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"Crisis Core, an EPIC Prequil to the Original"

This game is probably by far the best game I've ever played. It has great music, stunning graphics, and many other very impressive things. The game is no doubt the best for the PSP, and I think possibly the best game of the year! If someone told me to describe the game in one word, I'd say this; "It's impossible to do that! The game is just too amazing!!" Hi, I'm Game_Reviewer, and this is Video Game Reviews.

Visuals - Perfect 10
I give the visuals a perfect 10.
The visuals are simply amazing. Not only do the cinematic scenes look great, but even the gameplay graphics are good! I was always anticipating another cinematic scene in the game. The scene while in the Mako Reactor where it shows Genesis, Angeal, and Sephiroth go all out was my favorite scene, and it was simply amazing. I'm sorry if I keep using the word "amazing" but when reviewing this game, it is physicaly impossible not to. Square Enix has really outdone themselves with this game, especialy when it comes to the graphics. And another thing, Tseng and Cissnei are in their Computer Generated Debut in Crisis Core, even though you see a profile picture of Tseng on Advent Children. Graphic Sticklers would absolutely go crazy about this game. I am a graphic stickler, but I do not think that the graphics make the game, and I thought the graphics were unlike anything before, I had no idea something so detailed could be on something so small as a PSP! You can see every stitch of every piece of clothing you see, every scratch on every wall, etc. Even the smallest details are big in the cinematic graphics. The maps are also incredible. Neibleheim, Midgar Slums, etc are extremely well done in cinematic. Like the second to final scene has alot of detail for you can see Cloud in his Crisis Core Cinematic Debut and the details in all the rocks. And the whole blood on Zack's chest, then when Cloud pulls away from his chest, he has blood on his face, once again, a small detail, but would you have seen that in the original game? Answer; I think not! Anyway enough about the Visuals, onto the next subject.

Sounds & Music - Perfect 10
I give the sounds and music a perfect 10.
The sounds in this game were incredible, along with the voices. You could hear every raindrop, every gunshot, every...well...everything! The sounds, first off, had a very wide variety. There were magic spells, sword clashes, running sounds, yells, and many other sounds. And the thing is, there wasn't just one sound for every sword clash or gunshot. Every sound was different, except of course if you used the same magic attack twice in a row. I also like to give the voice actors alot of credit. They did a really good job with the emotion, and I really felt sad at the end. You couldn't feel that emotion in letters, now could you? Onto the music. The music was great, it had old scores from the original remixed and remastered. I'd say this was the game with the best music I've heard on the PSP. The music was great, and the cutscenes were realistic because of this. One thing that kind of bugged me in every you hear music when you fight somebody in an alley way? Do you hear different music as you go from the lake to your house? Not very realistic, although that does make it more interesting. Anyway I'm glad they DID have music because it was very good. The fact that it was remastered from the old game made it really cool for the people who love the classics.

Gameplay - Perfect 10
I give the gameplay a Perfect 10.
The gameplay was really good. The game had a great story behind it and explained the previously UNexplained in the original. Also the game had a great battle style and evem greater enemies/bosses. The best part is, the first boss is physicaly impossible not to beat, his attacks get weaker and weaker until if eventualy does 1, then 0 damage. If you want a great experience in playing, this game is the perfect one to get. I know that I don't have much to say about the gameplay as I do the Sounds & Music or Visuals, but that's not to say that it isn't as good, there's just not much to say.

Controls - 9.5
I give the controls a 9.5.
The controls are confusing to the inexperienced gamer, but it is very easy wants you get the hang of it, this is why I reduced the controls from a 10 to a 9.5. If you like a challenge, get this game, but if you like easy games...well...get this game! Seriously, the game may be confusing at first but when you figure the controls out, it makes the game 10 times more fun and easy. This game definately beats the original by a landslide, specialy since you have more freedom during fights, for when you fight, you can move around instead of being stuck in one place. The controls are for the most part the same as the original, but with one major difference; The battle no longer a menu, but a command bar at the bottom right of the screen that you can customize by adding mana spheres to it. Some skills take AP, or Ability Points, and some take MP or Magic Points.

ETT (Estimated Time Taken)
This game is no doubt shorter than the original, especialy since the original had 3 discs and this has one. The original took about 14-17 hours, while this one takes about 6-8 hours, skipping the missions, however if you do all the missions, it takes about 10 hours. The final mission against Minerva is the most difficult boss, even harder than the final boss Genesis, so I say that this game is very easy to do a speed run on. The ETT of this game actualy really varies on what all you do, like you can wonder around and see hidden cutscenes, but like I said, my speed run took about 5 hours, 49 minutes.

Replayability - 10
You can replay the game as many times as you want. I currently have 8 different files saved on my memory stick for the awesome cutscenes. You can save as many files as your little hearts desire, as long as you have the memory. I give the replayability a 10 for this reason. If you wanted to, you could save at every save spot if you had a full memory stick, making it very easy to replay the game.

Difficulty - Hard
The difficulty is hard because of the missions. There is a series of missions where it goes from 50 Soldiers to fight, to 100 Soldiers, to 200, to 1,000! the 1000 one is very hard to do, and that isn't even the hardest. The game is relatively easy, but the missions are very hard. especialy the final Minerva boss, that boss, I gave an Extremely Difficult Rating. Anyway, the difficulty of the missions makes the game hard, if I was just rating the game, it would be Semi-Moderate (Just above easy, just below moderate).

Enjoy-Ability - 10
I give the Enjoy-Ability a 10.
It is very easy to enjoy this game, especialy if you have played the original. The game has a great battle style, great graphics, great music, and great characters. That takes up Enjoy-Ability right there, Seriously, if you have played this game, it is impossible NOT to enjoy it. If you want a game that's easy to learn, has great graphics, and is really fun, choose this game.

Overall Rating/Review - 9/10
Everything in this game is perfect, except for the conrtols, they are confusing at first, removing some points, other than that, this game is flawless. I'd say if you are standing there for hours trying to decide between Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core, God of War : Chains of Olympus, and Grand Theft Auto : Liberty City Stories, I'd pick Crisis Core with no hesitation what-so-ever.

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Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/15/08

Game Release: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (US, 03/24/08)

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