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"I would pay $500 for this masterpiece for the PSP. Seriously."

Final Fantasy VII! Final Fantasy VII! Final Fantasy VII! I grew up playing this wonderful game over and over and just when I thought the fun was about to end, the appearance of Crisis Core slaps around my face. I bought this game and played it the first day for more than 3 hours and I just couldn' stop. I never imagined non-MMORPGs could be addictive but this game truly is this type of craving. Crisis Core delivers the top-notch expectations that FF7 fans could ever hope for in a spinoff.


For a spinoff, the story was spectacular. Ample number of characters and active involvment places each figure lively in the game. Zack travels the planet as a first class Shinra SOLDIER hoping to become a famous hero, meeting friends and foes on his journey. The story sets five years before the events of FF7. New appearances follow fluidly into the FF7 story plot.


Simply Unbelievable to the eyes. At first, I thought that this was going to be a PS3 game but when I found out that it was a PSP game, my anxiety boiled. With the PSP's HD screen, the visuals will blow you away. Its graphics can be considered parallel to Advent Children but with a slighter tone of brightness and lighting. I can safely say that NO ONE will be disappointed with the visuals presented.


The tracks fit nicely into each scene perspectively. Some tracks retain the same melody but through master remixes, each track sounds refreshing. Some original FF7 tracks are remixed as well with a new touch of rock. Old time fans would find this new genre some adjusting but will cope well as the game progresses.


Crisis Core's new battle system implented with real time battle can be a bit difficult to adjust for some dedicated fans but once you experience it firsthand, I believe most people will enjoy it. The battle system lets you move around the field as well as timing your own attacks while limit breaks are still unavoidable and refreshing. You control Zack only yet this is probably due to the PSP hardware limitations, so I understand it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

If you don't have a PSP, BUY IT AND THIS GAME; THIS IS A COMMAND BECAUSE YOU WILL BE MISSING OUT ON ALOT IF YOU DON'T. It's roughly about 5000-5500 yen or probably normal PSP price when it comes out in English at the end of March. This will be a PSP game that you HAVE to buy. I don't believe that a PSP game can be any better. Believe me.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/21/07

Game Release: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (JP, 09/13/07)

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