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"Crisis Core: Is it what you want?"

WARNING: Spoilers are present here. They will reveal plotline details to this and Final Fantasy VII.

Okay. Let's get straight to the point.

Although Crisis Core's story is very well written it does not address the reason you'll have probably bought this game: It does not explain enough of FFVII. It may be very compelling but the fact that it introduces extra characters that were not mentioned in any FFVII game/film/animation presents quite a problem. The ending will also confuse any one who payed no attention to the story but will explain the Nibelheim section to those that have played FFVII and noticed it's extreme similarity to FFVII's flashback at Kalm. The ending of the game is extremely emotional and will move anyone with a heart AND it does follow the flashback at FFVII. 9/10

The graphics rival anything that you'll see on a PS2 and probably anything you'll see on the PSP as well. Most cutscenes do use in game graphics and some even use brilliant CGI very much like Advent Children.10/10

Our main protagonist Zack is a cheerful person who's ideas and views on his friends seems to get ripped apart and changed to his extreme displeasure. His friends seem to fall away from him but he does gain new ones. Although Zack's personality is expanded the main characters of FFVII are rarely mentioned. Cloud just seems to randomly pop-up and Sephiroth is just a simple foot-note in the game which is quite disappointing, especially for a game from such a great series. It is also extremely noticeable that seemingly important characters at the beginning seem to dissapear strangely or make absolutely no movement to the story. 9/10

The battle system is something new for an FF game but the frequency of random battles is a great letdown as no one wants to fight an enemy every 7 steps(unless you're weird). The replay for the game is somewhat very small but to me every game has little or no replay value so please ignore this. 8/10

The music is very different to a normal FF game and seems to lean towards the rock/metal part of the music chain. The sounds are perfectly synchronised with the actions and are also well suited to the actions that are used. 10/10

Apart from the obvious flaw in the story this game is almost perfect but no game is ever perfect. 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/11/08

Game Release: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (EU, 06/20/08)

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