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"Why this game deserves a 9.5"

Alright, we'll start with the graphics, because it's obvious why that scores a 10. It's got better graphics than almost any Playstation 2 game I've ever seen. (skip to the Overall rating if you're not interested in the wall of text)

The Story. This is where I gave the game a 8.5, why? because Genesis was stuck in at the end there and the place where you fight Sephiroth really shouldn't even exist. Everything up until the ending, however, besides some dialog that could've been reworked, (this is why I hate it when people whine about literal translations. You get conversations that don't deliver the meaning of the game as well as they where intended.) Was *beautifully* executed. Why do I say this? For a few reasons, first of all, all of the characters are well profiled. Everyone from the Turks right down to the guy you talk to that doesn't matter at all keeps the exact same Final Fantasy VII feel to it. Sure, they made a few decisions that I wouldn't have made myself that changed anyones perspective on the first game that looked into it deeply, but otherwise everything in the game flowed easily and directly into the first Final Fantasy VII. A brilliantly executed story, half-way decent dialog, and story progression pace give this game an 8.5

The Gameplay, a 10. Yes. That's right. I'm giving the gameplay for this game a 10. anyone who says they've beat this game just by pressing the X button and moving is lying straight to your face. Despite the constant struggle of "repetition" and "simplicity" abuse that this game seems to get I don't think everyone is getting a handle on what this game is. It's a precede of one of the longest (In terms of story execution and gameplay) and here we are bashing on a game that cuts that game play time in half, because of it's action based and story execution methods. It's *fun* to a degree where it was EASY to play to the end of the game. Sure I can see where the gameplay would get monotonous after playing through all of the extras. But the game play MORE than makes up for the entire story, and most of the missions. For this game being on a hand held system and having this much of a complex battle system (not much, but more than anything on the PSP I've seen other than GoW) with few load times and easy to navigate area's. The game play is absolutely astounding for a system that has been pushed to it's limits for the first time.

Longevity: Perfect 10. Lets face a few facts. First, it's a prequel. Second, it's on a PSP, and third if it went on too much longer than that, I would've gotten the distinct feeling that it was just trying to be longer, rather than appealing. That much goes for the story, the missions on the other hand, were good as far as how long they took, though I personally think there where a few too many and a lot of them didn't match up in environment where the problem was stated. But that has nothing to do with Longevity so, the game was perfect. Good to where I'm glad to play the game again, and good to where it wasn't painfully short (God of War... You sicken me)

replayability: a solid 9. While the gameplay is a little repetitive and the story scenes can't be skipped, everything else is absolutely replayable and the extra missions will give you hours of extra gameplay for those who enjoy the feel of the game.

Overall: 9.5 Because of Beautiful Graphics, well conceived gameplay for a game that procedes a turn-based game, An extremely well executed story that left me more fulfilled than any PSP game I've played to date, and for a game that can keep me decently occupied for hours to come.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/26/08

Game Release: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (US, 03/24/08)

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