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"Best ARPG to date"

OK. This game is just amazing! The graphics are amazing, the storyline is great and the enemies aren't too difficult. The only thing that could have made this game better is gender selection for all the classes.

Graphics: 8/10 The graphics in this game are excellent. These have to be the best PSP graphics I've seen to date and I've seen almost all of the PSP games. The character models all look great. The really cool thing is that if you are putting on thicker armor (eg. chain mail) it actually appears thicker in game. I love the graphics of the bosses. Especially of matron Skulgra. There are only a few issues I have. Onw is that if there are too many character models on the screen, then the frame-rate slows and the game looks blurry. If you're in a battle and you are trying to control the pest population, you don't want the game to disorient you. Another thing is that when you are in some areas that have tiles, the place where the tiles join look like dead pixels, and I hate dead pixels. I've had to replace my PSP twice because of them.

Controls: 10/10 The controls of this game are well thought out. basically the same controls as Champions of Norrath, with a few minor differences. Now you have to push R then L to use a mana potion. To use the new addition Regeneration potions you have to press L & R at the same time. The only thing about this control scheme I found awkward was that you have to press R + O to block and I am a true artist when it comes to blocking so I use it a lot. The reason I gave this 10 is because you can change any of the controls to fit your liking. So I changed block to [].

Story: 10/10 I love this story. You are a descendant of a Hero that saved the city 2 millennium's ago. Now the city is under attack again and you have to stop living to life of nobility and start earning your keep. Then you have 23 main quests plus 20 side quests. So you've got plenty of things to do. I always like the story in ARPG games so my view might be biased. Don't patronise me for it. The cool thing is that the story is a little different for each of the classes. that's what I like about ARPG story lines.

Game-play: 8/10 The game-play in this game is great. 110 total levels to play and they are always randomly generated. You never face the same dungeon twice. The really cool thing is that if you like the monsters in a specific dungeon, you can go back and bash some heads for fun and still have a good time. The only problem is that you only get one difficulty. I like playing in order, easy, normal, hard. But with Untold legends, you get one difficulty that constantly changes. Well I guess that's a good thing if you are kind of bad at these kind of games and you are just learning controls but that's what easy mode is for. Great job Snow-blind, you just took out one of the main reasons that I buy your ARPG's.

Final Judgement: 9/10 Although there are a few minor flaws with that game, this is still a great game with a rich plot, provoking dungeons, colorful bosses and just a plain interesting world. I would recommend this game to anyone.

Rent or Buy: Buy. This game has way too much to offer to go unnoticed. If you don't like ARPG's then just rent it. But don't let this jewel of a game go unnoticed. It is probably the single best action role-playing game I have ever played.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/14/05

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