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"My favourite flavour - bland"

I must admit, I bought this game not really because I was impressed with anything that people on Gamefaqs said the game had to offer, but because it was the only PSP adventure game out on release. It isn't a bad effort either, the problem is that it just isn't a good effort either.

Untold Legends BOTB is a hack and slash game with the now almost standard RPG elements (level raising to increase character abilities, buying, selling and finding armour and weapons, you get my drift). The story really isn't much to write home about, some evil thing wants to take over the place, and you need to stop it. Sure, there are some mildly interesting story elements around this(I won't delve into these) but in general it is average fair. It isn't going to put you off the game, but don't expect Final Fantasy VII style brilliance of story telling.

Playing the game reminds me somewhat of Diablo and games of its ilk. It does this pretty well, with good fluid action that doesn't frustrate because of bad controls. When you die, it's your fault. You have four characters to choose from, although they are quite generic (Knight, Ranger etc). They can attack, and obviously the spells you can cast and attacks you use differ depending on the character you use.

You may have started to notice this, but everything in this game is unoriginal and par for the course. The enemies are uninspired (and this includes bosses), spells are generic, the dungeon designs graphically are taken from many previous games, in general there is nothing in this game that makes me say to someone 'you need to buy this game', although saying that there is nothing here to say 'you shouldn't buy this game' either. Graphically it's functional, nothing fancy, but it won't make your PSP look bad. It's quite a solid engine, with very few moments of glitches (although shadows look strange in places), but again the dungeons and weapons won't amaze. Musically this game really lags, using the synthesizer inside the PSP to create sound rather than sound spun off the UMD. Fortunately the music is barely noticeable, and the hacking and slashing sounds are fine.

The big problem with this game is that it's like corn flakes; functional, but nothing out of the ordinary. Everything about this game can be bettered, however for a release day game (in the UK anyway) we could have had a lot worse. This will tie people over for a while, although I have to say when I finished this with the Knight I didn't feel compelled to finish this with the other characters. It feels like a rushed effort, the story doesn't even finish properly; there isn't any decent closure.

Overall I would give this game a 6, it does nothing really wrong as such (apart from the coma inducing loading times), but the isn't anything here you haven't seen before MANY times. Middle of the road is a good way of putting it. This is almost certainly going to be bettered sometime in the future of PSP, and at the time of writing, the second and third instalments of this series are being made. With more time to work with, these should hopefully be better.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/20/05

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