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"Wanna know how it started? Play through to the... uhh... beginning?"

Hey there, how ya doin'? So I'm guessing you'd like to know if the story behind Zack Fair, Cloud's friend from SOLDIER (although we know Cloud was never in SOLDIER by now), right? Most Final Fantasy fans will know the ending, but the entire chain of events is actually a lot different from what you'd expect (it was different for me, anyway). Of course it's still a video game, so you'd like to know more than just the story, but it'll hook you in and keep you there until the... well, beginning. :D

A lot of the old Final Fantasy VII music made a return, such as One Winged Angel, and the end-of-the-battle-you-kicked-their-shins song. Some of the music is a little different, and some is the same with a different twist on them. Whatever it may be, it's all pretty good in my opinion. For me, it had a really nostalgic feel to it, and I loved it. It was like being a little kid watching my cousins rush into Shinra Corporation all over again!

-GRAPHICS- Well, I guess pretty good as far as the PSP's graphics go. If you've seen any other game's graphics on a PSP, then you've most likely seen these. I'm not a huge critic on graphics, so I'm sorry if this is a little disappointing. Hopefully I can make up for it in the next two or three sections.

The story, the story, the story. I honestly don't believe I enjoyed anything in Crisis Core more than the story. I've wondered for years what happened that made Cloud quit SOLDIER. I remember watching a cut-scene in the original Final Fantasy VII and wondering... if he got killed, then how is he still here? Why did that other guy have the Buster Sword? THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE! Well, thankfully Square decided to let us know what all happened. The main character, as you all may know, is Zack Fair: the black & spiky-haired Cloud look-alike. Well, switch that because Zack's older..., I think. Anyway, it turns out Sephiroth wasn't always the bad guy. Of course we knew he was in SOLDIER and ended up being the bad guy later, but what was he like before that? Actually, pretty calm and cool. Zack and Sephiroth were friends, along with two other previously unknown characters, Angeal (looks fairly similar to Zack; Ha! get it? FAIRly similar to ZACK?)and Genesis. They all work for Shinra in SOLDIER, and they're all pretty good; the only one that's not first-class is Zack; he's second-class... for a while. The story progresses through missions. Not in the sense that it says 'Mission Complete!' at the end, but simply being assigned a mission through a cut-scene, completing it, and going into another cut-scene to watch the story progress.

I've never really noticed until I started this section, but if you've ever played Kingdom Hearts, Crisis Core is *very* similar in gameplay. I feel as if I shouldn't even have to explain it anymore, but I will for the sake of those who've never been graced with the gameplay of Kingdom Hearts. First of all, it's still a kind of RPG, so you'll still be going around picking up items, helping people out in mini side-quests, and all that good stuff. Being in SOLDIER means that a lot of this game will be dealing with combat, and like I said, it's very similar to Kingdom Hearts. To attack, you go to 'attack' and press X to attack. Keep doing that, and Zack will chain his attacks together. Also, by using R and L, you can switch options such as different magic spells, Items, Attack, and special abilities (you know, the yellow materia). There are summons here, but unfortunately, you only fight them; not use them. Periodically, a slot machine type thing will fall on two of the same character's pictures in the upper left-hand corner, enlarge into the middle of the screen, stopping all action, maybe showing a small clip of memories Zack has of whichever person it lands on, and you'll use an ability normally used by that person. It may sound confusing, but you don't actually use it; you just happen to get lucky enough for it to land on something good.

It's not long like most Final Fantasy games, but it's still a bit lengthy, and worth a buy. If you're still undecided, by all means try to rent it or borrow it from a friend, but do not pass it up. It doesn't really have a lot of extra stuff, but after you beat it the first time, it does have somewhat of a New Game+, in which you get to keep all of your stuff from your old save file. Get to know the true ending of Crisis Core, and the true beginning of the original Final Fantasy VII. Thanks for reading.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/12/10

Game Release: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (US, 03/24/08)

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