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"Can this still live up to 7's legacy? I think so(spoiler waring)"

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII GameFAQS review.

The Story: Unlike the original Final Fantasy VII(7) this title covers the story of SOLDIER Zack Fair. Instead of Cloud Strife. Zack made very little appearance in the original VII and this clears things up quite a bit. The bulk of the story covers Zack Fair-an optimistic SOLDER 2nd Class'- Time in SOLDIER and his growth into the 1st class SOLDIER Hero. Many fan favorites including Aerith, Yuffie, Sephiroth, and even spikey head Cloud himself. On a side note, I found it amusing to find Sephiroth in a heroic role. Other characters created for tis story include Angeal Hewley, and Genesis Rhapsodos, who is the game's primary antagonist. I won't go to deep story wise but the primary focus of the game is Genesis' attempt to find the "Gift of the goddess" and Zack trying to uphold the Honor bestowed upon him by his mentor Angeal. Ultimately ending with Zack's unfortunate demise.

Gameplay: The gameplay differs greatly from the original FFVII. It uses a real-time combat system, and features levels instead of world roaming feature. Howvever this isn't a reason to not get this game as it still is incredibly fun. Another new thing is the "DMW System." Which uses a roulette to the Limit attacks, Summoning, and even leveling up. That was one thing I didn't like. It seemed like the leveling up of anything was up to chance. The battle system also gets stale, mainly because you almost just need to constantly press X with an occasional L and R. And you can skip almost any battle by staying close to a wall. This can get pretty boring pretty fast. And the missions you can do, as addicting as they are to complete. Are pretty much the same thing over and over.

Music/Sound: What would Final Fantasy be without the music? The music and sound is actually fairly nice,, but can get repeated a lot. But otherwise I fairly enjoyed the music. The voice work quality. was amazing in my opinion. Pretty good for a portable.

Graphic/ Presentation: This is probably the best thing about the game. the graphics look like PS2 quality which for a portable system is pretty good. It's a shame however more thought didn't get put into NPC design. I easily saw like 50 versions of thesame enemy or side character aptly named Man or Woman. However I 'm not judging this by NPC originality. Overall, fantastic graphics.

Replay Value: Strangely enough this game gets very addicting. Mostly just wanting to get everything and doing all the missions. Or simply reliving the story line again and again. It's your choice. Either way I think it has high replay value.

The Final Words: Overall CCFFVII is a fairly fun game to play. I wouldn't say get a psp for this. But if you have one and are a fan of Final Fantasy go get it. The story line is great and seems to fill all the plot holes and questions asked before. And even with a bit of stale gameplay, It's still fun to play.

Story: 8, while having some corny moments it can get you sucked in.
Gameplay: 6. Fun at first but gets a little stale and repetitive.
Music: 9. Said it before sound is amazing
Graphics: 9.5. As amazingly beautiful as the graphics are. It lacked some originality.
Replay value: 8. If you're the one who loves extras this is for you.

Final Word: 8. While a very fun game it had it's flaws. But overall it still holds up the legacy VII had. I'd say that for any Final Fantasy fan. This is a must have.

-SuperSonicHalo7 and this was a review of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII. Tune in next week for a much better episode.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/05/08

Game Release: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (US, 03/24/08)

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