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"Addictive gameplay but a lacking plot"

I've been a fan of RPG's since the SNES days, which were the golden days of RPG. Now, Untold Legends isn't your typical RPG, it's a hack & slash RPG along the lines of Diablo, which I played for the original Playstation and I never did get around to playing the sequel since I'm not a big PC gamer and it never hit consoles. In all honesty, I only got Untold legends because it's the only RPG out for the PSP at the moment and I didn't care for Baulder's Gate which was made by the same company. Sometimes, I can be surprised.


The story is very plain and simple and light. You wake up in the inn and it's being attacked by spiders. You save the day and end up doing errands for the town folk and the princess type character. There's a plot there but it's slowly revealed and is far from deep because there isn't any character development which is one of the reason I play RPG's, I love the character development. So I was a bit disappointed in that aspect of the story but it does work and it's better then nothing.


Now, I'm not someone to snub a game because it has horrible graphics and while Untold Legends looks pretty good, it also looks very ugly at times but it all depends on where you have the camera placed. Up close the characters look good but far away they look a bit iffy. The levels look great through and the loading screens, while none moving are great pieces of character artwork. Not the best looking PSP game but it doesn't look too bad.


The control in a game can make or break it. While it's pretty simple to attack, use a special skill and the likes, I found it hard to move the camera. The camera is moved by using the D-Pad and hold R and it just complicates things. It's way to hard to move the cam and move your character all the while being attacked. I also found using a power vial to be a bit hard to due, not because of a complicated configuration but because you have to use L and R together and the L button uses a life vial so it really stinks when you accidentally use a potion that you might need later on.


This is probably the biggest short coming in the game. Enemies sound great in battle and the clashing of weapons is awesome. However, the music is bland and uninspired and half the time I never even noticed it. There is no voice acting either but that's okay since like I said earlier, the plot is very light.

Game play
Now, if you've played Diablo or Baulder's Gate then you know how this plays. If you haven't played them though, it can be a bit disappointing if you're expecting a normal RPG. Basically, you choose from four character classes. Druid, Knight, Berserker and Alchemist. They all play different and have different skills. I only played the game as a knight which is the most common character and easiest to use. Once you choose the character type, you can then change hair and face and a few other things but the options are very small. Each class can use certain weapons and certain armor but it isn't that hard to figure it all out. You have a set amount of weight that you can carry but there are ways to increase it. As you gain levels (level cap at 50) you get new skills and can up your stats and you get to choose which stats to upgrade. Now, the actually gameplay is simple. Run in and just kill things. At least that's how it is in the beginning. Later on you need to get use to using ranged attacks the like. The enemies are varied per area and the areas are all great, once you get to leave the city. Dungeons look great and have different areas to go to. The game is very linear though but you can go to dungeons and play in them before you actually have a quest. That's another thing, you go on quests for characters and along the way that's where the story unfolds via events and by journals that you get. The fighting is fast and is at times very furious. I found the game to be a blast but about 6 hours into it I got a bit bored but maybe that was because I was only playing this game and no others at that time.

Replay Value

While the story doesn't change by what character you choose, the game play does. Beat it as one and you can come back later and play through again with another class. The game is rather long, around 18 hours or so and there is a lot to do but once you beat it, that's all unless you left some side quests laying around. There is also online play if you know how to go around the system but it isn't an actual feature of the game. There is also co-op play which can be done with friends who own the game and a PSP. From what I hear it runs smoothly and is even more fun. Just a fair warning though, the game does suffer from fairly long load times but the areas are large.

Story – 3
Graphics – 7
Control – 7
Sound – 7
Gameplay – 9
Replay Value – 7

Final Score –8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/30/05

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