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    100% Completion Walkthrough by btaylorstl

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 07/30/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By Brian Taylor
    I.    Copyright
    II.   Version
    III.  Contact Info
    IV.   Introduction
    V.    General Tips
    VI.   Portland Walkthrough
    VII.  Staunton Island Walkthrough
    VIII. Shoreside Vale Walkthrough
    IX.   Frequently Asked Questions
    X.    Credits
    This document is copyright 2006 by Brian Taylor. Use of this document is
    limited to personal purposes only. Any unauthorized modification, distribution,
    or commercial use of this document is strictly prohibited. As of this writing,
    www.GameFAQs.com is the only site permitted to host this document. All
    trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 
    This document is Version 1.00 of the FAQ, released 5 July 2006. Revisions will
    surely be forthcoming and changes will be documented in this section as they
    1.00 (5 July 2006): initial version completed
    If you have any corrections or improvement suggestions for this guide, please
    feel free to e-mail me at btaylorstl_at_hotmail_dot_com. If you have any other
    questions related to Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, please refer to
    the numerous excellent FAQs for this game available at www.gamefaqs.com. I
    cannot respond to generic queries about the game, particularly questions
    already answered within this FAQ, nor will I respond to flames or other
    inappropriate communication.
    This FAQ owes a great deal of gratitude to Scott MacDowall (insideoutboy)'s
    excellent 100% Completion FAQ's on Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto:
    Vice City. As you may already be able to tell, this FAQ is intentionally 
    written in a style and format very similar to that of Scott MacDowall's works.
    Hopefully, he will see this as an example of imitation being the highest form
    of flattery. The content, obviously, is different because of the differences
    in the games, but the style and layout are heavily based on his work. I used
    his FAQ's to achieve 100% completion in GTA III and GTA: Vice City, and so I
    was inspired to produce this document to allow those who wish to complete
    Liberty City Stories but can't quite get over the hump.
    Unlike most other FAQ's, this guide is meant to be read as a step-by-step,
    hand-holding walkthrough. If you follow the tasks prescribed, in order, you
    will achieve 100% completion of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, and
    you will do so in the fastest and easiest manner possible. Although it may not
    appear so at times, there is usually a reason for the order of tasks I suggest,
    so you should make every effort to complete each task in the guide before 
    progressing further in the game. This will make it highly unlikely that you 
    will find yourself stuck at 99%, wondering frantically what you missed.
    Occasionally, this FAQ will refer to other excellent in-depth resources
    available at www.gamefaqs.com. These additional resources will aid greatly in
    your quest for 100% completion of GTA: Liberty City Stories.
    These documents are:
    'Hidden Packages Map - Portland'
    'Hidden Packages Map - Staunton Island'
    'Hidden Packages Map - Shoreside Vale'
    These documents were created and are owned by chunkubis.
    These documents can all be found at www.gamefaqs.com on the same page where
    you found this document.
    As you are almost certainly aware, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is a
    game by Rockstar North based heavily on the game world and events of the 2001
    blockbuster, Grand Theft Auto III. If you have played that game, your knowledge
    will be helpful as far as instinctively knowing your way around, but if you 
    haven't played GTA III, there is an informative in-game map that will help you
    find your way around. Some general tips are in order.
    1. Save after each task is completed. This may require going a decent distance
    to your nearest hideout, but this is well worth it. If you save this often, you
    will never have to worry about losing your weapons or any unnecessary money.
    If you fail a mission or die while exploring somehow, you should load your game
    so as not to lose the weaponry you've accumulated. In the case of Hidden
    Packages, Unique Jumps, and Rampages, use common sense as to how far you want
    to push your luck before saving. You obviously don't need to save after each
    Hidden Package is found, but it might not be a bad idea to do so every 10 or
    so, for instance (which will also allow you to collect items at your hideout.)
    2. Get comfortable with the gameplay mechanics. Useful techniques that should
    be mastered include using the handbrake to take sharp corners without losing
    excessive speed, getting comfortable with the drive-by shooting mechanic, and
    cycling through targets quickly while locked-on.
    3. Often during your travails you will find yourself transporting people for 
    various reasons. One helpful thing to remember is that as soon as your
    passenger touches the handle of the door, he or she will always be able to get
    into the vehicle no matter how fast you go. This knowledge can save you 
    quite some time on some of the tougher time-limited objectives.
    4. Be comfortable manipulating the camera. Often finding some items will 
    require you to look carefully at your surroundings to find the package, token,
    or item in question. During missions there will be arrows indicating certain
    things, but when searching for Hidden Packages and Rampages, there will be no
    such aid.
    5. Know your weaponry. Some weapons will allow you to move about while you are
    locked on to a target, which is invaluable for eluding enemy fire in certain
    situations. Know which weapons will allow you to move while targeting/firing
    and which ones will not. Also be aware that certain weapons can hurt or even
    kill you if you use them in close quarters (these include the Rocket Launcher,
    any types of Grenades, and the Flamethrower), so be sure to use extra caution
    when instructed to use these weapons.
    6. Be aware that when directions are given in the walkthrough, I will do my
    best to maintain fidelity to the in-game compass directions as displayed on the
    game map. So north in the guide means north on the map, even if you happen to
    be facing south when a mission or objective begins after a cutscene.
    NOTE: This guide was written using the PS2 version of the game. If you own the
    PSP version, the information in here should also apply in nearly all cases.
    I will do my best to avoid using specific button press instructions. Refer to
    the manual for the respective versions if you need help figuring out how to 
    accomplish a prescribed maneuver.
    Without further adieu, start a new game and begin your quest to master Grand
    Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories!
    DIFFICULTY: 2/10
    REWARD: $100
    1.	When the opening cutscene concludes, you will be outside Salvatore's
    mansion in the driveway. Get in the car and you will be instructed to drive
    your new boss, Vincenzo, to the safehouse he has arranged for you. If you are
    having trouble figuring out where to go, use the mini-map in the bottom-right
    corner of the screen or press START to pull up the map, which should make it
    obvious. Read the text boxes if you need pointers on how to perform various
    tasks while driving.
    2.	When you arrive at your safehouse, drive into the yellow marker and a
    cutscene will ensue. When it ends, walk into the yellow marker in front of the
    door. This is your first hideout, and there are a few items of note in here.
    The spinning disc icon can be used to save your game. You should be doing this
    often, although it isn't necessary at the moment. In the kitchenette, there
    will be a spinning Heart which will restore your health to its maximum level,
    although it isn't there right now. In the adjoining bedroom, there is a
    spinning clothes icon which you can use to change your clothes. For now, walk
    into the clothes icon to change outfits. When you have unlocked new outfits,
    you will be able to select from the unlocked outfits by walking into this icon.
    Outside the apartment, there is a garage in which you can store a vehicle for
    future use when you save your game. Now head back outside through the yellow
    marker and get back into Vincenzo's car.
    3.	You will be instructed to drive Vincenzo to his warehouse in Atlantic
    Quays. You can use the map to plan out a route or just drive following the
    radar until you get close to the yellow blip on the mini-map. Notice that there
    are many shortcuts that you could potentially take to get to almost any place
    in the game, but for now just stick to the roads and drive into the yellow
    marker. Upon doing this, you will have completed the first mission in the game.
    NOTE: You are now free to roam around Portland at your leisure. You cannot go
    to Staunton Island or Shoreside Vale yet, but take some time to get the lay of
    the land if you are unfamiliar with it.
    NOTE: We will now begin completing side missions before resuming the main
    storyline. By doing this you will get very familiar with Portland's layout,
    as well as receive numerous other rewards and unlockables, and get tons of cash
    to throw around as well.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 (on average)
    REWARD: Pistol, Shotgun, and Body Armor pickups at your safehouse
    Scattered around Portland, as well as the rest of Liberty City, are small white
    "Hidden Packages" that you can root out. When you've collected certain numbers
    of these, you will earn items that respawn at your hideout, which will be very
    convenient for upcoming missions.
    NOTE: Now is the time to refer to chunkubis' 'Hidden Packages - Portland' map
    that you were advised to get at the beginning of this FAQ. Below I will give
    you some instructions to help you find the package, but as a general rule, use
    the map to get near the location in question and then read my comment if there
    is more precise information needed to get it.
    NOTE: Liberty City Stories, like GTA: San Andreas, has a very useful map
    feature that allows you to place a personal red marker at any location on the
    map, which will then appear as a hollow red box on the minimap. This is
    invaluable toward finding some of these packages, particularly those in more
    densely concentrated areas of the city. As a general rule, you should place a
    marker as close as possible to the spot corresponding to the given number on
    chunkubis' map before you go after a given package. This will greatly simplify
    the process of finding these.
    1.	This Package is located at the edge of the Ferry Station inside a
    little cabin. To get to the Ferry Station, make sure you take the road heading
    directly North to the large curve near the top, because the other route takes
    you under the overpass.
    2.	This package is unnecessarily difficult to get at this time. You will
    be told when and how to get it later.
    3.	You cannot get this package yet. We will return for it at a later time.
    4.	Head to the spot on the map. Down the dirt road, you will see a large
    machine, which is actually a car crusher. Walk behind this crusher and you
    should spot the package between the two bars. Jump over the bar to get the
    5.	Drive off the road near the spot indicated on the map until you get
    inside the dirt track. This track is noted by the thin black lines in the
    Northwest corner of the map, just south of the Ferry Station. This one can be
    tough to spot. Check the map and try to get yourself as close as possible to
    the number. There will be a sharp incline directly under the train tracks in 
    the southwest corner of the track. The package is in a grassy area between
    these two inclines.
    6.	You'll need to go a bit off-road to nab this package. Head over toward
    the dirt-road leading to 8-Ball's Bomb Shop and either use a motorcycle or walk
    on foot off in the general direction of the number on the map. Be careful not
    to fall in the water, as you cannot swim in this game. Check the map and look
    for the package at the northeast corner of this shoreline. There will be a
    concrete walkway, and at the base of this, on the grassy area, will be the
    7.	This one's a toughie. It's easy to spot, but tough to snag. Directly
    across the street south of the car crusher is a gas station. The package is
    clearly visible on the roof. To get there, you'll have to resort to some
    bizarre tactics. Steal an ambulance from the hospital (there should be one
    parked at the southern entrance; if not, drive away and return and it should
    be there) and drive it to where the walls surround the gas station. On the
    northern side (across from the Junkyard/car crusher), back the ambulance up
    to the wall near the center of the wall, and keep pushing reverse until the
    back wheels of the ambulance go over the wall and the ambulance balances near
    its middle on the wall, with the length of the cab hovering out over it. This
    will take a few tries to get right. If the ambulance falls off and doesn't
    flip over, just drive back up and try again. Otherwise, you'll have to steal 
    another ambulance. I recommend you save the game before attempting this, with
    the ambulance in your garage, so if it is destroyed, you can just reload the
    game and drive quickly back to the gas station. Once the ambulance is situated,
    just jump up on the hood and get as long a run as you can before you jump off
    the very edge. If you positioned the ambulance correctly and timed the jump
    well, you should have no trouble reaching the roof and this difficult package.
    8.	Go to the Bomb Shop (dirt road near the gas station where you found
    package #7), and go behind it. To the right, between two buses near the back
    corner of the fenced area, are broken-down cars. You will see the package in
    the left car.
    9.	Go near the spot on the map and you should see a large construction
    site with red beams. Follow the blue fenced area around to the western side
    and enter the construction site. Inside the construction site, head left and
    you'll notice the two trailers in the northwest corner. The package is behind
    the one against the western wall and beside the one against the northern wall.
    10.	You'll need an ambulance for this one. Fortunately, it's easy to find.
    At your hideout, look up at the roof of the concrete structure immediately to
    the right of the door. Behind the air conditioning unit lies the package. To
    get it, back the ambulance up against the wall of the concrete structure, get
    on the hood, and get a running start up the cab and jump to the roof. This is
    a bit tricky, but you'll get it after a few tries.
    11.	Check your map and head toward the eastern edge of the map. Go up the
    dirt path toward Salvatore's mansion in St. Mark's, and when you get to the
    garage (you might also see a Leone Sentinel and a PCJ-600 near this garage), 
    dismount your vehicle and walk off road toward the large jutting formation out
    into the sea. As you approach it, you should see the lighthouse in the distance
    as you start descending the formation. Carefully descend the formation toward
    the sea (don't sprint or you'll fall off) and nab the package at the end.
    12.	Head back to the entrance to Salvatore's mansion again. Instead of 
    following the dirt path toward the mansion, head straight past it up to the 
    edge of the cliff. If you look down from here, you should see the package at 
    the very edge on the decline where the two cliffs meet. Carefully walk down to
    it to grab it.
    NOTE: After collecting this package, you should receive a notification that the
    Pistol is now available at your hideout. This pickup will regenerate regularly,
    so be sure to grab it each time you save your game to build up your supply of
    13.	You cannot get this package yet. You will be told when and how you can
    get it at a later stage in the game.
    14.	Head to the spot on the map. You should see a ledge in the space
    between the two roads. Get on this ledge and follow it around to the back.
    As you get behind it, you should see a ramp leading down to a hidden space
    between the buildings. Head down the ramp and turn around to see the package
    in plain sight.
    15.	You cannot get this package yet. You will be told when and how you can
    get it at a later stage in the game.
    16.	You cannot get this package yet. You will be told when and how you can
    get it at a later stage in the game.
    17.	As you head near this spot on the map, you should recognize this area
    as your Portland safehouse from Grand Theft Auto III (if you've played it.) In
    the back left corner of this area, you will see two green dumpsters parked at
    angles to each other. Behind these dumpsters is the package. Jump on to one of
    them and fall behind it for the package.
    18.	If you head just a bit south on the main road adjoining the alley you
    grabbed package #17 in, you'll notice a flower bed in the median. Jump into
    this flower bed and look for the package. Once you're in the flowerbed, you
    should pretty much run right into it.
    19.	Check the Chunkubis map for the Ammu-Nation icon, as it won't be marked
    (yet) on your in-game map. You should see the store clearly marked as you
    approach it on this street. The info icon near the store informs you that you
    can't buy anything yet. (As it would happen, all you can buy at this point
    anyway is a pistol, which you can already get for free at your hideout!) Head
    into the bright alley to the right of the Ammu-Nation entrance. Quickly look
    for a small opening behind the building on your left. Go back here and you'll
    see the package in the corner immediately to your right.
    20.	If you continue straight through the alley beside Ammu-Nation and cross
    the street, bearing ever so slightly to the left, you'll see a small alley
    blocked by a brick wall. Follow this around to the other side and you'll see a
    grassy clearing. In the northeastern corner of this clearing you should spot
    the package between the two dumpsters.
    21.	Head toward the spot on the map, and you should see a Marco's Bistro
    sign at the entrance to a two-tiered area with picnic tables. Enter this lot
    and head up the stairs to the first level. There are two picnic tables against
    a glass wall. The package is in plain sight behind the westernmost picnic
    22.	If you make a right out of Marco's Bistro and head down the curved
    road, you should spot the St. Mark's train station to your left. Dismount your
    vehicle and head down the steep staircase beneath the tracks. Hop over the 
    left railing of the staircase and follow the wall around until you see the
    package directly beneath the train tracks, nestled up near a solid metal beam.
    23.	Head to the hospital. If you face westward at the main entrance, you
    should see a large alley with several garages across the street. Head into the
    alley and check behind the parked car in the corner on the right to get the
    24.	Save your game before attempting this one, because you'll need a
    PCJ-600 to pull it off, and if you fall off you might either drown or lose
    your bike in the water. Get a PCJ-600 and head to the long concrete pier on the
    western edge of Portland. As you travel along this pier you should notice two
    steep, thin stairwells. Heading northward, you need to hit the stairwell
    straight and launch up to the roof of the train station, where the package is
    waiting. Be patient; this one is tricky and may take several tries to nail it.
    You don't actually need to get a full speed approach; this would likely be
    impossible anyway because there are so many impediments and pedestrians in
    your way. Basically you need to try to get high enough where you'll fly off
    the bike and land on the roof. It usually should only take a few tries, but
    you'll get it eventually.
    25.	Head back to the hospital, and drive past it just a bit and park in
    the police station lot. Head up the stairs between the hospital and the police
    station and head around behind the hospital. You'll have to clamber up to a
    ledge nearby and follow it around to the right. At the end of the narrow ledge
    up here, facing the street on the rear side of the hospital, you'll see the
    package in plain sight.
    NOTE: Now that you've collected 20 Hidden Packages, you should receive a
    notification that the Shotgun will now regenerate at your Safehouse.
    26.	You'll need a PCJ-600 motorcycle for this Hidden Package. Go over to 
    Portland Harbor. As you approach the designated spot on the map, you should see
    a row of warehouses. There is a ramp inside the western-most warehouse. Back 
    up to the wall in the northwest corner of the harbor and get some speed.
    You need to land on the roof of one of the warehouses. Once you have, jump
    across the warehouses until you get the the eastern-most one, and you should
    see the package at the end of the roof.
    27.	Head over to the hospital and jack another ambulance, because you'll
    need one for this Hidden Package. Once you have it, head back toward the docks
    and drive over to the spot marked on the map. You should see multi-colored
    metal containers just south of the warehouses where you snagged package #26.
    Head around to the back of these containers and you should see the package on
    a yellow container. Just back the ambulance up to the container, and jump from
    the ambulance to the roof of the container to get the package.
    28.	Drive over to the Police Station, just next to the Hospital. If you
    go to the corner where the signs for the Police Station are, start walking
    southeast along the path. The package is hidden in some shrubbery between the
    trees as you head in the general direction of the docks. If you head southeast,
    you should see it with no problems.
    29.	Head into the alley in Chinatown marked on the map. This is a T-shaped
    alley. If you enter it from the southern opening, you should see the package
    in the corner by the door opposite the alcove with the Rampage icon. Ignore
    the Rampage for now (we'll get to it soon enough) and snag the package.
    30.	Get a motorcycle and drive to any of the numerous train stations in
    Portland. You need to drive onto the train tracks and drive on them until you
    get to the marked spot in Trenton. It's best to stay in the flat median area
    until you get to the spot marked on the map. Be careful that you don't get hit
    by the train while getting up here, because it will kill you instantly. Once
    you get to the designated area, look for a factory whose roof is a bit lower
    in elevation than the tracks. You need to jump from the tracks to this roof
    top. If you're staying on your bike, you need to make sure you have enough
    speed to make it, and hit the brakes once you're on the roof; it can get 
    tricky because of the incline. Once you're on the roof, head for the gap 
    between the signs to grab the package.
    31.	Head back to Portland Docks. As you enter, you'll see a large
    warehouse on the right. Head around to the southern side of this warehouse and
    you should see a staircase. Ascend the staircase and head up to the roof, where
    you should find the package behind the air conditioning duct on the far western
    end of the roof.
    32.	If you head to the marked location, you'll find a parking lot with
    numerous flower beds interspersed in it. This lot is almost directly adjacent
    to the Callahan Bridge. Check the corner of the center flower bed to find
    the package.
    33.	Go to the hospital and jack yet another Ambulance for this Package.
    You'll want to head to the marked spot in Trenton. You'll enter a lot marked
    AM Petroleum Company. Back the ambulance up against the trailer, which is 
    near a sloped roof. The package is in plain sight up on this roof. You'll need
    to jump from the ambulance to the trailer, and then from the trailer to the
    roof to grab the package. There is just enough of a gap between the trailer and
    the rooftop that you can't just run up to it, but you don't need a running
    34.	Head into Portland Docks and go down to the southern end, where you
    should see a long ship. You'll need to get off your bike and jump onto the
    ship. Then head to the eastern end of the ship and climb the stairs. Follow
    the path around to the southern side, where you'll see the package on the 
    ledge facing the water.
    35.	If you approach this area of the map, you'll see a large area with
    several buses under wooden pavilions. If you head to the northeastern corner
    of this area, behind the short buildings, you'll see the package by the door
    facing the street.
    NOTE: With 30 Packages in your possession, you will now have Body Armor
    regenerating at your Safehouses for the rest of the game. Believe me, this will
    be extremely useful in your coming exploits.
    36.	Head over to the Callahan Bridge. Drive on the bridge up to the spot
    marked on the map. You need to hop up to the ledge of the bridge and then look
    for the western-most white beam that connects the two sides of the road. The
    package is in the middle of this beam. Drop down from the ledge to the beam
    and walk to the package to collect it.
    37.	Snag a PCJ-600 motorcycle and save your game before attempting this
    tricky package. This one will require quite a difficult and long leap to the
    long metal beam underneath the Callahan Bridge. If you go to the Train Station
    along the pier near where you found Hidden Package #24, and head south toward
    the bridge, you should see a steep concrete ramp facing the bridge. You need
    to hit this ramp at the highest possible speed and angle yourself slightly to
    the right as you launch in order to fly up and land on this beam. This will
    likely take many attempts as you will often just miss and end up falling a 
    long way back down. Just keep trying and sooner or later you will finally get
    it. If you land squarely on the beam, slam on the brake and the emergency
    brake. More often than not this will cause you to fall off your bike, but if
    you're lucky, you'll stay on the beam and be able to grab the package. Save 
    the game after getting this one, because you probably won't want to have to 
    get it again if the game freezes or the power goes out.
    38.	Go back into the Portland Docks, and head due south once you get
    through the entrance. Along the edge of the dock here, you'll see a long row
    of truck cabs. The package is nestled between the two southern-most truck cabs
    in plain sight.
    39.	Head over to Atlantic Quays, near where Vincenzo's office is. If you
    come from the direction of Portland Docks, you should be able to see two 
    dumpsters situated against the side of the first warehouse on the left as you
    enter. The package is located between these two dumpsters.
    40.	This package is also in Atlantic Quays. If you head over to Vincenzo's
    office, you should see a chain link fence on the right side of the building.
    Go along the right side of this fence toward the long wooden pier. The package
    lies at the very end of this pier.
    STATUS CHECK: At this point, check your stats. You should have completed 2% of
    the game, and have collected 35 out of 100 Hidden Packages. There were 5
    packages that we cannot get at this point. We will return to them as soon as
    they are more easily accessed. You should now also have the Pistol, Shotgun,
    and Body Armor constantly regenerating at your safehouse.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: Bickle '76 Taxi
    1. This is the first of the numerous 'R3' missions that must be completed to
    gain 100% completion of Liberty City Stories. To start it, drive around the
    city and look for a taxi cab. These are easy to spot because they are all
    yellow. I would recommend that you find a conventional box-shaped taxi rather
    than the more curved '50s-style taxi, as the former vehicle handles a bit 
    better and makes it better suited for the mission.
    2. Once you've found a taxi, steal it and press the button to activate the
    'Taxi Driver' mission. At this point, you will see a timer begin and a blue
    dot should appear on your mini-map that indicates a potential customer. Drive
    up to the customer and carefully stop near him or her, and he or she will 
    enter your vehicle and give you a destination. Once the destination is
    announced, it will appear as a yellow dot on both the mini-map and the main
    map accessed by pressing pause.
    3. By this point you should be fairly familiar with the layout of Portland, so
    even if you aren't familiar with the precise location given, you should be
    able to find the general borough of the location. But Portland's layout is
    simple enough that you should be able to just follow the dot on the mini-map
    and you should arrive at the destination soon enough.
    4. After you pick up a passenger, you get time added to the timer. The amount
    depends on the distance from the spot of the pick-up to the destination. You
    should notice that a white 'Tip' bar also appears, and this bar decreases with
    time, and additional space on the meter will be detracted if you damage the
    vehicle. For this reason, you should drive quickly and along a good route but
    avoid getting into major crashes.
    5. When you arrive at the destination, don't worry about slowing down. When
    you drive into the yellow marker, the cab will automatically stop. If you had
    anything left on the tip bar, you will get some additional money as a speed
    6. You must now repeat this process 100 times. Don't worry; you don't have to
    do this consecutively. You can either do it all in one shot if time and luck
    permits, or you can literally steal a separate taxi for each passenger (not
    advisable) and still get the reward.
    7. If you are totally unfamiliar with a destination, check the map at the menu
    and you will see the destination and can plan a fitting route. As you progress,
    you will notice that a dozen or so destinations will rotate, so you'll quickly
    find yourself learning the fastest ways to get there.
    8. If your taxi gets too banged up, passengers will get out of the cab and you
    will have to go to the Pay 'n Spray to get it repaired. This is important,
    because it is in your best interest to deliver as many consecutive passengers
    as possible (you get a cash bonus for every 5 passengers you deliver in a row.)
    This isn't essential, but it can make the taxi missions much more fattening to
    your wallet if you can spare the time. The Pay 'n Spray will cost you $100, but
    you should be able to make that up with two or three passengers, not to mention
    the bonuses if you can continually deliver five in a row.
    9. Once you have delivered 100 passengers to their destination, the Mission
    Complete message will appear and you will be notified that the Mean Street
    Taxi corporation in Trenton has received a new vehicle. This vehicle, the
    Bickle '76, looks almost identical to a regular taxi except that it is red and
    has some decorative material on the hood. The Bickle '76 is a very fast and
    decent handling vehicle that can take a decent pounding, so it may prove
    useful if you find yourself in the area. The name, of course, is a reference to
    Travis Bickle, the protagonist of the 1976 classic film Taxi Driver.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: Extra 25% health and Punk Noodle protection money icon
    1. This mission is highly reminiscent of the Pizza Boy mission from Vice City
    (which you will also do in this game once Staunton Island is accessible.) 
    From the hospital, head across the street into Chinatown, and you should see
    the Punk Noodles building prominently situated around a rectangular roadway.
    There is a Faggio motorcycle resting against the side of this building. Hop on
    it to begin the mission.
    2. If you aren't comfortable riding a motorcycle, particularly the tight-
    handling Faggio, this mission will be troubling at first. Fortunately, it 
    doesn't get particularly difficult until later levels. Much like the Taxi
    Driver mission, there will be customers scattered around Portland, designated
    by blue dots on the map. The mission is segmented into 10 levels. On Level 1,
    you will have to serve only one customer, and you must serve an additional
    customer on each successive level. On Level 10, the final level, you must
    deliver noodles to ten customers.
    3. As each level starts, you will have 4 minutes and 30 seconds to deliver the
    noodles. You can carry six orders of noodles at a time. Once you reach a
    customer, you must use the drive-by shooting mechanism (hold L2/R2 and press
    Circle on the PS2) to throw the noodles at them as you pass by. Until you get
    comfortable with this, and on the early levels when you have plenty of time,
    you should slow down quite a bit or even come to a stop before throwing the
    noodles. As long as you throw them close to the customer, they will usually
    be able to run and pick them up. If you miss, however, you will have to throw
    another order at them, and on later levels this could be catastrophic.
    4. Once the timer reaches zero, the mission will end and you will have to 
    start over from the beginning. On Levels 7 and higher, you will have to return
    to the Punk Noodles stand to collect more orders before you can finish the
    route, so once you reach Level 7, you should take great care to plan your
    routes. Use common sense. Don't travel from one end of Portland to deliver to
    one customer and then all the way across again to deliver another one. Keep
    in mind where the Punk Noodles stand is and have your last delivery be one
    moderately close to the stand to minimize the time you have to spend before
    delivering more.
    5. The in-game map is invaluable here, especially on later levels. As soon as
    you start a level, pause the game and check the map to find out where the blue
    dots are, so you can plan your routes, especially when you know you will have
    to return to the stand for more orders. A good rule of thumb is to take care 
    of the orders furthest away first, so that when you return to the stand, you
    will only have a few customers left and they will all be reasonably close to
    the stand.
    6. After you deliver to all of the customers, you must return to the Punk
    Noodles stand to start the next level, and you must do so before the time 
    limit expires, so keep this in mind when planning your last route. At times,
    the arrangement of the customers will be such that on later levels you would
    be wise to throw away an order or two so that you can get more noodles at a
    convenient time in the route. Even on Level 10, if you throw one or two orders
    away, you will still have enough on your second go to deliver to all of the
    remaining customers.
    7. Drive carefully on the bike, but get speed when it is safe and necessary.
    Use back alleys and grass clearings whenever possible. At all costs, avoid
    hitting too many pedestrians, especially when the police are around. It's not
    too hard for the police to knock you off the bike and bust you, ending the
    mission. If you get a wanted star, stay moving and try to find a police bribe
    if one is nearby.
    * When you have successfully completed Level 10, the mission is complete and
    you will receive a couple of rewards. First, your health bar will show a small
    plus sign, indicating that you have 25% more health. On top of that, a cash
    icon will appear outside of the Punk Noodles stand, which will generate cash
    over time. This is protection money that Punk Noodles will now pay you for the
    remainder of the game. Make sure you collect it whenever you're in the area.
    DIFFICULTY: 7/10 
    REWARD: $1500 for Level 1, $2000 for Levels 2 and 3
    1.	This mission can be quite frustrating. You are required to race RC cars
    (as you have done in previous GTA games) around the construction site in 
    Hepburn Heights. To begin the mission, head over to the construction site and
    look along a wall for a large white minivan. You must enter this van to begin
    the mission.
    2.	There are 3 levels to this mission, but mercifully they need not be
    completed in succession. When you enter the van, the perspective will change
    to a somewhat awkwardly close view of an RC car. You must navigate through a
    series of checkpoints (tall yellow beams) to make a lap around the 
    construction site and its immediate surroundings. On Level 1, you must finish
    first in one lap; on Level 2, in two laps; and on Level 3, in three laps.
    3.	You will likely quickly notice that these RC cars are very difficult
    to control because the steering is so ultra-sensitive. A good rule of thumb
    is to never attempt to turn any more than the slightest amount when you are
    accelerating, as your car can spin out quite easily, losing a great deal of
    valuable time. You should always let off the accelerator when making wide
    4.	Learn the course. You will almost certainly be attempting this mission
    many times, so as you practice, get comfortable knowing where the next
    checkpoints will be. This will prove very valuable when you find yourself in
    first place near the end of the race. 
    5.	Watch out for traffic. It is amazing how often a great race can be
    spoiled by a car placed in the worst possible spot near the end. Make sure
    you give yourself plenty of room to adjust your route. On the longest 
    straight section of the course, you should be able to see if cars will 
    interfere with your route and if they will, use the sidewalk instead of the
    street, even if it might take you a little bit out of your way. Hitting
    pedestrians is usually not nearly as catastrophic as hitting cars. Hitting a 
    car or a wall will almost certainly cause you to lose the lead.
    6.	Don't give up too quickly. Especially in the early going, if you spin
    out or crash, there is still value in driving the course through so you can
    memorize the checkpoint locations. On Levels 2 and 3, especially, you never
    know what's going to happen. Often you can be trailing far behind and a 
    perfect lap will put you in the lead at the end. If you crash badly on the
    second half of the third lap, though, you might as well cancel and try again.
    7.	You must complete all three levels of this mission to get 100% in the
    game. Make sure you have done so before moving on. You will receive $1500
    for winning the first race, and $2000 for winning the second and third races.
    I would recommend saving after each successful race, so you don't lose your
    progress if the game freezes or nature strikes.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: $2000
    1.	To find this RC van, head over to Callahan Bridge entrance near
    Trenton, then head north and look for an oriental-style red pavilion on your
    left. Under this pavilion is the van. Enter it to start the mission.
    2.	When the mission starts, you will be in control of a small RC truck.
    Your goal is to kill at least 20 Triads. You have 30 seconds to do this, but
    you will receive a bonus second for each Triad you kill, so if you get a pack
    of Triads right off the bat, you can actually get yourself more time than you
    started with. You can kill the Triads by detonating your truck with a button
    press when you are in their vicinity. You don't have to be right up next to
    them; the blast radius is large enough that you can be a bit of a way away 
    from them and they will still die.
    3.	The only difficulty in this mission is finding Triads to kill. You can
    recognize them by their blue jackets with red dragon insignia on the back. It
    appears to be somewhat random as to when they appear. They also tend to roam
    in packs of 2-5 people. Don't worry about finding large packs. If you see two
    of them, go ahead and blow them up.
    4.	Don't panic if time runs low. If you find a single pack of Triads, it
    will buy you enough time to go on a run.
    5.	If you are having great difficulty finding Triads, head up the streets.
    You can find Triads quite a ways away from the van, but you'll have to be
    quick if this is going to be economical with regard to time.
    6.	A good rule of thumb is that if you are in a large area and don't see
    any Triads, go ahead and denonate your truck. This will give you a new one and
    there will possibly be Triads spawned right by the starting point. The more
    trucks you explode, the more opportunities you have. Also note that the timer
    stops when you detonate, and doesn't resume until you are back in control. You
    have unlimited trucks to detonate, so don't waste too much time looking around.
    7.	This one might take a few tries, but you'll get it eventually. You need
    at least 20 kills to complete this mission. With the right approach and a
    little luck in spawning, you should be able to triple that.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $2000
    1.	Trash Dash is a mission new to the Grand Theft Auto series, and is
    much in the vein of the 'R3' missions of previous games. In Trash Dash, you
    must commandeer a Trashmaster and then collect a series of dumpsters scattered
    throughout Portland.
    2.	The best place to find a Trashmaster truck is in the Junkyard where the
    car crusher is located, in Harwood. This junkyard is immediately across the
    street from the gas station with the hidden package on the roof. You will find
    the Trashmaster on the end of the dirt road between two large piles of (you
    guessed it) trash. If it's not there, drive away for a bit and return, and 
    eventually one will spawn there.
    3.	Press the button to activate the 'Trash Dash' mission. The timer does
    not start until you collect the first dumpster. To collect a dumpster, simply
    drive into it. Once you collect the first one, you will have 30 seconds to
    get to the next one. Each subsequent dumpster you collect will add 30 seconds
    of additional time to the timer. If the Trashmaster is destroyed or you run
    out of time, you fail the mission.
    4.	Once again, the map at the pause menu is extremely helpful here. 
    Before you collect any dumpsters, check the map and plan a route. It doesn't
    have to all be set in stone before you begin, but you should at least know 2
    or 3 that you can get to quickly to buttress your available time. Keep in mind
    that the dumpsters will always be in the same locations in this mode, so if 
    you fail, you can try a different route and get a sense for the fastest way to
    get to and collect each dumpster.
    5.	Once you've collected all of the dumpsters, you must return them to 
    the Junkyard in Harwood. You'll have a certain amount of time to do this, based
    on where you collected the last dumpster, but it should be more than enough.
    When you return to the Junkyard, you've completed the mission.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $2000
    1.	This mission is an intriguing rail-shooting romp in which you are the
    passenger on a motorcycle and you must eliminate targets with the micro SMG
    with which you are provided (along with limitless ammunition.)
    2.	To play this mission, head over to the Red Light District and look for
    the Kith and Skin Club (the one with the large red/white marquee). A little
    bit east of this club, on the opposite side of the street, is an alley with a
    brown staircase in it. Near the staircase, against the wall, is a Freeway
    motorcycle. Hop on this bike to start the mission.
    3.	When the mission begins, you have control of the targeting reticule of
    a Micro SMG. The driver of the bike will find the target (indicated by a red
    blip on the mini-map) and you must fire at it. You will have about 5 minutes 
    to kill at least 10 targets. You do not get any bonus time for killing targets,
    so make sure you fire rapidly and accurately as soon as a vehicle is in your
    sights. The timer, however, will pause after you've destroyed a target and will
    not resume again until you get within a certain distance of your next target.
    4.	The first few targets will be bike riders. You can shoot them directly
    off the bike and be done with it, or you can fire at their motorcycle until
    it explodes. The next few targets will be cars, which you must fire at until
    they explode, and the last few will be Patriots. The cars and Patriots will
    occasionally have people in the back firing at you, and you can only take a 
    certain amount of damage before the mission ends. Once you get to 9 or 10
    kills, the Patriot will have machine-gunners, so you'd do well to eliminate
    them quickly before they do too much damage.
    5.	As you kill targets, you will likely have the cops on you. Don't worry
    about them. They will shoot at you and cause minimal damage, but you need to 
    focus on killing your targets; further, killing policemen or blowing up police
    vehicles will only make things tougher. A 2-star rating is not a big deal, but
    any higher than that and you might find yourself in big trouble.
    6.	It's rare, but it is possible to kill your driver. Be careful when the
    driver is ascending steep hills. Aim high during these segments, or just don't
    shoot at all, especially if you are not yet close enough to the target to
    actually hit it. If your driver dies, the mission ends and you will fail if
    you haven't racked up the requisite kills.
    7.	A nice touch in this mission is that you are given three adrenaline
    pills to use. Adrenaline pills slow down the game in a sort of Max Payne-style
    effect, and not only will the timer slow down, but it will be much easier to
    aim. It's best to save your adrenaline pills until the last few targets, when
    time becomes more of a factor and/or there is a pesky machine-gunner doing 
    some damage. If you are running out of time and haven't needed to use your
    pills yet, do so at the very end. There's no penalty for doing so, and plus,
    it's fun.
    8.	When your bike absorbs too much damage or the timer runs out, the 
    mission will end. As long as you killed at least 10 targets, you will pass the
    mission. If you have decent aim and get accustomed to the movements of the
    bike, you should have little trouble finishing this one off.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $2000
    1.	This mission is almost identical in nature to the 9MM Mayhem mission
    you completed just previously, so we'll go ahead and do it now. The main
    difference is that this time your driver will be transporting you on a Faggio
    motorcycle instead of a Freeway.
    2.	To find the Faggio which will start the mission, head to Chinatown
    and get to the large two-way road running up the western side of Portland.
    At the very end of this two-way road, on the first block of Chinatown, is a
    small L-shaped alley that you should be able to see clearly on the mini-map.
    Like the last mission, this alley should have a brown staircase leading to the
    roof of a building. Around the back of this alley, against the wall, is the
    Faggio you need to mount to begin the mission.
    3.	The strategies you used to complete 9MM Mayhem are also applicable
    here, as the missions are almost identical. The difference is that you need 
    only kill 9 targets instead of the 11 you needed previously. Keep your aim
    steady and follow the strategies from the previous mission and you should
    have no trouble getting at least 9 kills.
    DIFFICULTY: 7/10
    REWARD: Crushed cars are worth 4x their original value.
    1.	Yikes...this is quite a daunting mission the first few times you 
    attempt it, but with a bit of patience and practice you'll see the method to
    the madness.
    2.	Head down to the Junkyard, and across from the car crusher you should
    see two wooden cabins. There is a Sanchez motorcycle resting against the side
    of the far cabin, facing the street. Jump on this Sanchez to begin the mission.
    3.	You will have two minutes to gain 21 points in this challenge. You 
    must ride the Sanchez around the Junkyard and collect colored coronas. Green
    coronas are worth one point, yellow coronas are worth two points, and the red
    coronas are worth three points. Very few of these coronas are that easily
    accessible; most will require a jump or a stunt of some kind to grab them.
    4.	A strategic approach will be valuable here, but unfortunately it will
    take a few attempts to get it down properly. There are several combinations of
    jumps that will result in multiple coronas, and you must string a few of these
    together to get enough points in two minutes.
    5.	One combo can be done at the beginning. If you head up the wooden
    ramp resting against a trailer in front of you at the start, you can grab a 
    yellow corona, drive off the end, and pick up a green one on the ground.
    6.	If you head to the northern side of the Junkyard, you should see a 
    very narrow staircase attached to some machinery. You need to hit this 
    staircase with quite a bit of speed, as well as hit it perfectly straight. If
    you do this, you should get a red corona. If you drive straight up the refuse
    pile after landing, you'll end up on the grass on the southern end. There is
    a green corona on a little indentation up here.
    7.	There is a more obvious ramp in the middle of the Junkyard that you can
    see from the northern side. This one has a green corona at the base of a 
    crushed car, and there is a wide ramp immediately beyond it. Back up as far as
    you can and gain as much speed as possible, hitting this ramp as straight as
    possible. If you do this properly, you'll grab the green corona, launch into
    the air and get a red one, and land on the other side of the opposing ramp and
    pick up another green corona. This is a valuable combination, as it's worth
    5 points in one move.
    8.	There are a couple of trailers with very thin beams and yellow coronas
    on the roofs. One of these has a yellow corona, but if you hit it fast enough
    you will fly to a roof where you can grab a red one.
    9.	Take advantage of the elevated pier at the northeast corner of the
    Junkyard. If you line up with the red corona and drive off the pier, you 
    should be able to land right on top of the trailer and grab an easy 3 points.
    10.	Another important combo is on the northwestern side of the Junkyard.
    You should see a ramp that you can climb to get an easy green corona. If you
    drop down to the next platform slightly below and to the left, there is a
    yellow one. If you look straight ahead from here, you can see a red corona
    high in the air. You will need to get as much speed and hit this refuse pile
    as straight as possible to get high enough to grab these 3 points, but this is
    a 6-point combo that you can't afford to pass up. Stop and line it up if
    you need to.
    11.	You basically need to do this over and over again until you are
    comfortable with enough of the above combos and maneuvers to get to at least
    21 points. If you are just short, you may be able to find a couple of easy
    green coronas lying around the Junkyard to finish it off.
    *	When you've completed this difficult mission by scoring at least 21
    points, you will be notified that crushed cars will now be worth four times
    more than what they used to be. Remember this if you're ever in a jam for cash,
    but with all of these side missions we're doing, this shouldn't be an issue.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $1500
    1.	This is another motorcycle challenge. This bike is fairly easy to find.
    Head up the curved road just north of the hospital and look for the Train
    Station on the right hand side of the road. Climb up the staircase to the 
    train platform, and you should see a Sanchez resting in the back right corner
    of the platform.
    2.	To complete this mission, you must pass through each checkpoint before
    time runs out. You will have 15 seconds to reach the first checkpoint, and you
    will receive 15 seconds of extra time for each checkpoint you pass. The tricky
    part of this challenge is that the checkpoints are all in the median of the
    train tracks, and you cannot fall off the tracks or the mission will end. To
    add even further complication, there will be three aggressive bikers (the Wong
    brothers, apparently) who will do their best to keep you from accomplishing
    this task.
    3.	This mission may seem very difficult at first, but it's not too bad
    once you are comfortable handling the Sanchez in such tight quarters. It's to
    your advantage to remain on the median of the train tracks at all times, even
    if that requires you to drive a bit slower. You can complete this mission even
    if you hit each one in the last second of available time. It will be nerve-
    wracking, but it can be done.
    4.	The enemy bikers will quickly try to ram you at the outset, but more
    often than not, if you survive their initial barrage, they should fall off
    the track pretty quickly and you will be free to drive the course unhindered.
    It will still be tricky, but much easier once they're out of the way.
    5.	If you're having trouble, just play the mission a few times to get a
    feel for the "course." It will help to be able to anticipate the direction
    and the severity of the curves of the tracks, and that will save you precious
    time as you progress. You will essentially be doing a full lap around the
    Portland train tracks on this mission, so having a look at the map may help you
    anticipate some of the turns. If you pass through the final (red) checkpoint
    with any time left on the clock, you get $1500 and successfully complete the
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $2500 and the Manchez motorcycle
    1.	This mission is located at the dirt track in the northwest corner of
    Portland, not far from the Junkyard and the Construction Site in Hepburn
    Heights. The back can be difficult to spot. If you look at your menu map and 
    look at the dirt track, you should notice a spot where the track seems to make
    a small 'X' near the southwest area of the track. If you place your map marker
    just a bit south of this area, it should give you the general idea of where to
    be looking. The Sanchez is parked against a tree just inside the track here.
    Hop on it to begin the mission.
    2.	This is a bit different from what we've been doing. You must complete
    a series of 10 different tracks, which are all just different routes on this
    large dirt track complex. Each level has a threshold time under which you must
    complete three laps. If you successfully complete a race under the time, you
    will automatically have the opportunity to race the next level. You can return
    to this challenge at any time and continue from the level at which you left
    3.	Each level has a number of checkpoints marked by the wide yellow zones
    throughout the track. It may take a few tries on a given track to get used to
    the layout, but that is really the toughest part of this mission, other than
    the fact that it can take a long while to get through all 10 tracks. This
    really is little more than an endurance test, however, because none of the
    target times are really unreasonable unless you constantly fall off your bike
    or head the wrong way on the track. If you fail to come in under the prescribed
    time, the game will simply give you the chance to try again as many times as
    you like until you do it. Persistence will pay off.
    4.	Some general things to remember: The Sanchez is surprisingly 
    maneuverable, particularly on this dirt track. As such, you do not need to 
    brake nearly as often as you might think. Also, the inclined ramps of the 
    track can be used to help ease yourself into some of the tighter turns. You
    may occasionally need to brake to make some hairpin turns, but these aren't
    all that common and you will get used to negotiating these spots as you repeat
    the courses. Also, although you will get bonus cash for getting lots of air off
    ramps, it's best not to do this excessively, as staying in the air longer can
    add a few seconds to your time. Keep your eyes on the prize; the object is to
    beat the clock, not pull off stylish stunts.
    5.	If you keep at it, you should be able to finish all ten levels of this
    challenge without too much difficulty, and you will have gained some valuable
    experience on a motorcycle as well. When all ten levels are completed, you
    receive $2500 and you will have unlocked the Manchez, a sleeker, more advanced
    version of the Sanchez with which you completed this challenge. The Manchez
    is located at the same spot as the Sanchez was when you began the mission. When
    you take it, this mission will begin again, but you can always opt out of it
    without actually racing.
    NOTE: Strangely, the game seems to treat each of the ten levels of this 
    challenge as a separate mission, so don't be surprised if you check your stats
    and find that your Mission Attempts statistic is wildly inflated after doing
    this challenge. However, this also means that the game treats each completed
    level as a completed mission, so your total completion should rise about 5%,
    which makes the time invested seem much more reasonable.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10 (on average)
    REWARD: Underwear costume unlocked and cash for each jump completed
    *	Around Portland, and Liberty City as a whole, there are numerous 
    opportunities for some truly spectacular jumps. Veterans of the Grand Theft
    Auto series will be very familiar with these, but for those new to the series,
    here's a brief explanation.
    *	Pretty much anywhere you see a large, obvious ramp and enough clearance
    leading up to it to gain a lot of speed, you can probably perform a unique
    jump from it. All of these jumps will require to to reach a certain place, 
    jump a certain height or distance, or clear a particular obstacle in order for
    the stunt to count.
    *	In previous GTA games, you were only notified if you successfully
    completed a unique jump, but in GTA: Liberty City Stories, you will be 
    informed if you failed. This is useful in case you aren't quite sure that the
    jump you are attempting would even count as a unique stunt even if you 
    executed it perfectly.
    *	In most cases, you must perform these jumps by reaching the highest
    speed possible and aligning yourself as close to the center of the ramp as
    possible. As such, the PCJ-600 is by far the best choice for the vast majority
    of these jumps. Some of them can be made with a fast sports car, but the PCJ
    is faster than even the fastest cars and you can also gain extra speed by
    gently nudging forward on the analog stick as you drive. So use a PCJ-600 for
    these stunts unless specifically instructed otherwise.
    *	Some of these jumps require nearly optimum speed and placement, so 
    don't be surprised if the game tells you that you failed to complete a jump.
    Just keep at it and try and get more speed and better placement and eventually
    you'll complete it. When you complete one, the game slows down and gives you
    a nice visual flourish, so you should know when you've finally pulled it off.
    *	These jumps are not given in any particular order. I will start near
    the Callahan Bridge and work my way around the map. Make sure you complete 
    each described jump before attempting the next; this way you will know for sure
    that you haven't missed one. Missing unique jumps can be the most common way to
    wind up with a 99% save file, so be very careful and make sure you complete
    these in order.
    *	You will receive $250 for each jump completed, and you will also get
    a smaller generic stunt award as well.
    1.	The first jump involves flying over railroad tracks and onto the grassy
    field near the pier on the far western side of the map. If you drive south
    down the main road toward the Callahan Bridge, you should eventually see a 
    tunnel. Follow this tunnel back and then turn around. If you head straight out
    of this tunnel and onto the grass, you should hit a large concrete ramp. This
    is the opposite side of the ramp you used to get the tough hidden package on
    the beam underneath the bridge. Make sure you get as long and fast an approach
    with the PCJ-600 as possible, and hit the ramp squarely in the center. Level
    the bike out in midair to maximize your distance. You need to clear the train
    tracks, but you also need to get a certain distance for the jump to count. It 
    may take a few tries, but it's definitely doable.
    NOTE: Upon completing the first jump, the Underwear Costume is unlocked at
    your safehouse. Why you would ever want to use it is beyond me, but it's there
    2.	Save your game before attempting this jump.It's pretty difficult,
    but mostly because you will almost certainly end up in the water if you fail
    and will have to reload your game instead of having to hunt down another bike.
    Go down to Vincenzo's office in Atlantic Quays, and head back behind the fence
    toward the long wooden pier behind it. If you turn right at the pier and head
    off in the distance, you'll see the dirt ramp that you must use. You have to
    launch from this ramp across the water and land on the pier (not the wooden
    platform next to it) to complete the jump. Placement is more important than
    speed here, but start behind the warehouses and build up some speed. What
    makes this jump tricky is the fact that you have to turn before hitting it
    and you have to angle yourself slightly to the right as you hit it. It's
    probably best to just turn into the ramp and keep turning to the right as you
    do it. This jump will take several tries, but eventually, if you hit the ramp
    properly, you'll land safely on the pier.
    3.	This jump is inventive but fairly well hidden. To find it, start at 
    Vincenzo's place and head west. As you drive along the road, you should notice
    the large unfinished donut hole sign. You must fly through this donut hole
    and land in the car park below. To find the ramp, look at the enclosed wall
    area on your right. There should be an opening here. If you back up all the
    way to the wall and face the donut, you'll see that there is a large grass
    ramp. You'll need to back all the way up to the wall and lean forward on your
    PCJ-600 to get enough speed, but if you hit the grass ramp squarely, you 
    should land this jump without too much trouble.
    4.	This jump is a nice change of pace. Head to Trenton and look on the 
    map for the pair of adjacent diagonally angled oval roads. In the back corner
    of this road, facing the Portland Docks, is the ramp. Get a decent approach
    through the grass and launch from the center of the ramp. You need to get on
    top of the roof of the building on the other side of the wall. Even if you 
    don't quite make it all the way up there, the game seems to credit you as long
    as you hit the building on the way up.
    5.	Head into Portland Harbor to find this jump. If you drive over to the
    long row of unfinished warehouses on the northern edge of the harbor, you 
    should see a wooden ramp inside of the second warehouse from the left. You 
    need to back up as far against the wall as possible, lined up perfectly 
    straight with the ramp, and quickly accelerate. You don't have much room, so
    make sure you lean forward to get the necessary speed. If you do it right,
    you'll clear the water and land on the beach.
    6.	Head back into the docks for this one. If you head right from the
    entrance and look on the southern side of the large building here, you should
    see a staircase at the end. Drive your PCJ-600 up these stairs around to the
    rooftop. If you face the street from this rooftop, you should notice two ramp
    structures on the western end. You need to jump from the right ramp. You don't
    need that much speed, because all you need to do is jump from the ramp and
    clear the main wall of the entrance to the harbor.
    7.	Directly south of the building from which you performed Unique Jump 6
    is a long boat that you boarded earlier to find a Hidden Package. Get a little
    speed and drive from the ledge onto the boat. If you aren't careful you'll lose
    the bike into the water. Once you're on the boat, you should see a large metal
    ramp on the western end. Back up to the wall and get decent speed and you will
    fly off the boat and over the metal containers on the other side.
    8.	Head around behind the Police Station. You should see the supermarket
    on the left side of the road. Look for a small brown ramp that allows you to
    drop down into the supermarket parking lot. Once you've found it, turn and
    face across the street. You should be able to see a large concrete ramp with a
    Police Bribe icon hovering above it. You need to back up as far as you can and
    get as fast an approach as possible. If you hit the ramp perfectly and with
    sufficient speed, you'll fly over the lightpole and on the street right in
    front of the Dry Cleaner across from the LCPD Station.
    9.	Drive up to St. Mark's and look for the dirt road that leads up to
    Salvatore's mansion. If you face due south from this road and follow it all
    the way down to where it curves, you should see a Police Bribe hovering above
    an almost indistinguishable shallow grass ramp. You need to start at the 
    northern end of this street and gain as much speed as possible, leaning forward
    on your bike. If you hit this ramp perfectly you'll fly all the way down the
    hillside, over the supermarket area, and land at the edge of Portland Harbor.
    This approach is complicated by the fact that there will often be traffic
    obstructing your path. Just keep looping around until you have a clear shot.
    10.	Head over to the Dirt Track in the northwest corner, where you did the
    Bumps & Grinds mission. Right underneath the train tracks here is a pointed
    grass ramp that is just flat enough for you to launch off of. It's quite steep,
    so you'll need a bit of speed, but fortunately the dirt track is positioned 
    such that you can ride up along the left side of the track and head straight
    up into the ramp. You'll need as much speed as you can muster. If you can
    clear the tracks with some room to spare, you'll get credit for the jump.
    11.	This is a tough one. Head over to the Ferry Terminal in Harwood. It's
    the location at the northwestern-most spot on the map. Once you're there, head
    around the back to the western pier, and head south quite a ways. At the north
    end of this pier there is a grass ramp, and you need to have both speed and
    accuracy to launch yourself between the two billboards, over the fence, and
    land in the car park. Since you have to aim yourself while still maintaining
    a high speed on the PCJ-600, this can be a real tough one. Be patient and 
    you'll land it eventually.
    12.	This jump is also located near the Ferry Terminal. Head around to the
    northernmost roadway, facing eastward. As the road curves around at the
    eastern end, you should see a boat angled with a wooden ramp inside of it
    facing across the water. You need to get a good amount of speed up and turn
    into the ramp. If you hit it cleanly, you'll clear the three trailers and land
    on the pier beyond.
    NOTE: You have completed all of the Unique Jumps that are available in Portland
    at the moment. There is one that we will have to return to at a later time.
    DIFFICULTY: 8/10
    REWARD: Infinite Sprint
    1.	It's time for the most dreaded of the GTA side missions: the Paramedic
    Missions. This is probably the toughest challenge you've faced yet in the game.
    It works very similarly to the Punk Noodles mission that you've already
    completed, but it's much tougher, for numerous reasons. Steal an ambulance
    from the hospital and hit the button to activate the mission.
    2.	The Paramedic Missions are level based. On the first level, you must
    pick up one passenger, and on each subsequent level you will be responsible
    for an additional passenger. To complete the mission, you must finish Level 12,
    which, as you may have guessed, involves picking up 12 passengers and getting
    them to the hospital under strict time constraints. On top of that, your
    ambulance can only hold three passengers, so you must return them to the 
    hospital before getting any more.
    3.	As you can imagine, this mission requires careful strategic planning
    and a steady hand. Your ambulance will flip very easily if you aren't careful,
    but if you plan properly and make few mistakes, you shouldn't have to drive
    very fast for most of the mission. Also, you should activate the emergency
    sirens on the vehicle. This will make most vehicles get out of your way, which
    makes it much easier to navigate traffic when things get dicey.
    4.	For each level, especially those after Levels 4 or 5, you should pause
    the game immediately after the blue dots appear and check the map. Here you
    will want to formulate a strategy. Use common sense, but also realize that
    there are a few guidelines you will want to follow.
    5.	When the level begins, you will have a short amount of time to get the
    first passenger. For each passenger you pick up, you will get a designated
    time bonus (the amount depends on the particular arrangement of passengers.)
    For this reason, you should look for a cluster of two or three passengers near
    the hospital that you can pick up quickly. The time bonuses are cumulative, so
    it can be critical that you build up some time before you chase after some of
    the passengers that are further away.
    6.	Once you've got a little more time, you can get the other passengers.
    Constantly check the map and figure out which three passengers you plan to get
    next and what route you will take to get them. Make sure you are making the
    most economical use of your time, because a couple bad decisions will cause you
    to run out of it and force you to begin the sequence anew.
    7.	Avoid pissing off the cops. Don't run pedestrians over and do your best
    to evade their cars on the street. If you bump a police car and get a wanted
    star, just keep moving and it will probably go away. Obviously, if you get
    busted, the mission will end in failure.
    8.	Try to avoid damaging the Ambulance too much, especially in the early
    levels when time shouldn't be as much of a factor. The Ambulance can take some
    abuse, but you want to avoid being close to having it catch fire when you're
    on the last level or two.
    9.	Remember: Make good use of your map. On the later levels you would do
    well to check it after almost every passenger to calm your nerves and make sure
    you know where you're going and have an idea of where you're going next. This
    preparation will do wonders for your performance, especially if time gets
    * When you have completed Level 12 of the Paramedic Missions, your character
    will never get tired when sprinting. This is an extremely valuable ability,
    because at times you will find yourself separated from transportation and it
    will allow you to avoid taking too much damage while retreating.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: Character cannot be harmed by fire.
    1.	This mission is similar to the Paramedic Missions in that you must
    complete 12 levels in one continuous run to finish it, but it is a bit easier.
    To start the mission, steal a Fire Truck. There is usually one parked outside
    the station in Harwood near the Auto Shop and the Junkyard.
    2.	When the mission begins at Level 1, you will have one burning car to
    contend with. Drive the truck as quickly as possible to the location and spray
    the car continously until the fire is extinguished. As you progress through 
    the levels, people on fire will exit the vehicles and run around aimlessly,
    and you must spray them as well. On the highest levels, you will have
    multiple vehicles and multiple fleeing victims to deal with.
    3.	You will get a limited amount of time at the outset of each level to
    put out all of the fires. Fortunately, you only have to find one location, as
    all of the burning vehicles and/or people will be in that area. Once you get
    there, park your truck near the vehicle(s) and spray them.
    4.	When people are running around, be careful not to move the truck too
    much (if at all) because if you accidentally run over one, the mission ends in
    failure. You shouldn't need to move the truck if you've parked nearby, because
    the fire hose has remarkable range.
    5.	Getting comfortable aiming the fire hose is critical to success in 
    this mission. On the PS2 version, you use the right analog stick. I suggest 
    that you hold the button down to spray with your right hand and then move your
    left hand over to the right stick to control the hose. Most of the time, the
    burning people won't stray too far, and you can aim your hose vertically as
    well as horizontally to aim for people who are further away.
    6.	You can tell when your spray is having the desired effect when you see
    steam rising from the vehicle or person. Also, you can knock burning people to
    the ground with the hose, which makes it much easier to adjust your aim to 
    extinguish the flames.
    7.	As in the Paramedic Missions, getting busted will end the mission
    immediately, so try to avoid getting a wanted level. This is especially 
    important in the Firefighter Missions because you will be stationary for a 
    great deal of the time, making it easy for a cop to pull you out and ruin your
    8.	The fire truck is big and durable, but actually quite fast and 
    maneuverable, all things considered. Use the hand brake for almost every turn.
    Also, it can withstand quite a bit of punishment, so go ahead and smash
    through traffic if you need to get to your destination in a hurry. Once again,
    however, be wary of the cops.
    * When you have completed Level 12 of the Fire Fighter Missions, your 
    character will be flame-retardant. This will allow you to use fire-based 
    weapons like Molotov Cocktails and the Flamethrower without fear of setting
    yourself on fire.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 (on average)
    REWARD: Progressive bounty collected depending on how well you defat
    *	Rampages are enjoyable side missions that involve killing a certain
    number of a certain type of character in a certain fashion within a certain
    period of time. (Yes, I just wrote that.)
    *	One common denominator in Rampages is that you need to keep moving
    around to make sure that the people you need to kill are showing up. Don't
    expect them to just walk into your sights. You need to proactively find
    targets on most Rampages, and people don't spawn in the game unless you are
    looking away from the spot that it happens.
    *	All Rampages are started by picking up blue and white tokens that are
    hidden throughout Liberty City. You will be told where the tokens are, what you
    need to have in preparation for them, and (obviously) how best to complete
    Preparation: Any car will do, but a faster one is preferable.
    Location: Go to the train station in Portland View, behind the supermarket. If
    you look behind a stone pillar situated a bit to the west of the train
    station, you should spot the token easily.
    1.	In this rampage, you will have two minutes to run over 30 pedestrians
    with a car. You must be in a vehicle for the kills to count. You could use a
    motorcycle if you really wanted to, but it's unnecessarily awkward for this
    2.	Get in your car as quickly as possible and simply look for pedestrians
    to squash. There should be plenty of them on the sidewalks around this area.
    Just keep driving along roads and up onto the sidewalks at a decent speed and
    you can mow down packs of them at a time.
    3.	As always, keep moving around to get pedestrians to respawn. If none
    seem to be appearing, just drive somewhere else and you should find some
    eventually. You should have no trouble running over 30 people before the time
    limit expires.
    Preparation: Full health and body armor.
    Location: From your hideout, head west and right a couple blocks. You should
    see a long sloping alleyway under an arch-like structure. This alleyway is
    concrete with grass enclosures. As you walk down the alley to the east, enter
    the first enclosure on the right and look at the back corner. The token should
    be there.
    1.	Make sure you have full health and body armor before attempting this
    one, because you will almost certainly take a healthy pounding. Even with these
    maxed out, you may still find yourself dying a couple times before you finally
    nail it.
    2.	You must kill 25 Leone Mafia members in two minutes with a shotgun. The
    shotgun is a problematic weapon in this mission because the Mafia are all armed
    with pistols and can quickly swarm you if you aren't careful. The problem is
    that the shotgun's effectiveness is pretty limited at medium to long range, so
    you're going to have to take some fire to get some kills. Just make sure you
    don't get surrounded.
    3.	Unless you hit guys almost point blank, you are likely going to have to
    fire on them while they're on the ground to finish them off. Just keep locking
    on to them on the ground until cash and/or their weapon becomes visible on the
    4.	It might take about 30 seconds to find your first pack of victims, but
    once you do, Mafia members will be all over the place trying to take you out.
    If the cops get involved, it will make things a bit more difficult for you.
    Go ahead and shoot them. You'll get more cops on your ass, but you'll take too
    much of a pounding and waste too much time if you try to cycle targets around
    them. If you successfully complete the Rampage, your wanted level will be
    erased anyway.
    5.	This is a tough one. Keep moving around and try to keep a reasonable
    distance from packs of Mafioso and you'll eventually complete it.
    Preparation: None required.
    Location: A block directly north of your hideout has an enclosure. The token
    is in the northeastern corner of this enclosure.
    1.	This Rampage might be difficult if you hadn't already completed the
    Fire Fighter missions, but since you have, it's an absolute snap. Your mission
    is to destroy seven vehicles using Molotov Cocktails. These cocktails can be
    thrown from a distance or dropped at your feet.
    2.	Since you're flame-retardant, you have the luxury of simply running up
    to vehicles and dropping a Molotov cocktail, which will certainly burn any
    vehicle if it is caught in the radius of the flame. Head to an intersection
    or another area with many vehicles and throw a few cocktails. You can throw
    them to your heart's desire, because you can't be hurt by them at this point.
    Ideally you can create a logjam of vehicles and set off a chain reaction that
    will result in the quota being met within seconds.
    3.	If for some reason you are having difficulty locating cars to torch, 
    you can blow up your own vehicle if necessary.
    Preparation: None required.
    Location: In the narrow gap between the concrete fence and the eastern wall
    of the Borgnine Taxis building, directly opposite the Head Radio building in
    Hepburn Heights.
    1.	Again, because you're flame resistant, you can't really be hurt in this
    Rampage. You are charged with incinerating 25 Diablos within two minutes using
    a Flamethrower. Ordinarily, you'd need to be careful to stay away from the 
    burning gang members, but with your fire resistance, you need not worry. Blast
    away to your heart's content.
    2.	The only potential difficulty with this Rampage is finding targets to
    kill. If you roam around the area near the token along the roads, or drop down
    near the the Construction Site or basically anywhere in Hepburn Heights, you
    should notice packs of 5 or so Diablos, who are recognizable by the colored
    sweatshirts they wear, along with the occasional baseball cap. Some of them
    will be brandishing baseball bats.
    3.	If you keep running around and allowing Diablos to respawn, you should
    have no trouble finding 25 unfortunate burn victims.
    Preparation: Full health and body armor.
    Location: Head over to the freeway on the western side of the map. If you head
    south from the hideout in GTA III (where you found one of the hidden packages)
    you should notice an enclosure on one of the corner lots. This enclosure
    conceals the Rampage token.
    1.	Your job here is to use a Rocket Launcher to destroy 10 vehicles. This
    shouldn't be too tough, considering that this freeway is one of the most
    heavily trafficked areas in Portland. Make sure you keep yourself a decent
    distance from the explosion when you fire, though, as rockets can damage you
    as badly as it can the cars at which you're shooting.
    2.	More than likely, the cops will show after you've bombed a few
    vehicles. This is where you need to be extra careful not to let the cop stand
    in your way when you fire at vehicles. If he's standing right in front of you,
    do your best to sprint away from him (using the handy permanent sprint
    3.	If you look around enough and keep the splash damage from the Rocket
    Launcher and the explosions it causes, you should have few problems with this
    Preparation: Full health and body armor.
    Location: Look for the T-shaped alley on the western edge of Chinatown,
    about two blocks south of where you found the previous Rampage token. If you
    enter this alley from the north, you will see the Rampage token next to the
    left wall.
    1.	This is a more straightforward Rampage. You must kill 30 Triads in 
    two minutes with an AK-47. This mission is very similar to the Mafioso 
    Rampage with the exception that you get to use an assault rifle that is much
    more effective at medium-to-long range than the shotgun.
    2.	When you grab the token, head out to the streets of Chinatown and 
    look for some Triads. They are easily identifiable by their blue jackets with
    red dragon insignia on the back. When you find a pack, stay back at a decent
    distance and open fire. It shouldn't take more than a second or two to put one
    3.	While you should be able to keep a healthy distance, some Triads will
    be packing pistols and can damage you severely in a hurry if you let them
    surround you. Keep moving around and as soon as you start taking hits, sprint
    as far away as possible and resume locking on to targets.
    4.	If you can keep yourself healthy by keeping out of close quarters, you
    should pass this Rampage pretty easily.
    NOTE: You have now completed all of the Rampages in Portland. We will try some
    more when Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale are unlocked.
    STATUS CHECK: Check your stats. You should have completed 25% of the game,
    have peformed 6 out of 20 Rampages, collected 35 out of 100 Hidden Packages,
    completed 12 out of 26 Unique Jumps, dropped off 100 passengers, be on
    Paramedic level 12, be on Firefighter level 12, and have delivered 55+ Noodles.
    It's not necessarily obvious from your stats, but be absolutely sure you have
    completed each of the above tasks in their entirety, so that there will be no
    confusion later in the game.
    Congrats! You've now completed all of the Side Missions that are available at
    the outset of the game in Portland! There are a few more that will be unlocked
    as we play through the story, but we'll get to those when they arise.
    Now, after all this work, we'll finally "begin" the game...head to Vincenzo's
    warehouse at Atlantic Quays (marked by the 'V' symbol on the map) and walk 
    into the yellow marker to start.
    DIFFICULTY: 1/10
    REWARD: $100
    1. 	Watch the briefing. Vincenzo says that they've got a dealer working 
    the north Chinatown patch that hasn't been bringing any money in. You need to
    go give him "some encouragement."
    2.	The dealer's location is marked on your map. Drive at your leisure to
    St. Mark's and pick him up. After the cutscene, you will be directed to drop
    him off at his dealing location in Chinatown. To do so, just drive to the
    yellow marker on the map. When you do, the mission is complete.
    *	Vincenzo is your only current employer, so continue to work his
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10
    REWARD: $500
    1.	In the briefing (conducted with Vincenzo on the crapper, apparently)
    you are informed that the dealer you dropped off previously has been killed.
    The Sindaccos are moving into Chinatown and are dealing on Leone turf. You're
    supposed to handle this situation.
    2.	When you regain control, take a vehicle to the marked spot on the map
    in Chinatown. On your way, you might as well stop by the Punk Noodles stand
    and collect your protection money (it generates slowly up to a maximum of
    $2000) from the Noodle Punk mission.
    3.	When you arrive at the marker, you will see a cutscene in which you
    confront a Sindacco dealer. The game strongly hints that you should fight the
    dealer with your fists, but you can make a stronger statement by pulling out
    your Shotgun. Once you have disposed of this dealer, you are informed that 
    other Sindacco dealers are prowling Chinatown, and their locations are
    indicated by red dots on the map. Both of them are nearby. Track them down
    (they will have red arrows above their heads) and waste them to complete the
    mission. You can also grab their cash for good measure, but it will be pocket
    change to you by now.
    NOTE: After completing 'Dealing Revenge', you will be notified that Capital
    Autos in Harwood is looking for new salesmen. This is a thinly veiled hint
    that a new side mission has been unlocked. Let's take care of it now.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10 (7/10 if you can't stand repetition)
    REWARD: Capital Autos protection money and Hellenbach GT car in the building
    1.	To begin this side mission, go to the Capital Autos lot in Harwood.
    This is located fairly close to your safehouse, across the street from the gas
    station and kitty corner to the Junkyard. You should see a yellow marker near
    the front door. You can only activate this mission during business hours, so
    wait until sometime between 8:00 and 18:00 hours.
    2.	This can be a very frustrating and tedious mission, because you must
    complete the entire sequence six times. To get to 100% in the game, you must
    complete Level 6 in this mission, which is the level at which you will be able
    to bring the Capital Autos shop under your "protection", which means you can
    go collect money from them periodically through an icon, just like the Punk
    Noodles stand.
    3.	In this mission, you will find yourself in the car lot with four cars.
    Under a time limit, you must sell each of the four vehicles to a prospective
    buyer. From left to right, you have a muscle car, a sports car, a traditional
    car, and an offroad car. To sell these vehicles, just get in and take the
    potential buyer with you. For each car, you have a different objective. For the
    muscle car, the buyer is a criminal and wants to see you run over pedestrians,
    blow up cars, and evade the police. The sports car devotee wants you to drive
    as fast as possible, to show him or her how fast it is. The traditional person
    just wants a smooth, easy ride, and the offroad guy wants you to perform
    crazy stunts. Once you have suitably impressed the customer, you can make the
    sale. Unfortunately, it's not always that simple. If you're lucky, you can 
    just return to the car lot before the time runs out. Occasionally, and more
    frequently on the later levels, the customer will not like the color of the
    car, and you'll have to run to the Pay 'n Spray to get it changed before you
    can return to the lot and complete the sale. Also, with the sports car and the
    traditional car, you must keep the car in pristine condition at all times, 
    which will often require a trip to the Pay 'n Spray and then a careful ride
    back to the lot to complete the sale. I strongly recommend that you find the
    Pay 'n Spray (in the Red Light District near Hepburn Heights) and mark it with
    your personal map marker, so you will always know where it is in a crunch.
    4.	For each sale you make, you get a commission and an extra 110 seconds
    to your total timer, which is cumulative. You can sell the cars in any order,
    but for reasons that will become clear to you, it is wiser to attempt it in
    this order: 1) Offroad, 2) Speed, 3) Traditional, and 4) Muscle.
    5.	As you can imagine, the toughest car to sell is the offroad car, which
    will usually be either a Bobcat pickup truck or a jeep. To sell this one, you
    can either take tons of bumps and smaller jumps in the Junkyard or you can
    attempt to sell the car in one maneuver by doing a unique jump. The latter
    course is preferable, because if you flip the car over and destroy it, you 
    fail the mission. Unfortunately, this is also a risk with the unique jump, but
    you only run it once. The closest jump that will give you sufficient air to
    sell the car in one shot on each of the six levels is the one in St. Mark's,
    where you jump over the Supermarket and land near the Docks. From the car lot,
    just make a left out of the lot and make the next left up the hill and you'll
    find yourself on the straightaway that leads to this grass ramp.
    6.	I recommend that you save your game with the time between 7:00 and
    17:00 after each level of this challenge you complete. This way, you can
    attempt the risky offroad sale first, and if you can't keep the car on its
    wheels, you can just reload instead of having to go all the way back to the
    car lot and hope the time is still right for the mission. There doesn't seem
    to be a good way to ensure that you will make this jump safely, especially 
    with the Bobcat, so it's pretty much just a matter of trial and error. When
    you land the jump, you'll need to be careful not to get pulled out of your car
    by the thugs in Portland Harbor, because if you leave the car at any time, you
    fail the mission.
    7.	Once the Offroad vehicle is sold, hop in the sports car. You could head
    down to the freeway area, where there is a long straightaway that will allow
    you to build up speed, but the problem is that you will very likely damage your
    car in the process. I suggest that you make an immediate right out of the car
    lot and drive down the dirt path to the Junkyard, and then head up the ramp to
    the pier, where you can get a lot of speed and there is no risk of crashing 
    with other cars. There is, however, the possibility that you will fly off the
    pier into the water, so you'll have to get familiar with where you need to turn
    to stay on it. Keep in mind that you can't go too slowly for too long at any
    point or you'll fail the mission. You need to keep a decent speed up as you
    get to the pier. Don't be reckless, but you have to at least move at a decent
    clip. Make a left at the top of the pier and head toward the containers, and
    then quickly to a handbrake 180 and you should have plenty of room to open up
    the throttle. Make your turns smoothly and you should only have to do one
    run eastward along the pier. When you have made the sale, occasionally you
    will need to head to the Pay 'n Spray. If this is the case, don't worry about
    damaging the car on the way there, since you're getting it repaired anyway.
    If not, carefully head down from the pier and return to the lot. Fortunately,
    the toughest two sales are over now.
    8.	The traditional car is by far the easiest to sell, and should give you
    the chance to get some extra time for the final sale. All you have to do here
    is drive slowly, tapping or easing softly on the accelerator, for a certain
    length of time to make the sale. I recommend that you just do a short lap
    on the streets around the gas station; usually you will have impressed the
    customer enough by the time you loop back around to the car lot. Again, there
    is the possibility that you will have to get the paint changed, although it
    seems less likely on this sale than on the others. If you damaged the car, get
    to the Pay 'n Spray, but if you didn't, just head carefully back to the lot.
    In the latter case, you should have given yourself a nice time cushion for the
    final sale.
    9.	The last sale you should make is the Muscle car. This one is quite
    enjoyable, but it can be frustrating if you can't find enough pedestrians to
    smash. Usually, however, unless you had gained almost no bonus time on the
    previous three sales, time shouldn't be too much of a factor even if victims
    are sparse. The basic strategy is to prowl around the streets looking for 
    pedestrians on the sidewalk to squish. Each pedestrian you kill will bump up
    the sale meter. When you've killed enough to get a star, time permitting, you
    should drive around and avoid hitting any more pedestrians until the wanted
    star goes away, at which point you'll get a nice bonus for evading the cops.
    The reason you save this one for last is that if you get two stars, which is
    not that hard to do, it could require an extra trip to the Pay 'n Spray that
    might cause an excessive time crunch, or it can result in failing the mission
    if the cops ram you with the traditional car or the sports car. At any rate,
    squish enough pedestrians (you'll find a few eventually, even if the streets
    seem deserted) and evade enough cops, and you'll impress the customer. You may
    need to change the paint color at the Pay 'n Spray, but the customer won't care
    if it's damaged.
    10.	You need to repeat this process five more times to complete Levels 2-6
    of this mission. As the levels progress, the strategy remains the same but it
    will take a little more to impress the customers and you are much more likely
    to have to change the paint color, which adds to your time crunch. Once you
    finish a level, you can save your game and return at any time to start at the
    level at which you left off. The game will immediately throw you into the next
    level after you complete one, and the timer remains cumulative. It is
    hypothetically possible to complete all six levels in one shot in this mission,
    but it's highly unlikely because of the precarious jump required for the
    Offroad sale, and the moderate difficulty of the Sports car sale. Once you've
    failed, save your game to store the progress you've made, and return.
    11.	This mission may take quite some time, because of the frequent loading
    and risk of the Offroad sale, but it's really more of an endurance test than
    one of skill. When you complete Level 4, you will be able to grab the
    Hellenbach GT, a very fast and maneuverable 60's-style muscle car, from inside
    the car showroom. You'll need to smash out the glass to the left of the entry
    door to get in there. When you've completed Level 6, the Capital Autos store
    will regenerate "protection money" like the Punk Noodles stand, up to a
    maximum of $4000. Collect this whenever you're in the area, and pat yourself
    on the back for completing this arduous and long-winded challenge.
    *	You can continue the Car Salesman mission past Level 6, but there are
    no additional worthwhile rewards (other than cash, which you can get there for
    free from the protection icon anyway) and Level 6 is all that's required for
    100%, so we'll stop there. Don't worry, you won't feel like doing this again
    for a long time once it's done.
    NOTE: After our long, but lucrative, moonlighting session in the automobile
    industry, let's return to work for Vincenzo.
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10
    REWARD: $500 and the Pistol available at AmmuNation
    1.	It looks like JD O'Toole, a Sindacco-affiliated strip-club operator,
    wants to change teams. Your mission is to take out his Sindacco bodyguard to
    get him to join the Leone cause.
    2.	You will be instructed to go to the Pay 'n Spray. Even though all you
    can buy is a pistol at this point, which you get for free at your safehouse,
    you have to go there anyway. Follow the marker and enter the shop. Vincenzo
    has arranged for a free pistol here, so go ahead and "buy" it and head back
    out to your car.
    3.	Follow the new marker to the Construction Site. When you park, you'll
    see a brief tutorial cutscene telling you how the combat system works. Switch
    to your Shotgun, lock on, and blow away the two guards in front of the tunnel.
    Continue through the tunnel and blast the other two guys. Head around to the
    back of the site and you'll see the main target in the distance. It may take
    two or three shots from the Shotgun to kill him, but you should have plenty of
    ammo from your safehouse pickup by this point. Once he's dead, pick up his
    cell phone and JD will give you a call.
    4.	You now need to take the Sindacco car to the Pay 'n Spray. It should
    be right up the street from where you exit the construction site. You won't
    have to pay for this spray job, but you should be loaded at this point anyway.
    Once the car has been sprayed, you've completed the mission, and will be 
    rewarded with a paltry $500.
    NOTE: After this mission, you will be able to work for JD O'Toole, marked by a
    J on the map in the Red Light District. For now, though, let's continue
    Vincenzo's thread.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: $1000
    1.	It seems that some of Vincenzo's guys have gotten themselves into a bit
    of a fix during a routine heist at the gas station. You need to bail them out
    of a jam. This mission has a pseudo-time limit, represented by the 'Leone'
    health bar that will steadily deplete as you approach the gas station, so don't
    hang around all day.
    2.	You'll need a four-seater car to pick up Vincenzo's guys. There should
    be a Leone Sentinel parked next to the wall of his warehouse, but if there
    isn't, just head out to the street and jack a taxi or another car. The game
    will tell you if it's not spacious enough, but that should be obvious.
    3.	Once you've got the car, head north to the blue marker. You'll see the
    guys in the back corner of the station, fighting off some cops. You should be
    able to drive quickly into the station, pick up the guys, and loop around back
    out without too much trouble. Make sure they're all in the car before you take
    off. Unfortunately, you'll get a 3-star wanted level as soon as you enter the
    gas station.
    4.	You need to lose the heat, so head over to the Pay 'n Spray (you should
    be very familiar with its location by now.) The cops will be bringing the heat,
    but just drive quickly and use evasive tactics to keep away from them while you
    approach the Pay 'n Spray. With a 3-star level, they will put out spike strips
    that will puncture your tires and make controlling the car very difficult. If
    this happens, you can still make it to the Pay 'n Spray, but it will be a bit
    5.	Once the car has been sprayed and repaired, which should include your
    tires if they were blown out, head back to Vincenzo's, which should be an
    uneventful ride. Once you hit the yellow marker, the guys will head to the
    warehouse and you'll have completed the mission.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: None
    1.	Vincenzo has a car full of drugs hidden out near the Harbor, and he's
    being monitored by the FBI, so you'll have to get it for him.
    2.	Head over to the marker and you'll find a Banshee in the corner of a
    deserted lot. You'll be instructed to take it to Vincenzo's lockup, but
    suddenly the cops will appear and block you off. When you regain control, back
    up a bit and floor it out of there. You'll have a 3-star wanted level again,
    but this time you're much further from the Pay 'n Spray, and you have to lose
    the cops. Just head to the Pay 'n Spray, doing your best to avoid the cops.
    3.	The Banshee is not very durable and flips easily, so don't do anything
    too crazy. You will probably get your tires knocked out by a spike strip, but
    just carefully make your way to the Pay 'n Spray. Once the car is resprayed,
    make sure that you don't run over any pedestrians or commit any crimes while
    the stars are blinking, or your wanted level will return to 3 and you'll have
    to get it sprayed again.
    4.	Once you're clear, drive to the marker on the map (Vincenzo's lockup),
    which is just a block from your safehouse. You'll have a nice little chat with
    Vincenzo on the phone, and it looks like you're not going to take his crap 
    anymore. Drive the car to the car crusher and park it in the yellow marker.
    When the car is crushed, you complete the mission, but you won't get any cash
    for this one (for obvious reasons.)
    NOTE: After this mission, Ma Cipriani will call you and razz you for never
    coming to visit her. You can now do missions for her. We're done with Vincenzo
    for now. You can now work for either JD O'Toole or Ma. Ma doesn't seem to be
    in a great mood at the moment, so let's start out with JD. 
    NOTE: There's one issue with JD; he can't be seen with people dresssed up like
    Leone mobsters, so if you are wearing the Leone suit, change into your Casual
    Clothes outfit at your safehouse before you start JD's missions. When you have,
    head to his strip club in the Red Light District (you'd probably recognize it
    as Luigi's club in GTA3) and walk into the marker in the alley to start.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: $500
    1.	You interrupt JD's experimental sex exploits to ask for the money, and
    he tells you that his call girls aren't paying up as much they should. You need
    to prowl the streets with him and get the girls to pony up some cash.
    2.	Leave the alley and hop in JD's van. When you do, an "owed money" meter
    will appear. You must collect $700 from the girls before they leave the streets
    for the night. You have four hours (four minutes of real time) to collect this
    money. Unfortunately, you're going to have to find the girls yourself. They are
    all working in the Red Light District, so it shouldn't be too hard to find 
    them. As you're driving, blips will appear to show you where they are.
    3.	Some of the girls will be standing alone, so all you have to do is 
    park next to them and they'll make a pithy comment and cough up some money.
    Some of them, however, are being escorted by rival pimps. You need to take
    these guys out and take their money. They will usually run away if they see
    you, but you can run them over or drive next to them, hop out, and blast them
    with your Shotgun. Since you have to get out to take their money anyway, you
    might as well do the latter. Don't get too far from the van, and you should
    collect all the money in plenty of time.
    4.	Return to JD's club and drive into the marker to complete the mission.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: $1000 and Micro SMG available at AmmuNation
    1.	JD says the cops are on the way for a raid, and Salvatore happens to
    be at the club at the moment paying a visit, so you need to get him out of
    there so as not to inconvenience the boss.
    2.	When you take control, Salvatore will be sitting in a parked Leone
    Sentinel at the curb right outside the alley. Unfortunately, the cops are
    already on to you, and you'll have a 2-star wanted level. Quickly run to the
    car and hop in. You need to lose the cops before you can take Salvatore home,
    and the easiest way to do that is to head to the nearby Pay 'n Spray. It is
    located on the same street as the club, but you don't want to have to turn
    the car around and head straight into the cop presence, so just make a right
    and loop back around to get to it.
    3.	Once the car is sprayed and you no longer are wanted by the cops, you
    can safely drive Salvatore back to his mansion in St. Mark's. When you do,
    Salvatore will compliment you and offer you to come back sometime for some
    work. Mission complete.
    NOTE: You can now accept missions from Salvatore. He's the boss of the family,
    however, so we'll save his missions for later. His mansion is now marked as 'S'
    on the map.
    NOTE: After this mission, you can now buy the Micro SMG from Ammu-Nation. This
    is an automatic weapon whose primary advantage is that you can fire it while
    driving a vehicle. Head over there now and buy it; you'll find it valuable for
    some upcoming missions. You should have tens of thousands of dollars by now, so
    go ahead and buy 3 or so. When you have, return to JD's club and continue his
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: $1000
    1.	JD will inform you that the Sindaccos are looking to blow up the Leone
    Casino in St. Mark's. You must prevent this from happening at all costs. When
    you take control, you will be instructed to go to the Casino. Before you do,
    however, stay in the back of JD's club and head up the staircase to the roof.
    Walk up to the next building and drop to the lower roof. If you look to the
    building diagonally to the right from here, you should see an AK-47 pickup icon
    under the sign. Jump to that rooftop and grab the AK-47. It will be useful in
    this mission. Also, make sure you have some Micro SMG ammo, because it will
    also be critical for this mission. Full body armor and health are also a plus.
    You don't have a time limit to get to the casino, so take your time and get
    2.	Once you are properly equipped, find a motorcycle (preferably a PCJ-
    600) and take that to the casino marked on the map. When you arrive, JD will
    call you and tell you that the Sindaccos are on their way to assault the
    casino. When you regain control, hop back on your bike. If it disappeared,
    just grab the nearest car you can find (hopefully something reasonably fast
    and with good handling) because you don't have much time.
    3.	There will be a red dot on the radar that indicates the Sindacco
    vehicle. There will be three waves of Sindaccos. Your best bet is to flush
    them out before they get near the casino, because one of them will immediately
    rush to plant a bomb. Once a bomb is planted, there's nothing you can do to 
    stop it from exploding. Two bomb blasts will take out the casino and you will
    fail the mission. For this reason, you need to try to get the Sindaccos
    before they arrive.
    4.	Watch the radar and try to get a sense for where you can head them off.
    If you're on a motorcycle, drive up behind them and start blasting (you can
    shoot straight from the motorcycle, which makes the drive-by much easier.) If
    you don't have a bike, you need to try to block them off and fire at them
    through the window. If you damage the car enough, they will stop and get out
    of the car. When they do, hop out of the car (or off your bike) and waste them
    with your AK-47.
    5.	There will be two additional cars, the first a typical car, and the
    second a Patriot. You need to perform step 4 again for each of these vehicles.
    If you're good (and lucky) you will kill all of the Sindaccos without them
    ever reaching the Casino.
    6.	Once you've taken out their three cars, they will try a different tack.
    A truck loaded up with a bomb will be driven and parked next to the casino.
    If you still have your bike (or a bike), track this truck down and shoot at it
    before it can get to the casino. If you can destroy it before the cutscene
    starts, the mission is complete. If you are stuck with a car, you're better off
    waiting for the truck to arrive. When it's parked, you'll have a short amount
    of time to hop into the truck and drive it away from the casino. There is a
    distance meter that you must fill up before you can get out of the truck and
    run away. You need to be careful not to get caught in the blast yourself. If
    you either destroy the truck before it arrives or can move it safely away,
    you've beaten the mission.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $1000
    1.	JD tells you that the crucial factor to the Sindaccos' operation in the
    area is "The Doll's House," a combined casino and bordello in Hepburn Heights.
    You need to take it out in retaliation for the attempt on the Leone casino in
    the previous mission.
    2.	You need to find a car to have fitted with a bomb. You can't use a
    motorcycle. Grab anything that's in the street and you will be instructed to
    take the car to the bomb shop in Harwood. This is directly beyond the Capital
    Autos dealership, and can be accessed easily by the dirt road leading off to
    the right immediately before the Junkyard entrance.
    3.	Drive into the garage (with the 8-Ball logo) and the car will be wired
    up with an explosive device. At this point, you need to drive carefully, as
    if you damage the car excessively the bomb will explode prematurely, killing
    you and failing the mission. There's no time limit, so slowly drive to the
    4.	As you approach The Doll's House, you'll notice that there are a few
    Sindacco guards. Apparently, the prospect of retaliation isn't lost on them.
    You might be tempted to get out of the car a ways back and kill them all
    before attempting to park the car, but the game won't let you change weapons
    until the bomb is detonated. So simply drive through the two at the front and
    quickly turn right into the garage. Don't let them pull you out of the car.
    Once it's parked properly, get out and run across the street. You'll take some
    damage from the guards, but it won't be too bad, especially if you have your
    body armor.
    5.	Once you are a safe distance away, you will be prompted to detonate
    the bomb. Do so with the circle button and enjoy the show. The Doll's House
    is a pile of rubble and you've completed the mission.
    NOTE: Now that you've blown up this building, there are a few things available
    to you that weren't at the beginning of the game. Let's collect them now.
    15. You can find this Hidden Package in the ruins of The Doll's House, on the
    ground level. It is behind a short wall with small beams leading up to a
    larger wall on the western edge of the ruins.
    13. You'll definitely need a PCJ-600 for this one, and it's quite tough. Head
    to the ruins of the Doll's House, and you should notice a cement ramp rising
    from the debris, pointing out toward the construction site. You need to hit
    this ramp at a high speed, angled slightly to the right, in order to land on
    the roof of the construction site. Unfortunately, there isn't much room for
    you to get the speed you need, so you'll have to start at the end of the road,
    near the alley, and build up speed. Then you'll need to carefully turn into
    the Doll's House and hit the ramp heading slightly to the right, which will
    carry to the right rooftop. You'll need plenty of speed and just the right
    angle to nail this one. It should be pretty obvious when you land it, but it
    will likely take quite a few tries. Once you land it, though, hold down both
    the normal brake and the emergency brake, because there's something else up
    here that you're going to need.
    16. Once you're up on the rooftop of the construction site by landing Unique
    Jump #13, head up the stairs and turn left. You should see a ramp-like
    structure up there, and next to it is a Sniper Rifle pickup. Go ahead and grab
    it, as it's very expensive to buy when it's available (which it isn't yet.)
    Now head back down the stairs. On the northwest side of this rooftop, you
    should notice a gap between a bluish/green glass structure and the wall. You
    need to carefully drop down this gap and land on the rooftop below. Here you
    will find the hidden package. Make sure you save as soon as possible here,
    because you don't want to have to do all this again.
    NOTE: You have now completed all of the Unique Jumps available in Portland.
    There are still three Hidden Packages that we cannot get yet, however. Check
    your stats to make sure you're up to date before moving on. You should have
    collected 37 out of 100 Hidden Packages and have completed 13 out of 26 Unique
    Now that we've collected the hidden spoils from the former Doll's House, let's
    get back to the missions. We're done with JD O'Toole for now, so let's go pay
    Ma that visit she's begging for. Head to Marco's Bistro up in St. Mark's and
    walk into the yellow marker ('C' on the radar and the map.)
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: $100
    1.	Ma isn't too happy with the fact that you didn't call while you were
    away, and implies that Giovanni Casa is a better man than you, even though he's
    apparently a pervert. Ma doesn't believe this rumor, so it looks like you have
    to go on a bit of a reconnaissance mission.
    2.	Head back to your apartment and enter to pick up your camera. Grab it
    and head back outside. Now you'll need to go to the deli where Giovanni works.
    Head to the marker to his deli in Chinatown. Casa hops in a full-size van and
    drives off. You need to follow him. Stay back a bit so he doesn't get spooked.
    There isn't a marker for him on the radar, so make sure you don't let him lose
    you, but he's driving so slow this shouldn't be an issue. If he gets too far
    away or you get close enough to spook him, you fail the mission.
    3.	Follow the van as he weaves around Chinatown. After a while, the van
    will stop and a couple of street-walking girls will enter the vehicle. Stay 
    on the van's tail as it heads around to Callahan Point. He'll get off on a 
    dirt road on you'll see a cutscene in which he shows his true colors. He'll be
    chasing the girls around for a while, so take this opportunity to get a good
    photo. Head over toward the wall on the left and find an unobstructed view of
    the action. Don't get too close while doing this. Get out the camera, zoom in,
    and take a picture of him. You only have enough film for three shots, so make
    them count. When you get a good one, Casa will get freaked out and take off.
    4.	All you have to do now is return to Marco's Bistro to show Ma the
    picture. Drive back there and walk into the marker. Ma's not impressed with
    your exploits, but you've completed the mission.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: None
    1.	Ma seems to have it in her head that you are afraid of the Triads.
    Your mission is to take out a couple gangs of Triads to show her that it's
    actually the other way around.
    2.	When you take control, there will be a couple red markers indicating
    places in Chinatown where the Triads congregate. Head down to Chinatown and
    you'll see that one of the red markers indicates a Triad Fish Van that you
    need to ram off the road. Get a car, preferably one with decent speed and
    durability, and start hitting him. Your goal is to either ram the van until
    it explodes or block it off so the driver gets out. A faster method, however,
    is to use your Micro SMG to fire on his car repeatedly. When he gets out,
    either run him over or hop out and blast him with your shotgun. One down, one
    to go.
    3.	The second marker is located in a blocked-off alley, so you can't take
    your vehicle with you. Stop at the end of it by the metal posts and run on in.
    There are three Triads standing in close proximity here. Stop a medium distance
    away from them and shoot one of them with your shotgun. You might be able to
    knock down two of them with one blast. Keep locking on and firing. When they're
    dead, the mission is complete. Take their cash and weapons before you head
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $1000 and Street Racing side missions become available
    1.	Ma talks about how that Sucho boy treats his mother so much better 
    than you do. Sucho is a street racer, so your goal is to humiliate him by
    winning one of his races, and then take him out to show Ma who's in charge.
    2.	Get a relatively fast car. There is usually a Leone Sentinel parked in
    the lot of Marco's Bistro, but if not, find a Kuruma or another reasonably
    fast and maneuverable vehicle and head down to Portland View, where the race
    will begin. You don't really need the speediest car in the world to win this
    race, and because you're going to be cleaning some clocks afterward, you might
    be better off with a car that can take a beating.
    3.	Once you've got your car, head down to the yellow marker. A countdown
    will begin and when it starts, you will start the race. None of the other cars
    are particularly fast, and they will often get into trouble with traffic, so
    don't worry about trying to take the lead to early. The race is fairly long,
    and you'll travel pretty much a full lap through Portland, so there's plenty
    of time. Odds are you'll wind up in first without ever really trying to take
    the lead.
    4.	Try to keep your car in decent shape, but don't worry if you take a
    few hits. Use the handbrake for the sharp turns (this allows you to keep much
    of your speed) and always glance at the radar to get an idea of where the next
    checkpoint will be. The only way you can really lose this race is if you
    destroy your car or head in the wrong directions for checkpoints.
    5.	When you've one the race, you'll see Sucho in his car. You need to ram
    him off the road, much like you did the Triad Fish Van in the previous mission.
    You can also try to blow his car up by using the Micro SMG to fire on it.
    Just keep hitting him, shooting him, and trying to block his path until he gets
    out of the car. When he does, either run him over or give him a shotgun blast
    and the mission is complete. 
    NOTE: After this mission, you will be informed that you are being discussed in
    the underground street racing world, and that you may be contacted about some
    races. This is a subtle hint that you should check pay phones for possible
    racing missions. There is one available now, but we'll wait until both of these
    side racing missions in Portland are unlocked before we do them. Go back to
    Ma's for another objective.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $500
    1.	Apparently Giovanni Casa stopped paying protection money after you
    took those lurid photos of him, so Ma's not happy about you and challenges you
    to do something about it. You need to take care of this guy for good, and do
    it in a symbolic fashion.
    2.	Grab any vehicle and take it to Casa's delicatessen in Chinatown. When
    you drive into the marker, you'll get Casa to follow you. You'll need to take
    Casa to the Sawmill in Trenton. When you approach the yellow marker, the gate
    will open. Drive in and go to the next marker to head inside. Casa, who snivels
    the whole way on the ride, continues to do so as they enter the sawmill.
    3.	Suddenly Casa gets the picture and starts frantically running around
    the building. You need to kill him, but to make a statement, you need to do it
    with nothing but an axe. This is tricky because Giovanni is surprisingly quick.
    In fact, if you just chase him around it will be very difficult to hit him,
    even with your Infinite Sprint ability.
    4.	The trick to getting him, as the game will tell you through prompts, is
    that you must sneak up on him. To do this, let him run away and watch the route
    he takes to get there. You need to avoid taking the same route and try to get
    to his location from the opposite side. When you get close to him, lock on and
    start hacking. You may not be able to kill him before he runs off again, but
    just repeat the process if necessary and he'll be finished.
    5.	Now that you've filled a van with a new kind of meat, you plan to take
    it to his delicatessen so his customers can enjoy. First, however, you need to
    lose the cops. You only have a 2-star wanted level. Be careful; there will be
    cops waiting for you at the exit. Pick up some speed and smash through the
    mini-barricade they've set up. It's important that you keep moving, because if
    they bust you the mission is a failure. Once you've gotten past them, drive 
    carefully but quickly to the Pay 'n Spray in the Red Light District. You
    shouldn't have too much trouble with the cops with only two stars.
    6.	Once the heat is lost, just make your way back to Giovanni's deli and
    drive to the yellow marker. The deli clerk tries the "special" delivery, and
    seems to be impressed. More importantly, you've completed the mission.	
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: None
    1.	This is probably the toughest story mission you've faced so far. Make
    sure you have full health and body armor, and it might not hurt to grab another
    AK-47 pickup from the rooftop in the Red Light District before you start the
    2.	Ma Cipriani has finally had it with you, to the extent that she's
    called out a hit. Apparently, the hitmen have a higher opinion of your combat
    prowess than she does, because they will bring quite a bit of firepower to
    take you down.
    3.	The hitmen will arrive in four separate waves. The first two won't be
    too much trouble; they are armed with pistols. The third wave will have Micro
    SMG's, and the fourth wave will have AK-47's, which can be lethal in the blink
    of an eye at close range.
    4.	when you regain control, quickly maneuver yourself so that you can
    fire on the hitmen. Just run around the street and pick them off by locking on
    and firing away with your AK-47. The AK-47 has tremendous range, so don't be
    afraid to fire from a distance.
    5.	A general strategy is to retreat back to the restaurant when cars are
    arriving. This way the hitmen will get out of the car where they can be more
    easily dispatched. When they get out, run out into the street and try to get
    some distance before you pick them off. You will most likely take hits during
    the first few phases, but you should be able to keep at least some of your
    armor for the last wave. If you are really badly damaged, there is a health
    icon on the porch of the restaurant, but try not to use it until before the
    last wave unless you're really desperate.
    6.	When the last wave arrives, take special care to put some distance
    between you and your assailants, or their AK-47's will melt you like butter.
    Get as far away as you can once they've left the vehicle, and turn around,
    lock on and fire. If they get back in the car, get close enough to it (without
    getting run over) to lure them back out, and then sprint away, lock on and
    7.	If you're skilled enough at evading, you can do this mission without
    losing much health at all, especially with your Infinite Sprint ability. When
    all four waves of gunmen have been eliminated, the mission is complete and the
    Ma Cipriani mission strand is (understandably) concluded as well.
    NOTE: When you complete this mission, you will be notified that the contract
    on you is still out, so be aware that hitmen may occasionally try to kill you
    at random intervals while you're out roaming the streets. The game will warn
    you when hitmen are in the area. This isn't too big of a deal, and can in fact
    be beneficial, because there is usually only one car to deal with, and a
    couple of hitmen are much easier to take down than a whole wave. You can also
    take their cash, weapons, and body armor when you kill them.
    Now that you've finished Ma's missions, the only employer left at the moment
    is Salvatore Leone, the boss of the family. Head up to his mansion in St.
    Mark's and enter the marker by the entrance to the foyer.
    DIFFICULTY: 2/10
    REWARD: $500
    1.	Salvatore laments the difficulties his organization is encountering.
    He wants to be able to unload drugs at the docks during the strike, but the
    woman in charge of the union, Jane Hopper won't have it. You're supposed to
    go pay her off and tell her that Salvatore wants a meeting.
    2.	Head down to the docks, where you'll see a yellow marker in front of
    the entrance. Hopper brushes off your request for a meeting, and soon you find
    yourself surrounded by a pack of disgruntled dock workers.
    3.	When you regain control, resist the urge to kill the dockworkers,
    because all you have to do to beat this mission is exit the docks. With your
    infinite sprint ability, there's almost literally nothing to this. Just head
    eastward, and eventually you'll see the entrance. As soon as you reach the
    street, the mission is complete. Easy as pie.
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10
    REWARD: $500
    1.	Salvatore, despite his troubles with the Union boss, Jane Hopper,
    thinks he can influence the dock workers themselves. Your mission is to pick
    up six prostitutes and deliver them to the docks. You'll have slightly over
    six hours (or six minutes in real time) to do this, as the workers' strike
    shift ends at that time.
    2.	Grab the Leone Sentinel that's marked outside the mansion and get
    moving. There are eight girls in Portland that are potential pickups, and
    they are all noted by a blue marking on the map/radar. Start by heading over
    to the gas station in Harwood. There's a john doing his thing in his car, with
    a couple of thugs nearby watching it. You need to disturb the john to get the
    hooker to come with you. A shotgun blast to his car should do the trick. Waste
    the sinners and the girl will follow you to the car.
    3.	Head down the block to Hepburn Heights, where a girl is walking down
    the sidewalk. Stop near her and she'll hop in.
    4.	Drive over toward JD's strip club in the Red Light District, and
    you'll see another streetwalker on the sidewalk. Pick her up. Now that you 
    have three passengers in the Sentinel, you'll be instructed to drop them off
    at the docks. Do so. Drive quickly but not like a maniac, as you should still
    have plenty of time.
    5.	The dock entrance is marked by a yellow dot on your map/radar, but you
    should be very familiar with where it is by now. When you arrive, stop in the
    middle of the yellow marker and the girls will get out. Once they're deposited,
    head over to Trenton to pick up the next girl.
    6.	Cut through the grass over toward the hospital and you should find the
    fifth girl on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. The last girl
    to pick up is a short distance away in Chinatown. Pick her up, drop them all 
    off at the docks, and this simple mission is complete, probably with plenty of
    time to spare.
    NOTE: After completing this mission, you will receive a cell phone call from
    Maria, Salvatore's young mistress. At this point, you can work missions for 
    her. Let's take a break from Salvatore's thread and see what she has to offer.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $100
    1.	Maria wants to go shopping, and you have to be her escort. When she's
    done fixing up, head over to your vehicle (preferably a fast and durable car,
    no motorcycles for reasons that will soon become obvious) and she'll hop in
    as well. You must take her to a shop just down the street in Portland View.
    She'll go in and quickly get in some trouble with her sticky fingers and run
    2.	A cop notices the commotion and you'll have a one-star wanted level.
    You have to shake the heat, but all you really have to do here is just drive
    around for a bit. Head over through Chinatown toward the Callahan Bridge, and
    soon enough you'll lose the wanted level.
    3.	Maria's not done, though, so take her to her next "shopping" location.
    Predictably, she gets in the same kind of trouble again, but this time the 
    store owner's packing heat! On top of that, you'll have a three star wanted
    level. This is why you don't want a motorcycle.
    4.	You have two options here; you can head to the nearby Pay 'n Spray to
    get the cops off your back, or you can brave the perils of the 3-star wanted
    level and try to get Maria back to her apartment. Either way, it shouldn't be
    too tough, although the shop owner will likely take out one of your tires with
    his shotgun, and you'll have spike strips to deal with.
    5.	Once you've gotten Maria safely delivered to her apartment, the mission
    is completed.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $500
    1.	Maria needs to get a fix, and you've been designated as her escort.
    You must take her to visit her drug dealer in Chinatown. When you approach the
    blip on the map, angle yourself so that you are directly behind the car on the
    side of the road. It's probably best if you have a motorcycle for this mission,
    but it's not a big deal if you don't.
    2.	Maria will get into the dealer's car, but quickly things go awry as
    they drive her away. Quickly follow the car and do drive-by shootings or ram
    it off the road. If you have a motorcycle, this is relatively easy as you can
    shoot your Micro SMG straight ahead while on a bike. The car will take a few
    laps around Chinatown before heading to the two-way street on the western edge
    of Portland.
    3.	When you damage the car enough, the Sindaccos and Maria will get out of
    the car. If you're in a car, go ahead and try to run the Sindaccos over, but
    be careful not to hit Maria. If she dies, you fail the mission (obviously.)
    If you're on a bike, just hop off and waste the Sindaccos with your shotgun or
    AK-47. This will be a bit tougher if additional Sindaccos are in the area,
    because they will shoot at you as well. Kill all hostiles in the area before
    you get back in a vehicle. 
    4.	You must now deliver Maria safely back to the apartment. You shouldn't
    have a wanted level at this point, and as long as you stay out of any more
    skirmishes with Sindacco goons, it should be smooth sailing. Maria will invite
    you up for "coffee" when you reach the marker in front of her apartment, but
    you wisely decline. Mission complete.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: None
    1.	Maria leaves a note at her apartment letting you know that she has put
    herself up as first prize in a street racing competition. You can't let her be
    the prize for those greaseballs, especially if you want Salvatore to speak
    with you again. Naturally, you must win the race so that the "prize" is yours.
    2.	Get a PCJ-600. You should either already have one in your garage, or
    you can head up to Salvatore's Mansion where there is usually one parked next
    to the Leone Sentinel in front of the garage. If it's not there, just cruise
    the streets for a bit and you'll find one. You'll want the fastest bike for
    this race. Take your time; you can take as long as you want to get to the 
    starting line.
    3.	When you've got your bike, head to the starting line in Portland View
    and prepare to race. The race is a fairly straightforward checkpoint affair
    much like the previous street race you've won. The race consists of two laps
    around the Chinatown/Trenton/Portland View area.
    4.	The most important thing to do is stay on your bike, so don't take too
    many crazy risks. The other bikers are not very fast, so you can race fairly
    conservatively and still easily pass them on the straighter sections of the
    course. You can even fall off your bike a couple times and still win with
    plenty of time to spare. Just don't crash every 15 seconds and you should
    easily win the race. Note that two of the checkpoints will be facing oncoming
    traffic on the two-lane freeway, so be particularly careful to avoid traffic
    5.	When you've won the race, you will try to get Maria to come with you,
    but since you're not interested in her sexual advances, Maria will leave with
    Wayne, one of the other racers, instead. At any rate, the mission is complete.
    NOTE: After this mission, you will be notified that you have made a name for
    yourself on the underground bike racing circuit, and will be notified by
    challengers. Now that we've unlocked both of the street racing side missions,
    let's get them out of the way now.		
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: $1500
    1.	To start this mission, head down to the pay phone in Trenton, next to
    the Bitch'n Dog Food Factory (where you got the Marty Chonks missions in GTA3.)
    There should be a yellow marker in front of the phone, so if you go to the
    diagonally angled oval-like drive just southeast of the hospital, you should
    spot it with no problem.
    2.	You'll need a car for this mission. A police car would work well, as
    it can take a lot of damage, but a Leone Sentinel or Hellenbach GT should also
    be sufficient. Once you've got a decent car, head to the starting line marked
    on the radar in Chinatown.
    3.	This is another checkpoint race, much like the previous ones. The only
    difference is that you must use a car for it, and each lap is quite a bit
    longer than you're used to. You will basically do an entire circuit of the
    Portland area, and there are two laps to the race.
    4.	Just drive smart and you should have no problem with this race. Don't
    be too concerned with making risky passes; these guys aren't that fast or
    smart, so they'll probably practically take themselves out in the course of the
    long race. Just focus on making good turns (using the handbrake for the sharper
    ones) and not damaging your vehicle too much.
    5.	The only way you should lose this race is if you destroy your vehicle
    and it takes you too long to find a new one. This is why you should avoid
    too many collisions, especially on the first lap. When you've finished the race
    in first place, the mission is complete and you're $1500 richer.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $1500
    1.	You'll want to have a PCJ-600 for this side mission. Grab one from
    your garage or Salvatore's mansion and head down to the two-lane freeway on
    the western side of the map. If you head south on this road in Chinatown you
    should see the yellow marker in front of a pay phone on the side of the road.
    Enter this marker to begin the mission.
    2.	Take your bike to the starting line at the edge of Chinatown and the
    Red Light District. This race is a bit tougher than the previous one, if only
    because on a motorcycle it is much easier to fall off and lose valuable time.
    The other racers also seem a little bit faster and smarter than they were
    3.	There aren't any particularly difficult checkpoints. Make sure you
    glance at the radar to at least get a sense for where the next checkpoint will
    be, so you don't make any wrong turns. The race consists of 3 laps around a 
    relatively short circuit traversing the Red Light District (as you might have
    surmised from the mission name.)
    4.	If you fall off your bike, don't panic. You can make up ground
    relatively quickly on these guys. Just keep your head and race smart, using
    the handbrake when appropriate and being careful not to hit lamp posts, and
    you should get first place without too much trouble.
    NOTE: At some point during these street racing missions, you'll get a phone
    call from Salvatore asking about Maria's whereabouts. Apparently she's
    absconded with that biker dude, Wayne. Let's go check up on her before heading
    back to Salvatore's employ.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $1500 and Bulletproof PCJ-600
    1.	You arrive at Maria's place to find her sobbing uncontrollably. She's
    a bit roughed up, and you find out that the biker she ran off with, Wayne, is
    responsible. She says she confessed her love for you, and that sparked the
    incident. Maria professes her love for you as you take off to deal with him.
    2.	Maria told you that Wayne deals out of a bar in Chinatown, so head
    down there. As you approach the marker, you'll notice that the location is
    inside of the region with metal posts blocking off the streets, so you'll have
    to vacate your vehicle and head in on foot. Enter the marker.
    3.	As you approach Wayne in the alley, he'll hop on his bike and flee the
    premises. When you regain control, quickly jump on one of his buddies' bikes
    and give chase. You must be careful not to take too many spills in this
    pursuit, because you'll fail the mission if Wayne gets too far away from you.
    He will drive pretty much all over town, and his PCJ-600 allows him to make
    up quite a bit of distance on you if you fall off.
    4.	He'll wind through many alleyways and side streets in an attempt to
    elude you. If you get anywhere close to him, fire your Micro SMG at him. His
    bike is bulletproof, so you must actually hit him on his bike to kill him. For
    this reason, you need to be on level ground with him when you fire.
    5.	If you can't kill him on the streets, keep close and follow him until
    he heads near the bomb shop in Harwood. He'll head around to the tunnel in the
    back, and this is the best place to take him out. Follow right behind him and
    lay on the Micro SMG until he's knocked off his bike. You'll want to lean 
    forward on the bike to get maximum speed in order to catch up. When you've
    picked him off, the mission is complete.
    NOTE: Wayne's bulletproof PCJ-600 is the only such vehicle in the game. Since
    you're still vulnerable to weapon fire while on a bike, its actual usefulness
    is limited, but if you want a bulletproof PCJ-600, steal this one and save the
    game with it in your garage, because it's the only chance you'll get to nab it.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: Goodfellas outfit unlocked at Safehouse
    1.	It appears that Maria has finally succumbed to her pressures, and has
    overdosed on various pills from the Netherlands. She needs a "zap," but she
    thinks she left it at the diner in Callahan Point.
    2.	You'll need a fast, durable car for this mission. A Leone Sentinel will
    probably do the trick, but a Police Car is ideal because of the abuse it can
    take. This mission will have you driving fast and furious all around town, so
    you will need something that can get around and take a drubbing.
    3. 	Once you have your chosen vehicle, pick up Maria. At this point, a
    veiled timer will begin, as Maria's health will rapidly decline until you get
    her the cure. Your first stop is the diner in Callahan Point. Head down through
    Trenton and around the curve and stop in the diner. Unfortunately, Maria was
    mistaken in her drug induced haze. The diner is actually the place where
    Wayne's friends hang out, and the zap is actually in Hepburn Heights.
    4.	As you can guess, Wayne's buddies will recognize you and chase you
    to Hepburn Heights. Just keep driving fast and don't crash too much. You don't
    want them firing on your car or pulling you or Maria out. When you arrive at
    Hepburn Heights, cut through the construction site and head left, but the
    dumpster that Maria supposedly left the zap in has been hauled away. Now she
    says she's got one at her apartment.
    5.	Turn around and quickly head back for Maria's apartment. You'll
    probably still have Wayne's goons on your back, so ram them off their bikes if
    you have to, but don't stop to engage them. Once you drive into the marker,
    Maria will tell you that the zap is actually at Salvatore's place. Keep driving
    at top speed and head over to Salvatore's Mansion. If you still have Wayne's
    goons on your tail, you'll probably lose them when you pull into the dirt road
    leading to the mansion. Drive into the marker, and Maria will chastise you for
    taking too long and belittle you for not having any money for her. She'll
    head inside and makes her intentions clear of returning to Salvatore...for
    NOTE: Once you've completed this mission, the Goodfellas outfit is available
    at your Safehouse. This outfit, of course, is based on the costume designs of
    Martin Scorsese's 1990 cinematic masterpiece of the same name.
    At this point, Salvatore Leone is your only employer, so pay him a visit and
    continue his mission thread.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $1500
    1.	You and Salvatore enjoy the ocean view as you discuss the problems at
    the Docks. Apparently Salvatore's prostitute strategem curried some favor with
    the rank and file, but the Union big shots still need some convincing. As the
    mission title suggests, you need to put some fear in these guys to make them
    see things the Leone way.
    2.	There are three union folks that you need to intimidate. Be careful
    that you don't go too far and kill them, because the object is to get them to
    go along with you. You can kill one of them, but any more and the mission will
    be a failure.
    3.	The union members are marked by red dots on your map/radar. Start with
    the northern-most one in Hepburn Heights for convenience purposes. Head over
    to the area and you should see a Perennial with a red arrow driving around.
    Do a drive-by shooting on it until he stops and gets out of the car. Get off
    your bike or out of your car and switch to your fists. He'll try to knock you
    out, but you should be able to take him with no problems. Hit him in the
    kisser a few times and he'll run back to his car in panic. One down, two to go.
    4.	The next car is cruising around Chinatown. Drive down there and repeat
    the same process. Get him out of the car and give him a decent roughing up and
    he'll also be on your side. What complicates this one a bit is that this guy
    is armed with a pistol. Just take the hits and punch him until he submits, and
    quickly get out of there, because some Sindacco goons might join the fray. If
    you've got body armor (which you should), you'll be able to absorb the damage.
    5.	The last car is hovering around Trenton/Atlantic Quays. This time, you
    may be able to frighten him simply by firing on his car for a bit. If so, 
    you've completed the mission; otherwise, beat the crap out of him until you
    NOTE: The Avenging Angels costume is now available at the Safehouse. This also
    means that the Avenging Angel missions are now available to you as well. Let's
    take another break from Salvatore's missions and complete this side mission at
    this time.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: Bulletproof Avenger bike delivered to your hideout.
    1.	If you recall from the Liberty News report a while back, the Avenging
    Angels are a group of vigilantes, consisting of average citizens and reformed
    criminals, that are taking the law into their own hands. You'll need to find
    one of these Angels to begin this side mission. First, return to your hideout
    and get full health, body armor, and your weapon pickups, and change into the
    Avenging Angels outfit. You'll also want to make sure you have plenty of Micro
    SMG ammo (several hundred rounds at least) and a PCJ-600. Head to AmmuNation
    and buy the ammo if you need to; you should have loads of cash by this point.
    2.	In Portland, you'll need to head to the train station on the western
    edge of the map. It's the one that had a hidden package on the roof and is
    along the shoreline looking into Staunton Island. Head up the stairs and you
    should see an Angel (a guy dressed up just like you) walking around. Walk near
    him and hit the button to activate the mission.
    3.	Avenging Angels is another new type of 'R3' mission in Liberty City
    Stories, and it definitely is very similar to the Vigilante missions (which we
    will do later on.) Your mission is to take out gangs of street thugs that are
    scattered around Portland, and you must do so under a time limit. The mission
    has a level structure similar to the Ambulance and Firefighter missions that
    you've already done. On the first level, you'll have a certain amount of time
    to track down and dispense with a gang. On the second level, you'll need to 
    take down another gang. As you progress through the levels, the gangs will
    increase in size and ferocity. To complete the mission, you must finish Level
    4.	What makes this mission difficult is that you must complete Level 15 in
    one attempt. If you fail on Level 14, you must begin from the beginning again.
    If you are wasted or busted for any reason, or if you run out of time, the
    mission is a failure. Getting wasted is a distinct possibility if you get
    knocked off your bike in close quarters and can't get away, and getting busted
    is likely if you allow your wanted stars to fester.
    5.	Another complication in this mission is that you must have another
    Avenging Angel in your presence in order to get word as to where the next gang
    of thugs is located. If your accompanying Angel is killed, you'll usually have
    to find another one before you can attempt the next level.
    6.	The gangs you must take out will appear in a random assortment of
    possible configurations. Some of them will be packs of varying size running
    on foot with melee weapons, some of them will be packs riding around on
    motorcycles, and some will be in vehicles. Your general strategy is to get to
    the gang's location as fast as possible with your PCJ-600 and then do drive-by
    attacks to take them out. The fact that you can fire the Micro SMG straight
    ahead while on a motorcycle is a distinct advantage here. The bikers are
    actually the easiest to take out, because they are on the same level as you
    and there won't be that many of them, even on the higher levels. When they're
    in a car, shoot at the car and try to keep a decent distance behind them. When
    they leave the car, you need to kill them before they can get over and knock
    you off your bike. On the early levels, the guys on foot aren't a huge problem
    because there aren't many of them, but on later levels there can be as many as
    12 of them in one pack, and they can do some serious damage.
    7.	For the large packs on foot, get in the line of sight and try to mow
    as many down as possible before they get near you. When some of them start to
    approach, drive away from them quickly and do a 180 and start firing again.
    Once you've killed all but one or two of them, the remainders will panic ands
    start to flee. You should be able to pick these guys off pretty easily.
    8.	Be especially careful when the gang is located in a narrow alley, most
    commonly in Chinatown, but occasionally near the fire station in Hepburn
    Heights as well. If they knock you off your bike in here, and are armed with
    katanas or knives of some kind, they can cut you to ribbons before you have a 
    chance to put some distance between you and the gang. For these situations, you
    should probably get off the bike and use Molotov Cocktails to incinerate all 
    of them quickly. You can find these cocktails at the remains of the Doll's
    House in the Red Light District.
    9.	The time limit should only be a major factor near the beginning, and
    fortunately you will get generous time increases for each level you pass. Try
    to blast through the first few levels quickly so you can build up some extra
    time. This could be critical, because if you lose your accompanying Angel or
    you need time to return to your hideout for some armor and/or health, you'll
    need some of this buffer time. If you are told to find another Angel, look
    around on the streets. There will often be Angels walking around randomly when
    you're in the middle of a mission, but if you are having trouble finding one,
    quickly head over to the train station where you found the first one and there
    should be another one waiting there. The only time you really have to worry
    about losing an Angel is if you get knocked off the bike and have to deal with
    the gangs on foot, so once again, try to avoid getting knocked off your bike
    and your Angels shouldn't get killed too often.
    10.	The police can be a real menace in this mission if you aren't careful,
    especially since you'll be on a bike. If you get even one star and are
    stationary, a cop on foot can bust you instantly. Obviously, with all the
    killing you're going to be doing, you'll end up with stars almost constantly.
    When you have a star, make sure you keep moving on the bike as much as
    possible. If you have plenty of extra time on the timer, consider finding a
    police bribe or waiting for the star to disappear before tackling the next
    group, especially on the later levels when you have to kill so many gang
    members that a 2-star rating is imminent.
    11.	If you get a 2-star rating, quickly kill off the rest of the group and
    immediately head to the Pay 'n Spray. You should have plenty of time to do
    this, even if the next gang marker is on the other side of the map. You need to
    get rid of 2-star ratings as soon as possible, because they will make getting
    busted much more likely.
    12.	If you are smart and careful, build up some extra time in the early
    rounds, and take the time to heal, restock armor and weapons, evade one-star
    ratings, and visit the Pay 'n Spray with 2-star ratings, you should complete
    Level 15 without too much trouble and with plenty of time left on the clock.
    NOTE: When you've completed Level 15, the Mission Complete message appears and
    you will be notified that the Avenger motorcycle has been delivered to your
    hideout. The Avenger is a modified Freeway/Angel that is bulletproof and has
    as much horsepower as a PCJ-600. Be aware that this bike is a ONE-TIME ONLY
    award, so if you want to keep it, get it into your garage and save the game.
    When it disappears, you'll never be able to get it again. Swap it out for your
    bulletproof PCJ-600 if you can't keep both.
    Now head back to Salvatore's to continue his missions.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $1000 and the Chauffeur's outfit is unlocked at your safehouse.
    1.	Jane Hopper, the Union leader, is on the radio insisting that the
    strike will continue and she will not be influenced by the Mafia. Salvatore
    wants you to deliver a message that may help her reconsider.
    2.	You'll need to head down to the radio station building before Hopper
    leaves. You'll have plenty of time to do this. Head down to Harwood on a PCJ-
    600 and go to the Head Radio building lot. You'll be instructed to take the
    limo driver out of the equation. This can be done easily with a shotgun blast
    or two. Once he's dead, you'll find yourself in a chauffeur's outfit.
    3.	Get in the limo and wait for Hopper to come out. She'll clamber into
    the vehicle and tell you to take you to the Ferry Station. You, however, will
    have other ideas. You need to max out Hopper's scare meter to get her to play
    ball. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways; excessive speed, severe
    collisions, and huge jumps.
    4.	Head over toward the two-lane freeway on the west side of town and
    start driving as fast as you can. Don't worry if you crash into a few cars; at
    high speeds this will increase the Scare meter and as long as you don't do it
    too often, the limo will be able to sustain it. If you damage the limo too much
    or flip it over, Hopper will die and the mission is failed.
    5.	If you don't drive fast or crash into anything for a while, Hopper's
    scare meter will decrease, so make sure you are persistent in your antics. If
    you crash into a few vehicles at high speed, you should be able to max out her
    meter just by speeding up and down the two-lane freeway. When the meter is
    maxed, she'll cave and you'll have to take her to the Ferry Station. If your
    limo is emitting black smoke, take it carefully to the Pay 'n Spray to get it
    repaired. You don't want it blowing up before you can drop Hopper off.
    6.	Head to the Ferry Station in Harwood (the northwest corner of the map)
    and bust through the picket line. Once you drop her off at the building, the
    mission is complete.
    NOTE: After completing this mission, the Chauffeur's outfit will be available
    at your safehouse.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: $1000
    1.	You walk in on a vicious argument between Salvatore and Maria. In 
    between exchanges, Salvatore explains that you and he have finally cracked the
    Union resistance and that a big shipment of goods is arriving, and you need to
    take care of it.
    2.	You need a vehicle with four seats for this mission, so the Leone
    Sentinel parked at the mansion will serve nicely. Hop into it and head for the
    three blue dots on the map which represent your Mafia backup for this exchange.
    One of them will be waiting on the sidewalk next to Capital Autos. While you're
    there, you might as well pick up your protection money from the Car Salesman
    side missions. Another is waiting at Marco's Bistro, and the last one is 
    waiting outside the gaming house that you saved in St. Mark's.
    3.	Once you've collected your backup, head down to the Portland Docks.
    Park in the marker over by the boats. The dealer, Miguel, is about to make the
    exchange, but the cops have apparently been tipped off. When you regain
    control, you will be in the middle of a huge gunfight, as the cops and the
    dealers will all be firing on you. Quickly run away from the fracas and pull
    out your AK-47. Your armor will likely be shredded in the early-going, but
    there is a conveniently placed armor pickup if you get really low on health.
    Lock on and blow away all the drug dealers as quickly as you can.
    4.	When the dealers are eradicated, you need to take the Patriot that the
    drugs are stored in and escape. The cops will probably shoot out at least one
    of your tires as you pull away. Head around the huge building and to the right
    to find the Docks entrance and get out onto the street.
    5.	You'll have a 3-star wanted rating, and you're depositing some heavy
    weight, so you'll need to lose the cops before you can stash the drugs. You'll
    need to get to the Pay 'n Spray in the Red Light District, but with 3-stars the
    cops will be ramming you heavily and your tires will get knocked out by the
    spike strips, so it'll be a bumpy ride. Figure out the best route to the Pay 'n
    Spray and just try to avoid as much damage as possible. By the time you get
    there, your Patriot will probably be on the verge of catching fire. If it does,
    you fail the mission, so do your best to avoid unnecessary contact. The car
    will be very difficult to drive with blown out tires, but if you avoid over-
    compensating too badly, you should be able to just make it.
    6.	Once you've gotten to the Pay 'n Spray, make sure you don't agitate
    the cops before the flashing stars disappear. Just lay low, and when they're
    gone, just take a leisurely drive to Salvatore's lock-up in an alley in St.
    Mark's. Drive the Patriot into the garage. When you emerge, you'll have
    completed the mission.
    NOTE: Shortly after completing this mission, you'll get a phone call from JD
    O'Toole, congratulating you on your recent successes. You'll now be able to
    accept more missions from him. At the moment, he'll be the only employer
    available, so go ahead and pay him a visit at his club in the Red Light
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: $1500
    1.	JD frantically goes into a litany of fearful laments before explaining
    that Salvatore has been kidnapped, and he blames himself. As you regain
    control, you'll see the car of one of the guys who snatched him. You need to
    follow this car without tipping the driver off.
    2.	Follow the car without firing at it or otherwise distracting him as he
    travels through the Red Light District and Portland View. As you approach
    Trenton, you'll see the man dash into an alley. Salvatore is in the trunk of
    another car, and they plan to crush it (and him.) Obviously, you need to stop
    this from happening.
    3.	First, your customary car pursuit tactics aren't going to cut it here.
    You should steal a car (any car with decent speed) and attempt to ram them off
    the road or otherwise stall him. You shouldn't use a bike because since you
    are inclined to shoot forward on it, and you might accidentally kill Salvatore
    in the trunk in your pursuit. You can do drive-by shootings on it to get it 
    to stop, but you will severely damage it and if you're on a bike, you will be
    knocked off if you crash into oncoming traffic and likely won't be able to
    catch up before they get to the crusher.
    4.	Ram and otherwise damage the car, if at all possible, to get the
    Sindaccos to vacate it. When they do, get out of your car, waste the Sindaccos
    quickly, and then get in the car with Salvatore. If they get to the crusher,
    you can quickly try to steal it before the magnet picks it up, but this is
    very risky. It's much better to get them out of the car before they reach the
    crusher, but stealing the car at the last second is a desperation tactic that
    just might work.
    5.	The best place to potentially recover Salvatore is at the beginning of
    the sequence, when they are in the alley attempting to get out. If you can cut
    off their exit routes (which will obviously be easier to do with a car), you
    might be able to get rid of them before they even get out. The best way to do
    this is to block them off, then fire a volley of Micro SMG rounds at the car.
    The Sindaccos should get out, at which point you should drive a bit further
    into the alley to get some distance from the car with Salvatore, then get out
    and sprint over to take it, ignoring the goons who will heavily damage your
    armor as you get there. This is probably the best strategy for the mission, but
    a lot of variables might make it difficult to pull off.
    6.	Once you've commandeered the car, one way or another, take it to
    Salvatore's mansion and drive into the marker to end the mission. Salvatore is
    rescued and you're $1500 richer. Apparently, you're also now on a first-name
    basis with the Don, having saved his life and all...
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $3000
    1.	When you arrive at the club, JD will call you on his cell phone and
    inform you that Salvatore is going on a rampage, and plans to personally kill
    every Sindacco in the area of the club from which he was kidnapped. Obviously,
    this puts him at tremendous risk, so JD has arranged for a sniper rifle on the
    roof of the club. You must protect Salvatore at all costs.
    2. 	Head out of the alley and look across the street. You should notice
    that the green dot on the radar is located there. Head around the corner a 
    block to the alleyway, which will have a staircase that will lead directly up
    to the sniper rifle JD has planted for you. Grab it, and then head left
    around to the yellow marker, which will be your starting vantage point for the
    3.	You should also note that there is an Adrenaline Pill on this rooftop.
    This will be useful in the later stages of the mission when things get a bit
    more dicey, so save it until then. Once you've situated yourself, you'll see
    Salvatore arrive in style and start duking it out with the Sindaccos.
    4.	The mission is straightforward enough; you must use your sniper rifle
    to take out the Sindaccos before they inflict mortal damage on Salvatore.
    Salvatore and his men will move around on the street. The first three waves of
    Sindaccos will be visible from your original line of sight, but when he moves
    over to the edge of the street, you'll have to reposition yourself to see his
    assailants. This might be a good time to grab the Adrenaline Pill, but it
    isn't strictly necessary. If you pop heads quickly enough, Salvatore will have
    only suffered minimal damage at this point. Head up the ramp to the higher
    ledge, and then jump up onto the ledge. Be careful not to fall off, as this
    will make the mission much tougher. You'll need to head to both ends of this
    ledge to be able to see all of Salvatore's attackers as they arrive. If you
    do fall off the ledge, get out your AK-47 or Shotgun and do your best to take
    the guys out without sustaining too much damage. It's much more painless to
    stay on the rooftops. If you do, and you act even moderately quickly,
    Salvatore should barely have a scratch on him.
    5.	Get comfortable with the aiming controls on the sniper rifle as
    quickly as possible. It should be intuitive enough. Once a certain number of
    Sindaccos have been eliminated, the cops will make an appearance. You need to
    take these guys out, as well. Your wanted level will obviously increase due to
    this, but once they're all gone, Salvatore and his goons will head into JD's
    club, and the mission will be complete.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $1000
    1.	JD exults that Salvatore has now taken full control of his club, and
    that he is now free from the influence of the Sindaccos. He also informs you
    that the Sicilian families are apparently attempting to force a truce between
    the feuding Mafia families in Liberty City, and that Salvatore thinks that one
    of his guys is playing both ends.
    2.	You need to get to Salvatore's mansion when you regain control.
    Massimo, the suspected rat, will be leaving his mansion in about 90 minutes
    (1 minute and 30 seconds of real time.) You should have no trouble at all
    getting there in time. Head into the yellow marker, and you'll see Massimo
    boarding a helicopter. You need to stay on his tail, figuratively speaking, of
    course, which is a bit more complicated than usual considering that you're
    relegated to the ground.
    3.	Grab the PCJ-600 at the Mansion and watch the radar. Keep the blip as
    close to yours as possible, heading through alleys and other shortcuts when
    possible. You must stay fairly close to the chopper to see where he's heading.
    He will stay fairly close to the ground most of the time, so you should be able
    to keep tabs on him. Follow him to Hepburn Heights, where you'll see Massimo
    assuring the Diablos that under the peace pact they plan to arrange, they'll
    have control of this area. 
    4.	He'll hop back in the chopper and you must once again stay close.
    Just keep close and in sight and follow him to Chinatown. He'll eventually 
    land on a rooftop in Chinatown, and you will be instructed to get closer to
    observe the meeting. Get off your bike and head into the L-shaped alley across
    the street from the rooftop in question. Have your AK-47 or Shotgun at the 
    ready and head up the staircase in this alley.
    5.	When you enter the yellow marker, you'll see Massimo giving the Triads
    similar assurances about "jurisdiction" over Chinatown. After this discussion,
    you will be spotted by the Triads, and they're looking to wipe you out.
    Quickly lock on and fire on the nearest Triads on the rooftop. When they're
    eliminated, head around to the other side of the rooftop, and you should see
    an Adrenaline Pill. Take it and look over the ledge. Throw a few Molotov
    cocktails to all areas around the rooftops and try to take out as many of the
    Triads below as possible. You should be able to kill all of them if you have
    enough Cocktails and you place them properly. If not, you can at least thin
    out their ranks before jumping to the street level and finishing the rest of
    them off. Once they're eliminated, you've completed the mission.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $3000
    1.	As you head to JD's club, he will gleefully tell you that today is the
    day he will become a made man. After finally freeing himself from the grasp of
    the Sindaccos, he will join the official ranks of La Cosa Nostra. A couple of
    Leone associates will arrive with a Leone Sentinel, and you must drive JD to
    the site of the ceremony....in Harwood?!?
    2.	Hop in the car and head over toward the car crusher in Harwood (if 
    this isn't a tip-off, I don't know what is.) As you head toward Harwood, JD
    will wax fondly about Salvatore's understanding and how great it is to be free
    from the Sindaccos. As if on cue, however, a bunch of Sindacco goons, who
    apparently aren't too thrilled with the defection, will attack the car in an
    attempt to assassinate JD before he is "made."
    3.	It's not enough here to simply evade the Sindacco attackers; you have
    to kill them before proceeding to the ceremony. This shouldn't be too tough.
    Just maneuver yourself into a drive-by position, and fire with your Micro SMG
    on the cars until the Sindaccos vacate the vehicle, at which point you can
    waste them. If you really feel the need, you can get out of the car to dispose
    of them, but it shouldn't be necessary.
    4.	Once the Sindacco thugs are eliminated, it should be an uneventful ride
    to the Junkyard, where the ceremony is supposedly set to take place. JD keeps
    prattling endlessly about his good fortunes as you approach the marker. Drive
    into it, and the predictable denouement occurs.
    5.	With JD taken care of, you must now get rid of the car by dumping it
    into the river (apparently absolutely no evidence can be left this time), but
    first you must drop Mickey off at his apartment. The tricky part here is that
    the cops will be alerted to the situation if they see the car because JD's
    blood will be seeping out of the car.
    6. 	Head to the marker denoting Mickey's apartment, which incidentally is
    right across the street from the hospital. If no cops see you on the way,
    count your blessings. Once Mickey is dropped off, he'll remind you to dump the
    car in the river. Once you drive away from Mickey's place, the cops will see
    the car and you'll have a 2-star wanted level.
    7.	Drive over to the pier on the western side of Portland, near the train
    station from which you began the Avenging Angels mission. You should drive the
    car up to the edge of the pier, and tap the accelerator to get two of the
    wheels over the edge. The cops will probably be on your case at this point,
    but ignore them and get out of the car. They'll be shooting at you, but all
    you have to do now is run into the back of the car. If enough of the car is
    over the edge, it shouldn't take much to push the hind wheels off the pier.
    When the car sinks, the mission is complete (and your wanted level will be 
    NOTE: This concludes, for obvious reasons, the JD O'Toole mission thread. At
    this point you'll have no immediate employment opportunities, but if you head
    back to your hideout and get out of your vehicle (without entering the hideout
    itself) you'll shortly get a cell phone call from Vincenzo, of all people.
    He'll have an uncharacteristically conciliatory tone, asking you to come down
    to his office, where he wants to "show you something." Head down to Atlantic
    Quays to see what he's up to.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $3000 and Overall outfit/Slash TV side mission unlocked.
    1.	As you can probably imagine by the mission title, there's something
    sinister afoot. Head to Vincenzo's office in Atlantic Quays and step into the
    marker. You'll call Vincenzo's cell phone, and he tells you that there's a big
    shipment on a freighter at the docks, and he wants you to come see it. You
    express reservations, but he assures you that he's on the level, and that
    Salvatore wants the two of you to make peace. With that justification, you 
    2.	Head down to the docks and look for the marker. It's on the long
    freighter located just east of Atlantic Quays. To get to the boat, head behind
    Vincenzo's office and stay on the left side of the fence. Follow the path all
    the way through Atlantic Quays and carefully hop over the tiny gap near the
    edge of a building to get to the docks. The marker is at the entrance to the
    ship itself on the eastern end of the ship.
    3.	Enter the marker, and you'll see someone sprinting in the hallway.
    You're to head down to the hull and see what Vincenzo has in store for you.
    Walk straight down the hallway until it ends, and look to your right. At the
    end of a short hallway is a pistol pick-up. This is the Colt pistol, which has
    the advantage of one-shot kills, which will be important in this mission.
    Replace your existing pistol with this one when prompted (never mind how much
    ammo you had for the other one; you can always get it again for free at your
    4.	Now turn around and head down the staircase. You will see another
    descending staircase, but if you're low on body armor, look in the alcove to
    the left and grab it, but you should be covered from your hideout pickup
    5.	Head down the stairs and into the yellow marker, and you'll be in an
    expansive, open area with chainsaw-wielding maniacs charging at you from all
    sides. You need to kill these guys before they get close, because if they do,
    you'll be dead in an instant. Fortunately, you have the Colt pistol, which will
    kill these guys in one shot, as well as the Infinite Sprint ability, which
    makes this mission MUCH easier than it would be otherwise.
    6.	If you're having trouble for some reason eluding the chainsaw guys, try
    to maneuver them into the crates that are stacked around the area. They should
    be disoriented enough by bumping into these to give you the time to lock on 
    and kill them. With Infinite Sprint, there's really no reason to be hit by any
    of these guys. They will respawn, but there should never be more than 5 of them
    alive at any point. When you've killed a few waves of them, Vincenzo will make
    an appearance.
    7.	After Vincenzo's jealousy-ridden diatribe, you'll regain control. You
    could use the Colt to take him down, but it's safer to sprint away to get some
    distance from him, switch to your AK-47, and inch forward until you can lock
    on. He will get a few shots in with his Micro SMG, but you should have full
    armor so it won't be a problem. Just keep firing the AK until he's dead. Once
    he is, you're instructed to head for the exit.
    8. 	Retrace your steps in the boat, up the staircases and through the
    hallways, until you're back on the deck of the freighter. Once you've gotten
    up here, the mission is complete.
    NOTE: Once again, you've ended another mission thread. Having completed this
    mission, you will now have the Overalls outfit available at your safehouse,
    and you can return to this very freighter, at night, wearing the Overalls, to
    play the Slash TV side mission, the last such mission available in Portland.
    NOTE: You should also receive a call from Salvatore shortly after completing
    this mission, informing you that your services are required again. It sounds
    urgent, but let's finish off the side mission first. Head back to your hideout
    to save and change clothes. Save the game until the clock reads 17:30 at the
    earliest or 4:00 at the latest, to give you time to get back to the boat.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: Cash and the Cox Mascot outfit unlocked at Safehouse
    1.	Slash TV is a side mission that is essentially a protracted version of
    the chainsaw maniac segment of The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade. The mission's
    name, of course, is an homage to Williams' 1990 arcade classic Smash T.V., as
    the frantic "surrounded by foes" gameplay of the mission is highly reminiscent
    of this arcade game.
    2.	To complete this mission, you will need to change into your Overalls
    outfit that you unlocked by completing the previous mission, and you will also
    want to make sure that you have a few hundred shotgun shells, as you will need
    quite a few of them to complete this mission. If you're in a pinch, you can
    complete this mission with pretty much any weapon, but it's easier with weapons
    like the shotgun and/or the AK-47, and there are so many enemies to kill that
    you will need an awful lot of ammunition.
    3.	Once you have the requisite ammo, make sure that the game time is set
    at somewhere between 18:00 and 5:00 (you can move time forward by saving the
    game if necessary) and head down to Atlantic Quays and cut through to the
    freighter, just as you did in the previous mission. Step into the yellow 
    marker and you will find yourself inside the freighter again. Make your way
    down to the cargo hold and press the button to activate the mission.
    4.	The strategy here is similar to that of the previous mission, because
    the task at hand is nearly identical, only that there will be many more enemies
    to deal with. There are 5 levels you must pass to complete the mission, and
    you must complete these 5 levels twice to earn the Cox Mascot suit. The first
    time you play the mission, the enemies will be humans with overalls and hockey
    masks, but the second time and beyond will pit you against humans dressed up
    in chicken suits. As the levels progress, there will be more enemies to face,
    and they will swarm you in greater numbers at once. You will get an increasing
    cash prize for each round you complete, and you will have a bit of time to
    run around collecting the cash that the goons drop between rounds. For this
    reason, Slash TV is quite a lucrative mission with regard to cash flow.
    5.	Pull out the shotgun. In the early goings of each round, you should be
    able to stand in the middle of the cargo hold and lock on and fire as the
    baddies emerge from the corners of the room. Kill as many of these guys as you
    can as they approach, but if they start getting too close or they are
    converging on you from different directions at the same distance, start
    sprinting to get away from them and begin maneuvering them into the crates to
    get them off your tail. Repeatedly run around and get yourself plenty of room
    before you lock on and fire.
    6.	The name of the game here is staying away from the bad guys at all
    costs. You need to be patient and make sure you have time to lock on, fire,
    and quickly run away before you do so. If you get caught up to and hit even
    once, it can end the mission unless you are very lucky, so don't take any 
    risks, especially on Levels 4 and 5. If you run out of shotgun ammo, switch to
    the Colt pistol if you have any ammo for it, and use that. Use the AK-47 if you
    have no ammo for the Colt, and as a last resort, use the Micro SMG. It will be
    tougher because it will take longer to drop a foe with the Micro SMG, but if 
    you are patient, it can be done.
    7.	When you have completed Level 5, you will get a weapon pick-up of some
    sort, most commonly a Rocket Launcher or a Colt Pistol icon. Grab it. So as not
    to lose the ammo you already have, I recommend that you leave the boat at this
    time, save the game, and acquire any further ammo that you need before
    returning to the boat to attempt it the second time.
    8.	When you're back at the boat, press the button to activate the mission
    again. Now you'll be facing guys in chicken suits, and they will take a bit
    more punishment than the previous enemies. Often, a shotgun blast will only
    knock the chicken down, and you'll have to shoot him again on the ground to
    kill him. Be aware of this, because you don't want to be caught off guard when
    you lock onto the same enemy that you just fired on while another sneaks up
    and slashes you from behind. You'll have to do a bit more running this time
    around, but if you use the same strategies and are careful and patient, you
    should be able to beat it.
    9. 	When you've passed Level 5 a second time, you'll get another heavy
    weapon pickup, and the Cox Mascot suit will be unlocked at your safehouse. You
    won't receive a notification about this, so return to your safehouse and check
    your outfit collection to verify that it is there. Once you have unlocked the
    Cox Mascot outfit, you have satisfactorily completed the mission with respect
    to achieving 100%. You can return to Slash TV at any time if you want to make
    some money, but at this point, you should be so rich you won't need to.
    * Thanks to thekosmicfool part 2 for some clarifying information about this
    side mission.
    NOTE: We will now return to Salvatore's employ.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: $1500
    1.	Salvatore is despondent over the fact that the Diablos are kicking some
    Mafia tail in Hepburn Heights, and he dispatches you to help the Leone presence
    in the area stave off extinction. When you regain control of the action,
    quickly run down and hop on the PCJ-600. Time is of the essence here, as you 
    must eliminate the Diablos in Hepburn Heights before the Leone soldiers are 
    waxed, and the Diablos have quite a head start.
    2.	Get down to Hepburn Heights as fast as you can. When you arrive, you'll
    see Leone soldiers battling hordes of Diablo gangbangers. Get off the bike and
    pull out your AK-47. This is the best weapon to use for this mission, but you
    might not have any (or much) ammo for it after the Slash TV mission. Position
    yourself in the street near the corner of the action and lock on and fire on
    as many Diablos as you can, as quickly as you can.
    3.	Keep an eye on the blue 'Leone' health bar on the right side of the
    screen. If this bar is depleted, all of the Leones will have been killed and
    you fail the mission. If you work quickly, you should be able to avoid this,
    but you won't have much time to dally about.
    4.	A key to this mission is acquiring Diablo targets quickly and
    efficiently, and killing them before they get close enough to severely damage
    you. They'll have Micro SMG's, which can do you some serious damage if you
    don't keep the fire you take to a minimum. Keep a close eye on the radar in the
    bottom right corner of the screen. When new Diablos pop up, this will give you
    a good idea of what direction they're coming from, so you can quickly turn and
    move to get a lock on them.
    5.	You will probably take a bit of a beating in this mission. There is a
    health icon in the long blue tunnel along the sidewalk, and there is an armor
    powerup on the street corner down the hill. Use these at your discretion, but
    try to save them for later in the battle if at all possible.
    6.	This will be quite a battle, but if you follow the strategies above and
    don't let yourself get surrounded by Diablos, you should be able to take them
    all out before the Leones are massacred. Salvatore will call for a status
    update, and you'll tell him that you won this round, but lost too many guys in
    the process. He vows not to cede control of the area to the Diablos, but it
    may be too late. In any case, the mission is complete.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $1500
    1.	Salvatore is taking Maria on a drive in his new mid-life crisis mobile,
    but he tells you that there is a warehouse full of cash at Callahan Point that
    he trusts only you to clear out for him. When you regain control, hop on the
    PCJ-600 and head down to the warehouse marked on the radar.
    2.	As you approach, this warehouse should strike you as a bit familiar if
    you've played GTA 3, but at any rate, drive up to the gate and it will open.
    The warehouse seems to be staffed by Leone personnel, but you'll see some
    Triads setting some explosive charges by the nearby gas canisters (sound
    familiar?) and soon the warehouse will be in flames.
    3.	You will have about four and a half minutes to collect the money 
    before the warehouse completely goes up in flames. There will be quite a few
    Triads around here that you will also have to deal with. Since you have
    completed the Firefighter missions and are fireproof, this mission becomes 
    much easier.
    4.	Get out your shotgun and run straight into the flames. Remember, they
    can't hurt you. The Triads will keep respawning no matter how many of them you
    kill, so only kill ones who are right in your way or are damaging you. Run
    around the various sections of the destroyed warehouse and pick up the cash
    icons lying around. There are green indicators on your map/radar to give you a
    good sense of where they are.
    5.	Once you've collected all of the cash icons, run over toward the gate,
    hop on your bike if it's still functioning, and exit the area. Be careful of
    Triads running after you and trying to knock you off your bike while you're
    waiting for the gate to open. You now need to return the cash to Salvatore's
    mansion, so make your way back north. The Triads won't follow you, so take your
    time getting back to the mansion. Once you enter the marker, the cash is
    returned and the mission is complete.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: $4000 and Staunton Island is now accessible.
    1.	Salvatore, in a bout of paranoia, pulls a gun on you demanding to know
    what you've been saying about him. He's afraid that the mayor is going to pin
    all of the organized crime problems in Liberty City on him. He wants to go
    have a little chat with him.
    2.	You'll need to escort Salvatore on this mission, and things will get a
    little dicey, so don't take a motorcycle for this one. Hop in the Leone
    Sentinel, and then head down to the Ferry Terminal in Harwood. The drive there
    should be uneventful.
    3.	When you arrive at the Ferry Terminal, cops will be waiting for you in
    an ambush, and you'll have a 3-star wanted level. Turn the car quickly around
    and stay on this street all the way down until you're forced to turn. You could
    stop off at the Pay 'n Spray, but apparently the cops will raise you back to a
    3-star level immediately if they see you again, so it's not worth the trouble.
    4.	Salvatore orders you to get to the Callahan Bridge, which is all the
    way across town. The cops will be all over you, but do your best to get there.
    The Bridge is located at the edge of Portland View, just north of Atlantic
    Quays. You can't get on the bridge directly from the two-lane freeway; if you
    have to use it, make a left into Chinatown and loop back around.
    5.	When you get to the bridge, drive through the cones and punch the
    accelerator. You'll need high speed to clear the gap in the unfinished bridge.
    When you hit the ramp, the view will change, and Salvatore will scream an 
    obscenity, but you should clear the gap.
    6.	The cops will still be on you at this point, so use evasive maneuvers.
    Salvatore will tell you about a place to lay low for a while, and a yellow dot
    will appear on the radar. Head north to this dot, avoiding the cops as best
    you can. The entrance to the safehouse is a bit concealed; you'll have to go
    into an alley next to a blue and white multi-story car park to get there.
    Keep an eye on the radar so you'll know when you're approaching it, and use
    the handbrake to quickly turn in there.
    7.	As soon as you reach the yellow marker, you'll see a cutscene informing
    you that the Ferry and Subway strikes have been lifted, but the elevated 
    bridge between Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale has been closed by militant
    workers. This means you can now travel freely between Portland and Staunton
    Island, but Shoreside Vale is still inaccessible. On top of this, the mission
    is complete.
    NOTE: Now that Staunton Island is unlocked, you can finally go back and get 
    those last three elusive packages in Portland. Save your game and we'll do that
    NOTE: Shortly after this mission is completed, Salvatore will call you and tell
    you to wait for a call at the pay phone across from the courthouse. We'll get
    to that later.
    From your Staunton Island safehouse, get a car and head over to the eastern
    part of the island. You should see a very tall apartment building (Asuka's
    building from GTA3) and on the map you should notice a series of miniature
    docks. Head down the stairs to these docks and you should see a boat. Hop in
    the boat and use it to collect the following packages. Refer to chunkubis'
    Portland Hidden Packages map for the precise map locations.
    If you have difficulty finding a boat, just leave the area and come back.
    Eventually one will spawn in on the docks on the eastern edge of Staunton
    2. 	Pilot the boat over to the spot marked on the map on the northeast edge
    of Portland. As you approach from the north and start coming around the bend,
    you should notice a gravel embankment on the right. Drive the boat up onto
    the gravel area and hop out. You should see the package in the corner of the
    gravel, right up against the edge.
    3. 	From the previous package location, head north a bit and then bear
    eastward. You should see a large rock formation with a flat path that twists
    around it. Head up against the narrow strip and park the boat on the edge.
    Scale the rock formation and head around to the other side. You should see the
    package resting against the wall at a corner.
    13.	Hop back in the boat and head around to the eastern side of the
    island. As you approach the spot on the map, you should notice the lighthouse.
    Go up to the island and stop the boat next to the small dock. Jump off the
    boat and onto the platform. You might want to act quickly here so your boat
    doesn't float away. Head up the wooden walkway and look to your left. You
    should see the package in plain sight in an alcove, not too far up the side.
    NOTE: You should now receive notification that the SMG pickup is now available
    at your safehouses.
    Congratulations! You have now completed all of the side missions, quests, and
    hidden areas in Portland.
    STATUS CHECK:	Before we begin tackling all that Staunton Island has to offer,
    let's check our stats so you can be sure you've completed all that you are
    supposed to have completed to this point in the game.
    check your stats against the following. You should have:
    * 47% of the game completed
    * 6 out of 20 Rampages passed
    * 40 out of 100 Hidden Packages found
    * 13 out of 26 Unique Jumps completed
    * 100 passengers dropped off
    * Level 12 as Highest 'Paramedic' level
    * Level 12 as Highest 'Firefighter' level
    * 26+ Cars sold (be able to collect protection money at Capital Autos)
    * Level 5 as Highest 'Slash TV' level (have the Cox Mascot outfit)
    * $2000+ collecting trash
    * 16 or higher as Highest 'Avenging Angel' level for Portland
    * At least 0:01 left on 'Wong Side of the Track'
    * Best position of 1 in Thrashin' RC, 'Low Rider Rumble', and Red Light Racing
    * Times for all 10 courses of 'Bumps and Grinds' beneath target time
    * At least 55 Noodles delivered (be able to collect money at Punk Noodles)
    * At least 21 as Highest score in 'Scrapyard Challenge'
    * At least 11 as Highest score in '9mm Mayhem'
    * At least 9 as Highest score in 'Scooter Shooter'
    * At least 21 as Highest score in 'RC Triad Take-Down'
    * Have unlocked Overalls, Avenging Angel's fatigues, Chauffeur's clothes,
      Cox Mascot suit, Underwear, and Goodfella outfits
    If your stats do not match up with these in any way, go back in the guide and
    carefully read the mission descriptions for the offending items. Make sure you
    comply with these stat requirements before you continue.
    Now that Staunton Island is available to us, let's take advantage of the side
    missions and bonuses available to us at this time. We'll start with the Hidden
    Packages, because they yield regenerating rewards at your hideout that will be
    particularly useful in the upcoming missions. Once again, please refer to 
    chunkubis' excellent map to help you with the exact locations (using the map
    marker functionality to further aid you) and read the comments I've provided
    to find out how exactly to get them.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10 (on average)
    REWARDS: Colt .357 and M4 respawning at your hideout.
    1.	If you head to the spot on the map, you should see two empty port
    structures and a trailer. The package is immediately next to the trailer, on 
    the northern side.
    2.	Head off the road behind the stadium and go toward the map location.
    On the dirt path heading in a northeastern direction, you should spot a ramp.
    On the left, next to this ramp, you'll find the package.
    3.	If you turn off the main road nearest this map location, you'll see a
    gravel road leading down to a blocked off tunnel. At the entrance to this
    tunnel, blocked by gravel, you'll see the package in plain sight.
    4.	The road by this area curves around into a parking lot. If you enter
    the parking lot, you should notice a large plant bed on the eastern side of
    the lot. Hop into this plant bed and you should find the package between some
    5.	If you head to the spot on the map, you should find yourself right up
    against the water's edge. There's a slightly sunken beach area here, and in
    plain sighton this beach is the package.
    6.	Head near the spot on the map and you'll see a restaurant. This
    restaurant has a brick wall surrounding it. Head into the dirt area behind 
    this wall. There should be another wall blocking the view of the package. Head
    behind it to grab it.
    7.	Directly across from the hospital, on the corner, is the Liberty Campus
    subway station. Head down the stairs into this station and then descend the
    escalators. Turn to your left and look at the enclosure next to the advertising
    posters and you should spot the package. Note that the map location isn't very
    precise here, but it should help you spot the subway station in question.
    8.	Head over to Fort Staunton. As you approach the spot on the map, you
    should see a concrete ramp leading up to a garage in the corner. There should
    be a car parked in this area. Back the car carefully up the ramp and park it
    along the edge. You'll need to jump on this car and get a sprinting start and
    jump to the ledge on the opposite side. If you follow this ledge around behind
    the sign, you'll nab the package.
    9.	Near the marked spot in Fort Staunton, you should see a metal bridge.
    On the northern edge of this bridge, facing in toward the island, you can look
    down to spot the package on a tiny ledge just to the right of the support beam.
    Carefully drop down to this ledge and claim the package. You'll probably fall
    in the water here, so save before attempting this one if you don't want to lose
    all of your weapons.
    10.	Head back down to the docks where you found the boat to grab the last
    three Portland packages and grab another one. Pilot the boat north toward the
    spot on the map. Your map will show a large island, but directly next to it is
    a smaller one with no indications on the map. This smaller rock formation has
    the package. Park the boat next to hit and jump to the rock to get the package.
    NOTE: You should now have 50 packages and be informed at the Colt .357 pistol
    is now available at your safehouses. You're halfway there...only 50 packages
    11.	If you approach the spot on the map, you should notice the thin strip
    on the radar indicating an alley. Head through the metal posts blocking this
    area to reach the alley. If you're on a bike, just drive through, but if you've
    got a car, you'll have to get out and head in on foot. At the end of this
    alley, nearest the street, is a dumpster. Directly behind this dumpster lies
    the package.
    12.	If you head over to the street corner indicated on the map, you should
    see the Staunton Cafe. The package is located on the roof of this cafe. You
    will need to engage in some strange methods to get this one. Kudos to Gaseous
    Snake are in order for this puzzler. You'll need to find a Trashmaster, and 
    take it to this cafe. You'll need to park the Trashmaster horizontally up
    against the front of the cafe, and then park a normal car slightly behind it.
    Jump onto the smaller car, then jump to the Trashmaster, and then jump to the
    roof for the package. The Ambulance doesn't have quite enough height for this
    13.	You cannot get this package yet. We'll return to it later when it's
    14.	Approach this spot on the map and you should find yourself in a car
    park opposite the stadium. On a thin grass island near the middle of the lot,
    you'll see the package resting near a tree.
    15.	Almost due west from package #14 is a grassy cliff. Carefully head down
    this cliff and you'll find yourself near the water. At the spot on the map,
    you should see a sewage structure with a grate. To the right of this grate,
    facing away from the water, you should see the package.
    16.	Adjacent to your hideout is the garage hideaway that has both the bomb
    shop and the Pay 'n Spray. Head up the ramp and go past both of these locations
    to the very end of the path. On the left side, up against the wall, there will
    be two dumpsters. The package is between these dumpsters.
    17.	Head down to the spot on the map and you should find yourself in the
    parking lot of the high-rise condo buildings. Head to the far edge of this lot
    and look down toward the water. You should spot the package on a ledge right
    next to a support beam for the elevated highway. Carefully drop down here and
    grab the package.
    18.	Head over to the spot on the map. You should notice the looping bridge
    that heads toward Shoreside Vale. You can't cross this bridge yet, but you can
    get on it. Drive a bike or walk past the picket line and head around the loop.
    Hop on to the far left ledge of the loop, and as you begin to straighten out,
    look to the left toward the buildings. You should see a package sitting on the
    ledge. If you aim and time your jump properly, you can get from the bridge to
    this ledge and grab the package, which is right next to a long metal walkway.
    19.	Head into Belleville Park toward the spot on the map. As you approach
    the spot, you should see a large pillar-shaped monument at the apex of a 
    staircase. Go up the stairs and you'll find the package behind the monument on
    its eastern side.
    20.	If you go toward the spot on the map, go past the parallel alleyways
    and look for a huge skyscraper. There should be a narrow staircase heading
    down into the parking lot. The package is located on a glass ledge above the
    front doors to this skyscraper. You'll need an ambulance to jump up here, so
    head back out to the street and kill a few people. Make sure that you don't get
    more than one wanted star. An ambulance should arrive, and you can steal it.
    Park it right up next to this glass ledge and jump onto it and on the ledge to
    grab the package.
    21.	If you head southbound on the two-way raised freeway, you should spot
    a very steep green ramp in the median near the Callahan Bridge. Get a car and
    use it to jump up to the median, and then carefully walk up the grass ramp
    and head to the right edge. Carefully get yourself on this right ledge and
    then walk along the ledge to its end to grab this package.
    NOTE: You should now receive a message that the M4 is now available at your
    22.	If you head down to the docks, near the spot on the map, you should
    see a concrete walkway leading up to a garage, and a large red metal container
    beyond it. The package is between the edge of the walkway and the container.
    23.	Get to the Callahan Bridge and head back toward Portland. As soon as
    you jump the ramp on the bridge, turn around and you should see the package up
    against the edge of the road underneath the ramp.
    24.	If you turn around and head the other way on the Callahan Bridge, you
    should see a circular flowerbed in the median. The package is in this plant
    bed, obscured by the bush.
    25.	Head down to Bedford Point. At the corner indicated on the map, you
    should see the package behind the wrought iron fences. Head into this grassy
    area from the entrance (you should see the Church directly ahead of you, and
    drive back through the graveyard into the southwest corner to grab this
    26.	Go to Phil Cassidy's Gun Shop, which is marked on chunkubis' map. Enter
    the store (you can't buy anything here yet) and head up the staircase directly
    behind the counter. If you look to the right after ascending the staircase,
    you should see a ledge next to an assortment of containers. Jump over the 
    short wall to get to this ledge, and the package is around the corner of these
    containers, against the window. 
    27.	This package is on the raised grass median at the beginning of the two
    lane highway that eventually elevates. If you approach this spot from the
    south, you should see the package in front of the third tree in this median.
    You'll need to head to the southern edge of the median and walk up the grassy
    path to get there, as it's too high to jump to from ground level.
    28.	Head to the Casino in Torrington. Head through the entranceway toward
    the spot on the map. If you look left immediately after heading through the
    tunnel and before you begin descending the curved ramp, you'll see a spotlight.
    The package is directly behind this spotlight. Jump over the wall to the 
    ledge to nab it.
    29.	If you approach this spot on the map heading southward, you should see
    a large building on the left side of the road. Across the street from this
    building are some billboards. At these billboards, head left into the alley
    behind the building. You should spot a police bribe ahead in this area, but
    before you get there, if you look to your right as you pass through this area,
    you should see the package in the corner next to the side doors of the
    30.	Head to Bedford Point and the spot on the map. You should see the huge
    City Hall building here. Go up the stairs and you should find the package at
    the entrance doors to the building.
    NOTE: You've now collected all of the packages you can at this point. When we
    can get the one we had to pass up, you'll be the first to know. Check your
    stats and make sure you have 69 Hidden Packages found before you continue.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: 25% more health and Joe's Pizza Protection Money icon
    1.	This mission is very similar to the Noodle Punk mission, and the reward
    is virtually identical as well. As such, the strategies pretty much hold the
    same. To find the pizza bike you need to use for this mission, head over to
    Phil Cassidy's place. Immediately across the street you should see Joe's Pizza
    Place, and the Faggio on which you must complete the mission is resting against
    the wall.
    2.	You will get 6:00 per level on this one, because Staunton Island is a
    bit bigger than Portland and takes longer to get from one side to the other, 
    and the customers will spawn at opposite ends of the island. You need to make
    sure you pause and plan your routes, especially on the later levels. Just like
    with Noodle Punk, the number of customers you must serve in six minutes is
    equal to the Level you're on. You'll need to complete Level 10 (serve 10
    customers in six minutes) to complete the mission. You can only carry six
    pizzas at a time, so on Levels 7-10 you will need to plan carefully for when
    you can come back to the parlor and finish the route.
    3.	As a general rule, start with the northernmost customer and work your
    way back south. If you have any customers south of the pizza place, save those
    for when you come back to get another load. You won't get a time bonus for each
    delivery you make, so there's no advantage to getting to the closest ones 
    first. Save those for later so you'll be closer to the pizza place if time gets
    scarce near the end.
    4.	Do your best not to fall off the bike too much. You should have plenty
    of time if you drive smart, take shortcuts when they're safe and appropriate,
    and don't get in trouble with the cops, but if you take a bunch of spills, it
    will make it tougher for you on the later levels.
    5.	If you know your way around Staunton Island fairly well, and check your
    map frequently, you shouldn't have too much trouble completing Level 10. Joe's
    Pizza Place will now be under your "protection," meaning that you can collect
    cash from the icon in front of the entrance at intervals, and you will have
    25% more health than you did before, which should mean that you are at the
    maximum of 150% health now that you've done Noodle Punk and Pizza Boy.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $1000
    1.	This is a timed checkpoint race in which you must pass through 25 small
    checkpoints in 110 seconds. The Faggio on which you complete this mission can
    be found at the entrance to the docks in Newport, slightly south of the high
    rise apartment building from where you descend to steal boats. Hop on the bike
    and the mission will begin.
    2.	It may seem tough at first, but there's actually plenty of time to get
    all of the checkpoints with time to spare once you know how to go about it.
    It's helpful to think about this mission as a lap around the docks, because if
    you take the checkpoints in the most efficient order, that's essentially what
    it amounts to.
    3.	When the mission begins, head forward slightly and then turn around and
    ascend the ramp here, picking up the checkpoint on the way. You'll want to 
    continue up the ramps until you get the northernmost checkpoint on your radar,
    and then position yourself on the tiny ledge running along the wall up here,
    turning around to face southward in the process. This is probably the trickiest
    part of the whole mission.
    4.	Once you're on the ledge, drive carefully along it up onto the rooftop
    and grab the next checkpoint. You can either continue along this ledge and
    attempt to drop onto the red container, on which rests the next checkpoint, or
    you can drop down and hit the ramp in front of it which enough speed to get
    you on top of it.
    5.	At this point, there is a line of checkpoints that will lead you
    toward the building on the left. You'll wind around this building, collecting
    checkpoints as you go, and emerge into a series of truck cabins. This part can
    be tricky at first, but basically you need to do a slalom, heading between 
    each of these containers to grab checkpoints. There's one between each cabin
    and another one between the last cabin and the wall. Try to do this as
    quickly as possible, but it might take a couple tries to get down correctly.
    6.	After the "slalom," you should spot another checkpoint in the open,
    and if you continue straight after grabbing it, you should be heading straight
    for a series of small double sided ramps. Drive straight through these and
    you should pick up another several checkpoints.
    7.	The last series of checkpoints involves driving up a thin board resting
    against a container, and then driving along another board to another one, and
    finally continuing on this plane to pick up the final one.
    8.	Don't get discouraged. It's really not too bad when you have the path
    memorized. Once you've snatched all 25 checkpoints within the time limit, you
    have completed the mission and will be rewarded with $1000.
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10
    REWARD: 'Hogs and Cogs' Protection Money icon
    1.	This mission is Staunton Island's version of the Car Salesman mission
    you completed in Portland, except (as you can probably imagine) you are now in
    the business of selling motorcycles. The idea is similar, but the execution is
    slightly different. Also, there are no levels, which makes these missions
    incredibly easy. Make sure, however, that you have a decent supply of SMG ammo,
    because it will make the Freeway sales much easier.
    2.	You will have a time limit, but there's absolutely no consequence to
    running out of time, and on top of that, you can sell every bike so quickly
    that you'll likely be able to get the time limit up over 30 minutes with 
    little difficulty. Another advantage is that you will never have to take the
    bike to the Pay 'n Spray, unless you have a 2-star (or higher) wanted level.
    3.	Like the Car Salesman mission, you have to sell four different types
    of bikes: a Freeway, a PCJ-600, a Faggio, and a Sanchez. The Freeway customer
    wants to see destruction, the PCJ-600 wants speed (obviously,) the Faggio wants
    a smooth, easy ride, and the Sanchez wants offroad action. Fortunately, you
    can provide each of these things a very short distance from the bike shop, and
    you don't have to progress through levels.
    4.	Basically, to complete the Bike Salesman mission and earn the
    protection money, you must sell 40 bikes. You don't have to do it consecutively
    and you can sell the bikes in any order you want. If you do it consecutively,
    your commissions will be higher, but money shouldn't be much of an issue by 
    now. You must, however, sell 10 of each bike. Once you've sold ten of a given
    bike, it will no longer appear in front of the store.
    5.	To sell the Freeway, just get on and ride next door to the Fire
    Station. If you're lucky, there will be two fire trucks here. More often than
    not, however, there's at least one. Park and shoot the SMG out the car window
    until the fire engine explodes, and you'll be well on your way to maxing out
    the sale meter. If there is another one, blow that up too and just return to
    the shop to complete the sale. If not, just fire at a few more cars and you'll
    be done in no time.
    6.	To sell the PCJ-600, make a right onto the road and start picking up
    speed as you head toward the stadium. To avoid traffic, pull onto the grass
    surrounding the stadium and go as fast as possible without hitting any trees.
    Once you get to the road, just turn around and repeat if necessary to max out
    the meter, and return when you have.
    7.	To sell the Faggio, just lightly press the accelerator and make gentle
    turns as you drive around. You shouldn't need to get too far from the bike
    shop; just turn around in circles. Avoid hitting pedestrians or other cars and
    the sale should be made with no problems.
    8.	To sell the Sanchez, head directly across the street from the bike 
    path into the grassy area. There is a dirt path here that winds down along the
    waterfront. Simply drive down this dirt path, trying to catch a little air off
    the incline, head up a bit further, then turn around. If you stay on the dirt
    path, the meter will increase. You should have the meter maxed by the time you
    get back across from the shop; if not, just drive a bit more on the dirt until
    it is. There will probably be a lot of pedestrians on the dirt path. Try to 
    avoid hitting them because you don't want the cops to bust you.
    9.	Once you've sold ten of each model (40 bikes in total), the mission is
    complete and you have placed the Hog and Cogs bike shop under your
    "protection." You can collect money up to $3000 from the icon in front of the
    store at your leisure.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $1500
    1.	This is another one of the underground street racing mission like the
    ones you did in Portland. Once again, you must answer a pay phone and then get
    a car to the starting line to begin the race. First, get a decently fast and
    maneuverable car, preferably something that can take a bit of a beating. A
    police car would be ideal, but a Yakuza Stinger or any sports car would serve
    us fine as well.
    2.	Head down to Aspatria, near the Hogs and Cogs bike shop and the fire
    station, and continue north. You should see a large parking lot near the
    stadium. Drive around to the eastern side of this lot and you should see the
    yellow marker by a pay phone. Enter this marker, and the starting line will
    appear on your radar. Drive you car to the marker to start the race.
    3.	This is another checkpoint race, involving one lap that consists of a
    circuit around the northern side of Staunton Island. The usual tips and
    strategies apply: keep an eye on your radar to see in what direction the next
    checkpoint will be so you can plan your turns accordingly, try to avoid getting
    in unnecessary pile-ups with traffic, use the handbrake to avoid losing too 
    much speed on sharp turns, and take shortcuts whenever possible.
    4.	The cars you will be facing are fairly fast, so you won't have as much
    margin for error as you did in previous street races. The key is to make sure
    you can anticipate the turns properly, particularly hairpin turns, because the
    computer racers will have difficulty at times with these.
    5.	There are a couple of long straightaways on which you can gain 
    tremendous speed and, as such, a tremendous advantage on the computer racers.
    Take full advantage of these, particularly toward the end of the race, because
    you can build a bit of a lead that will help you stave off the competitors at
    the end if you come across a bad turn or can't avoid a collision or two.
    6.	Once you get used to the course, you shouldn't have too much trouble
    winning this race, as long as you've developed decent driving skills. If you
    finish first, the mission is complete and you will receive $1500 as a reward.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $1500
    1.	Grab a PCJ-600 and head to the furthest southern point on the map. At
    the intersection facing the southern end of the island from the street that
    heads straight south from Belleville Park, you should see another pay phone.
    Step into the marker to get this starting location on your radar. Head to
    Torrington and drive into this marker (just in front of the casino) to begin
    the race.
    2.	If you remember the Portland bike race, similar strategies apply here.
    On a motorcycle you will have the advantage of going extremely fast and going
    off road much easier, but you also have the detriment of falling off your bike
    fairly easily, which can cost you a LOT of time.
    3.	You will take two laps on a circuit encompassing the Bedford Point and
    Torrington areas. On the second lap, you should have built up a decent lead;
    if that is the case, lay off the accelerator a little bit to make sure you
    don't fall off the bike.
    4.	Many of the turns on this course are hairpins, so use the handbrake
    wisely to make these without losing too much speed. The other bikes in this
    race don't seem to handle these turns that well, so if you are adept at making
    these turns, it will be a lot easier.
    5.	When you finish first, you have completed the mission and will be $1500
    DIFFICULTY: 7/10
    REWARD: $1500 for Levels 1 & 2, $2000 for Level 3
    1.	If you recall the nightmarish RC car race from Portland, Thrashin' RC,
    you'll REALLY love the Staunton Island counterpart, Ragin' RC. The concept 
    behind the two missions is identical, but the execution on this one is far
    more difficult.
    2.	Head over to Belleville Park and go inside. At the northern end of the
    park you should see a house near the fountain area. Parked next to this house
    is the RC Toyz van, which you must enter to begin the races.
    3.	You must win three races (or levels) in order to fully complete Ragin'
    RC. On Level 1, you must finish first in a one-lap race around Belleville Park.
    On Level 2, you must finish first in two laps of the same circuit, and Level 3,
    as you might imagine, involves three laps of this devilish track. 
    4.	The general strategies from Thrashin' RC apply here. Due to the hyper-
    sensitive steering of these RC cars, do not attempt to steer the car while
    accelerating. Let off the accelerator before you make turns and then once 
    you've found your line, hit the accelerator and get as much speed as you can.
    These races are a delicate balance between keeping yourself under control
    while gaining enough speed to win.
    5.	Avoid crashing into anything, including other cars. Collisions can 
    spell disaster because of the chaotic fashion in which your car will bounce
    around, depending on the severity of the collision. It's possible that you
    will bounce and wind up facing along the path you intended, but odds are, you
    won't. Stay away from walls and trees as well.
    6.	This mission will take quite a bit of patience to get through. It does
    get easier when you have the course memorized, though. It will be helpful to
    learn how you should best approach certain checkpoints, and at about the
    midway point of the lap you will find yourself doing a full circle before 
    looping back around toward where you started.
    7.	You can save the game and return to the Level at which you left off at
    any time. When you have finally won the 3-lap race, the prize money is yours
    and your RC adventures in Staunton are concluded. Pat yourself on the back, as
    this is one tough fraction of a percent of game completion to earn.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: $3000
    1.	We'll now attempt the Trash Dash in Staunton Island. This works pretty
    much the same as it did in Portland; you must collect 12 dumpsters scattered
    around Staunton Island, with a time limit that is extended for each one you
    collect. When you've collected all of them, you must take them to the Junkyard
    before time expires to complete the mission.
    2.	All you need to do to start the mission is to procure a Trashmaster.
    If you go to the Hospital in Rockford at the northern end of the map, you
    should be able to find one parked in the parking lot area right where the
    curved road ends. If not, steal an Ambulance and drive around for a while.
    Driving any emergency vehicle makes it much more likely that Trashmasters will
    3.	Once you've stolen a Trashmaster, press the button to activate the
    mission. The green dots will appear on the map and your radar, indicating the
    dumpster locations. You should start in the parking area where you found the
    Trashmaster, in Rockford, and grab the northernmost dumpster first to start the
    timer. Then head down a bit and snatch the second one before heading out of the
    Hospital area.
    4.	From this point, you should have a little time, so check your map and
    plan your route. I recommend that from the hospital, you head westward and then
    work south, then head east and then north. Think of it as a sort of counter-
    clockwise circuit of Staunton Island. Obviously you will have to make
    adjustments if time is running lower than you thought, but this route should
    leave you with plenty of time for the last two.
    5.	Avoid the police at all costs. The Trashmaster is extremely slow to 
    accelerate, which makes you a prime target to get busted. Needless to say, the
    mission will be a failure if this happens. What makes things more difficult is
    that it can be tough to avoid pedestrians because the Trashmaster is so bulky
    and you are under a strict time limit. This is what can make the mission fairly
    difficult, so if you get a wanted star and you're near the Fort Staunton area,
    grab the police bribe on the corner between the two-lane highway and the road.
    If you get two stars and are nowhere near Fort Staunton, you might as well
    give up.
    6.	Once you've collected all the dumpsters, you will be given about four
    minutes to get them to the Junkyard in Portland (Harwood) where the car 
    crusher is. This should be plenty of time. Be careful not to flip the 
    Trashmaster on the bridge, and stay away from the cops, and you should be able
    to drop off the dumpsters with little difficulty.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: Cash and respawning PCJ-600 and V8 Ghost at your Safehouse.
    1.	Those familiar with the Import/Export Garage of GTA III and the
    Sunshine Autos asset property in Vice City should feel right at home with the
    Love Media Garage. You must find a variety of vehicles (16 in total) and
    deliver them to the Love Media Garage. This garage is located just a bit north
    of the Love Media building itself, which can be found at nearly the southern
    tip of the island if you head straight down the road from Belleville Park. The
    garage is down an incline on the left side of this road.
    2.	You must collect the information icon in front of the garage to
    activate the mode. You should also see a list on the wall to the right of the
    garage which tells you which cars they are looking for. From this point on,
    whenever you take control of one of these vehicles, a message will notify you
    that the Love Media garage wants it. Take the vehicle to the garage, and it
    will open. Once you exit the garage, you will receive a specified cash award
    and the vehicle will be crossed off the list.
    3.	Some of these vehicles will spawn in predetermined locations
    throughout Liberty City. Others you will just have to do some legwork to find.
    Here is a list of the cars that have predetermined locations.
    HEARSE:	One of these is parked against the back wall of the hospital in
    Rockford, on the north side.
    HELLENBACH GT: You can find this one in the showroom of Capital Autos in 
    Harwood. It spawns there as soon as you complete the Car Salesman mission.
    THUNDER RODD: This one can be found in the parking lot near the Callahan
    Bridge in Portland. It looks like a 50's-style muscle car.
    BF INJECTION: You will find one of these parked in a rock enclave near the
    beach in St. Mark's, not far from the Supermarket.
    PCJ-600: You can find one of these parked at Salvatore's Mansion in St. Mark's.
    4.	The other vehicles must simply be found someplace on the streets. Some
    of them, particularly the sports cars, spawn more frequently in Shoreside Vale,
    but all of them can be found in Portland or Staunton Island if you are patient
    enough to look for them.
    5.	Here is a list of the more common vehicles that you should be able to
    find with little difficulty.
    BANSHEE: These are especially common in Staunton Island.
    FREEWAY: This is probably the most common motorcycle in the game.
    FAGGIO: These can be found anywhere in Liberty City. They spawn more frequently
    if you are on a motorcycle.
    PATRIOT: You should see Patriots all over the place if you are driving a BF
    MANANA: This is a small, boxy car that can be found all over Liberty City, but
    are most common in Staunton Island. They can be found with the roof on or off.
    LANDSTALKER: This is a very common jeep-like vehicle that can be found almost
    6.	The following are sports cars that tend to be more rare than the
    Banshee. I wouldn't recommend trying to find these in Portland, and they will
    most frequently appear if you are driving another sports car. A Banshee is a
    common one you can find pretty easily.
    V8 GHOST: This car is fairly common if you're driving a Banshee. You'll know
    you see one if you see the grille pattern on the front end.
    SENTINEL: Most commonly found in Staunton Island. Look very similar to the
    Leone Sentinel but are found in different colors. Look for the ribbed back end.
    PHOBOS VT: This one's a bit rare. It usually has a distinguishable elaborate
    pattern on the sides.
    DEIMOS SP: Probably the toughest to find. Just keep driving around Staunton
    Island looking for a new type of sports car. It seems to spawn most frequently
    if you're driving a Phobos VT.
    INFERNUS: Moderately rare. It looks very much like a Corvette, and you can
    identify it easily by the prominent windbreaker on the back end.
    7.	This isn't really a tough side mission, but it might take you a while
    to find some of these cars. If you are patient, you'll eventually get them all.
    Once you have, you will be informed that a surprise has been left at your
    Newport apartment. From this point on, a PCJ-600 and a V8 Ghost will spawn 
    regularly in the garage adjacent to your weapons pick-ups. This can be very
    convenient, as you no longer will need to store a PCJ-600 in your garage.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: $1500 and you will not lose money when Busted.
    1.	Another island, another Avenging Angel mission. This one is identical
    to the corresponding mission in Portland. You need to take out various gangs
    of criminals under a time limit, and finish Level 15 to complete the mission.
    The only difference is that the locations are scattered around Staunton Island
    this time. You'll want to make sure you have plenty of SMG ammo (which you can
    now get from the pickup at your hideout) and change into the Avenging Angel
    fatigues outfit before getting started.
    2.	You'll need a PCJ-600 (or your bulletproof Avenger that you received
    for completing this mission in Portland.) Head over to Belleville Park, near
    the van you entered for the Ragin' RC mission. Drive around this area for a 
    bit and you should see a guy in Avenging Angel fatigues. Press the button when
    prompted to activate the missions.
    3.	The same strategies for completing this mission in Portland apply here.
    If you don't remember, just read it again above. Basically, the most common 
    way of failing this mission is getting busted by the cops, especially when
    you're on a bike. To avoid this, make sure you build up some time and let one
    star levels disappear before taking on the next group, and head to the Pay 'n
    Spray whenever you get 2 stars. Don't push your luck and you should be fine.
    4.	When Level 15 is finished, you'll have completed the mission and will
    be notified that you will no longer lose money when the cops arrest you. This
    is, of course, a fairly worthless reward considering you still lose your
    weapons and you're loaded with cash by now, but we're in it for the 100%,
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: $250 per jump
    * We will now complete the unique jump stunts in Staunton Island. The tips and
    strategies laid out for the Portland unique jumps also apply here, so if you
    need a refresher, refer to that section above.
    * In general, use a PCJ-600 for these stunts unless specifically instructed
    otherwise. Grab the one that now respawns at your hideout. Just like before,
    there is no particular order to these jumps, but make sure you complete the one
    I describe before continuing to the next one.
    1.	Check your map for the location in Fort Staunton where the road ends at
    a sharp hairpin angle. Place the map marker just to the right of the end of
    this juncture. When you approach the marker, you should notice a grass ramp
    along the right side of this road. You'll need to get a long approach, leaning
    forward on the bike, and when you've gained a bunch of speed, veer off the
    street and hit the ramp straight while holding back on the stick. If you have
    enough speed and hit the ramp correctly, you'll fly over the water to complete
    the jump.
    2.	This one is rather finicky. Head up to the stadium in Aspatria. On the
    northwest corner of the stadium, across the street, you should see a dirt path
    with a ramp at the end of it facing the waterfront. You need to hit this ramp
    angling slightly to the left at a high enough speed to carry you toward the
    path below. What complicates this one is that there isn't enough room to get a
    good approach, so you'll need to start from the road, pick up speed, and then
    drop onto the dirt path and punch it. This will take a while to get the hang 
    of, as there are many trees and undulations that can throw you off. You need to
    land on the side of the grass down near the stone path at the water's edge. If
    you hit the grass too high up, you will fail the jump. Persistence will pay off
    eventually, but this one can be quite a pain.
    3.	Head over to the bridge that the protesters have shut down, the one
    that leads to Shoreside Vale. This bridge is at the western edge of the island.
    Head south down the street that leads up to the loop. You should notice a dirt
    ramp with wooden planks angled toward the water on the right side of the road.
    You don't need to get as much of an approach for this one, but you will need 
    some speed. You need to launch off the ramp and land on the road below. To do
    this, you will want to angle slightly to the right as you leave the ramp, 
    because otherwise you might fly straight into the water.
    4.	If you continue south along the lower road you landed on from the 
    previous jump, you should spot another grass ramp just to the right of the
    sidewalk in Bedford Point. If you check your map, you should see the pier 
    jutting out at the southwest corner of Staunton Island. You need to launch off
    the ramp and land on the concrete area to the right of the incline. You will
    need maximum speed to pull this off, and BEFORE you hit the ramp, you'll need
    to pull up on the stick because you will lose a ton of speed if you don't.
    This one will take a few tries. Make sure you pull up in the instant before
    you hit the ramp or you won't make it.
    5.	Head around toward the Casino in Torrington. On the map in the south-
    east corner you should see the place where two curved roads have a gap between
    them. The ramp you're looking for is just south of the western curve, in the
    grass. It's a very steep ramp facing directly toward the casino. You need to
    launch yourself into the Casino parking lot to receive credit for the stunt.
    Fortunately, there are few obstacles impeding your approach, so you can get to
    full speed pretty easily for this one. However, you MUST hold up before you
    hit the ramp, just like you did for the last one, or you will lose too much
    speed on the bike. If you pull this off properly, you'll clear into the lot and
    get credit. Sometimes you might make it into the lot, but you won't receive
    credit unless you make it a certain distance into it, so make sure you're going
    as fast as possible.
    6.	Go back down to the docks area where you completed the Go Go Faggio
    side mission. Head through all the containers, going southward, and at the
    far southern end of this area, you should see yet another grass ramp. Get a
    long approach (despite all of the containers in this area, you should have a
    pretty clear shot) and hit this ramp angling slightly to the right. You will
    also want to pull up on this stick for this one. You need to clear the large
    billboards on the side of the road and land in the street to complete this
    jump. It may take a few tries, but it's not nearly as tough as some of the
    previous ones.
    *	You have now completed all of the Unique Jumps in Staunton Island. You
    should have completed 19 out of 26 at this point.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 (on average)
    REWARD: $1000 per challenge
    * Staunton Island has its own array of Rampage challenges. The same general
    strategies as you used for these challenges in Portland also apply here, so
    refer above if you need a refresher.
    Preparation: Full health and body armor
    Location: At the western entrance of the hospital, behind the sign, directly
    across from the stadium.
    1.	Once you've grabbed the token, head over toward the stadium. You
    should see congregations of Forellis on the sidewalks, often in packs of up to
    seven or eight. You need to kill 30 Forellis inside of two minutes.
    2.	Run around the grassy areas near the stadium to get a safe distance
    before firing. You don't want to get surrounded. Most of them are only armed
    with pistols, but at close range they can cut you up pretty badly if there are
    more than a couple of them.
    3.	Keep running around the stadium and you shouldn't have any problems
    finding enough victims. Tap L2 and R2 to cycle targets, which is very effective
    here because it doesn't take long for the M4 to drop these guys.
    Preparation: None required
    Location: In front of the door to the building along the red brick path in
    Belleville Park. Above this path is a bizarre looking canopy.
    1.	You must destroy ten vehicles in two minutes with grenades in this
    Rampage. This might be difficult were it not for the token's proximity to the
    multi-story parking garage in Newport. After you grab the token, drive to the
    garage and run up to the car, throwing grenades as you go. Just keep working
    your way upwards and you should have no trouble blowing up ten cars within the
    time limit.
    2.	When you've finished the rampage, you can just jump off the roof of the
    garage and run to your safehouse, which is nearby, to restock armor and health.
    Preparation: Full health and body armor
    Location: At the base of the tree on the island in the water fountain at
    Belleville Park.
    1.	You must kill 30 pedestrians in two minutes with the Shotgun to finish
    this Rampage. As soon as you grab the token, hop down into the water and run
    to the nearest pedestrians. Start blasting them at close range, cycling
    targets as they run away. Keep in mind that sometimes a shotgun blast will only
    knock a victim down. It may take another shot for the coup de grace.
    2.	The cops will certainly become a factor in this mission, but just try
    to avoid them as best as possible. Infinite sprint will be valuable here, so
    just run around the park as fast as possible. You don't need to fear the
    pedestrians, as none of them will be armed, so go up to close range and just
    blast away. If you're close, it should kill them in one salvo.
    3.	You shouldn't have any difficulty finding targets, as the park is 
    always bustling with people. The cops are the only wildcard here, so try to
    minimize their displeasure as long as possible. Remember, once you've completed
    a Rampage, your wanted level will disappear.
    Preparation: Full health and body armor
    Location: At the apex of the courthouse stairs. The building is directly south
    of Belleville Park.
    1.	You must kill 25 pedestrians in two minutes with a Chainsaw. This would
    be more difficult if it weren't for the fact that you can lock onto targets
    with melee weapons. First off all, look for large groups that you might be able
    to take out a few in one shot, but odds are they will run away from you.
    2.	Just keep running around the courthouse block, locking on and killing
    civilians as you go. There should be plenty of pedestrians around, so it's
    just a matter of keeping moving and killing efficiently within the time frame
    allowed. Infinite sprint will prove invaluable here. You can't run very fast
    with the Chainsaw, but you can catch up to most civilians without too much
    trouble unless they have a huge head start. If they do, just double back and
    you should have more new targets.
    Preparation: None required
    Location: Behind the flower bed in the underground car park down the stairs,
    across from Phil Cassidy's gun shop.
    1.	This one is an absolute cinch since you've completed the Firetruck
    missions. You must kill 25 Yakuza with a flamethrower, and since you're now
    fireproof, you don't have to worry about catching fire yourself.
    2.	After grabbing the token, head up the stairs and you should see groups
    of Yakuza milling around on the sidewalk. Just walk up near them and fire.
    They should all catch fire and will die eventually. Just keep running around
    this area and new targets should appear. Since you can take out four or five
    of them with one blast, this one should be over quickly.
    Preparation: Full health and body armor
    Location: In an alley across the street from the unique jump in the southwest
    corner of Staunton Island. There is a large graffiti mark on the wall of one
    of the buildings forming this alley.
    1.	This is one very similar to the pedestrian rampage in Belleville Park,
    only you will have the automatic shotgun, which makes the killing easier. You
    must eliminate 30 Yakuza members with the Automatic Shotgun in two minutes.
    2.	Much like the Forelli Rampage you did earlier, it is important not to
    allow yourself to get surrounded. The Yakuza will rarely be armed with 
    anything stronger than a pistol, but if they surround you, you will be hurting
    badly. Keep your distance as much as possible and keep moving.
    3.	There should be plenty of targets. Get in, blast away, then quickly
    put some distance between you and any stragglers. As long as you don't try to
    stay stationary and blast away, you shouldn't have any trouble beating this
    Preparation: Bring a fast car
    Location: In a flower bed on the southwest corner of the most southern block in
    Staunton Island, by the pay phone used for a street race. The building here is
    the Love Media building.
    1.	You must run over 40 pedestrians in two minutes to complete this
    Rampage. If you didn't already bring one, grab a car, preferably something 
    relatively fast. A police car would be ideal, but pretty much anything will
    2.	Just drive up and down the sidewalks of this area, plastering as many
    pedestrians as you can find. Just keep going along the sidewalk until it seems
    like there are no more, and then turn around and head back the same way you
    were coming.
    3.	Once you have two wanted stars, it would be wise to stay on the
    sidewalk on the other side of the street from the waterfront, as it's possible
    for cops to knock you off the edge. Better safe than sorry, but if you play it
    safe, 40 pedestrians can be pancaked in half the time allowed.
    * You have now completed all of the Rampages in Staunton Island.
    STATUS CHECK: Congrats! You've now completed all of the side missions available
    in Staunton Island when you first arrive. The bonuses you've accrued will prove
    valuable in the upcoming storyline missions. Let's stop here to make sure we're
    all on the same page as far as stats are concerned.
    Make sure you have all of the following reflected in your stats:
    * 61% of the game completed
    * 13 out of 20 Rampages passed
    * 69 out of 100 Hidden Packages found
    * 19 out of 26 Unique Jumps completed
    * 100+ passengers dropped off in Taxi
    * Highest Paramedic level 12
    * Highest Firefighter level 12
    * 26+ Cars sold
    * 40 Bikes sold
    * 16 out of 16 Cars found for Love Media (PCJ-600 and V8 Ghost at Safehouse)
    * Highest Slash TV level 5 (Cox Mascot suit unlocked)
    * $5000 made collecting Trash
    * Highest 'Avenging Angel' level 16 for Portland and Staunton Island
    * At least one second left on 'Wong Side of the Track'
    * Ragin' RC best position 1 (up to Level 3)
    * Best position 1 for Low Rider Rumble, Deimos Dash, Red Light Racing, and
      Torrington TT
    * Times for all ten courses of Bump & Grinds
    * Best time for Go Go Faggio under 1:50
    * 55+ pizzas delivered
    * 55+ noodles delivered
    * Scrapyard Challenge score of 21+
    * 9MM Mayhem score of 11+
    * Scooter Shooter score of 10+
    * Most kills in RC Triad Take-Down 21+
    * Avenging Angel's fatigues, Overalls, Chauffeur's clothes, Cox Mascot suit,
      Underwear, and Goodfella outfits unlocked
    If you do not satisfy all of the above, or do not have 61% game completion, go
    back and make sure you've finished every side mission mentioned above before
    you continue. There is a hidden package and a side mission that we cannot
    complete yet, but we will take care of them as soon as they are available to
    NOTE: We'll now return to the story missions. Head to the pay phone near the 
    Courthouse to talk to Salvatore, who's been waiting a while...
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: $1500 and the Sweats outfit unlocked at your Safehouses
    1.	Salvatore is becoming increasingly agitated with the prospect of the
    mayor railroading him, so you graciously agree to take him out of the picture.
    Mayor Roger C. Hole is taking his daily jog in Belleville Park, and it is here
    that you must bring him to his untimely end. You must also grab his cell phone
    so you can discover with whom he's been commisserating, which makes a stealth
    kill pretty much out of the question.
    2.	There are numerous ways you can complete this mission, but none of them
    are particularly easy. When you arrive at the park, be aware that the swarms of
    armed guards will open fire on you if you are brandishing a weapon. If you plan
    to take out the mayor while he's on foot, you'll need to have your fists as 
    your active weapon as you enter. Note that you cannot drive a vehicle of any
    sort into the park without alerting the guards, either.
    3.	Probably the best way to go about this mission is to first make sure
    that you have full health and armor, because you are probably going to take a
    beating in this mission. I would recommend taking the V8 Ghost from your
    hideout and parking it near one of the exits to the park. When you get out of
    the car, place your map marker where the car is so that you can quickly
    return to it once the deed is done.
    4.	Enter the park unarmed and approach the mayor, who's indicated by a red
    blip on the map. He will be escorted by three heavily armed guards as he runs
    around the park. Go up close to him and quickly select your M4. Don't worry
    about the mayor right away; you'll want to take out these three guards because
    they'll cut you to ribbons in no time if you let them pass. Kill the guards as
    quickly as possible before hunting down the mayor. Once he's dead, grab the
    cell phone that he dropped and sprint over toward your map marker to your
    waiting vehicle. Get in and make a beeline out of there.
    5.	You will be absolutely swarmed by guards (and probably cops), but just
    do your best to make your way back toward your hideout. When you've returned
    to the yellow marker, you've completed the mission.
    DIFFICULTY: 1/10
    REWARD: $2000 and the Antonio outfit is unlocked at your Safehouses.
    1.	This mission is not really a mission at all; rather, it's more of a 
    cutscene in which you finally receive your just rewards for your toil in the
    name of the Leone family. To start the mission, just walk into the marker in
    your hideout.
    2.	Your colleague will arrive at your apartment and instruct you to drive
    the car. This is the extent of your work in this mission. Just follow the blip
    to the meeting place in Bedford Point. Drive into the marker and a cutscene
    will ensue, showing you head down toward the building, but unfortunately you
    don't see the actual ceremony. You'll be dropped off near your hideout, and
    the "mission" is complete. 
    NOTE: Shortly after the mission, Sal will call and inform you that the Forellis
    were controlling Mayor Hole, but with him out of the way, the Leones need their
    own friendly man in power. Apparently a local businessman plans to seek the
    Mayor's office, and you will be assisting his campaign in any way possible.
    NOTE: You can now accept missions from Donald Love, marked by a 'D' on the map.
    NOTE: Ma will call you at this point, to let you know that now that you've
    been made, she's calling off the hit on you. After this call, the Antonio
    outfit can be selected at your safehouses.
    We'll now begin Donald Love's mission thread. Head down to the Love Media
    building on the southern edge of the island and walk into the marker near the
    front door.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: $1000
    1.	You'll be greeted by Donald Love, the idiosyncratic local businessman
    that Salvatore is planning to get elected to the Mayor's office. Your first
    errand for him is, however, not very political in nature. Love is well-known
    for his taste for rotting flesh, and you must procure him "materials" for his
    first morgue party of the year.
    2.	You must steal the hearse that is carrying the corpse that Love
    requests. It's driving around the northern part of town when the mission
    begins. If you act quickly, you can head it off as it turns onto the street
    near your Safehouse in Newport, which is the ideal location to steal the car.
    3.	Fire a few shots at the hearse with your SMG and the driver should flee
    immediately, offering no resistance. Unfortunately, as soon as you commandeer
    the vehicle, you will be rewarded with a 3-star wanted level. If you were able
    to steal the car in Newport, you shouldn't be far at all from the Pay 'n Spray
    behind the parking garage. Head there quickly and carefully to eliminate your
    wanted level.
    4.	Once the stars stop blinking, you can make your way back to the Love
    Media building without incident. Park the car in the garage on the southern
    end of the building, down the ramp, and you will have completed this relatively
    simple task.
    NOTE: Once you've completed this mission, you will now be able to accept
    missions from the Church Confessional. Salvatore will also phone you and tell
    you to meet him on the jetty to help him find out why the mayor was going after
    him, and you still have work to do for Donald Love. Let's pay a visit to the
    confessional and see what the story is there.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $1500
    1.	You go to the confessional, but instead of reciting prayers, the
    priest behind the shield wants you to do a little of "God's work" for him. The
    FBI is investigating steroid use among professional athletes (quite a novel
    idea in 1998, no?) and there is an informant who plans to ruin the careers of
    these athletes. (*ahem* Sammy Sosa *cough* Mark McGwire *clears throat*)
    2.	You must steal an FBI car and arrive at the meeting place in a little
    under three minutes. You need to get to the elevated two-lane highway in
    Newport, which is where a crime scene is currently located. The crime scene
    is on the southbound lane of the highway. The car you need to steal is marked
    with a blue arrow. As soon as you enter the crime scene, the agents and cops
    will fire on you, but if you work quickly, you can get in the car and then
    smash through the blockade of cop cars to make your way south and toward the
    meeting site.
    3.	Drive to the yellow marker, which is in an alleyway near the start of
    the bridge. When you enter the marker, the informant will enter the car, and
    then get antsy when he discovers that you're not his usual driver. He bolts
    the car, and two FBI agents get out of the car behind you. You need to kill the
    informant and grab the report he's carrying, so just smash through the FBI
    cars and run over the informant. Get out of the car and quickly grab the
    report, and get back to your car.
    4.	You'll have a 2-star wanted level by now (more if you killed a bunch of
    cops in the process), which shouldn't be too big of a deal. Make your way down
    to the Liberty Tree building (located in Bedford Point in the southwest corner
    of the island) to drop off the report. You need to access this back area
    through an alley on the north side of the street. Once you've driven into the
    marker in front of the garage, the mission is complete.
    NOTE: The Liberty News Network will break in after this mission to announce the
    leaking of this doping scandal by award winning reporter, Ned Burns...hmmm....
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: $1500
    1.	Father Ned informs you that he heard a confession from a diamond fence.
    You must procure these diamonds and return them to Father Ned, so that he can
    return them to their "rightful owners."
    2. 	The diamond fence and the gang members guarding him are located near
    the Ferry Station at the extreme north of the island. You must get to this
    location. As you approach the dirt road leading to this area, stop the car and
    continue on foot.
    3.	There are swarms of gang members in the area, and there's also a
    helicopter here that you must dispense with. By this point in the game, you
    should have plenty of ammo for your M4, so stay at a distance and creep forward
    slowly, locking onto distant targets whenever you can. If you stay far away,
    the damage you take should be minimal. Waste as many of the gang members as
    4.	When the helicopter arrives, you could take it out with the rocket
    launcher that's on the ground near the enemies, but it's probably safer just to
    stay at a distance and fire a couple clips of sustained M4 fire at it. You can
    take down the helicopter with the M4 before it gets anywhere near you.
    5.	There will probably be a few enemies blocked off by various obstacles,
    so you'll need to venture into the lot to take them out. They will be heavily
    armed, so use caution and kill them quickly with the M4. When all of the 
    enemies have been eliminated, you will be instructed to take the briefcase of
    diamonds, which is sitting right next to the limousine. As soon as you have the
    briefcase, you will get a 3-star wanted level.
    6.	There should be a Sentinel parked in this lot. Grab it or any other
    car (preferably NOT the Stretch limousine) and make your way southward. Stop
    at the Pay 'n Spray, avoiding the cops as best you can, and let the stars
    disappear before continuing back to the Liberty Tree lockup to complete the
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: $1500
    1.	Father Ned is fed up with the sinners in Liberty City, polluting the
    environment with greenhouse gases. You are to teach them the lesson they so
    richly deserve.
    2.	You must get to the fire station in Belleville Park, near the Hogs and
    Cogs bike shop at which you completed the Bike Salesman missions. It's marked
    as blue on your radar, so head down there and steal the marked fire truck.
    3.	This is an entertaining romp with a firetruck, allowing you to create
    all kinds of mayhem. You must fill up the chaos meter inside of three minutes.
    Your objective is to crash into vehicles, run over pedestrians, and cause 
    massive traffic accidents.
    4.	You will get bonuses to the meter for causing 180 degree spinouts,
    three/four/five smashes in a row, dismounting bike riders from their vehicles,
    and squashing pedestrians. Just drive along the outer road of the island,
    where there should be plenty of traffic. As tempting as it may seem to crash
    headlong into vehicles on the wrong side of the road, it is actually not very
    conducive to your goal. Spinouts are easier to create by ramming cars at a 
    slight angle on the back side, and it's easier to ram motorcycles from behind
    then trying to hit them from the opposite direction.
    5.	If you stay on the outer road of the island and stay on your side of
    the road, smashing pedestrians when you get the chance, you shouldn't have any
    trouble filling the meter before the time limit expires. However, there is the
    possibility of flipping your firetruck. Certain kinds of collisions can wreak
    havoc with the game's physics engine, causing your engine to wind up on its
    back or side. One of the more common ways this can happen is by running over a
    downed motorcycle on the road. After you ram a motorcyclist, try to subtly
    steer away from the bike itself to avoid this rare, but possible, anomaly.
    6. 	Once you've filled up the meter, you must destroy the firetruck to get
    rid of any evidence. Just get out of the truck, ignore the cops that are 
    probably on your tail, and fire the M4 or another similar weapon at the truck
    for a bit to set it ablaze. When it explodes, you've completed the mission
    (and your wanted level subsides.)
    NOTE: Now that you've played this mission, you can play the final side mission
    in Staunton Island, which just so happens to be identical to the one you just
    played. We'll take care of it now.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: $800
    1.	Head back to the Belleville Park fire station next to the motorcycle
    shop. There may be two fire trucks here, but there should always be at least
    one. If there are two, enter the northernmost truck to begin the Karmageddon
    mission again.
    2.	The conduct of this mission is identical to the previous one; you need
    to fill up the meter within three minutes. The only difference with this side
    mission is that you do not need to destroy the firetruck when you've filled up
    the meter. You will simply complete the mission and receive $800 as a reward.
    3.	You only need to do this side mission once to get credit toward 100%
    We will now return to the employ of Father Ned.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: $1500
    1.	Father Ned laments the propensity of the people to worship celebrities,
    but in reality he's just miffed that the actors of an upcoming film decided to
    give a radio interview instead of an exclusive to the Liberty Tree. You must
    assassinate these celebrities before they can give this interview.
    2.	Once you regain control, you will be instructed to go to Phil Cassidy's
    Gun Shop (marked by an American flag) to acquire a Rocket Launcher. This will
    be especially valuable against the Bulletproof Patriot that one of the actors
    will be using. Father Ned has graciously paid for your Rocket Launcher in 
    advance, but you will only get 8 rounds and can't buy more yet, so don't get
    careless with the ammo.
    3.	Once you have possession of a rocket launcher, the three red dots will
    appear on your map indicating the location of the three celebrities you must
    eliminate. One of them will be approaching from the west side, another will
    have just arrived at the Docks near Newport, and another is already on
    Staunton Island, and is heading southward toward the radio station.
    4.	You'll want to take the guy in the limo first. You can simply do a 
    driveby until the limo explodes. The other two will be more tricky, because
    one is in a helicopter and the other is in a Bulletproof Patriot. These are
    both prime pickings for your Rocket Launcher.
    5.	Go after the Patriot first. You'll want to let him drive past you, so
    you can get a sense for where he's headed, then strike out ahead quite a ways,
    so you have time to dismount your vehicle, arm your Rocket Launcher, and then
    fire as he approaches. Don't fire unless he's a distance away, because the
    splash damage can kill you.
    6.	Once the Patriot is taken out, you need only get the helicopter. This
    is probably the trickiest of the three, because the helicopter can move very
    quickly out of your range. Hop in a fast car or your PCJ-600 and chase it down.
    When you think you've got a shot, hop off and aim carefully at the chopper.
    Even if it's moving away from you, you might still be able to hit it from a
    distance. When you hit it, the chopper will begin spinning wildly before
    exploding or crashing.
    7.	When all three celebrities are taken out, you must return to the Church
    to let "Father" Ned know. He thanks you for increasing his paper's circulation,
    much to your apparent surprise, and bolts out the door. (Toni is quite the
    dimwit, isn't he?)
    NOTE: After this mission, you are now able to purchase weapons from Phil
    Cassidy's Gun Shop. At the moment, you can purchase a Rocket Launcher, Shotgun,
    M4, and a Flame Thrower. If you wish, buy a Flame Thrower, but you should have
    a few rounds of Rocket Launcher ammo remaining.
    Father Ned's mission strand is now complete. Let's return to Donald Love and
    get on the campaign trail.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: Variable depending on how many zones you control
    1.	Donald Love informs you that the race is coming down to the wire, and
    every vote counts. You need to engage in some good old-fashioned retail
    politics, by driving around town with a bullhorn and bring some last second
    votes over to Love.
    2.	Get in the van waiting for you and head up to the northern part of
    the island. Do NOT drive into any markers yet. Head all the way up to Liberty
    Campus and drive into the marker. This is how you collect voting zones. When
    you've collected two zones, O'Donovan will send his two vans out to attempt to
    take back the areas that you've influenced.
    3.	O'Donovan's vans spawn at the southern end of the map, so it's to your
    advantage not to take any of the southern zones at the outset, because they'll
    be converted to O'Donovan in no time. From Liberty Campus, take the zone near
    the stadium, and then O'Donovan's vans will spawn. You have a limited time in
    which to convert five zones to your side.
    4.	Since you started with the northernmost zones, it will take a while
    before O'Donovan's vans can get up there to convert them, so use this to your
    advantage. It's entirely possible to collect three more zones before O'Donovan
    can convert a single one of yours, in which event this mission becomes rather
    5.	Head over toward Fort Staunton to collect the third zone, and then
    check the map to find the nearest zones from there. Time is of the essence
    here, because if O'Donovan starts converting your zones, it will become much
    more difficult to control five of them because of the additional manpower they
    have. There should be two zones in pretty close proximity near Newport. If you
    can grab them quickly, you'll have the requisite five and this segment of the
    mission will be finished.
    6.	Now that you've controlled enough zones, you need to take out the
    opposition vans. They are indicated by red blips on your radar/map. Find them
    and do drive-bys on them to blow them up. Be careful here, as the vans do not
    require many rounds to set ablaze, and if you are too close, you will catch
    fire as well. If your van is destroyed before taking both of O'Donovan's out,
    you will fail the mission.
    7.	Once both enemy vans are destroyed, the mission is complete. If you
    managed to convert any more zones while chasing down O'Donovan's men, you will
    receive extra compensation, so your final reward can vary. It shouldn't make
    the slightest difference at this point, though, because you should be stinking
    rich by now.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $1500
    1.	Donald Love wants to have some of O'Donovan's supporters' faith in
    democracy shaken a bit, which you understand very well to mean that you need to
    inflict some pain on them. There are three rallies for O'Donovan occurring at
    the moment, and you have a limited time window to annihilate the patrons before
    they retire for the evening.
    2.	The first group of campaigners is on the roof of the AM Building just
    north of your starting location. You'll need to climb several flights of
    stairs to get up there. When you do, blast everyone in sight with your M4.
    Because it's such close quarters, you'll likely take quite a beating, but
    fortunately there's a body armor icon near the corner of the roof. Time is of
    the essence here, so unless you're low on health for some reason, just jump
    off the roof to the street below. You'll lose a lot of health, but it won't
    kill you, and you should have full armor now.
    3.	Get your vehicle back and head north toward Newport. The next rally is
    being held in an alleyway directly across from the multi-story parking garage.
    Drive through this area, shooting and running over victims as fast as possible.
    You'll probably have two stars by now, so be careful if you're on a motorcycle.
    4.	The final rally location is being held in Liberty Campus. The workers 
    are behind the railings of a building there, so you'll have to go up the steps
    and face the barrage. You can't shoot through the railings, so try and stay
    back and lure the armed guards out into the sights of your M4. Once they're
    wiped out, head in there and massacre the remaining workers and the mission is
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $1500
    1.	Apparently, the Forellis own the companies that are making the voting
    machines for the upcoming election. They will likely rig the machines to allow
    O'Donovan an easy victory if you don't disrupt the operation of these machines.
    2.	Donald Love has arranged for you to get a Flamethrower from Phil
    Cassidy's Gun Shop. Go there and pick it up. You can buy more ammunition for
    $5500. I would recommend that you do; you can definitely afford it at this
    3.	Once you've got your Flamethrower and some additional ammo for it, head
    to Fort Staunton to locate the Forelli's warehouse where the voting machines
    are located. As you approach the location, the garage will open and you will
    have to enter the building. Take out the two guards at the entrance from a 
    distance with your M4 before loading up your Flamethrower and heading in.
    4.	In the warehouse, you need to destroy all of the boxes of ballot papers
    as well as the printing machines themselves. Since you are fireproof, you can
    fire the Flamethrower with impunity. There will be a few guards in the
    warehouse, but you can set them ablaze quickly. When reinforcements arrive,
    just keep torching and only go after the guards if you're getting damaged
    5.	When all of the apparatus has been torched, some Forellis will get into
    vans. Finish off the remaining guards and hop back on your PCJ-600 and give
    chase. Just do drive-bys with your SMG on both of these vans; they shouldn't
    be too tough to keep up with. When they're both destroyed, the mission is
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $2000
    1.	Donald Love is going to a meeting, but he knows the Forellis will be
    gunning for him. You must escort him and make sure no harm comes to him. You
    will hop in the limo, and a cutscene will play. The Forellis have set up an
    ambush near the parking lot in Newport, and begin firing on the limo. The
    driver is killed in the ambush, and Love tells you that there's a rifle in the
    2.	When you regain control, you should have the sniper rifle in your
    possession. You can either use it to take out the Forellis scattered around 
    the area, or you can switch to your M4 and do the same. If you use the M4, you
    will need to move forward on the street a bit to knock off the guys up on the
    3.	When the area is clear of Forellis, you need to get in the limo and 
    quickly turn it around. A Forelli car will be coming after you, so quickly
    head back toward the main road leading to Donald Love's building. If you act
    fast, you should be able to get yourself moving before the Forelli car can get
    close to you. If they do, a gunner will fire on your limo, and if it's already
    taken significant damage in the firefight, it may not be able to take too much
    4.	As you approach Love's building, make sure you're driving against
    traffic. This will make it much harder for the Forelli car to stay on your
    tail, since they will almost always crash into traffic. If you can nimbly
    maneuver the limo against traffic without crashing, you'll have no trouble
    getting to the marker in front of the building to successfully complete the
    mission. Obviously, if the limo is destroyed, however, you will fail.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: $2500
    1.	Love informs you that the exit polling shows that the race is still
    too close to call, and that you need to steal some of the ballots to change
    them over to Love's box. To do this, you'll need to follow the ballot van as
    it makes its rounds, and steal ballots from the various couriers who are making
    the ballot drops.
    2.	Get any vehicle at the start of the mission and head to the blue dot on
    the map indicating the location of the ballot van. When you approach, just 
    start following it around as it goes to its various destinations. You don't 
    need to keep a distance...it will go about its business no matter what you do.
    Don't fire on the van.
    3.	At four places, the van will make a stop, and a courier will get into
    the van to collect the ballots. Park your vehicle nearby, and when the courier
    enters the van. Get out and walk over to the van. When the courier gets out,
    kill him with your M4. You need to do it quickly, because if he manages to get
    in a vehicle, you will have to chase him down, and you don't have time for
    4.	When a courier is dead, quickly grab the ballots he left behind and
    resume following the van. It will make four stops total. Follow the same 
    procedure. Get nearby, get out near the van when the courier enters, and kill
    him quickly when he emerges. You only need to get three of the ballot 
    collections, meaning if you botch one of them you'll still have an opportunity
    to collect the rest. If you miss two or the van is destroyed, you'll fail the
    5.	When you've collected three of the ballot pickups, the mission is
    complete and you are rewarded with a $2500 payoff from Love.
    NOTE: This concludes the Donald Love mission strand for the time being. Let's
    return to working for Salvatore, the only remaining employer on the map. His
    icon is located at the pier at the northern end of the island. Take a bike and
    head up there, and walk into the marker on the pier to begin the mission.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: $2000
    1.	Salvatore has commandeered a speedboat at the pier, and he's planning
    to pay former Mayor Hole's assistant, who's presumably at sea as well, a little
    visit. You'll see a cutscene in which you convince the assistant to join you,
    and then you'll be at the helm of the boat's gun.
    2.	Use the targeting reticle to fire on the Secret Service agents and 
    boats as Salvatore pilots the ship. The gun is an M4 with unlimited ammo, but
    keep in mind that you will need to re-load after each clip, so don't waste
    ammo if you don't have a reasonable possibility of hitting something.
    3.	On several of the jetties, there will be red containers that you can
    fire on to clear out several enemies at once. These can be tough to hit, but
    if you can, it will pay off handsomely.
    4.	Salvatore will give you verbal instructions as to where the enemies are
    coming from, but you should keep glancing at your radar to get a sense of this
    yourself. Keep an eye on the boat's damage meter; if it maxes out, you will all
    be killed and the mission is a failure.
    5.	When you're being pursued by enemy boats, concentrate on shooting the
    boat, not the gunners on it. Sustained M4 fire will blow up the boat fairly
    quickly, and it's a much easier target to hit, so just try to blow the boats
    up, which will take the gunners with it.
    6.	After jumping the second jetty, you will need to quickly take out one
    final boat before a Secret Service helicopter swoops in. Do your best to fire
    accurately at the helicopter. You will probably have a lot of damage at this
    point, so you can't let the helicopter fire on you. If you can take it out
    before you're killed, the mission will essentially be complete.
    7.	When you're out of harm's way, Salvatore extracts the information he
    needs from the mayor's assistant. Franco Forelli was influencing Mayor Hole
    against Salvatore because the Sicilian mob wants to incite full-scale Mafia war
    in the city so they can come back and pick up the leftovers. After this
    cutscene, you will be left on the docks $2000 richer.
    NOTE: After this mission, you will have no immediate employment prospects, but
    Salvatore will call you while you're heading back up to land. He'll tell you
    that he has a job for you and to wait for a call at the public phone booth in
    Torrington, but also that he wants to to stop in Aspatria and meet with an 
    associate of his. This new employer, McAffrey, is marked by an 'R' on the map,
    and he's located on the coastline just southwest of the stadium. Go pay him a
    visit now.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $2000
    1.	McAffrey is a bent LCPD officer who is keeping the law off the back of
    the mob for payoffs and favors. He says that we're going to pay a little visit
    to the Sindaccos.
    2.	When you regain control, get in McAffrey's car and drive to the yellow
    dot on the map in Torrington, which is Sindacco territory. Drive into the
    marker and McAffrey will drop you off on the corner. You need to blast some
    Sindaccos to get their attention, so whip out your M4 and take them out. If
    you fire on the enemies from a distance as you work your way across the block
    and toward the opposite street, you should take little or no damage.
    3.	When you approach McAffrey's car after wasting the Sindaccos in the
    area, you will then take control of an M4 in another rail-shooting mission.
    This time, you will have to take out Sindaccos in cars and on bikes as you
    speed away. Remember that you still have to reload the weapon after every clip,
    even though you have unlimited ammo.
    4.	Try to shoot the riders off the bikes, because the bike will quickly
    explode if you do so. When you're under attack from cars, just fire on the
    vehicle itself until it explodes. If you aren't accurate with the gun, you
    will take heavy damage, but with a little practice you can get through this
    mission almost unscathed. It helps to take out the vehicles from a distance if
    possible, as they won't be able to hurt you until they get closer.
    5.	Eventually, you will approach the roadblock at the Shoreside Vale
    elevated bridge, and a helicopter will approach from behind. As soon as it's in
    range, empty clips of ammo at the helicopter. It will take awhile, but after 
    a few bursts of sustained fire, it will explode (or crash.) McAffrey will say
    something pithy about this getting too high-profile, and the mission will be
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $2000
    1.	McAffrey informs you that the Yardies are looking to encroach on
    Forelli turf, and that you should intervene. You are instructed to steal a
    Forelli bike without killing any of them. Head to the spot on the map. Stop at
    a distance from the large courthouse looking building and look.
    2.	At the steps of the building, there are several Forellis. One of them
    is dismounted from his vehicle. Sprint in and hop on one of the bikes and
    quickly turn around and head north toward Rockford. The kill zone that you are
    attempting to lure the Forellis to is near the northernmost point on the
    3.	The Forellis will be following you closely, so go as fast as you can
    without falling off your bike as you head north. If you can stay ahead of the
    Forellis and on your bike all the way to the spot on the map, then the rest of
    this mission is simple.
    4.	If you fall off your bike for any reason, the Forellis WILL catch up
    to you and start firing on you. Do NOT attempt to get back on your bike or one
    of their bikes, as you will only take excessive damage attempting this. If you
    fall off, just sprint away from them as fast as you can and find any other
    vehicle to use, preferably a car. You are NOT required to use a Forelli bike
    to lure them to the kill zone, and this can work to your tremendous advantage.
    5.	Once you've reached the kill zone, you will be in control and are
    instructed to waste the Forellis. Run back toward the wall to put yourself out
    of range and blast them with your M4. When they're all dead (an easy task at
    this point), the mission is complete.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: $2000 and the Dragon outfit unlocked at your Safehouses.
    1.	McAffrey is browbeating his new partner, Ray Machowski (sound
    familiar?) when you arrive and Ray pulls a gun on you. McAffrey taunts Ray and
    tells him that he and you are going to 'fight' organized crime.
    2.	Your mission is two kill 20 Forellis with a Katana blade inside of four
    minutes. As soon as you regain control, hop on the nearby Sanchez and head to
    Belleville Park. Enter the park and start hunting down Forellis. Remember, you
    MUST use the Katana for the kills to count. Forellis are signified by red
    arrows over their heads.
    3.	Just run around the park, locking onto the Forellis before you hit the
    attack button and slice them with the katana. Don't try to kill multiple
    Forellis at once; you have plenty of time to run down victims, lock on to them,
    and kill them.
    4.	Enemies will respawn, but either way it's still a good idea to start at
    one end of the park and work your way toward the other. Check your radar to
    determine what direction the closest enemies are. Work fast and you should have
    no problem killing 20 of them before time expires. You will get $2000 and a
    notification that the Dragon outfit is now available at your Safehouse.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $2000
    1.	McAffrey is telling you that the Yardies are getting some trouble from
    the Sindaccos, who are trying to wrest back their territory. There is a battle
    taking place for the territory as the mission begins, and you must help the
    Yardies win it.
    2.	Head to Newport and follow the radar to the blip, which is located in
    a network of narrow alleys in the area. When you arrive, approach the enemies
    from behind and quickly dispatch them. The Yardie chief will then tell you
    that one of his cohorts has been badly wounded, and needs to get to an
    3.	You need to clear a path through the alley to get the injured Yardie
    to the ambulance. Unfortunately, there are plenty of Sindaccos populating the
    alley to keep that from happening. Just keep an eye on your radar and move
    slowly forward through the alleyways toward the street. Lock on and blow the
    Sindaccos away with your M4 as you come into range.
    4.	Be careful: Sindaccos can appear from behind you in certain parts of
    the alley, so don't have tunnel vision. Be constantly aware of your radar so
    you can deal with these threats as they arrive. A Sindacco on a motorcycle will
    drive through the alley; target and shoot him off the bike as he passes, but
    don't let him run you over.
    5.	Once you've taken out all of the Sindaccos in the alley, head out 
    toward the street and another final wave of them will exit a van. Waste them
    with your M4 and the ambulance will arrive, bringing a successful conclusion
    to this mission.
    NOTE: We are now done with Leon McAffrey for the time being. Let's go see what
    Salvatore wants. Head to the pay phone just north of the Love Media building
    in Torrington and answer it.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $2500
    1.	Salvatore has gone on a fact-finding mission in Fort Staunton to spy on
    the Forellis, but has found himself caught in the middle of an all-out battle
    between the Forellis and Sindaccos. You need to get him out of the fray. He
    tells you that you should get his bulletproof limo to pick him up.
    2.	When you regain control, head back toward your hideout and turn into
    the multi-story parking garage in Newport. On the first level, you'll find
    Salvatore's limo. Hop in and head toward the map marker in Fort Staunton.
    3.	When you arrive, you'll notice that the marker is located at the edge
    of a blocked alleyway. Back the limo up into the marker, facing the police
    bribe in the opposite alley. Get out of the car, pull out your M4, and start
    wasting the numerous Mafioso in the alley.
    4.	When you've cleared out the main alley, you'll be informed that
    Salvatore is in the small offshoot alley in the middle. Head in there and take
    out the two enemies before collecting Salvatore, who's hiding behind the
    5.	You need to escort Salvatore to the limo, but there will be enemy
    reinforcements blocking the way. When you emerge from the mini-alley, quickly
    take out all of the enemies from the left, so that they don't kill Salvatore
    while you're engaging the Mafioso in the main alley. When they're dead, focus
    your attention on the main alley and work your way toward the limo. As soon as
    it's clear, hop in and wait for Salvatore to get in as well.
    6.	You'll probably have at least a two-star wanted level at this point,
    so drive straight across the street and collect the police bribe to make
    things a bit easier. Fortunately, you don't have to go too far from here to
    get to Salvatore's garage, which is in the same area as your Safehouse. Make
    your way there, and when you park the car in the garage and exit, the mission
    is complete.
    NOTE: You will have no employers immediately after this mission, but like
    clockwork, you will receive a phone call from Salvatore, and he urgently
    requests you to answer the pay phone in Liberty Campus. Head there now.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: $2500
    1.	When you answer the phone, Salvatore instructs you to find the nearby
    van. Head to the blue marker on the radar and you should find the van parked
    in the Hospital parking lot. Get in and Salvatore will explain to you that
    Paulie Sindacco's car is rigged with a remote control mechanism. He's on the
    way to a truce meeting with the	Forellis, and you are to disrupt it at all
    2.	When the short cutscene ends, the view will switch to Sindacco's car.
    You can press the button to take control at any point here, but you might as
    well wait until he gets near the meet location to do so. When you take control,
    you will see a first person view inside the car and you must take out all of
    the Forellis in the area.
    3.	Once you take control of the car, a five minute timer will begin 
    ticking down, and you must run over all of the Forellis inside of this time.
    More pertinent, however, is the fact that if the car explodes prematurely, the
    mission is a failure.
    4.	The controls will be a bit sluggish (simulating the apparent lag of the
    remote control), so just do your best to control your vehicle. At all costs,
    do not allow yourself to remain stationary in the midst of a bunch of Forellis,
    because their fire will damage your car quite quickly. You will have to take a
    certain amount of damage just by running over the enemies, and knocking some
    of their cars out of the way, but you won't get into too much trouble unless
    you allow them to shoot the car up.
    5.	Just keep making runs back and forth through the area, running over a
    few Forellis each pass, until there are just a few stragglers. Those you can
    just hunt down at your leisure. If you run over all of the enemies before time
    expires or the car gets too damaged, you've completed the mission.
    NOTE: After this mission, you will get a call from Salvatore again telling you
    to get to the pay phone in Belleville Park. Save your game and head over to
    the 'S' on the map. This pay phone is right next to the Hogs and Cogs bike
    store. Collect your protection money while you're here and walk into the 
    marker in front of the pay phone at the Pizza parlor to begin the mission.
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10
    REWARD: $3000 and the Wiseguy outfit is unlocked at your Safehouses.
    1.	Salvatore calls you to let you know that someone has figured out that
    the Sicilians are the ones behind the Sindacco-Forelli feud, and is planning
    to tell Franco Forelli about it. It's in the Leone family's best interests for
    the war to continue, so you need to shoot the messenger, so to speak, and
    prevent Franco from discovering the truth.
    2.	Hop in a vehicle and head to the pier marked on the map. Enter the boat
    and head toward the red blip on the radar. You could ram the boat to destroy
    it, but it's much easier just to pilot the ship right next to the boat, and
    do a quick drive-by shooting. If you can pick off the messenger in the boat 
    itself, which shouldn't be too hard, the boat will explode automatically.
    3.	That's all there is to this simple mission. You will get paid $3000 and
    the Wiseguy outfit will now be available at your Safehouses.
    NOTE: You will receive a call from McAffrey after this mission, telling you
    that he's aware of an opportunity that Salvatore might want to exploit. You
    are to meet him where you did before, but first, make a detour to Phil's Gun
    Shop and buy some Rocket Launcher ammunition to replace your Flamethrower. You
    will need it for the upcoming mission.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: $3000
    1.	McAffrey drives up in his sports car with Ray Machowski in tow to let
    you know that the Forellis are arming themselves to the teeth for the upcoming
    wars. There are a couple of munitions trucks that are heading to Fort Staunton.
    You need to prevent them from reaching their destination.
    2.	The trucks will start in Bedford Point, so they have to make it quite
    a ways to get to Fort Staunton. Hop on the nearby Sanchez and head over toward
    the nearest truck. Since you need to destroy these trucks quickly, the Rocket
    Launcher is best suited to the task.
    3.	One of the trucks will be heading up past the Callahan Bridge, so make
    your way to the entrance to the bridge and check your radar to see when the
    truck will approach. When it does, carefully aim the rocket launcher, making
    certain that nobody is in your way, and you should blow up the vehicle
    instantly. If you don't hit the truck squarely, and it just catches fire, they
    will call for backup and for the rest of the mission you will have Forelli
    goons chasing you in cars.
    4.	Once the first truck is dispatched, the second one will be making its
    approach from the outer roads, so head down toward the road ahead of it and
    wait for it to approach. Deal with the pursuit cars if you must, but as soon
    as you can destroy the second truck with a rocket, the mission is complete.
    NOTE: After this mission, McAffrey will call you and inform you that Salvatore
    has been picked up by the feds, and that you are dissociating all ties, which
    officially concludes the McAffrey mission strand.
    NOTE: Donald Love will call you, sounding agitated. Let's go pay him a visit
    and see what's bothering him.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: Shoreside Vale is accessible 
    1.	When you arrive at Love's building, Donald will call you and explain to
    you that O'Donovan apparently has evidence that links Donald Love and Salvatore
    Leone, which is a particular problem now that Salvatore has apparently been
    arrested. He tells you to meet his contact down in Newport.
    2.	Drive toward the blue marker on the radar and get into the contact's
    car when you arrive. He'll tell you that the van is down at the end of the
    docks up ahead and that you'll have to fight through the armed guards to get 
    it. This is the same area as you were in for the Go Go Faggio side mission.
    3.	Stay a distance away from the nearest enemies and pull out your sniper
    rifle. There should be two guys you can snipe that are situated in front of the
    three-car blockade. Take them out and then get out your rocket launcher. Aim
    carefully at the middle car of the blockade and the two enemies standing 
    behind the cars should die instantly, and all three cars will explode.
    4.	Now head up the ramp to your right and make your way up to the rooftop.
    You can do this on foot, and you did it previous in the Go Go Faggio mission
    on the bike. From up here, continue along the ledges and snipe whoever you can
    see. You should be able to take out about five or six guys in this fashion.
    Once you don't see anyone and you are approaching the red container, drop off
    the rooftop to the ground level and whip out your M4.
    5.	What makes this sequence somewhat irritating is that your radar does
    not indicate bad guys here. For this reason, just keep tapping the targeting
    button and fire away if you get a lock. As soon as you have a clear run to the
    van with the blue arrow over it, hop in and punch the gas.
    6.	Drive back the way you came, and as you exit the docks area, guards in
    a car will chase you and attempt to destroy your van with gunfire. It's very
    important you keep as much distance as you can. Fortunately, you can get them
    off your backs and repair your vehicle and erase your wanted level in one fell
    swoop by turning into the alley and quickly getting up the ramp leading to the
    Pay 'n Spray. Your pursuers will not follow you up this ramp, so go ahead and
    have the van sprayed, and wait for your wanted stars to disappear.
    7.	When you have no wanted level, get out of the van and look down. If
    your pursuers are still down there, you can either toss grenades over the 
    ledge to eliminate them, or you can head down on foot and use conventional
    weapons to kill them. Either way, once they're eliminated, you can drive as
    casually as you like to the yellow mark on the map where Love wants you to 
    take the evidence.
    8.	After returning to the Love Media building and dropping the van off in
    the garage, Love is despondent that the media's murmurs about his involvement
    with organized crime is costing him crucial votes at the polls, and blames you
    for his misfortunes and imminent bankruptcy. You won't get paid for this
    mission, but you will, however, be able to access Shoreside Vale once it's
    NOTE: After this mission, Salvatore will call you from jail and pretend that
    you're his lawyer. He wants your "counsel," and he is in lockup in Shoreside
    Vale. Also, a newscast will let you know that the industrial strike has ended
    and that the elevated bridge to Shoreside Vale is now functional, and that the
    Porter Tunnel Road is under construction once again. Further, Simon O'Donovan
    has officially won the election, and has begun making false promises already.
    * We have now completed all but one minor thing in Staunton Island. We'll
    return for the final Hidden Package in the area as soon as it becomes available
    to us. Now that you have access to Shoreside Vale, however, let's see what we
    can do over there.
    STATUS CHECK: Before you continue, make sure that you have 75% of the game
    completed. If you don't, go back through and make sure you've done everything
    instructed to this point. 
    Now that we can access Shoreside Vale, let's head over there and take care of
    the side missions.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 (on average)
    REWARD: Laser-Sighted Sniper Rifle, Flamethrower, and Rocket Launcher will be
    	available at your Safehouses.
    * Refer to chunkubis' 'Shoreside Vale: Hidden Packages' map for the precise
    locations of these packages, and read the comments below to discover how to get
    1.	If you head north from the street on which your hideout is located and
    enter the Porter Tunnel, you should see the package in plain sight on the
    left side of the road near the blocked off entrance heading north off the map.
    NOTE: At this point, you should be notified that the Laser Sighted Sniper Rifle
    is now available at your safehouses.
    2.	Head down to the Cochrane Dam via the dirt road offshoot near the
    hairpin turn. As you drive long the dam, look for a blue container with a ramp
    made of wooden planks rising to it. If you head around behind these containers,
    you should see the package behind them, facing the water.
    3.	Go down to the oval drive near the Cochrane Dam. There is a building
    here with a fenced pathway leading around to the side. Follow this path to
    find the package near the side door of the building.
    4.	If you head off the road to the west right before you get on the upper
    dirt road over the dam, you should see this package resting right up against
    the edge of the cliff.
    5.	Jump off the cliff on your bike to land near the oval drive again. If
    you look behind the rocks on the left side of the road as you're entering the
    oval drive, you'll find the package.
    6.	On the narrow road on which your hideout is located, head eastward,
    and look between the two houses just west of the mansion. You should find the
    package between the fence and the house.
    7.	Drive off the cliff and land in the park area. If you head southeast
    toward the water at this park, you should see the package on the edge.
    8.	This one's tough to find. Mark the spot on your map as closely as you
    can and then head to the S-curve leading down to Wichita Gardens. You need to
    hop the railing here and walk down the cliff path a ways toward the marker.
    The package is on a rock ledge right along the cliff face. You might need to
    hunt around a bit, but you'll find it eventually.
    9.	Go back to the S-shaped curve road leading down to Wichita Gardens. At
    the edge of the 180-degree turn on the western side of the S-curve, you should
    see a row of billboards. If you head between the Juank Air and "The Third Leg"
    billboards, you should spot the package on the cliff ledge behind them.
    10.	Head up to Pike Creek and go to the spot on the map. You should see a
    large building a block north of the Police Station with a set of enormous
    canisters. Head behind these canisters on the left side and you should see the
    package resting between them and the wall.
    11.	Head toward the Pay 'n Spray, but don't enter the area that actually
    houses it. Go a block further east and head into the stone-fenced area 
    adjacent to Liberty Pharmaceuticals. If you head around toward the spot on the
    map, you should find the package behind some thick wooden boards.
    NOTE: You should now receive a message that the Flamethrower is available at
    your Safehouse.
    12.	Head to the Police Station and drive around behind it. You should be
    able to jump off a little ramp onto the roof of the adjacent building. From
    here, drop down into the garage area and you should see the package in the
    back corner of the garage marked number two.
    13.	Directly across the street from Liberty Pharmaceuticals is the AM
    building. Head around back of the AM building toward the corner where there
    are two trees on ledges. You should see the package next to the tree on the
    lower ledge, but to get it, you'll have to ascend the staircase and drop down
    to the ledge from above.
    14.	Head down the road toward the spot on the map, and you should see a 
    ramp at the end of this street. Don't use the ramp; rather, dismount your
    vehicle and head carefully down the side of the cliff. You should see the
    package on the edge of the cliff down here.
    15.	Go down to Wichita Gardens and approach the spot on the map. You
    should see a row of garage doors, and opposite them is a doorway. The package
    is on the right side of this enclave.
    16.	Go toward the spot on the map and dismount your vehicle. If you face
    the water, you should see the Stadium in Staunton Island right across from you.
    Head down to the water's edge and you should see the package obscured behind
    a recess in the rock formation.
    17.	Head back up to Pike Creek. At the southeastern block of Pike Creek,
    head into the entrance and go around back of the Flophouse. There is a wide
    alley back here, and the package is located next to the dumpster in the back
    right corner.
    18.	When you get to the spot on the map, head a block west and go toward
    the warehouse. There is a staircase on the southern side of the warehouse.
    Ascend to the roof and head toward the spot on the map, in the northwest
    corner, to find the package.
    19.	This is a tricky one. The package is on the roof of the warehouse just
    south of the hospital, and the only way to get to the roof is by jumping over
    the back wall of the hospital. The only way to get enough height to do this is
    to park an ambulance (which should be parked at the hospital) perpendicular to
    the wall and then run and jump over the wall. You should land on the roof, and
    you can grab the package at the southeast corner.
    20.	If you head eastward on the main road heading to Francis International
    Airport, you should see a pair of billboards on the left side of the road
    right before it bends south. Head behind these billboards to collect the
    21.	If you head due south from the hospital and head straight into the
    grassy area leading toward the Airport, you should see the package lying in a
    flat clearing about halfway between the Pike Creek road and the hospital. Note
    that the package is actually located a bit to the left of where it's indicated
    on the map.
    NOTE: You should now receive notification that the Rocket Launcher is available
    at your Safehouse. Only ten more to go...
    22.	As you might be able to guess by the map indicator, this package is
    directly below the Staunton Island/Shoreside Vale bridge. When you're about to
    drive up on the bridge toward Staunton Island, dismount your vehicle and jump
    over the ledge onto the grassy area. Follow it around toward the spot on the
    map and you should find the package in plain sight underneath the bridge.
    23.	Go to the main terminal area of the airport and head down toward the
    smaller of the two runways. At the end of this runway, if you look north,
    you'll see the building on whose roof the package is hidden. You should
    notice a wooden ramp that is facing the building. Build up some speed and jump
    to this rooftop with a PCJ-600. Slam on your brakes as you land. Head around
    to the right side of this rooftop and you should find the package behind a
    billboard-type sign.
    24.	If you try to approach this spot on the map, you'll find that it's
    completely blocked by containers. To get in this area, you'll need to hit the
    staircase facing the area at a high speed to jump into it. Use a PCJ-600 for
    this and slam on the brakes as soon as you land. The package is in plain sight
    in this enclosure. Use the ramp inside of it to get out.
    25.	This one will require some jumping again, so get a PCJ-600. A bit
    north from the spot on the map, you should see a ramp leading to a ledge
    running north-south toward the package. Once you jump to this roof, you should
    see another ramp on the southern end of it. Jump from this ramp straight ahead
    to the ledge on the other side, and approach the spot on the map to collect
    the package on the northern end of the ledge.
    26.	Head out to the main terminal and head toward the spot on the map. The
    package is once again on a high ledge right behind the Liberty Airport sign.
    You'll need to get quite a bit of speed and jump from the stairs onto the
    ledge. Once you're up there, check behind the sign for the package.
    27.	If you look due west from the location of the previous package, you
    should be able to see a package hovering on the wing of the plane here. You
    must use the staircase to launch yourself onto the plane. You don't need too
    much speed, because you'll fly over the plane, but enough to get yourself up
    there. Brake heavily as soon as you touch the plane and you should be able to
    dismount, drop to the wing, and collect the package.
    28.	Head toward the spot on the map. You should see a large hangar with a
    sign on the front. Go around to the narrow pathway behind the hangar and you'll
    run right into the package.
    29.	If you go toward the spot on the map, approaching from the western
    side, you should see three yellow and white ramp-like structures. The package
    is nestled in plain sight between the left and middle ramps.
    30.	Head down to the very end of the long diagonally oriented runway at the
    very south of the map. If you look on the southern edge of this runway, you'll
    see a short ramp leading down. At the edge of this area is the package.
    NOTE: We've now collected all of the Hidden Packages in Shoreside Vale. There
    is still one in Staunton Island that we won't be able to collect for a while,
    but rest assured that we will get to it as soon as it is available.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: Body armor will be 50% stronger
    1.	Now that we're in Shoreside Vale, it's time to finally do the last
    'R3' mission in the game: the Vigilante Missions. We could have done this at
    any time previously, but now that you are in Shoreside Vale you have the
    opportunity to complete the mission much easier: with a tank.
    2.	Your first order of business is to steal a tank. You couldn't do this
    before because your maximum wanted level prior to reaching Shoreside Vale was
    five stars, but now you can get six wanted stars and the military will send
    soldiers and tanks after you. You need to go about the tough task of acquiring
    one of these for your personal use, and you can then do the Vigilante missions
    with a virtually indestructable tank.
    3.	Head back to your Staunton Island hideout. As it happens, this is the
    best place in the game to set up a tank theft, just as it was in GTA III.
    Before attempting to steal a tank, you need to make sure that you only have
    one vehicle in your garage (preferably a bike) or no vehicles at all so that
    you won't have to take anything out to get the tank in there when you have one.
    If you have a bike in the garage, make sure it's parked against the wall so
    you'll have plenty of room to park the tank.
    4. In the garage right next to your hideout is the Pay 'n Spray. Go up the 
    little ramp here and then jump onto the ledge and whip out your M4, spraying
    pedestrians until you have two stars. When cop cars arrive, kill the cops
    until you have three stars. At this point, helicopters will begin to hover and
    fire on you. Take out helicopters as they arrive and use the rocket launcher
    to blow up police vehicles as they arrive, being careful not to fire too close
    to the ledge. When you have five stars, try to take out FBI cars with the
    rocket launchers as they approach until you have six stars.
    5.	Once you have six stars, scamper back down the ramp and hop on the
    PCJ-600 in your garage. Drive around town until you see a Rhino tank on the
    street. When you do, pull up close to it and try to get it to stop and lure
    the soldiers out. When you hear the doors of the tank start to open, speed away
    a safe distance and then quickly jump off your bike and fire a rocket or two
    at the area around the Rhino. You can't destroy the Rhino, but hopefully the
    splash damage will take out the nearby soldiers. Now quickly run over to the
    tank and take control of it.
    6.	Once you have the tank, take it back to your hideout and put it in
    your garage. If you want to get rid of your wanted level, hop on the PCJ-600
    that respawns at your safehouse and quickly drive up to the Pay 'n Spray to
    do so. Now you should save your game so that you'll never have to repeat this
    process again.
    7.	Getting the tank is really the hardest part. Now get in the tank and
    press the button to activate the Vigilante mission. This mission works very
    similarly to the Paramedic and Firefighter missions in that you must clear
    Level 12 to fully complete it. The first level will have one criminal that you
    must track down and kill, the second will have two, and so on. Note that as
    you progress in levels, the number of vehicles will increase. After Level 3,
    you will have to destroy two vehicles filled with criminals, and after Level
    8 you will have to destroy three.
    8.	You will have five minutes per level to kill the criminals, which in
    almost all cases should simply entail destroying the vehicle with one to four
    criminals inside, via ramming it and causing it to immediately explode, or
    using the cannon to destroy the vehicles from a distance. The hardest part of
    this mission is making sure that you can get near the vehicles in time,
    because the tank is significantly slower than most of the vehicles you'll be
    9.	As soon as you clear a level, check the map constantly to get a sense
    for where you can head the criminals off. A good rule of thumb is that if you
    are quite a distance away from the criminals at the outset, head toward the
    middle of the map so that you can figure out where to go in order to meet them
    head on. Occasionally, they will spawn in close to you, which makes things
    easier. Just keep checking the map and plan where you want to intercept them
    and you shouldn't have any trouble completing each level on time.
    10.	Don't worry about your wanted level. It will eventually get to two
    stars just by killing criminals, and once that happens, cop cars and such will
    run into your tank, killing them. As long as you keep the tank in constant
    motion, and because more often than not you will blow up the cars before any
    cops can get out to try to bust you, you won't have to worry too much
    because the tank is virtually indestructible.
    11.	Be aware that criminals will often use the elevated two-lane highway
    on the eastern side of the map. When this happens, head to the OPPOSITE end
    of the highway instead of trying to chase them down from behind. There will be
    too much traffic for you to catch up, and you will waste valuable time.
    12.	If you use the map constantly and plan your interception routes, you
    should have no trouble completing Level 12. Once you have, you will receive
    the Mission Complete message and be informed that your body armor is now 50%
    stronger than it was before. You can confirm this by noting the '+' sign on
    the upper left portion of the armor bar. You can continue past Level 12, if you
    wish, but there's really no reason to do so.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: Cash for each target killed
    1.	Head down to Wichita Gardens. Check your map and look for the building
    on the westernmost side of the area. The bike on which you will complete this
    mission is resting against the building here. If you follow the road leading
    from the lower level of Wichita Gardens to the upper, you should find yourself
    in a dead-end parking lot. The Angel is on the right side as you enter this
    2.	This mission is almost identical to the 'Scooter Shooter' and '9MM
    Mayhem' missions you completed in Portland, only much harder. You will be the
    passenger on the Angel motorcycle and the driver will take you around the area
    toward target vehicles that you must destroy. You have three minutes to do so,
    but the timer will only tick when you are in range of a target. Frankly, the
    time limit won't have much impact on this mission, because your bike will
    almost surely be destroyed long before time expires.
    3.	To complete the mission, you must destroy at least 11 enemy vehicles.
    The first two vehicles will be Securicars, and the next three are Landstalkers,
    the next three are Patriots, and from then on Barracks OL. As you might have
    guessed from the mission title, the gunners on these vehicles will be military
    personnel, so you can imagine how much more difficult that makes things. Your
    bike can only take so much damage, and it's amazing how quickly some sustained
    rifle fire can deplete your bar if you don't take the gunners out quickly,
    especially with the Patriots and the Barracks OL's.
    4.	One thing to keep in mind is that you can kill your driver, so try and
    keep your gun up and try to only fire when you think you've got a clear shot.
    Unfortunately, because Shoreside Vale is so hilly and the driver has no qualms
    about running into things, causing the bike to go up on its back wheel, this
    is much more of a danger here than it was in Portland and Staunton Island.
    There's no real way to avoid killing the driver if he does something 
    unexpected, so you'll just have to be persistent if it keeps happening.
    5.	Also, keep in mind that you have three adrenaline pills at your
    disposal, which you can activate by a button press. It's best not to use these
    until you are either at 9 or 10 kills or your bike is damaged about halfway,
    whichever comes first (and it probably will be the latter.) This will make it
    easier to take out the gunners, which is particularly important when you start
    facing the Barracks OL's.
    6.	The key to success in this mission is being able to take out the
    gunners quickly. When the gunners are neutralized, the vehicle is easy
    pickings. Unfortunately, one gunner can do serious damage to your bike, so
    you'll have to do your best to get rid of them fast.
    7.	You might have to repeat this mission a few times. If you can get to
    the point where you can consistently get six or seven kills without serious
    damage to the bike, then it's just a matter of time and luck before you get to
    eleven kills. Just keep at it and eventually it will go your way.
    DIFFICULTY: 3/10
    REWARD: $2500 upon completion and an Armored Landstalker at your Safehouse.
    1.	You'll want to use a PCJ-600 for this mission. Head down the road
    toward the airport, and instead of heading behind the airport toward the
    runways and hangars, hook a left in front of the terminal and head all the way
    down the road. As you head around the circle drive, you should see a staircase
    leading up to the subway station. Ascend these stairs and look for a stand with
    a sign reading "See The Sight Before Your Flight." Next to this stand is the
    yellow marker. Walk into the marker to begin the mission.
    2.	This is an easy but time-consuming mission, because you must complete
    it twelve times to unlock the reward and achieve the progress toward 100%
    completion. Each time you play the mission, you will be instructed to take a
    tourist to a particular destination. Once you arrive at the destination, you
    must dismount the vehicle, follow the tourist to the precise location they 
    want, and then take three photos of them standing in front of the attraction.
    You must then return them to the airport before their flight departs (i.e. the
    timer expires.)
    3.	The time limits are pretty generous, and you should be able to make
    good time if you're using the PCJ-600, because you can more easily maneuver 
    through traffic and take various shortcuts that would be too dangerous or
    difficult to attempt with even a fast car. The downside to the bike is that
    you can rather easily be knocked off, and this will cost you some time, but the
    benefits far outweigh the detriments here.
    4.	The timer will be set for an amount commensurate with the distance you
    are required to travel. Some destinations will be in Shoreside Vale, and some
    will be in Portland, but most of them will be in Staunton Island. If you are
    unsure how precisely to get to a specified location, head to the island it is
    on, and once you are there, check the map to figure out the fastest route.
    5.	If you are going to Staunton Island, you'll want to make an immediate
    right once you emerge from the driveway in front of the airport to get on the
    bridge. If your destination is near Belleville Park, it might be faster to 
    ramp off the bridge and land in the park below than to follow it all the way
    around. If you are going to Portland, you'll need to take the bridge to 
    Staunton Island, follow the bridge around its curve, and then head south
    a few blocks before making the first marked left that you can. This road will
    take you straight to the Callahan Bridge that leads to Portland. If you are
    comfortable getting to and from the various bridges in Liberty City, the time
    limits won't be much of a factor.
    6.	You must step into the yellow marker separately for each "level" of
    the mission. You can tell how much you've completed because the Sights will be
    numbered each time you complete the mission. For each tourist you return in
    time, you will get base pay depending on how far away the attraction was, plus
    a possible bonus if the picture you took was particularly good.
    7.	When you've taken tourists to all 12 destinations, you will be given a
    bonus and be informed that an Armored Landstalker has been delivered to your
    Safehouse. If you want to keep this vehicle, make sure you put it in your 
    garage before saving the game, because it will never spawn again.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $1500
    1.	This is the third and final motorcycle street race in the game. Grab a
    PCJ-600 and head over to Pike Creek. If you follow the diagonal road southward
    in the area, you should see the pay phone on the eastern side of the road. This
    phone is a block south of the Pay 'n Spray lot. Walk into the marker to get the
    starting location, then head to the northern corner of the area, right near the
    entrance to the upper dam road to start the race.
    2.	Your basic driving strategies apply here. Use the handbrake for the
    hairpin turns, and keep an eye on your radar to see where the next checkpoints
    will appear. The circuit is a fairly straightforward route around Pike Creek,
    and you must finish first in three laps to complete the mission.
    3.	Be careful; there are many steep slopes in Pike Creek and if you catch
    too much air it can be difficult to control your landings at high speeds. Don't
    take any huge risks on the first lap; some of the bikers will crash or spin
    out, allowing you to pass them easily.
    4.	Once you have the lead, don't worry about extending it too much; focus
    instead on staying on your bike. If you fall off, you will almost certainly
    lose the race, so don't do anything too risky. Gain speed on the straight
    areas, but don't get greedy.
    5.	You shouldn't have too much trouble with this race once you've learned
    the course and if you're comfortable handling a PCJ-600 (which you definitely
    should be by now.)
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: $1500
    1.	You'll need a very fast car for this race, as you will be facing three
    Cheetahs with exceptional speed. You'll also want something that can take a 
    bit of a pounding, so most sports cars are out. You could use a police car, but
    it might be tough to get enough speed to keep up. The best overall car for this
    race is probably the Yakuza Stinger. You can occasionally see one popping up
    in Pike Creek, but there is almost always one in front of the high-rise 
    apartment building just in front of the docks area in Newport.
    2.	Once you've got your car, drive down to Wichita Gardens and head to the
    lowest level. On the corner of the street leading up to the upper level is the
    pay phone that you need to answer. Answer it and then take your car to the
    starting line, which is at the base of the long road leading from Wichita 
    Gardens up to Cedar Grove.
    3.	This race consists of a circuit that starts at the edge of Wichita 
    Gardens, takes you up to Cedar Grove, through the tunnel, and then back down
    to Wichita Gardens via the S-curve. The course can be quite tricky, so even if
    you fall way behind, finish out the race. As for all of these races, knowing
    the course can be very helpful, but it is especially the case here.
    4.	Keep as close as you can, but don't try any funny business. If you
    knock another car off a cliff or into the water, the mission will be a failure.
    There are a couple of places that you can pick up some ground: one is in the
    tunnel that begins near the upper dam road, if you stay on your side of the
    road and pound the gas, you can probably pass a car or two. You'll want to slow
    down a bit as you emerge from the tunnel, however, because the downslope can
    cause you to lose control very easily. The other area is the S-curve leading
    back down to Wichita Gardens. The computer racers don't seem to be able to 
    take these turns as well as possible, so use the handbrake wisely and try to
    keep as much speed as possible through the turns.
    5.	Be extremely careful when you are approaching the hairpin turn for the
    road that leads down to the lower level of Wichita Gardens. The guard rail here
    is lower than most, so you won't be able to hit it at high speed and stay on
    the desired road. If you fall off, you'll have to backtrack all the way back to
    the hill, and you have no chance of winning the race.
    6.	Be smart; keep an eye on the radar and also look to avoid collisions
    with other cars on the road. This is a very tough race, but the computer seems
    to perform a little better on some runs than others, so if you keep at it, 
    learn the course, and pick your spots, you'll win the race eventually.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $1500 for level one, $2000 for level two, and $2500 for level three.
    1.	The third and final RC car race is in Shoreside Vale, but mercifully,
    it's much easier than the previous two. Head down to the hangar area of the
    airport and follow the building around to the south. If you look for the ramp
    that faces the roof from which you grabbed a hidden package, you should see
    the RC Toyz van parked near the wall of the main terminal. Hop in and begin.
    2.	This race is structured identically to 'Ragin' RC' and 'Thrashin' RC'
    but because it takes place on mostly flat terrain, it's much easier than those.
    The first race is one lap, the second race is two laps, and the third race is
    three laps. You must finish first to complete a given level and progress to the
    next, and you must finish first in all three races to complete the mission.
    3.	The general guidelines for driving these RC cars remains the same. Let
    off the accelerator when you're making any significant turns, stay away from
    the other cars and obstacles as much as possible, and pick up full speed in
    the straighter segments. Pay attention to the radar to see where the next
    checkpoints are coming, or at least note the direction the arrow within the
    checkpoints themselves are pointing.
    4.	The race is basically a circuit through the hangar areas. You will
    travel beneath some planes and have to navigate a few tight places, but for
    the most part the course is fairly straightforward, with the exception of the
    fact that you will occasionally have to use the staircases as ramps to reach
    a few of the checkpoints. Try to hit these ramps as straight as possible, and
    to help soften the landing, make sure you don't hit the accelerator again
    until after your wheels are on the ground again. Sometimes you will spin out
    or flip over on these jumps, but just do your best to recover quickly and it
    shouldn't be too problematic.
    5.	Use the straighter segments to take the lead; don't try to do so when
    you are navigating turns. More often than not you'll bump the opposing cars and
    will spin out.
    6.	Once you've learned the course, you shouldn't have too much difficulty
    completing all three levels of this race.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $4000
    1.	Now we'll tackle the last Trash Dash mission, this time in Shoreside
    Vale. You'll need to track down a Trashmaster truck. They seem to most
    frequently appear on the upper dam road, but if you can't find one, grab an
    ambulance and you should see one spawn. Once you have the Trashmaster, press
    the button to activate the mission.
    2.	This mission is exactly the same as the Portland and Staunton Island
    iterations. You need to collect all of the dumpsters before time expires, and
    you will get 40 seconds of additional time for each dumpster you collect.
    3.	As soon as you activate the mission, check your map. It's always
    important to plan a route in this type of mission, but it's especially
    important in Shoreside Vale, where the routes to get between areas can be
    somewhat complex.
    4.	You should start down in Wichita Gardens and grab the two dumpsters
    near the apartment buildings, then grab the other two before heading to the
    upper level and toward the S-curve. In the parking lot off the middle level of
    the S-curve is another dumpster. You'll now want to head up toward Pike Creek
    via the lower dam road and collect the four dumpsters in Pike Creek before
    heading down to the airport to collect the one by the fire truck and the last
    one out in the hangar/runway area near the terminal building.
    5.	Use your map between each dumpster to figure out which one you will
    go after next and the best way to get there. Keep in mind that in Pike Creek
    especially, sometimes you will have to use an alleyway or an opening in a
    fence a bit of a distance away from the dumpster to get there. If you plan
    your route properly, you should be able to keep your backtracking to a minimum.
    6.	Once you've collected the last trash bin, you will be given a very
    generous amount of time to take the trash to the Junkyard in Harwood. From
    the airport, head right onto the bridge into Staunton Island, and then take
    the main road onto the Callahan Bridge to get to Portland as quickly as
    possible, but you should have plenty of time. It's more important to drive
    carefully, as the Trashmaster can tip over fairly easily, and you don't want
    to have done all this just to fail at the last moment.
    7.	If you use the map to plan your route wisely and drive the Trashmaster
    carefully, you shouldn't have too much trouble. Once you've deposited the
    trash at the Junkyard, you will receive $4000 as a reward and will have fully
    completed the Trash Dash side missions.	 
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: Hero outfit is available at your Safehouses.
    1.	Just as you did in Portland and Staunton Island, you now must complete
    Level 15 of the Avenging Angels side mission in Shoreside Vale. Once again,
    get a PCJ-600 and change into your Avenging Angels fatigues outfit at your
    Safehouse and go find an Angel. You should be able to find one or more
    strolling around the lower level of Wichita Gardens.
    2.	When you've found an Angel, hop off the bike and press the button to
    begin the mission. From here on, the strategies are almost identical to the
    previous times you completed this mission: quickly get to the destination,
    use the forward firing capability of your bike, and keep the cops off your
    back. When you get two stars, or have plenty of time and happen to be within a
    short distance of Pike Creek, go to the Pay 'n Spray. The most common way to
    fail this mission, again, is getting busted. Pay particular attention on the
    later levels, where you're most easily going to accrue wanted levels. If you
    need a refresher, refer to the earlier Avenging Angels' instructions in this
    3.	There are a few unique elements to the strategy in Shoreside Vale. Make
    certain you know the fastest route between areas, because you can go a long
    way in the wrong direction in Shoreside Vale if you aren't attentive to the
    map. Also, now that you have the rocket launcher respawning at your hideout,
    you can take out entire groups of enemies before they even spot you by
    fragging them from a distance. Because the groups on foot aren't as frequent
    and tend to hang out in more wide-open areas than they did in Portland and
    Staunton, this can make the mission much easier. Take advantage of the Rocket
    Launcher when the situation dictates.
    4.	Once again, you must finish Level 15 of the Avenging Angels mission
    to fully complete it. When you do, you'll receive notification that the Hero
    outfit is now available at your Safehouses. 
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 (on average)
    REWARD: $10000
    * We will now complete the Unique Jumps available in Shoreside Vale. As before,
    the PCJ-600 should be used to complete these stunts unless otherwise noted.
    The general guidelines outlined earlier in this guide also apply for these
    stunts. Note that for the most part, these jumps aren't nearly as hard as those
    in Staunton Island.
    1.	This jump is located on the upper level of Wichita Gardens, just south
    of the S-curve. As you head up this road heading north, you should see a large
    gravel ramp on the side of the road. Back up to the guardrails facing this
    ramp and get as much speed as possible and hit the ramp squarely. You need to
    land underneath the bridge to get credit for the stunt.
    2.	Head over to Pike Creek via the upper dam road, and enter the first
    area on your left. You should see the huge gas canisters behind which you 
    found a Hidden Package earlier. Go around to the back of this area, facing
    north, and you should spot the wooden ramp. Go back as far as you can in this
    area, and pick up speed as you approach the ramp. If you get enough speed, you
    should fly over the cliff and land in the grassy area of the oval drive below
    to complete the jump.
    3.	At the southwest end of the same area from which you completed the last
    jump, you should see another ramp facing south toward the police station. You
    need to get a decent approach (not necessarily maximum) and hit the ramp
    squarely. If you land on the roof of the police station, you should get credit
    for the jump.
    4.	Head south along the diagonal road in Pike Creek that leads toward the
    road to the airport. Look to your right and you should spot the Liberty
    Pharmaceuticals warehouse. Head into this enclosure and you should see a ramp
    in the southeast corner, facing out toward Wichita Gardens. Get as much of an
    approach as you can, and carefully avoid the obstacles on the approach. If
    you maintain enough speed when you hit the ramp, you should fly over the 
    billboard on the opposite side and land in the grass. If you don't get credit,
    try to get more speed as distance appears to be a factor here.
    5.	Go into the large warehouse area in the southwestern block of Pike
    Creek. At the southeastern end of this enclosure, you should see a metal ramp
    with boards leading out on the end. Get as much of an approach as you can and
    hit the jump squarely. If you land far enough into the Flophouse parking lot,
    you'll complete the jump.
    6.	Head into the area of the warehouse in the southeastern block of Pike
    Creek. On the southern edge of this warehouse, there is a staircase. Ascend
    this staircase on your PCJ-600 and head to the northwestern edge of the roof.
    You should see a large ramp pointing out toward a large blue warehouse below.
    Hit this ramp with as much speed as possible. You don't need to clear the
    wall, but if you get close to it, you'll complete the jump.
    7.	If you head north from the airport road heading into Pike Creek and
    take the second right turn, you should notice that the guardrail is out and
    there is a grass ramp here facing out toward Wichita Gardens. You'll need to
    start way up the street and build as much speed as possible. If you hit the
    ramp cleanly, you should have enough distance to carry you over the river and
    onto the street.
    * Congratulations! You've now completed all of the Unique Jumps in Grand Theft
    Auto: Liberty City Stories. You will receive a $10,000 bonus for accomplishing
    this feat.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10 (on average)
    REWARD: $1000 bonus and the M60 is available at your Safehouses.
    * Once again, there are an assortment of Rampage challenges to complete in
    Shoreside Vale. The same general strategies apply as in Portland and Staunton
    PREPARATION: None required.
    LOCATION: In the narrow passage behind the garage of the house next door to
    the mansion.
    1.	When you grab the token, hop into the Deimos SP that should be parked
    in front of this garage and head out onto the streets. You need to run over
    30 Colombian Cartel mobsters in two minutes. This shouldn't be too difficult,
    but you won't get credit for any kill, just the Colombians.
    2.	Just head up and down the streets, driving along the sidewalk. When
    you see a pack of Cartel members, punch the gas hard and hit them solidly,
    because if you miss or only nudge them, they'll fire automatic weapons at
    your vehicle.
    3.	The cops will probably get on your tail, but if you just keep heading
    back and forth up and down the sidewalk, you should get enough Cartel members
    to spawn to finish the Rampage.
    PREPARATION: None required.
    LOCATION: In the left side of the doorway alcove of the northwestern most
    apartment building in the lower Wichita Gardens area.
    1.	This is another one of those Rampages that is an absolute breeze
    because you've completed the Firetruck missions. Your mission is to kill 40
    pedestrians with Molotov Cocktails inside of two minutes.
    2.	Basically, all you need to do is run around the area, throwing Molotov
    Cocktails all over the place. Since you can't catch fire, you can throw them
    far away or drop them at your feet, incinerating everyone in the area.
    PREPARATION: Full health and body armor.
    LOCATION: In the corner between the two southern apartment buildings in the
    lower Wichita Gardens area.
    1.	Grab the token and then head immediately out toward the streets. You
    need to destroy 10 vehicles in two minutes with an Automatic Shotgun. Since
    you can fire this shotgun rapidly, it doesn't take long at all to destroy a
    2.	Ideally, you can get a few cars backed up and create a chain reaction
    by destroying one of them. If the police arrive, blow up their cars as well.
    You might have to watch out for Forellis who populate this area, as they will
    do some serious damage if you don't either get away from them or kill them,
    and you don't really have time for the latter.
    3.	Just run around and try to find as many vehicles as possible. If you
    can't create a chain reaction and are in a pinch, you can destroy your own
    vehicle or look for some of the parked ones around this area. When you've
    destroyed ten, the Rampage is complete.
    PREPARATION: None required.
    LOCATION: Next to the second observatory tower off the upper dam road.
    1.	Once you pick up the token, you should notice that this tower area is
    absolutely littered with pedestrians, and you'll need every one of them to
    complete this Rampage. You must kill 35 Pedestrians with a Chainsaw.
    2.	Just run around the tower area and lock on and kill pedestrians as
    quickly as you can. If there is a large group of them together, you can try to
    run up to them and cut a few of them at a time, but often you'll miss entirely.
    Try to kill as many as you can by running, locking on, and tapping the attack
    button. If you're in a jam for time, then start trying to get multiple kills
    quickly since you won't have time to aim anyway.
    3.	This may take a try or two until you get the hang of it, but since
    there are so many pedestrians around, you should be able to complete it without
    excessive difficulty.
    PREPARATION: Full health and body armor.
    LOCATION: In the alcove on the southeast side of the Liberty Pharmaceuticals
    1.	You will want to make sure you're fully healed for this Rampage. You
    need to kill 25 Colombians with the Automatic Shotgun in two minutes. As soon
    as you grab the token, head out into the streets and look for the Colombians.
    They most commonly can be found in packs of three. Walk up very close to them,
    lock on to one of them, and fire. If you're lucky, they will all be killed by
    the spread, but if not, quickly lock onto the survivor(s) until they're all
    2.	You need to be careful when there are a bunch of Colombians in 
    proximity, because if you take out one group, the others will all instantly
    fire on you, and many of them have automatic weapons. If this happens, get
    away as fast as you can, get some distance, and try to take them out from a
    distance as they approach.
    3.	If you get injured too badly, head up to the hospital and grab one of
    the health powerups there. Colombians will still spawn in this area, so it
    might not be a bad idea to head up there as soon as the Rampage begins. Just
    keep running around, trying to spawn enemies, and you should finish this one
    without too much headache.
    PREPARATION: None required.
    LOCATION: In plain sight on the grassy area at the edge of the diagonal road
    bending down toward the airport road. Drive off the road onto the grass to
    grab it.
    1.	This is an easy rampage if you're handy with a sniper rifle. You must
    snipe 25 pedestrians in 2 minutes. Just stand on this grassy area or head a
    bit closer to the street if you want, facing northward, and fire on civilians
    whenever they appear.
    2.	You don't have to get head shots, so just fire away at any body part.
    If a civilian is running, don't bother trying to kill him; just find another
    slower-moving target. The pedestrians will respawn quite frequently, so
    finding victims shouldn't really be a problem. Just don't waste too much
    time trying to line up head shots or hit sprinting targets and you should 
    nail 25 of them well before the time expires.
    PREPARATION: None required.
    LOCATION: On the awning of the building east of the warehouse rooftop. Climb
    the stairs to the roof where you found a Hidden Package and performed a 
    unique jump, and then face west and get a running jump over to the awning to
    grab the token.
    1.	Your goal here is to destroy 10 vehicles in two minutes with a Rocket
    Launcher. When you grab the token, jump off the awning onto the blue container
    that heads up to the ledge of the wall on the southern side of the area. This
    gives you a safe vantage point of the road below.
    2.	Blast any vehicles that come through here. It may be difficult to get
    vehicles to spawn, but if you run down the container and back and constantly
    look around, you should see them arrive. If vehicles are not appearing, blast
    pedestrians until you have two wanted stars, and then fire on the police cars
    as they arrive.
    3.	If you're one vehicle shy, jump down and fire on your own to finish
    the Rampage. 
    NOTE: You have now completed all of the Rampages in the game, and as a reward,
    the M60 will now appear at your hideout.
    * Congratulations! At this point, you have completed all of the side missions
    and completed every non-story mission objective in the game save for one
    Hidden Package in Staunton Island.
    STATUS CHECK: Check your stats and make sure you meet all of these conditions
    before continuing.
    You should have:
    * 90% of the game completed
    * 20 out of 20 Rampages passed
    * 99 out of 100 Hidden Packages found
    * 26 out of 26 Unique Jumps completed
    * 100+ passengers dropped off in Taxi
    * Highest Paramedic level 12
    * Highest Firefighter level 12
    * Highest Vigilante level 12
    * 26+ Cars sold
    * 40 Bikes sold
    * 16 out of 16 Cars found for Love Media (PCJ-600 and V8 Ghost at Safehouse)
    * Highest Slash TV level 5 (Cox Mascot suit unlocked)
    * $9000 made collecting Trash
    * Highest 'Avenging Angel' level 16 for Portland, Staunton, and Shoreside Vale
    * At least one second left on 'Wong Side of the Track'
    * Thrashin', Ragin', and Chasin' RC best position 1 (up to Level 3 for each)
    * Best position 1 for Low Rider Rumble, Deimos Dash, Wi-Cheetah Run, Red Light
      Racing, Torrington TT, and Gangsta GP
    * Times for all ten courses of Bump & Grinds
    * Best time for Go Go Faggio under 1:50
    * 55+ pizzas delivered
    * 55+ noodles delivered
    * 12 tourists taken to tourist spots
    * Scrapyard Challenge score of 21+
    * 9MM Mayhem score of 11+
    * Scooter Shooter score of 10+
    * AWOL Angel score of 11+
    * At least 0:01 left in 'Karmageddon'
    * Most kills in RC Triad Take-Down is 21+
    * Avenging Angel's fatigues, Overalls, Chauffeur's clothes, Cox Mascot suit,
      Underwear, Goodfella, Hero garb, 'Dragon' jumpsuit, Antonio, Sweats, and
      Wiseguy outfits unlocked
    Once again, if you do not comply with any of these conditions (or do not have
    90% completion at this point), go back and finish up the missing missions or
    collections at this time.
    Other than that one missing Hidden Package, all that's left for us are the
    final story missions, which will be much easier than they would have been
    without all of the extras we've earned to this point. Let's go pay Salvatore
    a visit in prison.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: $2000
    1.	When you step into the yellow marker in front of the Police Station,
    you are informed that you need to change your clothes in order to pass off as
    Salvatore's lawyer. Head to the clothes icon on the map (it's very close to
    the police station, across from the Pay 'n Spray) and you will have unlocked
    the lawyer's suit. Now that you're properly attired, head back to the police
    station to begin the mission.
    2.	Salvatore is playing the victim in front of the guards, and is trying
    to figure out who informed the police on him. His solution is to strike both
    the Sindaccos and the Forellis and see what shakes out. When you regain
    control, head back across to Cedar Grove via the lower dam road and head down
    the S-curve. In the lot halfway down, you'll find three goons that will help
    you. Pick one or more of them up (depending on your vehicle) and head down to
    the lower Wichita Gardens area.
    3.	You need to smash up the Forellis' cars to draw them out. The cars are
    parked in the areas near the apartment buildings; they will appear as red dots
    on your radar. Fire a few shots at a car, and Forellis should appear. Hop off
    your bike and waste them with your M4 or M60. Quite a few of them will swarm
    out, but you should be able to take them out with no problem. It doesn't
    matter if your cohort(s) are killed.
    4.	Once the first band of Forellis is dispatched, head over to the other
    car and repeat the process. Once you've dealt with all of the Forellis, the
    mission is complete.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: $3000
    1.	You'll want to switch out your M60 for a Rocket Launcher, because you
    will need one for this mission. When you are properly equipped, go to the jail.
    Apparently Salvatore's convinced that Paulie Sindacco was actually behind his
    incarceration, because he wants you to take him out before he flees town. His
    boat is leaving from the Cochrane Dam Power House, which is at the edge of the
    oval drive just south of the dam area.
    2.	You can just drive off the edge of cliff above the oval drive to take
    a nice shortcut. Drive into the marker, and you'll see Paulie Sindacco's boat
    leaving. As soon as you regain control, ride your bike or vehicle up the road
    a bit to give yourself a bit of time. Stand along the shoreline and aim
    carefully at the boat as it approaches. Use the rocket launcher to destroy the
    boat. It may take a couple of hits, but if you succeed, the mission is
    3.	If you can't destroy the boat on this first attempt, head back up to
    Pike Creek and use the ramp that crosses over into Wichita Gardens (this was
    a unique jump, remember?) and you should be able to get another shot from the
    shoreline here. Once the boat is destroyed, the mission is complete.
    NOTE: After this mission, you will receive a frantic call from Donald Love,
    requesting your presence at his new place of residence (the Flophouse in Pike
    Creek.) Let's go pay the sniveling worm a visit.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $3000
    1.	You arrive at Love's crappy apartment and find him a bearded mess. He
    wallows in self-pity for a while before Love attempts to buy back your loyalty
    with a promise of a 10 percent of a huge venture. You are too intrigued to pass
    it up. When you regain control, Love instructs you to take him to the airport.
    Drive down there and enter the marker in front of the main terminal.
    2.	Apparently, one of Love's colleagues, Avery Carrington (of Vice City
    fame) is flying into town. He's working for the Panlantic Trade Association,
    which seems to be affiliated with the Colombian Cartel. You must kill Avery and
    steal his land development plans so Donald can use them.
    3.	This mission is complicated by the fact that Avery is being escorted by
    the Colombians. There are two Cartel Cruisers that accompany his truck. You
    need to lure the Colombians away from Carrington so you can kill him. Do a 
    driveby on one of the cruisers and keep firing until it's destroyed. Avery will
    speed off, but you should be able to catch up with no problem. Once you have,
    fire a few times on his vehicle and he should get out and start running away.
    Don't destroy his vehicle before he gets out or the mission will be a failure.
    Once he's out, he's easy pickings. Waste him and take the plans.
    4.	Now you need to get back to Donald's apartment with the plans. At this
    point, you should try to steal a car if you don't already have one, because
    you have to keep Donald safe and a bike is too risky. Once you have a car,
    drive back toward the apartment, doing your best to avoid the Colombian Cartel
    Cruisers that will try to take you out.
    5.	Once you return to Love's apartment, the mission is complete.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $2000
    1.	Donald is in his inveterate panicked state as he informs you that a
    reporter witnessed the murder of Avery Carrington, and that he's hiding out in
    the Church on Staunton Island. You must hunt him down and prevent him from
    revealing the motivation behind the snuff.
    2.	Head across the bridge to Staunton Island and follow the yellow dot on
    the radar to the Church. When you enter the marker, you'll find yourself in
    the graveyard area. You need to point your gun at him to scare him into 
    revealing the location of the photos he took of the murder. As you target him,
    his scare meter will increase, and when it's full, he submits and says he'll
    take you to the lock-up where he stashed the pictures.
    3.	Let the reporter get in or on your vehicle and head south to Bedford
    Point toward the dot on the map. When you arrive, the reporter will lead you
    into his garage, and while you're examining his camera, he takes a picture of
    you and flees. He hops on a Faggio and takes off. You need to follow him. If
    you brought a PCJ-600 with you, head back and get on that instead of the 
    Faggio that is in front of you, but don't take too long. You must stay close to
    Ned Burner (the reporter who you worked for before) at all times.
    4.	Ned will head through alleyways, the park, and eventually end up along
    the freeway in Newport. Get close to him and fire forward on your bike. If you
    can get close enough, you can kill him easily and complete the mission.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $2000
    1.	Donald Love is exultant over his coup with the Panlantic Construction
    plans, and he wants to celebrate by indulging his peculiar taste for rotting
    flesh. You need to acquire two corpses for him and deliver them to his hangar
    in the Airport before security closes it down. Quickly hop on a bike and use
    the shortcut unique jump to launch from Pike Creek down to Wichita Gardens,
    where the first corpse is located. Both corpses are indicated by blue dots on
    your radar, and you'll have several minutes to complete the mission.
    2.	When you approach the blue dot in Wichita Gardens, you'll notice that
    Avery's corpse is actually in an ambulance. Carjack this ambulance and Donald
    will clamber in the back. Now you need to head up to Pike Creek and go down
    toward the airport, all while listening to Donald Love murmur sweet nothings
    to Avery.
    3.	Head behind into the hangar area and follow it to the north. Love's
    hangar is the large one on the northern end. Drive the ambulance into the 
    yellow marker inside. Love will remain behind with Avery and you must now go
    fetch Ned Burner's body from Staunton Island. Hop on the Freeway that should
    be parked against the wall in the hangar and make a right onto the elevated
    bridge to Staunton.
    4.	Continue along the road that the bridge feeds to, heading south, and
    you'll see the Church on the right. The hearse with Ned's body is parked here
    on the side of the road. When you take it, you will get a 2-star wanted level,
    but don't worry too much about it. You should be able to avoid the cops easily
    at this point.
    5.	Make your way back to the hangar at the airport. If you are having too
    much trouble with the cops, nab the police bribe near the fire truck at the
    entrance to the runway area, and then drive the hearse into the hangar to
    complete the mission. If you took the shortcut ramp to Wichita Gardens at the
    beginning, you should get there with plenty of time to spare.
    NOTE: After this mission, Donald Love will call and tell you that in order for
    the Panlantic Construction deal to progress, you'll need to "clear some land"
    in Fort Staunton. He'll ask you to see 8-Ball in Pike Creek to arrange for some
    explosives. Head over there now toward the icon marking the bomb shop, which is
    in the same enclosure as the Pay 'n Spray.
    DIFFICULTY: 1/10
    REWARD: None
    1.	This is more of a cutscene than an actual mission. Step into the
    marker outside 8-Ball's shop to see the arrangements made for some hardware.
    You'll have to fork over some cash up front for the weapons, but it's chump
    change to you by now. He says he'll need some time to put together the
    explosives, and that he'll call you when it's ready.
    NOTE: We will now return to Salvatore's mission strand.
    DIFFICULTY: 4/10
    REWARD: $3000
    1.	Salvatore is in a bit of a pissy mood today, lamenting the troubles
    with the Triads and Diablos, and fretting over the fact that the Yakuza are
    apparently planning to exploit the rift left by the Mafia's infighting. He says
    they have gotten a new piece of hardware that will make them unstoppable. You
    must find out what it is and remove it from the equation.
    2.	When you regain control, head down toward the airport and hop on the
    bridge toward Staunton Island. To get into the Yakuza compound, you'll need a
    Yakuza Stinger, so jack one if you see one on the way, but if you don't, just
    head down to the high-rise apartment buildings near the docks on the eastern
    side of the island. You should find a Yakuza Stinger parked in the lots near
    the building.
    3.	When you have a Yakuza Stinger, drive toward the spot on the map. When
    you drive into the marker, the gate will open and you will be permitted entry.
    Don't hit any of the Yakuza soldiers as you drive in here. You will see that
    the hardware they've acquired is actually a Rhino tank. (Apparently Salvatore
    doesn't realize that you've already got one as well.) Anyway, you need to
    steal this tank and then destroy it.
    4.	Get as close to the tank as you can with your car and then dismount and
    quickly hop in and press the gas. You don't want to get pulled out of the tank
    because the Yakuza will hurt you badly. Just drive back toward the entrance,
    squashing Yakuza if they're in your way, and bust through the barricade.
    5.	To destroy the tank, you can either take it to the bomb shop near the
    Pay 'n Spray in Newport and have it fitted with a bomb, or you can drive it
    up the edge of the water and get it to fall in. It's probably quicker to do
    the latter. Just drive up to the edge of the island, and when you're close to
    the very edge, start accelerating slowly until the tank appears that it's
    going to fall in, and then exit the vehicle.
    6.	When the tank is destroyed, one way or another, the mission is complete
    and you will receive a $3000 reward.
    NOTE: We are done with Salvatore for the time being, but you will receive a 
    phone call from a mysterious Asian-sounding woman shortly after completing the
    previous mission. As strange as it seems considering what you have just done to
    damage the Yakuza campaign, it appears that this woman has an axe to grind and
    wants your assistance. Her apartment is located in Torrington (on Staunton 
    Island) and is marked as 'T' on your radar. Head over there now. You might
    consider saving the game at your Staunton safehouse, because we'll be here for
    a while.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $2000 and the Minigun is available at Phil Cassidy's Gun Shop.
    1.	When you arrive at the mysterious woman's apartment, she explains that
    her life is without love, and that she wants to humiliate her husband, Kazuki
    Kasen, and drive his organization into the ground. Since you both have the
    dual purpose of ending the Yakuza's move on the Leone family, you agree to help
    her...for a price. She informs you that another arms shipment is arriving 
    from Bedford Point.
    2.	The shipment will be guarded by Yakuza soldiers, so be prepared to 
    fight. Head due west from the apartment toward the dock in Bedford Point. When
    you arrive near the blue dot, you will see a ton of red dots appear. These are
    the guards that you must eliminate. Head over toward the edge of the road
    overlooking the area.
    3.	It's probably a good idea to use the sniper rifle to take out as many
    of these guards as you can from a distance before heading in to engage them at
    closer quarters. It's not strictly necessary, though. Whip out your M60 (you
    should have collected plenty of ammo for it by now) and lock on and fire on
    the enemies as quickly as you can. There are a lot of them, but as long as you
    work quickly and stay a decent distance from them, you should cut them to
    4.	You also should take out the boats. Use the manual aim function of
    your M60 to destroy the enemy boats and their occupants. Once everyone is gone,
    you need to hop into the boat at the jetty (marked by a blue dot) and you will
    be instructed to take the boat to meet Toshiko's contact. You will need to 
    pilot the boat to the northern end of the island, near the Ferry Station.
    5.	This is a long way to go, and unfortunately, you will be pestered by
    Yakuza boats looking to destroy your boat. You must keep the boat intact for
    the whole trip, and the best way to do this is simply to go as fast as you can
    in the boat and speed on past them. They'll fire on you as they pass, but if
    you keep going, they won't be able to get close to you again.
    6. 	Be especially careful when you're turning eastward toward the contact
    point, because it's narrow here and you can damage your boat if you collide 
    with the jettys too much. Keep an eye on your map as you approach and make
    sure you don't run into the jettys on the northwest side near Aspatria.
    7.	When you enter the yellow marker, you'll discover that Toshiko's
    contact is none other than Phil Cassidy, who muses that he does so much
    business in this part of town that he should just set up out here (as he does
    in GTA III.) You'll get $2000 for completing this mission, and the Minigun will
    be available at Phil's shop.
    NOTE: The minigun is the most powerful weapon in the game, and you should take
    a detour to Phil's shop to buy it now. You should only need one purchase; at
    $10000, it's steep, but you get plenty of ammo for it, and it will be very
    valuable for the next mission.
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $3000
    1.	Toshiko's next plot against her husband is to have you destroy his car
    full of Casino money destroyed in public to further humiliate him. The money
    is being transported in three Securicars and will be departing from the Casino
    as the mission begins. You must prevent all three of them from arriving at the
    Yakuza compound from which you stole their tank.
    2.	The Securicars will be driving in formation, so grab any vehicle and
    follow them. Drive up the road past them and get out. Select your Minigun and
    face toward the approaching Securicars. You should be able to take at least 
    one of them out with a few Minigun rounds. At this point, you will get a 2-star
    wanted level, but all you have to do is destroy the vans, so don't worry about
    clearing it.
    3.	The minigun can destroy a van in no time flat, so just follow the
    remaining cars, get out, and fire from a distance to destroy them. Keep
    yourself out of the resulting explosions. When all three vans have been 
    destroyed, which shouldn't take too long with a Minigun, the mission will be
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $2000 and the Tuxedo outfit is available at your safehouses.
    1.	Toshiko's husband is getting suspicious as to how you seem to know as
    much as you do about his plans. She has little fear, and in fact, wants to 
    irritate him further by having you escort her to the opera. When you regain
    control, you are instructed to bring Toshiko's car around front. This car
    happens to be a Stretch limo parked in the clearing near the building. Get it
    and pick up Toshiko.
    2.	You must get there before the opera begins, and you'll need to get a
    change of clothes for the occasion, so you'll need to drive quickly but
    carefully to avoid unnecessary collisions. Head toward the clothes icon, get
    out, and walk into the marker to get changed, and then get back in the car.
    3.	As you head back north toward the opera house, Toshiko will unburden
    her soul regarding her hatred for her husband. Avoid accidents and you should
    make it to the opera house in time. You need to do your best to keep the limo
    in decent shape.
    4.	When you arrive, some Forellis will spot you and they're not too
    thrilled about the idea of an Italian man with a Japanese lady. When you
    regain control, waste the Forellis and then get back into the limo. Wait for
    Toshiko to get in, and then punch it.
    5.	You need to get Toshiko back to her apartment, which of course is on
    the other end of the island, and to make things interesting, Forelli cars will
    try to ram you off the road (this is why you needed to avoid damaging the limo
    on the way over.) There's not much you can do here because the limo is not 
    very fast or maneuverable, so just do your best to avoid them. It may be
    helpful to drive on the wrong side of the two-way streets, as the Forellis
    will be more likely to crash and give you some breathing room.
    6.	If you can make it back to Toshiko's apartment with the limo intact,
    you will have completed the mission. You should also notice that a Yakuza
    Stinger rolls ominously down the street as you escort Toshiko home, meaning 
    that the cat's probably out of the bag with regard to your partnership.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    1.	As expected, Toshiko informs you that Kazuki is aware of her treachery,
    and that he is sending men to kill both of you. You aren't planning to just
    wait around, so get a vehicle and head north toward Kazuki's place. When you
    arrive, you should notice that this area just so happens to be the Staunton
    Island hideout from GTA III.
    2.	Drive into the marker and you will hit the elevator button, only to
    find Kazuki's men descending to kill you. Quickly waste them with your M4 and
    head back toward the street, killing the Yakuza soldiers who have flooded in
    here. Once they're dead, you'll see a helicopter fly overhead. It's Kazuki,
    and apparently he is going to make his last stand at his casino.
    3.	When you arrive at the casino, pull out your Minigun and blast everyone
    in the area. When the coast is clear, pull out your M4 and head toward the
    steps. As you ascend the stairs, lock on to enemy targets as quickly as
    possible to kill him. There are quite a few guards here, and you need to make
    your way to the rooftop, where Kazuki is waiting. You might find it helpful
    to take out your sniper rifle to pop the enemies from a distance, because 
    you'll probably take quite a beating on your way up if they have a line of
    4.	When you've popped the heads of all the guys on the stairwells and
    balconies, head into the yellow marker near the rooftop to begin your showdown
    with Kazuki. He will insist that his guards stay out of the duel, but it's
    better to be safe than sorry. Quickly run away from Kazuki when you regain
    control, and pull out your M4 in the process. Run to each end of the building
    and kill the guards to keep them out of your way.
    5.	Collect the body armor up here if you need it. You will not be able to
    use your minigun for some reason in this battle, so use your M4. Get some 
    distance and then quickly lock on and fire a few rounds at Kazuki. As he
    approaches to slice you, run away and repeat the process. It will probably
    take three or four "hit and runs" to bring him down.
    6.	When Kazuki is dead, you'll need to take his sword to Toshiko as proof
    of his demise. You'll probably have a two-star wanted level at this point, but
    Toshiko's apartment isn't too far from the casino. Head down to ground level
    and take any vehicle in the area. Head back to the marker in front of Toshiko's
    apartment to complete the mission. She will express regret at the course of
    action she has chosen before leaping to her own death.
    NOTE: You are now finished with Toshiko Kasen's mission strand, for obvious
    reasons, and your digression in Staunton Island is finished. Head back to
    Shoreside Vale, and you should get a call from 8-Ball letting you know that
    your explosives are ready. Head over to his place to begin the mission.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: $5000
    1.	8-Ball presents you with a van that is loaded with explosives. Donald
    will call and let you know that the weakest points of the Fort Staunton area
    are along the subway lines. You'll need to go into the Porter Tunnel to find
    your way through to plant the explosives necessary to cause the necessary 
    damage for the Panlantic Construction deal to go through. The van, however,
    can't take very much damage before all of the explosives will go off, so do
    your best to avoid crashing.
    2.	Get in the van and head down toward the airport to get to the Porter
    Tunnel entrance. On your way, a Forelli car will show up and try to ram you
    off the road. Try to keep him behind you; if he bumps you from behind, the
    damage you incur will be minimal, but if he sideswipes you or knocks you
    into other cars, the damage can increase quickly.
    3.	Keep your speed up but drive carefully to avoid hitting the walls and
    rails in the tunnel area, which can be difficult, but you need to avoid too
    much damage. Follow the tunnel, doing your best to avoid the Forelli cars, and
    make a sharp right turn at the dead end into the next segment.
    4.	Keep moving and do your best to avoid the enemy cars in the Porter
    Tunnel entrance. The tunnel is unfinished, so at certain points it will be
    rather rough going. Just travel through from checkpoint to checkpoint. When you
    enter Staunton Island's underground, you will notice huge rock piles blocking
    alternating sides of the road. You will need to see these coming in advance and
    slalom between them, which will hopefully shake the Forellis off your tail as
    well. After the first few piles, the remainder of them will be on the left side
    of the road, so just stay to the right.
    4.	You will need to make another sharp right turn at the end of the
    slalom segment. In this area, there will be more gravel piles, but there are
    no guardrails and the path is more narrow, so nimbly maneuver between them.
    The Forellis will hopefully be off your tail by now, but if they aren't, these
    rock piles should take them out. When you reach the rocky part of the road,
    you'll see two Forellis down here. Run them over with the van and then drive
    over to the right into the marker to place the first explosive charge.
    5.	A timer will begin, and you'll have three minutes to plant the 
    remaining explosives and escape before the ground caves in. The second charge
    needs to be planted directly behind you, and since you're in tight quarters
    here, just back up the van all the way until you reach the checkpoint. Head
    through the tunnel and then stop when you see the next marker. You need to be
    VERY careful here, because if you attempt to go straight to the checkpoint,
    the van will probably flip over and you'll fail the mission. Drive onto the
    right platform as soon as you pass the entrance, and you'll be on solid ground
    to approach the marker. Continue through the gate until you reach the next
    explosive device.
    6.	While you're planting this device, a construction worker will yell that
    you are unauthorized personnel. You'll have to kill him to avoid leaving any
    witnesses, so pull out your M4 and waste him. Quickly clamber back to the van
    and continue ahead to the next explosive site at a dead end.
    7.	When this charge is placed, you will be told that you need to escape
    the tunnel using the subway entrance, which is in the opposite direction from
    which you came. Hop in the Bobcat parked nearby and drive toward the marker.
    You'll find that the Forellis have blocked your exit route with a car. Hop out
    of the truck, waste the Forellis, and then get back in your truck. You should
    have plenty of time to maneuver your truck onto the platform on the left,
    and if you follow the blip, you'll have to smash the gate open with your car.
    Punch it and you will drive through the tunnel, escaping just as the explosives
    begin to detonate.
    8.	Fort Staunton will go up in a blaze, with destruction raining all
    around, and you will have completed one of the tougher missions in the game.
    NOTE: After this mission is completed, you will find yourself standing amidst
    the rubble of Fort Staunton that you caused, and here you will finally have the
    opportunity to nab that elusive final Hidden Package.
    * Use chunkubis' map to pinpoint the location here, as it will help you verify
    the directions here.
    13.	Head directly south from where you regain control after the mission,
    and look to the right hand corner. You should see a destroyed house with a 
    particularly noticeable light grey concrete slab leading up toward a window.
    The package is behind here (move the camera angle so you can see it,) but to
    get it, you need to head into the rubble on the lower level and make your way
    up and around.
    NOTE: Once you've collected this package, you will have found all of the
    Hidden Packages and receive a $50,000 cash bonus. On top of this, you have
    completed every side quest and bonus mission in the game. Check your stats and
    you should find that you are at 98% completion. The end is near; only three
    missions to go.
    NOTE: Now head back to Shoreside Vale, where Donald Love seems to have found
    new living arrangements...
    DIFFICULTY: 5/10
    REWARD: $
    1.	Walk up to the marker in front of the guardhouse of the mansion in
    Cedar Grove. The gate will open and you can walk up to the front door into the
    marker to commence the mission. Donald Love is getting in touch with his
    spiritual side but his efforts are frustrated in the absence of a comforting
    corpse with which to cuddle. He informs you that the Colombians are looking for
    a payoff, and Love needs to beat a hasty retreat.
    2.	When you gain control, you'll be in front of the mansion and scores of
    Colombians will begin pouring in. Just stay where you are and get out your
    Minigun. Lock and and kill the Colombians as they enter. When Cartel Cruisers
    arrive, fire the Minigun at the vehicles to destroy them and kill the occupants
    as well as any other enemies lounging around. After several waves, pull out 
    your M4 and carefully navigate your way around the obstacles to pick off the
    remaining Cartel members. There is Body Armor in the garage if you need it and
    a health icon near the porch, but if you hang back and use the Minigun wisely,
    you shouldn't get into too much trouble.
    3.	After all of the attackers are finished, climb into the waiting
    Cheetah. You need to get Donald to the airport, and you will almost certainly
    have atwo-star wanted level at this point. The Pay 'n Spray is on your way to
    the airport, so stop there to get rid of it, just to be safe. Wait for the 
    wanted stars to disappear before heading to the airport.
    4.	Your drive to the airport should be uneventful, and there's no time
    limit, so take your time. Head to the hangar at which you dropped off the 
    corpses Donald wanted earlier, and the mission will be complete. Donald takes
    Avery's jet and leaves the city, for the time being at least.
    NOTE: You have now completed Donald Love's mission strand. After this mission,
    you should receive a phone call from a jubilant Salvatore. He's says that there
    are just a few loose ends to tie up, so go see him now.
    DIFFICULTY: 6/10
    REWARD: $4000
    1.	Salvatore's arraignment is today, so he must be transported to the
    courthouse. The police are obviously making the arrangements, but Salvatore
    is worried that the Sicilians might try to take him out before he gets a
    chance to air the dirty laundry. You need to make sure that he gets to the
    courthouse safely.
    2.	You don't want to arouse suspicion from the cops, so you'll need a 
    police car for this mission. There should be one parked nearby, either in front
    or in the side lot of the Police Station. Once you have the car, drive to the
    marker on the corner of the road near the station and you'll see the police
    caravan depart. Salvatore is in a Securicar, so it will be able to take a 
    beating, but it's not indestructible.
    3.	Stay nearby and follow the convoy to the upper dam road, where a 
    Sicilian with a rocket launcher will take out a cop car. The Securicar will
    turn around, and you should do likewise. You need to strike out ahead of the
    van and clear a path through the roadblocks as you head south through Pike
    Creek. There will be tons of enemy vehicles around, but just focus on clearing
    a path. Don't let the van get too far ahead of you, or you'll fail the mission.
    4.	There is a very fine balance that you must strike in this mission. If
    you get too far ahead of the van, you will fail the mission, but if you hang
    back too far, you can get eaten alive by the Sicilian attack cars. In general,
    the Sicilian cars won't really do all that much damage by ramming the
    Securicar, but the blockades can end the mission.
    5.	After you get through Pike Creek, stay close to the van and try to get
    the Sicilian cars off of it. Above all else, though, you need to take out
    the blockades that will appear on the bridge and on the road shortly after
    the bridge, so the best strategy is to stay slightly ahead of the van at all
    times, and when you are notified of a blockade, speed ahead and hit the cars
    in the middle.
    6.	Once you've gotten past the blockade after the bridge, just do your
    best to keep the Sicilian cars away from the Securicar. From here, however, 
    it's not too far to the courthouse, so just hope the van can hold up until it
    gets there. If it does, you'll have completed the mission and Salvatore is
    free on bail.
    NOTE: We have now completed everything in the game save the final story
    mission. Check your stats to make sure that you have 99% completion at this
    point. If you do not, read back and make sure that you have completed all of
    the prescribed tasks before attempting this final mission. It's just much more
    satisfying to reach 100% and see the final credits at the same time.
    NOTE: Salvatore has now returned to his Portland mansion, and that's where you
    will receive the final mission. To prepare for the mission, make sure that
    you have full health and armor (obviously) and a healthy supply of ammunition
    that respawns at your hideouts. While you're in Staunton, you should drop by
    Phil's Gun Shop and buy another set of Minigun ammunition, as it will prove
    invaluable during the final mission. When you are properly equipped, save at
    your Portland safehouse and head up to the mansion for the last mission.
    1.	Salvatore is not pleased with the arrangement that the Sicilians are
    attempting to broker. Impetuous indeed. Salvatore wants to go see the mayor
    about having the charges against him dropped, so grab the Mafia Sentinel
    parked near the mansion and head down toward Staunton Island. It's best not
    to use a bike for this segment, for reasons that will become obvious shortly.
    2.	Salvatore suspects that the Sicilians will try to get in the mayor's
    ear as well, so you have to try to get there first. As you make your way
    toward Callahan Bridge, you will be attacked by a Sicilian gang car. It will
    be packed with gunners, and they will fire steadily on you if you don't keep
    away as best you can. As they drive by, they may knock out a tire or two, but
    just make your way to the Callahan Bridge. If you can make it there without
    the vehicle catching fire, they won't follow you.
    3.	Once across the bridge, hook around toward City Hall. When you arrive,
    you will see a group of Sicilians waiting at the entrance. Get out of the
    car and waste them with your M4 or Minigun while Salvatore heads inside to 
    collect the mayor. When you've killed the Sicilians, Salvatore will emerge
    without the mayor in tow. It seems the Sicilians have already taken him away.
    4.	You must now head down to the pier marked on the map. It's in the area
    in which you completed the Go Go Faggio side mission. If your car wasn't
    damaged too badly, hop back in and head toward the marker, but if it's smashed
    up (indicated by black smoke emitting from the exhaust)	secure alternate
    transportation before you go. Use the road just south of the parking garage in
    Newport to get down to the pier level.
    5.	You shouldn't face any trouble from the Sicilians on your way to the
    pier. Head all the way back through the containers and drive into the marker
    near the staircase leading down to the jetty. You'll see some Sicilians board
    a speedboat and hasten away. When you regain control, you'll be prompted to
    kill the Sicilian down on the jetty. Lock on and fire with your M4 to do so,
    and then you and Salvatore will hop into another boat to give chase.
    6.	At this point, you will be in another rail-shooting segment, with
    Salvatore piloting the boat and you at the guns. This time, the boat is
    equipped with a Minigun, so it should make quick work of the enemies you'll
    face if your aim is true. Keep an eye on your radar to discover from which
    directions your enemies are attacking as you chase the Sicilians.
    7.	The first few boats will appear from behind, so look back and waste
    them with the Minigun as they approach. It shouldn't take long to blow them
    up. After the first wave, the boats will start appearing much more frequently,
    and the waves will start chopping heavily, causing the boat to bob quickly and
    disrupting your aim. At this point, it's best to mostly aim laterally, because
    the vertical aim will change so much it's almost pointless to try to fight it.
    Just aim properly horizontally and as the boat sinks and bobs the gun will
    eventually hit the enemy boats. It doesn't take many rounds to at least set a
    boat on fire, so you can focus on keeping your horizontal alignment proper.
    When things get really hairy, focus on the closer boats first, as they are the
    most likely to damage you.
    8.	Salvatore will let you know when a chopper is above you. When this
    happens, drop everything and take down the helicopter, because it can deal
    heavy damage if you let it be. Almost all of the enemies will appear behind
    you, so keep the reticle aimed to the rear unless the radar indicates that
    there is a boat beside you or right in front of you. Handle the closer threats
    first, and you should be able to make it to the Lighthouse intact.
    9.	Once you reach the Lighthouse, you and Salvatore will climb out. Now
    you must scale the rock paths up to the house itself, which will be no simple
    task because the area is swarming with Sicilians. Pull out your sniper rifle
    and try to take out as many enemies as you can from a distance as you ascend.
    They will have the advantage of height, so you'll have to work quickly. They
    are heavily armed, and can shred your armor quickly, so if you are taking
    damage, try and kill them with your Minigun. If you can target them but your
    shots have no effect, you need to either pull out your sniper rifle and kill
    them quickly from a distance or keep moving until you have a clear shot. You'll
    probably take damage in this section; there's really no avoiding it.
    10.	As you get near the staircase, be wary of a Sicilian who pops out from
    behind some containers to fire at you and then ducks back beneath them. Stay
    back a distance from this guy and get him with your sniper rifle as he pops
    up. This way you won't have to worry about getting damaged if your lock-on
    shots don't hit him.
    11.	When the area is clear of enemies, get the Minigun armed and walk into
    the yellow marker at the top of the staircase. A Sicilian is holding Mayor 
    O'Donovan at gunpoint, and Salvatore screams idle threats at the Sicilian
    higher-ups, Mossimo and Torini, as they board their chopper. When you regain
    control, quickly move forward and around the ledge to pick up the Body Armor.
    You will take damage quickly in this segment, but the Minigun will take down
    the chopper in no time flat. Just lock on and fire, and it will go down in a
    spectacular crash.
    *	Having saved the mayor from the Sicilians, O'Donovan meekly submits to
    Salvatore's requests, and Salvatore confirms with an elder Sicilian that he is
    now satisfied with arrangements. He promises you a half million dollars, and
    although you balk at the reduced figure, how can you put a price tag on
    *	You have completed the game. Enjoy the lengthy credit sequence, which
    involves a vehicle's eye view of Liberty City's scenery. When it concludes,
    you will be rewarded with a whopping $500,000 and will be standing outside of
    Ma Cipriani's restaurant. Liberty City is now at your command. 
    NOTE: Congratulations! You have achieved 100% completion of Grand Theft Auto:
    Liberty City Stories. Now that you've reached this elite plateau, you will
    benefit from the following rewards:
    * A Rhino tank spawns at Fort Staunton in the rubble.
    * Vehicles will now take double damage.
    * You now have unlimited ammunition for all of your weapons.
    Congrats once again and enjoy the perks you get for 100% completion. I hope
    you enjoyed this game and found this FAQ useful.
    As this is the first version of the FAQ, I haven't actually received any
    queries as of yet, but here is a sampling of those that I might expect to 
    Q:	I did everything you said, but I still don't have 100%! Why?
    A:	The short answer is that you actually didn't do everything I said.
    The long answer is that you need to make sure that you comply with the status
    checks that I provide at various points in the game to help you at least
    isolate the range of tasks in which you might have skipped one. I composed 
    this guide as I played through the game from 0% to 100%, and I wrote each
    section as I completed the task, so unless I accidentally deleted something,
    it's all here. Anyone who can specifically point out otherwise is welcome to
    e-mail me and let me know.
    Q:	Isn't there a better/easier/more fun way to do [insert task here]?
    A:	There very well could be. I don't claim to have the ultimate strategies
    in this guide; they are just the ones that worked well for me and I believe
    that they should work well for most. If you have a specific suggestion to make
    something easier or think there is a compelling reason to alter the order of
    the prescribed tasks, feel free to let me know. If it's significant, I'll
    change it and give you the credit.
    Q:	[Insert item here] is incorrect!
    A:	I strive for accuracy and consistency in my work, so if you know for a
    fact that something in this guide is objectively incorrect, or if you spot
    typographical errors or the like, feel free to let me know and I'll fix the
    erroneous sections and credit you below.
    Q:	Are you planning to make a Vice City Stories guide?
    A:	If it's requested enough, and it's released for the PS2, I might
    consider it, but I doubt I'll have the time. I'm frankly kind of burned out
    at this point. 
    * If I get asked certain questions enough, I'll put modified versions of them
    in this section for future revisions.
    Obviously, credit is due to Rockstar Games for making this excellent game, and
    porting it to the PS2 for those of us who can't afford/don't want the PSP.
    Other credits (in no particular order):
    -Scott MacDowall (InsideOutBoy) for the layout and approach for this guide. His
    GTA3 and Vice City 100% Completion FAQ's were the inspiration for this guide,
    and he is due an enormous amount of credit, as I have striven to emulate his
    guides to the closest extent possible. 
    -chunkubis, for the excellent maps used as a placefinder for this guide.
    -Gaseous Snake, for his excellent general LCS FAQ, which provided many pointers
    that I found valuable in completing the game the first time through.
    -All of the other contributors to the LCS page on GameFAQs, as their works were
    occasionally referred to for verification of observations.
    -thekosmicfool part 2, for clarifying certain questions about the Slash TV
    side mission and the requirements with respect to 100% completion.
    -CJayC, the founder of GameFAQs, the best repository of gaming information in
    the world.

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