What chapter do u have to be at before u can get all dmw's to 100?

  1. Im tryin to get em all to 100 and wanted to know what chap u gotta be at thanks

    User Info: mincus09

    mincus09 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I'm gonna say the earliest you COULD do it would be the beginning of Chapter 9 because that is when you can get the optional last DMW character. However I'm not sure if you CAN actually complete all DMW's to 100% at this point seeing as the percentage is raised by viewing Zack's 'Memories' of the DMW characters. These 'memories' are the short movies that play while the DMW is still spinning, not to be confused with pictures that flash on the screen in groups of 1, 3, or 5. And some of the 'memories' are actual scenes from the game that you wont encounter until almost the end of Chapter 10. I'm also not totally sure if you need to have played through certain scenarios in the game for them to show up as 'memories' in the DMW. Or if you can activate certain 'memories' before actually experiencing them. So I'm gonna say that the earliest you COULD do it would be Chapter 9 because you should have all DMW characters aquired by then. But towards the end of Chapter 10 you DEFINITLY CAN do it seeing as you have witnessed all the 'memories' in game that show up in the DMW. Just to make things easier on yourself, I wouldn't try to complete the DMW percentages until you get the QMC+ Shop in a chest in Chapter 10. At that shop you can buy DMW materia that'll boost your chances of rolling a specific DMW character, hence aiding you in completing your percentages. Hope this wasn't too confusing. Good Luck!

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