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"Kill in style!"

Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade was a launch title for Sony's Psp when it first came out. I remember seeing all of the launch titles, and thinking this one looked the best, so when I finally got a Psp, I went and picked this dungeon crawler up. It turned out to be a decent game, for a launch title.

Story: 6/10

The story isn't really a major focus in the game. You have a small little prologue telling you about the city and your character, and why your protecting the crown. As you progress through the game, you will receive books in your inventory that will give you some background on the story. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them and you're not required to read them, so often times you'll unknowingly skip big chunks of the story. It can also be pretty hard to know what to do or where to go next. Fortunately, there is a quest menu that will tell you where you need to go, or what you need to do. This menu will be your saving grace in following the storyline, as the story isn't nearly interesting enough for you to be expected to remember what to do. With a little more polish, and a few cut-scenes, they could have really made a good story. Is this a result of rushing the game to make the Psp release date?

Gameplay: 7/10

The gameplay is your basic hack-and-slash dungeon crawler. This can be fun and addictive as you explore dungeons and level up. You have the choice of being one of four different hero's: a knight, a berserker, a druid, and an alchemist. Each one has their own skill set and playing style. You also get the option of how they look when you first create them. As you progress throughout the game, you'll acquire armor and weapons you can use. There are certain requirements for equipping them, though, depending on your level and class. You will also have to make frequent trips to the merchant to sell your unwanted equipment, since you can only carry so much weight. Each level up, you are given 3 attribute points to invest in becoming stronger. You are also given 3 skill point in order to learn new skills.

Despite all of this, the whole point of the game is to kill stuff. Explore dungeons and kill stuff. If you've ever played a dungeon crawler before, this game will instantly feel familiar to you. It is a fairly long game, at least.

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics are spectacular! Everything is colorful and vibrant, and there are a lot of different areas to explore! The caves are dark and jagged, the glacier area's have little frozen ponds and snow on the tree's, and the town has some houses and sewers you can visit! Unfortunately, not everything is this fantastic. The fire area's look rather bland. They sort of look like floating pieces of land with an orange background. Is that supposed to be lava? The only other thing is that, more often than not, the trees will get in your way, making some areas hard to navigate. And there will be some enemy in there that you can't see, killing you slowly. That part can get frustrating at times.

Music & Sound effects: 5/10

Music? What music? Oh, wait, that's what they play for about the first minute you visit a new area. And than it stops. When it did play, it was mostly dramatic, classical type music, which sounded good. The sound effects were done better, thankfully. Look forward to hearing lots of money clinking, swords slashing, and your enemies death wails. This would have gotten a better score if the music had any kind of continuity.

Replay Value: 7

As I mentioned earlier, there are four different characters to chose from, each with a different style of play. I believe it is easier to play as a knight, rather than a druid or alchemist, so there's also a difficulty jump in replaying as different characters. There is also the on-line multi-player experience to explore, which would be fun if you had someone to play with. There are some skills that are designed for multi-player games.

Overall: 7/10

Overall, this is a great launch game for the Psp. Classic hack & slash action. If this genre interests you, I'd definitely recommend picking this up, as it's pretty cheap now. Have fun and keep playing! Later...

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/09/07

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