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"Is this the future of GTA?"

Liberty City voted worst city in America and unfortunately the game follows suit when I went out and bought this game I was anticipating something new, something fresh, but I found an old sock. Normally Grand Theft Auto games are 100% worth going out and buying but this? short answer NO. For anyone that has played Grand Theft Auto III this is it again except with a few new weapons and a few new missions. Toni Cipriani a member of the Leone family, a mafiosi family that are having all sorts of trouble with everything drugs, rival gangs, everything under the sun! There are some major problems with this game there is absolutely no aircrafts in this game expect to keep your feet planted securely on the ground. The game itself has little to no replay value at all and after you finish it you'll sit it on the shelf and say "why the hell did I buy that?" and then try to pawn it or something. I first started playing GTA games when I was 9 the first one I played was GTA II and I was hooked never stopping and then just recently I purchased this and finished it I had never been so unhappy with the way a GTA had been made I played and own all of the series (except VCS, Im getting that in a couple of weeks) So after hearing me have a rant and rave now...

Gameplay: 7/10
pretty fluent gameplay with no major glitches or slipups seems pretty realistic as with most GTA games the only major problems are the limited vehicles no planes, no helicopters a step down from previous games. From San Andreas I loved the fact you could swim and fly a plane. Another thing what happened to the 100% health now its just a red bar nothing special, you don't know how much health he's got!

Graphics: 6/10
Good, but nothing special good facial jobs with Toni if you have a look up close it looks almost like a real person. But in general pretty so-so.

Pathetic would be the best way to describe the sounds of this game the pedestrians conversations are not even connecting so 2 people talking aren't talking about the same weather one of them might say "hows the weather?" and the other will say "So then I shot the guy!" and sometimes when you get on a bike and fly down the street the sound of the bike will cut out then you stop and the sound of a bike will come flying out of the PSP's speakers also on certain missions the Audio will just cut out but apparently they fixed that in the PS2 version of LCS.

Just a repeat of GTAIII with a new main...that actually talks. expect no big surprises with the storyline some average jokes thrown in and one or two that'll make you chuckle. The missions also seem to be a little pointless like when you do missions for Donald you have to steal a hearse with a coffin in the back for a "morgue party" also you will have to drive to some stop pick someone up and drop them off why I dunno maybe to be a good Samaritan. There is one positive thing to be said about the storyline plenty of side missions

Radio: 2/10
Oh, God what happened after Vice City and VCPR the radio has just been shocking nothing really funny or worth listening to after about 20 minutes I just turned the radio off and put on my custom tracks. The custom tracks is very new to GTA and Im glad they did the shoddy job they did with the radio I needed some rock to blow that radio poison out of my brain (you can find the media for the custom tracks at

If I turned back time I would still buy this game just o PS2, but still go out and play this game if you are a loyal GTA fan (like me) I did and then I wrote this but I want you to make up your own mind. Whether your new to the GTA world and really want to get this game or maybe you only have a PSP still give it a whirl rent it out then you can decide whether its worth the 6$ rental charge

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/18/06

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