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"GTA = Best PSP Game"

If you bought a PSP, then is probably one of the reasons why. This has been one of the most anticipated games for the PSP and for good rules.

Graphics 10/10
All I can say is wow. This game looks great. Sometimes I cant even tell that i'm playing a PSP game. It looks almost exactly like GTA III, except for some minor pixelation and low terrain detail. Even the vehicles look better than in GTA III...they're shiny. These are some of the best on PSP.

Sound 10/10
GTA has always had great audio and this ones no different. The voice acting, like always is top-notch. The radio stations are good too even though only one of them has licensed music on it. But what really makes it good is the ability to make your own custom soundtracks like in the Xbox GTAs.

Story 9/10
The story is pretty good but isn't really as deep as the other GTAs. You play Toni Cipriani, a member of the Leone Crime Family, who was forced into hiding for killing a made man. Now, he's back in LC to stop the city from going into total chaos, and reclaim his reputation.

Control 9/10
Ok, this probably on of the downsides of this game...the controls. Using the analog nub can be annoying because its hard to make precise movements on foot and driving can also be difficult sometimes. But thankfully for those real intense driving missions, you can always switch to the D-pad. But once you get used to it after playing for a few hours it'll seem like second nature. Also, the camera has some issues too. You have to hold down the L button while using the analog nub to switch view or do a drive-by, which is sometimes difficult because while your doing this you have no control over car since you also use the analog nub to steer.

Gameplay 10/10
Its the same as every other GTA, you can steal cars, beat hookers, kill cops, etc. This game does take elements of San Andreas ans Vice City that were not in GTA III. There are motorcycles, you can shoot out tires, the chainsaw and other various weapons, and the handy waypoint system from San Andreas. Of course for it to be flawless is too good to be true. The targeting system suck and you'll find yourself always targeting the wrong dude while the other one blows your brains out. Also the addition of multiplayer not seen in previous GTAs (except for San Andreas' multiplayer minigames) is a big upgrade. There are 7 different multiplayer modes you can play for up to six players over local Wi-Fi. Although not revolutionary, its still pretty cool.

Overall 9/10
If you overlook the some of the flaws of this game, you'll be able to see what Rockstar's been able to pull off. They've managed to pretty much fit all of GTA III on to that tiny UMD, and thats pretty amazing.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/07/05

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