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Reviewed: 12/14/09

Grand Theft the palm of your hand.

Several ways to have a new system succeed is to make a game that will make people buy that system. Mario World did with the SNES, Sonic with the Genesis, Mario on the NES, and Mario 64 on the N64. To make their new Playstation 2 succeed, Sony needed that blockbuster game. It came in 2001, and Grand Theft Auto 3 blew away gamers everywhere. One year later in 2002, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was released and sold even better than the third installment. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released in 2004 and sold in droves despite heavy criticism from politicians for the use of sexual explicit themes. Anyway, Sony decided to now release Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, a game made for the PSP, which means that people can enjoy the game anywhere in the palm of your hands. The game is set in Liberty City, so those of you that have played Grand Theft Auto 3 will feel right at home.

The gameplay in a Grand Theft Auto Game (GTA) is pretty simple. You go around and complete specific missions in order to advance the game along. There are also numerous side missions to do as well such as taxi cab missions, rampages, and collecting hidden packages. And of course, for all of you that always wanted to be a garbage man, there is a mission involving just that. Of course you can simply just walk around and beat up people in the game just for fun. Basically you can do anything, and can spend hours doing nothing, but it will still be a blast. Of course the basic idea is to steal cars, hence the title. This game is geared toward the older gamer, so it is a bit hard at times.

Now this is not San Andreas! The missions are a bit more condensed, so there will be no cross country missions like those in San Andreas, which I like. The story is also a bit on the weaker side but it still is decent. Basically, Toni Cipriani has returned to Liberty City after several years now that the heat has died down after he killed a made man. The game shows how Toni will move his way up the ranks of Salvatore Leone's crime family.

Anyone expecting San Andreas or Vice City graphics is going to be disappointed. Still, the graphics aren't that bad. They are a bit dark and gloomy at times, but hey it's Liberty City, which is a dump anyway. Besides the game is a PSP game so no complaining! The characters do look a bit blocky though. The music however blows in my opinion. I loved the music in Vice City, and liked the rock stations in San Andreas, but like in Grand Theft Auto 3, the music isn't that impressive, and a lot of times I'll just turn off the radio.

How about replay value? Of course it's there. With a game that you can do anything, this game will definitely be very time consuming and worthwhile. A lot of people are comparing the game to San Andreas, and that isn't really fair. San Andreas was good, but I prefer quick missions like the ones in GTA 3, Vice City, and now Liberty City Stories. For a low budget price, it is worth picking up this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Greatest Hits) (US, 12/31/06)

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