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    Boy Walkthrough by pacot1993

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    Harvest Moon Boy and Girl
    FAQ Walkthrough (boy version Only)
    By Rockmanmegaman
    Email: Vincentlao_1993@hotmail.com
    HH  HH AA  AA RR  R VV VV EE   SS     TT
    HH  HH AA  AA RR  R  V V  EE     SS   TT
    HH  HH AA  AA RR  R   V   EEEE SSSS   TT
          MM M MM OO OO OO OO NN  NNN
          MM M MM OO OO OO OO NN  NNN
                  Boy and Girl
              1          1         1          1          1         1
    Table of Contents
    1) Introduction
    2) Story
    3) Controls
    4) Animals
       a) Pony
       b) Horse
       c) Puppy
       d) Dog
       e) Chick
       f) Chicken
       g) Sheep
       h) Cow
       i) Fish
       j) Bee
    5) Power Berry
    6) Secrets
       a) 2nd Horse
       b) Mail Box?
       c) Real Identity
       d) Doug's Anger
       e) Zack's gamesharks!
       f) Zack's house
       g) Ship that doesn't move
       h) Bad Husband 
    7) Characters
       a) Town's People
       b) Bachelors
       c) Bachelorettes
       d) Sprites
       e) Secret Character
    8) Events
       a) Normal Event
       b) Rival Event
         i) Mary
         ii) Elli
         iii) Ann
         iv) Popuri
         v) Karen
       c) Marriage Event
    9) Recipe
    10) Festival
       a) Spring
       b) Summer
       c) Fall
       d) Winter
    11) Legendary Fishes
    12) Heart Event
       a) Cliff
       b) Kai
       c) Rick
       d) Gray
       e) Doctor
    13) Proposal
    14) Ending
    15) Glitches
    16) Plants
       a) Spring
       b) Summer
       c) Fall
       d) Any Season
    17) House Extention
    18) TV Shopping
    19) FAQ
    20) PSP features
    21) Thanks
    0) Update
    * 'Introduction' section was corrected
    * 'Story' section was improved
    * 'secret' section was updated
    * 'Animals' section was minor updated
    * 'Events' section was updated with new events
    * 'Faq' section was updated with new question
    1) Introduction
    This game is Harvest Moon Boy and Girl however I'm only going to
    talk about the boy version. Feel free to send me a question 
    regarding the game, I'll answer them immediately.
    2) Story
    Your dad cancel the vacation and made you spend time with your
    grandpa and his farm instead. You played with the animals there
    and you met a girl, you 2 quickly became friends. When you about
    to leave, the girl came and see you one last time. You 2 made a 
    promise that you'll come back 20 years later.
    20 years later
    You can back and decide to take over the farm due to your grandpa
    died, now it's your time turn to shape your story and find out 
    what happen to the little girl
    3) Controls
    >< -> Pick, Talk and Throw
    [] -> Use Tools, Eat and Drink
    /\ -> Open tool directory
    () -> Run, Quit
    R1 >< -> Get item from your bag from the back
    R1 [] -> Switch through tools
    L1 -> wistle (both house and dog)
    Start -> Go to start menu page
    Select -> ???
    4) Animals
    These are the animals in the game. Acoording to my experience in playing
    Harvest Moon this is the only game you're allow to raise fishes.
    4a) Pony
    You can only get 1 horse in this game.
    * 2nd or later, go to Barley's farm (Yodel Ranch) at 8:00
    * Barley ask if you want to take care of the little pony.
    * Click yes (First Option) and he'll ask you to name it.
    afterward he'll take the pony to your farm.
    The pony doesn't do anything because it's just a pony, you would have to
    wait for 1 year until it grow up, but you must make your pony like you
    or Barley will take it away in the end of the year. Buy a brush from
    Saibara (Blacksmith) for 800g. Now brush and talk to your horse everyday.
    Note: If you lose your horse you can get another one by planting 25 field of
    grass. ( the horse will be the same colour)
    4b) Horse
    After a year your pony will grow into a horse. The horse acts like a shipping
    bin. You can also ride it inside your farm and enter the horse race festival
    with it.
    4c) Puppy
    Puppy is there in the beginning of the game. It should grow into a dog in the
    beginning of Fall in your first year (IF you made it very happy). To increase
    its heart, you simply pick it up and whistle, puppy is pretty much useless
    since it's still young
    4d) Dog
    Puppy will grown into a dog. Dog are actually really useful. 
    * They Scare away stray dogs
    * The dog will act as a sheep dog and call the animals to you when you ring
    the animal bell (bought from Yodel Ranch)
    * Entering the dog race competition
    In the 2nd or 3rd year, your dog will fall in love with Hana and will have 2
    babies pup shortly afterward.
    4e) Chick
    You get chick by hatching an egg on the incubator. Surprisingly you don't 
    need to feed your baby chick at all. It doesn't do anything, however, in
    4f) Chicken
    Buy chicken from Poultry farm or wait till your chick grow up. 
    Chicken produces an egg every single day exept for the day you didn't feed
    it. There's only 3 different quality of eggs, to tell which quality you got
    you need your kitchen to analyse it. 
    Just like every other live stock, chicken can produce golden eggs if they
    win the Chicken Sumo Festival.
    Note: If you don't have any chicken feed make a fence and put your chicken
    outside so it can find some food by itself.
    4g) Sheep
    Buy from Yodel Ranch for 4000g
    Sheep have 3 stages (Baby, Medium and Adult). You can only get wool from
    medium and adult sheep. There's 4 types of wool (small, medium, large and
    Make sheep happy by talking, brushing and put it outside
    Note: If you're going to put the sheep outside best put your dog near it,
    just for safety issues.
    4h) Cow
    Buy from Yodel Ranch for 6000g 
    Cow have 3 stagesb (baby,medium and adult). You can get milk from cow 
    everyday, however, milk is only obtainable from adult cow. There's four
    types of milk (small, medium, large and golden). 
    Make cow happy by brushing, talking and put it outside.
    There's 1 festival involves Cow (see Festival Section)
    4i) Fish
    Get fish by fishing in rivers, lake or beach. 
    Now put it in your pond and buy some fish food in the Supermarket for 
    20g each. You only give 1 food each day no matter how many fishes there
    If you have 2 big fishes, Wait for a couple of days and your fish 
    population will increase.
    There's one event involve  fishes (see event section)
    4j) Bee
    You'll need to plant flowers in Summer if you want bees, When it bloom
    an event will occur showing a bee creating a beehive on your apple tree.
    Now you're able to get honey from the beehive every day. 
    There's 2 events involve bees (see event section)
    5) Power Berry
    Powerberries are fruit you find in the game which increases your stamina
    These are the location of the power berries.
    * Fishing in thwe ocean in Winter
    * Mining in the Spring mine
    * Mining in the Winter mine in winter
    * Go behind the winter mine and press the talk button
    * Chop the Cedar Tree in Mother's Hill and then press the 'No' Option
    * Win the swimming festival
    * Buy it for 1001 medal in the dog, horse race festival
    * Buy it from TV Shopping for 5000g
    * Plant alot of flowers in Fall (secret section) and Anna will come and
    exchange the flowers for a power berry
    * Throw 5 crops in the Goddess Pond
    * Throw 3 cucumbers in the lake and Kappa will give it to you.
    6) Secrets
    These are some secrets in the game
    6a) Ghost in the past
    In your flashback, you'll meet a little girl. That girl looks nothing
    like any of the Bachellorette. So is she really your future wife or.
    6b) Mail Box?
    Next to the supermarket there's a big red mailbox. If you talk to it,
    it'll say Mother and Father? No one knows the purpose for the mail box.
    It was propably going to be used for an event but the creator may have
    forgotten about it.
    6c) Real Identity
    It was reveal by fans that the main character name is Jack
    6d) Doug's Anger
    No matter how kind you treat Doug he always seems angry, even if you
    give him a food, he'll say thank you angrily which sometimes annoy me.
    6e) Zack's gamesharks!
    Have you ever follow Zack all the way to his house, have you notice he
    can walk through the door without opening it.
    6f) Zack's house
    Unlike most of the house in this game where it's accessible, Zack's
    house is just a decoration meaning it's just a background picture and
    not a sprite.
    note: Same as Kai's restraunt
    6g) Ship that doesn't move
    Have you notice the ship in the beach never moves and have you wonder
    why isn't there any tourist visitting!!!
    6h Bad husband
    If you been neglect to your wife, your wife will run away from you
    the next day. When you go to the town evryone will be either sad,
    angry or oblivious. Go to your wife house and make up.
    note: All the girls will dissapear in the gaem so don't even try
    to marry another girl.
    6i) Spa-Boil egg
    Throw an egg in the spa
    note: throw in low quality egg as the result will be the same if
    you throw in a rare one or gold.
    7) Characters
    These are the characters in Harvest Moon Boy and Girl. The characters are
    split in groups (Town's People, Bachelors, Bachelorettes, Sprites and
    7a) Town's People
    1. Mayor Thomas
    Jobs: Mayor
    Appearance: He wear a red hat and red cloths.
    like: Wine, Spa-Boiled Egg and turnips
    Birthday: Summer 25
    He's a kind mayor I tell you that. He cares about his village a lot. It
    was revealed in the beginning of the game that Mayor Thomas Midwife is
    Ellen. He can be found in his house near Ellen's house.
    2. Zack
    Jobs: Shipping Man
    Appearance: The guy with a lot of muscle
    Like: He likes crops that you grow
    Birthday: Summer 29
    He's the person who always come and collect your ship items and also gives
    deliveries to you. He get annoyed easily and he can be found at 5pm in your
    farm or near the beaach.
    3. Jeff
    Jobs: Supermarket owneer
    Appearance: He wears a white shirt and black pants.
    Like: Give him medicine
    Birthday: Winter 29
    He's a person who doesn't have confident at all. He always let people take
    things from his shop for free. He have a very unhealthy body. He can be
    found in the supermarket.
    4. Barley
    Jobs: The owner of Yodel Ranch
    Appearance: He's an old guy that wears green shirt
    Like: Spa Boiled Eggs, wool and milk
    Birthday: Spring 17
    The kind old man who takes care he's grand duaghter and also the owner of
    Yodel Ranch. He like to go to the hot spring and gets angry easily if it's
    raining on Monday. HE can be found inYodel Ranch (cow farm)
    5. Lillia
    Jobs: She sell you chicken feed, chicken and medicine
    Appearance: She looks like her daughter but instead her hair is split
    in two.
    Like: Flowers, eggs and Medicine
    Birthday: Spring 19
    She's a very kind woman, she let her duaghter do anything they want. She
    has a husband which is currently searching a medicine to cure her sickness.
    She can be found in the Pultry farm (chicken farm)
    6. Saibara
    Jobs: He help improve your tools
    Appearance: He has hair sticking out of the side and wear green shirt
    Like: every single ore exept for junk ore
    Birthday: Spring 11
    The angry old black smith who never give any praise to his grandson Gray.
    He can be found in the Blacksmith shop, which is near your farm.
    7. Doug
    Jobs: The owner of the Bar
    Appearance: He have orange hair and orange mistache
    Like: Wine and Corn
    Birthday: Winter 11
    The owner of the Inn. He is very kind towards you but gets upset if he
    loses to Ann in the cook competition. According to Gourmet he's the best
    chef. He can be ound in the Inn.
    8. Manna
    Jobs: She sells wine and grape juice
    Appearance: She have a black and wear blue short
    Like: Wine, Grapes
    Birthday: Autumn 11
    The annoying woman who never shut up. She's quite bossy at first but
    becomes very kind when you became her friend. She can be found in
    the Winery place which is near the Blacksmith shop.
    9. Gotz
    Jobs: The builder
    Appearance: White shirt, Blue jeans and he's very fat
    Like: egg, oil and milk
    Birthday: Autumn 2
    The carpenter which hardl talks. As you becomes friend with him, his past
    will then slowly be revealed to you. (He has a sad life) He is located 
    underneath your farm.
    10. Won
    jobs: Wondering Tradesman
    Appearance: He looks like a chinese and wear yellow shirt
    Like: gold ore
    Birthday: Winter 19
    The tradesman who loves money. SThere's one event where he would sell you
    a Blue Feather for a lot of money. Don't buy it because you can buy a
    blue feather in the shop fopr 1000g. Won can be found in the Inn around
    1pm - 3pm.
    11. Pastor Carter
    Jobs: Priest
    Appearance: he wear a Black robe and look friendly
    Like: Mushroom and crops
    Birthday: Autumn 20
    He's the person in the church. He cares very much about Cliff mainly
    because Cliff is his friend. He can found always in the church.
    12. Greg
    Jobs: Fisherman
    Appearance: He wears a green shirt and have dark skin
    Like: Fish
    Birthday: Spring 29
    He's the fisherman who give you the fishing Rod and and fishing pole. He
    live with Zack but Zack never ever talk about him. He can be found on dock
    in the beach at Saturday 10am.
    13. Louis
    Jobs: Bee researcher
    Appearance: He wear a green hat, shirt adn shorts
    Like: Honey (see event)
    Birhtday: Spring 2
    He use to be a insect researcher but now become a bee researcher. He's
    best friend is Gotz and also live with him. He can be found living with
    14. Duke
    Jobs: Owner of the vine yard
    Appearance: He wear a purple shirt and have black and white
    striped hair.
    Like: Wine, grapes
    Birthday: Winter 15
    Husband of Manna. According to Lillia, when Duke was young he use to
    bully Jeff and even now he bully Jeff. He can be found in the Winery
    with Manna.
    15. Basil
    Jobs: He's a botanist
    Appearance: He wears a hat and brown cloth
    Like: Flowers, crops
    Birthday: Summer 11
    The only botanist in the village. He gives the book that he wrote to his
    daughter Mary. He live near the library with Mary and Anna.
    16. Anna
    Jobs: Basil's wife and Mary's mother
    Appearance: can't describe
    Like: Flowers
    Birthday: Autumn 23
    Basil's wife, just like his husband, Anna loves flowers. She be found in
    the house near the Library with his husband Basil.
    17. Sasha
    Jobs: Jeff's wife and Karen's mum
    Appearance: She have the same colour hair as Karen
    Like: Milk and flowers
    Birthday: Spring 30
    She's Karen mother and unlike Jeff, Sasha is very confident. According
    to Lillia, Sasha always help Jeff to stop Duke from bullying him when
    she was young. She can be found in the suoermarket (rarely) or she be found
    at some time in the square.
    18. Ellen
    Jobs: Stu and Elli's Grand mother
    Appearance: Oldest woman in town
    Like: Eggs, cake and milk and Snow White Flower (See Event)
    Birthday: Wnter 13
    The kind old woman who use be a nurse herselve. Oh yeah she won't die
    in this game. She can be living in the house near Mayor Thomas's house.
    19. Kano
    Jobs: Photographer
    Appearance: White shirt and black pants
    Like: Wine
    Birthday: Winter 2
    He hardly appear in town. He stay in house all day and because of this
    it causes many Harvest Moon fan forget that he exist. He can be found
    living with mayor Thomas.
    20. Harris
    Jobs: Police
    Appearance: He wears a mail man outfit (Really he does)
    Like: Wine, medicine and flowers
    Birthday: Summer 4
    The police who reckons the town is too peaceful making him think that
    there isn't any use for a police. According to one event he is in love
    with Aja. I forget where he live, however he is sometime seen in Gots' house
    21. Stu
    Jobs: Elli's brother and Ellen's Grand child
    Appearance: a little boy
    Like: eggs, yarn, bugs and milk
    Birthday: Autumn 5
    Stu is Elli's brother. Just like evry brother, Stu love to annoy her and
    he also want people to play with him. He can be found living with Ellen and Elli
    22. May
    Jobs: Helps his grandpa Barley at work
    Appearance: He wears a red shirt and she's a little girl
    Like: Junk, flowers, egg, milk
    Birthday: Winter 26
    Barley's grand daughter who feel lonely. She can be found living with Barley.
    7b) Bachelors
    1. Cliff
    Jobs: homeless person later will work in the Vine Yard
    Appearance: He wear a brown shirt, shorts and brown hair
    Like: Spa-boiled egg, cake and chocolate
    Birthday: Summer 6
    Rival: Ann
    Cliff came from another town, he doesn't have a job but he is a very kind
    person who quickly becomes friend with you.
    2. Gray
    Jobs: Blacksmith assistance
    Appearance: Have orange hair wears a hat and a bit shy.
    Like: Oe exept for junk ore
    Birhtday: Winter 6
    Rival: Mary
    Gray comes from the city, however because of this he often reckons he
    doesn't belong in Mineral town and he's a very shy person.
    3. Rick
    Jobs: The person who deliver the chickens
    Appearance: Orange hair and looks like a female
    Like: spa-boiled eggs, eggs
    Birthday: Fall 27
    Rival: Karen
    He reckons his father want him to act like a father figure. He hate Kai
    a lot because of some unknown reason.
    4. Kai
    Jobs: Hold his own restraunt in the beach (Summer only)
    Appearance: He have dark skin and wear a purple bandana
    Like: Flours
    Birthday: Summer 22
    Rival: Popuri
     is a person who love Summer. He only comes to Mineral Town in Summer
    and he is very popular with the girls in town which make the male
    jeolous of him (Especially Rick)
    5. Doctor (Tim or Trent)
    Jobs: Doctor
    Appearance: Wearing a doctor's outfit
    Like: medicine and fish
    Birthday: Fall 17
    Rival: Elli
    A doctor who doesn't display much emotion during the game. Elli often
    mistake his statement and it was reveal in 1 event where his name is
    actually Tim, Tom or Trent.
    7c) Bachellorette
    1. Ann
    Jobs: Bar girl
    Appearance: She's tomboy and have orange hair
    Birthday: Summer 14
    Like: Spa-Boiled eggs
    Ann is a Tomboy who love to clean stuff. She often flirt with Cliff
    and she's a happy and cheerful person.
    2. Popuri
    Jobs: Help her mum in the Poultry farm
    Appearance: Pink hair looks like her mum only younger
    Birthday: Summer 3
    Like: Flowers, eggs and fruit
    3. Mary
    Jobs: Library owner
    Appearance: A nerd
    Birthday: Winter 20
    Like: Mushroom, poison mushroom and insects
    The nerd who runs the library. She is very quiet and often get
    surprise easily. 
    4. Elli
    Jobs: Nurse
    Appearance: Wear a nurse outfit
    Birthday: Winter 20
    Like: Flowers
    She's a nurse who work in the Clinic. She often mistake what Doctor
    is saying. (eg. Doctor said that she's going to be a good mother when
    she have a baby and she mistake it into thinking that doctor want her
    to quit her job).
    5. Karen
    Jobs: Help his dad to collect debt
    Appearance: Brown hair, pretty and rude at first
    Birthday: Autumn 15
    Like: Wine and dog
    The girl who is a heavy drinker. She is very kind to you.
    7d) Sprites
    These are the harvest sprite they all like flours and
    look the same only the color changes.
    1. Bold
    Color: Purple
    Birthday: Spring 4
    2. Staid
    Color: Dark Blue
    Birthday: Spring 15
    3. Aqua
    Color: Light Blue
    Birthday: Spring 26
    4. Timid
    Color: Green
    Birthday: Spring 16
    5. Hoggy
    Color: Yellow
    Birthday: Spring 10
    6. Chef
    Color: Red
    Birthday: Spring 14
    7. Nappy
    Color: Orange
    Birthday: Summer 22
    7e) Secret Character
    These are characters that doesn't appear commonly and often
    1. Harvest Goddess
    Jobs: Goddess
    Appearance: Green hair and colorful shirt
    Like: any offerings
    Birthday: Spring 8 (goddess festival, I guess that's her birthday)
    She's a very kind woman but as you give her more offerings she
    sometimes get very annoyed.
    2. Kappa
    Jobs: Water imp
    Appearance: Green imp
    Like: nothing (to make him appear you must use cucumbers)
    Birthday: ???
    A water imp who lives in Mother's Hill lake. According to Chef the
    Harvest Sprite he likes cucumber, but in actual fact Kappa hate
    3. Gourmet
    Jobs: Gourmet
    Appearance: fat guy wearing purple
    Like: ??? (can't give him anything)
    Birthday: ??? (only appear in cooking festival)
    He live in Flower Bud Village a town in another island. Gormet only
    comes in cooking festival where he is a judge that sort out which food
    is the best. He's very rude to you.
    4. Solitary Cedar Tree
    Jobs: Give you a power berry the first time if you want to chop it
    down but the second time you want to chop it down it'll just make you
    Appearance: A Tree
    Like: ???
    Birthday: ??? 
    A tree who have been there for nearly 100 years.
    5. Aja
    Jobs: ???
    Appearance: Probably have black hair
    Like: ???
    Birthday: ???
    Manna and Duke's daughter who left the village before the game even
    start. In one event where it was reveal that the reason why she left
    is because Duke is a heavy drinker. Harris have a crush on her and 
    she is sometimes mention in the news.
    6. Lillia's Husband
    Jobs: Probably a Doctor
    Appearance: Probably have orange hair
    Like: Probably eggs
    Birthday: ???
    Don't where he is. He left the village to seek a medicine to cure his
    wife. According to Lillia her husband gave her a Blue Feather.
    7. Gotz's family
    Job: ???
    Appearance: ???
    Like: ???
    Birthday: ???
    According to Gotz he have a wife and a daughter who live happily together
    but one time Gotz wife and Daughter went to the mountain and die there
    due to storm is present at that exact moment.
    8. May's Mother
    Job: ???
    Appearance: Black hair (Probably)
    Like: ???
    Birthday: ??? 
    A woman who doesn't care about his daughter and only cares about her
    work. She live in the city. (she is only mention in the game by May and
    in some Libary books).
    9. Your Son
    job: N/A
    Appearance: Wearing Mouse costume
    Birthday: Depend when it's born
    He is a boy and was born because of you and your wife. Unfortunately he
    doesn't grow into an adult. You can only get a baby in boy version.
    10. Grandpa
    job: Farmer
    Appearance: Looks like Jack but have hairier sideburn
    Birthday: ???
    He's your grandpa. He was only shown in the past where he own a farm.
    It was never said how he died.
    11.  Farmer Fran
    Job: Farmer and give advice
    Appearance: Pink har, dress simillar to Claire.
    Birthday: ??? it changes
    She is known as a good farmer. She also give advice to people. However
    she appears in the TV only
    12. Jimmy
    Job: Probably a farmer
    Appearance: Looks like a baby, big mouth, bold hair and wear a green shirt.
    Birthday: ???
    He is the boy who always ask Farmer Fran some question. However he appears
    in the TV only.
    13. Weather Woman
    Job: Weather FOrcast
    Appearance: Blond hair, Blue shirt
    Birthday: ???
    Her weather forcast is always correct however she is only seen in TV only.
    14. News Announcer
    Job: News Announcer
    Appearance: Black hair, Wear glasses, Wear Blue shirt
    Birthday: ???
    He tells people when festival is on and sometime talks about sport.
    15. Claire
    Job: Farmer
    Appearance: Yellow hair, Blue shirt
    Birthday: Depends
    She is the main character in HArvest moon Boy and Girl girl version.
    8) Events
    These are the events. The events are again split into groups. Normal,
    Heart, Rival and Mariage. Okay here it is, if there's more email me.
    8a) Normal Event
    There'll be more update here
    1. Thief in town pt 1
    Time: 2nd day in the morning
    When you exit your house Harris will come and tell you to look out
    for anyone strange. When he leave, Won will appear and rest near your
    tree. Talk to Won.
    2. Thief in town pt 2
    Time: Any in the same day at the Square
    When you enter the square Harris is there. Talk to Harris and Harris
    will run to your farm. When Harris leaves, Won will appear again and
    thank you.
    3. Thief in Town pt 3
    Time: Any in the same day outside of Gotz house
    When you go outside of Gotz house you'll see Harris. Talk to Harris
    and he'll reply sadly to you saying he couldn't find the strange looking
    person (Won). Then Won appear and Harris check his bag and at the end it
    was all a mistake.
    4. Sony gives us Pony
    Time: after 8am in Yodel Ranch
    When you go to Yodel Ranch. Barley want you to take care of his Pony, you
    can choose to take it or leave it.
    5. Barley Take it or Leave it
    Time: 2nd Year
    When your horse is fully grown. Barley will appear and take it away if
    you have taken good care of it. If you have taken good care of it. He'll
    let you keep it.
    6. Did anyone say Honey!
    Time: any time, give a honey to Louis
    The next day Louis will come to your farm and catch one of your bees.
    He'll also tell the Shipper (zack to increase the price of Honey for you).
    7. Fishing Pole
    Time: Any time, Have more than 50 fishes in your pond.
    Greg will come to your farm and will be amased that you have caught so
    many fishes and he'll give you a fishing pole (better than Fishing Rod).
    8. Fishing Rod
    Time: Saturday, 10am
    If you talk to greg at the beach he'll give you a fishing rod to catch
    fish. To upgrade your fishing rod see above.
    9. Dog love flowers
    Time: When Puppy is grown into dog
    Barley will come to your farm and decide to keep your dog for some time.
    So it can make love with Hana
    10. Doggy is back
    After a couple of week Barley will give your dog back to you.
    11. Pregnant
    >> Weeks after Doggy's back
    It appears that Hana was pregnant and is reay to have babies.
    12. Get owner
    >> When Hana produce the puppies
    After a couple of weeks Hana start producing Puppies (2). Barley will
    keep one and you have to find the other one a owner for it. You can ask
    either Gotz, Stu or Harris.
    13. White Flower
    >> Winter (snowing)
      >> 6pm or after
    >> Mountain Summit
    >> Good friend with Ellen
    If you're a good friend with Ellen she'll tell you about a white flower.
    Now go to the Summit and you'll witness it. Tell Ellen and Basil about
    it afterwards.
    14. Delivery
    >> 1st year
      >> Spring
    >> Goddess Festival Day
    When you go to sleep the day before the Harvest Goddess festival Gotz
    will knock on your door the next day. Go outside and he'll give you a
    Harvest Goddess dress so you can participate in the Harvest Goddess
    15. Tea Party
    >> Any Year, Spring
      >> Didn't hire any Harvest sprite
    >> All the sprites must have 3 hearts or more
    >> 3pm - 4am
    Go to their house and talk to one of them. Then you'll iommdeiately be
    invited to the Harvest sprite Tea party. At the end you'll recieve a
    relaxation tea leaves which is use for cooking Relaxation Tea.
    16. Pushover!
    >> Year 1
      >> Spring
    >> Supermarket
    Walk in and you'll witness people don't pay what they're buying. Tell
    Duke to pay and Karen and Jeff will like you more.
    17. Captivating Dance
    >> Year 2
      >> 1st day
    >> Karen's your friend
    >> 12pm - 3pm
    >> Your farm
    Stay in your farm anf Karen will appear and teach you a dance
    18. Grape Harvest
    >> Year 1
      >> Fall
    >> Farm
    Duke appear and ask you for help. Choose to help him and quickly invite
    Cliff to help you with the grapes picking. Next day go to the Winery at
    10am and you'll play a grape picking mini-game
    19. What goes up must come down
    >> Summer
      >> Day after hurricane
    >> Beach
    Walk to the beach and you'll see a event where you found an empty bottle
    and Kai will come and ask for it. Give it to him and he'll give you a
    perfume in return.
    20. Bye Kai
    >> 1st of Fall
      >> Any year
    >> Farm
    Kai stop by your farm and say good bye.
    21. It's you Kai
    >> Any year exept for 1st year
      >> 1st of Spring
    >> Farm
    Kai will come by your farm and say hello
    22. Goddess Pond
    >> Any day exept rainy and Snowing
      >> Must not be a festival day
    >> Waterfall near the Mine.
    Throw an item (Eggs, milk and crops) in the waterfall and Goddest will
    appear and give you something. 5 offering goddess will give you a lumber.
    10 offerings Goddess will make the boy who love you the most appear. 20
    offerings Goddess will give you a power berry.
    23. Kappa
    >> Any season exept Winter
    >> 11am - 5pm
    >> Mother's Hill Lake
    Throw 3 Cucumber in the lake (must be standing in front of 2 trees) and
    Kappa will appear and gives you a Blue Power Berry.
    24. May Missing
    >> Second Year
      >> Summer - Winter
      >> 6am - 1pm
    >> Farm
    Barley appear and want you to help search for May. Got to the beach in
    25. bee-sy day
    >> Summer
      >> any day
    >> farm
    PLant some flowers and the enxt day a bee will come and make a nest.
    8b) Rival Event
    Just like you. Rivals also have heart events. These are the heart events
    for the rivals. Oh yeah if you're a good friend with the rival, when
    they get marry they'll invite you to their wedding ceromony.
    8bi) Gray
    Black Heart Event
    >> 10am - 12pm
      >> 1st year
    >> Rose Square
    Walk into the library and you'll see Mary and Gray talking about living
    in mineral town and compare to living in the city. They also talk about
    what they are doing in Mineral town.
    Purple Heart Event
    >> Friends with Gray
    >> 1pm - 6pm
      >> 1st year of Spring
    >> Outside of Library
    You'll see Mary talking to Gray about the book she lened him. Gray replied
    by saying it was great and when Mary was try to say something. Gray
    interupted b say "Thanks for everything".
    8bii) Doctor
    Black Heart Event
    >> Any day exept Wednesday
    >> 9am - 5pm
      >> Year 1, Spring
    >> Clinic
    Elli talk to Doctor saying something about a newborn baby. Doctor said
    something about she's going to be a good mother when she have a baby. Elli
    take the reply in the wrong way and replied angrily.
    Purple Heart Event
    8biii) Cliff
    Black Heart Event
    >> 11am - 5pm
      >> Spring, Year 1
    >> Inn
      >> Second floor
    Walk into the Inn and go upstair and you'll see Ann flirting with Cliff.
    Purple Heart Event
    >> 11am - 1pm
      >> 1st year
    >> Church
    Walk into the church see this event. Ann will come and deliver a meal to
    Carter. She then notice Cliff and ask if he want to walk home with her.
    Cliff turn her down by saying he want to stay longer.
    Blue Heart Event
    8biv) Kai
    Black Heart Event
    >> Beginning of Summer
    >> Near the Blacksmith 
    >> Any Time
    When you exit your farm from the north you'll see mAY AND Popuri very happy
    that Kai arrived to Mineral Town. Afterwards Kai will come and greet you.
    8bv) Rick
    Black Heart Event
    >> 1st Spring
    >> Outside of Church
    >> Anytime
    Exit the church and you'll witness Rick and Karen talking about when Carter
    first came to the village. They then walk into oblivion.
    Purple Heart Event
    >> Any time
      >> Spring
    >> Poultry Farm
    You'll see Rick talking to karen about Popuri and Kai. Karen replied by 
    saying Kai isn't a bad person which made Rick angry. Rick then say something
    about She on kai side too which made Karen angry and then they argue.
    Blue Heart Event
    >> Poultry Farm
    Go to Poultry farm and you'll notice Karen and Lillia talking. Lillia ask if
    Karen would be her daughter and Karen react weirdly. Lillia state that she 
    could be her daughter if she marry Rick
    8c) Marriage Event
    Wife is pregnant
    >> Your wife happy
    >> Your House
    One day you'll notice your wife start saying something different for once.
    Now go to the clinic and you'll know why. She's pregnant
    Baby is borm
    >> Few month after the first event
    Your wife baby is coming out. When it came out name it.
    9) Recipe
    Name: Hot Milk
    Utensils: Pot
    Ingredient: Milk
    Name: Strawberry Milk
    Utensils: Mixer
    Ingredient: Strawberry and Milk
    Name: Tomato Juice
    Utensils: Mixer
    Ingredient: Tomato
    Name: Fruit Juice
    Utensils: Mixer
    Ingredient: Any Fruit (Grapes, apples)
    Name: Fruit Latte
    Utensils: Mixer
    Ingredient: Fruit Juice and Milk
    Name: Vegetable Juice
    Utensils: Mixer
    Ingredient: Cucumber, cabbage
    Name: Vegetable Latte
    Utensils: Mixer
    Ingredient: Milk
    Name: Mixed Juice
    Utensils: Mixer
    Ingredient: Fruit Juice and Vegatable Juice
    Name: Mixed Latte
    Utensils: Mixer
    Ingredient: Mixed Juice and Milk
    Name: Relaxation Tea
    Utensils: Pot
    Ingredient: Relaxation Tea Leaves
    Name: Strawberry Jam
    Utensils: Pot, Sugar
    Ingredient: Strawberry
    Name: Apple Jam
    Utensils: Pot, Sugar
    Ingredient: Apple
    Name: Grape Jam
    Utensils: Pot, Sugar
    Ingredient: Grape
    Name: Butter
    Utensils: Mixer
    Ingredient: Milk
    Name: Ketchup
    Utensils: Mixer, Salt, Sugar and Vinegar
    Ingredient: Tomato, Onion
    Name: Small Mayonaise
    Utensils: Whisk, Vinegar
    Ingredient: Small Eggs and Oil
    Name: Medium Mayonaise
    Utensils: Whisk and Vinegar
    Ingredient: Medium Eggs and Oil
    Name: Large Mayonaise
    Utensils: Whisk and Vinegar
    Ingredient: Large Eggs and Oil
    Name: Golden Mayonaise
    Utensils: Whisk and Vinegar
    Ingredient: Golden Egg and Oil
    Name: Greens
    Utensils: Pot, Soy Suace
    Ingredient: Spinach
    Name: Pickle Turnip
    Utensils: Knife and Vinegar
    Ingredient: Turnip 
    Name: Pickles
    Utensils: Salt
    Ingredient: Cucumber
    Name: Salad
    Utensils: Knife
    Ingredient: Cabbages, Cucumber
    Name: Happy Eggplant
    Utensils: Frying pan and Sugar
    Ingredient: Eggplant
    Name: Sweet Potato
    Utensils: Pot, Oven and Sugar
    Ingredient: Sweet Potato, Egg and Sugar
    Name: Roasted Potato
    Utensils: Oven, Salt and Sugar
    Ingredient:  Sweet Potato and Stone
    Name: Sandwich
    Utensils: Knife
    Ingredient: Bread, Cucumber, Tomato
    Name: Veggie Pancake
    Utensils: Frying Pan and Knife
    Ingredient: Cabbage, Flour, Egg and Oil
    Name: Stir Fry
    Utensils: Frying Pan, Knife and Soy Sauce
    Ingredient: Oil and Cabbage
    Name: Miso Soup
    Utensils: Pot and Miso Paste
    Ingredient: Any Vegetable
    Name: Scramble Eggs
    Utensils: Frying Pan, Egg and Oil
    Ingredient: Egg and Oil
    Name: Boiled Egg
    Utensils: Pot
    Ingredient: Egg
    Name: Omelet
    Utensils: Frying Pan
    Ingredient: Egg, Milk and Oil
    Name: Rice Omelet
    Utensils: Frying Pan
    Ingredient: Egg, Milk, Oil and Rice Ball
    Name: Dinner Rolls
    Ingredient: Bread and Butter
    Name: Jam Bun
    Ingredient: Bread and any jam
    Name: Raisin Bread
    Ingredient: Bread and Grape
    Name: Fried Rice
    Utensils: Frying Pan, salt
    Ingredient: Oil, Riceball and Eggs
    Name: Bamboo Rice
    Ingredient: Riceball and Bamboo Shoot
    Name: Mushroom Rice
    Ingredient: Mushroom and Rice Ball
    Name: Truffle Rice
    Ingredient: Truffle and Riceball
    Name: Curry
    Utensils: Pot
    Ingredient: Curry Powder and Riceball
    Name: Noodles
    Utensils: Pot, Knife and Rolling Pin
    Ingredient: Flour
    Name: Curry Noodles
    Utensils: Pot, Knife and Rolling Pin
    Ingredient: Flour and Curry Powder
    Name: Tempura Noodles
    Utensils: pot
    Ingredient: Tempura and Noodles
    Name: Fried Noodles
    Utensils: Frying Pan
    Ingredient: Oil and Noodles
    Name: Grilled Fish
    Utensils: Frying Pan
    Ingredient: Medium Fish
    Name: Sashimi
    Utensils: Knife
    Ingredient: Large or Medium Fish
    Name: Sushi
    Utensils: Vinegar
    Ingredient: Riceball and Sashimi
    Name: Chirashi Sushi
    Utensils: Knife and Vinegar
    Ingredient: Riceball, Scrambled Eggs and Sashimi
    Name: Cookies
    Utensils: Oven, Sugar and Rolling Pin
    Ingredient: Flour, Butter and Egg
    Name: Chocolate Cookies
    Utensils: Ovens' Sugar and Rolling Pin
    Ingredient: Flour, Butter, Egg and Chocolate
    Name: Cake
    Utensils: Oven, Whisk and Sugar
    Ingredient: Flour, Butter and Egg
    Name: Chocolate Cake
    Utensils: Oven, Whisk and Sugar
    Ingredient: Flour, Butter, Egg and Chocolate
    Name: Cheesecake
    Utensils: Oven, Pot, Whisk and Sugar
    Ingredient: Cheese, Milk and Egg
    Name: Pumpkin Pudding
    Utensils: Oven, Pot and Sugar
    Ingredient: Pumpkin, Egg and Milk
    Name: Apple Pie
    Utensils: Knife, Oven, Pot, Rolling Pin and Sugar
    Ingredient: Butter, Egg, Flour and Apple
    Name: Stew
    Utensils: Pot and Salt
    Ingredient: Flour and Milk
    Name: Cheese Fondue
    Utensils: Knife and Pot
    Ingredient: Cheese and Bread
    Name: Pizza
    Utensils: Oven, Rolling Pin and Salt
    Ingredient: Cheese, Flour and Ketchup
    Name: Popcorn
    Utensils: Frying Pan
    Ingredient: Corn
    Name: French Fries
    Utensils: Frying Pan and Knife
    Ingredient: Potato, Oil and Ketchup
    Name: Tempura
    Utensils: Frying Pan
    Ingredient: Flour, Egg and Oil
    Name: Food Fiasco
    Utensils: Any
    Ingredient: Weed
    10) Festival
    The festival is different from the girl version. If you read my other guide
    of Harvest moon Boy and Girl. Just do the opposite of the festival.
    10a) Spring Festival
    Spring 1 - New Years
    Time: 6pm
    You can go to the Square to dance with the bachellorette or go to the
    Inn and drink with the adults
    Spring 8 - Goddess Festival
    Time: 10am
    Festival where young girls dresses up in pink uniform and dance. If a 
    girl you love is atleast purple heart you can ask her the day before to
    go with you. She'll come by your farm and head to the square with you.
    Spring 14 - Spring Thanks Giving (Boy)
    Time: any
    Cook a chocolate cookie and give it to the girl you love.
    Spring 18 - Horse Race
    Time: 10am
    Go to the square and bet on a horse. You can exchange the medals you
    have won for a prise. If you have a full grown horse you can enter it
    in the competition too.
    Spring 22 - Cooking Festival
    Time: 10am
    Go to square and see who will be winning the cooking festival. If you
    bring your dish you can enter the fcooking festival too.
    10b) Summer Festival
    Summer 1 - Swimming Festival
    Time: 10am
    Go to the beach and race with other people. If you win you'll make everyone
    happy and also you'll get a Power Berry. 
    Summer 7 - Sumo Chicken Festival
    Time: 10am
    Bring a chicken with you and head to the square. Talk to Rick and enter the
    Chicken Sumo game. If you win your chicken will lay golden eggs.
    Summer 12 - Tomato Festival
    Time: 10am
    Go to the square and join a team and play the tomato fight game. This is by
    far the best festival ever.
    Summer 20 - Cow Festival
    Time: 10am
    Go to Yodel Ranch and watch which Cow becomes first. You can enter your own
    cow however it must be fully grown and if your cow win. You cow will produce
    golden Milk.
    Summer 24 - Fireworks Festival
    Time: 6pm
    Go to the beach and watch some firework. You can ask a girl to watch the
    firework with you.
    10c) Fall Festival
    Fall 3 - Music Festival
    Time: 6pm
    Go to the church to listen to Karen sing. You can participate in the band
    too if you accept Pastor Carter's request.
    Fall 9 - Big Pot Festival
    Time: 10am
    Go to the square and eat some food made from the big pot. You can throw
    something in the Big Pot however if you throw something bad in it, the
    people friends level will decrease.
    Fall 13 - Moon Gazing Festival
    Time: 6pm
    Go to the mountain at 6pm and you'll see the girl you love the most there.
    Fall 21 - Sheep Festival
    Time: 10am
    Go to Yodel Ranch and watch which sheep becomes champion. You can
    participate by entering a fully grown sheep which havn't been sheared yet.
    10d) Winter Festival
    Winter 10 - Dog Race Festival
    Time: 10am
    play a little doggy race game. It's very easy however if you haven't been
    playing fetch with Won's ball this race is pretty hard for you.
    Winter 14 - Winter Thanks Giving
    Time: Any
    Stay at your farm and watch the girl who has blue heart come by your farm
    giving you chocolate.
    Winter 24 - Starry Night Festival
    Time: 6pm
    Talk to the girl you love the most and she will invite you to her house at
    Winter 30 - New Year's Eve
    Time: 12am
    Go to the mountain and watch the sunrise with the other villages.
    11) Legendary Fishes
    In this game you can collect pictures of legendary fishes.
    * Squid - In Summer take a small fish and throw it in the ocean, now fish
    for it. If you catch the small fish back, try it again tommorow.
    * Carp - In Fall, before catching this, you must first capture the other
    five legendary fishes. Go to MOther's lake and fish for it.
    * Angler - In Winter head to the ocean and cast you rod between 10pm and
    * Catfish - In winter go to the Winter and dig to the deepest level. now
    cast your rod into the lake.
    * Char - In any season. You must have the sushi, sashimi and chirashi
    sushi recipe first then go the goddess pond and fish at the waterfall.
    * Sea Bream - In Fall, Winter or Spring. You need to catch and sell more
    than 200 fishes and then go to the ocean and fish.
    12) Heart Event
    This is the heart event of Harvest moon Boy and Girl boy version guide.
    Note: If you miss out of an event it won't stop you from marrying that
    person, the event is just there for entertainment
    12a) Popuri
    Black Heart Event
    >> Paoultry Farm
    >> Any time
    >> First season
    Walk to the Poultry farm and you'll witness Rick and Popuri having a fight.
    Now go the hotspring and choose "my sympathy" option and she'll like you more.
    Purple Heart Event
    >> Poultry Farm
    >> Any time
    Go to Poultry farm and you'll notice that Popuri is outside. She talks about
    leaving the village and ask for your opion. Choose the "that would be fun" 
    option to make her like you more.
    Blue Heart Event
    >> Farm
    >> In the morning
    >> Have one more spot for a chicken
    Exit your farm house and Popuri will arrive and give you an egg. Hatch it
    and name it Popuri and she'll become very happy towards you and she'll be
    even happier if you name it Popuri.
    Green Heart Level
    Yellow Heart Event
    Orange Heart Event
    Red Heart Event
    12b) Mary
    Black Heart Event
    >> Library
    Walk into the library and ask her what's she writing. She'll like you more
    Purple or Blue Heart Event
    >> Library
    Walk into the library and she'll ask you a question. Say you want to read a
    book and she would become very happy towards you.
    Green Heart Event
    >> Farm
    >> around 2pm
    She'll come to your farm house and give you a book. Later she'll come back
    and ask you a question. Choose either one cause it's random.
    12c) Karen
    Black HEart Event
    >> Supermarket
    >> Anytime
    >> 1st Spring
    Go into the Supermarket and you'll see the towns people keep taking things
    for free from Jeff's Market. Duke then ask you what's wrong. Click the
    "You should Pay" option and Karen will come out and tell Duke to pay. Karen
    will lik you more.
    Purple Heart Event
    >> Hotspring
    >> Afternoon
    Go to the hotspring and Karen will be there and ask you what's wrong. Choose
    the "lovesick" option to increase her heart level.
    Blue Heart Event
    >> 2nd Spring
    >> 1st of Spring
      >> Your Farm
    Karen will stop by your house and teach you how to dance.
    Green Heart Event
    >> 2nd Spring
    >> Anytime
    Karen will give you some moon drop flower for you to plant. Plant them and
    when they're fully bloom she'll stop by your farm and be very amased at what
    you have done. She'll like you more afterwards.
    12d) Elli
    Black Heart Event
    >> Clinic
    >> Spring
    >> Not Wednesday
    Go into the Clinic and you'll see Elli there. Elli notice you have a cut and
    ask how is it. Click the "execrating" option and she'll give you a band-aid.
    Now exit and head to Elli's house and you'll see Stu crying. Give Stu the band
    -aid and Elli will come and notice it. She ask you why didn't you use it. Click
    the "It came from you" option and she would be happy.
    Purple Heart Event
    >> Outside of Inn
    Walk by the Inn and you'll notice Elli. Talk to her and she would say how's the
    farm. Say it's fun and she would be happy.
    Blue Heart Event
    >> Farm
    >> 12pm
    Stay at your farm and Elli will come by and give you a sandwich. Say it's 
    good and she'll comeback for 3 days. After the 3 days she'll like you more.
    12e) Ann
    Black Heart Event
    >> Inn
    >> Spring
    >> 6pm
    Go to the Inn and Doug will ask you to come over. He'll ask you what you think
    about Ann. Say she's cute and Ann will like you more.
    Purple Heart Event
    >> Inn
    >> After 11am
    >> Nopt raining
    Walk by the Inn and you'll see Ann is standing outside. Talk to her and click
    the "you should get Marry" option. She'll like you more afterward.
    Blue Heart Event
    >> Farm
    >> morning
    >> Must have 3 chicken
    She'll come to your farm and ask you to deliver 3 eggs to her. between 11am 
    and 5pm go to the Inn with the egg in your rucksack. Keep doing this everyday
    until she stop by your farm one day and give you an Omellette. However if you
    forgotten to deliver it one day the event ends without raising heart level.
    13) Proposal
    To propose to a girl you must have all the house extension. The girl
    you're planning to marry have be red heart. The last thing is buy a
    blue feather from the supermarket for 1000g and give it to the girl
    you're marrying.
    14) Ending
    The game doesn't at all in the boy version. However it would if your
    farm percentage doesn't reach 60% by the 3rd year. When the credits
    roll don't close your PSP. See if you can still continue first.
    15) Glitches
    * Duplicate doggy ball, when you hold the ball at the same time as the
    dog about to fetch it, it'll becomes 2.
    16) Plants
    One important thing about farming is growing vegetable. In this game
    there's different crops that can only be planted in one season.
    16a) Spring
    Buy: 500g
    Sell: 250g
    Days: 15
    You buy this special crop from Won.
    Buy: 200g
    Sell: 60g
    Days: 10
    You can buy this from the Supermarket. There's one event which
    involve the use of Cucumber (see Event).
    Buy: 150g
    Sell: 80g
    Days: 8
    Jeff sell this seed in the Supermarket.
    Buy: 120g
    Sell: 60g
    Days: 5
    Jeff sell these in his Supermarket
    Buy: 150g
    Sell: 30g
    Days: 9
    To buy this seed you must plant more than 100 of each spring
    crops then Jeef will sell this in the Supermarket.
    Moondrop Flower
    Buy: 500g
    Days: 6
    You can buy this in Won's shop. Inorder to get this plant 
    Karen has to give this to you.
    Toy Flower
    Buy: 400g
    Days: 13
    You can buy this from Won's shop.
    16b) Summer
    Buy: 300g
    Sell: 100g
    Days: 15
    You can buy this in the supermarket and if you put corn in 
    your windmill you canm actually get chicken feed.
    Buy: 150
    Sell: 80
    Days: 15
    Buy this in the supermarket
    Buy: 1000g
    Sell: 500g
    Days: 21
    Buy this in Won's shop. (note: This make big money however it
    takes too long to grow).
    Buy: 200g
    Sell: 60g
    Days: 10
    Buy this in the supermarket
    Buy: 500g
    Sell: 250g
    Days: 15
    To get this plant you must plant all the Summer plants more
    than 100 times.
    Pinkcat Flower
    Buy: 300g
    Days: 6
    You can buy this from Won. There's one event which involves the
    use of Pincat flower (see Event)
    16c) Fall
    Buy: 300g
    Sell: 120g
    Days: 8
    Buy this from the Supermarket
    Buy: 120g
    Sell: 80g
    Days: 10
    You can buy this from the Supermarket
    Green Pepper
    Buy: 150g
    Sell: 40g
    Days: 8
    To get plant you can buy it from Won.
    Magic Red Flower
    Buy: 600g
    Sell: 200g
    Days: 11
    You can buy this from Won. Despite being able to be sell. Only
    the red one are sellable which is very low chance to get a 
    red one.
    Sweet Potato
    Buy: 300g
    Sell: 120g
    Days: 6
    You can buy this from Jeff in the Supermarket
    Buy: 200g
    Sell: 80g
    Days: 6
    You can get this if you have plant all the Fall crops more than
    100 times and then you can purchase thjis from the Supermarket.
    16d) Any Season
    Buy: 500g
    Days: 20
    If they grow long enough you can use your sickle and cut it to
    create some fodders for your dog. You can buy this seed from the
    Orange Cup
    Buy: 1000g
    Sell: 60g
    Days: 9
    You can buy this seed from Won. If you plant this seed outside
    it'll become invsible. However if you plant it in your Hothouse 
    you can see it.
    17) House Extention
    Now these are all the house extention in the game, Oh and remember.
    You must build these extention in order, so if I want to build house
    Extention part 1, I must build chicken coop first.
    Chicken Coop
    Wood: 420
    Cost: 500g
    > Able to keep 10 chicken
    > 2 Incubator
    Home Expansion part 1
    Wood: 370
    Cost: 4700G
    > Refrigerator
    > Cabinet
    > Kitchen
    > There's a new channel in Saturday call TV Shopping
    Wood: 500
    Cost: 6800g
    > Able to keep 20 animals
    Home Expansion part 2
    Wood: 750
    Cost: 10000g
    > Able to get marry
    Hot House
    Wood: 580
    Cost: 30000G
    > Able to plant any crop in any Season
    > However storm could destroy it
    18) TV Shopping
    TV shopping occur every day in Saturday unless you bought the first
    expansion and TV shopping will stop in New Year but it go back on
    afterward and it'll also stop if you already bought all the utensil.
    To order something you must first watch the TV shopping (all) and
    then go to the Inn and use the phone.
    Knife - 3000g
    Frying pan - 2500g
    Pot - 2000g
    Mixer - 2500g
    Whisk - 1000g
    Rolling Pin - 1500g
    Seasonings Set - 5000g
    Powerberry - 5000g
    19) FAQ
    Q. How to make fences? There's no house extension for it?
    A. When I mean make fences, I simply mean use lumber and make
    one yourself.
    Q. How to throw 20 item in the goddess waterfall (near spring mine)?
    There isn't enough room in your bag.
    A. You don't need to chuck 20 item in a row. So if you 10 item the
    first day you throw 20 the other day.
    Q. Where's Won I can't find gim anywhere?
    A. Won is located in the Inn around 1pm-3pm.
    Q. DO I have to build the Chicken coop first then i can build the
    house extention
    A yes
    Q. How can I prevent Ellen from dying?
    A. This isn't Harvest Moon 64. She'll never die in this game.
    Q. What is the red Mail box thingy next to the supermarket do?
    A. If you have read my Secret section you would know I have no idea
    what it does.
    Q. Can you have a girl in this game?
    A. No, This game allow you to only have a boy.
    Q. How do you move barn animals?
    A. You can push animal back to the barn by pushing the animal from
    the back, or ring the bell to make your barn animal walk twards you
    or if they're sleeping and you want to use the bell ringing method
    simply have your dog near the sleeping barn animal and ring the bell.
    The dog will act like a sheep dog barking at the sleeping animal to
    walk towards you.
    Q. If all the girl is taken by the rival. There's a new girl called
    Elizabeth will come to the village
    A. Well that's a lie
    Q. Where's won
    A. Won's shop is located in the Inn at 1pm near the stairs
    Q. Will this game end
    A. No, luckily the boy version doesn't, however, if your farm % is
    below 60% in your 3rd year you'll be booted out of town.
    note: increase farm percentage by - marrying
                                      - 1 aniamls heart = 1%
                                      - Power berry
                                      - etc
    If you have anymore question feel free to email me. I'll post the 
    question and answer here.
    20) PSP features
    * The saving and loading time is a lot more faster.
    * You can change the screen size
    * Because there's isn't L2 and R2 buttons. They use the R2 button to
    combine with other button to perform different tricks.
    21) Thanks
    I want to say thanks to arcaneja and OTACON120 for using there recipe
    guide. I also want to say thanks to Sweet Parfait for using some info
    from her Faq Walkthrough and I want to thank the people who made the
    guide in Fogu.com/hm. kewel also provided me information on the events
    and plants. 
    I also want to thank my friend that helped me with this guide. This is
    their name. Wayne Li and Harry Li 
    Jack Lou, Marco Guo, Jeff Chan and Leon Lin (minor help)
    I also want to thank the person who convinced me to improve this faq
    but i forgetten its name
    I want to say thanks to Tan Kon way

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