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"NEWS FLASH V - Hack n' Slash collector's must have"

My friend suggested this game to buy right when I got my PSP. I took his advice and bought it, then started playing and couldn't put it down. It was such an exciting game to be playing. I definitely recommend this to everyone who enjoys those great hack n' slash games.

Untold Legends, The Brotherhood of the Blade, is the story of your created character, which you have chosen from one of the four classes. There is the alchemist, the druid, the knight, and the berserker. Your character lives in the town of Aven, a peaceful town for many millennia and was thought to be for many more. All of a sudden, animals, insects, skeletons, and other creatures through the wild become evil and rage against the town and people of Aven. Throughout your journey, you will go through many quests to help save your hometown from total destruction.

Graphics don't make everything about a game, but they help a lot in most cases. For a PSP game, I wasn't expecting the graphics to be laid out so well. The zoomed in camera displays specific detail about monsters, landscape, and your character. The game was not graphics heavy at all and ran smoothly through both the one-player and multiplayer modes.

The music and sound effects help to completely enhance the quality of gameplay for the player and definitely contributed a lot, in my eyes, to the way the game was.

The gameplay is repetitive and thus isn't very well at all. One of the few negative aspects of this game was the gameplay. You're repeating through the same stages and completing similar quests over and over. The only thing throughout the game that differs, it seems, is positioning of monsters and treasures.

The controls are very easy to get used to. All you must do is run with the analog stick, attack with X, skills with triangle and O, and then some. Reading the manual for the game helps you a lot with the controls, and once you're playing it, it'll stick in your mind for quite a while. With such an easy control combination, it is, of course, easy to adapt to, especially with experience from playing other games that are mainly of the hack n' slash genre of gaming.

Replay Value
Unfortunately, this game has no replay value whatsoever. The quests will be the exact same for all classes, so you'll know what to expect. When you're playing through the first time, it's always great to have the element of surprise, and with more and more times played, this game loses its surprise.

The Map
The map of this game helped me an extremely huge amount. It showed me how to get to certain caves or levels that I needed to go to for the numerous quests of this game. It always helps to check the map, and it is labeled well enough to help guide you to the correct spots on your journey to save your hometown.

Rent/Borrow or Buy?
If you're a fan of games such as Champions of Norrath, then this is definitely a buy. It's a great game overall and is fun to play with friends, but once you've beaten it, I would probably sell it for such a poor replay value. It just isn't worth keeping up with once you're done with it. If you just want to try the game, however, rent or borrow it.

Final Note
As a final note, I would like to state that I am not employed by Sony, nor any company affiliated with Sony or the makers of this game. I am simply a person bored enough to review games. Review copyright to OrangePossum Reviews, sheeptagger [at] gmail [dot] com.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/09/06

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