Review by Five_Spice

Reviewed: 04/25/05

This legend has been told before...

When I rented this game from the local video store, right after I handed over the money, the man behind counter said, "Yeah, this game kinda sucks. I hated it." In my mind I was thinking, "Nooo! I just wasted 10 bucks on something I have to keep for a week!" I will say this though. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I actually had a lot of fun with this game, but it got boring after a while.

Graphics- 9/10

The opening "cut scene" was terrible. I've seen far better cut scenes on Game boy Color Games. Thats how bad it was. The in-game graphics however, were a breath of fresh air. The sprites looked really good, and there was a nice selection of enemies. The colours were rich and vivid, and the different effects were nice. The frame rate was solid, and I saw a few glitches but they were extremely rare. Graphically, this game is very good.

Sound- 6/10

The effects were good, and a bit surprising at times. The music wasn't great and though it didn't get annoying or anything, it was so unexciting I really saw no point in even having the sound on at all.

Controls- 5/10

Yuck, is all I can say here. A lot of things involve a very poor combination of buttons. Poor button combinations occur on a surprising amount of games, but they are for actions or uses no one ever needs. In this game however, actions you would think to be fundamentally important are annoying to input and execute. Like using a power potion, moving the camera, and most important of all, blocking. It's a real pain, and though I picked them up in about 15 minutes, the inevitable flaws in control would come back to haunt me, usually in times when I really needed to be at the top of my game.

Game play- 7/10

Compared to the controls the game play isn't bad, but there are still big problems. One of these is the whole flow of the game. The story didn't draw me in at all, and the quests involve you going into an area, finding the exit, then going to the next, and the next, until you reach a boss you defeat with hardly any trouble. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. The game is set up so that as long as you defeat everything in the current area, up till the point to reach the boss, you are guaranteed a level. The monsters also get stronger as you do, which I don't really like very much. Because of this, just travelling from one destination to another will make you waste your potions, when it should be effortless. Levelling is fun, and there is a good experience system, with new abilities to learn and upgrade, but it could be way better. You can play as four different classes, which is cool, but it is hack and slash game play, so even if you are range or magic oriented, you will still end up hacking at waves of monsters with your eyes on the health bar instead of you opponents next move. This game is all about button mashing. I played as a magic user and it was actually quite fun, but I still had to mash spells at things while I watched my health bar. The create-your-own character feature was one of things that made me want to get this game, but upon creation, I realized your options are severely limited. You can't even choose the gender for your class. A few hairstyles, four skin tones, and four hair colours. WOW. That's what I call a lot of options. *Sarcasm off*

Replay-ability- 8/10

You can make and try out new characters, as well as play on line in ad hoc mode. A lot of fun, but it just doesn't make up for all the stuff wrong with this game.

Final Score- 6/10

I've played some bad RPGS, some worse and some better than this one, but the thing that made this one fall in my opinion was how disappointing it was compared to what I thought it would be like. I had high hopes for this game, and it fulfilled some of them. I will say again the graphics were excellent. However, it missed out on a lot of key issues and spent little or no time on others. The character creation in particular was a total joke. I don't like giving low scores to games, but I feel this one deserves a score of 6. Rent or buy? Rent and see if you like it. Don't buy unless you really, really like hack and slash games.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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