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    FAQ by shukudai

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/15/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    		 ____  _                 _     
    		|  _ \| |               | |    
    		| |_) | | ___  __ _  ___| |__  
    		|  _ <| |/ _ \/ _` |/ __| '_ \ 
    		| |_) | |  __/ (_| | (__| | | |
    		|____/|_|\___|\__,_|\___|_| |_|
     _    _            _     _   _             _____             _ 
    | |  | |          | |   | | | |           / ____|           | |
    | |__| | ___  __ _| |_  | |_| |__   ___  | (___   ___  _   _| |
    |  __  |/ _ \/ _` | __| | __| '_ \ / _ \  \___ \ / _ \| | | | |
    | |  | |  __/ (_| | |_  | |_| | | |  __/  ____) | (_) | |_| | |
    |_|  |_|\___|\__,_|\__|  \__|_| |_|\___| |_____/ \___/ \__,_|_|
    Game: Bleach: Heat the Soul
    Platform: Sony Playstation Portable
    Genre: 3D Fighting Game
    Release Date: 03/24/2005 (Japan)
    Table of Contents: (TOC)
    1. Introduction				BL-01
    2. Version History			BL-02                               
    3. Game Modes				BL-03
    	- Options			BL-03-1
    	- VS CPU			BL-03-2
    	- Soul Versus			BL-03-3
    	- Survival			BL-03-4
    	- Time Attack			BL-03-5
    	- Story				Bl-03-6
    	- Appendix
    3. Characters				BL-04
    	- Kurosaki Ichigo		BL-04-1
    	- Ishida Uryu			BL-04-2
    	- Yasutora "Chad" Sado		BL-04-3	
    	- Abarai Renji			BL-04-4
    	- Kuchiki Rukia			BL-04-5
    	- Orihime Inoue			BL-04-06
    4. Credits.				BL-05
    * Introduction *				       *BL-01*
    Welcome to my first ever FAQ, for Bleach: Heat the Soul for
    the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP).  B:HtS is the first 3D
    cel-shaded fighter available for the PSP, based off the
    extremely popular manga and anime series "Bleach" by Kubo 
    I'll assume if you're here, and looking at this FAQ, you're
    already a Bleach fan, and know about the story, so i'm only
    really going to cover the technical side of the game.  So,
    please enjoy my first FAQ.
    * Version History *				       *BL-02*
    - April 15th, 2005: Version 1.00.  First version, still *ALOT*
    		    to work on.  Just wanted to get a basic
    		    move list out, and the other basics.
    * Games Modes *					       *BL-03*
    * Options * BL-03-1*
    Once you enter the Mode Selection screen, press Triangle to
    enter the Options menu.  Here you can select:
    	- Difficulty: There are 5 levels of difficulty, and
    	  the default value is 3.
    	- Damage Level: Again, 5 levels, 1 being the lowest
    	  amount of damage, and 5 being the highest.
    	- Key Config: X 	= Physical Attack.
    		      Circle	= Weapon Attack.
    		      Square	= Soul Energy.
    		      Triangle  = Jump.
    	  The final option in the Key Config menu is to
    	  reset the keys to their default setting as
    	  listed above.
    	 - Sound: 
    		  - System Voice: Let's you modify the system 
    		   voice, when it actually does talk, you can
    		   change it from Default to Ichigo or Rukia.
     		  - BGM Volume: From 100%-0%
    		  - SE Volume: Sound Effects volume, 100%-0% 
    	 - Save/Load: Gives you a Save, Load, Auto-Save,
    		      and Delete option.  When you hit "Save"
    		      press "Left" once and hit Circle to
    		      save your game (You want the 2 symbol
    		      word (Yes) and not the 3 symbol word
    		      which is ("No"))
    * VS CPU * BL-03-2*
    VS CPU is just that, you playing versus the computer.  You
    chose any fighter, and fight your way through the remaining
    fighters and yourself.		
    * Characters *					       *BL-04*
    1.  Circle will select the original outfit for the character,
        and Triangle will select their alternate outfit.  X
        will bring you back to the prior screen.
    2.  "Super Guage" You and your enemy share a common Super
         Guage.  It's split 50/50 at first, and each time you
         hit the enemy, you gain a bit, and he/she looses a bit.
         As long as you have any energy left in your gauge, you
         can attempt a super move (Square, quickly followed by
         X or Circle).  Even if you have no energy in your gauge
         you can perform a super move, however if you miss, your
         character will be left panting for several moments, and
         you can't move or attack.
    3.  All characters can, by hitting Square twice use their 
        spiritual energy to "stun" the enemy for a moment or two.
        The range of the spiritual energy differs for each
        character, but only by a little bit.
    4.  When you are on your second life bar, and low on health,
        your health bar will flash red.  At this point you can
        press Square quickly followed by Triangle to raise your
        offense while lowering your defense.  Additionally, when
        you use your spiritual power to stun the enemy, the area
        affected will be much larger than normal.
    **** YOUR CHARACTER IS FACING LEFT. **********************
    * Kurosaki Ichigo * BL-04-1*
    Ichigo's main weapon is a sword, a "Zanpakutou" called
    "Zangetsu" that is really quiet large, as you'll see. 
    X 		= A simple punch.
    X + Left	= A middle level roundhouse kick.
    X + Right	= Ichigo kick's forward and leans into it.
    X + Down	= A small kick to the shin.
    X + Up		= Ichigo performs a somersault type flip
    Circle 		= A diagonal-upwards left to right sword
    Circle + Left 	= Ichigo's throw move.  Grabs enemy's head
    		  and jumps over while slicing them and
    		  knocking them back.
    Circle + Right  = Ichigo swings his sword from underneath
    		  and stops when it's vetical to his body.
    Circle + Down	= Ichigo slides forward a bit, and swipes
    		  horizontally with his sword at the 
    		  enemy's legs.
    Circle + Down x2= After the initial downwards swipe Ichigo
    		  jumps a bit and slashes downward with
    		  his sword.
    Circle + Up	= Ichigo performs a small upwards jumping
    Triangle x2 	= Ichigo jumps, then dashes forward in the 
    Square -> X	= Supermove #1. Ichigo performs a up-to-down
    		  vertical slash shooting a long range,
    		  very large projectile (Getsuga Tenshou,
    		  I believe it's called.)
    Square -> O	= Supermove #2. Ichigo waits to be attacked, 
    		  and if attacked physically.
    * Ishida Uryu * BL-04-02*
    Ishida's main weapon is for all intents and purposes an 
    "Energy Bow" the he materializes at will.
    X		= Ishida lunges forward a bit and performs
    		  a punch to the enemy's middle..
    X + Right	= Ishida lunges forward a bit and performs
    		  a small uppercut to the enemy's head.
    X + Left	= A roundhouse kick to the enemies middle.
    X + Left x2	= Performs a roundhouse kick, then a sliding
    		  kick at the enemy's legs.
    X + Down	= Ishida does a roundhouse kick at the enemy's
    		  legs, then performs a sliding kick at their
    X + Up		= Ishida does a jumping roundhouse at the
    		  enemy's head.
    Circle		= Ishida materializes his bow and fires 
    		  at the enemy's chest.
    Circle x1(2,3,4)= Ishida fires at the enemie's chest twice,
    		  then lower at their legs twice.
    Circle + Left	= Ishida dashes and blurs moving forward a 
    		  good distance, facing the opposite direction
    		  that he started in (can pass through 
    		  projectiles and enemies, if done properly)
    Circle + Right	= Ishida's throw. Grabs the enemies wrist, 
    		  turns 180 degrees and elbows them in the
    		  stomach knocking them down.
    Circle + Down	= Fires an arrow at the enemy's legs.
    Triangle+Circle = Ishida jumps then fires an arrow downwards,
    		  at a 45 degree angle.
    Square + X (or Circle)	= Supermove.  If it connects, Ishida
    			  shoots an arrow, then dashes to to
    		          another position, and repeats, 
    			  getting faster each time, and the
    			  final arrow is shot from point
    			  blank range.
    * Yasutora "Chad" Sado * BL-04-03*
    Chad's weapon is a... powered up left arm? I'll detail this
    better next update ^_^;
    X		= A simple punch.
    X + Left	= A straight forward powerful kick.
    X + Right	= Chad slides forward a little bit and does
    		  a backhanded punch to the enemy's middle.
    X + Down	= Chad kicks, as if he were kicking a football.
    X + Up		= An uppercut.
    Circle		= An overhead powerful swipe with his stronger
    Circle + Right	= Chad charges his stronger arm for a moment 
    		  and then releases a powerful energy blast,
    		  it leaves him open for attack for a short
    Circle + Left	= Chad's throw.  Chad grab's the enemy and 
    		  tosses them downwards into the ground (or
    		  if near a wall, they'll bounce off that
    Circle + Down	= A backhand with his strong arm that sends 
    		  the person flying.
    Circle + Down x2= Similar to his normal Circle move.
    Circle + Down x3= Chad finishes the combo by jumping in the
    		  air and lands a ground shaking punch on
    		  the downed enemy.
    Circle + Up	= A jumping uppercut with his stronger arm.
    Triangle + Crcl = Chad jumps up high and as he lands punches
    		  the ground with his stronger arm, knocking
    		  down anyone close to it.
    Square + X (or Circle)	= Supermove. Chad does a massive
    			  uppercut, then jumps up and 
    			  shoots an energy blast knocking
    			  the enemy down, and lands before
    			  they hit the ground and hits
    			  them with another energy blast.
    * Abarai Renji * BL-04-4*
    Renji like Ichigo uses a sword called "Zabimaru" that
    looks like a normal samurai sword, at most times.
    X 		= A simple punch
    X + Right	= An overhead axe-kick that lands on
    		  the enemy's head.
    X + Left	= Renji leans back and performs a 
    		  massive headbutt.
    X + Down	= Kick at the enemy's legs.
    X + Down x2	= Kick at the enemy's legs, then
    X + Down x3 	= Kick at the enemys legs, then
    		  stomach, then head.
    X + Up		= A jumping kick to the enemy's
    Circle		= Vertical up to down sword slice.
    Circle x2 x3    = A second and third sword swipe.
    Circle + Right  = Renji's sword splits into longer
    		  pieces and reaches forward across
    		  the screen.
    Circle + Left	= Renji's throw.  Renji grab's the
    		  enemy's hand, pulls them in then 
    		  does a forward slash across their
    Circle + Up	= Horizontal slash at the enemy's 
    Circle + Up x2  = Renji does one horizontal slash
    		  at the enemy's head, then a 
    Circle + Down	= A downward slash at the enemy's leg.
    Circle + Down x2= Downward slash at the enemy's leg,
    		  followed by the extending sword
    Triangle x2	= Renji jumps, then dashes forward in
    		  the air.
    Square + X (or Circle) = Supermove. Renji uses his
    			 extended sword to launch
    			 the enemy into the air, then
    			 uses his sword like a whip
    		         several times before smashing
    			 the enemy into the time.
    * Kuchiki Rukia * BL-04-5*
    Rukia has no weapon, so all her circle attacks in the
    game are spells.
    X 		= A palm strike to the head.
    X + Right	= A sliding elbow to the stomach.
    X + Left	= A powerful sidekick to the stomach.
    X + Up		= Rukia jumps and flips, facing the 
    		  opposite direction she started.
    X + Down	= A sweep kick at the enemy's legs.
    X + Down x2	= Sweep kick followed by a rising
    Circle		= Rukia shoots an energy ball at the
    Circle + Right	= Rukia shoots several small fireballs
    		  in an expending arc, with limited
    Circle + Left	= Rukia's throw. Rukia grabs the 
    		  enemy's head, jumps and spins around
    		  then kicks them in the head.
    Circle + Down	= Rukia extends her hand and a small
    		  transparent blast of energy reaches
    		  out a decent distance, if the enemy
    		  touches it, they are hell by a 
    		  binding spell for a moment.
    Circle + Up	= Same as Circle + Down, but shot up
    		  and diagonally, if it hits the enemy
    		  they are held by a binding spell and
    	          fall to the ground.
    Triangle + Circle=Rukia jumps and shoots an energy ball
    		  downwards at a 45degree angle.
    Square + X	= Supermove #1.  Rukia jumps forward and
    		  knees the enemy in the head, and plants
    		  her hand on top of their head, before
    		  jumping, performing several hand
    		  symbols creating an explosion when she
    		  lands on the enemy's shoulder, which
                      sends the enemy flying across the
    Square + Circle = Supermove #2.  Rukia fires a larger
    		  energy ball at the enemy.
    * Orihime Inoue * BL-04-6 *
    Orihime's "weapon" are her personal spirits.
    X		= A punch to the enemy's stomach.
    X x2,3,4	= More punches to the enemy ending in an
    X + Left	= Inoue shoves the enemy.
    X + Left x2	= After the shove, she turns around and
    		  uh... Hits the enemy with her rear ^_^;
    X + Right	= Inoue slides forward then uppercuts the
    X + Right x2	= After the uppercut, she jumps forward a
    		  bit and performs another.
    X + Down	= A kick at the enemy's .. foot?
    X + Down x2,3,4 = More kicks at the enemy's foot.
    Circle		= Inoue shoots one of her spirits "Tsubaki"
    		  at the enemy, in the form of a round
    		  energy ball.
    Circle + Left	= Inoue's throw.  Switch to a view behind
    		  the enemy, and Inoue performs several
    		  karate type punches at the enemy.
    Circle + Right	= Inoue creates a triangluar yellow shield
    		  in front of her and dashes forward using
    		  the shield to smash the enemy.
    Circle + Up	= Inoue twirls and shoots "Tsubaki" up in
    		  the air, which then zooms down to hit
    	          the enemy.
    Circle + Down	= Inoue forms the triangle on the ground 
    		  under the enemy then raises it upwards,
    		  knocking the enemy up a bit.
    Triangle+Circle = Inoue jumps and shoots "Tsubaki" downwards,
    		  at a 45 degree angle.
    Square + X (or Circle) = Supermove.  Inoue hits the enemy
    		         with her triangular yellow shield,
     			 then summons "Tsubaki" in a small
    			 storm of energy, and throws him
    		         at the enemy for big damage.
    * Credits * BL-05 *
    Thanks go out to, CJayC for keeping the best video game
    FAQ site out there.
    Kubo Tite and SCEJ for making Bleach, and making the
    game ^_^.
    Soul Society: The best and most informative Bleach fan
    site. http://www.livejournal.com/community/soul_society/
    The people on the Gamefaqs Bleach: Heat the Soul message
    board, for some of the info.
    http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ <- Ascii generator.

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