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    Plot Guide by HappyWomble

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                                  ©2006 Rob White
                                  a.k.a HappyWomble
                                  04/09/06 - V1.01
    1. The Intro....
    1a. Introduction
    1b. TED (The Essential Disclaimer)
    1c. Legal Information
    1d. Version History And Development Notes
    1e. Contact Details
    1f. Contributors
    2. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
    2a. Basic Information On GTA:LCS
    2b. The Characters Of GTA:LCS
    2c. Home Sweet Home: A Plot Synopsis Of GTA:LCS
        I: Portland
        II: Staunton Island
        II: Shoreside Vale
    2d. The Conclusion Of GTA:LCS
    2e. Conclusions About The Conclusion
    2f. Random Musings
        (a) Characters
        (b) Continuity
        (c) Cutscenes
        (d) Miscellaneous
        (e) Unanswered Questions
        (g) Film References
        (h) Other References
        (i) Advertisements
        (j) Mistakes
    2g. Mission Order
    2h. The Cast Of GTA:LCS
    3. Assorted GTA Related Links
    4. ....And The Outro
    5. About The Author
                                  1. The Intro....
    1a. Introduction
    Hello and welcome to this plot guide for the PSP and Playstation2 game Grand
    Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. In the guide I'll attempt to lead you
    through the story of this most recent addition to the GTA series and explain
    how this game's plot fits in to the GTA continuity.
    The GTA series, as ever, is going from strength to strength and with Grand
    Theft Auto IV and GTA: Vice City Stories recently announced by Rockstar
    Games I've decided to use the available free time I have to finally finish
    off my GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas plot guides and add this one to
    the collection.
    Of course, if you've played through the storyline missions in the game there
    isn't going to be a lot more for you to see here, but there are many
    interesting ideas in GTA:LCS, and the new side-story continuity is just one
    of them.
            *Obviously this guide is going to contain a ton of spoilers*
    GTA:LCS adds a new twist to things. If Rockstar are prepared to make more of
    these 'Stories' series of games we'll probably see characters from
    previously released games, no matter how small their part, taking a lead
    I've decided to use the same format for this guide as my other plot guides,
    so if you get a stong sense of deja vu, you're not going mad, and you can
    take that psychiatrist off your speed-dial.
    Before we begin, I just *love* using acronyms....
    GTAIII - Grand Theft Auto III
    GTA:VC - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
    GTA:SA - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    GTA:LCS - Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
    GTA:VCS - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (Unreleased)
    GTA:A - Grand Theft Auto: Advance
    GTA:IV - Grand Theft Auto IV (Unreleased)
    a.g.g-t-a - The alt.games.grand-theft-auto newsgroup
    1b. TED (The Essential Disclaimer)
    Before we get on with the guide, let me explain something. Imagine these
    words in a size 50 font in bright red lettering:
    I am fairly convinced that you don't meet up with Dan Houser or any other
    member of the Rockstar team for drinks down the local pub, and you didn't
    inspire any member of staff about any of the character definitions. Unless
    you've got any good feedback or constructive criticism for this guide, do
    NOT send me email. I won't reply and you'll be killfiled instantly, so even
    if you subsequently *DO* have something interesting or relevant to say, I
    won't receive it.
    I don't wish to sound like an utter bastard, but it's going to tax my sanity
    if I get 100+ emails from people claiming they know all of Rockstar's
    in-house secrets when it's quite obvious they don't.
    Does anybody actually think I'm stupid enough to believe that a company
    that's made millions from some of the most popular and anticipated games in
    history is going to tell someone they've never met just what they've got
    planned? At the time of writing the next instalment, Grand Theft Autos IV
    and Vice City Stories, has been announced. I know for definite that Rockstar
    haven't shown us anything as yet.
    I also will not tolerate people mailing me for gameplay advice. There's a
    *huge* selection for both games on gamefaqs.com. The closest this guide
    comes to a walkthrough or strategy guide is where I've Toni a specific
    method of, say, killing somebody. Again, please note this is based on how I
    completed the game.
    Sure, there are certain elements of gameplay which affect the plot, but I'm
    not answering any questions on gameplay, just what's relevant.
    Thanks go to Dan Birlew and Thomas Wilde (a.k.a President Evil) for general
    concept inspiration, read their Resident Evil plot analysis on gamefaqs.com.
    Bloody good show chaps.
    TED (The Essential Disclaimer) appears courtesy of Vincent Merken.
    Many thanks to my squeeze Olivia for putting up with the surly bastard I am
    and making me happy. I'm hoping one day she'll get in to the GTA games as
    much as I have....
    A big thank you to GameFAQs for letting people like me contribute and
    finally cheers to your good self for reading this.
    1c. Legal Information
    This guide is 100% copyrighted to me, Rob White. It must be distributed
    without charge, and may only appear on Gamefaqs. This is the ONLY website I
    am submitting this too. If somebody puts this on any other website I'll see
    you in court. Copyright violation isn't just annoying, it's against the law.
    It's happened enough over the years to seriously make me consider writing
    anything at all. Incidentally, GameFAQs has to be one of the best gaming
    resources on the net. Have a good look around, you won't be disapointed.
    At a later date, I might decide to allow this guide (And my GTAIII guide
    come to that) to appear on a few other select websites. I already have a few
    good ideas where it will be appreciated.
    1d. Version History And Development Notes
    V1.00 - First off the production line and no doubt riddled with
            typographical errors and bad grammar (Not).
    V1.01 - This version. Fixed a few things and added a new random musing. Th
            next update should be a biggie, I've got an awful lot of feedback
            from some of the forum guys and gals.
    07/07/06 - Having got hold of the Playstation2 port of GTA:LCS, I've started
               work. So far I'm at the start of Staunton Island.
    09/07/06 - Now at the start of Shoreside Vale, but also now have all mission
               cutscenes and relevant information on video (Something I couldn't
               have done on the PSP).
    12/07/06 - Guide started. I thought the plot synopsis should come first
               whilst the bulk of the storyline is fresh in my head and I still
               have videos of the cutscenes and important plot points.
    12/08/06 - Due to work commitments the guide has taken a while but....has
               finally been finished. Just need to go through it, correct any
               mistakes and make sure that the layout matches my GTAIII plot
    18/08/06 - (Early hours) Lack of sleep has made me go through it again. I'm
               satisfied it'll make an entertaining and informative read. I
               think I need to be sedated.
    23/08/06 - V1.00 is ready to rock'n'roll and has been uploaded to Gamefaqs.
    25/08/06 - Last minute tweaking, *now* it's uploaded. Informed a.g.g-t-a and
               a few of my favourite forums. Hoping for lots of feedback.
    29/08/06 - New random musing added ('Summer Of Sam'),
    04/09/06 - Minor update, I'm just processing feedback for the next version.
               Bizarrely, I've started to receive a lot of mail for my GTAIII
               guide again too
    This guide was made on an Acorn A3020 computer running RISC OS 3.11 and an
    Acorn PocketBook palm-top (For writing in the park on a glorious sunny day)
    and uploaded to the net on a StrongARM'd RISC PC700 machine. Long Live
    British Computers.
    1e. Contact Details
    I can be contacted by email at robthemod@googlemail.com
    This is no doubt a shameless plug but Google really does have an excellent
    service. I only signed up a few months ago and already have 2.7gb of storage
    space. A friend of mine who's been with them from the start has over 8gb!
    The new address is more convenient as everyone seems to be using HTML email
    clients and my faithful Acorn's software can't display it properly.
    In accordance with TED, please do not send me unsolicited emails. Anything
    not related to GTA:LCS or previous guides and FAQs I've written will be
    deleted without viewing so don't bother.
    1f. Contributors
    None yet.
                     2. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
    2a. Basic Information On GTA:LCS
    GTA:LCS was released on the Sony Playstation Portable to considerable
    fanfare on the 24th October 2005 in North America and the 28th October 2005
    in Europe. What really upped the anticipation was that it was announced as
    an exclusive game for the Sony Playstation Portable hand-held console and
    and marked the beginning of a new breed of Grand Theft Auto game.
    What really stands out as a technical achievement is the fact that Liberty
    City now uses the modified engine used for GTA:VC and thus takes advantage
    of the gameplay improvements Rockstar made (Ability to pop tires, smoother
    graphics, motorcycles that use proper physics, to list but a few).
    Furthermore, they squeezed it on to a Sony Universal Media Device (UMD), the
    format that PSP games and movies play on.
    Due to the tremendous success of the PSP version, a Playstation2 port was
    announced in the second quarter of 2006 and released on the 6th July 2006 in
    America. A European version soon followed and was released on the 23rd June
    2006. It represents brilliant value for money and despite not having some of
    the quality, difficulty and longevity seen in other GTA games is a worthy
    addition to any gamers' collection. Only one change was made to this port;
    the multiplayer was removed.
    The story is set in 1998, three years before the events of GTAIII. You take
    control of Toni Cipriani who was once a trusted wise guy with the Leone
    Mafia family. After an unspecified time of absence away from Liberty City
    waiting for everything to cool down after killing a made man, Toni has
    returned to work for his old boss Salvatore Leone.
    Liberty City, which has recently won the vote of 'Worst Place In America'
    for the eighth time in twelve years, is a city on the edge of destroying
    The three warring families of Mafiosi, the Leones, Sindaccos and Forellis
    now have to put up with other gangs, political corruption, drug trafficking
    and union strikes. With all of these problems plus his Mother's
    interference, Toni is forced to take action to secure his place in
    leadership with the Leone family.
    2b. The Characters Of GTA:LCS
    This is a near-complete list of the characters in GTA:LCS. As you'll see,
    many return from previous games and add yet more depth to the GTA storyline.
    Small part characters, as in new characters we only see once or twice
    throughout the game, are not included. Small part returning characters (Like
    Miguel) are included however.
    I've tried to organize this section in order of appearance, phonecalls or
    cutscene mentions. If you think I've missed anybody please do get in touch.
    Toni Cipriani
    Your controllable character throughout the game, Toni had to leave Liberty
    City for an unspecified time (It's referred to as 'a long time' in
    cutscenes) and has now returned to continue working for the Leone Mafia
    family. In GTA:LCS he's relatively small time, but obviously becomes a boss
    by the events of GTAIII. He carries out his orders with a professional
    quality and is quite the hardened criminal. He's a no-nonsense kind of
    protoganist, just what a GTA needs as a lead character.
    Salvatore Leone
    The don of Liberty City's strongest Mafia family, Sal hasn't changed much
    since we first encountered him in GTA:SA in 1994. He's still very much
    concerned about the other gangs muscling in on his business. and is
    ruthless in his quest for vengeance against anyone who stands in his way.
    The bond between him and Toni progresses throughout the game and despite his
    paranoia rightfully considers Mr. Cipriani a trusted ally.
    Vincenzo Cilli
    "Lucky" doesn't have much of a backstory, but appears to be quite a
    figurehead in the Leone business. At certain times throughout Portland's
    missions it would appear that he's one of Salvatore's right-hand men. Toni
    will start working for him from the start but ends up quite annoyed at the
    way Cilli pushes him around. Towards the end of Portland, Vincenzo is killed
    after leading Toni in to a trap in the mission "The Portland Chainsaw
    JD O'Toole
    Joseph Daniel O'Toole is the manager of the Sindacco-run Revue Bar in the
    Red Light District. It's clear from his cutscenes that he's quite
    the pervert, from a disturbing interest in snuff films to S&M right down to
    some deeply suspicious lines ('I Haven't felt this nervous since the day the
    FBI searched my harddrive') which insinuate that he's a paedophile. JD
    defects to the Leone family, supplying information about the Sindacco's
    movements. After the bar is under Salvatore's control, JD foolishly thinks
    that Salvatore is going to make him a made man, but is killed by Mickey
    Ma Cipriani
    Toni's mother is one of the few characters who's important to the plot but
    doesn't get much of a chance to have their role expanded. It would appear
    from the cutscenes that Toni didn't tell her he was leaving Liberty City,
    and didn't tell her he was back either. She constantly criticizes Toni's
    actions ('Why can't you be more like your pa?') but after Toni is made
    becomes the loving mother.
    Giovanni Casa
    Casa runs a deli in Portland and is a respectable businessman, despite
    having a penchant for dressing up as a baby. He stops paying his protection
    money after Toni takes photographs of him partaking in his fetish. Toni
    kills him to prove a point to his mother ('I wish you had Giovanni's
    guts....'). Other than that, there's not a lot more to say.
    Dan Sucho
    Sucho only appears once (In "Grease Sucho") and is involved in streetracing.
    According to Ma Cipriani he treats his mother with real respect, which is
    Toni's cue to kill him and make an example.
    Jane Hopper
    She's the head of the worker's union who's transport strikes are causing
    untold problems for Salvatore. The ferry port and the docks in Portland
    and the lift bridge in Staunton Island are picketed, making it difficult to
    gain entry. Toni scares her in to dropping the strikes towards the end of
    Portland's missions.
    Maria La Torre
    Good old Maria is another character who hasn't changed much. Towards the end
    of GTA:SA, the start of GTA:LCS and all the way through GTAIII her role is
    to be the sleazy Italian-American girlfriend of Salvatore. This is the first
    game in the GTA series which has her firmly down as a drug addict and a
    nymphomaniac. If she did survive after GTAIII (Remember the closing scene's
    gunshot?) it's entirely possible she'll try and get with the next
    protoganist. She's already tried it on with Claude and Toni.
    Cedric "Wayne" Fotheringay
    Wayne is a biker who only appears twice. After Maria puts herself up for
    first prize in a bike race around Portland in "Booby Prize" Toni steps in to
    win the race and save her, but she goes off with Wayne. In "Biker Heat" the
    opening cutscene has Maria lying on a bed after being beaten up by Wayne,
    and Toni finds him and kills him. Nothing more to say, his role is pretty
    minor. His full name is given in the graveyard in Staunton Island (See
    Section 2f Random Musings).
    Miguel is a Colombian who, despite his important role in GTAIII, only
    appears once during the mission "Contra-Banned". Nothing much is known about
    him but it's clear that during the three year period between GTA:LCS and
    GTAIII he's one of the senior members of the Colombian Cartel. It's also
    unknown whether Catalina has hooked up with him yet.
    Massimo Torini
    A Sicilian who's keeping his eye on Salvatore's business , Massimo is the
    suspected rat in "Calm Before The Storm". He has apparently been sent to
    Liberty City as Salvatore has stopped paying his tribute back to the old
    country (Basically, a cut of his profits). He is also the one responsible
    for the Diablos and Triads gaining much-needed Leone turf. He is killed by
    Toni in the final mission "The Sicilian Gambit" on the Portland lighthouse
    Mickey Hamfists
    Mickey is a made mobster working for the Leone family. He appears twice in
    GTA:LCS (In the missions "A Made Man" and "Making Toni") and a couple of
    times in GTAIII where he's Luigi Goterelli's bodyguard. He assassinates JD
    O'Toole during the former mission, and Toni has his doubts about him in the
    latter. For Rockstar to include him in GTA:LCS in such a small role makes me
    wonder why they didn't give any of the other small-part gangsters names.
    Mayor Roger C. Hole
    R.C. Hole is the Mayor of Liberty City and is under the control of the
    Forelli Family. He's hassling Salvatore about his affairs so Toni is asked
    by Sal to whack him whilst he's jogging. It's only later on when Toni has
    retrieved Hole's phone that Salvatore finally gets to know about the Mayor
    being Franco Forelli's man in office.
    Donald Love
    Donald love returns to the GTA series for the third time. This time his
    character has been given much more insight, and we now know he hosts
    infamous 'morgue parties', is a possible cannibal and has had a taste for
    the high life for quite a while. Donald runs for office in the Mayoral
    elections and almost wins before a popularity slump makes him lose to rival
    businessman Miles O'Donovan. The election bankrupts him to the tune of
    $20million, and later on is found residing at the Flophouse in Shoreside
    Vale where Toni helps him get back on his feet. Donald asks Toni to kill his
    old mentor Avery Carrington who is doing a deal with the Panlantic
    Construction Company. After Avery's death the deal goes through, but this
    time with Love making a profit. Donald is the person who introduces Toni to
    8-Ball as he is supplying the explosives that lay waste to Fort Staunton.
    Donald leaves the city shortly after this as the Colombians are trying to
    kill him.  Finally, The Love Media empire seems to be very small in GTA:LCS,
    but by the time of GTAIII has expanded.
    Ned Burner
    "Father" Ned is apparently the priest who can be found giving the missions
    for the church confessional. Later on he's exposed as a reporter working for
    the Liberty Tree newspaper, is killed by Toni at Donald Love's request and
    his last appearance is at Love's morgue party.
    Miles O'Donovan
    O'Donovan is the Mayor-elect running against Donald Love for leadership of
    Liberty City. He wins thanks to Toni's nefarious activities and is later
    kidnapped by the Sicilians and rescued by Toni and Salvatore. His rescue
    means that Liberty City now has a Mayor under Leone control, at least until
    the events of GTAIII.
    Franco Forelli
    Head honcho of the Forelli Mafia family, GTA veterans might remember his
    brother Sonny being blown away by Tommy Vercetti in GTA:VC. In GTA:LCS
    Franco's organisation has control of Mayor Hole and are being pushed by the
    Sicilians to initiate a gang war between all three Mafia families. Franco
    and his brother had control of most of Liberty City during the 1980s but
    since Sonnys death and the disastrous partnership with the other families to
    run Caligula's Casino their business has suffered quite a bit. Franco's
    whereabouts are unknown after 1998. He doesn't even turn up in GTAIII.
    Leon McAffrey
    Every city should have a dirty cop, and Liberty City is no exception. Leon
    is an old associate of of Salvatores and gives Toni information about the
    numerous gangs struggling to gain and hold territory. All he's interested in
    is his share of the profits. After the mission "Munitions Dump", he contacts
    Toni to sever all ties. In 2001, he's killed by Claude for being a suspected
    rat by....
    Ray Machowski
    ....Ray Machowski. In 1998 Ray is forty years old, has only just become a
    detective and is still pretty naive when it comes to McAffrey's particular
    method of police work. He appears in GTA:LCS in the missions "Crazy '69"
    and "Munitions Dump". In years to come he'll leave Liberty City when the
    authorities get wise to his actions, which have gathered steam since he was
    a rookie working with Leon.
    Paulie Sindacco
    Paulie is the leading man of the Sindacco family and has quite a lot of turf
    and influence around Liberty City. He either co-headed the organisation or
    became leader after his brother Johnnie was killed in 1992 by Carl Johnson
    (Well, he did *cause* the heart attack). The Sindacco-owned Revue Bar named
    after Paulie is taken from them by the Leone family and the chap running it,
    JD O'Toole, is feeding them information. This causes the Sindaccos to lose a
    substantial part of the Red Light District. Paulie is killed by Toni during
    the mission "Dead Reckoning". It's unknown who takes over the family after
    GTA:LCS, but whoever it is must have decided to leave Liberty City and
    concentrate their efforts on Caligula's Casino. There's no mention at all of
    any Sindacco family member in GTAIII three years later.
    Lionel is Toni's lawyer alter-ego as this is the only way Toni and Salvatore
    can talk to each other when Salvatore gets arrested late in the game.
    Funnily enough, he looks just like Toni but with a smart suit, groomed hair
    and glasses.
    Avery Carrington
    Donald Love's old mentor is still very much in to property since we last saw
    him in in 1986 in GTA:VC. He arrives in Liberty City to close the Panlantic
    Contruction deal involving Fort Staunton. Toni kills him to get the
    Panlantic plans for Donald. GTA veterans might remember seeing him as
    the 'Vegas Vic' cowboy sign in Las Venturas, San Andreas.
    8-Ball returns in GTA:LCS as Liberty City's premier supplier of explosive
    devices. This time it's to furnish Toni with a van packed with explosives at
    Donald Love's request so that Fort Staunton gets destroyed. Other than that
    we only see him twice, once in "No Money, Mo' Problems" and again "Bringing
    The House Down".
    Toshiko Kasen
    Toshiko is the downtrodden wife of Kazuki. She asks Toni to ridicule and
    eventually kill her husband for his neglect over the years. She mentions
    during the drive to the opera house in "A Date With Death" that Kazuki would
    not have become waka-gashira if it wasn't for her. After she hears of
    Kazuki's death she commits suicide by jumping out of her high-rise condo
    Kazuki Kasen
    Kazuki is the waka-gashira of Liberty City's Yakuza gang. He owns and runs
    the Big Shot Casino and has all but forgotten his wife Toshiko exists. He
    eventually twigs that it's his wife who's giving the opposition information
    and after ordering his men to kill Toni in a surprise attack he is killed
    himself on the casino roof.
    Phil Cassidy
    The One Armed Bandit returns for a third time in a GTA game. Since leaving
    Vice City some time in the late 1980s or early 1990s Phil has set himself up
    as an arms supplier (Irony?). He owns the Fully Cocked gun shop but says to
    Toni during his one appearance (In "Shogun Showdown") that he wishes he'd
    set himself up at Staunton Island ferry port as that's where the majority of
    his business takes place. Phil obviously stayed in Liberty City after
    GTA:LCS as he features in GTAIII.
    Not much is known about this elderly gentleman as he only appears the once
    (In the final cutscene of the game after "The Sicilian Gambit") and isn't
    exactly talkative. He's Sicilian and has come to Liberty City to talk with
    Salvatore. When the problem with Salvatore's tribute 'to the old country'
    has been rectified he shuffles off. Something tells me that if there's
    another GTA game featuring a Mafia theme this old boy will probably make a
    2c. Home Sweet Home: A Plot Synopsis Of GTA:LCS
    And here we have the main body of this document. Remember one thing: This
    guide is laid out in the order that I completed the missions. In a seperate
    section afterwards is the mission order used.
    Please note that this guide is only following the storyline missions. It
    does NOT include (Deep breath): Hidden Packages, Unique Jumps, Rampages,
    Taxi Driver, Paramedic, Vigilante, Fire Fighter, Trash Dash, Any of the bike
    or car races, Noodle Punk, Scrapyard Challenge, Bumps And Grinds, Any of the
    RC missions, Any of the rail shooters, Pizzaboy, Avenging Angels, Car or
    Bike saleman, Love Media garage list, Slash TV, Karmageddon and finally See
    The Sight Before Your Flight. Savvy? Good.
                                  | I: Portland |
    For once, it's a quiet evening in Portland, Liberty City as a coach pulls in
    to Chinatown and drops a passenger off. He's Toni Cipriani, and he's been
    out of town for a while. He crosses the street to use the payphone, but when
    nobody on the other end picks up he hails a taxi.
    His destination is the Leone gentleman's club in Saint Mark's where he meets
    with his old boss Salvatore Leone, distinguished head of the Leone Mafia
    crime family, and Vincenzo "Lucky" Cilli who just might have some work for
    Toni now he's back on the streets.
    It's obvious Toni quite disapproves of taking orders from Vincenzo,
    especially considering what he's done for the family in the past, but after
    being rebuked by Salvatore for disrespect he falls in line.
    Vincenzo already has a few tasks for Toni lined up, so they leave
    Salvatore's place to head for Vincenzo's warehouse in Atlantic Quays. On the
    way, they stop off at a safehouse so Toni can grab a change of clothes and
    really look the gangster part.
    Toni's first job is find a dealer working for the family who hasn't brought
    any money in for days. He leaves Vincenzo and travels to Saint Mark's to
    meet the dealer and find out what's going on. The dealer unconvincingly
    swears he's feeling ill, but Toni puts pressure on him to go back to work.
    On the way back to Chinatown the dealer mentions that the Sindacco crime
    family are trying to muscle in on Leone turf and that if he stays on the
    streets he'll get killed. Ignoring him, Toni returns to Atlantic Quays to
    see Vincenzo.
    Vincenzo is having a well-earned dump when Toni returns, and talks to him
    through the bathroom door. As it turns out Vincenzo is still not receiving
    any money from the dealer, which is hardly surprising when the dealer, just
    like he stated, has been killed by the Sindaccos on the street.
    For an act of revenge, Toni travels back in to Chinatown to what was
    supposed to be Leone turf and kills three Sindacco dealers before going back
    to see Vincenzo.
    Vincenzo asks him if he remembers a guy called JD O'Toole, which he does. JD
    runs a Sindacco controlled strip club called 'Paulie's Revue Bar' and has
    decided, for reasons best known to himself, to switch sides and join the
    Leone family. This could work out well for the Leone family, as JD could be
    an inside man and find out whatever the Sindaccos are planning.
    There's a slight problem though; JD has his actions constantly monitored by
    a Sindacco bodyguard. Vincenzo sees a solution, and tells Toni to travel to
    the construction yard in Hepburn Heights and take him out. After shopping at
    Ammu-Nation for a weapon, Toni shoots his way in to the compound with
    little hassle and kills the bodyguard and a few other Sindacco goons. He
    also picks up the bodyguard's mobile phone as evidence he's completed the
    job, which JD phones him on right away.
    JD is a known pervert, and informs Toni that he caught the murder on tape
    and that this "snuff" film will give him his own amusement later on. Toni
    remembers that JD owes him some money, and JD requests that Toni take the
    now deceased bodyguard's car as a deposit and he'll take care of the
    Sindacco corpses. After a quick respray of the car, Toni heads back to
    Vincenzo for another task.
    When Toni returns, Vincenzo is livid. A three-man gang have been pinned down
    by the police during a simple petrol station hold-up and now it's Toni's
    responsiblity to go down there to rescue them and bring them back safely.
    He jumps in a suitably large car and rushes down there to collect them. With
    little hassle, he manages to get all of the gang and goes to a Pay'n'Spray
    to respray the getaway car and lose the cops. Toni then returns to Vincenzo
    in Atlantic Quays.
    Vincenzo is on the phone to his Mother when Toni pops in, and he's also
    receiving some specialist treatment from a lady with negotiable affections.
    After a brief conversation about respect, he instructs Toni to go down to
    Trenton and pick up a car that has a stash of drugs in.
    The second Toni gets in the car a couple of police cars arrive. Toni drives
    the car all the way to a Pay'n'Spray to make the car clean and lose the cops
    again. Hindered all the way, he just about makes it and sets off to deliver
    the car to one of Vincenzo's lock-ups.
    Toni receives a phone call from Vincenzo and insinuates that he was set up.
    After strong words, Toni decides to leave Vincenzo's employ and takes the
    tainted car to the car crusher in nearby Harwood, supposedly to teach
    Vincenzo a lesson on etiquette.
    Now that Toni requires work from somebody else, he travels down to Paulie's
    Revue Bar in the Red Light District to visit JD O'Toole. Wearing as he is a
    distinctive Leone suit JD requires him to be wearing something a little
    less conspicuous, ideally something that makes him look like anything other
    than a Leone henchman, and insists he gets a change of clothes.
    After a costume change, Toni arrives back at the bar to collect the money
    that JD owes and sees that JD has had a costume change of his own. JD
    answers the door in typical S&M attire and, much to Toni's annoyance,
    mentions that he doesn't have the money owed as "they" are being ripped off.
    He and Toni leave to find out what's going on. As it turns out, the hookers
    in the area who normally pay JD haven't paid him so they head round the area
    looking for the girls. After collecting the due money and despatching any
    pimps daring to mess with JD's girls, they return to Paulie's Revue Bar.
    JD informs Toni that he's just heard that Paulie's is about to be raided by
    the police imminently. The police aren't coming for the regular reasons
    however. Salvatore Leone is giving some of the working girls a "special"
    visit, probably involving some stuff you can't get a license for. He has to
    be out of the place soon, and JD wants Toni to get him away as soon as
    Toni meets Don Salvatore out the front just as the cops arrive. He has no
    choice but to lose the heat and takes the car to the nearby Pay'n'Spray
    before escorting Salvatore back to his "gentleman's club" in Saint Mark's.
    Salvatore is pleased with Toni, and tells him that if he needs any work in
    the future he only has to drop by.
    In the meantime Toni goes to see JD. As the man on the inside JD hasn't
    really given the Leones any good information on any of the Sindacco's
    operations. Until now that is. The Sindaccos are planning to blow up a
    gaming house in Saint Mark's that is under the Leone control.
    Toni arrives outside the casino and answers his ringing phone. It's JD on
    the other end, and he tells Toni that a bunch of Sindacco goons are on their
    way. A first car-load skids to a halt and Toni gives it his all to help the
    gaming house's doormen stop Sindaccos from getting to the casino and
    planting explosives. Upon taking all of them out a second car-load arrives
    and Toni kills them too.
    After two valiant attempts, the Sindaccos have a load of dead gangsters and
    a still-standing enemy casino and decide to send in a large truck packed
    with explosives. They park it right in front and Toni quickly jumps in the
    truck cab and successfully drives it a short distance down the road where it
    won't damage the casino. With the gaming house safe and with nothing else to
    do, Toni goes back to Paulie's Revue Bar.
    When Toni arrives, he gets an angry phonecall. It's his Mother, berating him
    for not calling him or dropping by to say hello even though he's back in
    town. Ever the hard man but no doubt unnerved, Toni goes to meet JD.
    JD tells Toni about a place that the Sindaccos own called The Doll's House
    which operates as a casino and bordello in one. Things could be bad for the
    Leones if this place is thriving, so to strike a blow JD suggests that Toni
    blows it up.
    Parked a little way down the road is one of the Sindacco gang's cars, an
    Argento. To actually get anywhere near this place, Toni drives this as to
    not arouse suspicion and takes it to 8-Ball's bomb shop to have some
    explosives fitted. He then drives it to The Doll's House to create a little
    When he arrives four of the Sindacco's number are waiting around in a little
    parking area. Toni drives the Argento car in to a spot that will cause the
    most damage and makes his escape. When he's a safe distance away he
    activates the remote radio controller and detonates the bomb. A huge
    explosion rips through The Doll's House, demolishing it and dealing a huge
    blow to the Sindacco's business.
    Remembering the recent phone call from his Mother, Toni decides to pay her a
    visit. Ma Cipriani obviously disapproves of her son and continues to
    chastise him for not getting in contact whilst he was away from Liberty
    City. She compares him to Giovanni Casa, a local businessman who runs a
    traditional Sicilian deli. Toni mentions that there's no way he is like
    Casa, and going on what he peraonally knows, calls him a pervert.
    To prove he's right and to try at least a little to get in his Mother's good
    books, he leaves to go and see Casa. On the way, he stops off at his
    apartment to collect a camera, for he has a plan.
    Giovanni Casa is just leaving his deli when Toni arrives. He follows Casa's
    van in to Chinatown and spots that the van has stopped to pick up a pair of
    hookers. Toni then tracks the car is it travels down to Callahan Point and
    stops on some waste ground.
    Casa *is* actually a pervert and emerges from the van dressed in a baby's
    nappy and bonnet and sucking on a dummy. The two call girls are freaked out
    and try to get his way. Toni sees his chance, whips out his camera and takes
    a couple of pictures of Casa as he runs around dressed like a sicko trying
    to chase the girls. Casa sees what's happened and jumps in to his to make a
    getaway. Toni has the evidence he needs and drives back to show Ma Cipriani.
    Sadly Ma isn't convinced but she does still have some aggreviances.
    She doesn't think he's man enough to continue in his chosen lifestyle and
    states quite matter-of-factly that the probable reason he hasn't moved back
    home is that he's running scared from a bunch of Triads. She also states
    that it's a shame he's not more like his Father, who wouldn't let himself be
    threatened by anyone.
    Miffed, Toni leaves and heads to Chinatown. He's going to show his Mother
    that he's not scared of anyone, especially the Triads, and he's going to get
    them to show some respect. He finds a Triad van that's transporting one of
    the gang's leaders. Unfortunately it's bulletproof, but he still manages to
    ram it off the road and kills the Triads who jump out.
    With their asses truly kicked, Toni goes on the hunt for more victims. He
    discovers a small group of them in a pedestrian area. He quickly and
    efficiently takes them out and returns to see his Ma.
    There just isn't pleasing some people, and this time Toni is forced to
    listen to his old dear go on about how thin he's looking and that he would
    be eating properly if he was still living at home. Like a good son, Toni
    offers if he could do absolutely anything for her. She wants him to partake
    in a streetrace against a local called Dan Sucho so he can at least save a
    bit of face for the family.
    Toni obtains a quick car and goes for the starting line. Toni wins the race
    with ease, but just to make a point he chases Sucho and kills him.
    Ma Cipriani is angrier with him than usual when he arrives back. Giovanni
    Casa has stopped paying his protection money on account of the photographs
    that Toni took. As Toni didn't know, he hasn't done anything about it. Yet
    again his Ma compares him to his Father who would have severely dealt with a
    problem like that. Apparently it takes guts to snub a Cipriani, and Ma only
    wishes that Toni had Casa's guts.
    Getting an idea Toni goes to Casa's deli and picks him up, explaining that
    they need to have a chat. Casa is apologetic all the way to their
    destination but doesn't twig anything is wrong, even when they arrive at
    Portland sawmill.
    Toni doesn't say a thing, and walks inside. When Casa is standing underneath
    a huge circular saw, he finally realises what's about to happen. Toni can't
    let him get away, and chases him around the mill. The elusive Casa is
    finally caught after Toni sneaks up behind him and bludgeons him over the
    head with a hatchet.
    Somebody has called the cops, but Toni simply makes another trip to a
    Pay'n'Spray and then drives his van-load of Casa's guts back to the deli. A
    shop-boy takes delivery of the van and a pleased Toni finally makes his way
    back to see his Ma.
    Mrs. Cipriani has finally had enough of her son's mistakes and Toni
    overhears her on the phone to someone. Shortly after she gets off the phone
    she lets Toni know that she's officially disowning him and has called a hit
    on him.
    All of a sudden a trio of cars scream to a stop neaby and no less than half
    a dozen hitmen jump out try and kill Toni. Using a variety of effective
    weaponry Toni manages to kill most of them, but is almost caught out by a
    series of well-aimed grenades.
    Despite her criticisms, Ma Cipriani must have had some inkling of how tough
    Toni would be to kill. After the first batch of hitmen are killed another
    three car-loads of assassins turn up, this time armed with slightly better
    armaments. Despite being grossly outnumbered, Toni finally shoots the last
    hitman dead in the street and beats a hasty retreat. He's not totally safe
    yet though. As the contract on him has been paid for, Toni can expect more
    of these hired killers as he goes about the rest of his business.
    For the time being, and with nobody else to work for, he rides up to
    Salvatore's gentleman's club in Saint Mark's to see Don Leone and get some
    work. Salvatore isn't too happy when Toni sees him and appears to be getting
    increasingly worried about the state of the family's business affairs.
    He elaborates that his main concern at this present moment of time is the
    non-compliance of Jane Hopper, head of a worker's union. She wants money for
    allowing Salvatore's men have access to the decks for 24 hours during a
    strike. Salvatore is outraged, especially after all he's done for her in
    the past. He asks Toni to go down to Portland Docks to pay her off and tell
    her that Salvatore wants a word with her.
    Toni leaves Salvatore and goes down to the docks. When he arrives he finds
    Hopper in the company of a few goons. She thanks Toni for the donation and
    tells Toni straight that she's not playing Salvatore's game. Hopper leaves
    and her men close in to stop Toni from leaving the docks. He shoots his way
    through the marauding dockers and returns to see Salvatore.
    When he gets back Salvatore has company. Maria is Sal's long time
    girlfriend, but before any introduction Salvatore wants Toni to do a job. He
    figures that if the union boss is going to play along, he might as well try
    to get her workers to follow his rules. Toni's new task is collect six
    hookers off the streets and take them to the strike picket line at Portland
    Docks as a kind of bribe. Toni hijacks a bus and sets out to collect the
    girls, eventually delivering them to the workers with Salvatore's
    Shortly after this he receives a phone call from Maria, who got his number
    from Salvatore's address book. She fancies going out and wants Toni to
    escort her. He then goes to her apartment to pick her up.
    Maria demands that Toni takes her shopping, so Toni drives her to a
    jewellery shop in nearby Portland View. He waits in the car as she goes
    inside. As well as being sleazy, rude and disrespectful Maria also has a
    penchant for shoplifting. She argues with a shopkeeper before running out of
    the shop and commanding Toni to get out of there. The police have apparently
    been called, but quickly lose interest as they drive away.
    Maria still wants to do some more "shopping", so Toni drives her to another
    shop. He waits outside with the engine running whilst she goes inside. She
    gets in to another arguement with another shopkeeper, this time one who's
    wielding a shotgun. With more police on their tail and a police helicopter
    circling overhead, Toni skilfully drives Maria back to her apartment.
    When Toni goes back in Maria's apartment, she's describing him to someone on
    the phone. It seems that Maria appears to be developing a crush on Toni but
    she sounds just like his Mother when she describes him as too thin. Maria
    wants to go to a party, but doesn't have any drugs. She's on the phone to a
    drug dealer and now wants Toni to take her to pick up some pharmaceuticals.
    They jump in a car and make their way to Chinatown. Toni doesn't like what
    he sees; A Sindacco Argento car is sitting there waiting for them! Maria
    figures that as she's Salvatore's girl no harm won't come to them, so she
    hops out of the car and jumps in with the Sindaccos. There's now a possible
    kidnapping afoot, as the Sindaccos drive off with Toni in hot pursuit. He
    rams their car and forces the two Sindaccos to jump out and start firing
    micro-submachine guns at him. He responds in kind with his own micro-SMG and
    drive-by shoots the pair of them before rescuing Maria and taking her back
    to the apartment. He politely turns down her invitation for "coffee" and
    Toni goes to pick her up again, only to find she's left a note giving her
    whereabouts. She's put herself up as first prize in a streetrace and Toni
    has no choice but to win the race to get her back, otherwise Salvatore's not
    going to be too pleased if he finds out it. Toni wins the race with ease,
    but states that nothing can happen romantically between him and her, his
    bosses girl. The snaps back that she's her own girl, and rides off on the
    motorcycle pillion of one of the other racers, Wayne.
    Toni pops round Maria's a little later, and finds her in the bedroom crying
    her eyes out. Toni thinks she must be under the influence of drugs, but in
    actuality somebody has beaten her up. Maria has been secretly seeing Wayne
    behind Salvatore's back, and he's taken offence when Maria told him that she
    was in love with somebody else, Toni, and also told him about Toni and her.
    Toni angrily explains that there is no Toni and her, and wants to know where
    this guy hangs out. She tearfully tells him it's in a place in Chinatown,
    and Toni leaves to have it out with him.
    He tracks Wayne down to a pedestrian area where he's with his gang. Wayne
    decides to make his escape on his motorcycle, while his gang decide to beat
    up Toni. He quickly jumps on a vacant bike and follows Wayne. Toni catches
    up with him and shoots him off the bike. As Wayne lies dying, Toni returns
    to see Maria.
    Maria is absolutely off her face on narcotics when he gets there. Maria says
    she feels great, but quickly changes her mind. She's worried about
    overdosing and that she requires a "zap" to stop it. Toni has no idea what a
    "zap" is, but knows that if Salvatore got wind of this she, and he, could be
    in real trouble.
    Toni drives Maria down to the diner in Callahan Point as this is where she
    says she left the "zaps". Maria is so strung out that she can't properly
    think straight, as the "zaps" don't appear to be at the diner. She probably
    only said that because this is one of the places where Wayne used to hang
    out. Maria then remembers that she must have left them somewhere in Hepburn
    Heights, and they're just about to leave when Toni suddenly spots the
    deceased Wayne's biker gang.
    The bikers are none to pleased with Maria, and even more furious with Toni.
    They advance but Toni quickly leaves his car and guns them down before
    jumping back in his car and driving Maria to Hepburn Heights, where she's
    apprently left them 'behind a trashcan'.
    When they arrive the trash has already been collected, but then Maria
    conveniently realises that she's got some at her apartment. A pissed off
    Toni swings the car around and they screech to a halt a short while later
    outside. Maria is really getting annoying now, and she says that she meant
    Salvatore's place. Toni drives them up the road and in to Saint Mark's.
    In a moment of clarity Maria comes to her senses, and after Toni's refusal
    to give her any money she gets angry. She's Salvatore's girl, and at no time
    in the future should HE hit on HER again. She goes inside Salvatore's
    mansion and Toni leaves.
    He receives another phone call from Salvatore wondering if he's seen Maria.
    She's gone walkabout again but the Don could really use Toni's services.
    Toni travels up to the mansion again to see him.
    Sal is still very concerned about the current union problem, and resolves
    that if he can't get Jane Hopper on his side he can at least try and get
    some of the union people under his control. He asks Toni to give them a bit
    of a scare. Hopefully then, they'll fall in line.
    He finds one of the union bigwigs driving nearby. Ramming his vehicle off
    the road, Toni gets his chance to lay in to him. A quick beating is all it
    takes for the union guy to get the message.
    Toni finds another one driving around, and after a repeat performance, now
    has two of the union bosses following his line of thought. Yet another can
    be found driving nearby, so Toni does the business and finally goes back to
    see Salvatore.
    Salvatore is listening to Jane Hopper on the radio when Toni returns. She's
    giving an angry interview that states that the union will not be messed
    around by any mob. Salvatore states that maybe he should call a hit on her,
    as he's being taken for a ride. Two can play at that game, it seems, and he
    sends Toni out to deliver a message to her.
    Toni travels down to the Head Radio station where Hopper is being
    interviewed. He kills her chauffeur and steals his uniform before jumping in
    to the driving seat. Hopper exits the radio building and climbs in to the
    back seat of the waiting limousine. Her destination is the ferry port in
    nearby Harwood, but Toni has other ideas.
    After a few minutes of driving so recklessly it would shame Hollywood,
    Hopper realises that it's not her regular driver. Toni takes this
    opportunity to deliver his message - Salvatore will never back down and from
    now he's going to receive total compliance with any demands. After a few
    more minutes Hopper has finally had enough, and Toni drives her to the ferry
    port. With nothing currently to do Toni then returns to Salvatore's mansion.
    Salvatore and Maria are having quite a vicious fight upon his arrival. With
    a demand for money, Maria leaves Salvatore and Toni and exits the room.
    Salvatore is full of praise for Toni, and tells him just how grateful he is
    that Toni hasn't let him down. With the union people on the run, Sal and
    Toni now have the run of things and, better still, access to the docks
    again. Salvatore has a shipment coming in to the docks and he wants Toni to
    collect it.
    Toni acquires a saloon car and sets off to collect three men as backup
    before driving them all to the docks to meet the shipment. When they arrive
    Toni parks up and the shipment comes shortly afterwards in a Patriot truck
    driven by Miguel, a colombian gang leader.
    Miguel is pissed off that the Leone gangs were not there to meet them
    earlier and tells Toni that next time he'll find another buyer. It's
    doubtful that the colombians would find anybody willing to buy at the price
    they've offered, and Toni tells Miguel just as much. At this moment, some
    colombian goons step out of the truck and point weapons in Toni's direction.
    Before they can finish the hand-off, a trio of police cars arrive and a
    helicopter starts to circle above. Toni and his accompanying men shoot who
    they can and take the Patriot away from the docks and speed to the
    Pay'n'Spray to lose the unwanted attention. The truck is then driven to a
    lock-up in Saint Mark's and deposited inside.
    Toni returns to see JD O'Toole at Paulie's Revue Bar in the Red Light
    District. JD is very worried when Toni gets there. Salvatore was visiting
    the club and was kidnapped by the Sindacco mob. As they step outside the bar
    JD spots one of the Sindacco mob leaving the scene. Toni hops in a car and
    follows him discretely.
    The Sindacco gangster leads Toni in to Trenton where some other enemy
    heavies are waiting with Salvatore tied and gagged in a car boot. There plan
    is to take him to the car crusher to be disposed of, and Toni has no option
    but to rescue his boss. He rams the car and forces the three Sindaccos to
    exit. He takes them out with his usual professional style and drives the car
    back to Salvatore's mansion. Salvatore is absolutely livid and has his mind
    set on repurcussions.
    Toni goes back to see JD but receives a phone call just as he goes to the
    back door. Luckily it's JD, who's glad he picked up. He informs Toni that
    Salvatore is still mad with the Sindaccos and plans to come down to the Red
    Light District to kill every one of them he can find and storm Paulie's
    Revue Bar. JD has placed a sniper rifle on the roof across from the bar, and
    he wants Toni to make sure that no harm comes to Mr. Leone.
    Toni runs across the street and up some stairs to the roof and collects the
    rifle JD left for him just as Salvatore screams in to the area in a car.
    The Sindaccos have obviously been told about his presence and flock to the
    street to protect their turf. As Salvatore and a pair of goons take
    pot-shots at the Sindaccos, Toni does the best he can to pick them off with
    his high-powered laser-scoped weapon.
    Salvatore and his man, with Toni's efforts, make their way round the corner
    towards Paulie's Revue Bar shooting every Sindacco in sight. Just as they
    shoot the last of the Sindaccos a police car turns up. The police naturally
    do not like gang wars going on in their streets, and they too start shooting
    at Salvatore and company.
    Toni quickly picks them off with two well-aimed shots and the three Leone
    men head down the alleyway next to the bar. A final Sindacco bursts out of
    the back door of the bar and attempts to shoot Salvatore. He's too late to
    do anything as Sal spots him and quickly blasts him with a shotgun before
    entering the bar.
    With Salvatore's rampage complete and a hefty chunk of the Sindacco gang
    dead on the streets, Paulie's Revue Bar and the Red Light District now
    belong to the Leone family and Toni goes back to see JD.
    With the bar now a Leone business and JD's defection from one mob to the
    other complete, he has more work for Toni. He hears that the Sicilian mob
    are trying to broker peace with the other gangs competing for Portland and
    that Salvatore is in a meeting with one of them at the mansion. Ever
    paranoid, Sal is trusting his instincts and thinks he smells a rat. JD asks
    Toni to go up to the mansion and follow this guy when he leaves and see
    where he goes and who he talks to. Toni goes to Saint Mark's at the
    Massimo, the suspected rat, is leaving by helicopter when Toni arrives. It's
    difficult to keep up but Toni manages to follow it down to a construction
    yard in Hepburn Heights. Massimo hops out of the helicopter and initiates
    conversation with some mexican Diablo gang members in a pre-arranged meet.
    Salvatore was right to suspect something, and Toni just about overhears the
    conversation - Massimo wants the Diablos to do his associate's work for them
    and gang ownership of Hepburn Heights will be their reward.
    Massimo hops back in the helicopter and Toni resumes his pursuit. It leads
    him in to Chinatown where the chopper alights on the roof in what appears to
    be another pre-arranged meet, this time with the Triads. By the looks of it
    Massimo is planning to wipe out the Leone mob but is using two gangs already
    at war with the family to do his dirty work for him.
    Toni needs to hear what's being said and quickly heads up some stairs to the
    rooftop. He sneaks upon the meet and ducks behind some oil drums ready to
    listen to the treacherous Massimo. He only catches the last part but it
    reaffirms Salvatore's suspicions. Massimo is getting the gangs to weaken the
    Leones on two fronts so that his associates can come in and take over more
    One of the Triads suddenly spots Toni and Massimo runs for the helicopter.
    With so many enemy Triad gang members closing in Toni doesn't have time to
    fire accurately at him and he gets away. Toni instead concentrates on taking
    out the marauding Chinese mob.
    Despatching them with professional skill, he makes for the stairs back to
    street level to tell Salvatore what he's learned. Nothing is ever easy and
    more Triads are waiting for him at the bottom. Toni shoots his way through,
    alerting the police, and makes his getaway.
    Back at the club JD is excited. Not in his usual kinky way but with the news
    that he's going to be a "made man". He thanks Toni as it couldn't have
    happened if it wasn't for him and they both walk to a waiting car driven by
    Mickey Hamfists, a Leone heavy.
    The ceremony is taking place in Harwood, and JD is absolutely creaming his
    pants over being "made". It's doubtful this would ever of happened when he
    was working for the Sindaccos, as he has some Irish blood which wouldn't
    truly have made him a proper Mafia member.
    They continue the drive down to Harwood but are ambushed by four Sindacco
    wiseguys in a gang car. They're obviously not happy about JD's defection and
    him being "made" and are trying for an assassination attempt. Toni makes
    short work of them with some accurate drive-by shooting and they continue
    their journey.
    Bizarrely, it's being held at the car crusher. Toni parks the car up
    and without warning Mickey fires two shots from a handgun in to the back of
    JD's head. Mickey explains to Toni afterwards that Salvatore could never
    have trusted him and that even in JD coming to work on their side he ratted
    out his Sindacco boss. Moralisation aside, it's doubtful anyone on either is
    going to miss JD, and Mickey asks Toni to dispose of the car in a river, but
    drop him off first.
    Toni cautiously delivers Mickey back to his place (A blood spattered car
    often gets attention from the cops) and Toni continues his drive.
    Unfortunately, the cops do spot him and he's forced to outrun them to a spot
    by the river where he can push the car in. He successfully sends the car
    - and JD - to a watery grave and then receives a phone call.
    Vincenzo Cilli is calling him offering his apologies and despite Toni's
    hostility convinces him to meet him at his place in Atlantic Quays. With no
    other jobs on the horizon Toni reluctantly goes down there to see him.
    Vincenzo isn't there when Toni arrives, so Toni uses his mobile phone to
    call him. He's down at Portland Docks to meet a big shipment and is
    currently on a big freighter. Toni makes his way down there.
    Nobody is around when Toni arrives so Toni goes through a door that leads
    below deck. Down a narrow corridor inside he spots somebody running from a
    distance, and runs after them. The corridor leads him down two sets of steps
    in to the belly of the ship and ultimately in to what looks like a cargo
    As he enters the door slams shut and a man brandishing a chainsaw makes his
    presence known. It's without a doubt a trap to try and off Toni and
    Vincenzo, like Ma Cipriani, must have known how tough Toni would be to kill.
    Four men emerge from different doors all revving their chainsaws and
    shouting taunts. As Toni kills them one by one whilst skilfully avoiding the
    chainsaw blades yet more men join the party.
    After he's killed about a dozen of these goons Vincenzo enters the fray with
    a machinegun. He's dismayed to see Toni still alive and takes some potshots
    at him after ranting that he should never have come back to Liberty City and
    that it's his town to run. His inaccuracy is his downfall as Toni quickly
    pins him down from a distance with a high powered rifle. With Vincenzo dead
    Toni has no reason to stay and runs back up the stairs to the exit.
    Outside, he receives a phone call from Salvatore. Something big is going
    down Sal demands that he gets his ass up there pretty damn quick.
    Salvatore is even more stressed out over business. The Diablo gang are all
    over Hepburn Heights and appear to be winning their turf war with the
    Leones. In typical gang fashion the Leones are now caught up in another
    territorial conflict after finishing the last one. Toni leaves with his
    assurance that he'll take care of it.
    Toni goes down to Hepburn Heights to assist the Leone crew in disposing of
    the troublesome Mexicans. On his arrival he sees there's already a heavy
    firefight occuring. He readies his firepower and gets stuck in, taking out
    all the Diablos he can spot in the area.
    Wave after wave keep on coming at them and just as it's about to turn in to
    a Mexican equivalent of 'Zulu' the last Diablo is shot dead and the Leones
    can rest assured that Hepburn Heights will remain theres. After the
    intense battle Toni gets a call from Salvatore with a progress report
    Toni informs him that things aren't looking good and that they lost too many
    guys before he could get down there. It looks like they won't be able to
    hang on to this part of town for long if the Diablos try this sort of
    approach again. Toni steals a car and drives back up to the mansion once
    Salvatore is sitting in his new Banshee sports car with Maria in the
    passenger seat when Toni gets back. Maria is still having a big go at
    Salvatore, this time about a mid-life crisis, which in her eyes must be the
    only reason why older gentlemen buy sports cars. He's off for a drive but
    wants Toni to go down to his warehouse in Callahan Point to collect a large
    amount of money. Toni is the only person he trusts to do this and he sets
    off on his task.
    When Toni arrives at the warehouse he's ushered through the gate. Despite
    the large sum of money he's been sent to collect there are only a few Leone
    men there to guard it. The Triads have obviously staked out the place and
    three of them are in the process of setting a bomb behind some cylindrical
    tanks as Toni approaches the main building.
    Without warning the explosives detonate and whatever was in the tanks
    explodes in a giant ball of flame, taking most of the warehouse building and
    the few Leone guards with it. Some more Triads arrive and hamper Toni as he
    runs around collecting the money before it too burns up in the fire. He
    skilfully collects the endangered money whilst shooting any Triad in range
    at point blank range.
    With mini explosions going off all around him he manages to collect
    everything he can and decides to leave the compound, with the Triads
    shooting at him all the way. He's also pursued by the police and the Triads
    in their distinctive fish vans but miraculously gets back to Salvatore's
    mansion in one piece in a stolen car. Upon entering Salvatore's grounds he
    notices the don's wrecked Banshee sitting as if it's ploughed straight in to
    a tree. Never the less he delivers the money he collected and somehow knows
    that the Triad conflict isn't finished here.
    When Toni enters Salvatore's office the boss is holding a handgun on him.
    Salvatore questions him and insinuates that Toni has been saying things
    about him. Toni denies everything and Sal admits that he's growing
    increasingly paranoid that everybody is out to get him. He especially rants
    about the Mayor of Liberty City, Roger C. Hole, who is apparently trying to
    pin everything crime-wise in the city on the ageing Mafia boss.
    Toni and Salvatore leave the mansion and drive down to the ferry terminal in
    Harwood. When they arrive Sal notices that the place is swarming with cops,
    and tells Toni to drive him to the unfinished Callahan Bridge. They'll both
    be finished if they don't make it to their only presumed escape point as the
    police were there to catch Salvatore leaving Portland.
    Toni roars towards the bridge with a plethora of police cars in pursuit. on
    arriving the police are still behind them and Toni has no choice but to put
    his foot down and jump a gap in the bridge. They land after jumping a
    distance healthy enough to get Evel Knievel's approval, and tear in to
    Staunton Island.
    The police in this part of Liberty City must have been informed that Sal was
    fleeing Portland and take up the chase. Luckily, Salvatore knows a
    nearby safehouse where they can lie low for a while. Toni drives the
    battered but still speeding car to it's location in Newport.
    They hear over the radio on Liberty News that part of the industrial strike
    by the workers has been called off and Portland is accessible by ferry and
    subway again. The workers still have a picket line on the Staunton Island to
    Shoreside Vale lift bridge however.
                              | II: Staunton Island |
    With the leading member of the Leone family now exiled from Portland, Toni
    has no choice but to get settled in to his new home and remain working for
    Salvatore. Salvatore does indeed have a task for him but doesn't trust
    mobile phones. Instead he wants Toni to answer the phone outside the
    courtyard. Toni goes there right away.
    The current Mayor of Liberty City, Roger C. Hole, is still messing Salvatore
    around and he for one has had enough. Toni offers to take him out of the
    equation, and Salvatore tells him where he can find him. The don must have
    had him under surveillance as he informs Toni that around this time of the
    day the Mayor goes jogging in Belleville Park. He also asks Toni to collect
    the soon-to-be-dead Mayor's mobile phone to see who he's been in contact
    Toni travels the short distance to the park and spots the Mayor jogging with
    his bodyguards in tow. Shooting over the park's perimeter wall, he only
    needs one well-aimed shot from a sniper rifle to take the Mayor out of the
    equation. The bodyguards all flock to Toni's position and start shooting,
    but Toni manages to avoid them and runs in to the park to collect the
    Mayor's phone. With the now-deceased Mayor's bodyguards still in pursuit
    Toni makes his escape back to his safehouse. Hampered by more guards in
    cars, he just makes it.
    When Toni goes inside the safehouse he spots a note that Salvatore
    left for him. Some Leone guys will be calling round later and Toni is to
    make sure that he is there to meet them. When Toni gets outside, Mickey
    Hamfists is waiting for him with a car. Toni jumps in the driving seat and
    drives to the meet in Bedford Point.
    He parks up and Mickey tells him that Sal is waiting for him down some
    stairs. Toni fears he's going to be whacked when Salvatore appears holding a
    gun but is quite relieved when he's told that he's being made. After a brief
    ceremony, Toni is dropped off back at his safehouse with Salvatore's
    assurance that he'll be in touch.
    A few minutes later Toni answers his mobile phone. Salvatore tells him that
    the Forelli's had Mayor Hole under their control and that he knows a
    businessman that would do anything to get in to office now that Mayor Hole
    has taken forced retirement. Toni drives down to Torrington meet his new
    contact, Donald Love.
    Before he goes in the huge corporate building that Love occupies, Toni gets
    a phone call from his mother. She has just heard that Toni has been made is
    so proud of him for proving his worth that she's called off the contract she
    put out on his life. Seemingly please, Toni steps in to the Love building to
    meet Donald.
    When Toni gets up to Love's office he spots the rich schmuck practicing his
    dance moves. Donald must have been informed that Toni was coming as he
    doesn't react in any way to the presence of a hardened Mafia man and instead
    tells him about a party being held tonight, a "morgue party". To Toni's
    dismay Donald embraces him. He's obviously excited about the party but
    the only thing missing for the evening bash are the guests. The guest of
    honour, as it turns out, is being transported to some pathology labs and
    Toni's task is hijack it en route.
    Making his way down to Newport, Toni spots the hearse that's transporting
    the special guest. Firing on it from his car in a drive-by fashion he
    persuades the driver to jump out and do a runner. Toni gets in to the hearse
    and starts to drive it back Donald Love. Unfortunately somebody has alerted
    the police, so Toni drives it to a nearby Pay'n'Spray to lose the heat
    before taking the car all the way back to Love.
    Toni then gets another call from Salvatore. Sal suspects the Forellis being
    behind most or all of his recent problems but is mystified as to why they
    would get the Mayor so interested in his organisation. He asks Toni to meet
    him at a jetty in Rockford.
    On the way to see Salvatore, for whatever reason, Toni stops in at Staunton
    Island church to go to confession. Father Ned Burner is concerned about
    Toni's deeds and appears to know all about his chosen lifestyle. To get some
    credibility back with the man upstairs, Toni chooses to do "God's work" to
    redeem himself over Hail Mary's.
    Father Ned tells him about a sinner who confessed to him that he faked a
    report on doping the country's top athletes. He wants Toni to stop the
    sinner handing this report to the FBI to save a few innocent people.
    Toni leaves the church and travels to the freeway in Newport where a crime
    has just taken place on a Securicar. Toni takes out the FBI men and some
    cops before taking an FBI car. He then drives it down to an alleyway in
    Bedford Point where the informant is waiting with the report.
    The informant hops in to Toni's FBI car but quickly realises that Toni isn't
    John-O, the FBI contact he was supposed to be meeting. A second FBI car,
    this time with the genuine John-O, pulls up at the end of the alleyway.
    John-O and his colleague both start firing at Toni as the informant makes a
    break for it.
    Firing with his powerful M4 automatic rifle, Toni takes all three men out
    and collects the report. The law are now on his tail and a police helicopter
    starts to circle overhead. Toni evades them with his usual panache and heads
    at speed to the Liberty Tree newspaper offices. Pulling in round the back,
    he drops off the report and returns to the church.
    Father Ned tells Toni about another soul who has confessed to fencing
    diamonds. He now orders Toni to go to the meeting place where the diamond
    exchange is taking place and recover the loot and he'll make sure the
    diamonds are safely returned.
    Toni drives to the ferry port car park in Rockford to survey the scene.
    Without warning a bunch of unknown gang members start to fire at him with
    automatic weapons. Taking cover, Toni manages to take a few out and then
    spots a helicopter coming in to land. Thinking quickly he takes aim and
    fires a volley of machinegun fire at the hovering chopper, all the time
    avoiding shots from the last few gang members.
    The helicopter catches light and spins out of control, exploding as it
    crashes to the ground. Toni moves closer to his intended target and
    systematically kills everyone in sight related to the meet. He then picks up
    the briefcase containing the diamonds and starts once again to make his way
    to the Liberty Tree offices. The police have been called and start to pursue
    Toni on his journey with their regular police helicopter observing from
    above, but yet again he skilfully avoids the onslaught and delivers the
    briefcase to the Liberty Tree building. He then goes back to the church to
    confess more "sins".
    Father Ned is annoyed at the people of this town driving their cars and
    polluting the atmosphere. He now requires Toni to do something about it, and
    Toni has just the right idea. He makes his way down to Aspatria and steals a
    fire engine from outside the station house.
    Driving full pelt down the streets and using the huge engine's mass he slams
    in to every vehicle he can see on the roads. Flipping them, spinning them
    180 and even the full 360 degrees, causing pile-ups and dismounting
    motorcyclists he causes carnage. After a while Toni figures that's enough
    destruction for one day and returns to see Father Ned.
    God is supposedly angry that celebrities seem to get more acclaim than "he"
    does and Father Ned has the perfect solution for Toni to once again reprieve
    his sins. He seems especially pissed off that the three celebrities that are
    coming in to Staunton Island to give interviews are giving them to the LCFR
    radio station instead of a "hard working journalist". For this reason he
    wants these false idols destroyed.
    Faith W is flying in to Staunton in her own private helicopter, gangster
    turned actor DB-P is coming in by boat and then transferring in to an
    armoured Patriot jeep and Black Lightman is travelling by Stretch limousine.
    After a quick trip to Phil Cassidy's 'Fully Cocked' gun shop for some
    suitable armaments Toni sets off to complete the job in hand.
    He quickly finds Black Lightman's Stretch limousine in Fort Staunton.
    Carefully aiming his newly acquired rocket launcher, he fires a single shot
    head on at the limo which yields an awfully large boom and a nice explosion.
    Before the shrapnel remnants of the Stretch have even began to rain down on
    him, Toni hops back in his vehicle in search of his next victim.
    He travels a short distance to nearby Newport where he correctly assumes
    DB-P will be arriving at the jetty. DB-P has only just transferred in to the
    seemingly bullet-proof Patriot as Toni fires another single rocket that
    obliterates it.
    With two down and one to go Toni makes haste to where the helicopter
    transporting Faith W is likely to be. He spots the chopper as it flies over
    Belleville Park and gets ahead of it on a road he knows leads to the LCFR
    building. The whirly bird swings round the corner but doesn't make much more
    progress as Toni releases a barrage of rockets in it's direction. One makes
    a clean hit and the helicopter explodes in a shower of metal before it even
    hits the ground.
    Toni then goes back to the church confessional to confess one last thing -
    the good news that the false idols are all dead. Father Ned tells him that
    the news is great and the paper circulation has tripled due to Toni's recent
    antics. "Father Ned" then makes a break for it offering a little thanks.
    Confused, Toni decides to head down and see Donald Love.
    Since Toni last saw him, Donald has got himself firmly established as a
    leading runner in the Mayoral elections. Just like Love the only other
    candidate, Miles O'Donovan, already has a lot of support and the vote is
    going to be tight. Donald wants Toni to get out on the streets and campaign
    for the marginal seats that could steer the vote in his favour.
    Back outside, Toni climbs behind the wheel of a campaign-converted Rumpo
    van complete with loudspeakers on the roof as a public address system.
    He drives to all the areas where there is a chance to gain support for
    Donald Love and yells insults and insinuations about the other Mayor-elect
    After visiting five or so areas Toni spots a red van with an identical
    loudspeaker set-up. O'Donovan it seems has heard about Love's plan and has
    sent his own campaigners out to win back the votes that have been lost due
    to Toni's actions.
    Toni, in his usual professional manner, simply gets out of his van, takes
    careful aim and blows the opposition to smithereens before continuing. On
    his travels he spots a second red van, and with a good dose of familiarity
    blows that one up too before driving back to see Donald.
    Love is enjoying a sumptuous meal when Toni arrives and the two men discuss
    the election as he eats. Toni makes it clear that Love has to win the
    election. O'Donovan is being manipulated by the Forellis and the Leone
    family can't afford to have the city under their control. Toni and Donald
    both agree that the people canvassing for the opposition should have their
    faith in democracy shaken. Toni leaves to take care of business and Donald
    continues to eat his exotic repast.
    A little way down the road in Torrington, Toni spots some canvassers on a
    rooftop. He goes up several flights of stairs and takes aim with his trusty
    M4 machinegun. Several rapid-fire bursts of fire later and some of
    O'Donovan's campaign team are no more.
    Further down the road in Newport Toni seeks out more of the opposition.
    Revving the engine of his freshly acquired sports car he tears towards them,
    finishing off the ones he didn't run over with a hail of drive-by fire.
    Even further down the road at the Liberty Campus he spies more of
    O'Donovan's people. They have rather shrewdly laid out their canvassing
    tables behind a stone wall, making it difficult for Toni to get at them.
    Ever persistent Toni runs up and throws a molotov cocktail in to their
    midst. The flames leap a healthy height as it explodes and, even better,
    O'Donovan's campaigners panic. The ones that aren't set alight by the
    molotov are quickly despatched with Toni's deadly accuracy. Pleased with his
    work, Toni goes back to see Donald.
    Back at the Love building, Donald has heard that the Forellis own a silent
    share in the company making the new voting machines. This could be very bad
    for Love's campaign as the Forellis would no doubt cheat to secure
    O'Donovan's victory. Just to be on the safe side he suggests that Toni goes
    down to the factory and makes sure they all malfunction.
    Before going to the factory to take care of business Toni makes a stop at
    Phil Cassidy's shop to collect a flamethrower, the perfect tool for the job
    in hand. He then travels all the way up to Fort Staunton.
    Toni finds the warehouse that stores the fake ballot papers and sets out
    torching them with his flamethrower. Any Forelli family members who come
    near him get a similar treatment and in a short while all the fake ballot
    papers have been turned to ash. Toni thinks it's probably for the best that
    he gets out of the Forelli controlled Fort Staunton and goes back to see
    The rich Mayoral candidate is worried about his upcoming publicity
    appearance as he's sure the Forellis will try to kill him. Toni does his
    best to reassure him - with him in the passenger seat of the Stretch
    limousine not much harm, if any, will come to Love.
    The limousine is chaffeur driven down to Newport where it's ambushed.
    Thinking quickly, Donald tells Toni about a sniper rifle in the boot and
    Toni gets out the car to eliminate the threat. He kills the closest
    assassins with his automatic M4 and then takes careful aim with the sniper
    rifle, killing the three Forelli gangsters on a nearby bridge.
    A pick-up truck comes towards them at speed and a man on the back starts
    firing at the limo. Toni switches back to his M4 and kills the man outright
    before firing enough bullets at the truck to set it alight and make it
    eventually explode, killing the driver. Shaken, but otherwise OK, Toni
    drives back to the Love building in Torrington.
    Donald has some bad news when Toni arrives. The polls are neck and neck, but
    he has a plan to win outright, even if it does mean rigging the vote. Love
    persuades Toni to go out and steal the uncounted votes so that O'Donovan
    will be out of the running and he will be elected as Mayor.
    Toni leaves the building and tracks down the ballot van that's collecting
    the votes from various couriers round town. The first courier is located
    near Belleville Park, and Toni waits for him to collect the papers from the
    van and siftly takes him out with his trusty M4. Collecting the votes, Toni
    follows the van to its next meeting point with a courier.
    The van pulls up a short way down the road and Toni once again despatches
    him with ease and once again collects the ballot papers. In the meantime the
    van has pulled away to meet its next courier and Toni resumes following it.
    The van is driven to Bedford Point where a third courier awaits. Toni waits
    for him to exit the van and caps him with ease. With all three packages of
    uncounted ballot papers now in his possession, he's just given Donald Love
    the edge in the running for Mayor.
    Toni decides to go and meet Salvatore at the jetty as he hasn't seen him for
    a while due to Donald Love's errands. The don has a boat waiting when Toni
    gets there. He wants Toni to accompany him to see the deceased Mayor Hole's
    assistant and ask him about his connection with Franco Forelli. They set off
    across the water to find him.
    They eventually find the assistant's boat and Toni climbs aboard to accost
    him. Salvatore yells for him to hurry up as the secret service are probably
    watching, so Toni pulls the man on to their boat and they set off back to
    Staunton Island.
    On the way Sal spots some secret service men on a large rock who start to
    fire on them as they pass. Sal keeps control of the boat and Toni returns
    fire with an automatic rifle. A boat starts to track them, a gunman hitting
    their craft with great accuracy given the choppy water. Toni makes short
    work of it and takes out the gunman before concentrating fire on the hull of
    the boat, blowing it up in the process.
    Another secret service boat appears behind them. It seems the secret service
    really must want to apprehend the Leone crew. Toni, however, is a
    professional and simply blows this boat up too. They continue on towards
    Staunton Island's Newport jetties where a group of secret service goons are
    waiting to try and kill them.
    Toni does the best he can to shoot the gunmen whilst Salvatore steers the
    boat right over the jetty towards the next one. More gunman start to fire
    and a couple also climb aboard another boat. Toni blows this up too and they
    continue on under the unfinished Callahan Bridge to the third jetty.
    Yet more secret service personnel await them but this time they're slightly
    more vulnerable - Toni takes aim at some oil drums and unloads nearly a full
    clip at them. Sal steers the boat towards the jetty and the barrels detonate
    as the boat flies over in a spectacular fashion.
    One last boat takes up the chase but by now Toni is skilled at shooting at
    moving watercraft. After sustaining fire this boat explodes also, taking the
    secret service men with it. Just when they think they're out of the water,
    so to speak, a helicopter appears above them and starts to descend on them
    at an alarming rate. Two pairs of secret service men balance on the
    chopper's skids and open fire, but Toni concentrates on firing at the
    delicate machinery. Eventually the helicopter spins out of control and
    explodes as it hits the water.
    With the secret service finally off their backs, Salvatore and Toni turn
    their attention back to the ex-Mayor's assistant. Sal is under the
    impression that Mayor Hole was in Franco Forelli's pocket but the assistant
    tells him on the contrary. After a moments thought the assistant comes to
    his senses and tells Salvatore that he's correct, but it must have been the
    Sicillian mob who pushed him in to it.
    As it turns out the Sicilians control most or all aspects of the Forelli's
    business and their aim is to start a war between all three of the Liberty
    City families. After they've taken each other out, the Sicilians could then
    easily come in and take over all the mob operations. Salvatore drops Toni
    off at a Staunton Island jetty and says he'll be in touch - after he's given
    the assistant a funeral at sea.
    Toni gets back on to the mainland and then recieves a call from his boss.
    Salvatore wants him to get to a payphone in Torrington, but on the way he
    suggests that Toni takes a detour to meet an associate in Aspatria. This
    associate is apparantly going to help the Leone family pile the pressure on
    the Sindaccos and Forellis. With little else to do, Toni goes to meet
    Salvatore's associate.
    Toni arrives in Aspatria a few minutes later to meet this mystery contact.
    Shortly after a Banshee pulls up and the driver steps out. Leon McAffrey is
    a bent cop with the Liberty City police department who seems to know a lot
    about Toni and the Mafia conflicts. He states that he doesn't care if all of
    Liberty City's wiseguys slaughter each other - all he's interested in is his
    share of the profits that would stop any other in-depth police
    Leon also tells Toni that he's going to help him take over this town, but in
    return he wants cash and a few favours. He wants Toni to accompany him in to
    Sindacco territory. Leon climbs in to the passenger seat, followed by Toni
    in the driver's seat, and the pair take a drive in to Torrington.
    When they arrive, Leon takes the wheel and demands that Toni starts blasting
    the few Sindacco family members who are milling around. He takes a drive
    round the block whilst Toni whips out his M4 and starts firing. The
    Sindaccos respond with some heavy AK47 fire, but they're no match for Toni's
    weapon at this range.
    When the wiseguys lay dead on the ground, Toni jumps in to the passenger
    seat of Leon's car and they speed of. They are followed by a series of
    Sindacco mobsters shooting from motorcycles and cars. The Banshee takes some
    damage but Toni is quick at returning fire and blows up all the pursuing
    They get on the freeway as more Sindaccos join the chase but Toni responds
    in his usual manner and despatches them. A little way down the road and a
    helicopter joins the pursuit. How the Sindaccos could scramble a whirlybird
    so fast is anyone's guess, but it makes no difference. Leon continues to
    drive but has to stop at the entrance to the Staunton Island lift bridge
    which is still picketed with workers demonstrating.
    After some heavy fire one last shot sets the chopper alight and it explodes
    in a shower of metal. With all the Sindaccos dead Leon decides to make
    himself scarce so that nobody will infer he had anything to do with the most
    recent events. He drops Toni off and drives away.
    Toni makes his own way back to the contact point and is a little surprised
    to see McAffrey already waiting there for him. After some macho banter,
    Leon tells Toni about the Yardie gang who have there eyes on some Forelli
    turf in Newport. The Forellis losing territory could be beneficial for the
    Leone family, so Toni sets out to help the Yardies. McAffrey's profit from
    the bargain is that this favour Toni is repaying the Yardies a favour.
    He leaves Leon and drives down to Newport. Some of the Forelli mob are
    hanging around outside the museum building and their bikes are parked up
    with nobody really minding them. Toni steals one of them and comes under
    slight fire when the Forellis realise what's going on.
    Toni speeds away with the gang of four Forelli gangsters follow him,
    shooting from their bikes. He leads them all the way down the freeway in to
    Rockford where some Yardies are waiting in a tactical position outside the
    hospital. The Forellis arrive and the Yardies, plus Toni, start firing. The
    Forellis are vastly outnumbered and do not last long against such great
    firepower. Toni then starts to make his way back to the meeting point in
    Leon is berating someone when Toni arrives. A certain Ray Machowski is
    Leon's new partner and doesn't seem to understand how McAffrey's line of
    policing works. Leon greets Toni as he approaches them and Machowski pulls a
    gun, spins round and points it in Toni's direction. Leon intervenes and
    introduces them to each other. Leon and Toni then leave to go and "fight
    organised crime".
    Toni's next task is to travel to Belleville Park and kill as many Forelli
    wiseguys as he can using nothing but a katana. Toni makes his way to the
    park and kills twenty of them. Satisfied, he returns to see Leon.
    McAffrey gives Toni an update on the Yardie situation. The Yardies are
    apparently having trouble holding on to their newly acquired turf in
    Newport and the Sindacco family are muscling in to take it. Toni leaves and
    goes to Newport to help the Yardie boys.
    When he arrives an intense firefight is taking place between the two gangs.
    Toni storms in and caps every Sindacco mobster he can see. Shortly after he
    meets a Yardie who tells him that a Yardie named Rudyard was shot and that
    he's going to run and get an ambulance. Toni carries on down the network of
    alleys and shoots every Sindacco that dears to point a weapon at him in the
    hope that he can clear a path for the ambulance.
    When he reaches the end a van pulls up and several more Sindacco goons jump
    out with automatic rifles. Toni picks them off one by one from a distance
    and runs to meet the ambulance. The Yardie with him thanks him for his help
    and they part company. Toni's phone rings. It's McAffrey with some news that
    could benefit the Leones. Salvatore's job is more pressing however so Toni
    goes to the payphone in Torrington that Salvatore spoke about.
    He heads over there and speaks to the boss. Salvatore has been spying on the
    Forellis in Fort Staunton and has got himself in to a sticky situation. The
    Sindaccos have started a war with the Forellis and he is right in the middle
    of the battle. He demands that Toni picks up his limousine and comes to
    rescue him. Toni goes down to Newport as fast as he can and retrieves Sal's
    Stretch, then he carries on further down the road in to Fort Staunton.
    Some bollards prevent Toni from going down a pedestrianised street so he
    parks up the limousine and cautiously runs in to the warzone. A few mobsters
    impede his progress but with run-shoot-run tactic he manages to get to Sal's
    position down an alleyway. The boss is naturally glad to see him and the two
    Leones start their journey back to the limo.
    More enemy wiseguys have populated the alley way but Toni takes them out.
    They both make it to the Stretch and Toni steps on the gas. He drives
    Salvatore to a garage in Newport and parks it inside. Salvatore thanks Toni
    and says yet again that he'll be in touch. Another few minutes later and
    Salvatore is on the phone as promised. Toni's next task is to get to the
    payphone at the Liberty Campus.
    Sal tells him that a van is parked up nearby and wants him to find it. He
    assures him that his new task will be fun. Toni goes down the street to the
    hospital carpark and locates the van. He climbs aboard and speaks to
    Salvatore on his mobile.
    Sal informs him of the fun - they've rigged Paulie Sindacco's car so that
    it's under Toni's control. Toni taps a button and takes control. A camera on
    the dashboard of Paulie's car feeds back grainy footage, and Toni drives the
    controlled car to Bedford Point where a Sindacco meet has been arranged.
    Despite the bad view from the camera Toni can see what he has to do. He revs
    the car and charges at the Sindacco men who are idly standing around. He
    sweeps back and forth across the little pedestrian area and runs down anyone
    who looks like the enemy. The Sindacco heavies start to fire at the
    car not realising it's their boss. Paulie is powerless to stop him and with
    the last Sindacco splattered on the pavement the car detonates.
    Toni then receives another phone call from Salvatore requesting that he gets
    to the payphone in Belleville Park. Salvatore tells Toni that some wiseguy
    has found out that the Sicilians are behind the Forelli-Sindacco conflict
    and that he's on his way to tell Franco Forelli right now. It could work out
    better for the Leones if the Forellis are kept in the dark as it would keep
    the feud going.
    Toni acquires a vehicles and travels down to Bedford Point. The wiseguy
    informant is currently travelling by boat and as luck would have it a boat
    for Toni's use is moored at the jetty. He climbs aboard and sets off across
    the waves to stop the informant. When he gets near, Toni opens fire on the
    other boat. Due to the bad conditions he doesn't kill him outright but
    instead makes the boat catch fire. It explodes shortly after, killing it's
    unfortunate human cargo.
    Toni alights back on a jetty near the contact point for McAffrey and decides
    to go and see him. McAffrey pulls up in his Banshee with Ray Machowski in
    the passenger seat. Ray stays silent whilst Leon speaks. The gang war
    involving the Forellis and Sindaccos is excalating and the Forelli family is
    now running guns, keeping some of the weaponry for themselves in
    preperation. Leon has heard that they're transporting the guns to Fort
    Staunton using Flatbed trucks and it could give the Leones a definite
    advantage if they were not to get to their destination.
    Toni makes a quick trip to Phil Cassidy's gun shop to buy some heavy tools
    for his task and sets out to destroy the Forelli's trucks. The first truck
    is just turning on to the main road that leads directly in to Fort Staunton
    when Toni finally catches up with it. Driving a full block ahead, Toni stops
    his vehicle, gets out and takes aim with his rocket launcher.
    The truck approaches and Toni fires a rocket. It hit's his target directly
    and the truck explodes in a powerful blast. Toni then jumps back in his car
    to find the other truck and destroy it too. He finds the other truck in
    Newport and uses a similar method to dispose of it. The Leones definitely
    have the edge over the other two families now.
    Toni gets one last call from McAffrey. Federal investigators have finally
    arrested Salvatore and he looks due for a long prison sentence due to all
    the recent and unlawful events, most of them perpetrated by Toni. It's for
    the best that Leon isn't affiliated with any criminal organisations seeing
    as he's part of the police force so he and Toni part company for good.
    Toni is close to Donald Love's building so he makes a quick trip there. He
    goes up to Love's private rooftop and is a little surprised to see it
    deserted. His phone goes promptly and it's none other than Love himself.
    Donald is anxious to talk to Toni. He has somehow heard that Miles O'Donovan
    has evidence that links him to Salvatore's organisation. Toni reassures him
    that evidence gets misplaced all the time, not to mention judges, witnesses
    and even jurors, and he tells Love not to worry - he'll find it and make
    sure it never goes public. Fortunately one of Love's employees has been
    tracking the van that has the evidence. He's currentl under the overpass in
    Newport. Toni leaves Donald's building and gets down there as fast as he
    He spots the employees car straight away when he arrives and climbs in to
    talk. Donald's man tells him that the van is inside a compound dominated by
    armed guards. Toni has no choice but to shoot his way in, so with no time
    like the present he leaves Love's employee and sets about his mission.
    The entrance to the compound is blocked by two cars and a large box truck.
    From a distance, Toni takes out his rocket launcher and destroys the
    vehicles before turning his attention to the armed guards currently flocking
    in his direction.
    With some skilful shooting with his trusty M4 he sprints in to the compound
    where More enemies lie in wait but are quickly shot when they peep out to to
    fire. Toni finds the van in a little roofed area and, after making sure all
    the people guarding it are dead, climbs in and drives for the compound exit.
    Some more guards turn up in a Banshee sports car and start taking pot shots
    at the van. Toni steps on the gas and tries to outrun them, using the
    traffic on the roads to try and lose them. He uses the most direct route
    back to Donald Love's building and parks the van in a garage.
    Toni goes up to speak to Love and tell him the good news. Donald isn't quite
    convinced and turns a television on to show Toni the breaking news. The news
    report says that although no links can be proved between Donald Love and
    organised crime the voters have seen this as a bad omen and have switched
    their loyalty to Love for O'Donovan. Donald blames Toni for his failure in
    the election, obviously not seeing that he wouldn't have stood a chance in
    the voting if it wasn't for Toni's actions. Donald has no more work for
    Toni. The cost of the election and paying for Toni's services have
    bankrupted him to the tune of $20million. As a final blow, Donald doesn't
    pay Toni for the last job.
    Salvatore calls Toni from where he's being held under the pretence that he's
    calling his lawyer. He demands that Toni gets there as soon as possible as
    there are some tasks for him to complete that could help Sal get out of
    there quicker, if at all.
    Toni nicks a car and sets off. On the radio he hears another news report.
    The industrial action blighting the city's transport links has been called
    off and all three islands are freely accessible again. The city-wide
    underground subway and the Staunton Island lift bridge are now back in full
    The newly inaugurated Mayor Miles O'Donovan has guaranteed the workers that
    there will always be a ferry service. It sounds like an empty promise,
    however, as the Porter road tunnel beneath the city that will eventually
    connect all three islands is still under construction.
    Toni drives over to Shoreside Vale and the saga continues.
                              | III: Shoreside Vale |
    Toni heads straight over to Pike Street where the police station holding
    Salvatore is situated. He pulls up in front and then realises something - he
    can't just walk straight in there as made man Toni Cipriani, hardcore
    mobster. Something occurs to him and he drives a short distance down the
    road to Mr. Benz, a clothes shop, and gets kitted out as a lawyer complete
    with glasses. If the authorities believe that Sal was on the phone to Toni's
    lawyer alter-ego Lionel than they'll easily fall for this. Toni goes back to
    the police station.
    Inside, Toni is escorted to an interview room where Sal is sitting at a
    table. After some initial complaints and protests about his arrest he and
    Toni get down to business. Salvatore wants to know who ratted him out to the
    FBI and he currently only has two suspects - The Sindaccos or Forellis. He
    wants them both hit hard, so hard in fact that he might next back up in the
    form of street hoods.
    Toni leaves the police station and travels to a carpark in Cedar Grove where
    three hood recruits are waiting with a distinctive Rumpo van. Toni climbs in
    to the driver's seat, waits for his passengers to all get in the van and
    then drives to Wichita Gardens in search of the Forelli gang.
    He spots a Forelli Exsess gang car parked outside an apartment block and
    rams in to it to alert any of Forelli gang in the area. Inevitably some do
    turn up and the three hoods aid Toni in despatching them. The Forellis
    continue to advance from different directions but one by one they are shot
    and killed. When no more can be seen in this area, Toni and the gang jump
    back in the van and drive a short distance around Wichita Gardens in the
    hunt for more Forelli cannon fodder.
    They eventually find another Forelli Exsess gang car outside an identical
    apartment block and set about luring the Forellis to their demise. In a
    similar fashion, Forelli gangsters start to swarm to their location but are
    picked off from range by Toni with his gang and their automatic weapons.
    When all the Forellis are dead Toni and the hoods part company. They stay on
    the streets and Toni goes back to the police station in Pike Creek to see
    The authorities aren't allowing any visitors when Toni gets there, so
    instead he goes round the back of the building and calls out to Sal, who
    responds through a conveniently placed air ventilation grate. He tells Toni
    that Paulie Sindacco's mob are finished in Liberty City and has somehow got
    wind that he's leaving the city. Toni then leaves and goes down to the base
    of the Cochrane Dam where Paulie and his gang were last seen.
    Upon his arrival, he spies Paulie Sindacco and some of his heavy mob getting
    ready to leave in a fast boat. Paulie is alerted to his presence and speeds
    away down the river, but Toni anticipates this, gets back in his vehicle and
    travels a short distance down the road.
    As Paulie's boat gets closer Toni readies his rocket launcher and fires off
    a few shots. One missile directly connects with the boat and it's blown
    sky-high. He checks that the Sindacco boss is dead and says a quip that
    James Bond would be proud of.
    Toni receives a phonecall from Donald Love. He's got a proposition for him
    and would like him to drop by his new residence. Toni goes up to Pike Creek
    to see him.
    Toni enters the 'Flophouse' and finds Donald lying on a bed. He's barely
    recognizable - His clothes are in tatters, he's ungroomed, stained with
    dirt and has grizzled beard. Donald is apologetic when he notices Toni in
    the same room and insists that this is only a temporary blip. It appears he
    has a plan.
    His ex-mentor Avery Carrington is flying in to Liberty City on a business
    deal. Donald has somehow heard he's working for the Panlantic Construction
    Company who always have their eye on real estate. It's Donald's plan to get
    hold of the Avery's plans to acquire land, take him out of the picture and
    go through with the deal himself. For such a simple plan, he just needs
    Toni's expertise as a mob hitman.
    They leave Donald's tenement and travel down to Francis International
    Airport where Avery should be arriving any minute. They spot him coming out
    of the terminal and he gets in to a pick-up truck, protected from in front
    and behind by Colombian Cartel Cruisers. Mr. Carrington, it seems, has
    employed the services of the Cartel as protection during his visit and
    getting his plans for the Panlantic deal will be no easy task.
    The convoy makes it's way out of the airport area and start to cross the
    Staunton Island Lift Bridge. Toni drives past them on the bridge and stops a
    good distance in front. When the lead Cartel Cruiser is in sight he fires a
    rocket which connects and blows up the car.
    Avery's pick-up truck gathers speed and passes Toni's position. The Cartel
    Cruiser following closely behind doesn't have much luck as Toni quickly
    fires a rocket, blowing it to pieces. Toni and Donald rush to get in their
    car and pick up the pursuit. They catch up with Avery just as he's getting
    off the bridge and Toni fires his sub-machinegun on them driveby style.
    After taking some heavy damage, the pick-up truck starts to smoke and
    eventually catches light forcing Avery to bail. Toni sees his opportunity,
    gets out his vehicle and fires a volley of fire at point blank range from
    his M4 rifle. Some good shots connect and Avery is killed. Toni collects the
    briefcase containing the plans then he and Donald travel back to Shoreside
    Vale. Donald goes inside and a few mminutes later Toni follows him.
    Donald is very worried. Apparently a reporter witnessed them killing Avery
    Carrington and has in his possesion some photographs incriminating them. An
    air of familiarity sweepsmover Toni, as this reporter has been working an
    undercover job at Staunton Island church. Toni leaves the Flophouse and
    makes his way over there.
    The reporter, a certain Ned Burner, is conversing with somebody in the
    church graveyard when Toni finds him. Toni makes a demand for the
    photographs but Burner denies all knowledge. Toni points his gun at him and
    asks him again, but still Burner says he doesn't know. Just as it looks like
    Toni has to get violent with him, Burner relents and says he stashed them at
    his lock-up.
    He accompanies Toni to his lock-up behind the Liberty Tree newspaper
    offices. Burner opens the garage door and ushers Toni inside, pointing to
    the camera with the undeveloped pictures on. Burner looks shiftily around
    whilst Toni inspects the camera. The flash goes off, and Burner sees his
    chance to escape, jumps on to a Faggio scooter and peels out of there. Toni
    doesn't have time to think if this was a set-up or not, and quickly jumps on
    another Faggio which is conveniently parked outside.
    He chases Burner down through the streets of Staunton Island, firing at him
    with his sub-machine. Eventually a bullet a hail of bullets hit Ned and he
    crashes, dead before he even hits the ground. A tired but satisfied Toni
    then makes his way back over to Shoreside Vale to see Donald.
    Donald is excited at the prospect of being rich again. The hijacked
    Panlantic deal sounds like it's going to be very profitable, and Donald has
    already organised a celebration - another morgue party. Donald has two very
    important guests he'd like to invite. He and Toni then leave to find them.
    Toni acquires a vehicle and hastens over to Wichita Gardens where he finds
    an ambulance transporting one of the guests. He fires a well-aimed shot
    through the windscreen using his sniper rifle and the ambulance driver flops
    out of the vehicle dead. Toni climbs in to the driving seat and the pair
    travel to a hangar in Francis International Airport to unload their cargo.
    Toni leaves Donald to keep Avery company and Toni goes over to Staunton
    Island church to find and steal Ned Burner's corpse. Noticing the police
    presence, Toni shrewdly steals the hearse containing Burner and makes a
    speedy getaway. The police pursue him all the way back across the lift
    bridge but somehow Toni loss them and delivers Ned to the hangar.
    Toni leaves Donald to it and goes to see Salvatore back at the police
    station in Pike Creek. He receives a phonecall from Donald telling him what
    he needs for the Panlantic deal to properly go through and suggests that he
    goes to visit 8-Ball and organise some explosives. Toni goes over and sees
    The land that needs to be cleared is a large area of Fort Staunton, and this
    is going to require a lot of explosives. This amount won't come cheap, so
    Toni pays 8-Ball who tells him he'll have them ready soon. Toni then goes
    back to see Salvatore.
    Round the back of the police station, Toni once again talks to Sal through
    the air vent. The don informs Toni about current affairs and things aren't
    looking all that good. Salvatore might not be released as the new Mayor is
    fixing for him not to receive bail, their organisation is fighting both the
    Triads and Diablos in turf wars and finally the Yakuza are making a play to
    take over the city.
    Toni assures him that he can solve one, two or maybe all three of these
    problems. The first logical step, Salvatore suggests, is to deal with the
    Yakuza gang who have got a load of weapons in a yard in Aspatria. Without
    weapons the opposition wouldn't stand a chance, even against a fragmented
    Leone mob, so Toni travels over there to deal with them.
    The compound is heavily defended with Yakuza gang members on the gate and
    roaming inside. Toni takes aim with his sniper rifle and kills the guards on
    the gate. As he advances, more of their gang come out and start shooting.
    Switching to his M4, Toni despatches them with ease and, when he's confident
    there are no more Yakuza ready to ambush him, makes his way inside.
    Toni can hardly believe his eyes - The Yakuza gang have somehow got their
    hands on an unltra-powerful Rhino military tank. He jacks it and then
    realises that conventional weapons might not be able to destroy it. He
    drives the tank out of the yard and starts to make his way over to one of
    8-Ball's bomb shops.
    On the way he's hounded by a swarm of Yakuza in their fast Stinger gang cars
    but they're are no match for the tank. Every single one of them blows up as
    they collide with the beast and Toni pulls in to 8-Ball's shop. After
    driving out again he sets the explosives, runs a short distance and then
    detonates the armoured vehicle.
    On his way back to Shoreside Vale Toni gets a phonecall from a new contact
    requesting his expertise on a delicate matter for a high reward. Toni goes
    down to Torrington to visit her at her apartment.
    When he arrives he meets the mysterious woman, Toshiko Kasen. Toshiko is the
    belittled wife of Liberty City's Yakuza waka-gashira and she explains that
    she wants her husband destroyed. Furthermore she also adds that whilst she
    just wants her husband, Toni needs him dead and in exchange for his services
    he will be handsomely rewarded. She goes on to tell Toni that Kazuki is
    taking delivery of more munitions today and she wants them stolen from right
    under his very nose.
    Toni leaves Toshiko's apartment and goes down to Bedford Point. A ramp that
    leads down to a jetty is chock-full of Yakuza gang members but Toni simply
    whips out his M4 and shoots anything that moves. When he arrives at the
    bottom he kills yet more guards who have been alerted to his presence and
    then moves on to the pier where his quarry awaits.
    Before he approaches the boat that's carrying the munitions, he readies his
    rocket launcher and destroys two Yakuza boats before continuing. He gets
    aboard the boat and begins to traverse the length of Staunton Island to meet
    Toshiko's contact at the ferry port in Rockford.
    On the way he is hassled by four Yakuza boats but easily outruns them and
    their automatic weapons. He reaches the ferry port with relative ease and
    meets up with a Mr. Phil Cassidy, a local weapons supplier. After loading up
    his Flatbed truckwith the artillery and their business is concluded, Phil
    leaves and Toni goes back to see Toshiko.
    Kazuki was greatly infuriated at Toni's most recent actions, much to
    Toshiko's satisfaction. Toni is still available for work and Toshiko has
    just the right idea at which she can further make her husband angry. Kazuki
    is moving a large amount of money from his casino and Toshiko wants Toni to
    destroy it. Toni has some initial concerns that the money could be put to
    better use but Toshiko insists that the money has to litter the streets
    for all to see to thus multiply Kazuki's humiliation.
    Toni leaves the apartment and nicks some transport on his way to the casino.
    When he gets there three Securicars are already leaving for their
    destination. Toni starts to follow them and then travels ahead. As the
    Securicars approach, Toni fires a rocket which destroys the lead van. He
    manages to destroy another as it starts to make it's getaway, but the third
    and final van has decided to take a different route.
    Toni hops back in his vehicle and takes up the chase. He catches up with the
    Securicar with ease and does a drive-by shooting on him. The van is
    eventually set alight and explodes, taking the last big portion of Kazuki's
    cash with it. With the streets of Staunton Island plastered with Kazuki's
    cash, a happy Toni goes back to Toshiko's place.
    When Toni arrives there doesn't appear to be anybody home, but whenToni
    calls out he hears Toshiko in another room. Kazuki is furious about his
    money going up in smoke and the fact that Toni has struck so quickly and
    precisely has begun to raise his suspicions. Toni theorizes that unless he's
    an idiot it won't take him long to realise that Toshiko has been feeding the
    opposition information. His men apparently 'gossip like women' and Toshiko
    wants to give them something to talk about.
    She appears in the room dressed in an elegant gown and says she wants Toni
    to escort her to the opera. The show is starting soon but there's just
    enough time for Toni to get dressed in to a tuxedo. Outside, Toni brings her
    Stretch limousine around and collects her. After a quick trip to Mr. Benz,
    Toni drives her down to the opera house in Fort Staunton.
    On the way Toshiko asks Toni if she is a good person and tries to justify
    the reason she wants her husband destroyed. Her husband, she explains, only
    married her to become waka-gashira of Liberty City and has never loved her
    like a proper married man. She has no concerns about what Kazuki will do to
    her when he finds out who sold him out, all she wants is freedom.
    Toni pulls up outside the opera house and he and Toshiko start to walk
    inside. What they don't see behind them is a Forelli pulling up in his
    Exsess gang car across the street.
    Several hours later Toni and Toshiko are just about to leave the opera house
    when they're accosted by some of the Forelli mob. According to them Italian
    blood doesn't mix with Japanese blood, so Toni decides to teach these
    small-minded fools a lesson.
    He takes aim quickly with his M4 and blasts all five of them at close range.
    Even their car isn't safe and that is blown up too. Toni gets behind the
    wheel of Toshiko's Stretch whilst she gets in the back and Toni puts his foot
    All the way back to Torrington they are chased by the Forelli gang but
    despite the limousine taking a pounding make it back more or less in one
    piece. As Toni is walking her to her apartment, a Yakuza Stinger passes by.
    One member of the Yakuza gang is obviously wise to Toshiko's actions.
    When Toni next goes up to see Toshiko she's bathing and tells Toni that her
    husband has finally learned who is responsible for his losses. She seems
    quite unperturbed that Kazuki is coming to kill both her and Toni and tells
    him as much. Toni's not keen on just waiting for him and learns that he is
    in Belleville Park area gathering his men. Toni decides to go and pay him a
    visit in a pre-emptive strike.
    He arrives at a sloping alley that leads in to the garage area of an
    apartment block. He cautiously makes his way in to look for Kazuki and kill
    him. As he searches the area he spots a lift and presses the button to call
    it. Round the corner, two Yakuza Stinger gang cars pull in at speed but
    before he can deal with them the lift arrives with a 'ping' and three Yakuza
    open fire.
    Toni caps them at point blank range and then turns his attention to the
    other new arrivals. He fires a few rockets at their cars and the resulting
    explosions take their lives. In the sky above Toni a helicopter can be heard
    taking off from the roof. Toni rightly assumes that Kazuki is on board and
    decides to follow it.
    When he gets back on to the street a pair of Yakuza Stingers move in to
    take him out but he swiftly jacks a car and continues to pursue Kazuki's
    chopper. He follows it all the way to the Big Shot Casino and right away
    notices that it's not going to be an easy task getting upstairs to the
    casino's helipad - Kazuki's destination.
    With his M4 he takes out the first few guards at long range and then carries
    on down the street to some stairs. As he goes up a couple of flights and a
    landing more Yakuza impede his progress but Toni, ever the professional,
    kills them all. After taking out a couple more well-placed shooters, he
    finally makes it to the helipad.
    The helicopter has already dropped Kazuki on to the landing pad, flanked by
    two Yakuza with submachine guns. He says that it is only fitting that he
    kills Toni by his own blade and advances wielding a samurai sword.
    Toni shoots the other Yakuza on the helipad dead whilst avoiding Kazuki's
    swipes and turns his attention eventually to his waka-gashira nemesis.
    Kazuki's sword is no match for Toni's M4 and he is quickly killed. Toni
    picks up his blade as proof of Kazuki's death and then goes back to tell
    Toshiko the good news at her apartment.
    Toni goes straight up and sees Toshiko has a pensive expression. He tells
    her that it's all over, everything has worked out and that it's time he was
    paid for his services. Toshiko replies that she has lost everything, but
    deliberately, and now she has finally been granted everything she asked for
    she just wants to be truly free. She says goodbye and before Toni can stop
    her she casually flops off the balcony of her high-rise apartment. A crash
    later, and Toni has no choice but to seek out another employer.
    Back down on the street, Toni gets a call from 8-Ball. The hardware he put
    an order in for is finally ready. Toni goes over to see him right away.
    8-Ball greets Toni when he gets there and shows him the van containing the
    hardware. He warns Toni that the van is packed with explosives and advises
    him to take some care whilst driving. 8-Ball's mobile phone rings and he
    answers it, handing it over when the person on the other end wants to speak
    to Toni. Donald Love then tells Toni the plans of Fort Staunton have been
    studied and the weakest points to plant the charges that will level most or
    all of the site are in the old subway that runs underneath the area.
    Toni is a little apprehensive. As Fort Staunton is still under the control
    of the Forellis it might be quite a challenge to plant the charges. Donald
    reassures him that as long as he follows the Porter Tunnel he'll get in just
    fine without much difficulty. Toni hops in the loaded van and sets out for
    the task in hand.
    He drives the van down to the Porter Tunnel entrance near Francis
    International Airport and enters. Behind him, two Forelli Exsess gang cars
    start to tail him. Toni is mystified as to what exactly they're doing here
    but continues on. The part of the Porter Tunnel that connects Shoreside
    Vale with the rest of the city is still under construction and Toni steers
    the van in to this stretch with the Forellis close behind.
    Driving the van at speed he skilfully avoid any piles of rock that block his
    progress, switching lanes when necessary. Eventually he comes to an opening
    somewhere under Fort Staunton that leads on to the old subway tunnels. Some
    tunnel workmanstand in his way but he simply runs them down, subsequently
    clearing the area of danger and planting one charge of explosives at a
    He quickly gets back in the van and goes in the other direction further
    along the tunnel. He comes to what looks like a disused subway station and
    mounts the platform. He weaves in and out of detritus and eventually comes
    to another blockage where he parks up the van and plants another charge of
    He hears a shout from another workman and shoots him before stealing a
    pick-up truck to make his escape. The Forellis have blocked off the only way
    out and two of them even open fire as Toni goes for the exit. He gets out of
    the van and takes them out with his trusty M4 and then gets back in the
    pick-up. His only option now is to ram straight through the gate, his only
    viable route.
    Toni doesn't have long before the explosives reduce the area to rubble and
    he speeds through the escape tunnel. As he does a massive explosion rips
    through the area and he only just manages to get out in to the open air. On
    the streets there's chaos as buildings collapse and cars caught in the
    blast are richocheted in every direction. Two unfortunate pedestrians are
    flattened by falling vehicles in Liberty Campus, others are just blown to
    Fort Staunton is now prime real estate again and the Panlantic company have
    their new building site. Toni drives back to Shoreside Vale and visits
    Donald. The Panlantic deal has obviously already paid off as his new
    location is a lavish mansion in Cedar Grove.
    He goes through the entry gate up to the front door and meets Love inside.
    He's sitting on the floor in the lotus position and appears to be
    meditating. He says to Toni that he's at one with the universe but then lets
    slip that there's a load of Colombian Cartel members on there way who are
    going to kill him if he doesn't keep his mouth shut and pay them off. Toni
    figures that that is probably the reason why some Colombians are hanging
    around outside. Donald pleads with Toni to get him out of there and without
    further ado they exit the house.
    Outside the Colombians have rammed the gate and two Colombian Cartel
    Cruisers steam in to the garden. Toni waits until they're near and opens
    fire with his M4 but then thinks better of it and whips out his rocket
    launcher. He destroys the two Cruisers and kills the Colombians inside them,
    then he turns his attention to two more that turn up.
    He despatches them in the same way but they were also joined by Colombians
    on foot who are also armed with M4 rifles. Using his own M4's tremendous
    range he kills the Colombians one by one as they approach. Another Cartel
    Cruiser enters the yard but doesn't even get to park up as Toni hits it dead
    on with a rocket. With all the Colombians lying dead, Toni goes to check on
    Donald who has taken shelter in the mansion garage.
    Donald is pissed off at the state of his once beautiful garden and after a
    brief tirade is convinced by Toni to get the hell out of there. Toni
    cautiously goes out on to the road to find a vehicle and to his mild horror
    another pair of Cartel Cruisers pull up. He quickly carjacks a vehicle and
    waits for Donald to get in and then roars off before the Cartel get wise to
    the situation.
    Toni drives Donald as fast as he can to Francis International Airport
    because Love has decided to flee the city and has his own personal jet
    ready. Avery Carrington and Ned Burner are still on board, so he won't be
    flying alone. After a brief goodbye Donald's jet takes off.
    Toni gets a phonecall from Salvatore. The boss is excited as he could be
    cleared of all charges and due for release. He requests that Toni comes and
    sees him and Toni goes over at the hurry up.
    He goes round the back of the police station and talks to Sal through the
    air vent one last time. The don's arraignment is that very day but he has a
    feeling that the Sicilian mob don't want him to make it to the courthouse in
    Staunton Island. Toni says that they'd have to get by him first and
    Salvatore replies that a guard is coming and they're on there way now.
    Toni goes round the front of the police station and steals a police car. In
    this specific vehicle it will be easier to follow Sal as he's being escorted
    to the courthouse by a police car. Toni parks up a little distance from the
    police station and waits for Sal to come out and get in to the Securicar. He
    follows them as they move up the hill and begin to cross the upper path of
    the Cochrane Dam.
    The Sicilian mob have blocked the road ahead and one of their goons fires a
    rocket. The explosion knocks the lead police car out of the convoy and it
    comes to rest back on it's wheels after doing a neat somersault. The two
    cops inside just manage to get out in time before the burning police car
    The Securicar transporting Salvatore does a 180° turn and picks up speed.
    Toni does the same and stays in front of the armoured van, picking the most
    obvious route through Pike Creek. The Sicilians have blocked off the most
    direct road down to the lift bridge and Toni charges in to them, smashing
    them out the way. In the brief amount of time he has before the Securicar
    ets near he does a drive-by on the Sicilians who are on foot and continues
    down the road.
    Some other Sicilians driving Stingers join the chase and try to ram the
    Securicar but Toni quickly deals with them. They start to cross the lift
    bridge and approach another road block. Toni puts his foot down and runs the
    two Sicilians down before smashing the two road block cars out the way. Yet
    another blockade awaits at the bottom of the lift bridge ramp and Toni deals
    with this in the same fashion.
    Finally the Securicar reaches the courthouse and after a brief session in
    court Salvatore walks out again as a free man. He notes that it's good to be
    a free man again and he's going up to his house to get out of the dirty
    prisoner clothes. He enters a waiting car and it drives off.
    The Forellis and the Sindaccos are both no longer a threat to the Leones and
    the Sicilian mob are trying to broker a peace deal. Toni goes over to
    Portland to see Salvatore in Saint Marks and conclude his adventure.
    2d. The Conclusion Of GTA:LCS
    Salvatore is finishing a phonecall when Toni goes in. He explains to Toni
    that the Sicilians want peace, but it's going to be his style of peace, not
    theirs. With all the Leone's enemies either incapacitated or out of the
    picture altogether, Sal explains that he's running the town now and no
    wiseguy from the old country is going to tell him otherwise.
    One thing they must do before anything else is see the Mayor about getting
    Salvatore's charges dropped. He and Toni step outside and climb in to a
    handy parked Leone car. The don wants Toni to drive him over to Liberty City
    Hall, and at speed to. His hunch is that the Sicilians will be going after
    Mayor O'Donovan too.
    Toni parks up outside City Hall in Newport and Salvatore observes that some
    of the Sicilian are already there. Toni jumps out the car and starts to take
    out the enemy wiseguys whilst Salvatore goes inside to get the Mayor. The
    sly Sicilians, anticipating Sal's move, have already grabbed him. Toni and
    his boss jump back in the car and drive round to the back of City Hall.
    The Sicilians are most likely transporting the Mayor by boat and they
    quietly arrive at the jetty. They arrive just in time to see the Mayor tied
    up on the back of a boat which rapidly moves off. A lone guard stands on the
    jetty and Toni picks him off from a distance. He and Sal then get on board a
    boat and pursue the Sicilians.
    Salvatore pilots the boat across the choppy water and Toni stays on the back
    armed with a minigun. In another act of anticipation, more Sicilian boats
    appear behind them but Toni, with his aim and professional flamboyance picks
    them off. The Sicilians have trouble even getting close before there boats
    are set alight and blown up and Salvatore continues to skim the boat across
    the water past Callahan Point.
    After blowing up more than a dozen boats a helicopter joins the pursuit. In
    his usual manner Toni takes aim and lets rip. The delicate chopper explodes
    before it even hits the water and more Sicilian boats join a somewhat
    futile-looking chase as they start to pass Atlantic Quays.
    A whole Armada of Sicilian boats continue to chase them and are still no
    match for Toni's six thousand rounds-per-minute artillery. They pass
    Portland Docks and Salvatore notices that they're heading for Portland
    Lighthouse. With all the trailing boats destroyed Toni turns his weapon on
    some gunmen on the jetty and Sal brings the boat in to land.
    A multitude of Sicilian gangsters await them on their way up to the
    lighthouse but Toni kills them with ease, Salvatore bringing up the rear.
    Toni kills one last Sicilian guard and the pair get a surprise as they
    move up to rescue the Mayor.
    Massimo Torini is behind the Mayor's kidnap and is holding him at gunpoint.
    Salvatore shouts at him and tell him that the Mayor is his, and so is the
    city. Torino replies that they would never have gone after the Mayor if his
    tribute to the old country hadn't dried up and that it's nothing personal.
    Salvatore is absolutely livid and tells Torino that if it wasn't personal
    why have the Sicilian's put him through all the recent trouble, and he's
    still going to rip his heart out.
    Toni closes in to Massimo and the Mayor sees his chance and makes a run for
    it. Somehow Torini gets aboard a helicopter before Toni can grab him and
    gunmen on the helicopter start taking potshots at all three men left near
    the lighthouse.
    Toni locks on to the helicopter as it hovers in mid-air and opens fire with
    his minigun. The ultra-rapid volley of fire is too much for the whirlybird
    and it spins out of control, smoke billowing from it's engine. It goes in to
    freefall as it spins and explodes, hitting the water shortly after. Nobody
    could have survived such a blast and the three men retreat to Salvatore's
    Salvatore is already at his desk when Toni enters shoving the Mayor twoards
    him. Salvatore states rather matter-of-factly they've just saved him from
    the Sicilians and questions him if he knows what that means. The Mayor
    stutters a reply that he thinks the city is grateful but he is, of course,
    Toni barges him on to Sal's desk and tells him to take another guess.
    Salvatore goes on to say that as a reward O'Donovan now works for him and
    the unnerved Mayor supposes that's right. After a brief 'thank you, Mr
    Leone' the Mayor takes his leave.
    After all their recent exploits Salvatore's mind is entirely at rest that
    Toni is his most trusted ally. He tells Toni as much and says he just got
    one more problem he needs assistance dealing with. Toni nods in agreement.
    A short while later Salvatore and Toni arrive at Ma Cipriani's restaurant.
    Salvatore calls out a greeting to 'Uncle', an elderly Sicilian gentleman
    sitting on a bench. He also gives the old man the classic kiss on each cheek
    Mafia greeting before they get down to business.
    In somewhat broken English he tells Salvatore that all the Sicilian mob
    really wanted was an explanation as to why they stopped receiving his
    tribute back to the old country. Salvatore, in an attempt to finally broker
    a peace deal, agrees and is most appreciative that Uncle sees his point of
    view and no more reprisals will be forthcoming.
    Uncle gets up to leave and glances at Toni who nods in respect. When Uncle
    is just of earshot (Or so he thinks) Salvatore speaks in to Toni's ear that
    he thinks Uncle is a 'sneaky little bastard' and that he 'wouldn't trust him
    an inch'.
    Uncle breaks step ever so slightly and says under his breath 'every dog has
    his day...' before leaving.
    Salvatore is full of well-earned praise for Toni and is glad he has such a
    valuable, loyal and respectful wiseguy working for him. Sal has got him half
    a million dollars by way of thanks, sadly not the full million Toni was
    expecting. Salvatore laughs it off and tells him that with the relationship
    they have, who can put a price on their kind of friendship.
    Salvatore embraces him and repeats the kiss on each cheek treatment to show
    his own respect. In the final words of the game he says 'you're a good kid,
    but shame on you'. Toni nods, the scene fades out and a tour of Portland by
    road starts as the credits roll.
                                       THE END
    2e. Conclusions About The Conclusion
     1. Toni Cipriani is well established as a Mafia figure again. I'd really
        like to see which year he had to leave Liberty City for killing a made
     2. Salvatore's paranoia is, for the time being, put to rest. By the events
        of GTAIII we see that it returns as the Diablos, Triads and Yakuza to
        name but a few are all out for a better share of Leone turf.
     3. GTA:LCS is the first GTA game to mention the Sicilian mob from 'the old
        country'. Even the mass spider of plotlines that was GTA:SA didn't
        mention them once.
     4. Massimo Torini not only sold out the Leones to the Triads and Diablos,
        but was also instrumental in both of those gangs getting a foothold on
        their turf. By GTAIII, the Triads own all of Chinatown and the Diablos
        own Hepburn Heights.
     5. Toshiko and Kazuki Kasen are both dead. Asuka and Kenji are yet to
        arrive in Liberty City (Another year I'd like to know) and the Yakuza
        are currently lacking a waka-gashira. This happens again after GTAIII.
     6. Miguel, the Colombian we see in the mission "Contra-Banned", is already
        firmly part of Liberty City's crime. By GTAIII the Colombian Cartel is
        doing even bigger business.
     7. Catalina and Claude, after leaving San Andreas, must be keeping a VERY
        low profile. Between 1994 (GTA:SA) and 2001 (GTAIII) their whereabouts
        are unknown. After the GTA:SA mission "Farewell, My Love" she tells Carl
        Johnson that she and Claude are going to Liberty City. Maybe Rockstar
        though that one cameo for Claude in GTA:SA was enough.
     8. Donald Love has fled the city. He'll do this again in 2001 after the
        GTAIII mission "Love's Disappearance".
     9. Avery Carrington is dead. Sure, he only had a small part in this game
        and GTA:VC but Rockstar must have thought about him a lot to immortalise
        him as 'Vegas Vic' in Las Venturas (GTA:SA).
    10. Phil Cassidy is another character who has been in Liberty City for a
        while. In the mission "More Deadly Than The Male" after Toni arrives at
        the ferry port in Rockfort he mentions that '.... I do so much business
        at the docks I should've set myself up here, not half way down the
        God-damn island!'. As we see in GTAIII the ferry service has been made
        redundant by the Porter road tunnel and the Callahan bridge and Phil has
        set himself up where he said.
    11. 8-Ball is already doing the business as Liberty City's premier purveyor
        of explosives. It's interesting to note that he's still wearing the same
        baseball jacket and blue jeans outfit in GTAIII.
    12. Leon McAffrey is still alive by the events of GTAIII. However, in
        "Silence The Sneak" he's killed by Claude for being a suspected rat.
        Suspected by whom? Why none other than Ray Machowski, who in three years
        has learned that police work is more profitable if you're a dirty cop.
    13. Mickey Hamfists is already on the mob's payroll in 1998. In GTAIII we
        see him as Luigi Goterelli's bodyguard in a few of the early cutscenes.
    14. The Forelli and Sindacco families no longer have a leg to stand on. I'm
        wondering if they still co-own Caligula's casino in Las Venturas
    15. Salvatore, or anybody else for that matter, should have kicked Maria's
        teeth in long ago.
    16. So *that's* why Fort Staunton is a huge building site! <Rockstar did a
        superb job on the continuity here. Explore and compare the GTAIII and
        GTA:LCS versions of the same place and you'll see the level of detail>
    2f. Random Musings
    (a) Characters
     1. The spelling of Maria's surname in GTAIII, GTA:SA and GTA:LCS differs
        slightly. It's either 'La Torre' or 'Latore'. I'm sticking with GTAIII's
        'La Torre' as it sounds much more fitting to her accent and everything.
     2. The graveyard in Bedford Point has quite a good easter egg. Go there
        occasionally as you play through the game, specifically after Toni kills
        someone important-ish to the plot, and you'll see new grave headstones
        and monuments added.
        They are:
        'Giovanni Casa - Gone...'
        'Dan Sucho - Dead... An' What Not R.I.P'
        'Cedric "Wayne" Fotheringay - R.I.P'
        'Joseph Daniel O'Toole - Sleeping With Angels R.I.P'
        'Vincenzo Cilli - Not So Lucky After All R.I.P'
        'Roger C. Hole - Running For Office In Heaven R.I.P'
        'Paulie Sindacco - Viva Las Venturas Baby R.I.P'
        Paulie's one is especially large, bigger than the Mayor's in fact. The
        epitaph is an Elvis joke, as Toni says after killing him 'Paulie
        Sindacco has left the building', and the fact that the Sindaccos
        were/are running big business in San Andreas. JD O'Toole's epitaph is
        mildly disturbing (Someone has also left a black vibrating sex toy
        instead of a wreath!).
    (b) Continuity
     1. Kind of a small continuity error exists within GTA:LCS. The game doesn't
        make any mention of Misty, who was a hooker in GTAIII, and one of Joey
        Leone's favourite visitors. In GTA:SA, there's a bar called 'Mistys' in
        San Fierro. What exactly happened to her running a bar in 1992 and then
        being on the game in 2001?
     2. Come to mention it where is Joey in 1998? He's got his own car workshop
        in Trenton, just like in GTAIII, but there's no mention of him either.
        Maybe he disapproves of the gangster lifestyle, and prefers being a
        mechanic. Salvatore does state in "The Offer" 'After what you did,
        you're like a son to me - better than my son, better than any son...' to
        Toni so maybe he and Joey are having problems.
     3. Paulie's Revue Bar in the Red Light District is the future site of
        Luigi's Goterelli's Sex Club Seven in GTAIII. In the cutscene for "Calm
        Before The Storm" JD O'Toole tells Toni that the bar is his now, as the
        Sindaccos have been run out. The demise of JD in "A Made Man" means that
        even if he isn't alive to run it, it's still Leone family property.
        Paulie's becomes Sex Club Seven after Staunton Island is opened up.
     4. In the mission "Panlantic Land Grab" Donald notices that Avery
        Carrington has employed the servies of the Colombian Cartel to protect
        him during his stay in Liberty City. In GTAIII, Fort Staunton and part
        of the surrounding area is swarming with Colombian gang members, so I
        find myself wondering whether in future games the Cartel will not only
        be back but also still using Panlantic as a front for other nefarious
    (c) Cutscenes
     1. In the cutscenes "Grease Sucho" and "No Son Of Mine" (Ma Cipriani) ,
        "Taken For A Ride" (Maria) and "Frighteners" (Salvatore) they all
        mention to Toni that he looks too thin. This would probably explain the
        dramatic change in his build by 2001. In GTAIII, he's much bigger.
     2. Avery hasn't changed his appearance since 1986. He's still the cowboy,
        not that it matters much now he's dead. I want to see if he's going to
        be in GTA:VCS.
     3. If you want to know what Massimo Torini was talking about during the
        missions "Calm Before The Storm" and "The Sicilian Gambit" I've done a
        simple translation (See Section 3. Assorted GTA Links for links to these
        handy webpages).
        In "Calm Before The Storm" Torini lands at the building site yard in
        Hepburn Heights and says to some Diablo gang members:
        'Come siamo rimasti d'accordo, if you do my associates work for them,
        you'll be well rewarded. Hepburn Heights will belong to the Diablos'.
        Loosely translated the first part of his sentence means 'As we are
        remained in agreement'.
        It's quite obvious from his oration that the Sicilians must have been
        planning their actions for quite some time.
        Also in the same mission, after he lands on top of the rooftop in
        Chinatown, he  addresses some Triads with:
        'So quei bastardi dei Leone tied down in Portland and when my associates
        control this city, you'll be taken care of. Si pensiamo noi'.
        In English the start and finish of this sentence is 'Keep those bastard
        Leones...' and the end is '...yes we think'.
        Again it's very clear to see what Torini is up to.
        Finally, Torini's words in "The Sicilian Gambit" to Salvatore are:
        'Salvatore, Sicily never wanted questo schifo di citta. But when tribute
        dried up, what could we do...?'.
        Very loosely translated,  this means 'Sicily never wanted the Mayor of
        the city...'.
        it appears that kidnapping the Mayor was just a ploy to get Salvatore's
        In case you missed it, The Diablos and Triads are keeping the Leone
        family busy whilst they (The Leones) are fighting with the Forellis and
        Sindaccos. The Sicilians will then have no trouble taking over control
        of Liberty City as the Leones will have depleted manpower and resources.
        If there's anybody out there who can give me a better translation of
        what Massimo Torini says please get in touch.
    (d) Miscellaneous
     1. If you're wondering why the music during the opening cutscene sounds so
        familiar it's because it's a re-arrangement of the classic GTAIII
        introduction music. It's called "March Popakov Remix" by Danger Mouse.
        Just like the other GTA games and numerous other Playstation2 titles,
        the music tracks stored on the GTA:LCS disk can be converted from their
        generic Playstation2 filetype in to WAV or mp3 with the right software.
        My personal preference is MFAudio (See Section 3. Assorted GTA Links for
        the MFAudio dowbload webpage).
        This is not to be confused with the GTA:LCS theme tune used when a
        mission is complete. That's "A Dark March" by Danger Mouse. This is the
        best theme tune in a GTA so far in my opinion, but maybe I'm just saying
        that as I can play it perfectly on guitar.
     2. Before construction of the Callahan bridge started, what exactly did the
        residents of Portland do for transport? I find it hard to believe that
        the ferry service would be used as the main method of getting to and
        from Staunton Island. The people of Portland should get used to this -
        In GTAIII the island is isolated from the rest of Liberty City when the
        Callahan brige is damaged by the Colombians.  It's also interesting to
        note that work on the Porter Tunnel began some time in 1998, maybe even
        a year or two before, and wasn't finished until 2001. These aren't the
        same people building the new Wembley stadium are they?
     3. As mentioned in the manual, the campaign group 'American Road Safety For
        Everybody' ('A.R.S.E') are trying to get motorcycles banned in Liberty
        City. They obviously succeeded, as this explains why there aren't any in
        two-wheeled vehicles in GTAIII in 2001. In the same article is also news
        about the Maibatsu Monstrosity, which is due to hit the streets in 2001.
     4. One can only hope that Rockstar will port GTA:VCS to the Playstation2 as
        a farewell to the system before the next-generation GTAIV. If they do, I
        hope they keep the super-fast load times (Both from power-on and
        travelling between islands), camera controls, longevity and *add air
        vehicles*. I really wish they'd bring back GTA:SA free-aim for some of
        the weapons too, some missions were unneccessarily difficult as a
     5. Before GTAIII's campaign group 'Citizens Raging Against Phones'
        ('C.R.A.P'), there were another band of people calling themselves
        'Citizens United Negating Technology For Life And People's Safety'
        ('C.U.N.T.F.L.A.P.S') who are trying to the internet switched off. All
        around the city and in the manual are posters and billboards advertising
        their cause.
     6. GTA:LCS is the very first game in the series that has a National
        Guard-type organisation. After Fort Staunton is decimated with
        explosives in "Bringing The House Down" they can be seen standing guard
        on the derelict sight in many places, typically in pairs. These are
        dressed in a similar uniform to the army but don't respond to Toni's
        presence unless he hurts them. If you do decide to cap one of them,
        watch out, as they're armed with automatic weapons.
     7. It's a theory of mine that the destruction of Fort Staunton spelt the
        end of the Forelli's. This area was, after all, the only large piece of
        turf still under their control. On the Liberty News radio reports the
        newscaster even mentions that the authorities were checking to see if
        the carnage was a result of the foul play or the Forelli's stockpiling
        weapons for their territory battles.
     8. Just a quick observation: Near the ramp that leads up to the Pay'N'Spray
        in Staunton Island is a blue garage with an open window above it. This
        is the same building with the same open window used in GTAIII's mission
        "Silence The Sneak", in which you have to lure Leon McAffrey out of that
        building and kill him.
     9. Just what the hell *is* that knocking noise when you load a game?
    (e) Unanswered Questions
     1. What happens to Franco Forelli after GTA:LCS? He doesn't appear in 2001,
        not even for revenge when his brother Mike "Lips" is blown to pieces by
        Claude. It's possible that the gang war and eventual victory of the
        Leones that the Forellis lost so much influence in the city that they
     2. Between 1998 and 2001 Asuka arrives in town. In GTAIII, specifically the
        last few missions of Staunton Island, we see that Asuka and Maria are
        friends (Maybe more). My question is: How did the long-term girlfriend
        of a Mafia don get so close to one of the leaders of the Yakuza? Maria
        would have surely got treated with great suspicion every single one of
        the Yakuza mob, especially Asuka and Kenji. Mind you, Maria does say in
        GTAIII's mission "Last Requests" that Asuka is 'an old friend' so it's
        entirely possible that they hooked up way before the events of GTA:LCS
        and GTAIII.
     3. In the mission "Bringing The House Down" after Toni has spoken to 8-Ball
        the scene cuts to Donald Love at the Flophouse talking on the phone.
        A guy that looks like a vagrant walks past carrying a molotov cocktail.
        My question is: Who is this guy? As far as I can see no enemy in the
        game ever uses molotovs, so could this be one of Rockstar's more subtle
     4. In the final cutsenes of the game between Massimo Torini's helicopter
        exploding and Salvatore, Toni and Mayor O'Donovan in Sal's office, what
        happens? The game just cuts straight to the last cutscenes without an
        explanation. It's safe to assume that all the Sicilians are dead but it
        was a right bastard trying to narrate in a plot guide.
     5. Is the elderly Sicilian gentleman Uncle, the very last character we meet
        in the game, *actually* a relative of Salvatore's? It would be an
        interesting plot point if he was. Something tells me it's a tribute to
        'The Godfather'.
    (f) Cameos
     1. There are several posters of Candy Suxxx's new movie, 'Let Me Bounce' at
        the Red Light District, and in some parts of Staunton Island and
        Shoreside Vale. It's easy to spot the poster (A couple of breasts
        covered by a black bra) but to see her name, you'll need to focus your
        camera or sniper rifle onto the top of the poster.
     2. When you enter Shoreside Vale using the Lift Bridge, you should a lot of
        billboards. Two of them show a guy in white clothes playing basketball.
        The guy in white is none other than CJ (Carl Johnson). The same picture
        was a screenshot for San Andreas. It's not very clear though, but those
        who have already seen the screenshot before should recognise it.
     3. On Head Radio, the presenter (Michael Hunt) talks about meeting the
        'Gurning Chimps', a British rock group mentioned in GTA:SA. He also
        talks about Maccer throwing up all over him. GTA veterans will remember
        Maccer as the Manchester-born raver accompanying Kent Paul who suffers
        from priapism and is constantly off his face on drugs.
     4. On LCFR, Lazlow makes a reference to making a deal with Donald Love in
        his show about taking Chatterbox 24/7 which can explain why there's no
        LCFR in GTAIII but a whole Chatterbox FM station instead. By the way,
        LCFR is an acronym for 'Liberty City Free Radio' and does NOT mean
        'Lucifer' as some people have said.
     5. A billboard displaying a poster of Love Fist can be found near Francis
        International Airport. It mentions that they will be performing live at
        the Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas, the upcoming winter. A Love
        Fist poster can also be seen during the mission "Biker Heat". It's on
        the wall above Maria's bed.
     6. Behind Toni's safehouse in Portland, there's a billboard advertising the
        digitally remastered version of Madd Dogg's last album 'Still Madd'.
        He's still on Blastin Fool's records like in GTA:SA.
     7. There's another poster which is advertising the 'Sonny Forreli - A Real
        Story' movie and it even contains a picture. Go to Pike Creek and find
        the payphone that activates the "Gangsta GP" race and you'll spot it
        just to the right of the phone. Also note that the word 'FORELLI' is
        spelt as 'FORRELI'. I hope that in twelve years after my death they make
        a movie about me and at least get my name right. Oddly, the picture of
        Sonny looks totally different to his GTA:VC in-game and manual artwork
        (Sonny can be seen on the cover of the box, at the top, dead centre).
        The moustache in the movie poster makes him look like a Spanish Shaun
     8. On one of the radio stations (LCFR, I think) Denise Robinson from GTA:SA
        calls in. GTA veterans will remember her as the annoying girlfriend CJ
        rescues in the mission "Burning Desire".
     9. On Chatterbox Ma Cipriani calls in. Just like in GTAIII and this game
        she's concerned about her son's lack of respect.
    10. So I mentioned Lazlow right? He's not the only radio presenter to make a
        GTAIII: Michael Hunt (Head Radio)
                Andee (Lips 106)
                MSX: Code Breaker
                Flashback: Toni
        GTA:VC: Flash FM: Toni
                V-Rock: Lazlow
        As mentioned before the only person presenting on the radio who has
        appeared in all four 3D GTA games is Lazlow.
        I'm pretty sure that Crow, who is on LCFR's 'Breathing World', is
        mentioned in another game (GTA:VC I think, he's some goth guy who weirds
        the other presenter out).
        Cliff Jones is another one who I'm sure is mentioned somewhere else too.
    (g) Film References
     1. The vehicle you get after dropping off 100 passengers in "Taxi Driver"
        is the Bickle '76, named after Robert De Nero's character Travis Bickle
        from the movie 'Taxi Driver' released in 1976.
     2. After the "Crazy '69" mission, where Toni is sent out to the park to go
        on a killing spree with a samurai sword, you are given the Dragon
        Jumpsuit which looks the same as the one in 'Kill Bill'.
     3. 'The Mainframe' movie which is being advertised on numerous billboards
        throughout Liberty City and on the radio is a parody of the 'The
        Matrix'. The pedestrians used are all from GTA:SA. The one on the far
        right looks like one of the girlfriends CJ can date (Barbara
        Schternvart, the cop)
     4. All around the city are movie posters advertising 'Purser'. The name and
        the graphics on the poster make it look like a reference to the film
        'The Punisher' which is an addition to the recent trend of films based
        on successful comics.
     5. A poster advertising 'L.S. Backdoor' can be seen dotted around the city.
        The poster's artwork and title sound a lot like the film 'L.A.
        Confidential'. On the poster is a character that bears a strong
        resemblance to Eddie Pulaski, one of the dirty cops of CRASH who hassle
        CJ and company throughout GTA:SA.
     6. Billboards for 'The Third Leg' with some rather crude artwork look
        exactly like the original movie posters for 'The Third Man' starring
        Orson Welles released in 1949.
     7. The artwork for the 'Silent But Violent' movie being advertised on a
        billboard in Wichita Gardens (Y'know, the one that 'reeks of suspense'
        and is 'not to be sniffed at'!) looks a lot like the original movie
        poster for 'Day Of The Triffids' from 1962.
        A spooky thing I noticed: One of the girlfriends from GTA:SA is lying
        dead. It looks like Katie Zhan.
     8. The story on the back of the game's case that begins 'There are a
        million stories in Liberty City. This one changes everything' is
        similar to a film's dialogue. 'Summer Of Sam', the 1999 movie about the
        .44 calibre killer in 1977, opens with a New Yorker's monologue that
        ends 'There are 8 million stories in the naked city and this was one of
        them'. I distinctly remember Rockstar's press release for GTALCS that
        had a much more identical line, so maybe they changed it before release.
        This is also another New York reference, but I thought it was more
        fitting here.
    (h) Other References
     1. On the compound wall to the north side of the hospital (Facing the road)
        in Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale, there is graffiti in red which reads
        'Bully', which is one of Rockstar's in-production titles.
     2. The name of the fireman in the multiplayer mode is Sam. Fireman Sam is a
        long running kids show popular here in England. This ones only for the
        PSP players only, as multiplayer was taken out of the Playstation2
     3. Mr Benz is the costume shop in the game from where you get the Tuxedo
        and the Lawyer outfits. In reality, Mr Benn was a classic TV series
        where Mr Benn would visit a costume shop. He would try on a set of
        clothes and leave the changing room through a second door and into an
        adventure themed around the costume.
     4. In Staunton Island, as you come out of Phil Cassidy's gun shop on the
        east side the street just south has a massive lit up billboard and one
        of the things scrolling across is 'GRAND THEFT PORTO - OUT NOW'.
        Obviously a self reference where 'Porto' refers to 'Portable'.
     5. The Avenging Angels are based on an anti-crime group in New York called
        the 'Guardian Angels'.
     6. The name that Salvatore gives Toni in the guise of his fictional lawyer
        is Lionel. This could be a reference to The Simpsons' shyster lawyer
        Lionel Hutz. It's interesting to note that this is also the first time I
        can think of that Rockstar have re-used a christian name in a different
        game - Lionel Starkweather was the snuff film director in 'Manhunt'.
     7. Rockstar apparently have a seperate division that manufactures luggage.
        In the opening cutscene, Toni's brown suitcase is the same one with the
        R* logo on it, which was used in GTA:SA multiple times.
     8. Another Rockstar self-reference can be found on the Cochrane Dam's power
        house. The red building at the base has a graffiti-style 'R*' logo.
     9. Another really obvious one, which is <gasp> quite funny - The Securicar
        vehicles you'll see around Liberty City and in a couple of missions are
        owned by a company called 'Gruppe Sechs'. In real life, 'Group 4' are a
        security company dealing with money transfers and suchlike. The humour
        comes in here: 'Gruppe' in German means 'Group', so it appears the
        company are specialists at group sex. <I'm well aware that 'Sechs' is
        German for 'six' before I get any emails>. Dunno how I missed that in
        the other GTA games.
    10. Several references from Lazlow's Chatterbox slot on LCFR for you....
        Lazlow mentions on Chatterbox something about 'Dormitron bondagers'. In
        GTAIII, there were adverts on the radio for the 'Dormatron' which was
        supposed to make people lose weight. Some sick individuals in Liberty
        City are using it to get their jollies...
        Also on Chatterbox is a bloke who calls in about the crap movies that
        Vinewood, San Andreas, is churning out. He says that '...if I see one
        more damn movie with ten kids, a dog in a wheelchair  and some damn
        baseball championship. I'm going to start killing people and  blame it
        on Vinewood'. This sounds a lot like Rockstar are getting back at the
        people who blame their games for all the injustices and crimes in the
        world (Remember the furore about 'Manhunt?).
        Another caller mentions killer bees. Three years later in GTAIII the
        same caller calls again.
        The game 'Space Monkey 7' that's advertised sounds like a precursor for
        'Pogo The Monkey' from GTAIII. The monkey shrieks and other noises used
        are the same in both games. In GTA:SA, there's a playable arcade game in
        a few of the 24-7 shops that have 'Go Go Space Monkey' installed in
        their cabinets. It looks like this game was released year after year
        like the Sonic, Mario or Mega Man games and have finally landed on
        number seven, six years after GTA:SA.
    11. Poster for 'Hand Held' starring Pam Stroker can be seen throughout the
        city. It's an obvious self-reference for GTA:LCS being the first hand
        held GTA game.
    12. A couple of jokes and references from 'The Electron Zone' on LCFR:
        Steve is named Steve Jobs one of the co-founders of Apple Computers.
        Bill is named after Bill Gates, worlds richest man and creator of the
        PC operating system Windows.
        'The Electron Zone' teaser website is a parody of the PC versus Mac
        battle. 'TOS' is representing 'DOS' and 'Fruits' is representing Apple
        Mac's distinctive logo (See Section 3. Assorted GTA Links for a website
        Also on the teaser site is a reference to 'Imooga's Jiz Drive'. In real
        life Iomega manufacture zip drives, a handy medium of computer storage
        typically 100mb in size. An advert for 'Jiz Drives' can also be heard in
        GTA2 on the radio.
    13. An advert for C.U.N.T.F.L.A.P.S on the radio features a man called Jack
        who was found naked by the parents of a young boy in his room. This
        sounds like Rockstar are having a pop at Jack Thompson, the LS attorney
        who attacked them over the content of their games.
    14. Another quite obscure one: In the "Car Salesman" side mission, the
        customer looking to buy an off-road vehicle says 'It's gripped, let's
        off- road!'. This is one of the catchphrases from 'The Fast Show', a
        popular BBC sketch show.
    (i) Advertisments
     1. Billboards, posters and van decorations advertising the soft drink
        Sprunk can be seen throughout the city. In 'Manhunt' and GTA:SA, Sprunk
        drinks machines can be seen dotted around the entire state. In the
        GTA:SA mission "Reuniting The Families" the Grove Street gang crash
        through a huge Sprunk sign at the end of the mission.
     2. Quite an obvious one - The Zip logo's that are just about everywhere in
        the are a parody of 'Gap' clothing shops. Some Landstalker vehicles even
        have Zip boxes in the back.
     3. Posters for Conor And Jay's new single 'Train' can be seen at subway
        stations and in Shoreside Vale. For those who don't know their GTA
        history, Craig Connor and Julie Wemyss are the duo responsible for some
        of GTA's best songs, all the way since the original GTA. You can see and
        hear them at their own personal website and on MySpace (See Section 3.
        Assorted GTA Links). My personal favourite is 'Change' from GTAIII,
        although 'Keep Dreaming' is a close second (The duo perform it under the
        band name Sawarr).
     4. Rudy La Fontaine's single 'Funk In Time' can also be seen being
        advertised around the city. The two different styles of poster used are
        actually quite good, I'm currently checking to see if it's actually a
        licensed song rather than a Rockstar homebrew.
     5. Cluckin' Bell adverts can be seen dotted in many places, including the
        game manual, and are mentioned on the Lips 106 radio station. Cluckin'
        Bell is the chicken takeaway outlet from GTA:SA.
     6. Adverts for KC with the slogan 'Feel Bland' look very much like a Calvin
        Klein parody. Both of the ped models are from GTA:SA; the blonde-haired
        English chick wearing black and the dark-haired rich type.
     7. Bobo adverts are all around the city. Bobo was one of the slogans and
        adverts used in GTA:SA for sportswear all around San Andreas.
     8. The film 'Heavy Weapons' starring Buff T and Buck Wild looks like a
        parody of a film, but for the life of me I can't remember which one. It
        could be 'Lethal Weapon' or something starring Chuck Norris. Anyway, if
        you know, get in touch. It almost looks like the Duke Nukem movie
        posters from the game of the same name.
     9. Posters and a billboard for 'The Liberty King: An Original Hoodlum'
        look like their advertising Donald Love's life story. The adverts use
        artwork of Love from GTAIII (Manual and in-game loading screens).
    10. In various places, especially a huge one in Staunton island, 'Munky
        Juice' posters can be seen. These are from GTAIII, both in-game and the
    11. The Ranch clothing shop is advertised in posters and logos with the
        legend 'Rodeo Since 1888'. Rodeo is a district of Los Santos, San
        Andreas, which parodies Rodeo Drive in real life Los Angeles.
    12. Juank Air advers are dotted around the city on billboards. This is the
        air company in GTA:SA. 'Juank Air' is printed on the side of some of the
        planes and is the airline CJ uses to fly to Los Santos, San Fierro and
        Las Venturas on internal flights. Their slogan is 'Indulge yourself,
        flying with that personal touch'.
    13. A small billboard advertising 'Binco' can be found on the roof of the
        'Calm Before The Storm' mission roof in Chinatown. Binco was one of the
        clothing outlets in GTA:SA.
    14. The diner in Callahan Point is a Rusty Browns Ring Donuts shop in
        GTA:LCS. Rusty Browns was used numerous times in GTA:SA, and even has a
        hidden interior that was never used. One shop with its distinctive donut
        can be found in Paradiso, San Fierro, and a radio advert can also be
    15. In Staunton Island there's a large poster advertising 'Kittens'. I'd
        interpret this as a parody for Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Cats'.
    16. The posters and billboards advertising 'Kiss Me, Yardie' are a pun of
        Horatio Nelson's purported last words ('Kiss me, Hardy').
    17. A 'Cok O Pops' billboard can be found in Hepburn Heights in Portland.
        'Cok O Pops' is the name of a cereal which can be found in the 24-7
        shops, on posters and billboards and decorating the side of some vans in
        GTA:SA. I like their rude slogan: 'Start the day off with a mouthful of
    18. The adverts for 'Wing Ding', 'Tally-Ho: The Musical' and 'Likipi' all
        look familiar to me, but I can't remember specifically what their
        supposed to be parodying. If anyone has any ideas drop me a line.
    19. Didier Sachs posters can be found adorning the walls in the Shoreside
        Vale subway station.
    (j) Mistakes
     1. A few times in the game, the Forelli mob are mistaken for the Sindaccos.
        In "The Whole 9 Yardies" it's Toni's job to lure some Forellis from
        Newport all the way to the Yardie ambush in Rockford. In "Night Of The
        Livid Dreads" Leon McAffrey states that 'Those Yardie boys are having a
        little trouble holding their newly acquired turf in Newport. Seems now
        the Sindaccos want it back'. This is a genuine mistake - there's no
        mention that the Sindaccos are muscling in to take over the turf from
        the Yardies who previously took it from the Forellis. I think somebody
        at Rockstar just got sloppy. In the plot synopsis I've stated the
        contrary as otherwise it would confuse whoever is reading it.
     2. In the mission "Cash In Kazuki's Chips" after killing Kazuki, Toni is
        supposed to retrieve Kazuki's samurai sword as proof of killing him.
        After the mission, Toni still has the sword. Fair enough, Toshiko
        probably didn't need it after she killed herself, but this is still a
     3. In the opening cutscene where Toni gets off the coach in Chinatown, he
        makes a call to Salvatore from a phonebooth. If you go back there during
        gameplay that phonebooth isn't there. You can clearly see the 'Tube'
        fastfood shop in the cutscene so I'm positive I'm not looking in the
        wrong spot.
    2g. Mission Order
    This is the order of the missions I used to to the plot synopsis. As I
    stated before, the other miscellaneous stuff (Hidden packages, etc.) aren't
    really anything to do with the plot so despite sidetracking between missions
    to complete them they are not included here. The missions marked with an
    asterisk aren't actual storyline missions (They don't count towards 100%
    completion) but they are important in advancing the game.
    Opening Mission: Home Sweet Home (*)
    Vincenzo Cilli: Slacker
                    Dealing Revenge
                    Smash And Grab
                    Hot Wheels
    JD O'Toole: Bone Voyeur!
                Don In 60 Seconds
                A Volatile Situation
                Blow Up 'Dolls'
    Ma Cipriani: Snappy Dresser
                 Big Rumble In Little China
                 Grease Sucho
                 Dead Meat
                 No Son Of Mine
    Salvatore Leone: The Offer
                     Ho Selecta!
    Maria La Torre: Shop 'Til You Strop
                    Taken For A Ride
                    Booby Prize
                    Biker Heat
                    Overdose Of Trouble
    Salvatore Leone: Frighteners
                     Rollercoaster Ride
    JD O'Toole: Salvatore's Salvation
                The Guns Of Leone
                Calm Before The Storm
                The Made Man
    Vincenzo Cilli: The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade
    Salvatore Leone: Sindacco Sabotage
                     The Trouble With Triads
                     Driving Mr. Leone
    Staunton Island:
    Salvatore Leone: A Walk In The Park
                     Making Toni
    Donald Love: The Morgue Party Candidate
    Father Ned: L.C. Confidential
                The Passion Of The Heist
                False Idols
    Donald Love: Steering The Vote
                 Friggin' The Riggin'
                 Love & Bullets
                 Counterfeit Count
    Salvatore Leone: Caught In The Act
    Leon McAffrey: Sayonara Sindaccos
                   The Whole 9 Yardies
                   Crazy '69'
                   Night Of The Livid Dreads
    Salvatore Leone: Search And Rescue
                     Taking The Peace
                     Shoot The Messenger
    Leon McAffrey: Munitions Dump
    Donald Love: Love On The Rocks
    Shoreside Vale:
    Salvatore Leone: Rough Justice
                     Dead Reckoning
    Donald Love: Panlantic Land Grab
                 Stop The Press
                 Morgue Party Resurrection
    8-Ball: No Money, Mo' Problems (*)
    Salvatore Leone: Shogun Showdown
    Toshiko Kasen: More Deadly Than The Male
                   Cash Clash
                   A Date With Death
                   Cash In Kazuki's Chips
    8-Ball: Bringing The House Down
    Donald Love: Love On The Run
    Salvatore Leone: The Shoreside Redemption
                     The Sicilian Gambit
    2h. The Cast Of GTA:LCS
    Unlike the earlier games, GTA:LCS doesn't have any big named celebrities
    doing the voiceovers. It does feature people who return from the previous
    games however. Some of these people have done quite a few games and other
    contributions. Check out the Internet Movie Database and search for them,
    you may be surprised.
    Salvatore Leone - Frank Vincent
    Toni Cipriani - Danny Mastrogiorgio
    Donald Love - Will Janowitz
    Vincenzo Cilli - Joe Lotrugio
    Maria Latore: Fiona Gallagher
    JD O'Toole - Greg Wilson
    Leon McAffrey - Ron Orbach
    Ray Machowski - Peter Appel
    Toshiko Kasen - Hannah Moon
    Ned Burner - Sondra James
    Giovanni Casa - Joel Jones
    Kazuki Kasen - Keenan Shimizu
    Massimo Torini - Duccio Faggella
    Mickey Hamfists - Chris Tardio
    Jane Hopper - Gordana Rashovich
    Mayor O'Donovan - John Braden
    8-Ball - Guru
    Radio Newscaster - Sharon Washington
    TV Reporter - Brooke Alexander
    If you're wondering who the radio newscaster is, she's the voice who gives
    the news reports on 'Liberty News'. The TV Reporter's voice is only used
    once, in "Love On The Rocks".
    2i. Continuity Between GTA:LCS And GTAIII
    As I mentioned before, Rockstar really did their homework to make the
    continuity believable. So much stuff has changed between GTA:LCS and GTAIII
    that it would be difficult to list it all here. There are some major
    differences though. Most are geographical and many have been altered to suit
    the plot.
     1. The apartment block where Misty lives in GTAIII is still being built and
        is currently a building site.
     2. The Doll's House derelict site has not been built on by the time of
     3. The Callahan bridge is still being built. It opens sometime between the
        GTA:LCS's events but is damaged by the Colombians at the start of GTAIII.
     4. Work on The Porter Tunnel has begun. It'll be another three years until
        it's completely finished.
     5. The so-called 'Unfinished Tunnels' of Shoreside Vale in GTAIII are
        connected in GTA:LCS. Go through them halfway and there's a blocked-off
        road leading north with a sign that reads 'Upstate'. Something we might
        see in a later game? Liberty City has, after all, been featured in all
        four 3d GTA games (In cutscenes and even one whole GTA:SA mission).
     6. The biggest one of all: Fort Staunton becomes the Panlantic Contruction
        Company building site in GTAIII. At least in GTA:LCS we know why. As
        mentioned previously Rockstar did a great job with the landscape of this
     7. Phil Cassidy has shifted his business to Rockford in GTAIII, and now
        occupies the site of the old ferry port.
     8. The ferry service is no longer in existence. The ferry port in Portland
        is now a mass of man-made concrete due to the Porter Tunnel.
     9. The Sindacco-owned Paulie's Revue Bar has become the Leone-owned Sex
        Club Seven. This happens in the beginning of GTA:LCS in fact.
    10. Portland's lighthouse island can be landed on in GTA:LCS. In GTAIII the
        jetty and walkable areas are gone.
    11. Many parts of Portland Docks are still being constructed. The
        Import/Export garage building in GTAIII is probably the most noticeable
        from GTAIII.
    12. The Big Shot Casino in Torrington becomes Kenji's Casino at some point.
        It's still under Yakuza control.
    13. Toni's Portland safehouse is a big stack of rubble and one last
        surviving wall in GTAIII.
    14. Claude's Portland safehouse in GTAIII is still being built in GTA:LCS.
        Most of the building is there, but it lacks a few storeys in height.
    15. The Love Media building looks quite different in GTA:LCS.
    16. Staunton Island's stadium in Aspatria is under construction in GTA:LCS.
        The Cocks obviously have to play the Beavers somewhere else.
    17. The Tw@ Internet Cafe in Torrington is under construction.
    18. A really cool one for GTA veterans - The 'You're Not Supposed To Be Able
        To Get Here' sign in Bedford Point has been changed to a smiley face
        with the legend 'Hello Again'. In The Playstation2 version of GTA:LCS,
        the sign now reads 'You Just Can't Get Enough Of This Alley Can You?'.
        <Y'know, this is the very first thing I checked when I opened up
        Staunton Island!>
    19. An interesting one - The gated yard in Aspatria used in the missions
        "Shogun Showdown (GTA:LCS) and "Liberator" (GTAIII) was once Yakuza
        property. In GTAIII it belongs to the Colombian cartel.
    20. Another plot driven building - The Cartel mansion in Cedar Grove in
        GTAIII belongs to the Colombians. In "Love On The Run" (GTA:LCS) it
        belongs to Donald Love. Considering this mission has Toni killing an
        array of Colombians who come to get at Love, maybe they "stole" it then.
    21. The "Bumps And Grinds" dirt track is no longer there in GTAIII.
    That's about it for the most noticeable stuff. If you spot something I
    haven't, please get in touch.
                           3. Assorted GTA Related Links
    GameFAQs GTAIII page - http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/game/31127.html
    GameFAQs GTA:VC page - http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/game/33074.html
    GameFAQs GTA:SA page - http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/game/914983.html
    GameFAQs GTA:LCS page - http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/game/925776.html
    Rockstar Games - http://www.rockstargames.com
    Rockstar North - http://www.rockstarnorth.com
    GTAIII Official Homepage - http://www.grandtheftauto3.com
    GTA:VC Official Homepage - http://www.rockstargames.com/vicecity
    GTA:SA Official Homepage - http://www.rockstargames.com/sanandreas
    GTA:LCS Official Homepage - http://www.rockstargames.com/libertycitystories
    GTA:VCS Official Homepage - http://www.rockstargames.com/vicecitystories
    GTA:IV Official Homepage - http://www.rockstargames.com/grandtheftauto4
    GTA:A Official Homepage - http://www.rockstargames.com/grandtheftauto/gba/
    Liberty Tree Newspaper - http://www.rockstargames.com/libertytree
    Various Recommended Fansites - http://www.gta3.com
    GTA:LCS Teaser Sites: http://www.ammunation.net
                          http://www.paulies revue.net
    Grand Theft-Endo - http://www.grandtheftando.com
                       (This is a chap who's porting GTAIII to the Nintendo
                       Entertainment System. I shit you not.)
    Internet Movie Database - http://www.imdb.com
    Conor And Jay's Homepage - http://www.conorandjay.com
    Conor And Jay's MySpace page - http://www.myspace.com/conorandjay
    MFAudio/GTA Music - http://members.lycos.com/ripperoo/gta3/gta3-extract.htm
    Extraction Guide
    http://babelfish.altavista.com - Alta Vista's Babel Fish language
    http://www.wordreference.com - An multilingual online translation
                                4. ....And The Outro
    Phew! That was an awful lot of typing! I'm hoping to get a lot of feedback,
    but also hope that this guide is as accurate as I can possibly make it. If
    you do have any feedback, criticism, suitcase full of cash, large supplies
    of Newcastle Brown Ale you want to share or any rare Who albums, please do
    get in touch with me at:
    My GTA:VC and GTA:SA guides are coming along but I wouldn't expect to see
    the GTA:SA one anytime soon. Even omitting all the miscellaneous stuff for
    100% it's still a huge game. With a bit of luck I'll get both of them
    revised and out ready for GTA:VCS.
    I really hope you've enjoyed reading this, thanks very much for your time.
                                5. About The Author
    I'm 23 and live in Wimbledon, South London in England.
    I'm heavily in to music; The Who, The Small Faces, The Kinks, Paul Weller,
    Ocean Colour Scene, The Bluetones, Supergrass, The Jam, The Clash, The
    Buzzcocks, The Velvet Underground, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, to name
    but a few. Top tunes at the moment are 'Ldn' by Lily Allen and 'I Wanna Be
    Sedated' by The Ramones and 'I Ran' by A Flock Of Seagulls. My all time
    favourite song is 'Waterloo Sunset' by The Kinks.
    I also love films and have quite a large collection, and spend most of my
    free time either gaming (Playstation2, Gamecube, PC, Acorn and retro games
    between 1980-1995) or reading. At the moment I'm reading spy novels, but
    also like my Terry Pratchett, Robert Rankin, Douglas Adams and other
    When I'm not womble hunting on Wimbledon Common, chain smoking, getting
    pissed or topless go-go dancing, I'm in training to be the first man to wade
    the English Channel. I'm also getting entered for Crufts if I can get my
    hair sorted out.
    'Never consider mortality. Consider immortality'.
    Rob White
    a.k.a Happy Womble

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