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""BAM BAM BAM" goes the gun!"

First I would like to start off by saying that this game is very exquisite. I don't mean that in a little fairy pansy way, I mean it in a very violent and manly way. This game is good for you Grand Theft Auto fans. It has everything that there was in the one for the Playstation 2, and MORE!! That's right MORE! You are probably thinking, "Wow, how does a little portable system have more stuff than a big console?" Well, I cannot answer that because I do not know, but it is probably because the PSP kicks ass! Also for a little game, this sure packs a hell of a punch. This game will have you hooked for a looong time. Now on to the ratings:

Graphics-8/10- The graphics are fairly nice for the PSP. The cars shine ever so brightly, and get banged up when you do some crazy tricks. Some parts of the area of Liberty City take a little bit longer to load as you enter new areas, but that is very minor. One major problem I have encountered was I jumped through a set of stairs and got stuck inside of them. Not to worry though, it only happened twice.

Gameplay-9/10- The game play of GTA Liberty City Stories has not changed since the old Ps2 version. You shoot the same, and drive the same. Some parts are hard, but hey, you need a challenge in your games or else they become easy, and you get bored fast. It is very fun because you kill people! Now who wouldn't wanna do that?

Storyline-10/10- Here's where the game truly is remarkable, the storyline. This storyline is very well done, ONLY if you pay attention. This got a 10, because it is not a very long one, but not a short one either. At times, some of the missions are challenging, and those who do not sue cheats get frustrated, but hey, games do that to people some times, you got to calm down and focus on the mission until you beat it. Remember this quote: If you believe you can achieve!

Portability-10/10- The portability of this game is very fun because you have the ability to pause. Not saying you don't in the old games, but this is handheld, so screw those clunky console systems. This game is fun for the car, the bus, a taxi, hell even if your in your grandma's car, going to some lame and boring karaoke bar. So if you are ever in need of some fun, bring along your PSP and a pair of headphones to block out those pesky sounds to hear the sound of Tony's gun going "BAM BAM BAM".

Controls-8/10- As I said before the controls are pretty much the same as the previous GTA games. But if I were to be truly honest with you, I think that this game is much easier to play, and it takes next to no time to learn how to play. In the beginning of the game, they give you sort of a "tutorial" of how to play the game, so that is a pretty nice feature. My only concern is the drive-by feature. Doing a drive-by is very hard to do because you have to turn the camera to shoot, and also watch how your driving as well. This feature could have been better worked on.

Overall-9/10- This game will interest you fans of GTA. Trust me on this one, this game will last you maybe about 100-500 days before you get bored. If you do not like games with violence, then you probably shouldn't be in this game review. But if you love you some violence, this is by far the best violent game they have for the PSP, because it is original, with just a touch of new and added twists. Well, thank you for reading my very first review of a game, and I hope that this was inspirational in buying the game because this is a truly good game, and anyone who owns a PSP will agree, and if they don't, then they probably don't own the game. Thank you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/02/07

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