Review by Moonsummit

Reviewed: 08/08/06

Diablo II in beta testing

Ok well, for all the people who rated this game any higher than 8 shows they have not played any real RPGs before. Be real, this game is not good at all. And I wasted £35 on it. So, let's summarise this game, and I hope you won't make the same mistake I make by wasting your money.

What is this game like?
Well, you choose your class out of 4 characters, then you go on adventure doing god knows what the storyline is. The storyline is not explained with movie clips or characters talking. It is explained in the diaries or journals you find on the floor during your adventures. But half the time they don't even drop. Oh the joy...

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics are not bad, but not impressive either. A watered down version of Metal Gear Ac!d to say the most. The camera angle totally sucks. You're playing birds eye view and you can't see half the stuff going on except glowing stuff hitting people. If you attempt to zoom in, you can only see your character's head and the ground meaning you cannot see the enemies at all. There's no sense of adventure at all, the dungeons are not realistic at all, with bosses here and there which look exactly the same as other creatures except a different colour.

Gameplay: 4/10

You get new skills as you get further in the game. But the thing is, I mean skills are supposed to help you. But when you level them up, they hardly do anything. +1% to melee damage. Level it up once, +2% to melee damage. "Oh wow the joy in that! One level = +1% damage, I can't wait to get to maximum level!". The bosses are easy, the monsters are easy, it is easy to get weapons and easy to get money. Not much challenge at all to be perfectly honest. Tap and attack, and you can complete the game like that. No sense of adventure at all.

Storyline: 2/10

I explained this before already. This game has no proper storyline. They make you search for pieces for the storyline. Oh come on, aren't games supposed to TELL you the storyline?

Music: 5/10

Not much music at all, just bang here and boom there. You'll get an ear ache sooner or later, trust me you will. Turn the music off, and turn on your stereo player/computer is your best bet here.

Overall: 5/10 (Not an average)

Well, this game is an empty game to be honest. It doesn't feel exciting nor RPG like. This is like a copied version of Diablo II except worse by far. I don't recommend this game at all. But nevertheless, if you are looking for RPGs or like these kind of games, try it when it drops in price. Or else... stay as far away as possible. Trust me on this.

*Long game

*Can't see your character half the time
*Bad Camera
*Bad storyline
*Terrible fighting system

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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