Review by Felix_Hip_Cat

Reviewed: 01/18/06

An Acquired Taste

I beat Untold Legends for the first time a week ago, and although I would definetly say that is one of if not the best games if I've ever played, it most certianly is not a game for everyone. Its like spicy food, some people like it, some people dont. Its your choice.

Probably the thing that puts most people of this game is the case it comes in. The front doesn't remind you of a hack and slash style rpg, and "be FEARsome as a FOURsome" makes you think you get to control one main character and three AI characters at once. Nope. Infact. when I purchased this game I was wondering when my chance to trade it in would be if it was as bad as it looked.

But it wasnt! It was a million times better than it looked, to me anyway. I ended up trading in Everybody's Golf instead. This game has a few defects, but they dont bother you too much at all.

Eh. Definetly not the best graphics I've ever played with, but Im not big on graphics anyway. This was fun for the fact that you could change armour and weapons and they would change on screen. My only annoyance was the normal trick of games how most monsters or weapons or armor are only a slight color change from the previous, but I guess, you cant blame em for wanting to save time.

Alot of people bad mouth this music, and I cant see why. Yes, it is like a MIDI track from old rpg games, but what the infernal abyss is wrong with that? If you want to listen to something else while your playing, get an MP3 player. You can afford it, theyre only 40 dollars, and you paid for PSP and game by yourself, huh? Some times sound effects made me sad. Not because they were bad, I mean that in places like Shadowpine or the Torn Woods (I know thats not it, but its something like that) when your were figthing of alchemists or berserkers, and the saddening music was playing, and your attacking female enemies would give that last desperate sob and breath before they fell over, dead. The only annoying thing about the music/effects was the fact that sometimes the music would just stop, and then start a few minutes later. If we wanted the music to stop, we'd put on the mute. And man, why do those skeletons scream like little girls when you kill them? and those archers. Every time one dies they yell out like their lifes ending and im like, "Oh, Shut up!" then everyone looks at me weird for the next half an hour.

Controls were well positioned. I heard you can change which buttons do what somewhere in the options menu. I never really had a problem with the controls, so I didnt search. I really only had two problems with the controls - first of all, the attack button was the X, meaning that you had to have your thumb on it ready to push pretty much constantly, meaning your thumb covered up the POWER light, meaning you didnt know till it was too late that your battery was gone. Secondly, you didnt get any basic introduction to the controls other than "Push X to attack" at the very start, meaning I didnt learn till today how to block. Id worked out that button combination before, (press O will holding R), but I thought it just put you into a fighting stance, which, considering the fact that your fighting stance indicates enemies being nearby, would be a complete useless function. (I really rambled on there, Im not even sure what Im talking about). Other than that, gameplay was fun, smooth, and easy. There was also the annoying lack of a gender swap in classes, however, a druid was basically a male alchemist and a berserker a female knight, and vice versa. The skills tree was so much easier to navigate than other game systems, such as FFX.

Story was very basic, but it was entertaining enough to make you want to continue along with it. Sub quests were a nice touch, adding some variety too the game. I also like the occasion joke that your character cracks in his journal, like "this should be a peice of cake!" when he finds out he has to go through the perilous dreamspace of pandemoniums gate, travel through the infernal abyss and ardors pass, go down five levels of marianas guard, three levels of the vault, then defeat the single most powerful enemy in the entire game. Also, I liked the way the story offered some actual suprises! I wont say any for the sake of no spoilers, but they were enjoyable, and sad.

Re-Play Value
Like I said, I've already played this game through once, with a knight. Now im gunna restart the quest with my Knight, and then do the whole game with Alchemist, Berserker and Druid, and write and FAQ/Walkthrough on it. Ill make it more detailed than most of the others.

In closing, Id just like to say that I really hope your one of the people who enjoy this game. Your really missing out on a magical experience otherwise.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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