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"Still One of the Best PSP Games I Ever Played"

UL: Brotherhood Of The Blade was one of the first games that appeared on the psp, and till now only a few games have passed it on my favorites list, UL is an action hack 'n' slash rpg and this game was a reason for why I started to get into rpg games, let me put this game into detail.


ofcourse, comparing this game's graphics to graphics for games now, this game's graphics suck, but back in 2005/2006, this game is good in the graphics area.

Music/Sound Effects

I would like to say this game excels the most in the music section, the music is just wow and great, the only reason I really wanted to finish this game is because of the game's music. And as for the sound effects, nothing special really, the sounds of your warrior screaming when he lands a strike or gets hit is normal and same for the enemy too.


not a lot here, basically you're a warrior who has just finished winning a tournament and the prize is that you will be guarding the princess and you wake up a day after and you see that Praetox Spiders invaded your city and you're the guy to save the city from this crisis and after that you'll start getting quests from citizens and little by little you'll reach the one who is making this mess


The game play is pretty good and very responsive it can get repetitive but still good. You have the choice of four warriors and after you choose what you want to play as, you'll have 10 points to distribute them to four categories: stamina, dexterity, intelligence, and power or something. And with each level you'll have three extra points to distribute. Also, you'll have something called the skill tree or something like that where you'll have the choice of increasing some skills, with leveling up each level you'll only have one point to level up a skill but as you go further into the game you'll have two or three points. The only bas thing is that it will get really repetitive later into the game but other than that the game play is alright.

Replay Value

The game itself is long, about 20 hours and with the side quests it can extend into more than 30 hours so if you want to finish this game with all four warriors and with the side quests you're into more than 120 hours of game play, but how can someone stand 120 hours of the same story over and over again and with basically same game play is beyond me....

So this is my review, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope I covered the most of the game's aspects.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/20/08

Game Release: Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade (US, 03/22/05)

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