Review by darth_squid

Reviewed: 07/21/08

Buy a psp for this game. Seriously.

Final Fantasy VII Crisis-Core Review

Immediately after tearing the package off my new psp, learning how it worked, and enthusiastically popping the UMD disc into it, I then prepared to witness the greatest sight ever; the coolest, well done, good---no, great; graphical intro to a video game I have seen since the original FFVII. I knew this is what I had waited for- a true Final Fantasy gem. . If you're expecting the old look of the final fantasy games you might be disappointed, as they went with the free-movement battle system, as in not turn based. The system works extremely well in this game though, and fits the psp perfectly. (Rating- 10/10)

The storyline is absolutely brilliant. Your very first task continues after the intro, a perfect way to get you into the story, and especially to witness the flawless controls, easy battle system, and a very interesting new limit-break. Many new twists and exciting plot-lines have of course been added to enhance the greatness of the re-make, but I was happily surprised to see familiar faces like our very own Sephiroth, and many other familiar faces. The history of SOLDIER unfolds itself very nicely, and I find myself constantly on edge wondering what could possibly happen next. With many elements of the old FFVII and new story twists infused, it really makes for an extremely great game. It almost reminds me of Star Ocean in some way, with the variety of vivid and well-done landscapes. I was also pleasantly surprised that Square didn’t make the main character so insanely clueless and annoying, not to mention he actually does mature throughout the story, and I find myself really identifying with him. (Rating- 10/10)

The game looks spectacular. The Colors look great, especially on the monsters that you fight and that are summoned. The landscapes look great and so do the towering buildings of Midgar. My biggest wish for the game was that they would play that little tune whenever you ended a battle like in the first one, and ive gotta say the remix of it does not disappoint. I was a little disappointed with the lack of songs---yes, there is a lot, but I wanted a soundtrack almost as good as the game to be completely satisfied. (Rating- 9/10)

This game is huge. With a variety of side-missions to complete if you’re ever bored of the story, want to gain items and material (word wont let me type materi-a without the “-“ or the “l”) or grow your character, summons and magic level, you really wont get bored. Once you finally beat the game, you also have to option to play on very hard, which is a great option to have. Also as far as collecting Final Fantasy games, this is definitely a good one for your collection. Rating- (10/10)

As a true Final Fantasy fan, it is your Duty to pick up this game and play the living sheezies out of it, and enjoy FFVII in its new look and new story. It really is a great game, and my recommendation is to buy a PSP if you don’t have one yet, and Buy this game!

Overall Rating- 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (US, 03/24/08)

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