Review by ChiuMicester

"Another Great Generation of FF"

I gotta admit that this is one of the best PSP game I've play in my life. Graphics and story line are the most intense you can ever get in FFVII. The next generation of FFVII begins as you play along one of the next future generation of FFVII.

Graphics: 8/10
Reason: Most PSP I've played have many great graphics but, Crisis Core truely admire me for their intense graphic. Mostly the parts include the videos, attack, and even during the gameplay mode. One of the best PSP Graphic you can get in this game.

Story Line: 8/10
Reason: The story is truely stunning to me because, the author of FFVII give out details and you can never really expect what can happen. For example: the comrade that you trusted the most suddenly betray for no reason. So, this is a truely amazing game to play. And the best part is that is not short but, fairly reasonable long story line.

Videos: 9/10
Reason: Gotta admit, the videos are like almost real to me. Is almost better than most graphics in the FF generation. This is a supreme conqueror of PSP games.

Characters: 7/10
Reason: A little flaw in the characters but, no big deal. Sometime when the character holds the sword it looks like hes not holding at all. Either way, most character are fine. Extremely detail with the hair, eye, body, and the weapon.

Game Play: 6/10
Reason: Not the best but, is ok for me. The game sorta get boring when you fight way to much. Once you know the tactic of the game and stuff, it get very easy to kill the enemy. You basically slash them then dodge their attack and slash them again till they die.

Maps: 7/10
Reason: Sometime when I want to go explore there will always something that block me. And there are time that I wanted to go somewhere else and the map are extremely confusing. When you look around with your L and R key on your PSP, it doesn't always scroll around you. Making it difficult to see where you want to go.

Missions: 9/10
Reason: Over 300 missions to play with to unlock secrets and items. The mission also go forward with the story line to. And when you think you beat FFVII's story mode, well think again, there are other parts of the story that you need to beat. So good luck. Is going to take awhile to beat them all and is pretty hard of some of them.

Glitches: 9/10
Reason: Hardly any glitches in the game expect that when a video started to play, you are unable to skip the scene. The most problem is that you saw the video then fight a boss, then you lose to the boss. Then you have to rewatch the video, so you are unwilling to skip the video. Sometime, videos takes up 5 minute to watch. Which cause a lot of problem for me for wasting time. Otherwise, beside that, is still a great game with no glitches.

.7875 C+ Rating.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/27/08

Game Release: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (US, 03/24/08)

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