PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File09/03/05ThatWeedYouNeed50K
10th lv 50 knight best armor awsome stats/weapons not free build
Save Game File04/19/05SoSo50K
1st Lv48 Knight FREE points build ever published! Has 127 attribute points and skill points available!! Create your own desired build with this save. Has many best items in the game, over half million G and beginning of the story.
Save Game File04/02/05trunks199150K
A lvl 10 alchemist good weapons and armor
Save Game File04/03/05theafropimp49K
Alchemist level 38, 150,000 plus money , Sweet gear , Vanquish the Threat Mission
Save Game File04/29/05Morticaar50K
Ariel lvl 48 Free Build Alchemist, 7th Slot, 1st save point
Save Game File04/03/05Lassars50K
Berzerker, Level 15 Named Maygn
Save Game File03/31/05Blue_ArchAnge1x50K
Blue Archangel, lvl 20, has some good weapons
Save Game File03/27/05mark the hedgehog49K
Characters name is Brady. Level 10 just outside the gates of Aven.
Save Game File03/27/05MajikHunta50K
Level 10 Knight named Ryan. Currently in Wallowpit Level 1. Current quest is "Instigate the Uprising"
Save Game File03/29/05Funtastik50K
Level 19 Knight, On Mission Destroy the Threat.
Save Game File05/13/05Damien_Israfael50K
Level 20 druid, only 10 points spent to INT, lots of components
Save Game File05/06/05bklynpapi612K
Level 22 alchemist named EVE + game save background
Save Game File04/06/05occultus3650K
Level 27 berserker; some way thorugh the game;30352 cash
Save Game File03/30/05OmegaVII37K
Level 27 Druid named Musashi. Current quest is "Gather the Components".
Save Game File04/25/05Funtastik50K
Level 28 Knight Crit. 1200 Save Right after final boss Visit Avatar for Epilogue
Save Game File04/25/05Funtastik50K
Level 28 Knight Crit. 1200, Save right before final boss.
Save Game File04/25/05Funtastik50K
Level 28 Knight, Crit. 1200., Save after epilogue Main missions complete. Few side missions left.
Save Game File08/05/05sithlordbob50K
Level 29 Knight. Beginning of story with good wepons, armor, and 62k gold
Save Game File04/19/05_Gromphe_50K
Level 30 Druid, 87 Attribute, 60 Ability points. Build how you want. Save slot 1.
Save Game File04/08/05wolverinefan49K
Level 35 Knight, move forward to fight final boss. lots of potions, max xp skill, mele skill and duel wield skill
Save Game File08/04/06necrotol66650K
Level 44 Knight "D" 150k, great armor and weps. Finished All quests, needs restart.
Save Game File08/04/06necrotol66650K
Level 44 Knight "D" 150k, great armor and weps. Finished All quests, needs restart.
Save Game File05/04/05FerrariGuy_30850K
Level 50 Alchemist
Save Game File04/17/05FerrariGuy_30850K
Level 50 Knight - 1/2 way thru beating the game for a third time
Save Game File04/02/05Argos2949K
Lv 36 Knight, Dual Wielding, Save Just Before Final Quest
Save Game File11/21/05Warhammer928653K
Lv.34 at the begining of the game good weapons and armor
Save Game File10/06/05Nakazato6950K
Lv50 Knight 11 ability points free 262747 gold only missing brotherhood boots rest full(spare brotherhood gear), ward jewelry weapons widows touch x2 plus extras 5 to 600 damage(daggers) 2k crits
Save Game File04/02/05Blue_ArchAnge1x49K
lvl 21 knight on destroy the threat misson
Save Game File04/06/05mlghds205K
Lvl 26 dual-wield Berserker. Saved a few yard from last boss. Check the save file on the PSP for a little bonus.
Save Game File04/02/05yahoomail50K
Lvl 32 druid
Save Game File04/06/05theafropimp49K
Lvl 40 Alchmst, 228317g, mx wght 392.0, all special armor. Very begining of Game.
Save Game File05/06/05patbarnum50K
Lvl. 30 Alchemist with top-of-the-line weapons and armor. About $42,000 and many many components.
Save Game File04/10/05Morticaar50K
Michael, Knight, Level 40, good armor awesome weapons, earliest save point, 5th save file
Save Game File01/01/06surgemasterapmc50K
Shamaya (Berserker) Lv17 this is an awesome fighter and she hits for 210-350 everytime and she crits for 1045!!!
Save Game File01/01/06surgemasterapmc50K
Shamaya (Berserker) Lvl.16 good for fighting
Save Game File04/30/05bioweapon750K
Shion, level 35 alchemist, final boss beaten, favors melee/spells, not freebuild, slot 4
Save Game File07/15/05rathee50K
Stryknine lvl 29 druid. Saved right after finishing the main storyline.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File11/07/05GrimSqueaker46K
Level 38 Slot 1 save 71k good armour stats and weapons
Save Game File06/14/06zefuzzyone46K
Level 50 knight called 'Fuzz', all quests complete, 195k gold, Full brotherhood armour (Best knight armour), and can do over 1100 damage in a normal attack.
Save Game File11/10/05OsirisEagle92K
lvl 42 knight 2h, not free build, good weapons/armor.

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