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"Are these legends better left untold?"

I picked up Untold Legends the same day I picked up my PSP.'s the review.

Graphics: 6/10
Considering the PSP's size, it's not a bad looking game, just not a stellar one. The problem is that once you enter a new area, all the backgrounds look the same, the design for the characters is uninspired and, as a result, the graphics seem bland. Also, since this game has two camera views: too close and too far, you only get to see the best graphics if you sacrifice the ability to SEE THREE FEET IN FRONT OF YOU.

Sound: 4/10
While the game sounds nice and crisp through headphones, the problem is that you'll usally be turning it down. You hear the same tunes over and over, enemies all make similar sounds when you kill them, there's no music to speak of during the load screens...need I go on?

Control: 6/10
Okay, the good: you use the analog nub to move, and the X button attacks. That's about all. First of all, to move the camera, you have to HOLD IN A SHOULDER BUTTON and control it with-get this-the d-pad. Why? Secondly, assigning different special attacks/spells to the circle and triangle buttons is so clunky that you'll hate doing it and just stick with a couple spells for the whole game.

Game play: 7/10
This is another hack-and-slash dungeon crawler, like Dungeon Siege or Champions of Norrath. However, the game's main problem is that it lacks variety. You'll be fighting through the same areas over and over, doing the same types of quests until you put the game away in boredom. One nice feature is that you can learn different skills and magic spells through a "skill tree" type of thing. Unfortunately, since you can only have two equipped for use at once, even they get monotonous, and a clunky interface for assigning them to different buttons adds nausieum. There are four different classes, but once you beat the game once, you'll find little reason to return to this world.

The second problem is the loading screens. They're everywhere, and they take a LOOOONG time to load. They also display some horrid artwork of characters in the game for you to stare at during them. They're so damn thoughtful.

But there's more! The camera system is incoherent, like down syndrome incoherent, because their are two different views (see the "graphics" portion of this review).
The saving grace for this game, however, is the up-to-four-player co-op mode. Sadly, it doesn't support online play, but it's still fun to hook up with three friends and go all gauntlet-style,

Overall: 6/10

Bottom Line: If you have three friends who have PSPs already and are willing to buy this game, get it. If you want a single player RPG, "Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion" and "Kingdom of Paradise" are on store shelves now...pick one of those up instead.
~This review brought to you by the letter "U."

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/02/05

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