.
    YR 703  Captain Bale discovers the Southern Route, as well as
            Gagharv itself. Many sailors attempt to navigate around
            Gagharv, but none succeed.
    YR 802  The School of Sorcery is founded with the Royal Family's
            support, contributing to numerous advances in magic
            in El Phildin.
    YR 898  The sage Lemuras grants the role of Advisor to the
            Church to Dinerken. He builds the Lookout Cottage in
            the Notos Mountains and retires there.
    YR 913  Miligan the Sixteenth ascends to the throne after seven
            years of traveling.
    YR 915  Gawaine, the Hero of the Sea, is granted the title of Sage
            by the royal family and the Church. He succeeds
            Dinerken as Advisor in the same year.
    YR 916  The Oracle Bellias recieves a revelation at the Isle of
            Truth and leaves the Church of Bardus.
    YR 921  Kanaphia Island is attacked by Octum's Apostles.
    YR 924  Avin and Eimelle are orphaned. The High Priest
            Esperius takes them in and they start to live in the
    YR 929  The Cathedral is attacked by Octum's Apostles. A dark
            barrier blocks entry to the Cathedral, rendering the
            Holy Grounds inaccessible.
    YR 936  Avin embarks on a quest to find Eimelle with Mile.
    YR 936  Faced Bellias at the Sealed Land underneath the
    YR 943  Mitchell Lap Haven travels to the Witch's Island.
    YR 945  Mitchell Lap Haven visits the Shrines.
    YR 955  The Warlock Geppeus is defeated by the Sorcerer
            Ortega in a Wizardry duel.
    YR 955  The Sorcerer Ortega slays a horde of dragons.
    YR 955  The Sorcerer Ortega joins forces with the Warlock
            Geppeus to defeat a demon.
    YR 958  The Sorcerer Ortega founds Oldos, City of Sages.
    YR 969  Queen Isabelle is washed up on the Witch's Coast.
    YR 971  The Moonlight Witch visits the Shrine in Deane.
    YR 971  Durzel and Alfred travel together briefly.
    YR 972  The Moonlight Witch leaves a prophecy in Nelva.
    YR 972  The Moonlight Witch visits the village of Dartu.
    YR 972  Magisa the Kand Master, then 5 years of age, receives
            instruction from the Moonlight Witch.
    YR 972  The Moonlight Witch visits Menarth.
    YR 972  The Moonlight Witch visits the Shrine in Tegura.
    YR 972  The Moonlight Witch visits the Shrine in Shifool and 
            the Forest of Deception.
    YR 972  The sacred beasts known as "Algres" are believed to be
            practically extinct.
    YR 972  The Moonlight Witch requests the village of Tonerico
            be built in the forests of Uldor.
    YR 972  The Moonlight Witch visits Horuku.
    YR 972  The Moonlight Witch visits Ghidonel.
    YR 972  The Moonlight Witch passes away at the young age of
    YR 977  Revas and Kajim attempt to control the sea monster
            Galga, near Negar Island.
    YR 982  Lap rescues Shinon's family from a pack of Wolves
    YR 988  Jurio loses his way in the town of Raguna.
    YR 989  Durzel is imprisoned in the Tower of Dorufes.
    YR 991  Christina catches a cold and postpones her pilgrimage
            for a year.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris encounter Goose and Shirla in Ragpick
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris leave Ragpick Village for their
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris see the Magic Mirror at the Shrine in
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris meet Huck in the town of Raguna.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris embark on the Hawk Talon, a passenger
    YR 992  A serial theft case takes place onboard the Hawk Talon.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris embark on the Taratta.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris encounter the sea monster Galga while
            on the Taratta.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris see the Magic Mirror at the Shrine in
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris become trapped in the mines of Tegura.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris encounter a man at sea on a small boat.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris meet Alf in Tituta.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris meet Lodi on a beach.
    YR 992  Alf parts ways with Jurio and Chris, leaving them his
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris meet Roule and Baron in Chanom.
    YR 992  The concert in the village of Dartu ends in disaster.
    YR 992  The concert in the village of Dartu is a tremendous
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris cross the Three City Bridge.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris participate in a plan to defeat Galga,
            Jurio serving as bait.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris see the Magic Mirror at the Shrine in
    YR 992  Chris participates in a cooking contest held at Castle
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris are defeated by Kajim at the Shrine in
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris barely defeat Kajim, but the latter casts
            acurse on Chris and Goose.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris see the Magic Mirror at the Shrine in
    YR 992  Jurio visits Riz in Phenthe to find a cure for Chris and
    YR 992  Jurio meets Filly at Riz's house.
    YR 992  Jurio enters the Forest of Deception to obtain a horn
            from the sacred beast "Algres".
    YR 992  A visit to Tonerico,
            a previously unknown village.
    YR 992  Successfully obtained a horn from the sacred beast
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris see the Magic Mirror at the Shrine in
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris learn about the Wave of Raual.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris meet King Calak in Horuku and are
            entrusted with his letter to King Eneton.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris meet King Eneton in Haizen.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris rescue Queen Kari at Horuku Fortress.
    YR 992  The Wildcat Bandits are formed.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris are mistaken for the Desert Panther and
    YR 992  The Desert Panther blows up Kandata's house.
    YR 992  Jurio and Badatt face eachother at the coliseum
    YR 992  A fight with Belart, empowered by Revas' magic.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris visit the Tower of Dorufes to meet the
            imprisoned Durzel.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris meet Joanne in Aroza.
    YR 992  Durzel is rescued from the Tower of Dorufes.
    YR 992  Recieved Gueld's staff and Durzel's sword, Esperancer,
            on the Hill of Gueld.
    YR 992  The barrier surrounding the Globe must be dispelled by
            using the Silver Dagger.
    YR 992  Friends of Jurio and Chris gather at Castle Roudo to
            lend a hand.
    YR 992  Jurio and Chris defeat Revas and destroy his globe.
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