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Reviewed: 08/04/10

Crisis Averted

Crisis Core Final fantasy VII is the prequel to the Final Fantasy VII game. It has a unique battle system and has in my opinion a great story. I will get more into the battle system in a bit. The main character you play is Zack Fair. Clouds best friend from Final Fantasy VII. (there is more to it then that but if you haven’t played FFVII yet I wont ruin it for you). Zack is trained by Angeal though in the beginning of the story Zack looks up to Sephiroth just as Cloud did. But as Zack matures he realizes that Angeal is who he has the most respect for and begins to follow in his footsteps taking his teachings to heart and becomes the person that he was meant to be. The main antagonist is not Sephiroth like you think, remember this game is the prequel to Final Fantasy VII. The main antagonist is a man name Genesis. Who is friends with Sephiroth and Angeal. (all three are the only Soldiers first class). Sephiroth does start the nibelheim incident that was in Final Fantasy VII. But its from Zack’s point of view.

Graphics 10/10

This game shines in the graphic department, the game looks so clear and smooth, and has a pretty decent frame rate. They Cut scenes look beautiful, and the in game graphics are just as good.

Sound: 10/10

An awesome score doesn’t really get tiring for me, and the voices are dubbed nicely to the characters so you don’t have to worry about the cheesy dubbing on like some of the foreign films

Story 10/10

Which I already gave you a small taste of earlier

Game play 9/10

Here you have the unique game play, when encountering battles it is an ATB (active battle) so that means you move around and fight on your own accord. Which I personally like for this game. They have unique limit system which is similar to Cait siths slots. And its constantly going during your fights, you need to match 3 of the same character to perform different limit breaks.And you get boosts to your stats and eventually it will say break where you have more HP, MP, AP then your limit is set at which I find a nice feature. Though the one major drawback to this is the leveling system. I feel if they just let the leveling system be it would have been ok but they tied it to the limit breaks, you have to get all 7’s with the same character to level up zack and at least same numbers in different places to level up your materia. So its all luck when it comes to leveling up, so you may have to stay and try to power level which isn’t as easy anymore. I am stuck at a boss who kills me in one move because am a low level. So it gets a bit frustrating. That in my opinion is the biggest flaw, but not to where it deters me from playing the game.

This game also has missions that you do for soldier you get gil, and accessory’s such as materia etc. when completing them, they all start out easy and then get harder as you complete more missions. I think that is a nice add on to the game. And a good way to level up.

Control 10/10

The control is smooth and is pretty easy to grasp. And its easy to pick back up again after not playing for a bit. Though you will need to learn to keep moving while choosing your items, attack, magic because its ATB. Similar to Kingdom Hearts if you are familiar with that game

Overall 9/10

The game is great in all aspects of it, though I knocked off a point because of the leveling system. But other then that it is truly a great game with good replay value, especially if you didn’t do any side quests, missions etc. I will defiantly be replaying this game again because I know I didn’t conquer the game yet.

Thanks for reading, and check out for my other reviews

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Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (US, 03/24/08)

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